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Stereotypical publication

«Qazaq university»
UDC 811.111(075.8)
LBC 81.2 Англ-923
B 97
Recommended for publication by the Academic Council of the Faculty
of Philology and world languages and al-Farabi KazNU RISO
(protocol №3 dated 17 May 2016)
doctor of philology U.E. Musabekova
associate professor Z. Badanbekkyzy
associate professor G.B. Khoshaeva
Compiled by:
associate professor B.N. Akshalova
senior teacher Z.A. Tleugabylova

В 97 Business English Tests / соmp. B.N. Akshalova, Z.A. Tleuga-

bylova. – Ster. pub. – Almaty: Qazaq university, 2020. – 124 p.
ISBN 978-601-04-1938-4
This collection is a set of lexical and grammatical test, compiled according to a
drawn up model and work programs on the basis of authentic material for students of
economic specialties.
The main objective of this test collection is to provide students with practical
material for self-training test form to the final control. Tests include grammar, which
covers almost all the areas of grammar and lexical material on the main themes of
Market Leader textbooks (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate levels).
The tests are made according to European standards of education in the form of
multiple choice. Each test task has 5 possible answers. Keys to all test tasks are given at
the end of the collection.
The collection is published in author's edition.
Настоящий сборник представляет собой комплекс лексико-грамматических
тестов, составленных согласно типовой и рабочей программ на основе аутентич-
ного материала для студентов экономических специальностей.
Основная задача данного пособия предоставить студентам практический ма-
териал для самостоятельной подготовки к тестовой форме итогового контроля.
Тестовые задания содержат грамматический материал, который охватывает прак-
тически все разделы грамматики, а также лексический материал по основным темам
учебников Market Leader (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate).
Тесты составлены в соответствии с европейскими стандартами обучения в форме
множественного выбора (multiple choice). Каждое тестовое задание имеет 5 вариан-
тов ответов. Ключи ко всем тестовым заданиям даны в конце сборника.
Сборник издается в авторской редакции.
UDC 811.111(075.8)
LBC 81.2 Англ-923
© Cоmp. B.N. Akshalova, Z.A. Tleugabylova, 2020
ISBN 978-601-04-1938-4 © Al-Farabi KazNU, 2020



1. My pen friend is from the United States. He is ….

A. Brazilian
B. Irish
C. Polish
D. American
E. Italian

2. Where is … ? – It is in America.
A. Italy
B. Germany
C. Argentina
D. Russia
E. Spain

3. Where are you from? – I am from … .

A. England
B. Polish
C. American
D. Chinese
E. Spanish

4. He speaks Japanese. He is from … .

A. Almaty
B. Moscow
C. Japan
D. Italy
E. Spain

5. Shanghai is a … city.
A. German
B. Japanese
C. English
D. Chinese
E. Indian

6. This food is very….

A. delicious
B. pretty
C. well
D. large
E. fine

7. I have had considerable … experience.

A. management
B. managerial
C. manager
D. manage
E. managing

8. Roderick Salmon went to university in 1973, where he studied

A. economics
B. economy
C. economic
D. economical
E. economically

9. He is … in his family.
A. young
B. younger
C. the youngest
D. more young
E. the most young

10. My father is very busy. He gets up at 7 o'clock in the … .

A. morning
B. afternoon
C. evening
D. night
E. day time

11. It is very … to study well.

A. bad
B. nice
C. fine
D. pretty
E. important

12. The only … is that joint ventures have a foreign shareholder.

A. difference
B. different
C. differ
D. differently
E. differed

13. Do you often … your friends?

A. help
B. speak
C. try
D. play
E. go

14. I like to … to music on Sunday evenings.

A. listen
B. read
C. speak
D. play
E. write

15. Once a year they have an Annual General Meeting which is

very … .
A. public
B. social
C. casual
D. formal
E. normal
16. Our computer … again this morning and I lost some
important files.
A. crashed
B. broke
C. spoilt
D. navigated
E. stopped

17. Can you … for my keys?

A. look
B. find
C. take
D. need
E. help

18. Who do you think is the …?

A. advertisement
B famous
C. creative
D. winner
E. instruction

19. How do you say 10,3%?

A. ten point three percent
B. ten oh three percent
C. one zero three percent
D. one and three percent
E. ten and three percent

20. People …the newspaper everywhere.

A. read
B. do
C. speak
D. break
E. write

21. Which is the smallest number?

A. 10,350,860
B. 1,6 billion
C. 103,000,100
D. 10,000,000
E. 108,000

22. What is your …? – I’m a chief accountant.

A. social status
B. family name
C. job title
D. first name
E. business position

23. Which number is the same as seven thousand nine hundred

and forty-two?
A. 7,442
B. 7,942
C. 7,000,942
D. 7,000,042
E. 7,042

24. Which number is the same as nine point three?

A. 9.3
B. 9.0.3
C. 9.5
D. 9/3
E. 3/9

25. 8,780,000 is the same as

A. eight billion seven hundred and eighty million.
B. eight million seven hundred and eighty thousand.
C. eight hundred and seventy-eight thousand.
D. eight billion seven thousand and eighty million.
E. eight thousand and seventy-eight million.

26. Which words are the same as € 410?

A. four one zero euro
B. euro four ten
C. four hundred and ten euro
D. euro four hundred and ten
E. euro four one zero

27. 25% is the same as

A. 1/2
B. 1/4
C. 1/3
D. 1/10
E. 1/5

28. I always take my … on a business visit to have all my figures

with me.
A. laptop computer
B. business cards
C. briefcase
D. wallet
E. self-help books

29. Wants to reach the top in their career.

A. reliable
B. motivating.
C. ambitious
D. punctual
E. relaxed

30. Mary’s answer is … than yours.

A. correct
B. correcter
C. correctest
D. more correct
E. the most correct

31. In my present job I … a team of 25 people.

A. apply
B. increase
C. supply
D. lead
E. work
32. I get about 15 days’.... this year, I’m taking my family to
A. annual leave
B. flexible hours
C. casual Fridays
D. face to face
E. family names

33. McDonald's is the biggest fast food ... in America.

A. outlet
B. leaflet
C. customer
D. consumer
E. chain

34. Can you ... any good restaurant near here to have business
A. read
B. meet
C. wait
D. choose
E. recommend

35. I enjoy having … hours.

A. tall
B. little
C. flexible
D. stress
E. strong

36. We often speak on the phone, but we don’t often meet ....
A. annual leave
B. flexible hours
C. casual Fridays
D. face to face
E. family names first names

37. I usually ... my airline ticket on the Internet.

A. book
B. give
C. do
D. go
E. take

38. The food is vegetarian because Hindus do not eat … or eggs.

A. meat
B. tomato
C. pineapple
D. onion
E. cauliflower

39. The secretary is very … – she has a lot of work.

A. unusual
B. popular
C. busy
D. nice
E. easy

40. You should eat more … and vegetables to be healthy.

A. fruit
B. grapes
C. sweets
D. apples
E. juice

41. It's a ... that Coca Cola makes you feel thirsty – in fact it’s a lie.
A. story
B. myth
C. legend
D. dream
E. truth

42. … are my favourite fruit.

A. Pineapples
B. Carrots
C. Meat
D. Tomatoes
E. Potatoes
43. The Chinese and Japanese eat a lot of … .
A. strawberries
B. bananas
C. rice
D. steak
E. chips

44. How many … of tea do you drink a day?

A. cups
B. bottles
C. glasses
D. litres
E. plates

45. Sweets and chocolates contain a lot of … .

A. salt
B. vitamins
C. water
D. calories
E. oil

46. When we arrived home at night there wasn’t any … in the

A. food
B. oil
C. toys
D. litres
E. things

47. How much … do you eat? – None. I’m a vegetarian.

A. cheese
B. meat
C. pasta
D. dessert
E. sugar

48. Basic facilities and services of a country, for example water,

power, roads
A. infrastructure
B. commodities
C. assets
D. shops

49. A company sends goods by post from its warehouse

A. retail outlet
B.TV sales
C. Door-to-door sales
D. internet
E. mail order

50. A large shop with many departments or sections each

department sells a different type of goods
A. department store
B. number
C. household
D. advantages
E. entertainment

51. The … is the amount the goods cost

A. barcodes
B. price
C. internet
D. customer
E. computer

52. The … is used to protect goods and to present an image for

A. agent
B. goods
C. packaging
D. service
E. retail

53. A … is a firm which makes or produces goods

A. benefit
B. manufacturer
C. protection
D. hop
E. products

54. I’d like a bit of … from my boss occasionally

A. encouragement
B. competition
C. development
D. achievement
E. controlling

55. He’s always aggressive and …

A. encouraging
B. achieving
C. confrontational
D. collaborative
E. competitive

56. … is so good at the moment that we are planning about an

extra 200 staff.
A. business
B. film
C. job
D. company
E. firm

57. I film in the studios and outside on location. I’m a … .

A. sales representative
B. personal assistant
C. maid
D. camera operator
E. cab driver

58. Linda is in …, a department which deals with employing and

training people.
A. human resources
B. finance
C. marketing
D. production
E. sales

59. Meet Isabel. She is a computer … .

A. banker
B. operator
C. psychoanalyst
D. accountant
E. cashier

60. Phil Knight is the head of Nike, a famous sports and …

A. fitness
B. fashion
C. car
D. securities
E. beauty products

61. … for staff include a library, showers, a gym and a tennis

A. opportunities
B. fun
C. facilities
D. promotion
E. entertainment

62. Her job has a lot of … . She goes to a different country every
A. travel opportunities
B. long holidays
C. friendly colleagues
D. fast promotion
E. high salary

63. Once a month I travel on business to meet … .

A. people
B. boss
C. friends
D. customers
E. deadlines

64. Tom says … colleagues are more important than a high

A. serious
B. helpful
C. smart
D. rich
E. interesting

65. At his office Michael Dell … to customers and makes plans

for his firm.
A. talks
B. works
C. spends time
D. walks
E. has dinner

66. I usually work later and sometimes work at weekends. I don’t

enjoy … .
A. long breaks
B. having flexible hours
C. doing overtime
D. part-time work
E. free time

67. The flight was … by half an hour because of bad weather.

A. early
B. in time
C. arrived
D. missing
E. delayed

68. Nobody knows where the report is. It’s … .

A. lost
B. small
C. broken
D. late
5. hard

69. This machine is too … . It takes 9 minutes to make 10 copies.

A. cheap
B. slow
C. fast
D. old
E. dangerous

70. The new sales assistant got a … promotion in a year.

A. fast
B. high
C. low
D. easy
E. quick

71. This invoice is … . Can you send us a new one, please?

A. negative
B. long
C. incorrect
D. clear
E. early

72. This mobile phone is too … to fit my pocket.

A. narrow
B. small
C. heavy
D. big
E. light

73. There aren’t any instructions in the package. They … .

A. are missing
B. are engaged
C. are the wrong part
D. don’t work
E. are dirty

74. The trade show was great, but the speech at the beginning
was very … .
A. late
B. interesting
C. difficult
D. soft
E. boring

75. Can I use the phone, please? – Sorry, it’s for … only.
A. girls
B. boss
C. clients
D. friends

76. We’ll have to walk, I’m afraid. … .

A. All the flights are delayed
B. The lift is out of order..
C. The printer doesn’t work.
D. The instructions are missing.
E The air conditioning is broken.

