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2 • greenwich answerbook April 28, 2011


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6 • greenwich answerbook History April 28, 2011

What is the town’s history? whom were commuters) and the grand list was pegged at
In 1640 for the price of 25 coats, Daniel Patrick and Robert $2.8 million. This time period also saw the founding of the
Feake, settlers from Massachusetts, purchased from the Indians Greenwich Mutual Fire Insurance Company, a telegraph
all the land between the Patamuck Creek, which runs along the office in town, and steamboat service to New York City.
border of Greenwich and Stamford, and the Asamuck, which is Development of Riverside began.
the stream through Binney Park. Soon after, following a mas- During the latter part of this century, Greenwich found
sacre at the Indian village of Petuquapaen, English and Dutch itself a resort favored by New Yorkers in the summer. Hotels
settlers acquired more and larger land holdings. Settlements sprang up along the shore and when visitors decided to build
grew along the shore from Stamford to the Byram River and homes here, the areas of Belle Haven, Field Point Park, Byram
north to the New York State border. Within 50 years there were Shore and Rock Ridge were created. The wealthy found a lot
52 landowners in Greenwich and by 1730, the boundaries that to like here and estates bearing the names Benedict, Bruce,
comprise present day Greenwich were laid out. Converse, Gimbel, Havemeyer, Mallory, Milbank, Rockefeller,
For its first 200 years, farming was the town’s major enter- and Teagle were built. Farmland began to give way to devel-
prise, but here and there gristmills, sawmills, and cornmills opments.
sprang up on local brooks and rivers. Shipping became active Greenwich experienced growing pains during the early 20th
along the Mianus River. In the decade before the American century, with the construction of the much-maligned Cos Cob
Revolution, the town’s population numbered 2,021 whites and power plant, overcrowded schools, poor roads, and unhealthy
52 blacks. sewage disposal. But there was also progress, with a trolley
During the Revolutionary War, Greenwich sided with the from Rye to Stamford going through Greenwich and the con-
colonists and became a garrison town. Raids by Tories from struction of a modern hospital, the YWCA, YMCA, a new post
New York and Long Island were frequent. General Tryon’s office, and the Bruce Museum.
men looted and burned the town. By the end of World War I the automobile became king, but
The turn of the 19th century saw the establishment of a not without incident. There were 800 car accidents in one year
town library. Greenwich also became a tollgate along the Post and parking was a problem. The Merritt Parkway cut through
Road. During the first half of this century industry increased Greenwich in 1938, followed by I-95 in 1957.
with the establishment of the Iron Works, also known as the The ensuing suburban sprawl of families escaping the cities
Rolling Mills, but life in Greenwich was forever changed with once again swelled the population. Some of the grand estates
the advent of the railroad in 1848. In addition to increasing the were cut up into subdivisions. The school system was consoli-
ease of transportation, the railroad brought many immigrants: dated and town government was reorganized. Major compa-
Irish railroad workers, Italian stonemasons and millworkers, nies including American Can and Avco established headquar-
German foundry workers, and Polish factory workers. ters in town.
By 1860, the population increased to 6,500 (only 20 of The second half of the 20th century found Greenwich tak-

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April 28, 2011 History greenwich answerbook • 7

ing a look backward, and establishing two local historic dis-

tricts. Land for parks and conservation was also set aside.
The information above is adapted from A Short History
of Greenwich, Conn. and Greenwich Historical Collections,
January 1976, Bicentennial Issue from The Historical Society
of the Town of Greenwich

What are some historic points of interest?

Bush-Holley Historic Site at 39 Strickland Avenue is the
home of the Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich.
Although the Bush-Holley House dates from the early 1700s, Where People Go To
exhibits focus on various aspects of Greenwich and American
history. For information, call 203-869-6899 or visit online at FInd a Wide Selection of
hstg.org. (See also the Entertainment chapter.)
Putnam Cottage, also known as Knapp’s Tavern, is at Beautiful Plants, Locally
243 East Putnam Avenue. It is believed to have been built by
Timothy Knapp in the early 1700s as a home, although later Grown Products, and
in the century it was used as a tavern and meeting place for
Freemasons. It was home to General Israel Putnam during the Expert Advice Since 1930.
American Revolution. It has been restored to this time period.
For information, call 203-869-9697 or visit online at putnam-
cottage.org. ����������������������������������������������

Are there any historic districts in town?

Greenwich has seven historic districts listed on the National
and State Registers of Historic Places and two local historic
districts. They include:
Fourth Ward Historic District (1840-1925): 36-37 Church
Street, 3-33 Division Street, 10-79 North Field Street, 1-3
Putnam Court, 15-90 Sherwood Place, 11-83 William Street.
Greenwich Avenue Historic District (1878-1940): 20-26
Bruce Park Avenue, 11 Bruce Place, 15-20 East Elm Street,
1-55 East Putnam Avenue, 101 Field Point Road, 2-414
Greenwich Avenue, 2-10 Grigg Street, 5-28 Havemeyer Place,
2-4 Lafayette Court, 18 Lafayette Place, 23-55 Lewis Street,
230 Mason Street, 85-99 Railroad Avenue,, 5-15 West Elm ����������������������������������������������
Street, 1-30 West Putnam Avenue.
Greenwich Municipal Center Historic District (1893-
1938): 101 Field Point Road; 290-310 Greenwich Avenue; 5,
27 Havemeyer Place.
John Street-Round Hill District (1728-1925): 5, 7 John
Street; 456-464 Round Hill Road.
Merritt Parkway (1934-1938): Route 15 and right-of-way
between state line and Housatonic River bridge.
Putnam Hill Historic District (1730-1909): 139-279 East
Putnam Avenue, 23-48 Maple Avenue, 25-42 Old Church
Road, 7 Park Place.
Strickland Road Historic District (1738-1938): 3-10 ����������������������������������������������
Loughlin Avenue, 9-43 Strickland Road.
Strickland Road Historic District (1738-1976): 1-11 Mill
Pond Road, 14, 25-47 Strickland Road.

What are the oldest houses in town?

Greenwich is blessed with having a number of historic
homes. The oldest house in town is the Thomas Lyon House
at 1 Byram Road. It dates from about 1690 and is on the
National Register of Historic Places. Next in line appear
to be the Mills-Fitch House at 42 Old Church Road from
about 1710; the Samuel Rundle House at 951 Lake Avenue
from about 1720; the Bullis-Addington House at 211 West
Putnam Avenue from about 1723; the Bush-Holley House
at 39 Strickland Avenue and the Knapp’s Tavern (Putnam
Cottage) at 243 East Putnam Avenue, both from about 1730;
the Nathaniel Ferris House at 265 Taconic Road and Joseph ����������������������������������������������
Lyon House at 250 Weaver Street, both from about 1734; and �����������������
the Henry Franklin House at 216 John Street, from about
8 • greenwich answerbook History April 28, 2011

1735. Except for the Bush-Holley House and Knapp’s Tavern, Ye Historie of the Town of Greenwich by Spencer P. Mead
the other homes are all private residences. (1911, reprinted 1992, Picton Press, Camden, Maine.
Greenwich Before 2000 — A Chronology of the Town
Why do some houses have little plaques? of Greenwich 1640-1999 edited by Susan Richardson (The
The plaques are part of a program called Signs of the Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich , Greenwich,
Times, established by the Historical Society of the Town of 2000).
Greenwich. The program recognizes historically or architectur- Before & After 1776 — A Second Edition of the
ally significant buildings in town. Owners of eligible homes Comprehensive Chronology of the Town of Greenwich: 1640-
may enroll for a fee. The historical society conducts deed 1978 edited by Elizabeth W. Clark (2nd edition 1978, Young
research, photographs the house, and presents the owners with Offset Co. Inc.)
a plaque. Each spring there is an annual Signs of the Times Building Greenwich — Architecture and Design 1640 to the
Tea, during which the plaques are presented and there is a Present by Rachel Carley (The Historical Society of the Town
walking tour of a neighborhood. of Greenwich, printed with William S. Konecky and Assoc.)
Homes that participate in Signs of the Times have no
restrictions or protections placed on them in the way build- What is the role of the Greenwich historical society?
ings placed on state or national registers do. According to the The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich was
historical society, there were more than 260 buildings so docu- established in 1931. Its mission is to “collect and preserve
mented as of 2007. the cultural heritage and ongoing history of Greenwich and
provide a center for its enjoyment and study at Bush-Holley
Who watches over historic districts? Historic Site.” The society offers a number of publications
As far as town government is concerned, the Historic and educational programs, research opportunities, and mounts
District Commission keeps track of all activity in the local changing (along with its permanent) exhibitions at its historic
historic districts and properties in historic zones. The commis- house museum. It also documents the town’s historic land-
sion includes five volunteer commissioners and five volun- marks and sites. Executive director is Debra L. Mecky, Ph.D.
teer alternates who rule on all Certificate of Appropriateness For information, call 203-869-6899 or visit online at hstg.org.
applications. The members, who are nominated by the Board
of Selectmen and appointed by the RTM, also advise planning Is there a chapter of the Daughters of the American
and zoning when questions arise pertaining to historic build- Revolution?
ings. The group meets monthly. FiFi Sheridan is chairman Yes. The Putnam Hill chapter is based at Putnam
(203-532-1644). For information, call the Planning and Zoning Cottage, 243 East Putnam Avenue. It is the largest chap-
Department at 203-622-7894. ter in Connecticut and operates Putnam Cottage as a
museum. The regent is Katie Sumner Bacon, who can be
reached at ksbacon@optonline.net. For the registrar, e-mail
Are there any town histories? HAnde74486@aol.com. There is also the Mary Bush Society
Yes, there are four books, all of which are available through of the Children of the American Revolution.
the Greenwich Library:

How big is Greenwich? totals are: 50 to 64, 13,578 or 11.5% of the population; 5 to
Greenwich encompasses about 48 square miles in the 17, 10,725 or 9%; 65 or older, 9,741, or 8%, newborn to 4,
southwestern tip of Connecticut. It is bordered on the east by 3,779 and 18 to 24, 3,727, both at 3%.
Stamford; on the north by Armonk and North Castle, N.Y,; on Of the persons who are 25 or older, 62% (26,080) have
the west by Purchase, Rye Brook, and Port Chester, N.Y; and a bachelor’s degree or more, 17% (7,062) have just a high
on the south by the Long Island Sound. Greenwich enjoys 32 school diploma and 16% (6,795) have only attended “some
miles of coastline. college.”
There are five Zip codes: Riverside 06878; Old Greenwich The state’s population totals almost 3.5 million (up from 3.4
06870; Cos Cob 06807; Greenwich 06830; and 06831, which million in 2000) and Fairfield County’s was 898,137, up from
covers the northern areas of Greenwich including Glenville 883,706 in 2010 and 882,567 in 2000.
and Round Hill. The telephone area code is 203. The poverty rate (based on 2009 data) was 3.6% in
First Selectman Peter Tesei notes on the town’s Web site Greenwich, 7.5% in the county and 8.7% in the state.
that Greenwich has 8,000 acres of protected land, including
32 miles of coast. In a recent Robb Report, Greenwich was What is the town’s racial makeup?
ranked first among the top 10 places to live in America. The latest data show the town’s racial/ethnicity breakdown
as follows: white, 52,662; Hispanic (any race), 5,060; Asian
How many people live here? Pacific, 4,157; black, 1,495; Native American, 27; other/multi-
The Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s Town Profile race, 2,210.
for 2011 reported Greenwich’s population at 60,551, up from
59,484 in 2009 (and down from 61,101 in 2000). There were How many households are here?
31,399 females and 29,152 males. According to the 2011 town profile data, there were 22,804
The median age was 43 in Greenwich; it’s 40 in both households in Greenwich in 2010, up from 22,294 in 2009 and
Fairfield County and the state. In Greenwich, the largest per- down from 22,848 in 2008.
centage — 15.5% — fall within the 25 to 49 years old age
bracket, a total of 19,001 residents. Other age ranges and their
April 28, 2011 Demographics greenwich answerbook • 9

What is the median income? from the 133 units sold in 2008, when sales had declined 36%
The 2010 median household income in town was $130,498, from 208 units sold in 2007. In 2009, the average sale price
up from $126,278 in 2009, down from $127,930 in 2008. The decreased 1.13% to $918,754, down from $929,239 in 2008.
2010 median household income for the county was $77,620 The median price dropped 5.41% to $700,000 from $740,000.
and for the state, the figure was $65,686. Both county and Average multi-family home price was $689,863 in 2009
state median household income dropped from 2009 figures of when 16 were sold, compared to 17 in 2008. The average price
$82,184 and $68,055, respectively. dropped nearly 42% from $1.18 million in 2008 and median
price 17% to $647,500 from $781,250.
What’s the unemployment rate? Sources are Greenwich Multiple Listing Service, Greenwich
According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, as of Record of Real Estate Sales and searchGreenwich.net.
February 2011, Greenwich’s labor force totaled 30,422. Of that
number, 28,219 were employed and 2,203 were unemployed, How far is Greenwich from major cities?
for an unemployment rate of 7.2%, up from the 5.75% at the Greenwich is about 69 miles from Hartford, 161 miles
end of 2009, but below the state unemployment rate of 9.6% from Boston, and about 31 miles from New York City and 126
as of the end of February. miles from Providence.

