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General Aim of the Investigation
General aim is to provide such significant data with authentic facts and figures to
facilitate you with the actual prospective of PTCL privatization. Either IT IS positive or
not. What are the reasons behind the privatization as PTCL is one of the most profit
earning company. The company was growing very well so what happened that
government feels that it should be privatized.

Specific Objectives of the Research

Specific objective is to make you deal with such data which give you the appropriate
knowledge either the privatization of the PTCL was in favor of the economy it was a
conspiracy of the government of that time to help the USA in communication for
Afghanistan war.

i. The countries opting to privatize national telecom monopolies have different objectives.
Many countries have resorted to privatization as part of the reforms of telecom sector
(Europe, USA, and Japan).
ii. Some countries have turned to the sale of incumbent company as a means of generating
iii. The sale could be part of the social agenda (Nicaragua).
iv. The present environment of telecommunications is characterized by global trends in
technology advancement and liberalization.
v. Global focus on developing countries has influenced the prospects of deregulation and
trade liberalization in the telecommunications sector.
vi. Consequently, leading edge communications services will have to be offered if they have
to stay abreast of their competitors.

Importance of the Research

It is the data which makes you deal with such facts and figures that will provide you not just
the company’s prospective and the reasons that strikes the facts of privatization of PTCL of
that time government it is as well employee based, consumer based and to facilitate the
researcher to find what was the conspiracy behind privatization of PTCL.

Significant Prior Research

Unfortunately, PTCL had big financial scandal in Pakistan– this is about privatization of
PTCL. Now the scandal reported in the papers claims that PTCL was worth a lot more.
PTCL no doubt is one of the strongest corporate enterprises not only in Pakistan but also
in the continent known as Asia. It has devastating effect on the Pakistan’s Telecom
market, Economy and Pakistan’s political stability. The business schools around the
world surely have another good case study. Being state owned enterprise, it was
Government’s critical responsibility to measure the scope and feasibility of privatization.
PTCL was and is one of the oldest & strongest corporate enterprises and revenue
contributor in Pakistan. The key objective of any business entity is to earn profit

The biggest financial scam in Pakistan history

(Published by Atif Tahir on September 4, 2007)

Pakistan Telecommunication Co Ltd (PTCL) on Friday reported a 24.7 percent fall in net profit
for 2006-07 financial year, as rising competition led to a decline in revenues from call traffic.
Sources: Reuters and other news sources.

PTCL Announces Financial Results, Net Down By 25%

Published by Babar Bhatti on September 14, 2007 11:48 am


This post examines the challenges faced by PTCL and its future prospects. As we
know the Etisalat owned PTCL has been engaged in battles with new competitors and
regulatory body (PTA) on one hand and faces internal organizational issues on the other.
Its profits have been sliding. Notwithstanding the grand claims by its executives,
Will PTCL be able to reverse the trend and prove to be a good investment?
PTCL - Performance Review & Recommendations Published by Babar on April 29, 2007


PTCL is all set to redefine the established boundaries of the telecommunication market
and is shifting the productivity frontier to new heights. Today, for millions of people, we
demand instant access to new products and ideas. More importantly we want them for
their better living standards with increased values in this ever-shrinking globe of ours.
We are setting free the spirit of innovation.
PTCL is going to be your first choice in the future as well, just as it has been over the
past six decades.


Possible Research Approach

First of all the data was taken from the foreign critics. As well through the employee
based and consumer based conducted questionnaire and the joint source internet and
news papers cuttings are attached.

Preparing a Time Budget

Get information of privatization from internet 1st week
Get information of PTCL privatization from internet 2nd week
Prepare synopsis for research 3rd week
Prepare questionnaire on the basis of data 4th week
Conduct interviews on the basis of questionnaire 5th week
Data analysis 6th week
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