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Telling The Tri-County’s Story Since 1869

50¢ daily Saturday, april 23, 2011 Delphos, Ohio

St. John’s choir to perform at state May 9

St. John’s choir

BY STACY TAFF after competing as an entity Slawinski said. “This is their able to get a superior rat- tively, say they were hoping a lot of working with the for the first time this year, will state-adjudicated event and ing,” Slawinski said. “This is for this before they were even voices.”
compete at the state level. it’s both band and choir.” something we’ve been work- in high school, along with the “It means a lot of dedi-
DELPHOS — In past “We have the privilege This accomplishment ing towards for a while now 11 other seniors. cation,” Ashby added. “And
years, St. John’s High School of going to state this year means a lot not only to and it’s something the seniors “We seniors have been most of it has been our deter-
choir has participated in because we received a supe- Slawinski but to her students have really been hoping for working for this with Mrs. mination, and hers, to get
the Ohio Music Education rior rating, a ‘1’, which is as well. the last four years.” Slawinski for six years — this far.”
Association’s Solo and the highest you can get. “We’re all really excited. Seniors Trevor Kroeger and since we were in seventh The choir will perform for
Ensemble contests but never You’re judged based on per- This is our first year doing Sabryna Ashby, choir presi- grade,” Kroeger said. “It’s the state judges at 4:30p.m.
together as a group. The choir, formance,” Director Susie this as a group and we were dent and vice president respec- been a lot of hard work and on May 6.

Upfront Drill off Alaska coast?

Gulf mess renews debate
By DINA CAPPIELLO tal experts such as Thad Allen
The Associated Press and Cherry Murray have
questioned whether compa-
WASHINGTON — A year nies — and the government
after the disastrous Gulf oil — are adequately prepared to
spill, the prospect of a major overcome the challenges of
accident in oil’s next frontier responding to an Arctic spill.
Steve and Debbie Baker — the icy waters off Alaska’s Despite lessons learned
north coast — has experts from the massive response
Spencerville even more concerned.
With no roads connecting
to the Macondo well blowout
on April 20 a year ago, many
church to host remote coastal towns, storms
and fog that can ground air-
of the techniques deployed
— skimming, burning and the
missionaries craft, no deepwater ports for
ships and the nearest Coast
application of chemical dis-
persants — either wouldn’t
Spencerville Church of Guard station about 1,000 work in the frigid seas and
the Nazarene will hold a miles away — it would be stormy skies off Alaska or
revival meeting at 7 p.m.
today with missionaries from nearly impossible to respond would be diminished in effec-
World Missions. Steve and on the scale that was needed tiveness.
Debbie Baker will also be at last year to stop the runaway The renewed focus on the
the Sunday morning service. oil well and clean up the obstacles to spill response off
The couple have worked mess. That means the burden Alaska comes as the Obama
with Aguaruna natives in the to respond would rest to an administration is under
Peruvian jungle, African- even greater degree on the increasing pressure to boost
Americans in Southern company doing the drilling. domestic oil production as a
Georgia, churches in Like a backcountry camp- means of tempering high gas-
Alabama, California Hispanic er, an oil company drilling off oline prices. President Barack
ministry and now live in Alaska would have to bring Obama last month set a tar-
Chapula, Jalisco, Mexico all the equipment needed get of reducing foreign oil
near Guadalajara. They to the isolated drilling site. imports by a third by 2025.
Nancy Spencer photo
direct Border Initiative, a
campaign to start church-
And the federal government, To reach that goal, he will Optimists ready for egg hunt today
at least in the early stages, need the oil and gas off Alaska,
es on both sides of the would be far away from the where an estimated 27 billion The Delphos Optimists will hold the annual Easter Egg Hunt at 1 p.m. today at
US-Mexico border. scene. barrels of oil lies beneath the Waterworks Park. Children age 2-4, 5-7 and 8-9 will find eggs filled with candy and
Mueller offers The accident in the Gulf
last April highlighted short-
ocean floor. That’s 2.5 times
the amount produced in the
special slips of paper for prizes during the event. In case of rain, the event will be held
on April 30. Above: Junior Optimists Alicia Ankerman, left, and Kathleen Wreede
crochet refresher comings in spill preparedness.
In the aftermath, governmen-
entire Gulf of Mexico since
See DRILL, page 2
assist Optimists President Michael Friedrich and Terrie Wisher in stuffing more
than 4,300 eggs Friday morning.
Marsha Mueller will present
a refresher crochet course at 6:30
p.m. May 9 at the Delphos Public
Library. Wesleyan
This program is limited to only
those who registered and attended Church offers
the March crochet classes.
Contact the library if inter- the ‘meaning of
the season’ to
Forty per- children
cent chance
of showers, Heather Gengler dressed
storms tonight; up as a clown to tell the youth
50 percent of Delphos Wesleyan Church
chance of the about celebrating Jesus Friday
same Sunday and 60 per- afternoon at Waterworks
cent chance Sunday night. Park. Other stations were set
up around the park to educate
Index the children about the mean-
ing of Easter before they were
Obituaries 2 let loose to hunt for eggs.
State/Local 3
Politics 4
Community 5
Sports 6-7
Classifieds 8
TV 9

Stacy Taff photo

2 – The Herald Saturday, April 23, 2011

For The Record

spring brings new things for us, too OBITUARY Drill
(Continued from Page 1) The Delphos
1990. Yet despite these huge
Spring is a time of new beginnings. The
earth renews itself as soft green plants push NANCY SPENCER reserves, the costs of drilling in
through the ground to sprout brightly-colored the Arctic, along with permit-
Vol. 141 No. 265
ting delays and lawsuits, have
This spring is also a new beginning for us. On the resulted in fewer than 100 wells
being drilled in federal waters off
Nancy Spencer, editor
Ray Geary, general manager
Cameron arrived Monday afternoon at the
Volunteers of America Community Treatment
Center in Toledo.
Other hand Alaska. Only about three dozen
of those are in the Beaufort and
Delphos Herald, Inc.
Don Hemple, advertising
What a difference an hour and a half car Chukchi seas off of Alaska’s Tiffany Brantley,
ride can make. northern and northwest coasts. circulation manager
He is extremely nervous and anxious (He and with today’s unemployment rates, there In December, in part because
has coined the new word “nervanxious.” We are dozens of non-offenders, perhaps more, for of concerns about responding The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
are calling Websters!) to start the next chapter each offender looking for a job. to an oil spill, Interior Secretary 8000) is published daily except
of his life — preparing to re-enter society, find One of the directors at VOA said if Cameron Ken Salazar canceled the sale Sundays and Holidays.
a job and become a productive member. wants to work, he will have a job. She says of new oil and gas leases in By carrier in Delphos and
The last 5 years and 5 months have seemed there are many companies who contract with the Arctic. And a federal court area towns, or by rural motor
to take forever and yet we are all surprised the them for the federal tax break they receive route where available $2.09 per
time is here. It has been a journey for all of us. by hiring offenders. She said if she was stay- Gary Gene Johnson recently ordered the agency to
go back and analyze the risks
week. By mail in Allen, Van
We have learned a tremendous amount about ing there, she’d have two jobs and only sleep Wert, or Putnam County, $105
April 6, 1941 - April 20, of a large oil spill for a 2008 per year. Outside these counties
ourselves and each other. there. Hmmm. 2011 Chukchi lease sale, including
While Cameron is not “free,” he is enjoy- $119 per year.
The coming six months Cameron will Gary Gene Johnson, 69, how it would be handled. Entered in the post office
ing many of the things we take for granted like spend in Toledo will not be easy. He has many of Lima, died at 5:08 p.m.
civilian clothes, better food and new-found classes and chores and will have a J-0-B. He’ll While the department said in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
Wednesday at Ohio State it would honor existing leases, Periodicals, postage paid at
privileges. He can’t leave to look for a job for be busy but a lot more will be on his terms University Medical Center, Delphos, Ohio.
another week but is ready to rejoin the work- instead of someone else’s. delays in permitting have caused
Columbus. No mail subscriptions will be
force and start earning some cold, hard cash. In many instances in our talks over the the only company that was seek- accepted in towns or villages
We shipped several boxes to Toledo last last several months, I have held my tongue. He was born April 6, ing to drill a new exploratory where The Daily Herald paper
week with clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. Today, He’s 25 years old now and he needs to learn 1942, in Detroit, Michigan, to well in federal waters off Alaska carriers or motor routes provide
my mother and I will travel for our first visit. to make good, solid decisions on his own. He John and Thelma (Highland) to delay those plans until 2012. daily home delivery for $2.09
We are taking more shoes, hangers, books, needs to develop a process whereby he exam- Johnson. His mother survives That company, Shell Oil Co., per week.
etc. ines things carefully before making choices. in Lima. says it will be fully prepared to 405 North Main St.
For the first time in more than five years, In the past, he wasn’t much on thinking about On March 17, 1963, he handle a worst-case spill, in the TELEPHONE 695-0015
we will forgo a metal detector, hand stamp and how his choices could affect his life tomorrow. married Dolores Darlene unlikely event that one occurs. Office Hours
guards watching our every move. Nice. He was just worried about today. “Dee” (Davis) Johnson, who 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
Peter Velez, Shell’s oil spill POSTMASTER:
Can I tell you what is in my “mother’s I’m just glad he asks for my opinion survives in Elida. response manager, told the AP
because I’m ready to give it. I just have to Send address changes
heart?” He has talked the talk and walked Other survivors are sons that equipment would be sta- to THE DAILY HERALD,
the walk for the last four years. (The first remember he doesn’t have to take it and I have Terry Gene Johnson of Destin, tioned offshore with the drilling 405 N. Main St.
year he was still mad as hell at everyone and to be OK with that. Fla., Eric Lynn (De) Johnson rig and could start skimming oil Delphos, Ohio 45833
everything.) That may seem like a good thing Another thing in my “mother’s heart” is a on Cloverdale, Adam Keith
big HURRAH! within an hour of a spill.
when you first look at it but what else has he (Amy) Johnson on Elida
had to do? I am so proud of him. We have come a long and Jay (Anita) Johnson of
My greatest fear is that the temptations way and while our journey is not over, we are Delaware, Ohio; grandsons
of the “real” world will be too much. The sure in a better vehicle.
Editor’s note: Peltier story is on hold. Jack TJ and Nicholas Johnson
recidivism rate for prisoners is extremely high. of Destin, Fla., Nathan
Society makes it difficult for them to find jobs Adams asked me to wait a few weeks.
Eric Johnson of Defiance,
Kyle Anthony Johnson and