77. There are a lot of changes and the staff are worried about …
their jobs.
A. losing
B. missing
C. finding
D. getting
E. having

78. The office is really … . There isn’t enough space for all the
A. empty
B. nice
C. crowded
D. hot
E. narrow

79. What do you like most about your …? – It’s interesting and
my colleagues are very helpful.
A. job
B. work
C. profession
D. company
E. staff

80. Where do you …? – At a bank.

A. do
B. work
C. rest
D. study
E. go

81. What can we do? There is a very long … at the ticket office.
A. queue
B. crowd
C. way
D. spacious room
E. car parking

82. All our representatives use … cars to visit clients.

A. cheap
B. luxury
C. personnel
D. company
E. boss’s

83. Is it a … with a good view of the sea?

A. room
B. platform
C. reception
D. terminal
E. office

84. She … a lot of business meetings.

A. takes part
B. attends
C. walks
D. goes
E. comes

85. We pay a lot of … for an office in the city centre.

A. rent
B. bonus
C. credit
D. bill
E. check

86. A piece of paper showing how much you have paid for
something is … .
A. costs
B. bill
C. receipt
D. tip
E. cash flow

87. … are good people to work with.

A. Staff
B. Team players
C. Business guests
D. Intelligent people
E .Friendly boss

88. Our staff can choose when they start and finish work – a
system called … .
A. flexible hours
B. do overtime
C. shift work
D. long holidays
E. full time

89. I don’t like to sit next to the window or between people on a

plane. I prefer … .
A. a single ticket

B. an aisle seat
C. non-smoking lounge
D. to take a taxi
E. to watch an in-flight movie

90. Have you got a suitcase to check in? – No, I’ve got only my … .
A. hand luggage
B. packing
C. reservation
D. food
E. ticket

91. You can fly from London to Sydney without changing planes.
It’s a direct … .
A. way
B. road
C. line
D. journey
E. flight

92. What … does the train leave from?

A. platform
B. railway
C. gate
D. terminal
E. stopover

93. The company is seeking for a person to … a large department

in oil industry.
A. rule
B. gain
C. manage
D. control
E. invest

94. The company invites a small number of the best … to an

A. guests
B. staff
C. employees
D. people
E. candidates

95. He … a flight to Tokyo.

A. brought
B. put
C. booked
D. flew
E. traveled

96. There is a Lufthansa … to Rome at 9.10 p.m.

A. flight
B. platform
C. train
D. airport minibus
E. bus

97. The price for a three-course … will be $40 per person,

including 10% service.
A. standard
B. meal
C. layer
D. menu
E. choice

98. There are two restaurants where you can … your business
A. entertain
B. find
C. book
D. confirm
E. have

99. You send your … and a letter to give further information to

get the post.
A. report
C. e-mail
D. life story
E. complaint

100. I’m not happy with the goods I … . I want to take them back
to the shop.
A. cancelled
B. sold
C. received
D. thought
E. provided

101. Are there any … in hotel rooms?

A. personal computers
B. executive lounges
C. childcare services
D. reception desks
E. secretarial services

102. When a company expands, it may need to increase its … .

A. paperwork
B. shipping
C. securities
D. transport
E. workforce

103. Tonight we are … some important guests to the restaurant.

A. inviting
B. eating out
C. discussing
D. having
E. bringing

104. We’ll have the tomato soup for a … .

A. dessert
B. starter
C. main course
D. drink
E. meal

105. I’m hungry. Shall we have a look at the …?

A. menu
B. bill
C. waiter
D. apple pie
E. cafeteria

106. … is a Hungarian dish of meat cooked with paprika.

A. Curry
B. Paella
C. Goulash
D. Spaghetti
E. Sushi

107. You ask for the … at the end of a meal.

A. bill
B. help
C. receipt
D. menu
E. wine list

108. Do you have to give the waiter a … in your country?

A. present
B. salary
C. bill
D. money
E. tip

109. Would you like a dessert? – … .

A. No, thanks. I’m full.
B. I’d like the salmon, please.
C. That was a lovely meal.
D. Right. I’ll get the bill.
E. You should try this dish.

110. Are you ready to order? – … .
A. I don’t eat meat.
B. I need a few minutes.
C. It is delicious.
D. Can I have the bill?
E. This is good.

111. Waiters can get more tips by … .

A. quick service
B. dressing smart
C. playing music
D. cooking food
E. entertaining

112. Excuse me, what is «cod»? – It’s a kind of … .

A. fruit
B. vegetables
C. fish
D. meat
E. ice cream

113. Let’s contact two or three sellers, so we can … prices.

A. compare
B. pay
C. share
D. offer
E. order

114. I go on sales where I can buy things for half price. They sell
goods at … prices.
A. stock
B. deposit
C. insurance
D. discount
E. deals

115. … is when there is no cost for transporting the goods for the
A. guarantee
B. free delivery
C. interest free credit
D. great deals
E. low deposit

116. I do my shopping on the … . Once a week I go online.

A. mail order
B. department store
C. outlet
D. sales
E. Internet

117. A branch develops new ideas. It’s going to … a new product

to the market.
A. launch
B. deliver
C. start
D. make
E. save

118. Many companies give … because a product can break down

after you buy it.
A. a guarantee
B. monthly payments
C. a limited period
D. goods
E. sales force

119. We always deliver on time and always have these goods in

A. guarantee
B. order
C. stock
D. experience
E. area

120. The seller asks the … for a deposit.

A. buyer
B. employer
C. sales representative
D. visitor
E. host

121. It doesn’t cost extra for insurance. It’s … .

A. dangerous
B. free
C. busy
D. easy
E. rude

122. I moved there because they offer a better career

opportunities and … salaries.
A. smaller
B. lower
C. higher
D. taller
E. more expensive

123. Retired employees often get a … .

A. company pension
B. company car
C. incentive scheme
D. customer service
E. sales force

124. I get on well with my colleagues and I like working ... .

A. outside
B alone
C. with a partner
D. in a team
E. in pairs

125. Lena always does a lot of work and she works so fast. She’s
really very … .
A. hard-working
B. pleasant
C. boring
D. positive
E. friendly

126. Pierre likes meeting new people. He’s extremely … .

A. quiet
B. sociable
C. relaxed
D. reliable
C. practical

127. The company fired him because he was … to customers.

A. rude
B. helpful
C. lazy
D. difficult
E. friendly

128. Maria is very …, she’s never late for meetings.

A. polite
B. motivating
C. punctual
D. kind
E. creative

129. Marcel is completely reliable and always meets his … .

A. deadlines
B. demand
C. offer
D. order
E. visitors

130. Her salary didn’t increase, so she … the office.

A. arrived
B. left
C. came
D. returned
E. supported
131. They did a lot of … into the Russian market.
A. negotiation
B. shopping
C. research
D. presentation
E. information

132. I think he should … the company. He’s making everyone

A. go away
B. stay
C. leave
D. fire
E. hire

133. Can I make a suggestion? I think we should … new

employees to do this job.
A. train
B. set up
C. offer
D. order
E. organize

134. Last year the company had a market … of 10,5 percent.

A. part
B. share
C. bonus
D. half
E. number

135. An … market is outside the producer’s country.

A. niche
B. home
C. luxury
D. mass
E. export

136. A … market allows companies to make more money.

A. new
B. mature
C. profitable
D. small
E. heavy

137. Ferrari sports cars are a … market product.

A. luxury
B. mass
C. unattractive
D. small
E. declining

138. It is more … to break into export market than into home

A. difficult
B. easier
C. cheaper
D. good
E. worse

139. China is the biggest market for some car … .

A. buyers
B. manufacturers
C. people
D. consumers
E. drivers

140. The number of … causes problems for other traffic on road.

A. animals
B. children
C. bicycles
D. carmakers
E. traffics

141. The government wants to make roads … and change single-

lane roads into eight-lane highways.
A. wider
B. cleaner

C. longer
D. higher
E. lower

142. Their … market is girls between 16 to 20 years old.

A. boom
B. competition
C. purchase
D. target
E. double

143. People don’t have time to eat at home. They often have …
on the way to work.
A. dessert
B. snacks
C. drink
D. fun
E. supper

144. BMW is developing new … like the Mini Diesel in Oxford.

A. exhibitions
B. production
C. models
D. universities
E. factories

145. The factory … seven days a week.

A. relaxes
B. increases
C. sells
D. works
E. buys

146. Five companies are … for this contract.

A. launching
B. developing
C. testing
D. expanding
E. competing
147. How many people does the company …?
A. employ
B. engage
C. provide
D. include
E. produce

148. I’m a web producer. I … websites which are causing

A. rebuild
B. design
C. destroy
D. find out
E. print

149. What is your …? – I’m a chief accountant.

A. social status
B. family name
C. job title
D. first name
E. business position

150. Google is the world’s biggest … .

A. software
B. web
C. e-commerce
D. surf engine
E. printer

151. The Internet, a global computer network … in the United

States in 1969.
A. begin
B. began
C. begins
D. beginning
E. begun

152. The most popular Internet service … e-mail.

A. is
B. are
C. were
D. being
E. am

153. He … for a new appointment yesterday.

A. looks
B. look
C. looked
D. looking
E. is looking

154. Our equipment … easy to operate.

A. is
B. am
C. are
D. not is
E. are not

155. I … my door when I went to work.

A. locks
B. locked
C. being locked
D .locking
E. not locked

156. A teacher … students to learn.

A. are helping
B. was help
C. helps
D. is helps
E. is help

157. This soup … not taste very well.

A. was
B. does
C. do
D. are
E. is
158. We had … dinner and then watched … TV.
A. a, a
B. –,–
C. the, a
D. –, the
E. the, the

159. .… last year he entered … Oxford University.

