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Skills: Use proper keyboarding techniques and operate a mouse; install and use basic software programs
for my teaching assignment; store and retrieve data from a computer; format and care for diskettes;
print a file or document; use proper procedures for logging in and out of LAN workstations; understand
LAN printing procedures; understand capacity requirements of floppy and hard disks for saving files; able
to complete a virus scan; navigate Windows 98 and XP; Copy, delete, and rename a file; troubleshoot
general hardware problems; troubleshoot general software problems; understand the proper startup
and shutdown of computers

'  41    


Skills: Know the names of common commercial packages used for word processing, database software,
and spreadsheet software; know the names of common commercial packages used for presentation and
publishing software; know the names of common computer packages used for communications/
telecommunications; know the names and functions of common commercial packages used for anti-virus
protection; know the function of digital cameras and optical scanners; know the function of a laser
disc/CD-ROM/DVD player, LCD projector, digital camera, and VCR; know the terms cursor, ROM and
RAM memory, hard disk storage, and floppy disk storage; know the names and functions of computer to
TV interface boxes; know the names of technology to deliver course material via TV in distance learning
programs; understand the basics of computer theory

'  51      

Skills: Use word processor software to enhance communication to students, parents, and community; use
database software to store records, sort data, print reports; use spreadsheet software to compute values
using formulas; use the graphics capability of a program to create and import an image into a document;
use the graphics capability of a program to create a line, bar, or pie graph; use telecommunications
software to collaborate and find resource materials; use desktop publishing software to create a flier,
banner, card, certificate, or newsletter; use multi-media software to create a presentation or lesson
materials; use technology for student assessment and classroom management

'  1   

Skills: Use a computer and modem/or permanent connection to access telecommunications resources
using a web browser; use the resources of a local area network; connect to a wide-area network to
access features like E-Mail; use search strategies to access and retrieve information from electronic
databases on the Internet and on media such as CD-ROM technology; use media such as electronic
encyclopedias to retrieve and select information on specific topics; use listservs to post and receive
information on specific topics; use browser functions to transfer files over the Internet

'  61            
Skills: Understand basic types and characteristics of effective instructional software for my teaching
assignment; use sources of information regarding technology-based learning resources for my teaching;
use instructional software as a teaching and learning resources for my teaching area and grade level;
evaluate educational software to determine appropriate content, ease of use, and system requirements;
locate sources of educational software for purchase considerations and locate independent review for
software evaluation; understand and implement all Virginia SOLs that require a technology component

'  :1    

Skills: Use software for managing instruction; incorporate word processing software into instruction;
incorporate spreadsheet software into instruction; incorporate database software into instruction;
incorporate telecommunications as a component of instruction; use a presentation and/or authoring
program to present a lesson or develop instructional materials
'  ;1       

Skills: Use technology resources to support student-centered instruction; use and/or understand
resources available concerning adaptive technology for special needs students; use technology resources
to support small group instruction; understand and use various one computer classroom
teaching/learning strategies; use a class-size computer lab as needed and when available for teaching
purposes; use computers in my classroom in clusters and/or mini labs as appropriate; effectively
demonstrate and use the capabilities of an automated media center

'  <1    


Skills: Understand copyright laws regarding computer software use and duplication; practice only legal
copying of software for approved purposes; identify forms of software licensing for schools; understand
issues concerning responsible uses of technology such as ͞acceptable use͟ policies for utilization of the
Internet and all Internet accessed sites; understand school policies for network use and Internet access
for student and adult users; understand differences between freeware, shareware, and commercial
software; understand how to correctly cite electronic sources


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