Delphos City Schools Ottoville
Benjamin Daniel Johnson on Week of April 25-29 Week of April 25-29
Elida, Christopher Anthony Monday: Chicken parmesan,
breadstick, spaghetti with tomato
Monday: Corn dog, french fries,
green beans, pineapple, milk.
Lake of Lima and Jared Jay sauce, salad, applesauce cup, low- Tuesday: Tacos with cheese/
The following is the report for the day on Tuesday, April Leatherwood road will be Johnson and Ian Wesley fat milk. lettuce/ tomato, corn, mixed fruit,
concerning construction and 26 beginning at 8 a.m. to restricted to one lane in the Johnson of Delaware, Ohio; Tuesday: Nachos with cheese cookie, milk.
maintenance work on state allow for bridge inspection. eastbound direction most of granddaughter Megan Marie
and meatsauce, breadsticks, corn,
diced pears, lowfat milk.
Wednesday: Spaghetti, bread-
sticks, tossed salad, peaches, milk.
highways within the Ohio Exit ramp traffic will be the week for sealing of pave- Lake of Columbus Grove; sis- Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza, Thursday: Chicken fajita with
Department of Transportation detoured to Ohio 81. Entrance ment cracks. ters Jannie (Tom) Miller of vegetable, fruit, lowfat milk. cheese, lettuce, tomato, corn,
District 1 which includes the ramp traffic will be detoured Lima, Jackie (Irwin) Puckett
Thursday: Charbroiled ham-
burger sandwich, cheese slice,
applesauce, brownie, milk.
Friday: Pizza, chips, green
counties of Allen, Defiance, to Napoleon Road. Putnam County of Defiance and Betty (Lee) oven potatoes, fruit, lowfat milk. beans, pineapple, milk.
Hancock, Hardin, Paulding, ohio 309 (elida road) ohio 109 between the vil- Fensher of Ada. Friday: Toasted ham and
Putnam, Van Wert and from robb Avenue to lage of ottawa and ohio He was preceded in death cheese, chips, green beans, peach- Lincolnview
Wyandot. This report is issued eastown road on the west 613 will be restricted to one by his father, John Johnson.
es, lowfat milk. Week of April 25-29
Monday: Chicken fajita/tortilla,
each Thursday beginning in side of Lima is currently lane through the work zone Mr. Johnson was a member St. John’s broccoli, rice, pineapple, milk.
April and continues through restricted to one lane in the for approximately two days of of St. Paul’s United Methodist Week of April 25-29 Tuesday: Cheese pizza, carrots/
November. eastbound direction for a safe- the week for sealing of pave- Church of Elida and was
Monday: Stuffed crust pepperoni
pizza or cold meat sandwich, green
celery dip, fruit juice bires, milk.
Wednesday: Mini corn dogs,
(All work will take place ty upgrade project. Crews are ment cracks. owner of Buttruff Builders. beans, salad, mandarin oranges, mixed vegetables, mandarin orang-
weather permitting and dur- currently working in the area He was a radio control air- milk. es, milk.
ing daytime hours Monday between Robb Avenue and Van Wert County plane enthusiast and a member
Tuesday: Beef stew/roll or BBQ Thursday: Chicken cluck nug-
through Friday only unless Arthur Avenue during daytime ohio 81 between 118 and of the LARKS Radio Flyers,
rib sandwich, corn, salad, pears,
gets, Mr. Green’s beans, apple
orchard slices, moo juice milk.
otherwise indicated) hours. Beginning Monday, a where he was a trainer and
Willshire will be restricted to Wednesday: Chicken patty Friday: Nachos/ meat/ cheese,
Allen County night crew will begin excava- ranger. He was a brewmaster
sandwich or Salisbury steak sand- corn, pears, milk.
ohio 81 approximately a tion work in the area from one lane during ditch cleaning. wich, mashed potaotes/gravy,
ohio 117 at various loca- and enjoyed gardening, hunt- salad, peaches, milk. Elida Elementary,
mile and a half east of ohio Wendy’s to Eastown Road.
tions will be restricted to one ing, fishing, boating, photog- Thursday: Pancakes and sau- Middle and High School
66 over the Auglaize river With the addition of the night sage or shredded beef sandwich, Week of April 25-29
will close for 75 days begin- shift, crews will be working in lane through the work zone for raphy and archery and was an hash browns, salad, orange juice, Daily every student is offered
ning April 25 for replace- the zone most hours of the day sealing of pavement cracks. avid woodworker, beekeeper, milk. the choice of four different lunches.
ment of a bridge deck. Traffic and night. Motorists are asked ohio 118 (shannon golfer and taxidermist. Friday: Tacos/ soft/ boat/ lettuce/ These include the one printed here,

detoured onto Ohio 66, Ohio to drive cautiously through street) between ervin road He enjoyed spending time tomato/ cheese/ onion or shredded
turkey sandwich, salad, strawberry
pizza lunch, sandwich lunch or chef
salad lunch.
117 and Eastown Road back the area and remain aware of and Main street remains with family and loved his cup, milk. Monday: No school.
to Ohio 81. equipment moving in and out open to local traffic only dur- Shitz-tzu, Nellie. Mr. Johnson Tuesday: Sloppy Joe sandwich,

Bluelick road entrance of the work zone. The project ing reconstruction, widening was a veteran of the United Landeck
Week of April 25-29
tater tots, assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
Wednesday: Chicken nuggets,
and exit ramps at interstate will continue until September. and water line and sanitary States Army. Monday: Breaded chicken nug- green beans, assorted fruit, dinner
75 southbound will be closed U.s 30 from Fifth street to installation project which Funeral services will begin gets, butter/peanut butter bread, roll, lowfat milk.
began in 2010. Localized at 11 a.m. Tuesday at Shawnee mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit,
Thursday: Ravioli with cheese
cup, seasoned carrots, assorted
one-block closures will occur Chapel Chiles-Laman Funeral Tuesday: Tacos, butter/peanut fruit, 4” Bosco stick, lowfat milk.
throughout the project. Work Home, the Rev. Ruth Solo butter bread, green beans, fruit, Friday: Real slice pepperoni
is expected to be completed officiating. Burial will fol- milk.
Wednesday: Creamed turkey
pizza, broccoli, assorted fruit, lowfat
in September. low at Woodlawn Cemetery, over diced toast, corn, fruit, milk.
U.s. 30 between U.s. 224 Lima. Thursday: Hamburger and mac- Gomer
and Lincoln Highway will Visitation will be from 6-8 aroni, butter/peanut butter bread, Week of April 25-29
lettuce salad, fruit, milk. Monday: No school.
be restricted to one lane in p.m. Sunday and 2-8 p.m.
Answers to Friday’s questions: Monday at the funeral home,
Friday: Toasted cheese sand- Tuesday: Sloppy Joe sandwich,
During World War II, Operation Sauerkraut was the each direction through the wich, baked beans, fruit, milk. tater tots, assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
work zone for a resurfacing as well as one hour prior to Wednesday: Chicken nuggets,
code name of a successful Office of Strategic Services proj- the funeral Tuesday. Fort Jennings green beans, assorted fruit, dinner
ect in which disaffected Germans (aka sour krauts) were project which began April Week of April 25-29 roll, lowfat milk.
recruited in prisoner-of-war camps to slip behind enemy Memorial contributions are
18. Work will continue until Chocolate, white or strawberry Thursday: Ravioli with cheese
lines to spread rumors and distribute Allied propaganda. to donor’s choice. milk served with all meals. cup, seasoned carrots, assorted
October. Ramp closures at the H.S. - Ala Carte - Pretzel and fruit, 4” Bosco stick, lowfat milk.
In what 1964 movies musical comedy did Frank Sinatra U.S. 127 interchange will be cheese available every Friday; Friday: 5” Pepperoni pizza, broc-

introduced the song “My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)” in the necessary at some point dur- Salad bar with fruit and milk for coli, assorted fruit, lowfat milk.
1964 “Robin and the 7 Hoods,” a spoof of the Robin Hood ing the project.
$2.00 available every Wednesday.
Monday: Beef gravy over Spencerville
story set in Prohibition-era Chicago. U.s. 30 from the Paulding mashed potatoes, peas, dinner roll, Week of April 25-29
today’s questions: County line to Convoy- The Delphos Herald wants fruit. Monday: No school.
How much does an African elephant’s ear weigh? to correct published errors in
Tuesday: Chili, peanut butter Tuesday: Walking taco with
Who was the only performer to be nominated twice post- Heller road will be restrict- and jelly bar, mixed vegetables, toppings, corn, pineapple, milk.
ed to one lane through the its news, sports and feature cookie, fruit. Wednesday: Chicken and noo-
humously for a Best Actor Oscar? articles. To inform the news- Wednesday: Charbroil beef dles, mashed potatoes, gravy, 8
Answers in Monday’s Herald. work zone, one direction at
a time, for sealing of pave- room of a mistake in published sandwich, green beans, cheese grain dinner roll, peaches, milk.
today’s words: slice, shape up, fruit. Thursday: Hot ham and cheese
Galliardise: great merriment ment cracks. Work will occur information, call the editorial Thursday: Hot dog sandwich, bagel, hash brown patty, warm cin-
nitid: bright, lustrous through the majority of the department at 419-695-0015. baked beans, sherbet, fruit. namon apples, milk.

