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CitizenLink® by Catherine O.


ll across the media spec-
trum, whether it be on
the TV, the Internet or in
print, one thing is clear:
There is a growing hostility toward
conservative values — especially
those predicated on faith.
There are three main reasons for
this overt shift: the collapse of tradi-
tional journalism; the donor-driven
transformation of the liberal move-
ment; and the current administra-
tion’s quest for complete informa-
tion control.
This trend should be a cause of
concern for every American. Histo-
ry has proven repeatedly that who-
ever controls the message, controls

Media Disinformation
Since the late 1960s, journalism
has increasingly embraced liberal
secularism. Today, nearly all of the
journalism schools have deemed
superfluous segments of the 1909
Journalist’s Creed (see page 19),
which states, “I believe that the
journalism which succeeds the best
— and best deserves success —
fears God and honors man.”
It should be no surprise then
that liberal elites have dominated
mainstream and publicly funded
news for years. However, over the
past decade, the flourishing Inter-
net, and the success of cable TV and
conservative talk radio, resulted in
George Soros has refined his “blueprint” for instigating revolutionary “change” around the globe,
and he appears to be trying it in the U.S.: Form a shadow government, control the airwaves, bleed the demise of primary liberal media
the state dry, sow unrest, provoke an election crisis, take to the Streets, and, above all, outlast your channels.
After the 2004 elections, when

Media Manipulation the liberal Left failed to win — again

— the highest office in the land,
frustrated liberal donors realized

Matters that to win elections, they needed

to win the messaging war. Liberal
billionaire George Soros, whose
Liberals are gaining a frightening grip on sinister “regime change” make-
over handiwork is seen across the
the flow of information — and our freedoms. globe, told The Washington Post,
This is the first in a two-part series looking at the media’s impact on public policy “America, under (President George
and public discourse. W.) Bush, is a danger to the world.

April 2011 Mike Clarke / AFP / Getty Images 17

when it “strays from liberal ortho-
The Preservation of Civil Discourse doxy.” Media Matters did not disap-
point. The blog relentlessly attacks
by Chuck Colson uals to harm. … So it sought to conservative politicians, commenta-
shut down one side of a critically tors and media outlets, in order to

F ree speech and information

are enemies of tyranny. …
Not just tyrannical governments
important moral debate. Could
other corporations — Google?
Microsoft? — follow suit? What
silence debate — even if that means
manufacturing information or dis-
torting the truth.
seek to control the flow of infor- would be the ramifications for When Americans pushed back
mation. Seemingly non-political, free speech and discourse? against the government’s reckless
benign corporations can play a If there’s an object lesson spending, takeovers and bailouts,
major role in the flow of informa- about what we’ve been seeing in the Soros machine turned its sights
tion these days. Take Apple, for the Middle East, or in China, or on them. MSNBC, CBS and CNN
instance. How many millions (of Iran, or in corporate boardrooms echoed without fail the Left’s false-
people) use iPhones and iPads to it is that every Christian — ev- hoods about Tea Party participants.
gather and disseminate informa- ery citizen — should be working Direct attacks on social conserva-
tion? That is why Apple’s deci- diligently to preserve free dissent tives have also grown exponentially,
sion to ban the Manhattan Dec- and free civil discourse. They are due in large part to their opposition
laration from its iTunes store was the key to the preservation of all to the administration’s war on life,
so egregious. our freedoms. l marriage and religious liberties. To
The Manhattan Declaration shield the administration’s actions,
stands for traditional marriage be- Transcript of Chuck Colson’s the far Left, aided by the media,
tween one man and one woman. “Two-Minute Warning.” Colson hurled accusations of extremism,
Because of that, Apple arbitrarily is founder of The Chuck Colson racism and homophobia. Yet, con-
decides that it exposed homosex- Center for Christian Worldview. servatives held their ground and
their principles — and continued to
And I’m willing to put my money data and “research” to underscore press forward.
where my mouth is. … These aren’t their far-Left agenda. Moreover, the The Washington Examiner’s Mark
normal times. The ends justify every mainstream media — already reel- Tapscott wrote on April 11, “Re-
legal means possible.” ing from buyouts, mergers and lay- call ‘Crash the Tea Party,’ an effort
At the prompting of Soros, do- offs — became willing accomplices exposed earlier this year, designed
nors heeded the advice of Rob Stein, and a reliable echo chamber. to portray the Tea Party as racists
a veteran of the Clinton administra- and reactionary throwbacks. Tea
tion. Stein recommended that do- Media Mauling Party hating liberals couldn’t sell
nors radically depart from the status Not leaving anything to chance, the transparently nonsensical idea
quo and build their own ideological several liberal groups, including that Tea Partiers are just a bunch of
movement — also referred to as a and the Center for racists, homophobes and morons,
“Shadow Party” — forcing politi- American Progress, created Media so the Crash the Party agents on the
cians to follow their directives, not Matters for America in 2004 to go Left are infiltrating the Tea Party, in
vice versa. on the offensive and attack the press order to pose as a bunch of racists,
According to the 2008 article “In-
side the Disinformation Machine”
by the Capital Research Center
(CRC), donors co-founded the De-
mocracy Alliance, “an ultra-secre-
tive billionaire’s club that wants to
transform America into a European-
style socialist state.”
In addition to building a new
political infrastructure, donors also
fundamentally transformed media.
Their secret? They invested in an
elaborate maze of nonprofits, think
The Soros-funded Media Matters goes on the attack against Glenn Beck and his guest, Lila Rose,
tanks and activist networks to help president of Live Action Films. Rose exposed in over a dozen undercover films Planned Parent-
manufacture messaging, polling hood’s apparent complicity in the rape and trafficking of minors.

