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Ex. 1. Fill in the blanks with articles wherever necessary.

Pay attention to nouns referring to

unique objects. Translate the sentences.
1. You can’t tell those birds from ... sky and that's why the hawks don't catch them, don't see them up
there in ... high blue sky near ... sun.
2. Sattorn stood quietly and stared at ... world before him, at the upthrust of towers shining in ...
morning sun, at the green of park and meadow, at the dark green of trees.
3. A lamp or candles would close them into a soft illuminated space, but obliterate ... sky, which now
bent towards them through the pillars of the verandah, ... full deep sky, holding a yellow bloom from ...
invisible moon that absorbed the stars into a faint far glitter.
4. ... sun was so full of promise, and .,. sea was whipped white with ... merry wind.
5. Far away to the south-east ... dazzling white sun climbed up above ... cloudless horizon.
6. We live in such ... mysterious universe, don't we?
7. ... world is a busy place. Communication is difficult.
8. The town lay still in ... Indian summer sun.
9. Once let her make up her mind, get her heart set on something, and you might as well howl at ...
10. Jan woke on Saturday to ... world thrilling with expectancy.
11.I kept my eyes on ... horizon, sharp against the bright blue of ... winter sky.
12. The Norfolk Island pines at Manly came up dark and stately against ... white-freckled sky.
13. They don’t know how lucky they are, Hugo thought bitterly as he peered out of ... window, hungry
for ... ground.
14.I shouted, "What the hell gives you people the right to decide for ... world?"
15. There was a softness in ... air which speaks with an infinite delicacy of feeling to the flesh as well
as to the soul.

Ex 2. Translate from Russian into English.

1. Был воскресный полдень, и солнце, которое светило уже несколько часов, начинало
согревать землю.
2. Они самые неблагодарные люди в мире.
3. Небо давило как металлический купол, от горизонта до горизонта.
4. Задул пронзительный ветер, и ей стало холодно.
5. Сквозь деревья ему была видна луна.
6. Воздух под деревьями казался гнетущим.
7. В эту ночь небо было покрыто облаками и луны не было видно. Майкл взял с собой
карманный фонарик, чтобы освещать дорогу.
8. Луна опустилась за гору.
9. Свежий воздух и отдых начали оказывать на его здоровье положительное действие.
10. Дети спали; последний ветер зимы дул порывами за окнами их спальни.
11. Ребенок остановился и посмотрел на серебристый самолет, кружащий высоко в небе.
12. Хотя солнце село, на узкой улице держалась жара.
13. На востоке над горизонтом светила звезда.