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Manitoba Youth Beef Round-up

The weekend started off with a Workshop Day on Friday consisting of Feeding given by John Popp,
Minnedosa, Showmanship given by Bill Biglieni of Douglas, Judging given by Andre Steppler, Miami
and Grooming given by Kevin Stocki, Fisher Branch. Following the workshops , everyone enjoyed a
wiener roast and games.

Saturday the Juniors took part in

Division Winner Honorable Mention
Pee Wee Dawson Barteau Taron Topham
Junior Samantha Rimke Sydney Dekoing
Intermediate C lint Hinsburg Corey Bremner and Jay Rimke
Senior Marshall McDonald Melissa McRae and Jackie Bremner

Pee Wee Madison Barteau Naoimi Best
Junior Kendra Topham Samantha Rimke
Intermediate Tianna Sanduliak Austin Kemp
Senior Kelsey Stewart Jarret Pernarowski

Pee Wee Taron Topham Dawson Barteau
Junior Taylor Carvey Kendra Topham
Intermediate Dillion Hunter Austen Anderson
Senior Jackie Bremner Melissa McRae

Pee Wee Taron Topham Tyson McRae
Junior Samantha Rimke Rachael Verwey
Intermediate Amy Troop Breanna Anderson
Senior Jackie Bremner Kelsey Stewart
Pee Wee Taron Topham Madison Barteau
Junior Kylie Birmingham Eric McRae
Intermediate Austen Anderson Austin Kemp
Senior Jarret Pernarowski Jackie Bremner

Pee Wee Avery McLean Levi Rimke
Junior Kendra Topham Samantha Rimke
Intermediate Jay Rimke Megan Kemp
Senior Kelsey Stewart Jarret Pernarowski
Pee Wee Dawson Barteau Namoi Best and Carter Hedley
Junior Rachel Verwey Sydney Dekoing and Samantha
Intermediate Jay Rimke Dillon Hunter and Brady Mitchell
Senior Kelsey Stewart Matthew Clements and Melissa

Junior Samantha Rimke and Brodie Hunter Kendra Topham and Sydney
Dekoing ; Tyson and Eric McRae
Intermediate Austen and Breanna Anderson Jay Rimke and Dillon Hunter
Senior Matthew Clements and Richard Marshall McDonald and
Bramley Ashlee Mitchell

1St Place- Jackie Bremner, Brady Mitchell, Rachel Verwey, Naoimi Best and Ryan Downey
2nd Place- Richard Bramley, Austin Kemp, Tyson McRae, Taylor Carvey and Cody Carson

The judges for the above competitons were Ken Waddell, Jim Ranson, Doug Allison, Faye McCallum,
Darby Cochrane, Neil Moffatt, Lois Gould, Donna Lee Jones, Grant and Laura Lee Rolston.

One of the highlights of Saturday was the Cook off, where 5 Juniors prepare a steak and Create a theme.
Judges, Martin Unrau (Manitoba Cattle Producers President) and Jim Wilson of Lenore, evaluated this
competition and were impressed with the taste of the steaks and the costumes.
1St Place- Jackie Bremner, Brady Mitchell, Rachel Verwey, Naoimi Best and Ryan Downey
2nd Place- Tim Davey, Megan Kemp, Breanna Anerson, Syndey Dekoing, and Justin Carvey

Sunday, the members took part in Showmanship in the morning with:

Champion Pee Wee Showman- Levi Rimke , Oak Lake

Reserve Justin Carvey, Alexander
Champion Junior Showperson – Samantha Rimke, Oak Lake
Reserve Kendra Topham, Grandview
Champion Intermediate Showman- Brady Mitchell, Killarney
Reserve- Jay Rimke, Oak Lake
Champion Senior Showperson- Nikki Armstrong, Stephenfield
Reserve- Melissa McRae, Brandon

After Lunch were the Cattle Conformation classes with 86 head of cattle
: Judges for the day were
Scott Anderson , Swan River and Darren Ippilito, Kisbey

Class 1 Angus Heifer Calves
1.Candace Johnston, Brookdale
2.Jensen Shearer, Wawanesa
3.Kendra Topham, Grandview

Class 2 Yearling Heifers Split 1

1. Jarret Pernarowski, Dauphin
2. Melissa McRae, Brandon
3. Kelsey Stewart, Russell

Class 2 Yearling heifers Split 2

1. Bryce Olmstead, Carberry
2. Megan Kemp, Pilot Mound
3. Lindsay Verwey, Portage

Junior Champion- Jarret Pernarowski

Reserve Junior Champion- Bryce Olmstead

Class 3 Two year old and Calf

1. Melissa McRae, Brandon

Class 4 Cow and Calf

1. Justin Carvey , Alexander

Senior Champion- Justin Carvey

Reserve Senior Champion – Melissa McRae

Grand Champion Angus Female- Justin Carvey, Alexander

Reserve Grand Champion Angus- Jarret Pernarowski, Dauphin

Class 5 Bull Calf-

1.Justin Carvey
2. Melissa McRae
3. Taron Topham
Grand Champion Bull Calf- Justin Carvey, Alexander
Reserve Grand Champion Bull Calf- Melissa McRae, Brandon

