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(программа академического бакалавриата)

44.03.01 Педагогическое образование

Направленность (профиль) «Дополнительное образование
(менеджмент образовательных услуг)»

Б. 1.9.1 Модуль "Основы профессионального общения на иностранном языке".

Грамматические аспекты иноязычной коммуникации

Квалификация выпускника: бакалавр

Форма обучения: очная

Приложение 1
Типовые задания для проведения процедур оценивания результатов освоения дисциплины в
ходе текущего контроля, шкалы и критерии оценивания


1. Типовые задания по темам

2. Типовые задания для инвариантной самостоятельной работы
3. Типовые задания для вариативной самостоятельной работы

1. Типовые задания по грамматическим темам

Выполнение заданий предполагает следующие виды деятельности:

 выявление грамматических ошибок в иноязычной речи;

 решение грамматических и лексических задач.

Критерий оценивания. Текущая аттестация обучающихся осуществляется в форме выполнения

грамматических упражнения и заданий. Проводится оценка компетенций, сформированных по
Тестирование: проверяет умение обучающихся извлекать необходимую информацию из
письменных иноязычных текстов, практическое владение лексико-грамматическим языковым
материалом, усвоение которого предусмотрено темой (Таблица 3). Цель теста – контроль степени
сформированности компетенций, предусмотренные программой.
Успешное прохождение теста предполагает свыше 60% правильных ответов.

I. Choose the correct word for each sentence
1. People _____many ways to move goods into cities; but they have not made much progress in
moving waste materials out.
a) have included b) have done c) have devised d) have invented
2. This test _____ a number of questions.
a) composes of b) comprises in c) consists of d) consists in
3. I _____ that you are busy but perhaps you could help me for a moment.
a) realize b) understand c) achieve d) recognize
4. A lot of _____ are advertised in newspapers.
a) works b) positions c) jobs d) posts
5. St. Petersburg was named … Peter, the saint patron of the city.
a) for b)after c) with d) by
6. They have never been to Paris …, … they?
a) too,have b) either, haven’t c) too, haven’t d) either, have
7. He is very good … languages. He knows more …
a) in, than b) at, as c) at, than d) at, then
8. After graduating … the University she intended to work … a teacher.
a) - , as b)from, as c) from, like d) - , like

II. Match the word in Column A with the dictionary definitions in Column B
1) mark-up a) to put money, effort, time, etc. into something to make a profit or get an
2) order b) to request to be supplied with
3) contract c) a particular country or area where a company sells its goods or where a
particular type of goods is sold
4) invest d) a raise in the price of an item for sale
5) consume e) a set of questions that you ask a large number of people in order to find
out about their opinions or behaviour
6) discount f) a legal document that states and explains a formal agreementbetween two
different people or groups, or the agreement itself
7) market g) a reduction in the usual price of something
8) survey h) to use time, energy, goods, etc.

III. Choose the right answer:

1. No matter how___ I tried, I ____manage it.
a) hard, couldn't b) hardly, would c) hard, can d) hardly, can't
2. I’m sure she'll be looking forward to ____from you!
a) hearing b) to hear c) to be hearing d) to have heard
3. I'm not sure when they _____us.
a) will visit b) are visiting c) will have visited d) visit
4. – I feel very tired.
– How can you be tired? You ... a thing all day.
a) haven't been doing b) aren't doing c) haven't done d) don’t do
5. Do you mind _____ such a long way to work every day?
a) travelling b) to travel c) travelled d) travel
6. He felt that he _____ do something.
a) had to b) has to c) will have to d) have to
7. Science _____ an important place in the life of human society.
a) is occupied b) occupies c) occupying d) occupy
8. Kate was very pleased to see Nora again after such a long time. She … her school friend for five
a) hasn’t seen b) didn’t see c) hadn’t seen d) wasn’t seen
9. When he … that letter to his colleague he suddenly remembered that he didn’t know the exact
a) was writing b) wrote c) writes d) has written
10. Professor Asher … another lecture at the same time next week.
a) will give b) givesc) will be giving d) would give

2. Типовые задания для инвариантной самостоятельной работы

Выполнение заданий инвариантной самостоятельной работы предполагает следующие виды

