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Survey Questionnaire

Preliminary Information
Company’s Name Colgate Palmolive (Pakistan) Limited
Respondent’s Name Adeel H Jafri
Position (Title) Sr. Manager Budget & Planning
Last Qualification
(with Major)
How long has respondent been
1.5 years
working in the current job?
Contact Number 0301-8268339

Company profile:
Sector FMCG
Annual sales (As at F.Y 2008) Rs 8,976 million
Total Asset (As at F.Y 2008) Rs 3,138 million
Number of Products being produced More than 150 SKUs
Export sales ratio 1

1. Please check the following techniques as used in your company on the given
Management accounting
techniques Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Full Costing Y
Standard Costing Y
Job order Costing Y
Process Costing Y
variable Costing Y
Material Resource
Cost volume profit
Budgeting Y
Activity based costing Y
Activity based
Target Costing Y
Kaizen Costing Y
Value Added Accounting Y
Life cycle costing Y
Balanced score card Y
Back Flush costing Y
Throughput costing Y
Cost of Quality Y
Just in time Y
Economic value added Y
Target cost planning Y
Cost modeling Y
Strategic management

2. Please indicate the usage of Capital Budgeting techniques in your company and
rank the importance of each according to the scale given below:
Usage 1 2 3 4 5
Net Present Value (NPV) Y
Payback Period (PP) Y
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Y
Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR)
Accounting rate of return (ARR)
Profitability Index (PI)

1. Much less important 2.Less important 3. Important 4. More important 5.Much

more important
3. How do you see the usefulness of cost accounting data with respect to managerial
activities below (1.Much less important 2.Less important 3. Important 4. More important
5.Much more important).

1 2 3 4 5
• Decision making Y
• Budget and budgetary control Y
• Cost Management Y
• Producer pricing Y
• Preparation of financial statement Y

• Performance evaluation Y
4. How will you rate the importance of the following purposes of standard costing
(1.Much less important 2.Less important 3. Important 4. More important 5.Much more
1 2 3 4 5
• Product cost Y
• Budget Y
• Inventory valuation Y
• Management control Y
• Cost control Y
• Cost reduction Y
• Simplification of
book-keeping Y

5. Which quantitative techniques are used in your firm?

Y Forecasting techniques
Statistical analysis
Input-Output analysis
Inventory models
Spreadsheet analysis

6. Is the present system helpful in performing accurate profit analysis?

Y By product
By process
By department
By customers

7. Which of the following methods of cost allocation are used in your company?
Reciprocal method
Y Step down method
Direct method

8. Which of the following basis is used for overhead allocation?

Y Direct labour hours/cost
Y Machine hours
Y units of output
Direct material cost

9. What percentage of your total cost is allocated to over heads?

Less then 25%

Y 25%-50%
More then 75%
10. Which performance evaluation measure is used in your organization?

Y Return on investment
Residual income
Y Return on sales
Accounting rate of return

11. Which production process is used in your company?

Y continuous
Job shop order

12. Has your company changed/revised cost accounting system in the last 5 years?
Y Yes

13. What is the degree of competition in your industry?

Slight Moderate Strong Y Severe

14. How will the following factors affect sales of your company on a scale ranging
from 1 (very low) to 5 (very high)
Very Low Low Normal High VeryHigh
Product price
Product range
Product quality
New product introduction
Technological change
Changes in government regulation
Advertising and promotion
After sales service

Thank you for the cooperation and taking out time from your busy schedule. We assure
you on behalf of The Institute of Business Management that only the aggregate responses
in this survey will be published in the Pakistan Business Review, an in house accredited
research journal.