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a media for students, by students

Media Kit | 2010

We are a platform for Why
students, by students. Students today make the best
customers of tomorrow.
Campus is an entirely new, multi-platform Trend of Asian students:
approach to reaching students both here at
home in Singapore and across the region. #1: Students are recession-proof. They have
Stretching from print, to web to events, we're no overheads, so they tend to just spend. Even in
the only nationwide media that speaks directly times of recession, they don’t feel the pinch because
to Singapore's 200,000+ tertiary students, and they rely on jobs.
the only magazine distributed across all of
Singapore's university and polytechnic #2: They’re an investment for the future.
campuses, as well as specialised institutions, art In a few years, they’ll get jobs and disposable
schools and distance-learning programmes, income.Get them hooked on your brand early on
including: and they will be loyal consumers and brand
...and many more. propagators.

j or
M :
in School Survival r
All work and no play What We provide everything from
editorial and design support,

would make Campus a to events, marketing and
dull place. That's why we we do. interactive.
i n:
We prepare students with everything from cover the endlessly
hardcore career advice to hordes of little evolving world of
known facts, that may just make them the entertainment, fashion,
life of the next cocktail party or land them
Career Guidance
hair, music, and travel.
that dream job. Magazine
The basis for reaching all tertiary
Travel students in Singapore, from Polytechnic
to University students.

Service & Support There are regular events,
• Branding from competitions to parties,
• Education to gather a captive student
• Relationship Marketing audience for your products.

We explore great and often little-

known career paths, from being an
Industrial Product Designer, to Food Fashion
becoming a professional Brew Master.

Facts Study Abroad

Entertainment Web
We're also available digitally at
Distribution: 50,000 copies
Trivia Tech campus.com.sg. That's where we
have 24/7 access and interaction
Location: All universities & In our globalised world, it's more with students nationwide. Our
polytechnics across Singapore, plus important than ever to understand other site is currently undergoing an
student-oriented locations in Bugis, people and places. This is the best time expansion to cater to this.
Cathay Cineleisure, Heeren, 77th Street to let Singaporeans experience the world
and learn from it.
shops etc. and more... l st
Readership: 100,000-150,000* or Essensory
more, based on a low estimate of 2-3 acces
readers per copy. Based on the concept of student-in,

Breakdown: * Students get st student-out, our platfor m of
* Average Age: 20.4 Whether it's connecting embassies with students to help raise awareness about experience to yofir
-hand magazine > website > events creates
by working through us and a unique value chain for our partners,
* Male/Female: 48.2% / 51.8% particular destinations or giving our students-interns opportunities to participate

. by helping them reach young,
in real-life marketing and media campaigns, investigative journalism and event * You can get direc impressionable students for that
* Currently in discussions with Acorn to conduct our
first nationwide "readership survey". This will likely planning, we offer our students opportunities that no one else does. feedback about your t critical "first branding opportunity”.
be sometime during Q2-3 of this year. brand.
The all-important question...
Valid till December 2010

Sizes x1 x2 x6 x12 Layout

FULL PAGE 2200 2135 2090 2046 $ 130
HALF PAGE 1800 1746 1710 1675 $ 100
1/3 PAGE VERTICAL 1500 1455 1425 1395 $ 100
OUTSIDE BACK COVER 3000 2910 2850 2790 $ 130
INSIDE FRONT COVER 2800 2715 2660 2600 $ 130
INSIDE BACK COVER 2500 2425 2375 2325 $ 130

Terms and Conditions Size and Measurements

Series advertisements must be completed within 12 months to qualify for HORIZONTAL
FULL PAGE H14.85cm x W21cm
series rate. SPREAD
H29.7cm x 21cm
An additional loading of 15% will be charged for specified positions.

At least one month prior to insertion, on the 1st day of the month.
MATERIAL DEADLINE: H14.85cm x W10.4cm H21cm x W7cm
On the 15th of the month prior to insertion.

15% commission on earned space rate to accredited advertising agencies.

Where all the cool kids are, of course...

The best thing about students is they're easy institutions and just about every location
to find. On campus, hanging out in coffee students are seen hanging around.
houses, partying and out having fun. And
that’s where we’ll be seen. For maximum exposure, we’ll also be available
online, since students these days won’t be
We are spreading all our 50,000 copies of caught dead without a computer. OMG.
Campus in campuses (duh), educational

ASKM Pte. Ltd.

Is your curiosity perked? 11 Mohamed Sultan Road
Contact us any way you like! We’ll be sitting at our #03-01 Singapore 239010
office with pencils on the ready, milking our 8th Tel: +65 6737 1236 Fax: +65 6737
morning coffee waiting for you. www.campus.com.sg 1258

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