A. the, the
B. –, –
C. –, the
D. a, a
E. a, the

160. Can your relatives … more slowly?

A. speaks
B. speak
C. speaking
D. spoke
E. to speak

161. I’m … than my sister.

A. busy
B. the most busy
C. the busiest
D. more busy
E. busier

162. London is … than New York.

A. oldest
B. the oldest
C. older
D. elder
E. more old

163. His sisters always … me books to read.

A. given
B. gives
C. give
D. has given
E. have given

164. At the office she sometimes … letters to foreign firms.

A. is writing
B. writes
C. has written
D. write
E. will write

165. Where … you… on holiday last year?

A. do…go
B. does…go
C. will…go
D. did…go
E. are…going

166. … people …cars one hundred years ago?

A. did…drive
B. have…driven
C. are…driving
D. will…drive
E. do…drive

167. I…very busy tomorrow.

A. ‘ll be
B. am
C. was
D. ‘ve been
E. has

168. …you …back soon?

A. Shall…be
B. Is…being
C. Will…be
D. Has…been
E. Have…been
169. What…you… now?
A. is…doing
B. will…do
C. are…doing
D. does… do
E. did…do

170. Who …the piano?

A. play
B. is playing
C. am playing
D. have played
E. shall play

171. … you ever … to Paris?

A. has…been
B. have … been
C. Did … be
D. Shall…be
E. Are…being

172. The doctor…already …all my questions.

A. has …answered
B. have…answered
C. is…answering
D. will …answer
E. do …answer

173. There are … beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at

А. some
В. any
С. no
D. none
E. every

174. There is … tea in the cup: the cup is empty.

A. no
B. some
C. none
D. any
E. every

175. I saw … boys in the garden, but Mike was not among them.
A. no
B. none
C. every
D. some
E. any

176. There are too … words here which I cannot understand.

I haven’t got a dictionary.
A. much
B. many
C. little
D. few
E. a few

177. I can’t buy this expensive hat today. I have too … money.
A. much
B. little
C. a little
D. few
E. a few

178. My mother knows German … and she can help you with the
translation of this letter.
A. little
B. a little
C. a few
D. much
E. many

179. Please turn … your mobile phone.

A. to
B. of
C. off
D. in
E. from

180. I'm … Kazakhstan.

A. from
B. of
C. to
D. at
E. off

181. My brother lives … a flat.

A. for
B. on
C. at
D. to
E. in

182. Do you listen …the radio?

A. on
B. to
C. in
D. at
E. for

183. To attract customer’s attention retailers may reduce prices

… goods
A. for
B. to
C. in
D. at
E. with

184. People will not be able to stop working to talk… each other
A. in
B. for
C. to
D. at
E. on
185. Advertising can inform obviously the type of ad depends …
the product
A. on
B. for
C. to
D. with
E. in

186. Are you going to … country on … Saturday?

A. a, –
B. the, a
C. –, –
D. a, the
E. the, –

187. … earth goes round … sun.

A. –, –
B. the, the
C. a, a
D. the, –
E. –, the

188. Do you know … way to the station?

A. short
B. more short
C. most short
D. the shortest
E. shorter

189. I met my … friend yesterday.

A. goodest
B. better
C. the best
D. gooder
E. best

190. … was the IT office. – In Budapest.

A. What
B. When
C. Why
D. Where
E. How

191. … he like his job? – No, he didn’t

A. Did
B. Was
C. Does
D. Is
E. Are

192. … he punctual. – Yes, he was.

A. Is
B. Has
C. Was
D. Had
E. Were

193. … did he leave? – He didn’t like his boss.

A. Why
B. When
C. How
D. What
E. Where

194…. city did he want to work in? – Almaty.

A. How. Going introduce
B. Which
C. When
D. Where
E. Why

195. Let’s go to the park, … …?

A. did we
B. do we
C. shall we
D. will we
E. have we
196. Every year we … two or three new designs.
A. introduce
B. introduces
C. will introduce
D. introduced
E. going introduce

197. Sales of luxury cars will double by … year.

A. end
B. after
C. near
D. now
E. next

198. As a result, efficiency … improve.

A. shall
B. should
C. will
D. has
E. had

199. In ten years 80 % of our sales …. be online.

A. will
B. is
C. should
D. are
E. were

200. … my friend usually …work at six o’clock in the evening?

A. Does…finish
B. Is…finishing
C. Has finished
D. Do…finish
E.. Shall…finish

201. We like to read books in foreign languages, so we often …

A. goes
B. are going
C. went
D. go
E. have gone

202. Then she … shopping.

A. goes
B. go
C. get
D. has
E. have

203. In the evening we … dinner and watch TV.

A. gets
B. take
C. have
D. get
E. takes

204. He … copying machine yesterday.

A. broke
B. break
C. broken
D. breaks
E. is break

205. We…tennis every weekend.

A. play
B. go
C. look
D. have
E. go

206. She … her homework every night.

A. does
B. has
C. writes
D. speaks
E. listens
207. Leonardo da Vinci …in Italy in the fifteenth century.
A. lives
B. lived
C. live
D. is living
E. have lived

208. When …you busy during the day?

A. are
B. will
C. is
D. was
E. have

209. Last night they…dinner with our family.

A. has
B. have
C. had
D. have had
E. are having

210. Which university…she…after she finishes school?

A. has…entered
B. did…enter
C. do… enter
D. will…enter
E. shall…enter

211. Her father…to Moscow next week.

A. has gone
B. went
C. will go
D. goes
E. go

212. … Nina…a lecture now?

A. Are… having
B. Does…have
C. Has …had
D. Will…have
E. Is…having

213. They…an interesting text now.

A. will translate
B. are translating
C. is translating
D. translate
E. translated

214. Who …this exercise yet?

A. won’t finish
B. isn’t finishing
C. hasn’t finished
D. aren’t finishing 5. didn’t finish

215. How many newspapers … you… today?

A. do…buy
B. are…buy
C. does…buy
D. have…bought
E. has…bought

216. Do you do … homework?

A. much
B. many
C. a lot
D. a few
E. few

217. He does not drink milk after dinner. He drinks … juice.

A. no
B. some
C. any
D. every
E. –

218. There are … people in the park because it is cold.
A. no
B. some
C. every
D. none
E. any

219. I can see … children in the yard. They are playing.

A. some
B. any
C. no
D. none
E. every

220. I went to … France last year, but haven’t been to …

Germany yet.
A. a, a
B. the, –
C. a, the
D. –, –
E. the, the

221. People in … East live longer than in … West.

A. –, –
B. –, a
C. the, the
D. a, a
E. the, a

222. … Thames flows through … London.

A. –, –
B. The, –
C. –, a
D. A, a
E. The, the

223. A week ago our friends …to Almaty from Astana.

A. comes
B. come
C. shall come
D. came
E. have come

224. Next year my parents…a flat in the new block of flats.

A. buy
B. bought
C. have bought
D. will buy
E. shall buy

225. …you… in the country over the week–end?

A. Shall…stay
B. Will…stay
C. Has …stayed
D. Does…stay
E. Is …staying

226. My friends…me the day after tomorrow.

A. will visit
B. shall visit
C. visit
D. visits
E. is visiting

227. My mother … on the telephone at this moment.

A. speak
B. is speaking
C. speaks
D. will speak
E. spoke

228. Please take … book you like.

A. no
B. some
C. any
D. none
E. every
229. My brother is a young teacher. Every day he spends too …
time for his lessons.
A. much
B. many
C. little
D. few
E. lot of

230. We deliver large goods … Monday afternoons.

A. at
B. in
C. with
D. on
E. over

231. Where is Ann? – She…tennis.

A. played
B. has played
C. are playing
D. is playing
E. plays

232. My grandson ... to bed at 9 o'clock.

A. get
B. goes
C. go
D. has
E. gets

233. ‘I don't want … berries.’ ‘But you must eat … . They are
good for you.’
A. any, some
B. any, them
C. any, any
D. a, some
E. some, any

234. ‘I’m hungry.’ ‘Do you want … apple?’

A. a lot
B. any
C. no
D. an
E. many

235. ‘Are there … bananas?’ ‘No. I had the last one.’