What is the average price of a house here? What is the average temperature?
The average is about $2.2 million, according to Fitch Rat- January tends to be the coldest month with an average high
ings, a global agency that provides residential and commercial and low of 36 degrees F/21 degrees F. July tends to be the
property ratings. warmest month with an average high of 83 degrees F and an
The median price for a home in Greenwich was $1,590,000, average low of 65 degrees F.
according to the Connecticut Economic Resource Center’s The highest recorded temperature was 100 degrees F in
2011 town profile (based on 265 homes sold in 2009). The 1995. The lowest was -10 degrees F in 1979.
median house price in Fairfield County was $495,000 and in
the state, $265,000.
In 2010, 640 homes sold in Greenwich, as the Greenwich What is the average precipitation?
Post reported in February 2011. Of those, 242, or 37.9%, The maximum average precipitation, 4.73 inches, occurs in
closed for under $1 million, 166, or 26%, closed between $1 March, followed by September with a maximum average of
million and $1.995 million, 101, or 15.8%, closed between 4.7 inches of rain. The yearly average is 50.45 inches.
$2 million and $2.980 million, 53, or 8.3%, closed between
$3 million and $3.995 million, 35, or 5.5%, closed between
$4 million and $4.980 million, 12, or 1.9%, closed between
$5 million and $6 million, and 31, or 4.9%, closed over $6
million (13 of these closed between $10.250 million and $35
As 2011 began 41 properties sold between $279,800 and
$10 million. Of those, 39% closed under $1 million, 17.1%
sold between $1 million and $2 million, 19.5% sold between
$2 million and $3 million, 12.2% sold between $3 million and
$5 million, 9.8% sold in the $5 million range and one sold for
$10 million.
For single family homes, the average sale price in 2009
was $2.58 million, down 6.18% from 2008 to $2.75 million,
a drop of 8% from the previous year. In 2007, average price
was $2.97 million. Median sale price in 2009 was $1,595,000,
down 18.21% from $1,950,000 in 2008. In 2007, median sale
price was $2.1 million and in 2000, it was $995,000.
In 2009 in Greenwich, a total of 370 single family homes
were sold, dropping 20% from the 460 sold here in 2008. In
2007, 726 homes sold and in 2006, 727. Homes sold peaked
in the last decade at 978 in 2004, and had totaled 873 in 2000.
In 2009, the greatest number of single family homes — 52 —
were sold in the $2 million- to-$2.99 million range, followed
closely by 51 sold in the $1 million-to-$1.49 million range and
50 sold in the $750,000-to-$999,999 range.
Homes sold in the $400,000-to-$599,999 range (37 in 2009 ���������������������������������
as compared to 24 in 2008) surged by the highest percentage,
54%, for the year. Conversely, the biggest percentage decline �������������������������������������������������
— 45% — came in the $2 million-to-$2.99 million range, in
which the 52 were sold, compared to 94 in 2008.
In 2009, 43 homes in the greater than $5 million price ���������������������
range were sold, down from the 53 sold the year before when
this range had showed the biggest decline in 2008, 58%. Last ������������������� ������������������
year, only two homes sold for less than $400,000, one more ���������������������
than in 2008. ���������������������������
As for condominiums, 88 units sold in 2009, a drop of 45%
10 • greenwich answerbook April 28, 2011

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April 28, 2011 Town Government greenwich answerbook • 11

Where are town government offices? government to initiate legislation.

Most town offices are in Town Hall, which is at 101 Field
Point Road, Greenwich 06830. For information, call 203-622- Is the RTM’s word final?
7700. The town Web site is greenwichct.org. Office hours gen- No. A referendum may overrule RTM action on major finan-
erally are from 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday, although cial or civil matters. A petition of three percent of the town’s
some offices may open or close earlier or later. electorate collected within five days can trigger a town-wide
vote. If 25% of the town’s electorate votes to reduce an appro-
Who is the chief executive of the town? priation or nullify the legislation in question, the public vote
The first selectman is Peter Tesei, a Republican re-elected supersedes the RTM action.
to a second term in November 2009. He served on the Board
of Estimate and Taxation for 10 years; six years as chairman. When does the RTM meet?
His office is on the first floor of Town Hall and he can be There are eight regularly scheduled meetings, all at 8 p.m.
reached at 203-622-7710. He is a full-time chief executive at Central Middle School. Meeting schedules vary and can
officer of the town. change, so check the town Web site to double-check dates and
Among his duties are developing and submitting a town times. RTM members meet in committees on appointments,
budget, and overseeing a number of town departments includ- budget overview, education, finance, health and human servic-
ing fire, police, parks and recreation, parking services, public es, land use, legislative and rules, parks and recreation, public
works, and purchasing and administration. works, town services and transportation.
He is also chairman of the Board of Selectmen, described
as “the focal point of town government” which consists of Who may run for an RTM seat?
David Theis, a Republican, and Drew Marzullo, a Democrat. Any citizen of Greenwich who is registered to vote is eli-
Among its many duties are constituent work with the pub- gible to serve on the RTM. New candidates must file a petition
lic, and appointing members of the Housing Authority, Jury signed by at least 25 voters in their home district with the town
Committee, Shellfish Commission. It also nominates members clerk by mid-September of an election year (actual date varies
of a number of other boards that are then appointed by the year to year, so check with the town clerk’s office.) Mid-term
Representative Town Meeting (RTM). vacancies must be publicized by district chairs and will be
Under the direction of the first selectman is Town filled in a special election. Any voter of that district interested
Administrator John Crary, who is responsible for the day-to- in the seat should contact the district chair.
day administrative functions of the town.
What is the town budget?
Is there a directory of town officials? The 2010-11 municipal budget totals more than $355 mil-
Yes. There is a directory of officials on the town Web site, lion, up from almost $340 million in 2009-10. The breakdown
greenwichct.org, where residents may send e-mail messages to is as follows:
officials. A list of elected officials and primary staff members Town operating costs: $235 million (up 3.3%)
is in the Greenwich Answerbook. Schools: $131 million (up 4.4%)
Fixed charges: $78 million (up 14%)
What is the Representative Town Meeting? Capital: $29 million (up 4.8%)
The Representative Town Meeting, more commonly Further details: general government $19.5 million (up
referred to at the RTM, is the legislative body of the town, 1.6%); police: $18 million (up 1.5%); fire: $12.5 million
which gets its powers from the Town Charter. Greenwich has (up 2.2%); public works: $20 million (down 0.80%); social
used this form of government since 1933. The Greenwich services: $2.9 million (down 5.8%); health: $2.1 million (up
RTM consists of 230 members elected by voters in the town’s 1.8%); libraries: $9.95 million (down 0.31%) and parks and
12 districts. RTM delegates run on a nonpartisan basis, serve recreation: $9,5 million (down 2%).
without compensation, and are elected for a two-year term. Government expenditures per capita: $6,009 in 2010-11; up
RTM members are listed with their contact information on the from $5,652 in 2009-10, down from $5,930 in 2008-09.
town Web site greenwichct.org. The League of Women Voters Budget deliberations for 2011-12 are continuing at meet-
publishes a Directory of the Representative Town Meeting of ings this month and final recommendations are expected to be
Greenwich, which also lists all members. approved by the RTM later in the spring.
Although only elected representatives may vote, all town
citizens may and are encouraged to attend RTM meetings and What is the current tax rate in town?
may speak. In Connecticut, property tax rates are expressed in mills,
Moderator is Thomas J. Byrne and moderator pro tempore or thousandths of a dollar. The current tax rate is 8.596, or
is Joan E. Caldwell. Ex-officio members are the Board of .008596 expressed in decimal form. It results in the payment
Selectmen, the town clerk, the Board of Education chairman, of $8.596 for each $1,000 of a property’s assessed value. The
Board of Estimates and Taxation members and Town Attorney current tax rate increased 3.5% from the previous fiscal year.
John Wayne Fox. The Board of Estimate and Taxation sets the mill rate each
May, in time for the July tax bills. The board has committed to
What does the RTM do? holding the mill rate increase to its historic guidelines of 2% to
The RTM approves all town expenditures over $5,000; 4%, according to the budget report.
approves, reduces, and eliminates appropriations; approves or The per capita tax levy in 2010-11 is projected to be $4,713,
rejects nominations to town bodsies as made by the selectmen; up from $4,511 in 2009-10 and $4,271 in 2008-09.
decides whether the town shall accept federal or state funds for
town projects; creates special committees to deal with particu- What is a grand list?
lar subjects such as labor contracts or redistricting; acts as the A New England term, the grand list is the town’s tax base
final planning authority on municipal improvements; and initi- and reflects the assessed values of all taxable property in town.
ates and passes ordinances. It can also urge other branches of The assessor compiles it every Oct. 1.
12 • greenwich answerbook Town Government April 28, 2011

The 2010 grand list totals $30.5 billion, a decline of more What do I do if I think my assessment is unfair?
than 11% from the previous year, which was based on values You should first ask for an informal hearing with the
from 2005, the year of the last property revaluation. appraisers to correct any mistakes and better understand the
Previously at $34.4 billion, the assessments on residential, basis for the valuation. Appeals must be filed by Feb. 20. If
commercial, privately owned lots and cars lost about $4 bil- you still wish to contest your assessment, you may request a
lion in their total value. Residential assessments declined from formal hearing before the Board of Assessment Appeals. The
$27.7 billion to $24 billion. deadline each year is in mid-March. Appeals are held in April.
According to Fitch Ratings, a global agency that provides
residential and commercial property ratings, “The town’s How often is property revalued?
equalized net taxable grand list of $44 billion in 2011, the larg- The state requires each town must conduct a revaluation at
est of any municipality in Connecticut, is chiefly residential, least every five years. Greenwich completed its last revalua-
although a substantial commercial component is made up of tion for the Oct. 1, 2005 grand list. A revaluation took place
office space and high-end retail properties. A revaluation as last year. Taxes due in July 2011 and January 2012 will be
of October 2010 is estimated to result in an 11.6% reduction based upon the new Oct. 1, 2010 grand list.
in value as a result of property value declines since the last The revaluation was conducted by an outside firm under the
revaluation performed in 2005. Underlining the substantial direction of the assessor’s office. More information is available
tax base is a $2.2-million average home price and a very high at the assessor’s Web page on the town’s Web site.
market valuation per capita ratio of $704,480.”
Where and when do I pay my town taxes?
Who determines how much my house is worth for tax- You may pay your tax bills in one of three ways: online
ing purposes? or by telephone with a credit card (online at greenwichct.
Assessments are handled through the assessor’s office (203- org or by calling 1-800-272-9829, jurisdiction code 1730), by
622-7885) on the first floor of Town Hall. Assessments are mail with a check (Tax Collector, P.O. Box 3002, Greenwich
pegged at 70% of market value. 06836-3002), or at Town Hall with cash or check (Monday
through Friday, 8:30 to 3:30 at the tax collector’ office).
How do I find the assessed value of my home? Real estate, motor vehicle, and personal property taxes are
You may go into the assessor’s office for this information due July 1, and you have 30 days to pay. The second half of
or access the assessed value of any property in town online. real estate taxes and taxes on motor vehicles registered after
Go to the Assessor Ted Gwartney’s department’s Web page at Oct. 1 are due Jan. 1, payable within 30 days.
greenwichct.org. You may also call the office at 203-622-7885.
What happens if I don’t pay my taxes on time?
Failure to pay taxes results in an interest charged on the
unpaid balance at the annual rate of 18%, and a lien is placed
on the land records in the town clerk’s office, which prevents
any sale of property until taxes are paid.
If you do not receive a tax bill, you must contact the tax
collector’s office. Failure to receive a tax bill does not release
��� ��������������������� you from paying any taxes or interest for late payments.