week. Corrections will be published Friday: No school - student

council state conference.
Friday: Pepperoni pizza, green
beans, peaches, milk.
on this page. HOM
E See Us For All Your
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Choice�Travel (419)�222-2455 Saturday, April 23, 2011 The Herald –3


On the banks ‘Ohio Barn Conference’

of yesteryear ... set in Fairfield County
Join barn enthusiasts, be there to explain the barn dating barns using “dendro-
barn owners and maybe structures and the unique chronology”.
even a few barn “huggers” aspects of the barns cho- David Fey from the
From the Delphos Canal Commission at Ohio’s only annual barn sen for the tour. Lunch will Fairfield County Park
tour and conference in the be prepared by the Bremen District will talk about the
heart of beautiful Fairfield Area Historical Society history of the Rock Mill and
County. Friday’s barn tour and served at the Bremen its restoration.
will visit several magnifi- Museum and Community There will be an enter-
cent century barns, an his- Center. taining wrap up from the
toric gristmill, and will also Saturday’s conference Barn Detectives with slides
include lunch. Saturday’s will be filled with presen- from Friday as well as an
barn conference will fea- tations, displays and dem- update from the JBD team.
ture local historians, guest onstrations. Randy Nash, The 2011 Barn of the
speakers, demonstrations a New York State barn Year Awards will be pre-
and a good dose of barn enthusiast, preservation- sented during the lunch
lore. ist and historian, will be break and the group will
The Friends of Ohio keynote speaker this year. hold its annual meeting.
Barns will offer a barn He helped implement the There will be barn survey
adventure starting Friday New York State Barn Grant exhibits, antique tool exhib-
with a day-long bus tour Program and is a member of its, a bookstore, barn models
through Fairfield County to the Dutch Barn Preservation as well as a silent auction
see and explore many won- Society. filled with interesting items
derful historic barns. One Rachel Krause from the and much more!
stop will be the recently Ohio Historic Preservation Friends of Ohio Barns is
restored Rock Mill, a grist- Office will be there to dis- a 501c3 non-profit member-
mill originally built in 1824 cuss matters of federal his- ship based organization cre-
located on the Hocking toric tax credits and the ated to promote awareness
River gorge. Other stops application process. of the significance of Ohio’s
include two working barns, Tom O’Grady and Carroll historic barns through edu-
unique double four-bay Neidart will have many cational opportunities that
barns and an example of interesting local stories for bring together barn owners,
adaptive re-use by convert- participants’ enjoyment. barn lovers and folks who
ing a barn into a home. Rudy Nick Wiesenberg will be believe in the stewardship
Christian, Larry Sulzer and on board this year present- of Ohio barns. Public mem-
other Barn Detectives will ing on the art and science of bership is welcome.


Ohio River flood threat
forces horses from track HAVING MORE
Horses are being removed The Cincinnati Enquirer IS NOT THE SAME
to safety from a Cincinnati reports River Downs on AS HAVING MORE MONEY.
track along the Ohio River Thursday began moving out When it comes to the number
and a riverside school is about 500 horses. Spokesman
of retirement accounts you
being relocated, all because John Engelhardt says it’s the
of high water expected this first such evacuation he’s have, the saying “more is

The Pohlman cabinet weekend. seen during 26 years with the better” is not necessarily

The Pohlman Cabinet

Forecasters say a few days track. true. In fact, if you hold
of heavy downpours could Cincinnati’s Riverview multiple accounts with
lead to flooding throughout East Academy said Friday it various brokers, it can be
Ohio. The National Weather would hold classes at another difficult to keep track of
Service expects the Ohio location beginning Monday. your investments and to
A magnificent example in company with John Otto east of Delphos on what is River to top its flood level It’s the second time this year see if you’re moving toward
of the talent and ability of Bredeick. He had learned and now the Lincoln Highway at Cincinnati by Friday night that flooding has forced stu- your goals. At the very
the hardy German immi- practiced the guild trade of and many descendants can and remain above flood stage dents to flee. least, multiple accounts

Man accused of teasing

grants who settled Delphos carpentry in Germany, mak- still be found in and around usually mean multiple fees.
is this 6 1/2 feet high walnut ing him a skilled craftsman Delphos.
cabinet handcrafted by one whose work in the new colony

police dog challenging law

To learn why consolidating
of the founding pioneers of would be much in demand. The museum has many your retirement accounts
Delphos, J. Casper Pohlman. Using the almost endless other examples of Delphos to Edward Jones makes
The fact that he carved he forests around the Delphos craftsmanship and ingenuity
and his wife’s names across area to locate magnifi- and invites you to visit some- MASON (AP) — A A police officer investi- sense, call today.
the top shows the workman- cent woods, he crafted this time soon. The museum is southwest Ohio man charged gating a car crash at a pub Andy North
ship and pride he took in each cabinet for his wife, Clara open from 1-3 p.m. every under a city law with teas- on April 3 reported he heard Financial Advisor
detail of his creation. Maria Henseler, a native of Saturday and Sunday and 9 ing a police dog by barking the dog barking uncontrol-

1122 Elida Avenue

Pohlman, born in the set- Melle (the source of most of a.m. to noon every Thursday. says the law violates free lably. The officer said he Delphos, OH 45833

tlement of Wellingholthausen Delphos’ early residents) in We are located on the west speech. found Stephens making 419-695-0660

in the State of Hanover (then 1854, perhaps to celebrate side of Main Street between The Cincinnati Enquirer barking noises and hissing
an independent Kingdom) the couple’s 10th year in the Second and Third Streets and reports the attorney for at the K9 dog inside the
around 1802, immigrated with colony along the canal. right along the Miami-Erie 25-year-old Ryan James police car. Member SIPC

his family to Delphos in 1844 The Pohlman family lived Canal. Stephens says his client was The officer’s report quot-
not striking the animal in ed Stephens as saying “the
suburban Mason. Lawyer dog started it” and said the
Jim Hardin says barking man appeared highly intoxi-
may not be seen as intel- cated.
ligent speech but is “still

The inscription at the top of the Pohlman cabinet.
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Van Wert, Ohio 45891 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-5:30

Phone: (419) 238-9795 Comfort. It’s what we do.TM Sat. 9-4, Sun. 12-4

Fax: (419) 238-9893


Toll Free: (800) 216-0041

4 — The Herald Saturday, April 23, 2011

POLITICS “The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he is really very good — in spite of
all the people who say he is very good.” — Robert Graves, English poet (1895-1985)

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Tandhis Peter
That Metzger


One Year Ago
• Don and Julie Hawkins, owners of Don’s Custom Exhaust
and Brakes, closed a loan with the Delphos Community
Improvement Corporation Thursday. The CIC has a revolving
loan program for business owners to perform capital improve-
ments, etc., to downtown business.