A. any
B. much
C. many
D. some
E. a

236. He won … prizes for his work.

A. any
B. a lot
C. much
D. a
E. many

237. There’s … pineapple in the fridge.

A. a
B. many
C. the
D. any
E. some

238. I can make … pasta tomorrow evening.

A. any
B. some
C. an
D. a
E. many

239. We can’t have an omelet. There aren’t … eggs.

A. any
B. much
C. many
D. some
E. an
240. ‘What would you like?’ ‘Give me … cheese, please.’
A. a lot of
B. many
C. some
D. any
E. much

241. ‘Show me … photos of your holiday, please.’ ‘We don't have

… .’
A. some, any
B. any, some
C. any, any
D. some, some
E. a, some

242. ‘I know a good ghost story.’ ‘Please, don't tell me… horror
A. some
B. any
C. a
D. a lot
E. many

243. They didn't make … mistakes.

A. some
B. an
C. a
D. any
E. many

244. I like reading. I've got … books at home.

A. any
B. much
C. many
D. a lot
E. some

245. I don’t have … free time. I work very hard.

A. much
B. many
C. a
D. no
E. some

246. We deliver large goods …. Monday afternoons

A. on
B. in
C. between
D. at
E. to

247. The CEO visits our branch … the summer.

A. at
B. in
C. on
D. for
E. from

248. He goes to the factory … foot.

A. by
B. on
C. in
D. during
E. to

249. This student … always late for the lessons.

A. are
B. is
C. were
D. being
E. have been

250. I’d like to apply …… this job. If I post the application right
away it will arrive in time.
A. on
C. about

D. for
E. at
251. Polly wants to cycle round the world. She is really keen …
the idea.
A. to
B. about
C. on
D. for
E. up

252. Kazakhstan is rich … coal, copper, lead and other mineral

A. in
B. to
C. at
E. on

253. Usually I go to my office … bus

A. in
B. into
C. with
D. by
E. at

254. Did John … the papers on the table?

A. put
B. puts
C. putting
D. will put
E. have put

255. I don’t … very well today, may I go home?

A. feel
B. felt
C. feels
D. feeling
E. will feel
256. They … … to send us a new offer.
A. is going
B. will going
C. are going
D. was going
E. – going

257. Did Ann … the floor this morning?

A. washing
B. washed
C. washes
D. wash
E. is washing

258. When Mary … up she … a cup of coffee for herself.

A. wake, make
B. woke, make
C. woke, made
D. woke, makes
E. wakes, makes

259. This food looks horrible. I … not … to eat it.

A. am, going
B. were, going
C. will, going
D. was, going
E. am, goes

260. When Robert grows up and finds a job, he … … to find his

own apartment.
A. was going
B. is going
C. will going
D. am going
E. be going

261. What … you deal with next Monday?

A. are
B. does
C. will
D. is
E. were

262. They … introduce the new marketing strategy in the nearest

A. will
B. am
C. are
D. do
E. did

263. I hope you … join us next time. We have a lovely country

A. is
B. will
C. are
D. does
E. –
264. … the market be very competitive this year?
A. Is
B. Do
C. Does
D. Are
E. will

265. On airplanes businessmen … their laptops to answer e-mail

A. are using
B. was using
C. is using
D. will using
E. use

266. She usually drives a BMW, but today she … … her

husband’s Volvo.
A. will driving
B. is driving
C. is drives
D. were drive
E. were driving

267. Nick is spending … … of money now because he is repairing

his car.
A. much more
B. a few
C. a great
D. a bit
E. a lot

268. This article has … information.

A. other
B. little
C. lots
D. many
E. a lot

269. You need to spend only … … dollars to get a good camera.

A. a few
B. a bit
C. much –
D. a great
E. a lot

270. The weather has been very dry recently. We’ve had … rain.
A. many
B. little
C. great
D. lots
E. large

271. Most of the town is modern. There are … old buildings.

A. lots
B. much
C. few

D. a little
E. a bit

272. I don’t have to add … salt to this soup.

A. much
B. many
C. little
D. large
E. small

273. He had … friends.

A. few
B. large
C. much
D. lots
E. other

274. Ann is very busy these days. She has … free time.
A. lots
B. many
C. great
D. little
E. large

275. The plane … … off at 5.00 p.m. today.

A. take is
B. was take
C. will took
D. are taking
E. is taking

276. The sun … … when I woke up.

A. were shining
B. was shining
C. is shining
D. will shine
E. was shine

277. It … … so hard that we decided to stay at home.
A. was snowing
B. was snow
C. is snowing
D. will snow
E. were snowing

278. They … … computer software in Almaty.

A. was selling
B. were selling
C. was sell
D. will selling
E. were sold

279. Last night we … … the situation, when our manager heard

a strange noise .
A. were discussing
B. were discuss
C. was discussing
D. was discussed
E. are discussing

280. What … you … before you watched the film?

A. is, doing
B. was, doing
C. were, doing
D. will, doing
E. were, do

281. Can your relatives … more slowly?

A. speak
B. speaks
C. speaking
D. spoke
E. to speak

282. Sarah … a hairdressing salon last year.

A. opened
B. are opening
C. have opened
D. were open
E. is open

283. IBM is the largest company in the world; it … its products

all over the world.
A. sells
B. sold
C. was sold
D. has sold
E. sell

284. Monica ... up in France.

A. grows
B. grow
C. grew
D. is grow
E. did grow

285. At the office she sometimes … letters to foreign firms.

A. is writing
B. will write
C. has written
D. write
E. writes

286. She will stay here for a fortnight, …?

A. will she
B. won’t she
C. she will
D. she won’t
E. shall she

287. Stella’s company … a partnership with Cloe.

A. is
B. are
C. were
D. having
E. will

288. . ... you speak Spanish?

A. Can
B. Might
C. Needs
D. May
E. Need

289. Her brother is very keen.......

A. from
B. for swimming
C. on swimming
D. by swimming
E. to swimming

290. I don’t agree ... you.

A. to
B. at
C. about
D. on
E. with

291. … the market be very competitive this year?

A. Will
B. Do
C. Does
D. Are
E. Is

292. Is that …address book? – No, it’s …diary.

A. a , a
B. an, a
C. the, the
D. a, the
E. the, a

293. How … does it cost?
A. much
B. many
C. any
D. some
E. is

294. … … two cafes in the terminal.

A. are there
B. is there
C. there are
D. there is
E. there isn’t

295. I’d like … bread, please.

A. any
B. many
C. some
D. a
E. the

296. I … computing at MIT from 1995 to 1998.

A. study
B. is studying
C. studied
D. was studied
E. will study

297. BMW … … Mini models in China now.

A. sells
B. are selling
C. is selling
D. sold
E. was selling

298. He … … his husbands KIA today.

A. drives
B. is driving
C. drove
D. going drive
E. are drive

299. All our catalogues … be on line.

A. shall
B. will
C. would
D. could
E. should

300. … I use mobile phone, please?

A. Could
B. Would
C. Will
D. Am
E. Is


1.D 40.A 79.A 118.A 157.B 196.A 235.A 274.D

2.C 41.B 80.B 119.C 158.B 197.E 236.E 275.E
3.A 42.A 81.A 120.A 159.B 198.C 237.A 276.B
4.C 43.C 82.D 121.B 160.B 199.A 238.B 277.A
5.D 44.A 83.A 122.C 161.E 200.A 239.A 278.B
6.A 45.D 84.B 123.A 162.C 201.D 240.C 279.A
7.B 46.A 85.A 124.D 163.B 202.A 241.A 280.C
8.A 47.B 86.C 125.A 164.B 203.C 242.B 281.A
9.C 48.A 87.B 126.B 165.D 204.A 243.D 282.A
10.A 49.E 88.A 127.A 166.A 205.A 244.C 283.A
11.E 50.A 89.B 128.C 167.A 206.A 245.A 284.C
12.A 51. B 90.A 129.A 168.C 207.B 246.A 285.E
13.A 52.CD 91.E 130.B 169.C 208.A 247.B 286.B
14.A 53.B 92.A 131.C 170.B 209.C 248.B 287.AE
15.D 54.A 93.C 132.C 171.B 210.D 249.B 288.A
16.A 55.C 94.E 133.A 172.A 211.C 250.B 289.C
17.A 56.A 95.C 134.B 173.A 212.E 251.C 290. EB
18.D 57.D 96.A 135.E 174.A 213.B 252.A 291.A
19.A 58.A 97.B 136.C 175.D 214.C 253.D 292. B
20.A 59.B 98.A 137.A 176.B 215.D 254.A 293.A
21.E 60.A 99.B 138.A 177.B 216.C 255.A 294.C
22.B 61.C 100.C 139.BE 178.B 217.E 256.C 295. C
23.B 62.A 101.A 140.C 179.C 218.A 257.D 296.C
24.A 63.D 102.E 141.A 180.A 219.A 258 E 297.C
25.B 64.B 103.A 142.D 181.E 220.D 259.A 298.B
26.C 65.A 104.B 143.B 182.B 221.C 260.B 299.B

27.B 66.C 105.A 144.C 183.A 222.B 261.C 300.A
28.A 67.E 106.C 145.D 184.C 223.D 262.A
29.C 68.A 107.A 146.E 185.A 224.D 263.B
30.D 69.B 108.E 147.A 186.E 225.B 264.E
31.D 70.A 109.A 148.A 187.B 226.A 265.E
32.A 71.C 110.B 149.C 188.D 227.B 266. B
33.E 72.D 111.A 150.D 189.E 228.C 267.E
34.E 73.A 112.C 151.A 190.D 229.A 268.B
35.C 74.E 113.A 152.C 191.A 230.D 269.A
36.D 75.B 114.D 153.C 192.C 231.D 270.B
37.A 76.B 115.B 154.A 193.A 232.B 271.C
38.A 77.A 116.E 155.B 194.B 233.A 272.A
39.C 78.C 117.A 156.C 195.C 234.D 273.A




1. … keeps and checks the financial records of a company.

A. An accountant
B. A system analyst
C. A computer programmer
D. A PR officer

2. … supplies information about a company to the public.

A. The CEO
B. A computer programmer
C. A PR officer
D. An accountant
E. A system analyst

3. … studies business operations and uses a computer to plan

A. A system analyst
B. The CEO
C. A computer programmer
E. An accountant

4. … writes instructions for computers to do certain tasks.

A. A PR officer
B. An accountant
C. A system analyst
D. A computer programmer

5. … helps a manager by doing some of their work for them.

A. A computer programmer
C. A PR officer
D. An accountant
E. A system analyst

6. … is the most senior manager in a company.