Who is the tax collector?

Anthony Tod Laudonia is the Greenwich tax collector. His
office is on the first floor of Town Hall. The phone number is
203-622-7891. Phone hours are 8 to 4; window hours are 8:30
to 3:30.

������������������������� Can veterans, the elderly, disabled get tax breaks?

Yes. To file for state and local elderly or totally disabled
homeowner’s tax relief benefits, you must complete an appli-
������������������������������� cation, available at the assessor’s office, and file it between
����������������������������� Feb. 1 and May 15. Applicants must be over 65 by Dec. 31,
���������������������������������� 2009 or totally disabled as determined by the Social Security
������������������������ Veterans must also file an application for tax benefits. Call
��������������������� the assessor’s hotline at 203-618-7615, or speak with an assis-
tant by calling 203-622-7885.
How are car taxes figured?
���������������������� Car assessments are based on the National Automobile
�������������������� Dealers appraisal guide. The assessed value of the vehicle is
70% of the published average retail selling price.
������������������� ������������� I got a tax bill for a car I don’t own anymore. What
should I do?
Notify the assessor’s office at 203-622-7885. Also notify
the Department of Motor Vehicles to make certain is has a
record of returned license plates.
April 28, 2011 Town Government greenwich answerbook • 13

What do the registrars of voters do? registrars of voters or the town clerk in Town Hall, Monday
Fred Decaro, Republican registrar of voters, and Sharon through Friday from 8 to 4, and register in person. You may
Vecchiola, Democratic registrar of voters, are elected also call 203-622-7889 or 203-622-7890 and request a mail
for a term of two years and serve as the local arm of the application form. Voter registration forms are also available
Connecticut secretary of the state. online at greenwichct.org.
They administer all federal, state and constitutional provi- Periodically, the registrars offer special registration sessions
sions relating to elections, town meetings and referenda. They to accommodate those who cannot make it to Town Hall dur-
are responsible for safeguarding the integrity of the election ing business hours.
process, including the acquisition and exercise of voter rights. You may also register to vote when you are renewing your
They are also responsible for hiring and training the election driver’s license. An application comes with your renewal form.
officials who serve at every election and town meeting. They
may be reached at 203-622-7889 or 203-622-7890. Do I need to bring documents when I register?
You should have identification to prove who you are, such
What are our political parties and enrollments? as a driver’s license or a passport. You will need to submit
As of Oct. 26, 2010, there were 36,341 registered voters in identification information when registering by mail.
Greenwich. The breakdown by parties: Republicans — 13,692;
Democrats — 9,294; unaffiliated — 13,011; minor parties Do I need to renew my voting privileges?
— 344. No, renewal of voting privileges is not necessary unless you
have moved away for a period and are moving back to town.
Who can register to vote?
To register, one must be a U.S. citizen, living in Greenwich, How can I find out where I should vote?
and 18 years of age or older. There is no length of residency Because Greenwich covers such a large area, there are
requirement to register. Seventeen-year-olds may pre-register, many polling places. You may find out where to vote online at
although they don’t become voters until their 18th birthday. greenwichct.org or by calling the registrars’ office at 203-622-
7889 or 203-622-7890.
When and where may I register?
The deadline to register to vote is two weeks prior to Who can vote by absentee ballot?
Election Day. However, if your right to vote “matures” after Any registered voter who will be out of town during all vot-
that deadline — say you just move to town or have your 18th ing hours may cast an absentee ballot. Certain other reasons,
birthday — you may register at the registrars’ office before such as illness or physical disability, religious beliefs, or your
noon on Election Day. duties as an election official at a district other than your own
In all other cases, you may stop in at the office of the allow use of absentee ballots by people who will be in town



����������������������������������������������������� ����������������������
14 • greenwich answerbook April 28, 2011

Empowering students to shape the future!

A 21st Century High School

Education in a Small,
Caring Environment
Academy of
What makes AITE
Small Student Population
Technology &
IT & Pre-Engineering
Technology Rich
Rigorous Academic
An Interdistrict Magnet Public
Early College Experience
Integration of Technology in
College Preparatory High School
all Classes
Virtual High School Serving Lower Fairfield County
Multicultural Diversity
Develops the Whole Child

AITE @ Rippowam Campus

411 High Ridge Road
Stamford, CT 06905
(203) 977-4336
(203) 977-6638 (fax)
April 28, 2011 Town Government greenwich answerbook • 15

during polling hours. If you are a first-time voter voting by

absentee ballot you may be required to submit identification
with your ballot. You may vote by absentee ballot for any fed-
eral, state or local municipal election.
How and where do I get an absentee ballot?
You must first fill out an application, which you may pick
up at the town clerk’s office in the town hall, or it may be
mailed to you. Call 203-622-7897. After you return the appli-
cation, it will be processed and the absentee ballot will be sent
to you, but not until two to four weeks before the actual elec-
tion. If the ballot is printed and ready, you may fill it out at the
town clerk’s office.

What are the town’s elected bodies?

They are the Board of Education, and Board of
Selectmen. Other elected officials include constables, justices
of the peace, and the probate judge.

What are the town’s appointed bodies?

Alarm Appeal Board, Architectural Review Committee,
Board of Assessment Appeals, Board of Estimate and
Taxation, Board of Ethics, Board of Health, Board of Parks
and Recreation, Board of Social Services, Building Code
Board of Standards & Appeals, Flood & Erosion Control
Board, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses, Nathaniel Witherell
Board, Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals, Retirement
Board, Commission on Aging, Conservation Commission,
Historic District Commission, Planning & Zoning
Commission, Shellfish Commission.
Special committees appointed by the First Selectman are:
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, Advisory Committee
on Aircraft Noise, Capital Improvement Committee, Charter
Revision Committee, GCTV Committee (Channel 79),
Nominations Advisory Committee, Transportation Committee,
Transportation Committee, Westchester Task Force.

How can I participate on a town board or committee?

The Town of Greenwich Nominations Advisory Board
is operated by the First Selectman’s Office. The board solicits
and guides the participation of residents interesting in serving
the town in a voluntary capacity. Call 203-622-7710.

What does the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses

Agency do?
This agency is a regulatory body required by the state and
created by local ordinance. The seven appointed members and
three alternates review all developmental activities proposed
within and adjacent to inland wetland and watercourse areas at Greenwich
regular monthly meetings normally held on the fourth Monday is is
a is
a Roman
a Roman Catholic,
Catholic, co-educational
co-educational day
of each month. forfor
for Pre-K
Pre-K through
through GradeGrade
8 students
Grade 8 students
8 students
Professional staff is available to answer questions from 9 to located
located onon 38
38 acres
the heart
of of
heart Greenwich.
of Greenwich.
noon on weekdays, or by appointment. To reach the staff, call Our Our
students experience
experience ananenriching
an enriching
enriching spiritual
203-622-7736. environment,
environment, a diverse
a diverse
a diverse andandand
challenging curriculum
and and
anda full
a range
a full range
range of of
of after
after school
school and and
and sports
What is the Board of Estimate and Taxation? ToToschedule
To schedule
schedule a toura tour
a tourororreceive
or receive
receive anan
an admissions
admissions packet,
The Board of Estimate & Taxation is responsible for please
pleasecall call
call 203-869-4000
203-869-4000 ororor
the proper administration of the financial affairs of the town email email
email at at
at info@gcsct.org
including the issuance of the annual recommended budget and
setting the town tax mill rate. The board also acts on requests
for additional appropriations, transfers and allotments made GREENWICH
during the fiscal year. Finally, it is also responsible for the 471471
town’s Annual Report and other financial reports. The office WWW .GREENWICHCATHOLICSCHOOL
number is 203-622-7720. Members are listed on the Town EMAIL : INFO
: INFO @@ .ORG
Officials page elsewhere in this book.
16 • greenwich answerbook Town Government April 28, 2011

What is the Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals? information to the public and other government agencies.
The Planning and Zoning Board of Appeals (203-622-7753) Commission members include Chairman Donald Heller,
is an administrative agency that acts in a quasi-judicial capac- Frank Farricker, Richard Maitland, Paul S. Marchese, and
ity. The board hears and decides appeals for variances, special Margarita T. Alban. There are three alternate members. For
exceptions for certain property uses, and overriding an order or information, call 203-622-7894.
decision of the zoning enforcement officer. Also, decisions of
the Planning and Zoning Commission involving subdivisions What does the town clerk do?
may be appealed to the Board. There are five regular mem- The office of Town Clerk Carmella C. Budkins is one of
bers and three alternates. For an appeal to be granted it must the busiest in town. The town clerk’s office is the official state
receive four affirmative votes. All members are volunteers. recording agency for the town, keeping marriage, civil union,
The board meets the third Wednesday of each month. birth, and death records; issuing hunting and fishing permits,
Members are listed under Town Officials elsewhere in this issuing dog licenses, and maintaining all documents related to
book. Chairman is Donald Kiefer (203-622-7753/e-mail: zonin ownership of real property.
genforcement@greenwichct.org). The office is on the first floor of Town Hall. Hours are
Monday through Friday from 8 to 4. For information, call
What does the Planning & Zoning Commission do? 203-622-7897. Assistant town clerk is Kimberley Jordan (203-
The powers and duties of this commission are many, includ- 622-7869) and assistant registrar of vital statistics is Barbara
ing the regulation and review of municipal improvement proj- Lowden (203-622-7869).
ects and subdivisions of land. The commission is charged with
upholding local zoning standards in its review of site plans, Can I get a copy of a birth or death certificates?
subdivisions, coastal site plan applications, accessory apart- Births, deaths and marriages that have occurred in
ment applications, sign applications, sedimentation and erosion Greenwich are filed with the Vital Statistics Division of the
control plans, and zoning regulation amendments among other town clerk’s office. Copies may be ordered for $20 each, how-
responsibilities. The commission also coordinates with the ever there are restrictions on who may order what. Wallet size
Architectural Review Committee for all exterior alterations to birth certificates are $15. For details, call 203-622-7897.
commercial and multi-family projects and applications, and the
Historic District Commission for Historic Overlay Zone appli- Where do I get a marriage license?
cations and activity regarding historic structures, scenic roads, A marriage license may be obtained in the town where the
and local historic districts. bride or groom, or partners, live or where the wedding will
In addition, the commission assigns all street numbers, take place. No blood test is required. The fee is $30. Both must
updates street and property maps, and provides demographic, apply in person for the license, which is issued immediately. If
land use, and census information and computer-based map you live in Greenwich and are applying for a license here, you

Discovering the gift. Educating for a purposeful life.

������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������
April 28, 2011 Town Government greenwich answerbook • 17

must bring proof of residency. The town clerk’s office issues What if I think a commission held an illegal meeting?
marriage licenses. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 to You may file a complaint with the state Freedom of
4. No appointment is needed. For details, call 203-622-7869. Information office (860-566-5682), 18-20 Trinity Street,
Hartford 06106.
What about about same sex marriage or civil unions?
As of Nov. 12, 2008, same sex marriage became legal in What state senatorial district are we in?
Connecticut. The requirements for entering a same sex mar- Greenwich is in the 36th state Senatorial District, represent-
riage are the same for an opposite-sex marriage. Previously, ed by State Senator L. Scott Frantz, a Republican who was
Connecticut recognized civil unions between two people of re-elected to a second, two-year term in November 2010. He
the same sex, which granted them the same benefits, rights also represents parts of Stamford and New Canaan. Mr. Frantz
and protections as are granted to spouses in a marriage. All can be reached at Legislative Office Building, Room 3400,
civil unions were converted into marriage on Oct. 1, 2010. For Hartford 06106, 1-800-842-1421. E-mail Scott.Frantz@cga.
details, go to Connecticut Public Health section at ct.gov. ct.gov. Web site: ctsenaterepublicans.com/home-frantz/.

