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EMMANUEL LEVINAS OTHERWISE THAN BEING OR BEYOND ESSENCE translated by ALPHONSO LINGIS KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS z ‘Libeary of Congress Cataloging-in-Publiaton Data Levinas, Emmanuel. (Oterwise than being, (Martinus Nijof philosophy texts; v.3) ‘Translation of the 24 ed. (1978) of Autrement qu't. Includes bibliographical references. 1, Ontology. 2. Essence (Philosophy) I. Tie. I. Series BDS31-LASSI3 mM so. SBN 90-247.2974-4 Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, P.O. Box 17,3300 AA Dordrecht, The Netherlands, Kluwer Actdemic Publishers inceporaes the publishing programmes of D. Reidel, Martinus Nijtof, Dr W. Junk and MTP Press. Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Academic Publishers, 101 Philip Deve, Norwell, MA 02061, U.S.A. Inall omer countries, sold and distributed by Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, P.O. Box 322, 3300 AH Dordrecht, The Neerands. Printed on acl free paper Originally published as Auarementqu'tre ou au-deld de essence, Phaenomenologica S4 10974, by Marinus Nijtoff Publishers, 1991, St printing by Kluwer Academic Publishers 1994; th psnting by Kluwer Academie Publishers ‘All RightsReserved (© 1991 Kluwer Academic Publishers [No prt ofthe material protected by this copyright nice may be reproduced or ‘lied in any form or by any means, electonic or mechanical, Including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and ‘etieval system, without writen permission from the copyright owner. Printed in the Netherands To the memory of those who were closest among the six million assassinated by the National Socialists, and of the millions on millions of all confessions and all nations, Victims of the same hatred of the other ‘man, the same anti-semitism, svn parma 12 ben “9 op “2K nen ot sem °9 na NIT Tr oR svhn ae ‘9a sare sin bem 2 37 om pen 9) na. bp onan nba pea a ange ann ran