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WiChorus SmartCore Platforms intelligent A S N gatewa y

WiChorus Intelligent ASN Gateway

Users are demanding a rich and satisfying broadband experience from the wireless connectiv-
ity. Increasingly, users are looking for a similar media-rich broadband internet experience in
the wireless world as they have in the wired world. Service providers are eager to capture this
enormous opportunity, but need a cost-effective, scalable solution, as well as creative new
ways to monetize these services.

Combining the advances of OFDMA technology with the power of IP networking, mobile WiMAX
has emerged as an ideal architecture to provide these services. Mobile WiMAX offers greater
bandwidth than previous technologies, an open ecosystem that promises compelling eco-
I N T E L L I G E N T nomics and a simplified, flatter architecture that reduces complexity and cost. It has been
designed for IP traffic from the beginning and has robust QoS support to handle real-time
multimedia traffic such as video, gaming, and streaming music.
ASN Gateway

W i M A X

High Performance, Scalable Platform

Carrier Grade Design for High Availability

Content-based Service Differentiation

Peer-to-Peer Traffic Management

Advanced Accounting & Billing

Extensive QoS Support

Dynamic Load Balancing

Backhaul Optimization & Compression

Seamless Mobility Support

High Transaction Capability with low latency

WiMAX Forum NWG Compliant

Available in Multiple Form Factors

SmartCore Platforms Intelligent ASN Gateway

Enabling Intelligent Wireless Networks deliver much greater performance than traditional 3G
oriented offerings, along with line-rate QoS classification,
policing and statistics. In addition to high data capacity,
the WiChorus Intelligent ASN Gateway supports millions
of dynamically created service flows, ensuring sufficient
capacity for the largest networks.
In the era of rapidly-increasing bandwidth demand but flat
to decreasing ARPUs, service providers need smarter wire- Content Management
less networks to improve margins. These smarter networks User demand for ubiquitous broadband internet access
can offer service providers greater control of their network presents operators with practical challenges along with
to optimize operational costs and enable new revenue potential new revenue opportunities. Peer-to-peer video
streams. download applications, for example, can quickly consume
network resources and impact the performance of the over-
WiChorus is a pioneer in developing carrier-grade, all network. Based on service providers defined policies,
Intelligent ASN Gateway solutions that address these WiChorus solutions can identify and throttle peer-to-peer
requirements. The WiChorus intelligent ASN Gateway sits traffic, ensuring optimal performance of the network for all
in the heart of the WiMAX network, with visibility across all subscribers.
subscribers and packet flows. Based on the industry-lead-
ing SmartCoreTM platform, the WiChorus solution intelligently With the ability to manage bandwidth at a granular level,
aggregates high capacity base stations while ensuring line and a deep understanding of real-time content, WiChorus’
rate QoS, accounting and security for millions of subscriber Intelligent ASN Gateway also enables service providers to
service flows. Leveraging ASN Gateway’s strategic position create unique and differentiated services. These capabili-
in the network, the WiChorus solution also provides back- ties, such as location-based ad-insertion, can be used in
haul and spectral optimizations that maximize utilization creative ways to monetize the Internet and to provide
of valuable network assets. Service providers can leverage alternative revenue sources to traditional subscriber fees.
the WiChorus intelligent ASN Gateway solution to capitalize
on service differentiation opportunities, effectively monitor Subscriber Management
and control traffic in the network, manage subscriber con- The WiChorus Intelligent ASN Gateway has complete
nections and reduce overall operating costs. Based on the visibility of subscribers within the network, and leverages
WiMAX Forum’s NWG standards, the WiChorus solution is this information to help service providers offer intelligent
designed to work with any NWG-compliant base station, scalable solutions tailored to subscriber’s requirements.
enabling service providers to choose best of breed solu- The WiChorus solution provides support for address
tions for each component of their network. assignment, authentication, QoS authorization, and service
flow creation. In addition, security policies can be admin-
High Capacity and Scalability istered at a very granular level. Leveraging the SmartCore
The WiChorus Intelligent ASN Gateway is offered on the platform, the Intelligent ASN Gateway provides ample
full range of SmartCore platforms, ensuring exceptional system resources to manage a large number of subscribers
performance and scalability. Designed to accommodate for either fixed or mobile deployments.
higher capacity OFDMA radio links the SmartCore platforms
Robust QoS Accounting and Billing
Anticipating the desire for a variety of media-rich applica- The WiChorus Intelligent ASN Gateway supports exten-
tions and services, WiChorus designed the SmartCore fam- sive accounting and billing options for service providers,
ily with extensive QoS and packet processing capabilities enabling them to effectively capitalize on service differen-
to identify and manage traffic on a per subscriber, per flow tiation opportunities. The ability to capture statistics at a
and per application basis . The WiChorus solution supports very granular level coupled with the ability to dynamically
creation, deletion and modification of services flows in identify and trigger charging based on network content
accordance with the WiMAX Forum’s standard QoS profiles. enables unique solutions for monetizing the Internet.
Furthermore, the WiChorus intelligent ASN Gateway WiChorus also supports standard techniques such as pre-
provides shaping and policing of these flows to deliver paid (online) and postpaid (offline), and volume and time-
a consistent end-to-end experience for subscribers. The based accounting for individual subscriber service flows.
WiChorus ASN Gateway solution also maps these service
flows to IP Differentiated Services (DiffServ) framework Mobility
for transport across IP networks. In addition to providing WiChorus is a pioneer in delivering advanced mobility
per subscriber/per flow traffic management, the WiChorus solutions for OFDMA-based WiMAX. The unique hardware
intelligent ASN Gateway can dynamically apply QoS based and software architecture of the SmartCore platform
on content, such as application type, for maximum supports bicasting/tricasting and make-before-break con-
flexibility in defining services. nectivity to ensure seamless handovers for real-time IP
streams. The WiChorus Intelligent ASN Gateway supports
intra-ASN and inter-ASN mobility along with robust support
for Mobile IP ensuring subscriber stations can readily move
WiMAX For FIXED Operators about the network for nomadic, portable or fully mobile
applications. The WiChorus solution also supports paging
and idle mode to help optimize power efficiency of sub-
scriber stations.