What does a justice of the peace do? What state house districts are we in?
All justices of the peace may join persons in marriage Greenwich comprises three state house districts: the 149th, 150th,
or civil unions, and may notarize documents. Justices of and 151st. All three representatives were re-elected last fall.
the Peace are elected every four years by Republican and The northwestern section of Greenwich is in the 149th dis-
Democratic Town Committees. There are 30 Justices of the trict, represented by Livvy R. Floren, Assistant Republican
Peace in Greenwich. A list is available from the town clerk’s Leader. She can be reached at 210 Round Hill Road,
office (203-622-7897) or online at greenwichct.org. Details Greenwich 06831; 203-661-5758 or 1-800-842-1423. Web
include which justices will perform the ceremony in a back- site: repfloren.com.
yard or in a particular language. The coastal section of Greenwich is in the 150th district,
represented by Lile R. Gibbons, a Republican first elected
What does the probate court do? in 2001. She is also Assistant Republican Leader. She can be
The Greenwich Probate Court has been serving the reached at 27 Sunset Road, Old Greenwich 06870, 203-637-
people in town since 1853. Probate Judge is David W. Hopper, 0784 or 1-800-842-1423. Web site: repgibbons.com.
re-elected to another four-year term last November. The court The eastern portion of Greenwich is in the 151st district,
has jurisdiction over wills and the administration of estates represented by Fred Camillo, a Republican who was first
and living trusts. It determines title to real and personal prop- elected in November 2008. He may be reached at Room 4200,
erty, may appoint guardians for the developmentally disabled, Legislative Office Building, Hartford, CT 06106, 800-842-
remove unfit parents as guardians of their children, and grant 1423 or 800-240-8700. E-mail fred.camillo@housegop.ct.gov.
adoptions and name changes. A detailed listing of responsibili- Web site: repfredcamillo.com.
ties is on the court’s Web page at greenwichct.org. Probate
court is on the first floor at Town Hall. Office hours are 8 to 4 How can I express my views to the governor?
Monday-Friday (8 to noon in July and August. For more infor- Write to Gov. Dannel Malloy at State Capitol, 210 Capitol
mation, call 203-622-7879. Avenue, Hartford 06106, call 800-406-1527, 866-712-6998 or
860-566-4840. The govenor’s Web site is ct.gov/malloy. Mr.
What is a notary public? Malloy, a Democrat and a former Stamford mayor, was elected
A notary public is someone legally empowered to witness to his first four-year term in November 2010.
signatures, certify documents, and take depositions and affida-
vits. Every bank has one on staff, and the town justices of the Who represents us in the U.S. Senate?
peace are notaries. Some real estate agents are notary publics. A new junior senator, Richard Blumenthal, a former
Don Migliardi (203-625-8130) is a notary public available attorney general for the state, joins senior senator Joseph
seven days at Packages Plus-N-More. Lieberman.
Write to or visit Senator Blumenthal, a Democrat, at 30
Where can I get a passport? Lewis Street, Suite 101, Hartford CT 06103, call 860-258-
For a new passport, you must apply in person, which you 6940. His office in the nation’s capital is at G55 Dirksen
may do at the post office on Greenwich Avenue or Valley Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510, phone: 202-
Drive, or the Glenville Post Office, the Ferguson Library in 224-2823. E-mail: Blumenthal@senate.gov. Web site: blumen-
Stamford (One Public Library Plaza), or the Port Chester thal.senate.gov.
(N.Y.) Post Office (245 Westchester Avenue). Senator Lieberman, an independent who caucuses with
the Democrats, may be reached at 706 Hart Senate Building,
Can a commission or board meet privately? Washington, DC 20510, 202-224-4041; or 1 Constitution
Generally, all meetings involving a quorum of commission Plaza, 7th Floor, Hartford 06103, 800-225-5605, fax 860-549-
or board members (three members of a five-person board, four 8478; or e-mail Senator_Lieberman@Lieberman.senate.gov.
of a six-member board) must be open to the public. However, Web site: lieberman.senate.gov. He has announced that he will
Connecticut statutes allow a commission to close a meeting to not seek re-election in 2012.
the public if it is discussing personnel matters, litigation strat-
egy or contract negotiations. To close a meeting and enter into Who represents us in the House of Representatives?
“executive session,” the board must take a vote and the meet- Greenwich is in the 4th Congressional District and is rep-
ing’s closure must be supported by two-thirds of those present resented by Jim Himes, a Democrat. His local office is at 888
and voting. The commission cannot take any action while in Washington Blvd., Stamford 06901-2927. Phone: 203-310-
an executive session. It must return to open session before vot- 7711; fax 203-210-7703. In Washington, he is at 214 Cannon
ing on any items. HOB, Washington, DC 20515; 202-225-5541, fax 202-225-
9629; Web site: himes.house.gov.
18 • greenwich answerbook Town Officials April 28, 2011

Board of Selectmen
First Selectman Peter Tesei (R) Peter.Tesei@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7710
Selectman David Theis (R) DTheis@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7714
Selectman Drew Marzullo (D) Drew.Marzullo@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7706

Board of Estimate and Taxation

Stephen G. Walko (ch) swalko@ibolaw.com 203-531-9456
James S. Campbell (v-ch) jim@summitdevelopment.net 203-354-1505
Joseph L. Pellegrino (clerk) jpellegrino@squareinvestments.com 203-625-2502
Nancy E. Barton nebarton@optonline.net 203-637-2343
William R. Finger wrfinger@aol.com 203-629-9170
Randall Huffman rav2055@yahoo.com 203-820-3667
William G. Kelly wgbk99@aol.com 203-698-2046
Michael S. Mason michaelmason02@yahoo.com 203-869-8052
Arthur D. Norton bafsi@aol.com 203-532-0513
Jeffrey S. Ramer ramer_ramer@verizon.net 203-637-1666
Larry Simon lbsimon@verizon.net 203-661-0633
Leslie L. Tarkington tarkington@attglobal.net 203-661-0535

Planning & Zoning Board of Appeals

Donald K. Kiefer (ch) (R) zoningenforcement@greenwichCT.org 203-622-7753
Arthur Delmhorst (R) 203-637-2053
Patricia Kirkpatrick (R) 203-302-3433
Lawrence Larson (R) 203-661-2300
David Weisbrod (D) 203-869-4321

Board of Education
Steven B. Anderson (ch) (R) andersonstevenb@gmail.com 203-992-1281
Leslie Moriarty (v-ch) (D) lesliemori@aol.com 203-661-1646
Michael C. Bodson (R) michaelbodson@yahoo.com 203-869-8485
Jonathan Cohen (D) jcohen@ticc.com 203-661-2594
Marianna Ponns Cohen (R) mapcohen7@me.com 203-622-1246
Nancy Kail (D) nancyruth9@aol.com 203-637-4291
Natalie Queen (D) nqueen124@aol.com 203-637-4824
Peter Sherr (R) Peter.Sherr@ca.com 203-698-3186

Department Heads
Assessor Ted Gwartney Ted.Gwartney@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7885
Commissioner of Public Works Amy Siebert Amy.Siebert@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7740
Fire Chief Peter J. Siecienski Peter.Siecienski@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-3950
Health Director Caroline Calderone Baisley Caroline.Baisley@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-6488
Inland Wetlands Director Michael Chambers Michael.Chambers@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7736
Parking Director Allen L. Corry Allen.Corry@GreenwichCT.org 203-618-3060
Parks and Recreation Director Joseph Siciliano Joseph.Siciliano@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-6472
Planning & Zoning Director Diane Fox Diane.Fox@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7894
Police Chief David C. Ridberg David.Ridberg@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-8000
Probate Judge David W. Hopper Town Hall, first floor 203-622-7879
Registrar of Voters Sharon Vecchiola (D) Sharon.Vecchiola@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7889
Registrar of Voters Fred Decaro (R) Fred.Decaro@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7889
Social Services Commissioner Alan Barry. Ph.D Town Hall, third floor 203-622-3800
Superintendent of Schools Sidney Freund Sidney_Freund@greenwich.k12.ct.us 203-625-7425
Tax Collector Antony Tod Ladoni TaxCollector@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7891
Town Administrator John Crary John.Crary@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7710
Town Clerk Carmella C. Budkins Carmella.Budkins@GreenwichCT.org 203-622-7897
April 28, 2011 Schools greenwich answerbook • 19

What does the Board of Education do? Street, Greenwich 06830; 203-869-1896; Patricia McGuire,
Board jobs include putting together and adopting a budget principal; hours are 8:15 to 2:45.
to run the schools, overseeing spending, setting policies and New Lebanon School, 25 Mead Avenue, Greenwich
rules, hiring the superintendent, approving administrators, 06830; 203-531-9139; Gene Nyitray, principal; hours are 8:15
deciding on books and courses, negotiating staff contracts, and to 2:45.
hearing citizen appeals. North Mianus School, 309 Palmer Hill Road, Riverside
There are eight elected members of the Board of Education. 06878; 203-637-9730; Angela Schmidt, principal; hours are
They are listed under Town Officials. In its mission statement 8:45 to 3:15.
the board declares objectives “to govern the school district in North Street School, 381 North Street, Greenwich 06830;
such a manner that it sets the national standard for governance, 203-869-6756; Dr. Charles A. Smith, principal; hours are 8:45
oversight, public engagement and stewardship of the public to 3:15.
education system.” Old Greenwich School, 285 Sound Beach Avenue, Old
Greenwich 06870; 203-637-0150; Patricia Raneri, principal;
Where is the school district office? hours are 8:45 to 3:15.
The central office is in the Havemeyer Building, 290 Parkway School, 141 Lower Cross Road, Greenwich
Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich 06830. Hours are Monday 06831; 203-869-7466; Paula Bleakley, principal; hours are
through Friday, 8 to 4. The phone number is 203-625-7400. 8:45 to 3:15.
The district Web site is greenwichschools.org. Riverside School, 90 Hendrie Avenue, Riverside 06878;
203-637-1440; John Grasso, principal; hours are 8:45 to 3:15.
Who is the superintendent of schools? Greenwich Public School Preschool, 285 Sound Beach
Sidney A. Freud is the superintendent of schools. He may be Street, Greenwich 06830; 203-698-7796 or 203-698-7801;
reached at 203-625-7425. Dr. Freud, who came to the school Dolores Kenny, early childhood program coordinator; hours
district with more than 20 years of experience as a superinten- are 8:30 to 1:30.
dent, assumed his duties in July 2009. Deputy superintendent ARCH School, Milbank, 180 East Elm Street, Greenwich
is Ellen Flanagan 203-625-7446. 06830; 203-661-1323 or 203-661-1841; Barbara Varanelli,
program administrator; hours are 8:15 to 1:30.
What public schools are in town? The following schools are ADA accessible: Greenwich
With a student body of 8,888 projected for the 2010-11 High School, Eastern Middle, Cos Cob, Glenville, Hamilton
school year, 81 more than the previous year, Greenwich pub- Avenue, International School at Dundee, New Lebanon, North
lic schools encompass 11 elementary schools (K-5), three Mianus, North Street, and Parkway.
middle schools (6-8), one high school (9-12), one alternative
high school, and one preschool. The public preschool has an
enrollment of 150 students. Elementary school enrollments
range from 212 at New Lebanon to 485 at North Street, middle
school enrollment ranges from 530 at Western to 393 at Cos
Cob, and 2,712 students are enrolled at Greenwich High. ����������������������������
There are about 1,300 teachers, administrators and support
staff in the school district. Average class size: 19.7. The 10.20
students per certified staff ratio funded by the town has been �������������������
supported for the past six years. ��������������������������������������
Greenwich High School, 10 Hillside Road, Greenwich
06830; 203-625-8000; Chris Winters, headmaster; hours are �����������������������������������
7:30 to 2:15.
Central Middle School, 9 Indian Rock Lane, Greenwich
06830; 203-661-8500; Shelley Somers, principal; hours are ���������������������������
7:45 to 2:35.
Eastern Middle School, 51 Hendrie Avenue, Riverside �����������������������
06878; 203-637-1744; Ralph Mayo, principal; hours are 7:45 �������������������������������
to 2:35.
Western Middle School, Western Jr. Highway, Greenwich ������������������
06830; 203-531-5700; Terry Starr-Klein, principal; hours are
7:45 to 2:35. ��������������������������������������
Cos Cob School, 300 East Putnam Avenue, Cos Cob �����������������������������������
06807; 203-869-4670; Kimberly A. Beck, principal; hours are
8:45 to 3:15. �����������������������
Glenville School, 33 Riversville Road, Greenwich 06831; ���������������������
203-531-9287; Marc D’Amico, principal; hours are 8:45 to
3:15. This school reopened in December 2009 after major
Hamilton Avenue School, 189 Hamilton Avenue,
Greenwich 06830; 203-869-1685; Cynthia Womack, principal;
hours are 8:15 to 2:45.
The International School at Dundee, 55 Florence Road,
Riverside 06878; 203-637-3800; Teresa Ricci, principal; hours �������������������������������������
are 8:45 to 3:15. ������������������������������������
Julian Curtiss School of World Languages, 180 East Elm
20 • greenwich answerbook Schools April 28, 2011