 оформление информаций в виде перевода или резюме;
 решение грамматических и лексических задач.
 работа со словарем.
Критерий оценивания. Задание по инвариантной самостоятельной работе считается
выполненным, если:
 обучающийся выполнил задание в назначенный срок;
 правильность выполнения задания соответствует отметке «зачтено» (шкалы оценивания
приведены в разделе 1 Приложения 1), или же выше 60%, если задание выполняется в СДО

Примеры инвариантной самостоятельной работы (английский язык)

1. Listen to the audio file several times and repeat it to yourself untill getting fluent. Notice the use of the
Present Simple.
The drummer Pres. Simple.mp3
2. Fill in the gaps of the interview transcript using the audio file (type in your response).
Todd: So Tres, you ______(to be) a drummer.
Tres: Yes, I ________(to be) indeed. And for all that negative baggage that _________(to come) with that
term, yes I ________(to be) a drummer.
Todd: Wait wait, so you say that there’s negative terms that ________(to go) with being a drummer?
Tres: Well sometimes when people ________(to hear) “oh they’re a musician” you know, “oh you better
watch out for them”. Yeah, it’s true.
Todd: OK. Well, what kind of drums _________ you play?
Tres: I grew up playing in punk bands, mostly because those were the only bands scouting for drummers
at the time. However, what I enjoy playing is funk, jazz, blues and salsa, specifically Cuban salsa.
Todd: OK. Now, so for the different types of music that you ________, _______ you always use the drum
sticks, or ________ you sometimes just use your hands?
Tres: When I ________ on a drum set, I either _________ drum sticks or a bundle of sticks that are really
small called hot rods, or brushes. Usually if I’m doing a jazz piece or a very soft acoustic set, I’ll use
brushes. If I’m using other percussion instruments, for example a jimbei, then of course I ______ my
Todd: What’s a jimbei?
Tres: Jimbei _________ a large drum that _________ from West Africa. And you ________ with your
hands using various African poly-rhythms. And lately, a lot of Western drummers have picked up the
drum, and have fused Western rhythms along with African and Latin poly-rhythms. So it’s a very fun, but
very difficult instrument to play.
Todd: What _______ you prefer, using the sticks, or the hot rods or using your hands.
Tres: Again it ________ (to depend) on the music that I’m playing. I ________(to enjoy) playing in
general. My preference would be playing the drum set with the sticks, just because I really ________ the
more rocky-fusion-type-jazz, the more avant guard type stuff. And I also ________ salsa, which usually,
you know you have your clave, which is a little wooden-like block. And your calmo, and you also
________(to have) timbales, which ________(to be) two drums that you hit on. Sorry for the bad
Todd: That’s OK. When you’re playing the drums, ________ you ever lose a drum stick?
Tres: I have in the past, yeah. Those question you’re asking ________(to be) very very embarrassing for a
drummer to answer. But yes, sometimes I’ve thrown them into the audience, usually on purpose. But
occasionally, a drummer will lose a drum stick. So you usually ________ a pouch that you’ll put either
next to your high hat, which are two symbols that you _________ and close with your foot, or next to a
fore tomb which is the large drum that _________(to sit) on the ground. So you _______ extra sticks that
you can grab when you need them.
Todd: Sounds cool.
Tres: Very cool.
(программа академического бакалавриата)

44.03.01 Педагогическое образование

Направленность (профиль) «Дополнительное образование
(менеджмент образовательных услуг)»

Б. 1.9.1 Модуль "Основы профессионального общения на иностранном языке".

Грамматические аспекты иноязычной коммуникации

Квалификация выпускника: бакалавр

Форма обучения: очная

Приложение 2
Типовые задания для проведения процедур оценивания результатов освоения дисциплины в
ходе промежуточного контроля


1. Процедура промежуточной аттестации

2. Шкала и критерии оценивания
3. Примеры тестов

1. Процедура промежуточной аттестации

Промежуточная аттестация проводится в виде зачета, в ходе которой проверяется степень

сформированности компетенций, предусмотренных программой.

Зачет осуществляется в виде итогового теста.

Тест состоит из 3-х частей A, B, C и формируется согласно пройденным темам. Часть A содержит
задания на контроль понимания текста; часть B – задания на контроль знания лексики по
изученным темам; часть С – задания на контроль навыков оперирования изученным
грамматическим материалом.