25 Years Ago — 1986

• Superintendent of Public Service Edgar Schwieterman,
who has served the city more than 15 years, formalized his
retirement plans for city council Tuesday night. He said his
final day on the job will be Aug. 15. Schwieterman is seeking a
seat on the Allen county Board of Commissioners.
• The 30th anniversary of the Allen County Museum would
be celebrated in grand fashion May 4 at the museum. To com-
memorate the anniversary, the museum docents planned to
host a style show of historic garments from the 19th and 20th
centuries. Among the garments to be shown is a special gown
from the 1930s worn by Phyllis Diller during her appearance as
pianist with the Lima Symphony Orchestra in 1973.
• The Ottoville Growing Gogether Chapter of Ohio Children’s
Conservation League toured the Kolkmeyer-Helmkamp-Siferd
Funeral Home. After the tour, the club held their regular
monthly meeting in the home of Bonnie Turnwald. Co-hostess Great-grandparents Peter and Eva Metzger’s family. Back row - Veronica (Metzger) Hilvers, Emma (Metzger) Osting,
was Marie Grote. It was announced that the May 13 tenth anni- Will Stauterman, Mathias. Front row - Peter, Catherine, Great Grandpa Peter with Grandpa John, Great Grandma Eva,
versary celebration will be held at the Red Pig Inn, Ottawa. Anna (Metzger) Stauterman with Loretta, Josephine (Osting) Metzger with Catherine (Metzger) Suever Hugenard. 1902
When Peter Metzger and four years of secrecy, began ed that their object in call- The men who were under
50 Years Ago — 1961
family first came to Delphos, talking about the affair, and ing on Metzger and threaten- arrest and the friends of the
• Bill Broaddus, son of Mr. and Mrs. William E. Broaddus
of Delphos, was elected to serve as steward of Delta Upsilon they lived in a hotel for a whisperings came to the ears ing him was merely a means others, speaking for them,
fraternity at Bowling Green State University. Broaddus will short time, and then settled in of Metzger. He at once set they employed to reprimand assured Mr. Metzger and his
serve in this office until January of next year. He is also com- the Allen County portion of about a diligent inquiry and him for conduct he had been wife that they had intended
munications chairman for the Society for the Advancement of their farm. There was a lane secured sufficient information charged with that was not doing him no harm, admit-
Management and is on the News Service Committee for the going back to this little house to warrant his charging F. B., pleasing to them as citizens. ted that they had done wrong
Union Activities organization. north across the road from the E. D., J. K., F. B., J. W. and J. In the affidavit filed by and made due apology to him
• Featured at the Delphos Public Library in connection “Vetzie” Mesker place on the S. with being the parties who Metzger, against the defen- therefore. Thereupon, when
with National Library Week, which concludes Saturday, was Lincoln Highway. When the trespassed on his premises dants, he says that the visitors they agreed to pay the costs
an exhibit of the work of the seventh graders from the class Metzger family moved over and threatened him. used language of this sort: accrued, Mr. Metzger caused
of Sister M. Azeveda at St. John’s School. Fifteen literary into Putnam County the little About a week ago Mr. ‘We have come to whitecap the criminal action com-
centerpieces are attracting considerable attention at the library house was moved to another Metzger retained Attorneys you; come out or we will menced against them to be
and will remain on exhibit next week, according to Margaret location. Reeve and Lindeman to pros- come in and get you. If you dismissed. Metzger made
Cauble, librarian. Alice Mesker Davey ecute the case for him, and do not come out we will come claim against the defendants
• The members of the Stitch A Wee club and Lucile Werner remembers when the neigh- caused a warrant to issue in and flog you, and will then for damages for trespass,
enjoyed an evening of cards at the home of Milda Hollmann bor kids would go back to the from the court of Louis take you out and hang you which they also settled.
Friday evening. At the conclusion of the games first prize was old basement or foundation to Boehmer, Justice of the Peace and blow your house up with From the fact that J. W.
awarded to Lola McCabe, second went to Lois Ridenour, and catch frogs that lived in the of Jennings Township, at Ft. dynamite. We understand that was available but not arrest-
third to Lucy Mox. Lulu Hinderlekler received the traveling water that collected there. Jennings, for the arrest of the you, Metzger, came home ed, and was summoned as
prize. The following incident parties named above. Only drunk and beat your wife, a witness on the part of the
took place in whichever house two, B______ and B_____, and we have come to punish state, leads the other defen-
75 Years Ago — 1936 Peter was living in on the 3rd were arrested, the others save you for this’ and certain other dants to believe that it was he
• A sample street sign was to be erected at Jefferson and day of May in 1897. It was W____, not being available remarks that would not look from whom Metzger received
Third streets. This sign was donated by the sign company and printed in the Delphos Herald for the reason that they were well in print. the information that prompted
is being erected by Mayor W. H. Taylor. The need of marking on 8 February 1901. absent from the state. The The affidavit charged also him to prefer the charge.”
the streets of the city has been discussed at various times in the “About four years ago, as crime of whitecapping, with that the callers fired several That ended the attempts to
past. The city, however, has no money with which to purchase many citizens of Delphos will which they were charged, is shots from a revolver into whitecap Metzger.
and erect these markers. remember, Peter Metzger, an a very serious one, the pen- the air and in this connec- The conclusion of the
• Mrs. Dell Cochensparger, Mrs. F. M. Krendl and Mrs. L. honest and frugal German alty prescribed being from tion Metzger admits that he Metzger family will be in
H. Schmelzer were in Coldwater Wednesday in attendance at who had recently come to this 2-10 years in the penitentia- returned the salutation, shoot- two weeks. Kelly Fields did
the spring conference of the American Legion Auxiliary. Mrs. section from the Fatherland ry. Metzger charged that the ing directly at the parties in an interesting family histo-
Cochensparger, a delegate of the local auxiliary, was on the with his family and purchased men were disguised, which the yard beneath his window. ry on the Metzger, Kinast,
place committee. the Penrose Herring farm, 1 ½ is the essence of the crime of Upon learning of the arrest Schneider and Ziegenfelder
• Mrs. Lloyd Williams was chosen to serve as president of miles north-east of Delphos, whitecapping, but the defen- of B_______and B______, families. Kinast was the maid-
the Jolly Birthday Club for the ensuing year at a regular meet-
was reported as having been dants denied that they con- mutual friends of all the par- en name Eugenia Metzger,
ing of the club held Wednesday evening. Other officers chosen
were Mrs. Gilbert Mericle, vice president; and Mrs. Dane Long, white-capped on the morning cealed their identity. The six ties intervened to bring about wife of John; who came from
secretary. of the 3rd day of May, 1897. men admit having gone to an amicable adjustment of the Austria as a young girl. The
The public soon forgot Metzger’s home on the night much to be deplored affair, Schneider and Ziegenfelder
the matter, but not so with in question, and in a bois- in which they were finally families belong in Milly


Metzger. In time, when some terous manner threatening successful, getting the matter Metzger’s ancestry. Many
of the parties who had par- him as charged, but maintain settled to-day in a manner of them lived down around
ticipated in the early morning that they did not intend him satisfactory to all parties con- the Wapakoneta and Fryburg
The Delphos Herald welcomes letters to the editor. Letters should call felt themselves safe after harm. The defendants assert- cerned. area.
be no more than 400 words. The newspaper reserves the right to

Cannonading the Clouds

edit content for length, clarity and grammar. Letters concerning
private matters will not be published.
Failure to supply a full name, home address and daytime phone
number will slow the verification process and delay publication.
Letters can be mailed to The Delphos Herald, 405 N. Main St., In France, the hailstorms officer flogger at the Marietta Defiance, was present as was
Delphos, Ohio 45833, faxed to 419-692-7704 or e-mailed to ns- have done great damage to BOB HOLDGREVE Penitentiary and it was said Mrs. Donald Mansfield, Regent Authors should clearly state they the vineyards, fields and that he converted many of his of the Defiance Chapter.
want the message published as a letter to the editor. Anonymous
letters will not be printed.
orchards, but of late years
the damage has been much
Window victims so he probably was a
minister also.
Twelve members of
Grover Hill VFW Post No.
reduced by cannonading
the clouds. When a storm is
to the His nickname
“Rowdy” and he possessed
was 2873 were present with a
color guard and gave a three
Moderately confused rolling up, it can be almost
determined whether it is full
Past great strength and endur-
ance. He was a cousin of
gun salute over the grave of
William Richardson. A flag
of hailstones or not. If it is Richardson Mad Anthony Wayne and and flag holder and several
concluded the clouds are Approximately 65 persons their mothers were Nancy wreaths were placed on his
so charged, the artillery is were present at a dedica- and Mattie Hiddens. grave. An American flag was
brought out and the clouds tion service held at Fought His first wife was Miss folded and presented to John
are banged at, so as to create Cemetery, near Mandale, Mary Adney whom he mar- William Richardson, one of
vibrations that will paralyze with a short service at 11 a.m. ried in 1784, and his second the great-grandchildren pres-
the moisture before the hail for Paulding County’s only wife was Catherine Millhouse ent.
is formed. known Revolutionary Patriot, whom he wed in 1815. Her By Mae Richardson
In order to do this, the air William Richardson. sister and family were killed ----------
strata has to be well shak- He was born in 1763 by three Indians and William Burial Committees
en and the damage-bearing in Montgomery County, Richardson tracked them The Van Wert County
cloud has to be broken up. In Virginia, and died in his down and killed two near Commissioners have appoint-
this way, the condition, which daughter’s home at Hamer Piqua and one near Buckland ed committees in the various
changes the raindrop to hail, at 109 years of age, trying to in Auglaize County. townships and wards to look
is so shattered as to prevent ride a colt. It was said he had Fifteen members of after the burial of indigent
the freezing; and thus, the been captured by the Indians Horatio N. Curtis Chapter soldiers. Upon the death of an
grapes and fruits are protected and had married an Indian of the Daughters of the indigent soldier, the commit-
from the hail. Human genius princess. American Revolution at tee in the precinct in which
has not been successful in His parents were immi- Paulding were present and the death occurred should be
stirring up clouds to bring grants from Ireland and he gave part of the program. notified. Note the following:
us rain, but it has succeeded had at least two brothers, All gave the pledge to the Washington Township:
in changing the character of Dave and Perry. They settled flag and sang two verses of J.M. Geise, Ross Rader,
the clouds and keeping the near Spencerville. William “The Star Spangled Banner,” Frank Lidneman.
raindrops from turning into fought two years in the bor- and one verse of “America”. Delphos, Third Ward: J.L.
hailstones. der wars of Pennsylvania and Prayer was by Regent Fortner, B.J. Brotherton, J.M.
Delphos Herald, West Virginia, fought two Caroline Longardner and the Laudick.
July 24, 1912 years on the skirmish lines Chaplain and response by all Delphos Fourth Ward:
---------- in the Revolutionary War, present. The chaplain of the W.T. Evline, C. Scherger,
Ceremony Held At and also fought in the War DAR gave benediction. W.T. Mills.
Grave of Revolutionary of 1812 with General Henry Ohio Honorary State Regent Delphos Herald,
War Patriot, William Harrison. He also served as Mrs. Norman DeMent of Apr. 4, 1901 Saturday, April 23, 2011 The Herald – 5

LANDMARK From the Thrift Shop

Thrift Shop one-stop


Delphos Post Office shopping for summer

9 a.m.-noon — Interfaith
Thrift Store, North Main
Street. Buckley is 1 1/2 years old
St. Vincent DePaul Society, and a sweet gentleman. He
located at the east edge of the is full of energy and love. He Chelsea is a very pretty cal-
St. John’s High School park- loves to play, go on walks, ico. She can be a little shy at
and treats. first, but warms up quickly.
ing lot, is open.
10 a.m to 2 p.m. — Delphos
Humane Society of Allen County has many pets waiting
Postal Museum is open. for adoption. Each comes with a spay or neuter, first shots
12:15 p.m. — Testing of and a heartworm test. The Humane Society is located at
warning sirens by Delphos 3606 Elida Road, Lima, and can be contacted at 419-991-
Fire and Rescue 1775.
1 p.m. — Optimist Easter
Egg Hunt at Waterworks Park The following pets are available for adoption through The
1-3 p.m. — Delphos Canal Animal Protective League;
Commission Museum, 241 N.
Main St., is open. Cats
Tiger, M, 3 years, neutered, front dew clawed, gray, name
5 p.m. — Delphos Coon Kamo
and Sportsman’s Club hosts a Tiger, M, 4 years, dew clawed, neutered, name Buckeye
chicken fry. and Jasper
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. F, 2 years, gray, spayed, name Nibbles
John’s Little Theatre. F, 2 years, name Eclipse
M, F, 1 year, short and long haired, tiger, orange and white,
SUNDAY yellow tiger
Happy Easter! BY MARGIE dows are completely full, want to browse the Boutique
ROSTORFER especially on the weekend, Department, which continues Kittens
MONDAY so we kindly ask that you to receive those very nice, M, F, 7 weeks, white, white and black, gray, gray tiger
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. — Ottoville F, 5 months, yellow, name Babe
Just to get a grasp on how do not leave your items on sparkly items. And if you’ve F, 7 months, white name Luna and Blonde
Branch Library is open. long this winter has really the sidewalk. If workers are waited until the last moment
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite hung on, did you know that still there, you can come to to get a dress, you might still Dogs
at Delphos Senior Citizen by this time last year all of the back door or give us a find one of those here, too. Walker Coon mix, F, 7 years, spayed, brown, name Angel
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. the crops were in the ground call at 419-692-2942 to make Boxer, F, 2 years, brown, name Lady
7 p.m. — Ottoville village already? The corn and the arrangements for your dona- At this solemn Easter Border Collie, M, 6 years
council meets at the municipal beans, which is very unusu- tion. Season, let us remember what For more information on these pets or if you are in
building. al for soybeans to be in the Again, we are so thankful Christ did for us on the cross need of finding a home for your pet contact The Animal
Marion Township Trustees ground in April, were all in. that people remember us with — what His sacrifice truly Protective League from 9-5 weekdays at 419-749-2976. If
meet at the township house. And if they weren’t, that land- their donations because that means to us, and how many you are looking for a pet not listed call to be put on a wait-
7:30 p.m. — Delphos owner either may not have enables us to help those who different ways there are for ing list in case something becomes available. Donations
Eagles Aerie 471 meets at the been back from Florida yet, are in need. us to show Him how thankful or correspondence can be sent to PO Box 321, Van Wert,
Eagles Lodge. we are for what He did for us. Ohio 45891.
or he farms a hundred trillion People have been gearing
thousand acres and hadn’t up for the camping season Have a blessed Easter.