Which schools are magnet schools? How have students fared on the Connecticut Mastery
The International School at Dundee opened in September Test?
2000 as an authorized International Baccalaureate-primary The latest scores available are for the tests given in March
years program-school. The Renaissance School at Hamilton 2010. The percentage of students achieving at or above goal
Avenue reopened as a magnet school in September 2001, (and at or above proficiency) levels is as follows:
introduced a new magnet program in 2007 and moved into Math: grade 3 - 76.3% (92.5%), grade 4 - 80.5% (93.2%),
a new building in 2009. New Lebanon School reopened in grade 5 - 86.3% (94.4%), grade 6 - 83.3% (94%), grade 7 -
September 2009 as the second magnet school offering the 84.8% (95.7%), grade 8 - 80.4% (91.9%).
IB program and is pursuing authorization as an IB school. Reading: grade 3 - 76.2% (87.3%), grade 4 - 77.7%
The other is Julian Curtiss School, which offers French or (87.1%), grade 5 - 89.9% (83.5%), grade 6 - 88.7% (92.8%),
Spanish in grades K-5. grade 7 - 90.5% (94.3%), grade 8 - 84.1% (90%).
The application process begins in January of each year for Writing: grade 3 - 78.9% (93.4%), grade 4 - 80.4%
the following school year. For applications or information, (94.8%), grade 5 - 80.4% (94.6%), grade 6 - 78.9% (92.7%),
visit the district Web site and click on District Information, or grade 7 - 76.7% (90.8%), grade 8 - 77.6% (91.3%).
call Kim Guaragna in the magnet school office at 203-625- Science: grade 5 - 73% (91.4%) and grade 8 - 74.2%
7421. (86.1%).

What is the Open Choice program? How have students performed on the CAPTs?
Greenwich families with a child in elementary school may Tenth graders taking the Connecticut Academic Progress
request a transfer to a Greenwich public school other than their Test in March 2010 scored the following levels of achieve-
neighborhood school if their child is below grade-level profi- ment:
ciency in one or more academic areas. In addition, the child Math: at or above goal, 72.2%; at or above proficiency,
must have attended a Greenwich public elementary school for 91.2%.
at least two years. A majority of the available seats are filled Reading: at or above goal, 66.2%; at or above proficiency,
through a lottery that takes places in the spring. The program 94.6%.
does not include the magnet schools. For more information, Writing: at or above goal, 81.3%; at or above proficiency,
visit greenwichschools.org and click on District Information. 94%.
Science: at or above goal, 64.8%; at or above proficiency,
What school holidays are planned? 93.9%.
Remaining on the current school year calendar is May 30,
Memorial Day. The last day of school for most students is June When may my child enter kindergarten?
21 and for the six grade, June 20. There were four snow days. To enroll in kindergarten, a child must be age 5 on or
High school graduation is June 20. before Jan. 1 of the year they will attend school. Parents may
Schools open for students in the 2011-12 school year on choose to have their child wait until age 6, but they must sign
Thursday, Sept. 1. Besides the traditional year-end holiday a form at the Board of Education. They may decide again
vacation week, there will be a winter recess (Feb. 13-20) and a when their child is six to have the child home for another year.
spring recess (April 4-13). The full calendar can be viewed at By age 7, the child must attend school or be schooled at home.
the public schools’ Web site.
How and when do I register a child for school?
What are the average SAT scores for the seniors at the To register children for kindergarten, parents must provide a
high school? birth certificate, proof of residence, and a record of immuniza-
Greenwich High School Class of 2010 achieved the follow- tions for measles, mumps, rubella, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis,
ing mean scores on the SAT: reading, 548; math, 562; writing, tetanus), polio, and HIB (Haemophilus Influenza type B) and
567, for a total of 1677 out of a possible 2400. These were the the results of a recent tuberculin skin test. Each child must
lowest scores in 10 years. also have a complete physical exam documented on the school
Greenwich SAT scores in 2009: reading, 569; math, 592; health assessment form.
writing, 577, for a total of 1738 out of a possible 2400.
What interscholastic sports are offered at the high
What is the graduation rate? school?
The graduation rate for the Greenwich High School Class Greenwich High School offers the following varsity (V),
of 2006 was 97.2%, compared to a state average of 92.2%. Of junior varsity (JV), sophomore (S), and freshman (F) sports:
those who graduated, 86.9% went on to two- or four-year col- Fall: cheerleading (V/JV/F), cross country (V), dance (V/
leges and 6.4% joined the military or the workforce. JV), field hockey (V/JV/F), football (V/JV/S/F), girls soccer
Other student demographics: 97% pursue higher educa- (V/JV/F), boys soccer (V/JV/F), girls swimming and diving
tion, 94.4% attended preschool, 25.3% in minority population, (V/JV), water polo (V/JV), girls volleyball (V/JV/F).
10.4% in free or reduced lunch program and 5.9% not fluent in Winter: boys basketball (V/JV/F), girls basketball (V/JV/F),
English. bowling (V), cheerleading (V/JV/F), dance (V/JV), fencing
(V), gymnastics (V), boys ice hockey (V/JV), girls ice hockey
What tests do students take? (V), boys indoor track (V), girls indoor track (V), skiing (V),
Standardized testing begins in second grade with the boys swimming (V/JV), wrestling (V).
Degrees of Reading Power. This test is given also to students Spring: baseball (V/JV/F), boys golf (V/JV), girls golf
in third through eighth grade. The Connecticut Mastery (V/JV), boys lacrosse (V/JV/F), girls lacrosse (V/JV/F), rugby
Test is given to third through eighth grade. The Connecticut (V/JV/F), sailing (V), softball (V/JV/F), boys tennis (V/JV/F),
Academic Progress Test is given in 10th grade. girls tennis (V/JV/F), boys track (V), girls track (V), boys vol-
leyball (V/JV), girls water polo (V).
The school mascot is the cardinal.
April 28, 2011 Schools greenwich answerbook • 21

What extracurricular activities are at the high school? by age 3 and are provided by local and regional school dis-
The choices are many and may change from year to year: tricts.
ABC (A Better Chance), Aids Awareness, Animal Rescue Mary Forde is the director of pupil personnel and special
Society, The Beak (newspaper), Biology Club, Cancer education services. She may be reached at 203-625-7466.
Awareness, Chess Club, Communications Club, The Compass
(yearbook), Competitive Programming & Computer Science Are there any special education resources?
Club, Co-ed Olympic Weightlifting, Data Tech System SPED*NET is the Special Education Network, a monthly
Club, Debate Club, Diversity Awareness, Downhill Demons, forum for discussing special education and section 405 issues.
Environmental Action Team, Female Leadership Development It is an independent nonprofit and often offers workshops
Forum, Food for Thought, Former Attire, French Honor and talks for parents and interested community members.
Society, Gay/Straight Alliance, Greenwitch (literary maga- Information is available on the Web at spednet.org. You may
zine), Hand in Hand, Habitat for Humanity, Humanitarian e-mail info@spednet.org.
Aid, Italian Club, Key Club, Latin Club, Law and Order, The Connecticut Birth to Three System helps families
LINK, Math Team, Mock Trial Team, Model United Nations, meet the developmental and health-related needs of their
National Honor Society, New Music Club, Organization of infants and toddlers who have delays or disabilities. For infor-
Black Students, Outreach, Peer Mentor Program, Poverty mation, call the Child Development Infoline at 1-800-505-
Action Group, Robotics, Sewciety, Signettes, Shanti Club, 7000 or visit online at birth23.org.
Socrates Cafe, Spanish Honor Society, Strategy Club, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities is a nonprofit
Street Dance Society, Students for Political Action, Student organization based in Westport dedicated to empowering the
Government, Students Helping Native Americans, Theatre Arts parents of children with learning disabilities and attention-defi-
at GHS, TOPS, Transportation Club, TV Production/Video cit disorder. For information, call 203-226-6831 or visit online
Club, Vision, WORD, Y(W)NET. at smartkidswithld.org.

How can I find out is school is canceled? Is there a PTA?

The decision to close or delay the opening of schools for Each of the 15 public schools has a PTA, which fall under
bad weather or other reasons will be made between 5:30 and the umbrella of the Greenwich PTA Council. The council
6 a.m. and announced on radio station WGCH/1490 AM and works to include parents and teachers in curriculum and policy
Cablevision Channel 12. If an early dismissal is planned, a development and long-range planning; enhance communica-
decision will be made by 11 in order to follow the standard tion between home and school, and support and enrich all cur-
release schedule. If the schedule cannot be adhered to, an riculum areas.
announcement will be made on the district Web site. For information on the PTA Council, e-mail Sue Rogers,
Other stations announcing delays are WSTC/1400 president, at ptacgreenwich@gmail.com. For information on
AM, WINE/940 AM, WNLK/1350 AM, WICC/600 AM,
WRKI/95.1 FM, WEFX/95.9 FM, WZN/99.9 FM, WEBE

107.9 FM, and WCBS/101.1 FM. You may also visit the dis-
trict Web site, greenwichschools.org, for a link to weather can-
cellations and delays. ����

What is the current school budget? ���������������������������

The 2010-11 budget is more than $131 million, an increase
of 4.39% over the previous year. Per pupil cost is more than

What is the starting salary range for teachers?

There is a four-tier system for teachers. For the 2010-11
school year, those at step 1 with a bachelor’s degree begin at
$49,951; with a master’s degree at $55,277; with 30 credits
beyond a master’s degree at $60,609; and with a doctorate at
$64,588. The highest level is step 16. Those with a 30 cred-
its beyond a master’s degree earn $105,684 and those with a
Ph.D. make $110,020.

Is there a program for gifted students?