A. The CEO
B. A computer programmer
C. An accountant
D. A system analyst

7. If you are … , you can easily mix with people socially.

A. outgoing
B. independent
C. rude
D. creative
E. articulate

8. If you are … , you can work well without the help or advice of
other people.
A. polite
B. independent
C. shy
D. articulate
E. rude

9. If you are … , you can speak two languages fluently.

A. articulate
B. bilingual
C. helpful
D. attractive
E. social

10. If you are … , you can find new solutions to problems.

A. shy
B. ambitious
C. creative
D. popular
E. rude

11. If you are … , you can express your thoughts and feelings
A. independent
B. shy
C. articulate
D. polite
E. punctual

12. If you are … , you can work for a long time without a break.
A. outgoing
B. independent
C. bilingual
D. articulate
E. energetic

13. Would you mind … at weekends?

A. working
B. moving
C. sharing
D. sending
E. letting

14. Could you … us have your previous employer’s details?

A. move
B. share
C. send
D. let
E. work

15. Would you mind … our appointment to Monday?

A. sharing
B. sending
C. letting
D. working
E. moving
16. Could you … in two week’s time?
A. send
B. start
C. let
D. work
E. move

17. Could you … as soon as possible?

A. contact
B. move
C. share
D. let
E. work

18. Would you mind … an office three other people?

A. moving
B. sharing
C. contacting
D. letting
E. working

19. Could you … us a copy of your certificates?

A. send
B. let
C. work
D. contact
E. move

20. Something you buy cheaply or less than the usual price.
A. bargain
B. warehouse
C. receipt
E. mobile phone

21. A large building used for storing goods.

A. bill
B. account
C. bargain
D. warehouse
E. receipt

22. To send goods to a place.

A. purchase
B. refund
C. dispatch
D. contact
E. start

23. A formal word meaning to buy.

A. dispatch
B. contact
C. start
D. purchase
E. refund

24. To give someone their money back, because they are not
satisfied with what they have bought.
A. start
B. purchase
C. refund
D. dispatch
E. contact

25. A request by a customer for goods or services.

A. supplier
B. retailer
C. wholesaler
D. invoice
E. order

26. A document sent by a seller to a customer that lists the goods

sold and says how much they cost.
A. wholesaler
B. invoice
C. order
D. supplier
E. retailer

27. A person or company that sells a particular type of product

to a customer.
A. customer
B. wholesaler
C. supplier
D. invoice
E. order

28. The value of the goods or services sold during a certain

period of time.
A. turnover
B. invoice
C. order
D. wholesaler
E. customer

29. A person or company that sells goods in large quantities to

A. order
B. supplier
C. retailer
D. wholesaler
E. invoice

30. A company or a person that sells goods to members of the

A. retailer
B. wholesaler
C. invoice
D. order

31. The machines were faulty, so we returned them to our … .

A. supplier
B. customer
C. buyer
D. trader
E. accountant

32. Alpha Tex will place an … on condition that we give them an

extra discount for cash.
A. union
B. workforce
C. unemployment
D. strategy
E. order

33. They guarantee that they will … our money if we are not
fully satisfied.
A. rise
B. refund
C. phase
D. purchase
E. sell

34. Our shop has a … of 3,000 euros a week.

A.. rate
B. survey
C. turnover
D. trend
E. partner

35. They promised to … the goods within two days of our order.
A. hire
B. forecast
C. lose
D. dispatch
E. manage

36. To be a successful … business, first of all you need to have a

good website.
A. online
B. overwork
C. partner
D. skill
E. sector

37. A good … looks professional and is quick and easy to use.

A. rate
B. target
C. trend
D. website
E. union

38. Many people do not like to have to … to visit a site.

A. buy
B. trade
C. register
D. transfer
E. sell

39. It is also important for the company to have its … on each

website page.
A. flag
B. symbol
C. logo
D. bill
E. agenda

40. This logo brands the site and can be used by the visitor as a
link back to the ... .
A. homepage
B. modem
C. search engine
D. keyboard
E. e-mail

41. Of course, your products need to be at least as good as your

A. fax
B. site
C. printer
D. mail
E. line

42. The site … customers in the first place, but it is certainly the
quality of the products.
A. attracts
B. appeals
C. shows
D. needs
E. sales

43. … your prices down, and make a point of offering excellent

customer service.
A. Take
B. Give
C. Bring
D. Rise
E. Lose

44. Inform your visitors that you offer … online ordering.

A. promote
B. proof
C. secure
D. found
E. motivate

45. When you receive an order, e–mail the customer to …

A. thank
B. acknowledge
C. dispatch
D. purchase
E. sell

46. When you receive an order, inform the customer when the
goods will be … .
A. exchanged
B. shipped
C. purchased
D. bought
E. hired

Unit 3

47. Put your money in a savings account, so it will earn … .

A. interest
B. brand
C. budget
D. demand
E. chain

48. An asset is something belonging to a business that has value

or the power to make ….
A. crash
B. chain
C. charge
D. boom
E. money

49. The company did not make a … . It just broke even.

A. account
B. payment
C. profit
D. interest
E. bill

50. Unfortunately the company ran out of money to pay … on its

A. interest
B. bill
C. order
D. receipt
E. account

51. Alfitel forecasts a … of 400,000 euros for next year.
A. cash
B. workforce
C. vacancy
D. profit
E. unemployment

52. What do you call the department in a company that keeps a

record of the money coming in and going out?
A. Accounts
B. Research and development
C. Administration
D. Sales
E. Marketing

53. What do you call the department in a company concerned

with studying new ideas and planning new products?
A. Accounts
B. Research and development
C. Administration
D. Sales
E. Marketing

54. What do you call the department in a company involved with

managing and organizing its work?
A. Finance
B. Personnel
C. Administration
E. Sales and marketing

55. What do you call the department in a company that deals

with selling and promoting its products?
A. Retailing
B. Sales and marketing
C. Transport
D. Head office
E. Subsidiary
56. What do you call the department in a company that deals
with employees, keeps their records and helps with any problems
they might have?
B. Finance
C. Accounts
D. Sales and marketing
E. Administration

57. Alfitel is committed to creating and delivering value – value

to its customers, value to its … , and value to the region.
A. officers
B. professors
C. doctors
D. analysts
E. employees

58. Our success in moving towards the goal is most evident in the
financial … for this year.
A. results
B. conclusions
C. statistics
D. savings
E. reports

59. Our … at the close of the year was 140 million euros, that is,
an increase of 12% over the previous year.
A. revenue
B. cash flow
C. share
D. crash
E. share price

60. This strong growth in a rather difficult year for the economy
shows the value of the service the company provides to its … .
A. customers
B. analysts
C. sellers
D. employers
E. officers

61. It also shows the commitment of its … to this goal.

A. price
B. interest
C. staff
D. public
E. forecast

62. The …. profit was 15.6 million euros, while the profit after
tax was 8.8 million, which is 11% above that for the previous
A. mail
B. rate
C. model
D. pre-tax
E. firm

63. The Directors have pleasure in recommending an ordinary …

of 10.2% and a 9.5% preference share dividend.
A. sharing
B. dividing
C. mailing
D. taxing
E. paying

64. World leaders hope to achieve a major … at the conference

on environmental issues.
A. market
B. opportunity
C. award
D. range
E. breakthrough

65. Our company will miss a great … If we do not go to the

International Invertors’ Fair.
A. range
B. breakthrough
C. market
D. opportunity
E. award

66. Axatel immediately swamped the … with the cheap mobile

phones they had developed.
A. market
B. award
C. range
D. patent
E. opportunity

67. If we do not want anybody to steal our idea, we should apply

for a … straightaway.
A. award
B. range
C. patent
D. opportunity
E. breakthrough

68. In order to be more competitive, Espassabi has built up their

… of off-the-peg summer dresses.
A. range
B. breakthrough
C. market
D. opportunity
E. award

69. Will Olga Rakovsky receive an … for the antivirus software

she has developed?
A. award
B. range
C. patent
D. opportunity
E. breakthrough

70. Research and development is the key to great business … .
A. accident
B. ideas
C. meeting
D. way
E. copy

71. A plastic card that you use to buy goods.

A. a loan
B. an account
C. an overdraft
D. a cheque
E. a credit card

72. A printed form that you use to pay for something instead of
using money.
A. an overdraft
B. a cheque
C. a credit card
D. a loan
E. an account

73. A sum of money that you borrow.

A. a cheque
B. a credit card
C. a loan
D. an account
E. an overdraft

74. An arrangement between a bank and a customer for the

customer to pay in and take out money.
A. an account
B. an overdraft
C. a cheque
D. a credit card
E. a loan

75. An arrangement between a bank and a customer for the
customer to take out more money than they have paid in.
A. a credit card
B. a loan
C. an account
D. an overdraft
E. a cheque

76. Extra money that you get if you have invested money, or that
you pay if you have borrowed money.
A. interest
B. rate
C. cash
D. money
E. savings

77. Money that you keep in a bank to use later.

A. money
B. savings
C. interest
D. rate
E. cash

78. We have taken out a … to build up our business. Let’s hope

we can pay it back!
A. loan
B. survey
C. trade
D. trend
E. union

79. If you lose your … , don’t panic-just tell your bank

A. cash
B. credit card
C. money
D. partner
E. loan
80. I have just opened a deposit … with Kommerzbank. Do you
think they are OK?
A. invoice
B. issue
C. account
D. capital
E. debt
81. ‘Oh no! The banks are closed now, so I can’t cash this …
A. bonus
B. award
C. asset
D. cheque
E. bill
82. Don’t keep your … under your pillow, they’ll be safer in the
bank, and it’s less stress for you.
A. assets
B. agenda
C. bargain
D. bond
E. savings

83. Something else to worry about – my bank manager wants me

to repay my … at once!
A. model
B. overtime
C. outlet
D. overdraft
E. net

84. A deposit account is better than a current account because

your money earns … .
A. goods
B. tax
C. interest
D. rate
E. loss
85. `No sugar thanks. I don`t drink anything .… .`
A. sweet
B. salt
C. hot
D. cold
E. boiled