18 Citizen
homophobes and morons.”
In another vain attempt to under-
cut the conservative movement’s ef- The Journalist’s Creed
fectiveness, Soros launched Teapar- I believe in the profession of standard of helpful truth and two months before the Journalism. cleanness should prevail for all;
2010 elections. According to the I believe that the public jour- that supreme test of good jour-
site, its mission was to search out nal is a public trust; that all con- nalism is the measure of its pub-
“racism and other forms of extrem- nected with it are, to the full mea- lic service.
ism” within the Tea Party move- sure of responsibility, trustees for I believe that the journalism
ment. “We call on the Tea Party to the public; that all acceptance of which succeeds the best-and best
repudiate extremists among their lesser service than the public ser- deserves success-fears God and
ranks and join in civil dialogue vice is a betrayal of this trust. honors man; is stoutly indepen-
with all Americans.” I believe that clear thinking, dent; unmoved by pride of opin-
Election results were a clear indi- clear statement, accuracy and ion or greed of power; construc-
cation that the far-Left’s Orwellian fairness are fundamental to good tive, tolerant but never careless,
Newspeak failed to hinder the con- journalism. self-controlled, patient, always
servative tsunami. I believe that a journalist respectful of its readers but al-
should write only what he holds ways unafraid, is quickly indig-
Targeting the Saints in his heart to be true. nant at injustice; is unswayed by
The Media Research Center (MRC), I believe that suppression of the appeal of the privilege or the
the largest media watchdog in the the news, for any consideration clamor of the mob; seeks to give
country, tracks and exposes the other than the welfare of society, every man a chance, and as far as
media’s liberal bias. David Martin, is indefensible. law, an honest wage and recogni-
executive director of MRC, recently I believe that no one should tion of human brotherhood can
wrote, “This is not journalism. This write as a journalist what he make it so, an equal chance; is
is propaganda and brainwashing. ... would not say as a gentleman; profoundly patriotic while sin-
We are being misled by an Obama- that bribery by one’s own pocket cerely promoting international
controlled liberal media, and unless book is as much to be avoided good will and cementing world-
this unholy alliance is exposed and as bribery by the pocketbook of comradeship, is a journalism
broken, it will bankrupt our nation another; that individual respon- of humanity, of and for today’s
both fiscally and morally.” When sibility may not be escaped by world. l
reflecting back on 2010, L. Brent pleading another’s instructions
Bozell III, president and founder of or another’s dividends. Walter Williams penned these codes
MRC, wrote, “There is some very I believe that advertising, of ethics in 1906, after founding
dangerous — as in red-hot incendi- news and editorial columns the Missouri School of Journalism,
ary — hatred going on, and it’s be- should alike serve the best in- now considered to be one of the best
ing advanced by the national news terests of readers; that a single schools in the world.
media directly.”
Bozell recounted taxpayer-fund- day in this country.’ ed officials, for calling people
ed PBS talk show host Tavis Smi- “Jaws dropped. Ali couldn’t ‘nigger’ as they walk into Capi-
ley’s jaw-dropping defamation of believe her ears: ‘Do they blow tol Hill, for spitting on people.’
Christians (partial transcript): people up every day?’ “What, oh what is the U.S.
“Read very carefully Smiley’s Congress doing underwriting
“On May 25, (Smiley) was in- response: ‘Yes. Oh, Christians, this radical leftist dishonesty
terviewing author Ayaan Hirsi every day, people walk into post with taxpayer money?”
Ali, a bold critic of radical Mus- offices, they walk into schools
lims — at the risk of a fatwa that’s what Columbine is — I According to the Culture and Me-
against her own life since 2004. could do this all day long.’ dia Institute, William K. Wolfrum,
Ali said jihadists ‘got into their “Smiley wasn’t done. Next he a liberal writer for Alan Colmes’
minds that to kill other people smeared the Tea Party move- “Liberaland” blog, called for tax-
is a great thing to do and that ment, repeating falsehoods as ing churches. Wolfrum opined, “If
they would be rewarded in the fact: ‘Here are folk in the Tea America is serious about reigning in
hereafter.’ Party, for example, every day its ballooning debt, taxing churches
“Smiley shot back: ‘But who are being recently arrested needs to be put on the table. God
Christians do that every single for making threats against elect- has gotten a free ride long enough