The Advanced Learning Program serves children from
second through eighth grade by allowing them to work at an
accelerated pace and fostering independent learning. Other
goals include developing intellectual and scholarly skills, ����������� �����������������������
promote critical and creative thinking skills, and developing ������������� ����������

research skills. ������������������������������

At the high school 16 advanced placement classes are �����������������������������������������������
What is special education? Who does it help? ���������������������
Special education offers services for physically handi-
capped and learning disabled children. In Connecticut, special �����������������
education and related services are available to eligible children ����������������������������������������������
22 • greenwich answerbook Schools April 28, 2011

an individual school’s PTA, call the school directly or check

the school’s Web site. There is also a link to school PTAs on
the district Web site, greenwichschools.org.
�������������������� Parents Together is an independent, nonprofit organization
in Greenwich, founded in 1979 with the guidance from the
����������������������������� Greenwich Council on Youth and Drugs, the Junior League of
Greenwich, Greenwich Public School administrators and the
PTA Council. Parents Together offers ongoing opportunities
��������������������� for parents to communicate, share, support and learn together.
Check parentstogetherct.org or school Web sites.
������������������������������� What is the Greenwich Alliance for Education?
The alliance was formed in 2006 by a group of educa-
������������������������� tors and parents to provide all Greenwich public students
with opportunities and services to foster educational success.
Projects include a bilingual storymobile, a home visitation
����������������� program for family literacy, private music lessons for talented
������������� elementary and middle school students, and a grants program
to help schools offer enrichment opportunities.
For information, call 203-340-2323 or visit greenwichal-
����������������� liance.org. Executive director is Julie Faryniarz, former PTA
Council president. The alliance moved to new offices at 48
Maple Avenue.
Is there a summer school program?
There are summer programs at the preschool, elementary,
���������������������������� and middle and high school levels. Programs and courses are
offered for credit, enrichment, acceleration, review, or make-
���������������� up. For information, call summer school coordinator Ann
Curtis Cox at 203-625-7460.
Is there a continuing education program?
����������������� Greenwich Public Schools offers an Adult & Continuing
Education Enrichment Program. Course listings may be
������������������� found online at greenwichace.org or you may call 203-625-
7474 for information.
What private schools are in town?
��������������������������� Brunswick School, 100 Maher Avenue (203-625-5800/
brunswickschool.org), serves boys and young men from pre-
kindergarten through 12th grade.
����������������������� Convent of the Sacred Heart, 1177 King Street (203-
531-6500/cshgreenwich.org), is a Catholic, independent col-
������������� lege prep school for girls and young women from preschool
through 12th grade.
Eagle Hill School, 45 Glenville Road (203-622-9240/eagle-
hillschool.org), serves boys and girls, 6 to 16, diagnosed with
learning disabilities.
Greenwich Academy, 200 North Maple Avenue (203-625-
8900/greenwichacademy.org), is an independent college prep
day school for girls and young women in pre-kindergarten
through 12th grade.
Greenwich Catholic School, 471 North Street (203-869-
���������������������� 4000/greenwichcatholicschool.org), is a Roman Catholic, co-
������������������������� educational day school offering kindergarten through eighth
grade. There is also a pre-K program.
��������������������������������������� Greenwich Country Day School, 401 Old Church Road
(203-863-5600/greenwichcds.org), is a co-educational, inde-
������������������������� pendent day school offering pre-K through ninth grade.
Greenwich Japanese School, 15 Ridgeway (203-629-
������������������������������� 9039/gwjs.org), is a private school offering first through ninth
April 28, 2011 Schools greenwich answerbook • 23

Stanwich School, 257 Stanwich Road (203-542-0000/stan- What is Cooperative Educational Services?
wichschool.org) is a co-educational, independent day school Cooperative Educational Services (C.E.S.) was created
serving grades pre-K-9. There are plans to expand to 12th over 40 years ago by the Connecticut legislative to help neigh-
grade. boring school districts communicate and collaborate. C.E.S. is
The Preschool at Second Congregational Church, 139 one of six regional educational service centers (RESCs) and a
East Putnam Avenue (203-869-8388/thepreschoolgreenwich. member of the RESC Alliance (www.rescalliance.org).
com), is an independent, non-sectarian school for children ages Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) were cre-
two through five, including a transitional pre-K program. A ated to help districts communicate and collaborate. Some
summer camp program is also offered. years later, a formal Alliance of Connecticut’s six RESCs was
Westchester Fairfield Hebrew Academy, 270 Lake established. RESCs are public education agencies whose main
Avenue (203-863-9663/wfha.org) is a community Jewish day purpose is to “furnish programs and services” to Connecticut’s
school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, pro- public school districts. According to the alliance Web site,
viding academics in general and Judaic studies. “RESCs’ cost efficient, cooperative efforts have saved money
Whitby School, 969 Lake Avenue (203-869-8464/whit- for Connecticut school districts and have enabled schools to
byschool.org), founded in 1958, was the first AMS Montessori expand services beyond what they could have accomplished
School in the U.S. It offers a pre-K through eighth grade edu- alone.”
cation in a multi-aged environment. The C.E.S. mission: “to identify and provide quality edu-
cational opportunities to students, educators, families, and
communities. It’s our goal to provide innovative, cutting edge
programs and services to meet the demands of our Fairfield
Is there an art school? County school districts and communities.” Besides Greenwich,
The Greenwich Art Society offers classes in painting, these are Bridgeport, Darien, Easton/Redding (Region 9),
illustration, sketching, and sculpture primarily for adults, with Fairfield, Monroe, New Canaan, Norwalk, Ridgefield, Shelton,
some classes for children. Check the Web site at greenwichart- Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Westport, Weston, and Wilton.
society.org or call 203-629-1533. For more information, call 203-365-8800, e-mail: info@ces.
Art classes are also offered through Greenwich Continuing k12.ct.us, or visit ces.k12.ct.us.
Education. Call 203-625-7474 or visit online at greenwichace.
The Colcord Studio School on Maple Avenue in
Greenwich offers year round painting and drawing classes for
children and adults. Call 203-253-9755 or visit artistellencol-
cord.com and click on Teaching.

Is there a dance school?

Allegra Dance Studio, 37 West Putnam Avenue (203-629- ��������������� ����������������
9162/allegradancestudio.net) offers a variety of classes for
children and adults.
Dance Adventure, 36 Sherwood Place (203-625-0930/
danceadventure.com) offers ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop for
children through teens. Parent-child classes available.
The Greenwich YWCA (203-889-6501/ywcagreenwich.
org) at 29 Putnam Avenue offers a variety of dance classes for
children and adults.
The Greenwich Arts Center, run by the Greenwich Arts
Council, offers adult classical ballet. Call Maralyn Miles at
Greenwich Dance Arts (203-637-6846/greenwich-
dancearts.com) offers traditional ballet and creative movement
for children.
The Greenwich Ballet Academy (203-856-7953/green-
wichballetacademy.org) is a professional school offering an
eight-year program of study in classical and contemporary
dance for serious students 9 to 21. There is also a pre-acadmey
program for seven-year-olds. ��������������������
Dance classes are also offered through Greenwich ��������������������
Continuing Education. Call 203-625-7474 or visit online at
Dance programs for children and adults (ballroom dancing)
are offered at the Greenwich Family YMCA (203-869-1630/ ���������������
gwymca.org) at 50 Putnam Avenue. ���������������������������
St. Saviour’s School of Dance, 350 Sound Beach Avenue ������������
(203-637-8555) offers classes for serious and recreational ������������
dancers, ages 3 through adult.
24 • greenwich answerbook Public Services April 28, 2011

Where are the library and when are they open? What activities take place at the library?
The Greenwich Library System includes the Main For children, there are story times for infants through sec-
Greenwich Library and two branches, Byram Schubert and ond grade, story crafts, a junior book club for grades 3-5, and
Cos Cob. All may be accessed from the Web site greenwichli- recommended book lists. For teens and tweens there are book
brary.org. clubs and special programs, such as planning for college.
The Main Greenwich Library is at 101 West Putnam The library offers the Peterson Performance Series of free
Avenue. The phone number is 203-622-7900. Hours are concerts and lectures, the Peterson Business Programs of
Monday through Friday from 9 to 9, Saturday from 9 to 5, and career-related events, the Cole Concert Series, Greenwich
Sunday from 1 to 5. During July and August, the library closes Library Classic and Cult Television, Friday Films, poetry read-
at 5 on Fridays. ings, and book clubs. The libraries also offer book discussion
The Byram Schubert Library is on Mead Avenue in the groups, adult Scrabble games (Cos Cob), and Internet training
Byram section of Greenwich. The phone number is 203-531- programs.
0426. It is open Monday and Wednesday from 9 to 5, Tuesday The libraries are also the sites for a number of discussions
from 10 to 6, Thursday from noon to 8, Friday and Saturday and other community events. A schedule of events may be
from 9 to 5. It is closed Sunday. found online at greenwichlibrary.org.
The Cos Cob Library is at 5 Sinawoy Road, behind the
fire house on East Putnam Avenue. The phone number is 203-
622-6883. Hours are Monday from noon to 8, and Tuesday What is the Flinn Gallery?
through Saturday from 9 to 5. It is closed Sunday. On the second floor of the library is the Flinn Gallery
The independent Perrot Memorial Library is at 90 Sound (203-622-7947), sponsored by Friends of the Greenwich
Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich. The phone number is 203- Library. The gallery is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
637-1066. It is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from Friday from 10 to 5, Thursday from 10 to 8, Saturday from 10
9 to 6, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 8, Saturday from 9 to 5, and Sunday from 1 to 5. The gallery at 101 West Putnam
to 5, and Sunday from 1 to 5, during the school year. Closed Avenue mounts six contemporary art exhibits a year from
Sundays in summer. The Web site is perrotlibrary.org. September to June. Most of the work is for sale. Artists are
invited to submit applications for review and selection. Visit
online at flinngallery.com.
What do the libraries offer?
In addition to books, DVDs, audio books, and CDs, the
Greenwich Library System offers scores of databases on a What is Community Answers?
variety of subjects including arts and antiques, business, edu- Community Answers is an information and referral service
cation, genealogy, health, history, literature, magazines, music, that can answer many questions about Greenwich, including
newspapers, science, as well as general reference materials. organizations, services, and events. You may get information
E-books are offered through NetLibrary. Audiobooks may be directly from volunteers stationed on the mezzanine level at
downloaded from OverDrive, through the library. the Greenwich Main Library or by calling 203-622-7979 (9-3,
The local history section has a number of resources that Monday through Friday), or by checking online at community-
can be used to research Greenwich or family history. The answers.org. Community Answers is a United Way agency.
Greenwich Library’s Oral History Project is a collection of
interviews with people who have helped to make or witnessed
the history of Greenwich since 1890. The collection contains Does anyone teach literacy skills?
more than 750 interviews and 133 books, all available at the Literacy Volunteers - Stamford/Greenwich, Inc. is a
main library. Many services are available online through the community-based organization where trained volunteers pro-
library system Web site, greenwichlibrary.org. Some new addi- vide high-quality reading, writing and English-language pro-
tions are JSTOR, a collection of scholarly journal articles; grams to native and foreign-born adults. To take advantage of
the Valueline Research Center with information on stocks, this service, call Edgar Ovalle or Pati Guza at 203-324-5214
mutual funds, and securities; PrepMe, an online SAT prepara- or e-mail Edgar.Ovalle@lvsg.org or Pati.Guza@lvsg.org. For
tion course; and downloadable audiobooks and eBooks from volunteer opportunities, call Lucia Cook at 203-324-5214 or
OverDrive. e-mail lec@lvsg.org.
Greenwich Library provides free wireless Internet access
inside the main library, Byram Schubert, and Cos Cob branch-
es. The wireless network is not secured and is unfiltered. Does the town have a social worker?
Detailed instructions on how to use the system are included on Greenwich has a Department of Social Services, headed
the Web site greenwichlibrary.org/wirelessfaq.htm. by Commissioner Adina Goldstein. She may be reached at
The main library also offers the Library Cafe on the lower 203-622-3800. The department offers a number of programs
level, serving breakfast and lunch. and services for children, adults, families, and senior citi-
Greenwich Library’s BookVan offers delivery and pickup zens. The department’s mission is to provide for basic human
services to senior residences in town. There is also a service needs; maintain the integrity of families; strengthen residents’
for the homebound through which library materials are mailed self-reliance and self-sufficiency; and promote positive social
to a patron’s home. Call 203-622-7973 for details on either development and emotional adjustment for residents unable to
service. access these services elsewhere.
The Perrot Memorial Library offers books, magazines, CDs,
DVDs and videos, books on tape, and books on CD. There are
nine public computers in the reference section. You may search What is Abilis?
the library’s collection online, as well as renew checked-out Abilis, formerly known as ARC, is at 50 Glenville Street,
items, and place and cancel holds on material. Greenwich (203-531-1880/abilis.us). Abilis serves lower
Fairfield County by offering services to help individuals with
April 28, 2011 Public Services greenwich answerbook • 25

developmental disabilities live productive lives as participat- to Neighbor offices behind Christ Church, 248 East Putnam
ing members of the community. There are services for children Avenue, any weekday and most Saturdays between 8:30 and
and adults. There are also support services for parents and 12:30. Volunteers are welcome. For information, call 203-622-
children. 9208 or visit online at n-to-n.org.