Network Optimization
With a global view of the network, the Wichorus ASN
Gateway offers service providers the ability to optimize
critical network resources and reduce overall operating
expenses. Backhaul capacity can be strained with the
migration to higher capacity WiMAX base stations. By
shaping and policing traffic destined for base stations,
the WiChorus ASN Gateway solution improves backhaul
efficiency. Header compression and suppression
techniques further optimize traffic in the access network.
Spectral assets are also a precious resource for service Management
providers deploying mobile WiMAX networks. The WiChorus The WiChorus ASN Gateway solution supports Command
ASN Gateway ensures these resources are used with opti- Line Interface (CLI), SSH and local login through the
mal efficiency, maximizing subscriber density and revenue console port or Ethernet port. WiChorus also offers an
opportunity. For example, dynamic load balancing across advanced Element Management System (EMS) that
base stations based on spectral capacity helps optimize provides an intuitive interface for complete management of
network utilization. the WiChorus network. This system provides FCAPS (Fault,
Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security)
Carrier Class management functionality. In addition to the WiChorus
As the ASN Gateway is a critical component of any WiMAX elements of the network, the EMS provides a wealth of
network, high availability is paramount. WiChorus delivers information regarding wireless subscriber stations, includ-
carrier grade solutions designed for maximum software and ing addresses, accounting statistics, and QoS profiles;
hardware reliability. Features such as card level redundan- offering service providers a consolidated
cy, dedicated processing for control plane and data plane view of network users.
traffic, hot swappable cards, redundant switch fabric and
in-service software upgrades ensure maximum uptime and
availability for service provider’s WiMAX networks.