86. In Italy, people often have … as a first course.

A. pasta
B. fish
C. eggs
D. tea
E. salt

87. In Britain … is not just a drink. It is also light meal people

have in the afternoon.
A. jam
B. water
C. milk
D. juice
E. tea

88. `You can`t make an omelette without breaking … `, as my

mother used to say.
A. meat
B. fish
C. eggs
D. vegetables
E. ham

89. `Would you like soup or melon as a …?`

A. dinner
B. breakfast
C. starter
D. meal
E. snack

90. `Can you pass the … , please? This soup is a bit bland`.
A. sugar
B. pepper
C. milk
D. salt
E. cream

91. This cake is absolutely delicious! Who … it ?`

A. baked
B. grilled
C. boiled
D. fried
E. roasted

92. In Britain, people sometimes have … lamb and mint sauce as

a Sunday lunch.
A. roast
B. bake
C. boil
D. freeze
E. roll

93. Lots of people say that olive … is better for you than butter.
A. oil
B. cake
C. flower
D. tree
E. salad

94. Many people have only two … a day: breakfast and dinner.
A. meals
B. dishes
C. courses
D. plates
E. snacks

95. Jane invited me round for dinner last night. Her husband is a
wonderful … !
A. cooker
B. driver
C. cook
D. plumber
E. manager

96. Goulash is a national Hungarian … .

A. dish
B. cuisine
C. meal
D. drink
E. snack

97. Tom worked in Bangkok for a year. So he is very keen on

Thai … .
A. kitchen
B. cooking
C. cuisine
D. breakfast
E. dinner

98. They are vegetarians, so we should not buy any … .

A. meal
B. meat
C. food
D. vegetable
E. cereal

99. This chocolate mousse is delicious. Could I have the …?

A. recipe
B. cookbook
C. receipt
D. license
E. copy

100. The percentage of sales a company or a product has is its

market … .
A. share
B. agency
C. budget
D. cycle
E. aim

101. Companies sometimes promote their products by giving …

gifts to customers.
A. big
B. huge
C. small
D. empty
E. free

102. Companies carry out market research to get information

about what buyers … and want.
A. need
B. can
C. may
D. must
E. should

103. The life … of a product is the time people continue to buy it.
A. price
B. cost
C. cycle
D. aim
E. agency

104. An advertising campaign takes place over a period of time

and usually has a specific … .
A. price
B. aim
C. rate
D. copy
E. receipt

105. Good marketing should increase the volume of … .

A. sells
B. sales
C. needs
D. reports
E. profiles

106. A company’s sales target is how much it wants to … in a

certain period of time.
A. copy
B. have
C. purchase
D. buy
E. sell

107. An advertising … advises companies on advertising.

A. agency
B. post
C. shop
D. outlet
E. club

108. A company’s product … is a set of products made by that

A. range
B. report
C. option
D. profile
E. order

109. A company’s advertising … is the amount of money

available for advertising during a particular period.
A. product
B. market
C. rate
D. budget
E. study

110. Sales … show how much a company has sold over a certain
A. money
B. cycle
C. figures
D. profile
E. range

111. Production … are what a company must spend on

A. rate
B. receipt
C. license
D. option
E. costs

112. Besides giving advice to companies, an advertising agency

can also make … for them.
A. market
B. share
C. price
D. figure
E. ads

113. A … can be defined as name given to a product by a

company so that the product can easily be recognized by its
name or its design.
A. brand
B. photo
C. nickname
D. title
E. price

114. In our very ... business world, a good brand is one of the
keys to the success of any company.
A. informative
B. competitive
C. conservative
D. practical
E. democracy

115. For a brand to be successful, marketers have to know what
the consumer … and wants,
A. wishes
B. needs
C. orders
D. dreams
E. plans

116. A «consumer … » is a kind of picture of the typical

A. summary
B. report
C. profile
D. file
E. photo

117. The customer has so much … nowadays that a good brand

is a necessity, so that one product is clearly different from
another in his or her mind.
A. choice
B. option
C. suggestion
D. summary
E. report

118. A good … of course has long-term benefits, as it will appeal

to many different market segments and to people from different
A. brand
B. market
C. file
D. profile
E. customer

119. Recently we decided to open a new sales … in New York.

A. school
B. office
C. hospital
D. post
D. university

120. I arranged a … with the finance department to discuss the

A. agreement
B. club
C. meeting
D. party
E. conference

121. We prepared a … with details of the various costs involved.

A. deadline
B. schedule
C. meeting
D. budget
E. party

122. We collected … about possible locations for the new office.

A. information
B. plan
C. budget
D. meeting
E. deadline

123. We considered two … – one in Greenwich and the other

near Central Park.
A. research
B. information
C. costs
D. sales
E. options

124. After doing some more research, I wrote a … for the board
of directors.
A. plan
B. deadline
C. e-mail
D. report
E. letter

125. Unfortunately, we made a mistake when we estimated the …

as the exchange rate changed.
A. deadline
B. plan
C. meeting
D. schedule
E. costs

126. We had to rearrange the … for moving into the building

because the office was not redecorated in time.
A. schedule
B. budget
C. research
D. mistake
E. fax

127. The board of directors was unhappy because we didn’t meet

the … for opening the office by 15 December.
A. budget
B. situation
C. deadline
D. plan
E. schedule

128. However, we … sales of at least 500,000 euros in the first

A. meet
B. forecast
C. bought
D. sold
E. purchased

129. Rebecca, your business is climbing mountains and good …

is really important.
A. planning
B. meeting
C. reading
D. printing
E. feeling

130. There are some things which are clearly outside our … .
A. control
B. people
C. deadline
D. office
E. department

131. Good managers need to be good at … so they can

understand the behavior, the strengths and weaknesses of their
A. laughing
B. singing
C. reading
D. dancing
E. observing

132. Good managers need to be good at … so they can learn

about their staff’s problems.
A. dancing
B. skiing
C. skating
D. playing
E. listening

133. Good managers need to be good at asking … so they can

find out all the information they need to make the right
A. aims
B. topics
C. problems
D. ways
E. questions

134. Good managers need to be good at … so they can
communicate their objectives clearly to all their staff.
A. reading
B. writing
C. dancing
D. skating
E. speaking

135. A group of buildings that are built close together a … .

A. inflation
B. devaluation
C. complex
D. challenge
E. decade

136. Poor area of a city where the houses are in bad condition … .
A. slum
B. facilities
C. infrastructure
D. complex
E. equipment

137. A period of 10 years a … .

A. devaluation
B. slum
C. handicrafts
D. sanitation
E. decade

138. Removing sewage and rubbish and providing clean water … .

A. handicrafts
B. sanitation
C. decade
D. sanitation
E. facilities

139. The speed at which prices increase … .

A. inflation
B. devaluation
C. complex
D. challenge
E. decade

140. Things such as transport, communications or banks … .

A. slum
B. facilities
C. infrastructure
D. complex
E. equipment

141. Things such as pots or baskets which are made at home and
sold to tourists … .
A. devaluation
B. slum
C. handicrafts
D. sanitation
E. decade

142. Your staff will often have good ideas, so … to what they
have to say.
A. listen
B. communicate
C. deal
D. delegate
E. invest

143. Do not do everything yourself … tasks to other people.

A. communicate
B. deal
C. delegate
D. invest
E. respond

144. Problems may be more difficult to solve if you wait too long,
so … with them as soon as you can.
A. listen
B. communicate
C. deal
D. delegate
E. invest

145. Good employees want to develop professionally, so … in

courses and seminars for them.
A. communicate
B. deal
C. delegate
D. invest
E. respond

146. Clear information is very important … with your employees

clearly, so that they know exactly what you expect.
A. invest
B. delegate
C. invest
D. respond
E. communicate

147. When your employees are satisfied, they work more

effectively, so … to their needs without delay.
A. respond
B. communicate
C. deal
D. delegate
E. invest

148. Buildings and equipment that are used for a particular

purpose … .
A. slum
B. facilities
C. infrastructure
D. complex
E. decade

149. A reduction in the value of a country’s currency … .

A. devaluation
B. slum
C. handicrafts
D. sanitation
E. decade

150. A goal that is difficult to achieve … .

A. inflation
B. devaluation
C. complex
D. challenge
E. decade


151. In ... end we decided not to go to the cinema but to watch

A. this
B. an
C. a
D. that
E. the

152. It is ... book that I have ever read.

A. the funniest
B. funniest
C. a funniest
D. an funniest
E. the fun

153. There are ... and toys on the floor.

A. a books
B. the books
C. books
D.that book
E. this book

154. She always said that when she grew up she wanted to be ... .
A. a doctor
B. the doctor
C. doctor
D. that doctor
E. an doctor

155. My father is ... .

A. engineer
B. an engineer
C. the engineer
D. engineers
E. a engineer

156. I live ... Vienna.

A. in
B. the
C. to
D. at
E. on

157. Kurt's office is ... the second floor.

A. on
B. in
C. at
D. the
E. to

158. My flight is ... Monday.

A. on
B. in
C. at
D. to
E. the

159. Trude usually works better ... the morning.

A. at
B. in
C. the
D. to
E. on
160. We're opening a new factory ... Italy.
A. the
B. to
C. on
D. in
E. at

161. «You … on my foot». «Oh, I am sorry».

A. are having
B. are coming
C. ‘s standing
D. are standing
E. stand

162. Pick out the sentences with the Past Continuous Tense:
A. New factories were built in all towns.
B. All were happy when the war was over.
C. There were illuminations in all the streets.
D. They were dusting the rooms and washing the floor all the
E. She will be here tomorrow

163. I … on a chair now

A. am sitting
B. was sitting
C. were sitting
D. sat
E. will be sitting

164. At 12 o'clock on Sunday the children were skating on the

pond in the park.
A. Was the children skating on the pond in the park on Sunday?
B. What was they doing?
C. With whom were the children skating?
D. When were the children skating?
E. Why were the children skating?