quite gotten to that last field that’s just around the corner
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite yet. and one can find the little
at Delphos Senior Citizen I remember my parents extras needed for that camp-
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. always used to head back north er’s kitchen, bath or a knick-
6 p.m. — Weight Watchers around the first of May. Even knack or two to add to the
meets at Trinity United the gardens last year were all interior décor. Don’t forget
Methodist Church, 211 E. planted and up already with some extra toys for the kids
Third St. the promise of fresh green to play with or some good sto-
7 p.m. — Delphos Area beans and peas and lettuce for rybooks for a rainy day. Grab
Simply Quilters meets at the
Delphos Area Chamber of
the dinner tables. Somehow,
we always do manage to get
some spare swimming suits
and you’re just about all ready
for men & young men
Commerce, 306 N. Main St. everything in the ground, and to sit back and relax! One
Delphos City Council we will this year, too. can almost smell those camp- • Graduation
meets at the municipal build- And even with a summer fires burning already and hear • Prom
ing, 608 N. Canal St. of no rain last year, we still the happy sounds of children
7:30 p.m. — Alcoholics had a better than anticipated playing outside!
• Weddings
Anonymous, First Presbyterian
harvest — one to be thankful Still in need of a First • Funerals

Church, 310 W. Second St.
8:30 p.m. — Elida vil-
for. God does treat this part Communion dress or suit? • Bar Mitzpahs

of the country pretty good, The shop has gotten in a lot

lage council meets at the town
doesn’t He? of very pretty dresses and nice
Here at the Thrift Shop, suits for the occasion. One starting
WEDNESDAY we’re thankful for the dona- has to agree with last week’s at
9 a.m. - noon — Putnam tions that continue to come article about the little girl who
County Museum is open, 202 in. If you’ve never donated made her First Communion
before and would like to, you dress; “it’s all about the rea- John Odenweller’s
E. Main St. Kalida.
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite
at Delphos Senior Citizen
Center, 301 Suthoff Street.
11:45 a.m. — Rotary Club
can find our drop-off win-
dows at the rear of the build-
ing on the First Street side
just before the alley. Your
son for the occasion, and not
so much about the outfit.”
Stop in and browse the selec-
Lion Clothing
Formalwear Headquarters
meets at the Eagles Lodge, gently used items will be most If you’re still in need
1600 E. Fifth St. appreciated. of some pretty jewelry for 206 N. Main St. Phone 419-692-9981
6 p.m. — Shepherds of Sometimes our drop win- that prom night, you might SILK SCREENING & EMBROIDERY
Christ Associates meet in the Open Daily 9 AM to 5:30; Mon. & Fri. til 8
St. John’s Chapel.
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. Happy Birthday
John’s Little Theatre.
April 24
THURSDAY Amanda Watkins
9-11 a.m. — The Delphos Amber Osting
Canal Commission Annex Barry Friernoth
Museum, 241 N. Main St., is Florence Schulte Moreo
open. Shirley Davis

Please notify the Delphos April 25

Herald at 419-695-0015 if Devin Rabe
there are any corrections Jim Fair
or additions to the Coming Ron Schwinnen
Events column. Ryan Kortokrax


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6 – The Herald Saturday, April 23, 1011

Giambruno-Fuge faces an ‘icy’ future

By JIM METCALFE parents were big hockey fans win the award. After high school gradua-
jmetcalfe@delpho- and they introduced me to The decision to stay in the tion, she figures on continu- the sport, taking me to a lot Tri-County area and attend ing her ice career at the col-
of college hockey games. I St. John’s made for some legiate level and, hopefully,
DELPHOS — When one was hooked,” Giambruno- extra time commitments for even beyond that.
thinks of an area athlete, Fuge explained. “I played the family. “I have two offers right
thoughts of football, bas- girls hockey for a long “In Ohio, you have to now at Division I: the main
ketball, baseball, soccer and time, until eighth grade. We attend the school you are campus at the University of
track probably leap to mind moved to Ohio six years ago playing for. The closest Maine and Elmira College,
for most. and I’ve been going to St. school with hockey to us both contenders at the
Ice hockey is likely down John’s for 2 1/2 years.” is Findlay but we decided, national level. The biggest
the list, with no local teams She had the chance to after a long and complicated thing I have to adjust to
on the horizon. attend Culver Academy a decision, that wasn’t the best is girls hockey; I haven’t
However, for one area few years back after goal- way to go. We decided to played it since eighth grade,”
girl, hockey is at the top of tending a AAA national stay here and play in Fort she noted. “I hope to use the
her list. runner-up team, earning a Wayne,” she continued. first year or two to make
Samantha Giambruno- national ranking in the net, Hockey gives her an out- that adjustment and improve
Fuge has been playing that but decided against it due to let for anything that might enough to hopefully make a
sport for 14 years. its high financial cost as well bother her, as well as pro- run at the national team and
It is no wonder, since as a desire not to be away vide a combination of ath- the Olympics.”
the St. John’s senior is a from her family. letic ability. Even beyond that, she has
“transplant” from Lake She was part of the 4A “It’s more than just being plans for when her playing
Placid, New York, home of Indiana boys hockey cham- physical and brauny; it days are over.
the 1980 Winter Olympics pions — backstopping the requires a lot of skill and “I plan to study zool-
and scene of “The Miracle Carroll Chargers — this win- brains because it’s a fast ogy, particularly marine
on Ice” when the amateur ter, winning the prestigious game and you need to have animals, with a minor in
Samantha Giambruno-Fuge, a senior at Delphos St. United States team upset the J. Howard Guitard Memorial other skills. It’s also a nice education. I want to train
John’s, won the J. Howard Guitard Memorial Award heavily-favored professional Award and Scholarship way to work out anything animals in the first part
and Scholarship given for academic excellence, character Soviet Red Army team in the given for academic excel- that might be troubling me of my career after hockey
and mental attitude. She is the only girl to ever win this semifinals on their way to lence, character and mental and keep me out of trouble, and then get into teaching
award. She is part of the Indiana 4A boys hockey cham- Olympic gold. attitude. something my parents really when I get a little older,” she
pion Carroll Chargers. “My parents and grand- She is the only girl ever to appreciate,” she joked. added.