April 2011 19
Soros’ Media Network
amed by the Chronicle Trains and mentors young such organizations as: Media
of Philanthropy as the Left-wing journalists. Matters for America, Air America
most charitable donor of Radio, Global Exchange, Code
2010, liberal billionaire George Center for American Progress: Pink, Fairness and Accuracy
Soros gave a combined total of Leftist think tank headed by for- in Reporting, the Revolution-
$332 million to ultra-liberal or- mer Clinton chief of staff John Po- ary Communist Party, Mother
ganizations — all to undermine desta, works closely with Hillary Jones  magazine, and Pacifica Ra-
American values, freedoms and Clinton, and employs numerous dio.
sovereignty. former Clinton administration con- staffers. It is committed to “devel- Independent Media Center: This
tinues to assemble a growing list oping a long-term vision of a pro- Internet-based, news and events
of groups funded by Soros and his gressive America” and “providing bulletin board represents an
Open Society Institute. To under- a forum to generate new progres- invariably Leftist, anti-capital-
stand the magnitude of his media sive ideas and policy proposals.” ist perspective and serves as a
empire, here is a non-exhaustive mouthpiece for anti-globalization
list of groups impacting the in- Common Cause: Pursuing media and anti-America themes.
formation flow (Full descriptions reform resembling the Fairness
can be found at discoverthenetworks. Doctrine. Independent Media Institute:
org): IMI administers the SPIN Project
Democracy Now!: Appears on (Strategic Press Information Net-
Air America Radio: (now de- public TV to provide “perspec- work), which provides Leftist or-
funct) tives rarely heard in the U.S. cor- ganizations with “accessible and
porate-sponsored media,” i.e., the affordable strategic communica-
American Family Voices: This views of radical and foreign jour- tions consulting, training, coach-
innocuous-sounding group cre- nalists, Left and labor activists, ing, networking opportunities
ates and coordinates media cam- and ideological foes of capitalism. and concrete tools” to help them
paigns charging Republicans with “achieve their social justice goals.”
wrongdoing. Free Press: This “media reform”
organization has worked closely Institute for Public Accuracy:
The American Prospect, Inc.: with many notable Leftists and This anti-American, anti-capitalist,