Время выполнения теста – 60 минут.

Тематика и лексико-грамматическое содержание тестов определяется изученным материалом.

2. Шкала и критерии оценивания

Зачтено Не зачтено
60% или свыше 60% правильных ответов по 59% или менее 59% правильных ответов по
итогам тестирования итогам тестирования

3. Примеры тестов

Материалы к промежуточной аттестации (зачет)

Тест № 1

Answer all the questions. There is one mark per question.

Complete the e-mail with the words in the box.
deeply early however definitely pretty hard utterly frankly
unfortunately very much

To: Jo Hills

From: Marketing Executive

Subject: Conference presentation

I know you’re on a business trip later this week so can’t be at the meeting on Friday when we will
(1)__________ be choosing the key speaker for the annual conference. (2)__________, although I tried to
change the date of the meeting, it was (3)__________ impossible due to other commitments.
(4)__________, if you can send everyone an outline of your presentation (5)__________ tomorrow
morning, it will be given the same consideration as the other candidates’. (6)__________, I like the ideas
you outlined to me last week (7)__________ and I can see how (8)__________ you’ve worked on it. I
know that last year you were (9)__________ disappointed when you weren’t chosen to give the key
presentation but I think you’ve got a (10)__________ good chance this year.
Choose the best word to complete the sentences.
11 Your _____ is very important because the way you sit or stand can indicate how confident you

a) gesture b) standing c) posture d) mannerism

12 A successful networker knows how to _____ existing contacts without appearing to be sleazy.

a) leverage b) flick c) adjust d) lean

13 People who are _____ are happy to help without expecting anything in return.

a) negative b) selfless c) careful d) inspirational

14 The lack of _____ made his talk sound very boring.

a) distraction b) charge c) adjustment d) intonation

15 You don’t want to appear too _____ when trying to develop contacts because no one likes to feel
they are being used.

a) doubtful b) manipulative c) useful d) sociable

16 He always _____ when he listens to presentations. He just can’t keep still.

a) fidgets b) adjusts c) distracts d) nods

17 The director _____ his head in agreement with the speaker.

a) shook b) slouched c) wandered d) nodded

18 The way the speaker kept clicking his fingers became a _____ for most of the audience.

a) adjustment b) distraction c) modulation d) leverage

19 I _____ into a colleague I hadn’t seen in years at the conference last week.

a) faced b) met c) bumped d) wandered

20 The presenter was standing behind the _____ where he had placed all his notes.

a) lectern b) space c) PowerPoint d) network

A Match the sentence beginnings (21–25) with the best endings (a–e).
21 Could you a) you know of any good places to eat?

22 Do you mind me asking b) you should say that.

23 It’s funny c) do me a favour please?

24 I don’t suppose d) where you’re from?

25 Do give me a ring e) when you get back, won’t you?

B Complete the e-mail using the words in brackets.

To: John Fellows

From: Javier Suarez

Subject: Business Today Speaker

Dear Mr Fellows

Thank you for your e-mail. I am writing to confirm that I (26)____________________ (delighted) to give
a talk to the local business community at the conference in November. (27)____________________
(please/attach) my completed speaker’s proposal form, as requested. I also confirm that I
(28)____________________ (like/attend) the charity dinner on the last day. I
(29)____________________ (grateful) if you could also organise four nights’ accommodation for me.

If you have any questions about my talk, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I (30)____________________ (forward/meet) you at the conference.

Тест № 2

Answer all the questions. There is one mark per question.

Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Today many people have what is known as a portfolio career. The advantage for most people is that by
(1)__________ (work) for a variety of employers or clients, no one of them has complete power over you.
Many people are working on several individual projects at any one time in a bid (2)__________ (survive).
But a (3)__________ (grow) numbers of professionals are choosing to set up as portfolio workers,
(4)__________ (rely) on a series of ‘gigs’ rather than a job for life. However, it is not roses all the way as
a freelancer’s life can be uncertain, working three times as hard for the same money as a salaried
employee, not (5)__________ (get) any holiday pay or pension. Unless you are good at (6)__________
(sell) yourself to potential clients and don’t mind the insecurity of not (7)__________ (know) where the
next pay cheque is coming from, then this kind of work is not for you. However, some people really enjoy
the challenge of (8)__________ (work) under pressure. In the portfolio world of work there is a zero-
tolerance attitude to (9)__________ (be) late. Fail once and you’ll never be given work from that source
again. But what you do get is the freedom (10)__________ (pick) and choose to work at a time to suit