What is the Community Gifts program? What is United Way and what does it offer?
The Community Gifts program combines private giv- United Way of Greenwich is a volunteer-driven organiza-
ing and volunteerism to offer three programs for low-income tion that works to address the health and human service needs
residents: camperships, winter Holiday Aid, and fall back- of the community. It accomplishes this goal by partnering with
to-school Boots and Shoes. Families and individuals whose public, private, and non-profit groups to raise money, which it
incomes are within 175% of the federal poverty guidelines are distributes to different agencies. Among the groups that ben-
eligible. For information on applying or to make a donation, efit from United Way’s help are the Greenwich chapter of the
call Alison Brush at 203-622-3715. American Red Cross; the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich;
The Campership program enables children 3 to 14 to Community Centers, Inc.; Greenwich Adult Day Center; Kids
attend a week or two of summer camp and senior citizens 55 in Crisis, Transportation Association of Greenwich, and The
and over to spend a week at Connri Lodge in northeastern Volunteer Center.United Way is also the home of United Sole
Connecticut. The Holiday Aid program provides assistance Sisters, a group of more than 150 women dedicated to mak-
to Greenwich families and individuals at Thanksgiving and ing a difference in Greenwich. The focus in recent past was
Christmas/Hanukkah in the form of food certificates, food raising money, presenting educational activities to benefit and
baskets, and a toy drive. The Boots and Shoes program offers raise awareness of the Critical Response Fund. United Way of
vouchers for the purchase of back-to-school shoes and winter Greenwich is at 1 Lafayette Court, Greenwich. The Web site is
boots for students. unitedway-greenwich.com. For information or to make a con-
tribution, call 203-869-2221.

Is there a food pantry?

Yes. The food pantry, Neighbor to Neighbor, is on the Is there a Red Cross chapter here?
campus of Christ Church and serves nearly 750 Greenwich The Greenwich chapter of the American Red Cross is at
residents. Neighbor to Neighbor assists families with basic 99 Indian Field Road. For information, call the 24-hour line
food and clothing needs. It receives no funding from the town, 203-869-8444 or visit online at greenwichredcross.org.
relying instead on donations. Donations of food, clothing, The Red Cross responds to local single-family fires and
and small household items may be dropped off at Neighbor national large-scale disasters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



26 • greenwich answerbook Public Services April 28, 2011

Disaster Action Team members provide clothing, meals, tem- Christmas kettles, an appeals program, and an endowment.
porary housing, access to emotional support and other emer- Money is dispensed through the Greenwich Department of
gency assistance. All disaster assistance is free. Social Services. For information, call Mary Izzo at 203-661-
The Red Cross also provides free Community Disaster 9299. Donations may be sent to P.O. Box 7671, Greenwich,
Education classes at the chapter and for organizations and cor- CT 06830. You may also call Alison Brush at Greenwich
porations. The chapter distributes critical information materi- Social Services Department at 203-622-3715.
als and participates in local events to teach people how to be
prepared for — and protect themselves in — emergency situ-
ations. What is the Greenwich Hispanic Center?
Anyone who needs to get in touch with a family member This social and educational center at St. Mary Parish Center
in the military during a personal emergency can do so through at 178 Greenwich Avenue offers outreach services to the
the Red Cross. Red Cross caseworkers can also help connect Spanish-speaking people of Greenwich. There are free English
people with loved ones overseas when communication lines classes and immigration and citizenship information. Call
are down because of an armed conflict or natural disaster. Father Torres at 203-869-9393.
The Greenwich chapter of the Red Cross also offers classes
in CPR and first aid, conducts blood drives, and offers a vari-
ety of services to seniors and young people. The chapter’s Is there a community calendar of events?
language bank has skilled volunteers fluent in a variety of The Greenwich Post newspaper offers an extensive list
languages and dialects who provide confidential oral inter- of events in town under its Postings column each week.
pretation and written translation assistance in emergency or You can also check the town Web site at greenwichct.org or
non-emergency situations. The Web site is also available in Community Answers at communityanswers.org.

Where can I get help with my income taxes?

Is there a Salvation Army presence in town? Tax Counseling for the Elderly (Tax-Aide) is a program
The Greenwich Service Unit is a volunteer unit of the of AARP that offers free income tax counseling and prepara-
overall Salvation Army. The group meets every few months at tion service for middle and low-income taxpayers, with spe-
the Bank of America on Greenwich Avenue. Its main function cial attention to those 60 and older. The service is offered at
is to meet emergency needs of community members. It also Greenwich Town Hall during the tax season. For information,
sponsors the Boots and Shoes program (see above) and raises call 203-622-7700.
money for camperships, emergency care, and rehabilitation.
The unit raises money in three ways: fund-raisers including

Who provides electric power? Who is in charge of the sewer system?
Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) provides electricity. The town’s extensive sewer system is run by the Sewer
For customer service — or for downed, burned, or hanging Division of the Department of Public Works. The office
wires or if you see a flash or hear a loud noise — call 800- is on the second floor of Town Hall; office hours are 8 to 4,
286-2000 any time (TTY/TDD: 800-842-0010). The utility’s public hours are 8:30 to 3. For information, call 203-622-7760
Web site is cl-p.com. or visit the Web page online at greenwichct.org. Permits to
connect to sewer lines are issued from this office. The 2010-11
sewer rate is 0.380, up from 0.374 or 1.6%.
Where does our water come from?
Many homes have private wells. Those that are on public
water receive their water from Aquarion (800-732-9678/aquar-
ion.com). Who offers cable television?
Residential customers are charged $3.37 per 100 cubic feet Cablevision of Connecticut is the provider in Greenwich.
(748 gallons) of water. There is also a service charge based The nearest customer service office is at 28 Cross Street in
on the size of the meter. The most common rates have ranged Norwalk. The phone number is 203-750-5600. For repairs and
between $33 and $45 per quarter. billing, call 203-348-9211. The Web site is cablevision.com.
Several other options are out there, including satellite, fiber
optic and Internet TV services.
Who provides natural gas?
For parts of town with natural gas lines, the provider is
Connecticut Natural Gas (869-6900/cngcorp.com). For emer-
gencies, call 203-869-6913.
April 28, 2011 Emergency Services greenwich answerbook • 27

When should I call 911 and who answers the line? Where will the ambulance take me?
You should call 911 only to report true emergencies such GEMS will honor the patient request for either Stamford
as injuries, accidents, crimes in progress, fires, and medical Hospital or Greenwich Hospital, particularly from the eastern
emergencies. portion of town. However, patient condition may dictate taking
The Greenwich Police answer 911 calls, where a computer the patient to the closest hospital for stabilization.
screen will display the name, location, and telephone number
of the caller. Therefore, if you cannot speak or a child calls
911, help will be able to find you. An upgraded statewide How much does an ambulance call cost?
mobile 911 system enables dispatchers to quickly track a cell All rates are established by the state, but may vary due to
phone caller’s location anywhere in the state. Medicare and Medicaid rules. Rates (2009) for a Basic Life
Support call: $501; a Level 1 Advanced Life Support call
(ambulance plus paramedic): $858; an Advanced Life Support
Where is the nearest emergency room? Helicopter Assist $510. There is a mileage charge of $14.14
It depends on where in Greenwich you live. The emergency per mile. There are other special charges that may accrue.
room for Greenwich Hospital is on Lake Avenue. Call 203- GEMS is an assigned Medicare provider, and therefore
863-3000. accepts Medicare’s rates. Most Medicare patients have supple-
The Stamford Hospital Emergency Room is on Shelburne mental insurance which automatically covers the co-pay.
Road. Call 203-325-7777.

What volunteer opportunities exist?

What kind of emergency ambulance service does Although GEMS has a career staff, the organization wel-
Greenwich provide? comes adult volunteers as part of its field staff. Certification
Ambulance service is provided by Greenwich Emergency training is reimbursed. Uniforms are provided as well as sev-
Medical Service, Inc. (GEMS). Professional teams are on eral other benefits which include fitness reimbursement and
duty 24 hours a day at three stations: Station 1 at Greenwich tuition opportunities.
Hospital, Station 2 near Exit 5 off the Post Road, Station 3
on Lower Cross Road. Station 4 on King Street is manned 12
hours a day, Monday through Friday. An ambulance team con- Where is the fire department?
sists of a paramedic and EMT. For an emergency, call 911. The Greenwich Fire Department, under the direction of
GEMS offices are at 1111 East Putnam Avenue, Riverside. Chief Peter J. Siecienski, is headquartered at 75 Holly Hill
The non-emergency number is 203-637-7505. The Web site is Lane. Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30. The non-emergency num-
greenwichems.org. ber is 203-622-3950.
28 • greenwich answerbook Emergency Services April 28, 2011

Equipment — including 14 engine companies, three ladder

������ companies, and two rescue companies — is housed at eight
stations in different parts of town (see Greenwich Map Points
of Interest).
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How big is the department?
we continue to lead the way in styling
noitnetta and
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etamand noC .yruxul dna attention to detail are The
ig era liated ot ������������������������������������������������ givenfire department
to every piece. is a combination department of 100
career firefighters and more than 120 volunteer firefighters
who respond to some 4,000 calls a year. In fact, there are 10
volunteer fire companies within the town. Response time is
����������������� generally under four minutes. For information on volunteering,
call the recruitment hotline at 203-618-8877.
������������������ �
����������������� Where is the police department?
�������������������������������������� The Greenwich Police Department is at 15 Havemeyer
Place. The non-emergency number is 203-622-8000. The Chief
of Police is David C. Ridberg.
There are 156 sworn officers and 16 civilian employees.
Typically, police respond to more than 40,000 calls for service
each year.
The most visible segment of the department is the
��������������������������������������������� Uniformed Division (203-618-8872) on patrol. The Criminal
Investigations Division (203-622-8017) includes specialty
����������������������� units that concentrate on arson, auto theft, and burglary inves-
������������������� �������������������tigations. There is also an Identification Bureau (203-622-

8034) and Youth Division (203-622-8018 or 622-8030) within
�������������������the investigations division.
��������������� ����������������
A Traffic Section (203-622-8016) enforces traffic and
�������������������� parking laws and investigates motor vehicle accidents. School
���������������� crossing guards are within this division.
Three police officers make up the department’s
Neighborhood Resource Officer Division. They respond to
specific problems within defined communities.
������������������ � Because of Greenwich’s coastal location, the police depart-
��������������������� ment maintains a seasonal Marine Operations (203-622-
��������������������� 8044) division that provides law enforcement, emergency
����������������� medical services, and general assistance to boaters within town
waters. There is also a Police Scuba Team trained in under-
water search and rescue as well as surface and underwater ice
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detfarcdnaH The police department’s K-9 Unit consists of Police Officer
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htiw tes Mike Macchia and K-9 Tyro, a German shepherd dog, who
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c05 serihppas patrol Greenwich regularly. Tyro is trained in tracking humans
total weight
ni thgiew latot and narcotics detection and is certified in patrol procedures by
(A piece
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hsirehc ot eceip A( the Connecticut State Police and United States Police Canine
������������������������������������������������ Association.

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Y.Z. Jewelry Mfg.

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lecarB ,seNecklaces,
calkceN ,stnBracelets,
adneP dnoRings
maiDand Earrings set withHow do I Emeralds,
Diamonds, get a copy of an accident report?
nots esool fo noitceles egraL Rubies
p lla ni serinihall
S dnaranges. Copies
seibuR Large selection of loose stones, gem of accident reports are generally available five busi-
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jewelry. the accident, but it is a good idea to call
203-622-8024 to see if the report you need is ready. It may
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education about Diamonds andpicked
Gems. up in the General Services Division at police
���������������������������������������������������� headquarters on Havemeyer Place. Office hours are 8:30 to
�������������������������������������������� 4:15 Monday through Friday.
Incident reports must be requested in writing and take four

431 Post Road
eC gWestport
nippohS oCompo
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optseW ,tCenter
saE daoR tsoP 134
business days to process.