WEEKLY ATHLETIC Vickers has new Cup outlook after health scare
The Associated Press
things will go away,” Vickers
said in a recent interview at
Vickers made his Cup
debut for Hendrick in October
But when Michael Andretti
found out Conway was available,
For Week of April 24-30
Columbus Grove at
Texas Motor Speedway. “A 2003, then was teammates as he didn’t hesitate.
Baseball Jefferson (NWC), 5 p.m. Brian Vickers had a lot of lot of times deep down, we a full-time Cup driver with Conway didn’t take long to
Jefferson at Bluffton Ottoville at Continental questions when he suddenly don’t want to admit it, but Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and reward his new owner.
(NWC), 5 p.m.
Fort Jennings at
(PCL), 5 p.m.
Allen East at Lincolnview
found himself in the hospital we don’t want to go to the Kyle Busch from 2004-06. Driving in his third race for
Andretti Autosport, Conway start-
Ottoville (PCL), 5 p.m. (NWC), 5 p.m. last year. Doctors discovered hospital because we’re afraid He got his first Cup victory ed third at Sunday’s Grand Prix of
Lincolnview at Spencerville Spencerville at Paulding blood clots in the driver’s left we’re going to be told we in the October 2006 race at Long Beach, overcame a botched
(NWC), 5 p.m.
Kalida at Ayersville, 5 p.m.
(NWC), 5 p.m.
Kalida at Cory-Rawson, 5 p.m.
leg and near his lungs, then a can’t race.” Talladega. pit stop that dropped him to 16th
Crestview at Columbus Softball hole in his heart. Vickers missed the final After going to Red Bull and clawed his way back to the
leaders. Taking advantage of a
Grove (NWC), 5 p.m. Columbus Grove at He was able to in 2007, Vickers made late caution, he zipped past Dario
Jefferson at Bluffton
Jefferson (NWC), 5 p.m.
Van Wert at Ottoville, 5 p.m.
overcome those health his debut with the new Franchitti and Ryan Briscoe in
(NWC), 5 p.m. Allen East at Lincolnview issues but found him- team by finishing 10th a a pair of blink-or-you’ll-miss-it
Lincolnview at Spencerville (NWC), 5 p.m. self facing another big at California. He won at passes, then pulled away toward
the checkers to win his first career
(NWC), 5 p.m.
Elida at Lima Senior, 5 p.m.
Spencerville at Paulding
(NWC), 5 p.m.
question. And finding Michigan in 2009 and IndyCar race.
Van Wert at Kalida, 5 p.m. Elida at Findlay, 5 p.m. the answer to wheth- made the 12-driver Chase The unflappable Englishman
Crestview at Columbus Leipsic at Kalida (PCL), 5 p.m. er he wanted to resume his two-thirds of the Cup season for the Sprint Cup champion- never got emotional when it
Grove (NWC), 5 p.m.
Track and Field
Jefferson at USV
NASCAR Sprint Cup career last year with his Red Bull ship that season. Vickers then was over, just hugged his team
and thanked his owner for the
Baseball Invitational, 4:30 p.m. wasn’t as easy as he expect- Racing Team after being hos- only got to drive 11 races last chance.
Marion Local at St. Fort Jennings at Parkway, New ed. pitalized. He was out while season before going to the “To get a win in the third
John’s (MAC), 5 p.m.
Spencerville at Fort
Knoxville and Minster, 4:30 p.m.
“At first, my focus was being treated for his blood hospital. race back is awesome,” he said
Jennings, 5 p.m. Findlay at Elida, 4:30 p.m. on living. And then it imme- clots and having heart sur- “It was difficult and chal- Sunday after spraying cham-
pagne on the podium. “I can’t
Ottoville at Perry, 5 p.m. FRIDAY diately turned to racing and gery. lenging but I truly feel that thank Michael enough for believ-
Lincolnview at Miller City, 5 p.m.
Elida at Ottawa-Glandorf
Hardin Northern at
how do I get back in the The kid who started racing I walked away a better per- ing in me and the team for doing
(WBL), 5 p.m. Jefferson, 5 p.m. race car?” the 27-year-old go-karts at age 10 became such a great job.”
Kalida at Leipsic (PCL), 5 p.m. Versailles at St. John’s Vickers said. “Then I had to the youngest national series It was questionable whether
Conway would ever make it back
Jefferson at Ottoville, 5 p.m.
(MAC), 5 p.m.
Ottoville at Spencerville, 5 p.m.
stop and think, do I want to champion in NASCAR after one of the most frightening
Spencerville at Minster, 5 p.m. Bath at Elida (WBL), 5 p.m. go back in the race car? It history when he won the crashes in Indy 500 history.
Ottawa-Glandorf at Softball seems like a silly question but 2003 Nationwide title as a The wreck came on the last lap,
Elida (WBL), 5 p.m.
Kalida at Allen East, 5 p.m.
Hardin Northern at
Jefferson, 5 p.m.
when you’ve gone through all 20-year-old in his first full when Conway collided with future
teammate Ryan Hunter-Reay.
Leipsic at Columbus Kalida at Lincolnview, 5 p.m. that, you start looking at your season driving for Hendrick Conway’s Dreyer & Reinbold car
Grove (PCL), 5 p.m. Marion Local at whole life from a different Motorsports. went hurtling through the air, the
Track and Field
St. John’s and Perry at
Spencerville, 5 p.m.
Elida at Bath (WBL), 5 p.m.
perspective.” In his chase for that elu- nose of the car pointing back at
Spencerville, 4:30 p.m. Track and Field When Vickers was ponder- sive Cup title, there already son, so I’m very thankful for Hunter-Reay at one point.
Once the car hit the barrier, it
Fort Jennings at Ada, Bluffton St. John’s and Elida at ing his racing future, his first has been some tough luck this the experience,” he said. “I broke like a shattered light bulb,
and Wayne Trace, 4:30 p.m.
Elida, Bath and Defiance
Allen County Invitational
(Shawnee), 4:30 p.m.
thought was that he wanted to season. Vickers was involved know that sounds weird but pieces flying in every direction.
at Kenton, 4:30 p.m. Tennis come back because of the one in four wrecks that weren’t I am. Like it was a much- Conway narrowly missed landing
Columbus Grove at Ottawa- Elida at Bath (WBL), 4:30 p.m. goal he hadn’t accomplished his fault in the first eight needed break in a long career on his head but was still badly
mangled, his lower leg almost
Glandorf, 4:30 p.m.
Van Wert County Meet
— to win a Sprint Cup cham- races and was 28th in points and hopefully a much longer shattered and a compression
at Crestview, 5 p.m. Elida at Woodmore, 10 a.m. pionship. going into the Easter weekend career moving forward. But fracture in his back, along with
Tennis Van Buren at Columbus “Then I realized it was break. I definitely thank God for it numerous other injuries.
Ottawa-Glandorf at Elida
(WBL), 4:30 p.m.
Grove (DH), 10 a.m.
St. John’s at Spencerville
more than that. If I came back Vickers started his No. 83 because I learned a lot from Immediately after the crash,
Conway wanted to know how long
WEDNESDAY (DH), noon it couldn’t just be about that. Red Bull Toyota a season- it.” it would take to get back into a
Baseball Ottoville at Lima Temple It had to be about something best ninth at Talladega and Vickers said he has a new car, hoping to return as quickly
New Knoxville at St.
John’s (MAC), 4:15 p.m.
Christian, noon
more,” he explained. “I came was still near the front of appreciation “for the moment as possible. He prepared himself
Fort Jennings at Jefferson, 5 p.m. Leipsic at Lincolnview, 10 a.m. back because I just love rac- the pack when he got caught and every day” and has dis- mentally for the long rehabilita-
tion process but it wasn’t easy;
Wayne Trace at Ottoville, 5 p.m. Miller City at Spencerville ing. I love going fast, I love up in an early wreck. There covered a balance between he wore a back brace for months
Lincolnview at USV, 5 p.m.
Columbus Grove at
(DH), noon
Columbus Grove at Waynesfield-
being in race cars. I love what were top-10 finishes at Las understanding and appreciat- after the May accident and was
Lima Senior, 5 p.m. Goshen (DH), noon I do. If I never win a cham- Vegas and California but he ing that life “is not infinite” still on crutches in August.
Softball Track and Field pionship, I’ll still be happy also got caught up in early and to cherish every moment Difficult as it was, Conway
never quit fighting, never gave
Lincolnview at USV, 5 p.m.
Perry at Columbus Grove, 5 p.m.
Spencerville at New
Bremen Invitational, 9 a.m.
that I came back. If I do win wrecks at Daytona, Phoenix without wasting time. But he up hope that he’d be back behind
Tennis Lincolnview and Columbus a championship, I’ll be even and Bristol. also knows there are times not the wheel.
Elida at LCC, 4:30 p.m. Grove at Liberty-Benton happier.” Still, the most important to rush, such as when talking Conway had hoped to come
THURSDAY Invitational, 9 a.m. Vickers went to the hos- thing is that he is again doing with his grandmother on the back by the end of the 2010
season but didn’t quite make it.
pital last May after having what he loves after the unex- phone.
NBA Playoffs excruciating pain during a pected health issues last sum- He believes all that has
Dreyer & Reinbold filled his seat
with a variety of drivers and put
By BRIAN MAHONEY the Knicks were even booed visit to Washington D.C., mer. helped make him a better rookie Charlie Kimball in the car
The Associated Press as they walked off the court though he had already expe- “I know when he was driver. His personality and for this season.
Looking for a ride, Conway did
trailing by 23 points after three rienced some symptoms in going through it, I feel like he character translates into how a test for Andretti Autosport and
NEW YORK — No fan- quarters. the weeks before that; there maximized the opportunity of he drives, while his inten- was impressive enough that the
tastic finish needed for the Exactly 10 years to the day had been a tingling and loss appreciating his family and sity and passion make him owner brought him onboard for
Boston Celtics this time. since their last home playoff of feeling in his left hand. On his friends, his health, as well even more competitive on the this season.
A former Formula One
They simply spoiled victory, the Knicks were out- the bicycle rides he took that as having some down time to track. test driver and a winner at the
Madison Square Garden’s classed in the same way they usually covered 60-70 miles, go experience things that we Conway rewards Andretti’s European GP2 series at Monaco,
postseason homecoming party have been so many times in he was out of breath after don’t get the opportunity to faith in him: Mike Conway hadn’t
won in 23 career IndyCar races
Conway had an up-and-down first

right from the start. their forgettable decade since. only 15 miles. when we are racing,” former and hadn’t raced since a horrific
season in IndyCar, a handful of
top-10 finishes — his best a third
Paul Pierce scored 38 points, With Chauncey Billups “Being young and healthy teammate Jeff Gordon said. crash at the Indianapolis 500 last at Infineon — to go with plenty of
and stubborn, stubborn being “I’m sure he’s enjoying being May. in the midteens and low 20s for
Ray Allen added 32 and Rajon sidelined again with a knee probably the most prominent here and very appreciative of Battered and unproven, at Dreyer & Reinbold.
Rondo had a Celtics’ playoff- injury, Amare Stoudemire lim- of the three, and a race car being behind the wheel of that
least at winning races in the U.S., Still, he hadn’t shown any
record 20 assists as Boston ited by his back spasms and driver, you just think these race car this year.”
Conway wasn’t exactly the ideal
candidate for teams needing a
signs of being tentative after the
beat the New York Knicks Anthony unable to duplicate horrific crash.