A Choose the best words to complete these sentences.
11 Many people __________ several different jobs these days.

a) bid b) juggle c) graft d) work

12 Hi-tech and education services are two of the sectors known as __________ industries.

a) one-off b) high-value c) work-life d) part-time

13 One person interviewed about portfolio careers, painted a very __________ picture of a
freelancer’s life. She was very disillusioned.

a) lucrative b) complicated c) faint d) bleak

14 He’s been working on bits and __________ this week.

a) parts b) sections c) pieces d) things

15 I would say that this kind of job isn’t for the __________. You have to be pretty tough.

a) freedom b) fainthearted c) responsible d) technical

B Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
16 While his commitment to the job was obvious, he wasn’t as _______________ (dispense) as he

17 Their _______________ (responsible) led to the collapse of the bank.

18 My job is particularly _______________ (reward) in terms of the satisfaction I get from it.

19 The high _______________ (employ) figures are very worrying for the current government.

20 I find the _______________ (predict) of a 9-to-5 job very disheartening. Every day seems to be
the same.

A Match the expressions to their use (a–c).You will need to use some expressions more than
a) paraphrase and summarise

b) show understanding
c) encourage someone to keep talking

21 You sound as if you’re disappointed. _____

22 So what you’re saying is … _____

23 I appreciate how you feel, Philip. _____

24 I’m listening. Please go on. _____

25 So, your point is that the schedule is unrealistic. Is that it? _____

B Complete the notes about avoiding conflict when writing e-mails with the correct words.
The first letter is given.
Points to remember:

26 Don’t always believe your first i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

27 Think about other possible i _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

28 Think how your message could be misunderstood and c _ _ _ _ _ _ what you mean.

29 Ask open, n _ _ _ _ _ _ questions if you want to find out something.

30 Don’t write questions such as ‘How could you p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ charge us twice for the wrong
goods? It’s totally unacceptable.’

Тест № 3

Answer all the questions. There is one mark per question.

A Complete the presentation extract with the rhetorical questions (a–f). You will not need all
the rhetorical questions.
a) Is it suitable for all kinds of organisations?

b) So how easy is it to get started?

c) Does it really transform the way a company functions?

d) So what do we mean by cloud computing?

e) Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

f) Why has it become so popular?

Cloud computing has transformed the way business is done. As organisations are increasingly looking to
improve operational efficiency and costs, they have turned to cloud technology. This enables them to
reduce capital investment in servers and data and to pay only for the services they use instead of
maintaining expensive IT systems, whose capacity is largely wasted.

(1)_____ A network of external computers make up what is called a ‘cloud’ to handle large amounts of
data which, until that point, had been handled by the company computers. As a result, the number of
software applications required by a company to handle their data decreases. All they need is the cloud
computing interface software, which may just be a Web browser.

(2)_____ If your company handles vast amounts of data and has an expensive IT system not being used to
capacity, then the answer is yes. By only purchasing the specific functions needed, money is saved. Cloud
technology is very flexible as it allows the system to cope with peak in demand without having to
maintain the capacity all the time.

(3)_____ Executives today are familiar with social networking sites, where pictures, music and all kinds
of data are stored remotely, and they expect to have the same facilities at work.

(4)_____ Perhaps it does and there are, quite naturally, concerns, especially with regard to security of data
and privacy, but most of the issues have been dealt with now and companies can be satisfied that highly-
sensitive data will be safe.

(5)_____ Most office-based applications already have a cloud option so this is a good way to experience
it for the first time. Another option is to outsource one specific operating or business function and test
only that with a cloud provider. Then if the results are good, more functions can be outsourced this way.

B Complete these informal figures of speech. The first letter has been provided for you.
6 A Can you buy me a Mercedes sports car for my birthday?

B Do I l_____ l_____ I’m m_____ of m_____?

7 A Banks are making it even more difficult to borrow money.

B So w_____ e_____ is new?

8 A Another new competitor has come into this market.

B Is it just m_____ o_____ are there new competitors jumping on the bandwagon every

9 A What sort of timescale are we looking at for the repair.

B How long is a p_____ of s_____? It depends on what the problem is.