in the United States, and it’s hurting Center (SPLC) officially listed these Klan because they are philosophi-
the one true religion in America – organizations as “hate groups.” cally opposed to same-sex marriage.
Capitalism.” Their crime? SPLC accused them That’s not hate: that’s diversity of
Since then, the Alliance Defense of spreading 10 “falsehoods” in the opinion, something the extremists
Fund, a Christian legal alliance de- debate over same-sex marriage. at SPLC can’t tolerate.”
fending religious liberty, sanctity of The media eagerly echoed the The SPLC is still pressuring ma-
life, marriage and the family, is now false charges, hoping to chill debate jor media outlets to not invite these
defending several churches across — and possibly sway some votes. organizations on their programs —
the country whose tax-exempt sta- In its January edition of Orga- or run their opinion pieces.
tuses are threatened. nization Trends, CRC noted: “The
The latest media assault targeted a paranoid conspiracy theorists of the Courage to Stand
dozen faith-based organizations for radical left-wing Southern Poverty When confronted with direct hostil-
their efforts to protect the sanctity Law Center (profiled in the Novem- ity, the normal instinct is to retreat.
of marriage and religious freedoms ber 2006 Organization Trends) have However, former Gov. Tim Pawlen-
by speaking out against homosexu- struck again. Now they’re labeling ty, R-Minn., cautioned Christians
al activists’ attempt to redefine cul- social conservative organizations against retreat — and he, like other
tural norms. Right before a critical as ‘hate groups.’ SPLC has absurd- conservatives dealing directly with
lame-duck session vote in Congress ly compared the National Orga- the hostile media, can speak from
on the controversial “Don’t Ask, nization for Marriage and Family experience.
Don’t Tell” policy and its underly- Research Council (and American During a Feb. 7 interview with
ing law, the Southern Poverty Law Family Association) to the Ku Klux Focus on the Family President Jim

20 Citizen
anti-Israel organization sponsored college and university campuses. the public trust by government,
actor Sean Penn’s celebrated visit business, and other institutions,
to Baghdad in 2002. New America Foundation: This using the moral force of investi-
organization uses policy papers, me- gative journalism to spur reform
Media Fund: Soros played a major dia articles, books and educational through the sustained spotlighting
role in creating this group, whose events to influence public opinion of wrongdoing.”
purpose was to conceptualize, on such topics like healthcare and
produce and place political ads on much more. The American Prospect, Inc.: A
TV, radio, print and the Internet. tax-exempt organization that effec-
Pacifica Foundation: Owns and tively owns and publishes the far-
Media Matters for America: This operates Pacifica Radio, awash Left magazine The American Prospect.
organization describes itself as a from its birth with the socialist-
“web-based, not-for-profit … pro- Marxist rhetoric of class warfare Think Progress: This Internet
gressive research and information and hatred for capitalism. blog claims to “push back, daily,”
center” seeking to “systematically by its own account, against its
monitor a cross-section of print, Open Society Foundations: So- conservative targets, and seeks to
broadcast, cable, radio, and Inter- ros recently donated $1.8 million transform “progressive ideas into
net media outlets for conservative to NPR after the firing of host Juan policy through rapid response
misinformation.” William last October, to hire 100 communications, legislative ac-
“political reporters” across the tion, grassroots organizing and
The Nation Institute: Sponsors country.” The New York Times re- advocacy and partnerships with
Leftist conferences, fellowships, ported, “…journalists would not other progressive leaders through-
awards for radical activists and be part of typical statehouse cov- out the country and the world.”
journalism internships. erage, but instead would work on
enterprise journalism that looks at Thunder Road Group: This So-
National Public Radio: Founded how state government decisions ros-created political consultancy
in 1970, with 90 public radio sta- play out over years and extend be- coordinates strategy for the Media
tions as charter members, NPR yond a single state’s borders.” Fund, America Coming Together,
is today a loose network of more and America Votes. l
than 750 U.S. radio stations across Pro Publica: Claims to “expose
the country, primarily based on abuses of power and betrayals of Source:

Daly, Pawlenty discussed the Left’s that. I think we have to reach out in is something God expects from all
tactics of exploiting tragedies to effective ways, (as well as) push back of us.”
attack conservatives. When the and be involved. This is a contest. In Students of the Bible will recall
Minnesota Bridge fell in 2007, he some ways, this is a battle; not just a Paul’s second letter to the Corinthi-
recalled, “It felt like being mauled political battle, but a battle on other ans, where he shared how he han-
without any referee to step in and dled hardships, insults and intense
stop it.” persecution:
In his book, Courage to Stand, “Three times I pleaded with the
Pawlenty said of the far-Left, “Once Lord to take it away from me. But he
terrible assertions are made, truth said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for
and logic too often lose out to per- levels, as well. We are going to have you, for my power is made perfect
ception, politics and an avoidance to effectively join the battle.” in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast
of journalistic rigor.” Yet Pawlenty In his book, he wrote, “I found all the more gladly about my weak-
credits his faith for sustaining him myself reflecting on Joshua 1:9, nesses, so that Christ’s power may
during times of difficulty. which says, ‘Have I not commanded rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s
“It’s tempting to want to just you? Be strong and courageous. Do sake, I delight in weaknesses, in in-
shrink, become smaller and go not be terrified; do not be discour- sults, in hardships, in persecutions,
home and do our Bible study and aged, for the Lord your God will be in difficulties. For when I am weak,
hang out with like-minded people, with you wherever you go.’ That then I am strong.” (12:8-10) l
but I think we’re doing a disservice passage was a source of inspira-
to our faith and our cause by doing tion and peace. Courage, it seems, Paid for by CitizenLink®

