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Magnus – Fraen Partnership

Since its inception in 2000, Fraen Srl has defined the concept of MAXIMIZING LIGHT! and is committed to developing
high-quality, innovative and technologically advanced optical solutions to satisfy customer requirements.

Based on its rich knowledge of optical systems, Fraen Srl has developed automotive lighted instrumentation pointers,
fiber optic couplers, light pipes, high-efficacy TIR collimators, etc and has become the industry benchmark for the top
quality optical solutions for high-powered LEDs.

Magnus has a significant presence in the healthcare & education sectors in the Indian market and its microscopes have
been the preferred choice for a number of World Bank funded projects. Since 1995, more than 15,000 Magnus
microscopes have been supplied to important World Bank public health programs.

Guided by Japanese production methods and manufactured in a TUV-certified ISO 9001 : 2000 facility, Magnus
microscopes are today recognized for their precision engineering and high-performance optics. The core team at Magnus
has been specially trained in Japan & Germany by experts from leading optical engineering companies in the world.

The Magnus-Fraen partnership strives to combine the optical design and manufacturing strengths to produce high
precision and cost competitive products to serve the education and healthcare markets all over the world.

MicroLED Specifications
LED Cassettes Excitation
Lifetime : >30,000 hrs
Royal Blue 450nm
LED Power : Typically 3W, depending on LED type Blue 480nm
Green 535nm
Excitation : See table

Modules available : Clamp-on modules available for the following microscopes:

• Magnus Icon • Magnus MLXi • Olympus CX21 • Olympus CX31

Emission filters : 2 or 3 positions sliding filter carrier depending on the excitation spectra

Mirror : Enhanced AI + SiO coating

AC adaptor : Input Voltage 220/110V AC

Output Voltage - 7.5V DC / 12V DC
Power - Max. 15 - 18W

Battery Pack : Rechargeable NiMH battery pack for Fluorescence module

Intensity Control : Fluorescence illumination intensity control through variable potentiometer

Digital Cameras : Choice of Digital SLR camera or USB/Firewire camera.

(Requires Trinocular Head and adapter as per microscope model)

Magnus Analytics
A-5, Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110 044, India.
Tel.: +91 11 3088 6764 / 66 • Fax: +91 11 2695 9382, E-mail: • Website:

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Overview Tuberculosis Application • With the use of a dry 40x objective, there is no
Magnus Analytics and Fraen Corporation, Italy Transmitted light microscopy on sputum samples is need for using oil resulting in overall savings as
bring you an intergrated optical solution for the most widely used method to diagnose pulmonary well as lesser microscope maintenance issues
fluorescence microscopy consisting of a unique, tuberculosis. However, this method is complex and associated with the use of immersion oil.
proprietary illumination system with has low sensitivity compared to culture, while the
• The fluorescence method achieves higher
high power solid-state (LED) sources more-sensitive fluorescence microscopy method is a
sensitivity than the ZN method making detection
to replace the mercury and xenon far more reliable and effective diagnostic tool.
of TB pathogens easier.
arc-lamps found in traditional epi
Till now, the fluorescence method has not found
fluorescence microscopy.
favour in public health programmes, due to the high Key Benefits
This approach allows significant initial investment required for a fluorescence The MicroLED has been developed to provide
increase of performance and light microscope. But now, with MicroLED, fluorescence equivalent performance and capability delivered in
source lifetime, reduction of initial costs and microscopy can be employed on small microscopes standard fluorescence microscopy equipment, but
operating costs, reduction of maintenance and at an affordable price. with a series of enhancements designed to make the
less heat production. technology accessible to more users, easier to
Advantages of Fluorescence Microscopy operate and maintain, and significantly smaller to
The module is designed to attach to a number
over ZN staining make it portable. Some of the key advantages offered
of standard bright field microscope and
• Observation at low magnification provides high by this technology are as under :
fluorescence microscopy can be done by
throughput – Due to the use of 40x magnification
simply inserting a mirror in the light path.
in fluorescence instead of 100x, the user can view • The LED modules are light sources emitting an
Bright field microscopy is not affected a much larger field and thus make the process of extremely efficient spectrum only in the desired
since the halogen white light function diagnosis faster. bandwidth, thus ensuring a very good signal-to-
remains intact. Magnus MicroLED LED noise ratio.
• The output of the Royal Blue LED (455nm) used
fluorescence modules are available for the
for tuberculosis applications provides a perfect • Light source lifetime: typically 30,000 hrs, thus
Olympus CX series and the Magnus Icon as
match for the excitation peak of the Auromine O allowing many years of operation and cost savings.
well as MLXi microscopes.
Dye, resulting in a high contrast image with
• No warm-up time required for the light source.
The standard fluorescence module is available excellent Signal-to-Noise ratio
with 480nm (blue) module. Other options • No need of any special alignment procedure.
include the 455nm (deep Blue) and the 535nm
• Variable light control allows adjustment of
(green) LED cassettes.
0.8 illumination intensity to reduce photobleaching

Relative intensity
0.6 • Allows transmitted light observation without
removing the fluorescence module
• Choice of Blue, Royal Blue and Green LED
0.2 cassettes
• Battery pack option for field operation.
350 400 450 500 550 600 650

Auromine-O Excitation Royal Blue LED

Auromine O Emission

The mycobacteria Single Colour Excitation

appear as bright Muscle, Alexa Fluor 546.
MicroLED attachment on a Magnus MLXi microscope. The Digital
luminous rods on
SLR camera with appropriate adapter mounted on a Trinocular head a dark background.
provides high resolution images for archival and sharing. Options are
available to attach other cameras for live image view on a laptop

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