113-96 on Friday night to take his 42-point performance from
a 3-0 in their first-round play- Game 2, the Knicks lacked
off series. the firepower to match the
Rondo had 15 points and 11 defending Eastern Conference Misiewicz shuts out Racers 1-0-0-0. Totals 33-8-9-7.
rebounds for the Celtics, who champions. LIMA — Vince Misiewicz threw a 4-hit shutout at the Northwestern Ohio 0 (15-26,6-9 WHAC)
pulled out two close games in Stoudemire was just 2-for- University of Northwestern Ohio in leading Aquinas College ab-r-h-rbi
Boston but never trailed in this 8 for seven points. to an 8-0 victory in Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference Alex Czernewski rf 2-0-0-0, Alex McKinstry 2b 3-0-1-
one, dominating the first play- Allen, who made the go- college baseball action Friday night at Racer Field. 0, Kyle Jeffries c/pr 3-0-2-0, Zyler Cosby pr 0-0-0-0, Kael
off game at Madison Square ahead 3-pointer in the Celtics’ Game 2 was postponed due to rain. Campbell dh 3-0-0-0, Pichi Torres lf 2-0-0-0, Mikel Sechrist
Garden in seven years. They 87-85 victory in Game 1, was Misiewicz didn’t walk a batter and ph 1-0-0-0, Ben Schubert 1b 3-0-0-0, Pedro
will go for the sweep Sunday 8-for-11 behind the arc and is a fanned four Racers. Boissalier ss 2-0-0-0, Dylan Brammer 3b
afternoon and no NBA team sizzling 15-for-20 in the series. Doubleheader action will begin at 1 p.m. 2-0-1-0, Phillip Donovan cf 2-0-0-0. Totals
has ever lost a series after win- Pierce was 6-of-8 from 3-point this afternoon. 23-0-4-0.
ning the first three games. range as Rondo continuously Aquinas scored two runs in each of the Score by Innings:
After winning the two set up his two All-Star wing second and third innings against Jordan Aquinas College 022 0 3 1
games in Boston despite trail- players for open shots. Goins, adding three in the fifth. 00- 8 9 0
ing in the final half-minute of A sellout crowd filled with Aquinas (21-10, 8-2 WHAC) added a run in the sixth Northwestern Ohio 0 0 0 000 00- 0 4 3
both, the Celtics scored the celebrities and fans starving against reliever Tyler Eaton to finish it off. E: Czernewski,Boissalier,Brammer. DP: AQ 1. LOB: AQ
first nine points of this one to see postseason success The best effort the Racers (15-26, 6-9 WHAC) could mus- 11, UNOH 3. 2B: Less, Papes. SB: Penny, Butgereit. CS:
and never really let it get much could do nothing but admire ter was in the first when they put together two hits with one McKinstry.
closer. the execution of the Celtics down but a caught stealing and a grounder ended that threat. IP H R ER BB SO
Carmelo Anthony had 15 in an impressive performance Aquinas College 8 (21-10-1,8-2 WHAC) Aquinas College
points and 11 rebounds but after believing they played ab-r-h-rbi Vince Misiewicz (W,4-2) 7.0 4
shot 4-for-16 for the Knicks, poorly in the first two games. Michael Penny cf 4-0-1-2, Jake Roe ph 0-0-0-0, Austin 0 0 0 4
who were hosting a playoff They matched the 3-0 lead of King 3b 4-0-1-0, Kennen Less rf 4-1-1-0, Greg Baranyai ph Northwestern Ohio
game for the first time in seven Miami, moving closer to an 1-0-0-0, Michael Wood 1b 2-1-0-0, Jimmy McDonagh pr 0-1- Jordan Goins (L,2-2) 5.0 87 4 3 2
years. But the Celtics left the expected second-round show- 0-0, Steve Crawford ph/3b 1-0-0-0, Brent Butgereit dh 4-1-2- Tyler Eaton 2.0 11 1 3 2
fans little to cheer about and down. 0, Ryan Grigonis ss 4-1-0-0, Taylor Pawlanta 2b 2-1-1-1, Nick WP: Goins. HBP: by Eaton (Pawlant), by Misiewic
Papes lf 2-2-1-2, Scott Witkop c 4-0-2-2, Brent Steele pr/ph (Czernewski). Saturday, April 23, 2011 The Herald — 7

Junior Bowling
The Delphos Recreation Center handed out awards for its junior
bowling season recently.

Photos submitted

The first-place team for the Lion Cubs are the Strikers, left to The Thunderbolts are the runners-up, consisting of Braylon Scalf, left, Avery Schulte, Danny
right, Abby Prine, Madilynn Schuck and Jessica Dudgeon. Absent is Schleeter and Jack Gerker.
Michaela Shawhan.

Special awardwinners for the boys Lion Cubbers are Cody William (high average), left,
Special awardwinners for the Lion Cub girls are, left to right, Samantha Danny Schleeter (high game), Avery Schulte (high series) and Braylon Scalf (high game).
Knepper (high game), Abby Prine (high series) and Madilynn Schuck (high

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The first-place team in the Lion Tamers is Pin Pals made up of, left to right, Logan
Hubert, Braxton Scalf, Blake Fischbach and Cole Haunhorst. The runner-up team, the Strikers, has Isaac Schuck, left, Tyler Birr, Elliott
Courtney and Corey Dudgeon.
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Special awardwin-
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right, Kali Edgington (high
girls series) and Katilynn Quality
Fabrication & Welding Inc.
Schleeter (high girls aver-
age); and back, Logan 419-339-0110
Hubert (high boys game),
Adam Gerker (high boys
average) and Braxton Scalf TRUCKS, TRAILERS CARBON STEEL
GATES Larry McClure
5745 Redd Rd.


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8 – The Herald Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Daily Herald
300 Household Goods Today’s Crossword Puzzle
50 GALLON LP power ACROSS 3 Attack on a castle
vent water heater. Used 6 1 Chicken feed 4 — -haw

To place an ad call: 419-695-0015

months. $150. 5 Watches 5 Cohort of Boris and Bela
(419)225-7417 10 Surroundings 6 Goofy
NEW, QUEEN pillow-top 12 Lots and lots 7 Fiesta cheers
mattress, never used, still 13 High regard 8 Numbers game
sealed in original wrapper. 14 Hit the Tab key 9 Fast jets of yore
005 Lost & Found 080 Help Wanted 080 Help Wanted 080 Help Wanted $75. Call (260)749-6100. 15 Synthesizer inventor
16 Nightwear
Dues payer, for short
YOUTH BEDROOM furni- 18 Coast Guard alert 12 Belgian river
FOUND: MEDIUM size Are you looking for a child
PART TIME custodian: WANTED: MECHANIC ture; 4 piece entertain - 19 Beg and plead 17 PSAT takers
black & tan dog. Landeck care provider in your
Cleaning and minor main- We seek a self-motivated in- ment center; queen bed- 23 Magna — laude 20 Quick-dry fabrics
area. (567)204-3570 area? Let us help. Call
tenance, requires a work- dividual who possess excel- room suite. Call 26 Okay! 21 Cafe — —
YWCA Child Care Re -
ing knowledge of basic lent mechanical skills. Must 419-230-1685 27 Heavy hydrogen discoverer 22 Lobster pot
source and Referral at:
electrical and mechanical 30 Seer 23 Mil rank.
be able to communicate ef-
Announcements 1-800-992-2916 or
systems. Must be able to
operate computerized
fectively with customers,
have good organizational and
340 Garage Sales 32 Like an armadillo
34 Middle of an atoll
Eurasian range
Astrologers of old
HVAC system, carry 40 computer skills. Must have 35 Absorbedly 28 James or Kett
ADVERTISERS: YOU can ELITE NATURESCAPES pounds and occasionally minimum experience of 2 127 N. Cass. Friday April 36 Sketch 29 Shrill bark
place a 25 word classified is seeking applicants for work from heights. Perma- years or Diesel Tech Degree. 22, 9am-6pm & Saturday 37 Pierre’s monarch 31 Vegetative state
ad in more than 100 news- seasonal daytime posi - nent position. Please for- Fax or Deliver Resume to April 23, 9am-noon. 38 Orangutan, for example 32 Me or them
papers with over one and tions for both the garden ward resume to PO Box Homier & Sons Inc. Clothes, couches, end ta- 39 Flight paths 33 Beautician’s coloring
a half million total circula- center & landscape crew. 434 Van Wert, Ohio 21133 St. Rt. 613 bles, stroller, walker, toys, 42 Garden hose plastic 37 Not decaf.
tion across Ohio for $295. Maximum availability in 45891. Continental, Oh 45831 bikes. 45 Earlier 40 Mama — Elliot
It's place one the month of May pre - 419.596.3965 46 Bird abode 41 Wander off course
17699 ROAD 20-P,
order and pay with one ferred. Please send re - P A R T - T I M E HELP Ft. Jennings
50 Low evergreens 42 Relieved sigh
check through Ohio sume or pick-up applica- needed for Sales- Local 419.596.3964 Fax 53 Put down a rug 43 “I came,” to Caesar
(Road behind Outpost)
Scan-Ohio Statewide tion M-F, 9am-5pm. business. Thurs. 6pm-9pm
55 Grants, perhaps 44 Rotters
Classified Advertising Net- 56 In an orderly manner 47 By heart
120 Financial
Must work weekends. Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9-?
work. The Delphos Herald Send replies to Box 153 Girls newborn-7,
57 Thin, as clouds 48 Plumbing bends
advertising dept. can set TELLER 58 Casual farewells 49 Ron who played Tarzan
COMPETITIVE wages for c/o Delphos Herald, 405 boys newborn-4,
51 Sleep like a —
this up for you. No other N. Main St., Delphos, OH furniture, toys & misc.
classified ad buy is sim- part-time position. Com- 45833 IS IT A SCAM? The Del- DOWN 52 Rte.
puter literacy and excel- 1 Japanese soup 54 Beak of a bird
360 Building Materials
pler or more cost effective. phos Herald urges our
Call 419-695-0015, ext lent communication skills readers to contact The 2 Low voice
138. required. Cash handling FULL-TIME PERSON for
experience preferred. delivery/labor. Must be Better Business Bureau,
Send resume and com- willing to travel, good driv- (419) 223-7010 or $$$ THOUSANDS off

040 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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in the investigation of
501 Misc. for Sale
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POSITION REQUIRES: pless Prom/Pageant gown

“Put your dreams in our hands”
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24 25