April 2011 21
A Tea Party supporter from Waterbury, Conn., holds up a sign during a Tea Party Express rally on Nov. 1, 2010.

Media Manipulation —
at Taxpayers’ Expense
The Left is eyeing more than just U.S. wallets in its quest for
media dominance.
by Dan Gainor Their plan for the future can be ers went from using the huge com-
and Catherine Snow summed up in two words: Big Gov- puter systems seen in All the Presi-
ernment. dent’s Men to the Internet. The local
This is the second in a two-part series news monopolies were gone in a
looking at the media’s impact on pub- Media’s ‘Converging’ flash.
lic policy and public discourse. Landscape Tech experts have pushed to-

Computers that first revolutionized ward “convergence,” the idea that
he incredible growth of the newsroom soon complicated it. all media technologies — phone,
technology has birthed For more than a decade, media out- Internet, newspaper, TV and more
thriving social media lets have tried to figure out the fu- — will merge into one platform.
platforms, transformed ture of their industry. While news But what does that mean for print
modes of communication and un- outlets fight to remain viable, they outlets suddenly creating video
shackled Americans from years of compete with a growing number of or TV networks suddenly writing
liberal news domination. Liberal competitors, ranging from bloggers stories that compete with The New
elites, however, are quickly gaining to new technologies, including so- York Times?
ground in their attempt to put the cial media, user-generated content Well, Newsweek opted to sell
“genie back in the bottle” when it and the iPad. out — rather than close out — and
comes to controlling the media. In just a few short years, report- merged with the liberal website

6 win mcnamee / getty images Citizen

Daily Beast. The New York Times cut bate about the future of media. An he wants government to pay for it.
a deal with liberal pollster Nate Sil- increasing number of liberal media But his commentary was only a
ver to run a political blog. MSNBC experts want government to sort it hint at his disturbing agenda for the
became not only openly liberal, out. news. His book Uninhibited, Robust,
but overtly pro-Democrat. And the In their ideal world, government and Wide-Open: A Free Press for a
prominent liberal blog Huffington controls the Internet. And the me- New Century is far more alarming.
Post was bought out for $315 mil- dia that provide the news are either It is a treatise on how government
lion and merged into the AOL uni- run by Uncle Sam or funded by him should control media. The book
verse, leaving one-time-conserva- for at least $35 billion a year. In re- calls for the resurrection of the so-
tive-turned-ardent-liberal Arianna ality, this plan leaves the taxpayer called Fairness Doctrine, a 1949
Huffington in charge. footing the bill — while drastically federal communications policy that
Yet, for now, the Internet remains eroding freedoms, as content be- proved to stifle rather than promote
the “great equalizer” when it comes comes scrutinized and filtered by free speech and was overturned by
to getting balanced news coverage. taxpayer-funded bureaucrats. President Reagan in 1987.
Columbia University President Sadly, Bollinger is not alone in
Leveled Playing Field — Lee Bollinger’s July 14 commentary these desires.
For Now
Sites like (an affili- “A national fund for Not-So-Free Press
ate of Focus on the Family), Drudge Since 2008, both houses of Con-, Glenn Beck’s The local news should be gress, the Federal Communications and Andrew Breitbart’s created with fees the Commission (FCC) and the Federal
series of “Big” sites — Big Journal- Trade Commission (FTC) have all
ism and Big Hollywood — offer FCC collects from held hearings or workshops about
alternative story lines. And groups or could impose the future of journalism.
like the Media Research Center and Speaking in front of a 2009 event
Accuracy in Media track the liberal on telecom users, to push the Left-wing media agen-
media’s coverage and point out the broadcast licensees da, FCC Commissioner Michael
errors, the hype and the bias. J. Copps talked about increasing
Over the past few years, liberal or Internet service government funds for news. Copps
advocacy has become the norm as providers.” told a summit held by the George
Left-wing donors fund new “me- Soros-funded and socialist-operat-
dia” nonprofits. Operations like ed Free Press: “We’ll need ways to are replacing local Len Downie, former executive editor address market failures in different
journalism with a liberal spin. Pro- of The Washington Post and current ways. For example, should we find
Publica, which recently won a Pulit- vice president of the Free Press. a way adequately to fund PBS or
zer Prize, is funded by the Sandler some other group that is actually
Foundation, which advocates for in The Wall Street Journal was a clas- interested in doing the job? Maybe
“progressive” causes and throws sic example of how journalism has PBSS — a Public Broadcasting Sys-
$10 million a year at the operation. become compromised. Bollinger, tem on Steroids.”
Conservative websites, on the who heads up a college with one Len Downie, the former execu-
other hand, lack the resources and of the most well-known journalism tive editor of The Washington Post
staff of groups like ProPublica — schools in the country, called for and now a vice president of Free
and come nowhere near the finan- federal media funding, in a piece Press, is one of the leading voices
cial influence that the Huffington with the ominous headline: “Jour- for a news bailout. An October
Post has been able to employ. nalism Needs Government Help.” 2009 report he co-authored about
And even while conservatives That should terrify old-school con- the future of the news industry of-
continue to engage in the bias war, servatives who remember Ronald fered government aid as one of its
a new, more ominous and very real Reagan’s warning that the “10 most solutions. “A national fund for lo-
battlefront has emerged — govern- dangerous words in the English cal news should be created with
ment control. language are ‘Hi, I’m from the gov- fees the Federal Communications
ernment and I’m here to help.’ ” Commission (FCC) collects from
Taxpayer-Funded Bollinger advocates for the cre- or could impose on telecom us-
Internet Takeover ation of an “American World Ser- ers, broadcast licensees or Internet
At the highest levels of the news vice that can compete with the BBC service providers,” he wrote in an
business, there has been great de- and other global broadcasters.” And opinion piece that ran in The Post.