165. Hurry up! The bus … .

A. are coming
B. comes here
C. ‘m standing
D. is coming
E. came

166. They … a new hotel in the city at the moment.

A. ‘m playing
B. ‘re building
C. are build
D. ‘m having
E. build

167. Where are the children? It’s quiet at home. – They … on the
carpet and … .
A. lie/ are drawing
B. are lieing/ drawing
C. are lying/ drawing
D. were lying/ drawing
E. will lie/ are drawing

168. What you (do. now? – I (look for. my key. I can’t open the
A. What do you do/ I look for
B. What are you do/ I looking for
C. What are you doing/ I’m looking for
D. What is you do?/ I look for
E. What do you now?/ I’m looking for

169. This time tomorrow I … (swim. in the ocean.

A. will swim
B. will have swam
C. will be swimming
D. was swimming
E. swam

170. I’m really tired today – I … (do. my exercises tomorrow.

A. will do
B. will have done
C. will be doing
D. will done
E. will be doing

171. Jack has got a headache. He … sleep well recently.

A. can
B. couldn’t have
C. hasn’t been able to
D. may
E. must

172. I … sleep for hours when I was a little girl.

A. could
B. am able to
C. can
D. may
E. must

173. Tom … play tennis well but he … play a game yesterday

because he was ill.
A. couldn’t/ could
B. can/ was able
C. can/ couldn’t
D. may/ must
E. must/ may

174. I didn’t want to be late for the meeting. We … meet at 5 sharp.

A. were to
B. had
C. could
D. must
E. can

175. Where are my gloves? – I … put them on because it’s cold

A. can’t
B. have to
C. needn’t
D. could
E. can to

176. You … take an umbrella today. The Sun is shining.

A. needn’t
B. mustn’t
C. can’t
D. could
E. must

177. I’m sorry, you didn’t invite me to your birthday party. You
… invite me next time.
A. must
B. should
C. need to
D. can to
E. may to

178. Well, it’s 10 o’clock. I … go now.

A. can
B. has to
C. must
D. have
E. may to

179. You … smoke so much.

A. would
B. can’t
C. shouldn’t
D. must
E. have

180. We have got plenty of time. We … hurry.

A. must
B. needn’t
C. should
D. can
E. may
181 . If I … some money, I’ll go on holiday next year.
A. ’ll save
B. saved
C. save
D. have saved
E. had save

182. If I … a famous person, I wouldn’t know what to say.

A. met
B. didn’t meet
C. meet
D. will meet
E. have met

183. If the weather is good, I … the children to the park

A. took
B. taken
C. take
D. have taken
E. will take

184. If you … that expensive car, you … enough money to go on

A. buy / won’t have
B. bought / don’t have
C. don’t buy / won’t have
D. didn’t buy / would have
E. will buy/ not have

185. What … if you … a mobile phone?

A. will you do / haven’t
B. would you did / had
C. would you do / didn’t have
D. would you do / haven’t
E. will you do / have

186. If you had studied more, you … the exam.

A. would have passed
B. would pass
C. will pass
D. would passed
E. won’t pass

187. If I had a bigger flat, I … a party.

A. have
B. will have
C. would have
D. had
E. would had

188. If I were you, … skipping classes.

A. I stopped
B. I'll stop
C. I stop
D. I'd stop
E. I’d stopped

189. If they … in town, they would go to a prestigious school.

A. lived
B. had lived
C. have lived
D. would have lived
E. will live

190. If I had a lot of money, I … round the world

A. wouldn't travel
B. had’t
C. not travel
D. would travel
E. travel

191. I have read this chapter in my chemistry text three times,

and still I … it.
A. haven’t understood
B. don’t understand
C. understand
D. have understood
E. am understanding

192. You do not hear what I am saying because you … very

absent-minded today.
A. are
B. is
C. are being
D. have been
E. have

193. How long … a course of lectures on Medieval History?

A. does Professor Donaldson deliver
B. is Professor Donaldson delivering
C. has Professor Donaldson been delivering
D. has Professor Donaldson delivered
E. don’t Professor Donaldson delivered

194. … you a ride home yet since he started working in your

A. Has Sam been giving
B. Does Sam give
C. Is Sam giving
D. Has Sam given
E. Are give Sam

195. Sonia … as a computer programmer this year, but she'd like

to try something different in the future.
A. works
B. has worked
C. is working
D. has been working
E. worked

196. Nora, you look awfully tired. What … all day?

A. do you do
B. are you doing
C. have you been doing
D. have you done
E. do you did

197. I have found a good job. It's in Brazil. I … to go to Brazil. I

don't like living in cold climates.
A. have always wanted
B. always wanted
C. want
D. is wanting
E. wants

198. Excuse me, I … a public telephone. Is there one near here?

A. have been looking for
B. have looked for
C. look for
D. am looking for
E. is look

199. Jerry promised to come to work in time. He is not here, and

he even … .
A. isn’t calling
B. hasn’t called
C. hasn’t been calling
D. doesn’t call
E. have call

200. As far as I know Mike … Italian for quite some time, but he
still doesn't understand very much.
A. is learning
B. has been learning
C. has learnt
D. learns
E. is learn

201. … you finish any educational establishment next year? – No,

I … only finish school in 2 years.
A. Will/will
B. Are/ won’t
C. Will not/ to
D. Will/ am
E. Am/ will

202. My cousins … us in two-three months. Let’s buy some gifts

for them.
A. will be calling
B. will have called
C. will call
D. call
E. will have been calling

203. I … give you to hold my puppy in your arms tomorrow

because it’s afraid of other people, especially strangers.
A. not
B. will
C. would
D. will not
E. would not

204. I hope he … all the quarrels we have had for the last five years.
A. will forget
B. will forgetting
C. won’t forget
D. will forgotten
E. will not

205. Do you have a credit card? If no, we can give it to you for
free – No, I … cash.
A. will be paying
B. will have paid
C. am paying
D. will pay
E. will paying

206. We expect he … soon, otherwise we’ll be frozen. Then I’m

sure we … cold.
A. will come/ will catch
B. would be/would catch
C. will come/would
D. comes/ catch
E. would/ will come

207. Next week my parents … from a long distance voyage.

A. will be returned
B. would return
C. will return
D. will have returned
E. will returned

208. In ten days he … healthy as usual if he sticks to the doctor’s

rules and recommendations.
A. won’t
B. will
C. will have
D. will be
E. will not

209. In several days she … a diploma and afterwards she … job-

A. would get/would start
B. will have got/ will start
C. will get/will start
D. will be getting/starts
E. will start/ will get

210. What … they … the day after tomorrow if they have no

A. will/bought
B. will/be buying
C. would/buy
D. will/buy
E. won’t/ buy

211. You’ve been travelling all day. You … be tired.

A. must
B. can
C. should
D. have
E. may

212. There is nobody at home. They … out.

A. should be
B. must have gone
C. will
D. can have gone
E. could have gone

213. I ... be at the meeting, but I think I’ll go anyway.

A. have to
B. can
C. will
D. am
E. would

214. «Is he an honest person?» – «You ... be joking! He is a

compulsive liar».
A. need to
B. have to
C. must
D. could
E. can
215. If you choose a bold color for your walls, you … choose
some soft, neutral accent pieces in order to create a balanced
feeling in the room.
A. should
B. can
C. would
D. could
E. must

216. … you come over for dinner on Friday night? I really want
to hang out with you, so I hope you can come.
A. Can
B. Will
C. Could
D. Do
E. Would

217. Teresa … believe her eyes. She saw a man beating his wife
on the street!
A. was
B. couldn’t
C. can
D. would
E. were

218. I … speak French without a problem now because I have

had many lessons.
A. will
B. could
C. will
D. can
E. be

219. I … go to see the doctor last week because I was very ill.
A. had to
B. have to
C. can
D. mustn’t
E. will

220. She … pass her exams, because she missed a lot of classes.
A. was
B. couldn’t
C. can
D. would
E. were

221. This is Laura. … 's from New York.

A. I
B. She
C. You
D. He
E. They

222. My name is Tom. … 'm from Scotland,

A. You
B. She
C. He
D. I
E. It

223. This is John. … 's an accountant.

A. He
B. His
C. She
D. Her
E. I

224. I like fantasy tales. … are so interesting.

A. I
B. She
C. They
D. Their
E. It

225. Hi! I'm Irene and this is Yuri! … are from Russia.
A. I
B. He
C. We
D. You
E. They

226. I hate porridge. … is not tasty at all.

A. She
B. He
C. I
D. It
E. It’s
227. Is Tom from Oxford? No, … isn't.
A. she
B. he
C. his
D. it
E. you

228. «Where are … from?» «We are from the USA».

A. you
B. your
C. we
D. they
E. she

229. Emily Dickinson is a poet. … is an American poet.

A. He
B. She
C. Her
D. It
E. They

230. What do you like? … like English songs.

A. You
B. They
C. I
D. He
E. She

231. … you go to work yesterday?

A. Do
B. Does
C. Done
D. Did
E. …

232. John … two minutes ago.

A. leaves
B. leaving
C. leave
D. was leaving
E. left

233. We … tennis last Sunday.

A. play
B. plays
C. played
D. to play
E. is playing

234. I … in London from 1984 to 1989.

A. work
B. worked
C. works
D. am working
E. working

235. I … at two o'clock in the morning on Monday.

A. was born
B. am born
C. were born
D. born
E. is born
236. I … Peter yesterday.
A. don't see
B. didn't see
C. doesn't see
D. haven't seen
E. not to see

237. … they … a fishing boat? – No, they had a yacht.

A. Did, have
B. Do, have
C. Did, had
D. Does, have
E. …, have

238. … it rain last night?
A. do
B. does
C. did
D. was
E. is

239. Did you … to work yesterday?

A. gone
B. goes
C. to go
D. go
E. going

240. When … you last go to the cinema?

A. did
B. do
C. does
D. …
E. done

241. I didn't … to him.

A. spoke
B. speak
C. spoken
D. speaking
E. to speak

242. We didn't … anything to eat at lunchtime.

A. have
B. had
C. has
D. to have
E. have had

243. … the plants watered last night?