Open Standards
WiChorus has been driving the adoption of open standards
and interoperability within the WiMAX community, ensuring
service providers can choose best of breed products when WiMAX For MOBILE Operators
building their networks. The WiChorus ASN Gateway is
designed to interoperate with any WiMAX Forum NWG
compliant base station or Connectivity Services Network
(CSN) component, such as AAA server. Having already
completed multiple interoperability tests based on these
standards, WiChorus has demonstrated that service provid-
ers can leverage the full capabilities of their ASN Gateway
solution while independently selecting base
stations and other network components.
WiChorus SmartCore Platforms

WiChorus SmartCore platforms are designed to accommodate a rich set of Leveraging hundreds of processing
elements and hardware engines in a
content handling and control-path functionality with maximum performance,
highly distributed design, the Smart-
minimum latency and massive scalability. To achieve this, WiChorus SmartCore Core platform’s unique architecture
platforms employ a combination of processing elements and hardware engines enables massive scalability.

carefully designed for the specific tasks and intelligence needed at all levels of
functionality. Hundreds of these processing elements and hardware engines
collaborating in a fully loaded system along with a highly distributed software
design enable the massive processing and learning capabilities of the
SmartCore platforms. SmartCore future proofs the mobile core for advances in
WiMAX and 4G technologies.

SC 1400 Platform SC 600 Platform SC 100 & SC 20 Appliances

The SC 1400 provides up to 100 ports of Gigabit The SC 600 provides up to 40 ports of The SC 100 provides 10 ports of Gigabit
Ethernet capacity in a single carrier-grade, modular Gigabit Ethernet capacity in a single carrier- Ethernet capacity in a high performance
chassis. Its massive packet processing capability, grade, modular chassis. With its compact 5U appliance form factor. The SC 20 provides 2
ample resources for state information and fully form factor, the SC 600 delivers impressive ports of Gigabit Ethernet capacity. These plat-
redundant design ensures carriers maximum performance and subscriber density for forms are ideally suited for smaller networks
performance, subscriber capacity and availability medium size networks. or geographically distributed designs, where a
for the largest networks. fully redundant architecture is not required.
SmartCore Platforms Intelligent ASN Gateway


WiMAX Forum NWG compliant required features

• Profile A & C support for R6, R3 and R4 interfaces
• Fixed, Nomadic, Portable and Fully Mobile
• IP v4 Convergence Sublayer

• Mobile IP Foreign Agent
• Inter and intra-ASN mobility support
• Seamless Mobility Handover support
• Idle Mode/Paging

• Classification, shaping and policing for NWG defined QoS
classes (UGS, RT-VR, ERT-VR, NRT-VR, BE)
• Per flow/per subscriber policing
• Differentiated Service Code Points (DSCP) support
About WiChorus
Content Management
• Service differentiation based on flexible and extensive policy WiChorus is an industry leader in Smart 4G Packet Core
• Identification and stateful management of popular infrastructure products. Its purpose-built SmartCore plat-
peer-to-peer applications
form’s unmatched performance with integrated content
• Traffic statistics and accounting based on content,
applications and vendor partnerships and network intelligence enables operators to deploy smart
Accounting HSPA, LTE and WiMAX Packet Core networks, that optimize
• Per subscriber/per flow accounting statistics
network resources, deliver new revenue generating services
• Time and volume based accounting
• Prepaid and postpaid and monetize the Internet.
• Enhanced charging

Routing and IP Protocols

With headquarter offices in San Jose, California, WiChorus is
• OSPF v2, RIP v2
• VRRP a private company with financial backing from Accel Partners,
IP Tunneling Mayfield Fund, Redpoint Ventures and Pinnacle Ventures.
• GRE Tunneling
• IP in IP
For more information, please visit
Subscriber Station Authentication & Addressing
• AAA Authenticator (RADIUS)
• DHCP proxy/relay
• Proxy Mobile IP Client (PMIP v4)
• Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)

Backhaul and Spectral Optimization

• Load Balancing
• QoS enforcement on backhaul links
• ROHC header compression

Wholesale/MVNO features
• Support for multiple Home Agents
• Support for multiple AAA servers

Management & Administration

• SNMP v2, v3
• EMS with full FCAPS support

Platform Support
• SC 1400 (14-slot modular carrier-grade platform) WiChorus Headquarters:
• SC 600 (6-slot modular carrier-grade platform) WiChorus Inc.
• SC 100 & SC 20: Appliance form factor 3590 N. 1st Street, Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95134
408.435.0777 TEL
408.955.9093 FAX

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