May 2011 7
Note that Downie was pushing for ProPublica, American Public Media fight spending-cut battles creative-
the FCC to get involved in journal- and, of course, Free Press. ly, while trying to reinstate many
ism. He might just get his wish. The result? Aspen and the Knight of the freedoms and protections
Some of the regular faces at these Commission, a panel of 17 me- stripped away over the past two
events belong to Free Press. One of dia, policy and community lead- years. As expected, the Left is work-
the founders is Robert McChesney, ers, came out with a report that ing overtime to thwart their efforts
a strident and self-proclaimed recommended increased “support and advances.
Marxist who wants to “save” jour- for public service media aimed at
nalism. He said, “There is no real meeting community information The Fight for
answer but to remove brick by brick needs” and made the push for “na- (Gospel) Freedom
the capitalist system itself, rebuild- Bias and funding battles serve only
ing the entire society on socialist as the backdrop to one of the larg-
principles,” and “We need to do “We need to do est, yet scantly covered, congressio-
whatever we can to limit capitalist nal battles. “Net neutrality” — also
propaganda, regulate it, minimalize whatever we can to limit known as the Fairness Doctrine for
it and perhaps even eliminate it.” the Internet — could give the big-
McChesney now wants an an- capitalist propaganda, government liberals the dominance
nual news bailout of $35 billion. regulate it, minimalize they’ve been seeking.
Yet instead of being discredited for FCC Commissioner Meredith At-
that view, Free Press is right in the it and perhaps well Baker opined at a recent House
thick of things discussing the future communications and technology
of news. even eliminate it.” subcommittee on Net neutrality,
A 2009 journalism planning Robert McChesney, a strident
“We have two branches of govern-
session at the Aspen Institute was and self-proclaimed Marxist
ment — Congress and the courts
filled with top media and govern- and founder of the Free Press
— expressing grave concerns with
ment names like Marcus Brauchli, our agency becoming increasingly
executive editor of The Washington unmoored from our statutory au-
Post, and Jon Leibowitz, chairman tionwide broadband availability.” thority. By seeking to regulate the
of the FTC. They worked with big- Just the broadband cost alone — Internet now, we exceed the au-
name liberals and Left-wing organi- up to $350 billion — could push a thority Congress has given us, and
zations, including Craig Newmark, weak U.S. economy to the breaking justify those concerns.”
founder of Craigslist, former Clin- point. In December, the FCC rammed
ton Secretary of State Madeleine As the nation teeters on the verge through these regulations with
Albright, the Bill & Melinda Gates of bankruptcy, conservative poli- White House support. Phil Kerpen,
Foundation, NPR, Salon, Google, ticians on Capitol Hill having to vice president of Policy for Ameri-
cans for Prosperity, called the FCC
ruling a “regulatory coup d’état” that
would undermine the free market
use of the Internet, discourage in-
novation and make regulation com-
It also set the stage for even
more government regulation of
Internet delivery and content —
a threatening prospect for social
conservatives. Under the guise of
“non-discrimination,” the FCC
could potentially be given authori-
ty to forbid on a case-by-case basis
any practices and content deemed
“unjust” or “unreasonable.”
James L. Gattuso, senior research
AP President and CEO Tom Curley, left, appears on The Kalb Report with former President and CEO fellow in Regulatory Policy in the
of NPR Vivian Schiller, second from left, moderator Marvin Kalb, center, President and CEO of Knight
Foundation Alberto Ibargüen and CNN President Jon Klein, right, to discuss “Journalism in Crisis” on
Thomas A. Rose Institute for Eco-
March 24, 2009, at the National Press Club in Washington. nomic Policy Studies at The Heri-