A. Was
B. Were
C. Are
D. Is
E. Will

244. How many books …?

A. did you buy
B. you buy
C. did buy you
D. you bought
E. bought you

245. … is standing at the window? – My sister is.

A. Whom
B. Whose
C. What
D. Who
E. Where

246. Why … yesterday?

A. didn’t you come
B. don’t you come
C. not to come
D.. came
E. to come

247. What size do you …?

A. took
B. take
C. taken
D. have taken
E. takes

248. … is this coat? – Mine.

A. Who
B. Whom
C. Whose
D. What
E. Where
249. … does she go to work? – By bus.
A. When
B. What
C. Which
D. How
E. How often

250. Who … the window?

A. did break
B. broke
C. broken
D. does break
E. have broken

251. What … to your eye?

A. happened
B. did happen
C. do happen
D. didn’t happen
E. don’t happen

252. Who … your favorite song?

A. wrote
B. did write
C. written
D. writing
E. does write

253. How many students … in that laboratory?

A. work
B. do work
C. works
D. has worked
E. is working

254. Whose children … here yesterday?

A. came
B. come
C. have come
D. to come
E. coming

255. Who … you English lessons? – Mr. Brown does.

A. gives
B. gave
C. give
D. given
E. is giving

256. … has been to the States?

A. When
B. What
C. Who
D. Where
E. How many

257. I… you back tomorrow.

A. pays
B. paid
C. ’ll pay
D. have paid
E. pay
258. My parents … you money if you want.
A. will lend
B. shall lend
C. lend
D. have lent
E. lent

259. He … me the telegram when he gets home.

A. shall send
B. shan’t send
C. will send
D. sent
E. sends

260. I … the red one.
A. take
B. ‘ll take
C. took
D. takes
E. has taken

261. If you tell him that, soon everyone … it

A. knew
B. know
C. will know
D. shall know
E. shan’t know

262. … I help you?

A. will
B. shall
C. ’ll
D. won’t
E. shan’t

263. … you come to the party tomorrow?

A. ’ll
B. will
C. shan’t
D. have
E. shall

264. What … they do tomorrow?

A. shall
B. will
C. have
D. has
E. are

265. How … I get there? – By bus.

A. have
B. am
C. shall
D. won’t
E. is

266. Doctor, … it hurt me?

A. will
B. shall
C. is
D. have
E. does

267. I’m sure you … a parking space.

A. find
B. shan’t find
C. finds
D. shall find
E. won’t find

268. You need to study much or you … your exams.

A. pass
B. passes
C. are passing
D. passed
E. won’t pass

269. You … able to buy any new clothes.

A. was
B. is
C. shall be
D. won’t be
E. have been

270. You ’ll always love me, … you?

A. will
B. aren’t
C. won’t
D. have
E. don’t
271. He … anybody my secret.
A. won’t tell
B. aren’t tell
C. shall tell
D. tells
E. haven’t told

272. … you ever … to the USA?

A. have/ been
B. has/ been
C. shall/ be
D. were/ being
E. are/ being

273. I … never … abroad.

A. has/ been
B. was/ being
C. have/ been
D. will/ be
E. did/ be

274. He … already … a newspaper.

A. have/ bought
B. haven’t/ bought
C. didn’t/ buy
D. shall/ buy
E. has/ bought

275. … you ever … in this restaurant before?

A. are/ eating
B. have/ eaten
C. didn’t/ eat
D. do/ eat
E. shall/ eat

276. I … this book yet.

A. read
B. reads
C. have read
D. has read
E. haven’t read

277. She … just … her hometask.

A. has/ done
B. haven’t/ done
C. shall/ do
D. have/ done
E. are/ doing

278. We … just … a cup of coffee.

A. won’t/ have
B. hasn’t/ had
C. has/ had
D. have/ had
E. shan’t/ have

279. Have you ever … an e–mail in English?

A. wrote
B. write
C. written
D. writing
E. writes

280. … the film started yet?

A. Have
B. Did
C. Does
D. Do
E. Has

281. Daniel … already made his bed.

A. has
B. was
C. haven’t
D. hasn’t
E. doesn’t
282. … we ever met Simon’s wife?
A. Has
B. Don’t
C. Won’t
D. Have
E. Do

283. He told me his name but I … it.

A. forget
B. has forgotten
C. will forget
D. have forgotten
E. forgets

284. Tom can’t get into the house because he … his key.
A. have lost
B. will have lost
C. has lost
D. lost
E. lose

285. You have done a lot of work today, …?

A. don’t you
B. didn’t you
C. haven’t you
D. have you
E. will you

286. She has lived in London for seven years, …?

A. doesn’t she
B. has she
C. hasn’t she
D. had she
E. didn’t she

287. I was sure that you … her address.

A. knew
B. know
C. knows
D. will know
E. have known

288. She said that she … and could not work any more.
A. was tired
B. is tired
C. has been tired
D. were tired
E. are tired

289. She asked me what holidays … .

A. did I like
B. I liked
C. have I liked
D. I like
E. had I liked

290. The doctor told the patient … more fruit and vegetables.
A. eating
B. eat
C. to eat
D. ate
E. has eaten

291. What was the result of the dispute you … in?

A. are
B. is
C. have been
D. will be
E. were

292. Ancient people didn’t know that the Earth … around the
A. goes
B. go
C. went
D. will go
E. would go
293. It was evident that water … at temperature of 100 degrees.
A. boil
B. boiled
C. boils
D. has boiled
E. is boiling

294. Jack said that he … his new job.

A. is enjoying
B. was enjoying
C. will be enjoying
D. will have been enjoying
E. enjoys

295. The doctor told the patient … the instructions before taking
the medicine.
A. read
B. reading
C. to read
D. would read
E. had read

296. Mrs.Taylor informed us that she … able to come to the next

A. will not be
B. is not
C. had not been
D. would not be
E. has not been

297. A new bridge makes the idea of joining the towns more … .
A. attract
B. attraction
C. attractive
D. attracts
E. to attract

298. … have to plan their journeys weeks or even months before
they leave.
A. Travel
B. Travels
C. Travelling
D. Travellers
E. Travelled

299. In the 1950’s engineers again … on plans for a Channel link.

A. work
B. worked
C. worker
D. working
E. works

300. With the … of television the life of people became more

A. invention
B. invent
C. inventor
D. invented
E. invents


1 A 51 D 101 E 151 E 201 C 251 D

2 C 52 A 102 A 152 A 202 B 252 E
3 A 53 B 103 C 153 C 203 B 253 C
4 D 54 C 104 B 154 A 204 B 254 B
5 B 55 B 105 B 155 B 205 C 255 A
6 A 56 A 106 E 156 A 206 A 256 B
7 A 57 E 107 A 157 A 207 E 257 A
8 B 58 A 108 A 158 A 208 E 258 C
9 B 59 A 109 D 159 B 209 D 259 D
10 C 60 A 110 C 160 D 210 C 260 A
11 C 61 C 111 E 161 A 211 C 261 D
12 E 62 D 112 E 162 C 212 A 262 D
13 A 63 B 113 A 163 D 213 C 263 D
14 D 64 E 114 B 164 A 214 A 264 C
15 E 65 D 115 B 165 D 215 B 265 C
16 B 66 A 116 C 166 A 216 A 266 C
17 A 67 C 117 A 167 C 217 B 267 A
18 B 68 A 118 A 168 D 218 C 268 A
19 A 69 A 119 B 169 C 219 C 269 B
20 A 70 B 120 C 170 D 220 B 270 C
21 D 71 E 121 D 171 A 221 B 271 B
22 C 72 B 122 A 172 A 222 D 272 C
23 D 73 C 123 E 173 A 223 A 273 C
24 C 74 A 124 D 174 A 224 C 274 D
25 E 75 D 125 E 175 A 225 C 275 C
26 B 76 A 126 A 176 C 226 D 276 C
27 C 77 B 127 C 177 C 227 B 277 A
28 A 78 A 128 B 178 A 228 A 278 D
29 D 79 B 129 A 179 C 229 A 279 B
30 A 80 C 130 A 180 B 230 C 280 B
31 A 81 D 131 E 181 D 231 A 281 B
32 E 82 E 132 E 182 D 232 A 282 A
33 B 83 D 133 E 183 A 233 C 283 B
34 C 84 C 134 E 184 D 234 E 284 A
35 D 85 A 135 C 185 D 235 B 285 D
36 A 86 A 136 A 186 B 236 E 286 A
37 D 87 E 137 E 187 C 237 A 287 B
38 C 88 C 138 D 188 C 238 D 288 C

39 C 89 C 139 A 189 C 239 C 289 D
40 A 90 D 140 C 190 A 240 E 290 B
41 B 91 A 141 C 191 A 241 C 291 E
42 A 92 A 142 A 192 B 242 A 292 A
43 C 93 A 143 C 193 A 243 E 293 C
44 C 94 A 144 C 194 C 244 A 294 B
45 B 95 C 145 D 195 A 245 A 295 C
46 B 96 A 146 E 196 A 246 A 296 D
47 A 97 C 147 A 197 B 247 C 297 C
48 E 98 B 148 B 198 D 248 D 298 D
49 C 99 A 149 A 199 A 249 A 299 B
50 A 100 A 150 D 200 B 250 D 300 A


CHOOSE THE RIGHT ANSWER .............................................. 3

KEYS ON MARKET LEADER ELEMENTARY .........................60

VOCABULARY .......................................................................... 62


Еducational issue


Compiled by:
Akshalova Bakhytkul Nadirbekovna
Tleugabylova Zeinegul Anapiyaevna

Typesetting and cover design K. Umirbekova

IB No.9794
Signed for publishing 27.05.2020. Format 60x84 1/16.
Offset paper. Digital printing. Volume 7,75 printer’s sheet. 130 copies.
Order No. 2293. Publishing house «Qazaq university» Al-Farabi Kazakh
National University KazNU, 71 Al-Farabi, 050040, Almaty
Printed in the printing office of the «Qazaq university» publishing house.

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