Class 1 Heifer Calf
1. Clint Hinsburg
2. Bryce Olmstead
Class 2 Yearling Heifer
1. Clint Hinsburg, Rapid City
2. Bryce Olmstead, Carberry
3. Marshall McDonald, Carberry

Champion Charolais Female- Clint Hinsburg, Rapid City

Reserve Champion Charolais Female- Bryce Olmstead, Carberrry
Class 5 and Grand Champion Bull Calf- Marshall McDonald, Carberry
Class 1 Heifer Calf
1. Amy Troop, Portage

Class 2 Yearling heifers

1. Brady Mitchell, Killarney
2. Samantha Rimke, Oak Lake
3. Amy Troop, Portage

Class 3 Two Year Old and Calf

1. Levi Rimke, Oak Lake

Class 4Cow and Calf Class

1. Amy Troop, Portage

Champion Hereford Female- Levi Rimke, Oak Lake

Reserve Champion Hereford Female- Brady Mitchell, Killlarney
Class 5 and Champion Hereford Bull Calf- Levi Rimke, Oak Lake

Class 1 Heifer Calf
1. Brodie Hunter, Kenton
Class 2 Yearling Heifers
1. Naoimi Best, Harding
2. Kaitylyn Davey,Westbourne
3. Dillon Hunter, Kenton
Class 3 Two Year Old and Calf
1. Brodie Hunter, Kenton

Class 4 Cow and Calf

1. Dillon Hunter, Kenton
2. Ashlee Mitchell, Virden

Champion Limousin Female- Dillion Hunter, Kenton

Reserve Champion Limousin Female – Naomi Best, Kenton
Class 5 and Champion Limousin Bull Calf- Dillon Hunter, Kenton
Reserve Champion Limousin Bull Calf- Ashlee Mitchell Virden

Class 1 Heifer Calves
1. Nikki Armstrong, Carman
2. Madison Barteau, Foxwaren
3. Ricahrd Bramley, Minnedosa

Class 2 Simmental Yearling heifers Split 1

1. Tyson McRae, Brandon
2. Melissa McRae ,Brandon
3. Justin Carvey , Alexander

Class 2 Simmental Yearling Heifers Split 2

1. Dawson Barteau, Foxwarren
2. Richard Bramley, Minnedosa
3. Kylie Birmingham, Brandon

Junior champion Female- Tyson McRae , Brandon

Reserve Junior Champion Female – Melissa McRae, Brandon

Class 3 2 year old and calf

1. Dawson Barteau, Foxwarren
2. Matthew Clements, Carberry
3. Taylor Carvey, Alexander

Class 4 Cow and Calf

1. Madison Barteau, Foxwarren
2. Nikki Armstrong, Carman
3. Carter Hedley, Rapid City

Senior Champion Female and

Champion Simmental Female- Dawson Barteau, Fox waren

Reserve Senior Champion female and

Reserve Champion Simmental female – Madison Barteau, Foxwarren

Class 5 Simmental Bull Calves

1. Carter Hedley, Rapid City
2. Dawson Barteau, Fox warren
3. Nikki Armstrong, Carman

Champion Bull Calf- Carter Hedley, Rapid City

Reserve Champion Bull Calf- Dawson Barteau, Fox warren

Commercial Females Yearling Heifers

1. Marshall McDonald, Carberry
2. Sydney Dekoing, Kelwood
3. Tianna Sanduliak, Elkhorn

Champion Commercial Female- Marshall McDonald, Brookdale

Reserve Champion Commercial Female- Sydney Dekoing, Kelwood

Champion Fat Steer- Kylie Birmingham, Brandon

Reserve Champion Steer- Tim Davey, Westbourne
Exhibitor Draw for Kirk Stierwalt ( Andes Clippers)
Was won by Matthew Clements, Carberry.

The Juniors ages 4- 25 enjoyed Weiner roasts, Scavenger hunts and game mixers along with the
weekend.It was a great way fro Juniors of all Cattle Breeds to work together and meet new people.
Thanks to everyone who attended, Judged, and sponsored our 1st Manitoba Youth Beef Roundup to make
it a success.

See you next year!

Pictures can be viewed at: wwww.grantpix.com