8 ap / wide world photos Citizen

From left to right, Marissa Mayer, vice president of Google Inc.’s search products and user experience, Steve Coll, former managing editor of The Washington
Post, Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, Alberto Ibarguen, president and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foun-
dation, James M. Moroney, publisher and CEO of the Dallas Morning News, testify on the future of journalism before the Senate Committee on Commerce,
Science and Transportation on May 6, 2009.

tage Foundation, says the Net neu- project is named after John Milton, a battle no less momentous than
trality vote is an early test for this the 17th century poet (Paradise the struggle over the freedom of
Congress. Lost) and apologist for Christian the printing press. In his defense
“The FCC’s Net neutrality vote ideals. Milton made history’s first of freedom of access to the me-
in many ways represents exactly and most notable moral argument dia technology of his day, Milton
the sort of regulatory overreach and against England’s tyrannical restric- wrote that he ‘who kills a man kills
disregard for legal norms that vot- tion in 1643 on the freedom of a reasonable creature, God’s image;
ers rejected so forcefully last No- but he who destroys a good book
vember,” he said. “The FCC’s Net [through tyrannical, regulatory
On March 9, a House panel vot- censorship], kills reason itself, kills
ed to void the regulation. Conserva- neutrality vote in many the image of God, as it were in the
tives only control one chamber in ways represents exactly eye.’ Our prayer and our mission
Congress, which makes it unlikely is that every eye, and every ear,
the GOP will be able to stop the the sort of regulatory through every form of electronic
FCC for now. Numerous social and overreach and disregard and digital media, will have access
economic conservative groups are to the Word of God. As long as that
also engaged in the battle to pro-
for legal norms that voters happens, men and women, as well
tect free speech — from filing legal rejected so forcefully as boys and girls, will be able to
challenges to galvanizing the grass- last November.” fully and freely confront the revo-
roots to contacting Congress. lutionary, life-changing claims of
Craig Parshall, general counsel James L. Gattuso, senior research Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the
for the National Religious Broad- fellow in Regulatory Policy at Word made flesh.” l
casters (NRB), wrote about a cre- The Heritage Foundation
ative project that it has recently Dan Gainor is vice president for Busi-
launched: the printing press. The Gutenberg ness and Culture for the Media Re-
“NRB, through its General Coun- printing press changed the world, search Center.
sel’s Office, has commenced a proj- not merely because it ushered in a
ect that will monitor the threats of new method of distributing infor- FOR MORE INFORMATION
anti-Christian censorship on new mation, but because it made the Learn more about the conservative
media platforms, as a result of de- printed Bible universally available media alternatives mentioned above
cisions and practices in both the and accessible. (not exhaustive):;
private sector, and those made in “Here at NRB, we intend to;;
the public, governmental sector. fight for the freedom of Christian; BigJournalism.
We will be releasing periodic re- communicators to communicate com; (Media Research
ports on what we see, and what we the Gospel of Christ on every me- Center Network); and
think should be done about it. The dia platform known to man. It is (Accuracy in Media).

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