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Which two hazards exist when working with fiber optic cabling? (Choose two.)
#glass splinters
Which safety precaution should be used when working with any type of cable?
#Wear safety glasses when working any type of cable.
ABC Computer Company is in the process of planning a network for a new client. A
network technician has been asked to perform a physical inspection of the facil
ities to determine the flow of data and protocols required by the client. What i
s this inspection called?
#site survey
Which protocol provides secure transport of data from the company web server to
remote users?
When planning the network in a new building, the technician notes that the compa
ny requires cabling that can extend up to 295 ft (90 m) with enhanced bandwidth
support at an affordable price. Which cable type will the technician pick if he
chooses the most common type of cabling used on networks?
The network technician is researching the best way to connect the branch offices
to the main office. What are three main considerations that the technician shou
ld remember when choosing an Internet connection? (Choose three.)
Students on the college network need to be able to view folder names and data in
files stored on the Windows-based file server, but should never be allowed to a
dd or save information on the server. Occasionally, the students also need to ru
n media programs to watch videos stored on the server. Which permission should t
he network technician assign to the students accessing the file server?
While using nslookup, a student sees the following message: "Can t find server nam
e for address timed out." What is one possible problem?
#The computer does not have at least one entry for a DNS server configured.
The network administrator has physically installed wireless NICs in three new co
mputers. Which two additional steps will complete the installation process? (Cho
ose two.)
#Configure the device drivers.
#Configure the NICs with addressing information.
After booting a computer running Windows 2000, the following message displays: "
The IP address already exists on another computer". Which two steps will quickly
obtain a new IP address from the DHCP server? (Choose two.)
#run ipconfig /release
#run ipconfig /renew
Which two ipconfig parameters are used within Windows XP to remove and assign th
e IP address previously provided by a DHCP server? (Choose two.)
Which three ports are used by SMTP, POP, and IMAP? (Choose three.)
What is the purpose of an analog telephone adapter in the application of VoIP se
#to connect a standard analog telephone to the IP network
Refer to the exhibit. The tracert command was used on the local computer to veri
fy connectivity with a remote site. Which type of address is shown in the highli
ghted line of the tracert command output displayed in the exhibit?
#default gateway for the local computer
What are two ways to assign an IP address to a wireless NIC? (Choose two.)
#Assign a static address.
#Use DHCP.
In Internet Explorer, after choosing Tools and then Internet Options, which tab
would a user select to set the browser to prompt before downloading potentially
unsafe content?
What would be a disadvantage of configuring a wireless router or access point to
operate only in accordance with the 802.11n protocol standard?
#Older, legacy wireless devices may be unable to connect to the wireless net
Which two methods can be used to connect IP phones to a network? (Choose two.)
#Use a wireless network connection.
#Connect the IP phone to the Ethernet LAN using an RJ-45 connector.
A company adds a few refurbished computers to a network. The company finds, howe
ver, that the refurbished computers perform significantly worse than the origina
l networked computers performed with applications that require the transfer of d
ata over the network. What should the company technicians do?
#Check if the network interface cards in the computers are limited to 10 Mb/
A textbook author needs to upload a chapter from a home computer to the FTP serv
er of the publisher. The author uses the correct username and password, but the
transfer fails. What is the most likely cause of the problem?
#The chapter document must be compressed before transmitting to an FTP serve
The network technician has been asked to share a new printer on the network usin
g the Add Printer wizard for Windows XP. Which path should the technician use to
run the Add Printer wizard?
#Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes > File > Add Printer
While troubleshooting a computer, the technician releases and renews the IP addr
ess. A message appears: "No operation can be performed on the adapter while its
media is disconnected." What is a probable cause of the message?
#The network cable is unplugged.
A new employee needs to transfer files to the corporate FTP server. However, the
employee is unable to log in to the FTP server. What is the most likely cause o
f the problem?
#The employee is using an incorrect username or password.
A technician is configuring a network device for remote access. Which protocol i
s commonly used as a secure alternative to Telnet?
A computer user cannot access a bank using HTTPS. What is one recommended soluti
#Enable SSL through the web browser application.
Which action should a user take to ensure that personal information that is ente
red into a website form is not retained on the computer?
#Delete the temporary Internet files.
A technician is troubleshooting a network and finds hosts with duplicate static
IP addresses. Which protocol could be used to resolve this issue?
A technician is working on a host computer that fails to obtain an IP address. W
hich three actions could the technician perform to determine the cause of the pr
oblem? (Choose three.)
#Check that the DCHP server is operational.
#Check that the network cable is connected.
#Check the PC firewall settings to make sure that DHCP is allowed.
A user is receiving e-mail on a regular basis from a particular person. A proble
m occurs when the e-mail from this same person contains an attachment. What is o
ne solution?
#Request that the person sending the e-mail attach only one picture per e-ma
il message.
What are two possible causes of e-mail attachments not being received with e-mai
l messages? (Choose two.)
#The e-mail attachments could be too large.
#The attachments could contain a virus.