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Enterprise, Server-based Computing CASE STUDY

Customer Profile
May 2004

Jetro CockpIT™ Helps CBC (Coca-Cola

Israel) Make the Leap to ERP Faster and

Company Overview

The Central Bottling Company (CBC) is an Israeli total beverage company.

As the exclusive franchise for Coke in Israel, CBC is responsible for
manufacturing; marketing, distributing and selling Coca-Cola company
products in every location throughout the state of Israel.
Coca-Cola Israel used Jetro
CBC's operation consists of 8 branches located between the cities of
CockpIT™ Application Server Haifa and Eilat with company headquarters in Bnei Brak employees
Software to deliver Microsoft Office dispersed throughout Israel. , near Tel Aviv. The company currently
employs over 2000 while the Coca-Cola brand name may be associated
Applications and to improve their with summer fun and refreshment Coca-Cola the company is all business.
return on investment in SAP ERP. Shipping, coordinating, and communicating throughout Israel is a big
job and CBC's computer network is the lifeblood of the company's
They chose Jetro CockpIT™ because communications.
of its complete printing solution,
ability to redirect selected files over Business Challenge
an RDP connection and
CBC had been planning to implement an ERP solution from SAP and
comprehensive management features. wanted to use server-based computing to minimize the expense of the
new software solution. The added advantages of ERP were obvious,
Business Situation but the added hardware and bandwidth requirements would be too much
for the company's existing infrastructure. CBC was looking for the
Coca-Cola implemented an ERP solution from SAP. quickest possible return on its investment in ERP and a hardware
They were looking for away to increase and quicken upgrade would have meant waiting much longer for their investment to
their return on investment by reducing the cost of pay off. Next stage CBC planes to deliver MS office and BI solutions as
hardware and network upgrades and maintenance. well via CockpIT.
Solution Benefits
Quicker and better ROI.
Implementing Jetro CockpIT™ Application Server
Easy implementation
Low total cost of ownership

Easy server-based computing printing TCBC implemented a server-based computing solution comprised of
Jetro CockpIT™ with Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers with
Access to multi-media content
Terminal Services, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server,
and Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

w w w. j p - i n c . c o m

Enterprise, Server-based Computing CASE STUDY

A CockpIT™ Server installed with Microsoft IIS communicates with the

Microsoft Active Directory Server to authenticate users and manages
We evaluated other server- a farm of Microsoft Terminal Servers to deliver application sessions.
The load balancing utility in CockpIT 2004 manages connections

based computing solutions and between users and the server farm so that users always receive
applications from the most available server in the server farm.
Users at eight locations throughout Israel access the SAP ERP application
found that Jetro CockpIT offered through CockpIT's user-friendly graphic interface. Users operate server-
based application sessions managed by Jetro CockpIT™. Because
a b e t t e r re t u r n o n o u r applications are operating on server and not on local PCs, older PCs
are more than fully equipped to operate the new ERP software and
investment. Unique features like Microsoft Office applications.

CockpIT's complete printing

solution were really necessities Why CBC (Coca-Cola Israel) Chose Jetro CockpIT™
Server Software
for us. We were especially
CBC examined all of the options for implementing a server-based
impressed with how easy computing solution. CockpIT™ was the most complete solution, the
easiest to use, and the most cost effective. Unlike competing solutions,
CockpIT was to integrate and CockpIT included a complete printing solution and a unique utility to
allow some server-based files to execute on local workstations. CockpIT™
how it simplified our network was also easy to install and had a graphic interface that was intuitive
both for users and administrators.
Business Value Benefits

Israel Ptashnik Jetro CockpIT™ enabled CBC to deliver applications, including SAP
ERP software, to offices throughout Israel with minimum hardware and
network bandwidth upgrades. The centralized network architecture of
Central Bottling Company Jetro CockpIT™ enables the administrator to perform all client side
(Coca-Cola Israel) upgrades in a single location thereby significantly reducing the time and
the complexity to perform day to day maintenance and support. CockpIT’s
load balancing ensures that all users enjoy optimum application
performance at all times. Users can print files and access applications
as easily as if they were working on local computers. CockpIT reduces
the bandwidth costs needed in order to transfer print jobs from the central
server farm to the distant branches. The cost savings and performance
benefits of Jetro CockpIT enabled CBC to implement SAP ERP more
quickly and helped them see a better return on their investment in ERP.

w w w. j p - i n c . c o m

Enterprise, Server-based Computing

Jetro CockpIT is a Server-based enterprise suite that manages end-user access, secures data and deploys applications from

one or more Microsoft Terminal Servers and/or Citrix Servers. With CockpIT , system administrators can oversee an entire

Server-based Computing environment including local, remote, Web-based and Server-based applications.

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