10 A I think we should speak to the boss about this.

B What’s t_____ u_____? He never listens.

Complete the paragraph with the words in the box.
downturns hidebound fast-moving resilience thrive free-flowing
adaptive expansion alive diversity
The international (11)_________________ strategy which our company has been following has paid huge
dividends in the geographic (12) _________________ we now have, spanning all the continents. In this
(13) _________________ world, it is important to keep up-to-date with changes and maintain (14)
_________________ advantage. Inflexible, (15) _________________ companies soon get left behind.
Being (16) _________________ to social change and shifting customer preferences is vital and
corporations that succeed are more (17) _________________, able to change direction very quickly.
Businesses that (18) _________________ during (19) _________________ show an incredible (20)
_________________ which is what differentiates those that survive and those that don’t.

A Match the sentence beginnings with the best endings.
21 Who’d like to get a) the words out of my mouth.

22 I’m thinking along b) judgement until later.

23 You’ve taken c) there are no bad ideas.

24 The rule is d) the ball rolling.

25 Try and suspend e) the lines of price reduction.

B Complete the notes about writing a mission statement with the words in the box.
speech power choose purpose brevity jargon gather precise meaning hone

26 _____________ ideas and suggestions and _____________ them.

27 Create a _____________ statement of _____________.

28 _____________ words for _____________, not beauty or cleverness.

29 Use plain _____________, not technical _____________.

30 _____________ and simplicity equals _____________.

Тест № 4
Answer all the questions. There is one mark per question.
Complete the article with the words and phrases in the box.
poured grass-roots flood scored a victory back to health firefighting
backfired hopping mad counter-offensive fuelled
Many big companies today have teams of people whose job is (1)_____________ with regard to issues
caused by social media: i.e. dealing with and solving any problems. A few complaints to customer
services can become a veritable (2)_____________, as customers use social networking sites to air their
views. Rumours are easily (3)_____________ and become the accepted truth. However, companies that
monitor online discussions can quickly plan a (4)_____________ to limit any damage.

Two years ago we (5) _____________ money into our social media team to spread (6)_____________
interest in our products and it was working very well until recently when it (7)_____________ on us. Our
CEO was (8)_____________ when he heard that online communities were saying that our products were
unsafe for children – we manufacture and sell educational toys – and our main competitor must have been
laughing all the way to the bank, feeling it had (9)_____________ over us. As a result, sales fell
dramatically and we are all working very hard to get the company (10)_____________.

Choose the correct words to complete these sentences.
11 Retailers will start (monetising/engaging) their webpages by linking to other sites.

12 Global websites need to have very good (file sharing/signposting) because so many different
types of people from different countries will be using it.

13 Everything on the site has to be much more (homogenous/standard) to pull the company together
in a way that wasn’t necessary in the past.

14 If customers are dissatisfied, companies have to make (shifts/amends) as soon as possible or the
customers will take their business elsewhere.

15 Teams of people (defuse/trawl) the web looking for dissatisfied customers and the company
contacts them.

16 The president of our company (showed up/realised) unexpectedly in our office this morning.

17 It looks like the company is going to go bankrupt. Is there anything they can do to avoid this
(broadcasting/brewing) crisis.

18 When the crisis arose it was vital to (erupt/defuse) it as quickly as possible.

19 Everyone in the company has to be (attuned/engaged) to what people are saying about the
company online.

20 Our customers are geographically (dispersed/trawled) so the usability of the website is


A Match the sentences to the strategies (a–c). You will need to use some strategies more than
a) playing for time / delaying an answer

b) repeating ideas

c) saying you don’t know

21 I’m sorry, but that’s not really my field of research. _____

22 That’s an interesting question. _____

23 I don’t want to go into too much detail at this point. _____

24 As my colleague pointed out ... _____

25 Sorry could you repeat that, I don’t think everyone heard. _____

B Complete the tips for giving a presentation. The first letter of each missing word is given.

26 I__________ yourself.

27 Start with an a__________ grabber (a surprising fact or figure).

28 Make one main point – i__________ it with a few slides and examples.

29 B__________ each point down into three main concepts.

30 End on h__________ point (e.g. a quote, memorable image, or call for action).