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202 N. Washington Street Office: 419-692-2249 Skills son, retail $400. $200 or
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She may also be contacted via Benefit Package Available Scrap Gold, Gold Jewelry, Kalida Golf Course. Ga-
email at: jodi Equal Opportunity Silver coins, Silverware, rage. W/D Hookup. No
42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49
or thru our website at Employer Pocket Watches, Diamonds. pets. 419-302-7724 Send Resume to:
800 House For Sale
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Country Ranch
57 58

with 2 1/2 car
attached garage

Writer kept from

“Put your dreams in our hands” 419 695-0015 1 acre lot.
Auto Repairs/
202 N. Washington Street Office: 419-692-2249
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my son. with type 2 diabetes six years ago.
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petrators. They all agreed there My husband has paid no atten-
RENT OR Rent to Own. 2 was abuse. tion whatsoever to his doctor’s
bedroom, 1 bath mobile My daughter-in-law has a advice. He eats fast food at least
home. 419-692-3951.
history of dysfunction. She was once a day. He dislikes vegetables
diagnosed with Munchausen syn- and instead eats rice and pota-
890 Autos for Sale drome, which means she makes toes, adding excessive amounts
950 Miscellaneous 950 Construction 950 Computers up stories to get attention. My son of salt and butter. He also snacks
is depressed, drinks too on sugary treats with
New & Used
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Computer repair
❍ Lawn Maintenance
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43 95
plus parts
& tax
much and is a workahol-
ic who is seldom home.
I had no way to get
a witness or to some-
how record the behavior
no regard to the effect
they have on his blood
sugar levels. Worse, he
is lax about taking his
Gina Fox
& Commercial
since 1993 proving my grandson I am having a tough
• Agricultural Needs
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❍ Shrub Trimming
ALIGNMENT was being abused. The time watching help- Mark Pohlman
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❍ Bulk Compost may be required on from teachers or doctors, -- Concerned Wife
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Good Again Hohlbein’s RETIRED LICENSED
The tragedy is that the isn’t much you can do
abuse has to continue for many about someone who insists on
Eating Gluten Free
New Product Line
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and details of services
for details. more years before there might be making unhealthy choices. Your
enough evidence to take action. husband could be depressed, or
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W I S P Y B Y E S Saturday, April 23, 2011 The Herald – 9

Tomorrow’s Horoscope
By Bernice Bede Osol
Sunday, April 24, 2011 ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- you desire. You couldn’t ask for
Something fun to do might pop up a better day to take on something
A couple of big-ticket items that you’ll want to be part of. The tough.
you’ve wanted for a long time but only problem is the activity could be LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) --
could not afford, will be within your more expensive than what you want There’s a chance that you could meet
reach in the year ahead. You might to pay. The choice might be difficult. and immediately like someone new,
find them on sale or purchase them who happens to be the acquaintance
secondhand because they look like Monday, April 25, 2011 of an old friend. A strong relationship
new. could develop out of it.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- You can make the year ahead SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)
Certain objectives you want to tackle one of new beginnings if you engage -- It’s to your benefit to do what
will be achievable, but they might yourself with new circumstances, you can to close an important deal.
not necessarily fit in with your other people, places or activities. When Factors are aligning in your favor,
plans. See if you can improvise or you start exploring, you’ll discover but for a limited time only.
make the needed revisions.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20) --
your true talents, which will lead you
to true happiness.
21) -- Your perspective on something BLONDIE
You have a wonderful imagination, TAURUS (April 20-May important in your life could
but it can work against you as easily 20) -- This could be a day of real broaden considerably. This more
as it works for you. Something you achievement for you if you recognize encompassing outlook will prove to
envision as being quite difficult is when and how to use your talents. An be extremely helpful.
likely to be just a paper dragon. objective of high significance can be CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- attained. -- Something unusual in the pipeline
Someone with whom you’ll spend GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- could pan out and enrich your life
your day might not want to take part One of your greatest natural skills is considerably. Keep an eye open for
in everything you’d like to do. Take the ability to awaken enthusiasm in it.
care not to dwell only on your wants, others regarding issues of personal AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
and consider this person’s desires as significance. You’ll have ample -- An interesting development may
well. opportunity to work your magic. be in store, which could take you
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- CANCER (June 21-July 22) off into all kinds of novel directions.
In order to get along with your -- If you need a favor, you couldn’t Don’t resist exploring anything new,
companions, you might have to make pick a better day to contact certain because there’s happiness to be found
some rather large concessions. It’s up individuals who are obligated to you. everywhere.
to you to make sure it is not merely a People in general are in a reasonably PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)
one-man show by being cooperative. good mood and are willing to help -- Discard without regrets any
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- If out however they can. encumbrances that have made you BEETLE BAILEY
it takes accepting responsibility for LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- An unhappy. Free your mind from
the mistakes of others in order to get impediment that has been retarding misery, and the rest will follow.
things rolling, then you should do your progress on an important project ARIES (March 21-April 19) --
so. It’s better than having everything may be lifted at last. Strike while the You could be given the opportunity to
come to a halt or a standstill. griddle is smoking. participate in something at work that
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- would allow you to use previously
Some kind of deal that you’ve made You’re likely to stay the course on untapped knowledge. It’ll open new
with others that presently looks like anything you start, such as an exercise doors.
a bummer can be constructively program, until you achieve the goal Copyright 2011, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
adjusted. You might not get all that
you want, but you’ll still come out
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) --
Unless you are cognizant of the needs
of everybody with whom you’re
involved, you could be accused of
being selfish. Don’t focus on just
21) -- Should you unintentionally
say something that a friend finds
offensive, don’t try to get off with an
excuse. Correct the infraction with a
sincere apology instead of debate.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
-- Although this might be a day of rest
for most, it behooves you to use your
time constructively. Either get caught
up on old, neglected chores or get a
head start on next week’s duties.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
-- Be flexible when dealing with
others, or adverse results could easily
be the order of the day. Your wit and
resourcefulness can turn any negative
situation into a positive one.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)
-- Even though you’ll have your
share of ups and downs, in the final
analysis things in general should
work out rather well for you. Remain
optimistic regardless of what is going

Monday Evening April 18, 2011

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Sunday Evening April 24, 2011

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10 – The Herald Saturday, April 23, 2011


World’s Top Coin Collectors in Town Next Week

to Purchase All Types of Coins!

ICCA will be placing ads in newspapers, The rarest coins these collectors are
radio and running television spots next week
asking people to bring in any old silver and
looking for include $20, $10, $5 and $2
1/2 gold coins and any coin made before
gold coins made before 1965. Those that
bring in their coins will be able to speak
1850. These coins always bring big
premiums according to the ICCA. Silver
with collectors one on one and have their dollars are also very sought after nowadays.
coins looked at with an expert set of eyes. Other types of items the ICCA will be
With the help of these ICCA members, offers purchasing during this event include U.S.
will be made to those that have coins made currency, gold bullion, investment gold,
before 1965. Offers will be made based silver bars, silver rounds, proof sets, etc.
on silver or gold content and the rarity of Even foreign coins are sought after and will
the coins. All coins made before 1965 will be purchased.
be examined and purchased including gold Also at this event anyone can sell their
coins, silver coins, silver dollars, all types of gold jewelry, dental gold or anything made
nickels and pennies. Those that decide to of gold on the spot. Gold is currently trading
sell their coins will be paid on the spot. at over $1,100.00 per ounce near an all
If you are like a lot of people you might time high. Bring anything you think might
have a few old coins or even a coffee be gold and the collectors will examine,
can full lying around. If you have ever test and price it for free. If you decide to
wondered what they are worth now might sell, you will be paid on the spot – it has
Here’s How It Works:
be your chance to find out and even sell been an unknown fact that coin dealers
them if you choose. They could be worth have always paid more for jewelry and • Gather items of interest from your
a lot according to the International Coin scrap gold than other jewelers and pawn attic, safe deposit box, garage,
Collectors Association also known as ICCA. brokers.
Collectors will pay a fortune for some coins basement, etc. There is no limit to
So whether you have one coin you think
and currency for their collections. If it is might be valuable or a large collection you the amount of items you can bring
rare enough, one coin could be worth over recently inherited, you can talk to these
$100,000 according to Eric Helms, coin • No appointment necessary
collectors for free. If your’re lucky you may
collector and ICCA member. One ultra rare have a rarity worth thousands. Either way • If interested in selling, we will
dime, an 1894S Barber, sold for a record there is nothing to lose and it sounds like
$1.9 million to a collector in July of 2007. consult our collector’s database to
While that is an extreme example, many For more information on this event visit see if a buyer exists. 90% of all
rare and valuable coins are stashed away the ICCA website at items have offers in our database
in dresser drawers or lock boxes around the
country. The ICCA and its collector members • The offer is made on the spot on
have organized a traveling event in search behalf of our collectors making

of all types of coins and currency. Even the offer
common coins can be worth a significant
amount due to the high price of silver and • If you decide to accept the offer,
gold, says Helms. Washington quarters we will pay you on the spot!
and Roosevelt dimes can be worth many
times their face value. Recent silver markets ADMISSION • You get 100% of the offer
have driven the price up on common coins CONTINUES IN DELPHOS with no hidden fees
made of silver. Helms explains that all half
dollars, quarters and dimes made before EVERY DAY
1965 contain 90% silver and are sought THROUGH NEXT SATURDAY
after any time silver prices rise. Right now
it’s a sellers market he said.


What We Buy:
Any and all coins made before 1965, rare 480 MOXIE LANE
coins, entire collections, Silver Dollars, DELPHOS, OH 45833
Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Half Dimes,
Nickels, Three Cent Pieces, Two Cent Pieces,
DIRECTIONS: (567) 765-1500
Cents, Large Cents, Half Cents and all others. SHOW INFO: (217) 787-7767
All denominations made before 1934.
Including $20, $10, $5, $4, $3, $2.5,
Recent Finds:
$1, Private Gold, Gold Bars, etc.
Kruggerands, Canadian Maple Leafs,
Pandas, Gold Bars, U.S. Eagles and 1893
Buffalos, etc.
Morgan EVENTS!

GOLD PAID $1,800


Gold Dollar
Broken and unused jewelry, dental gold. Dime
PAID $8,500
Diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, loose
diamonds, all gem stones, etc.
Anything made of platinum. Washington
$10 Gold
SILVER Quarter
Flatware, tea sets, goblets, jewelry, etc. and PAID $14,000
PAID $250
anything marked sterling.