Suite 18, Second
O neh(Above
(203) 222-1894
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2 ro 4981-222 )302(
Does the police department offer fingerprinting ser-
Yes. This service is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays
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.S fine quality diamonds and 12:30
excellent to 2:30, but is limited to Greenwich residents or
employees of Greenwich businesses. The police do not supply
April 28, 2011 Emergency Services greenwich answerbook • 29

fingerprint cards. For information, call 203-622-8010.

What happens in the event of a town wide emergency?

...yrlewej fo sto
During a major emergency, you may call 866-245-4260 eceip dnik-a����������������������������������������������
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hear information. Greenwich has instituted an emergency!ee- vaS dna seci���������������������������������������������
rP elaselohW ylurTBuy ta tcDirect
eriD yatuBTruly Wholesale Prices and Save
mail notification system for which residents may sign up. For
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emialccA we continue to lead the
information and to register, go online to greenwichct.org
.eceip yreve ot neand
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click on the Emergency Preparedness page. ������������������������������������������������
The town has also published an Emergency ����Ready
Guide that is available online at greenwichct.org/Emergency/ �����������������������������������������
Emergency.asp. Information on emergency preparedness for
a variety of situations is online at the town health department �������������������������������������
Web page. �������������������������������������������
The Greenwich Department of Health conducts planning ���������������������������������������������
for public health emergencies such as flu outbreaks, bioterror-
ism events, and more. �������������������������������������������
Former Fire Chief Dan Warzoha is the town’s Emergency ������������������������������������������
Operations Management Coordinator. He is charged with
coordinating emergency response plans among town agencies,
organizations such as the Red Cross and Greenwich Hospital, ������������������������������
and private industry and businesses during a major emergency. �������������������������������
To reach Emergency Management Operations, call 203-622-

What should I do in the event of a major storm?

Severe storms are the most common disasters in this area
and Connecticut Light and Power (800-286-2000) offers the
following tips. Check medications that need refrigeration. ����� ������� ��������
You may want to keep a small cooler handy for that purpose.
Have a supply of canned, non-perishable food and drinking
water that will last a couple of days. Get extra ice and put it in
plastic bags. This will help maintain the temperature in your
refrigerator and freezer.
Set aside water. Fill the bathtub with water for toilets; a
bucket in the bowl is all that’s needed for flushing. You can
buy bottled water for drinking. Be prepared to cook outside, ������� ������ �������
but don’t bring grills into the house.
Stock up on batteries for a battery-powered radio and flash-
lights, and have extra wood for fireplaces or wood stoves. Fill ��������������������������������������������
your car’s gas tank. ������������������������������������������
Unplug sensitive electrical equipment like computers and Handcrafted
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VCRs. �����������������������������������������������
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Stay away from downed power lines. �������������������������������������������������
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How do I reach poison control? ����������������������������������������������
Dial 1-800-222-1222. This national number will connect ������������������
you with medical experts at a local poison control
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There is also a Web site, www.aapcc.org. ,sdlaremE ,sdnomaiD htiw tes sgnirraE dnaDiamond
Y.Z. Jewelry Mfg.
sgniR ,stePendants,
lecarB ,seNecklaces,
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However, when fast medical assistance is needed
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emergency, dial 911 and describe the problem to .yrlethe
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What if I spot something that looks suspiciously ter- ��������������������������������������������
The state’s Department of Public Safety as a hotline for indi-
viduals to use if they have information pertaining to suspicious
persons or actions associated with a potential terrorist threat.
Call 1-866-457-8477. All calls are kept confidential.
431 Post Road
eC gWestport
nippohS oCompo
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optseW ,tCenter
saE daoR tsoP 134

Suite 18, Second
O neh(Above
(203) 222-1894
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2 ro 4981-222 )302(
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30 • greenwich answerbook Health April 28, 2011

Does anyone refer physicians? HIV services are offered from 8 to noon and 1 to 4. Call
Greenwich and Stamford Hospitals offer physician referral 203-622-6496. Director is Thomas Mahoney.
services. Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccal Aureus (MRSA) recom-
For Greenwich Hospital, check online at greenhosp. mendations. fact sheets and resources at greenwichct.org in
org and click on Need a Doctor. To speak directly with the Health Department section.
Physician Referral Service, call 203-863-3627.
For Stamford Hospital, call 1-877-233-9355 or visit online What does the town health department lab test for?
at stamhealth.org and click on For Healthcare Professionals, For residents, the lab on the first floor of Town Hall (203-
then Our Physicians. 622-7843) tests air and water for radon, and well water for
coliform and other contaminants. It will also test ceramics,
What does the department of health do? water, blood or paint chips for lead. Cholesterol testing is
The Greenwich Health Department is a large municipal available. It will also test ticks for Lyme disease. The lab also
agency that encompasses a Division of Family Health, Office provides a number of municipal testing services.
of Special Clinical Services, Office of Community Health Hours are 8 to noon and 1 to 2:30 p.m.; after 2:30 by
Planning, Division of Environmental Services, and Public appointment only. Director is Michael S. Long.
Health Emergency Planning. The health department is in Town
Hall, office hours are 8 to 4. The director of health is Caroline Is there a visiting nurse service?
Calderone Baisley. The department’s phone numbers are 203- Limited visiting nurse services are offered by the
622-6488 and 203-622-7836. Greenwich Health Department. Call 203-622-3783.
The Greenwich Nursing and Health Care Registry (203-
What public health services are offered? 869-4050) offers short- or long-term nursing service.
The Greenwich Health Department’s Division of Family Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Southwest
Health (203-622-3783) provides public health nursing ser- Connecticut (VNHC) serves Greenwich. The organization,
vices. The director is Deborah C. Travers. based in Stamford, offers skilled nursing, physical therapy,
The Maternal, Child, and Adult Health Program offers occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical social work,
well child clinics; prenatal, postpartum and child home visits; home health aide services, personal care attendants, and nutri-
preschool and day care licensing; senior health services; health tional counseling. For information, call 203-276-3000 or visit
maintenance in the home; a tuberculosis control program; and online at vnhcsw.org.
infectious and communicable disease education and monitor-
ing. How do I arrange for a home health aide?
The Dental Health Program offers preventive dentistry All of the agencies listed above offer home health aides,
and oral health screenings to all ages through Head Start, homemakers, and companion services. You may also call the
school, and community programs. The dental hygienists are Greenwich Department of Social Services Homemaker
Linda Conti (203-622-7858) and Jeannie Schnakenberg (203- Service Unit at 203-622-3719, which assists Greenwich resi-
622-3779). dents who have difficulty with everyday activities. The service
is available to all residents on a sliding scale fee basis.
What immunizations and screenings are offered? Premier Home Health Care at 73 Arch Street (203-629-
There are tuberculosis and blood pressure screenings. 4792) is an independent home care agency. Comfort Keepers
Immunizations are offered for polio, varicella, diphthe- (203-629-5029), 17 Heronvue Road, offers assisted living
ria, pertussis, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, services in the form of companionship, homemaking, and per-
Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib), pneumonia and hepa- sonal care.
titis B (children only). Hours in Town Hall are Monday,
Wednesday and Friday from 2:30 to 3:30. Call 203-622-6496. Is there a clearinghouse of information on home
Flu Hotline: 203-622-3774. Town Web site offers updates health care?
and current information. Home Health Compare allows consumers to see clinical
A Greenwich Hospital nurse takes free blood pressures information about home health agency quality. The service
and answers health questions from 9 to noon on Tuesday at the is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human
hospital cafeteria atrium; on Thursday at the Healthy Living Services. It is available online at medicare.gov.
Center, 55 Holly Hill Lane; and on Friday at Hill House
in Riverside. She is also at the Greenwich Library Health Who offers hospice care?
Information Center on Mondays from 1 to 4. Call 203-863- In addition to its visiting nurse services, Visiting Nurse
3792 for details. and Hospice Care of Southwest Connecticut (VNHC) serves
Immunizations for foreign travel — including yellow Greenwich in this regard. The agency offers palliative care
fever, malaria, typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis A, polio, and for patients with a life-limiting prognosis who are continuing
Japanese encephalitis — are available through Greenwich treatment towards a cure as well as for patients at the end of
Hospital. Try to schedule them six weeks before departure. For life. Other services include respite care, pastoral care, bereave-
an appointment, call 203-863-3270. ment counseling, and volunteer services. For information, call
203-276-3000 or visit online at vnhcsw.org.
Is pregnancy testing available? What about for AIDS? Greenwich Hospital offers a Medicare-certified program
The Greenwich Health Department’s Office of Special that provides at-home care for those with an end-of-life
Clinical Services offers free and confidential testing for preg- prognosis. For information, call 203-863-3883 or e-mail
nancy and sexually transmitted diseases at the Venus Clinic MaryAnnT@greenhosp.org.
on the third floor of Town Hall. Counseling and referrals to The Greenwich Department of Health also sponsors the
support groups and other services are also offered. Hours are Greenwich Coalition for Improving End of Life Care,
Tuesday and Thursday from 2 to 5; no appointment is neces- chaired by Tom Mahoney (622-6460). This group of health
sary. care professionals, attorneys, spiritual care givers, and oth-
April 28, 2011 Health greenwich answerbook • 31

ers works to promote and support community programs that mail gableste@usa.redcross.org.
improve care at end of life. Coalition members are available to
present programs addressing end-of-life concerns. Is there a flu clinic in town?
The Greenwich Health Department offers seasonal
Is there a nursing home in town? flu and pneumonia immunizations. Call 203-622-6496. Flu
There are several nursing homes in town. Nathaniel Hotline: 203-622-3774.
Witherell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at 70
Parsonage Road (203-618-4200/witherell.org or greenwichct. Does anyone focus on autism?
org) is a skilled nursing facility. It is owned and operated on Friends of Autistic People, based in Greenwich, offers
a non-profit basis by the town. In addition to skilled nursing, parent support groups, education, and advocacy. Call Brita
if offers rehabilitation therapies, social and cultural services, Darany at 203-661-8510, e-mail bridaranyi@aol.com, or go
and a special section for residents with dementia or related ill- online to autisticadults.com.
nesses. The Greenwich Autism Program supports families of
Connecticut Health of Greenwich at 1188 King Street children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, pervasive devel-
(203-531-8300) is a private skilled nursing facility and reha- opmental disorder, and related disorders. It is under the
bilitation center. auspices of Abilis (formerly ARC Greenwich). For informa-
Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation & Health Care Center, tion, call Susan Izeman at 203-629-1880, ext. 327 or e-mail
is at 1165 King Street (203-531-1335/greenwichwoods.com). izeman@abilis.us.
It is a privately owned nursing home offering subacute, short-
and long-term care, and outpatient rehabilitation. There is a Does anyone help those with spinal cord injuries?
separate wing for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related The Obie Harrington-Howes Foundation is comprised of
disorders. community volunteers who want to help people with severe
Quality-related information on nursing homes is available spinal cord injuries. The Darien-based group’s focus is to
online at medicare.gov. assist people living in Connecticut with non-reimbursable
medical expenses. For information, call 888-265-5859 or visit
Is there a clearinghouse of health services? online at ohhf.org.
The first place you can try is the Greenwich Health
Department at 203-622-6488. Is there an organization that helps the blind?
Greenwich Community Answers (203-622-7979/commu- Voluntary Services for the Blind assists visually impaired
nityanswers.org) at 101 West Putnam Avenue, is also a source people with volunteer readers, drivers, and friendly visitors.
of much information. If you need services or would like to volunteer, call Claudette
Infoline of Southwest Connecticut offers information and Tallon at 203-324-6611.
referrals on adult day care, nutrition, home care, respite care,
health services, mental health, social services, legal services, Is there a therapeutic riding program?
transportation, financial services, and other topics. Call 211 or Pegasus Therapeutic Riding (845-669-8235/pegasustr.org)
203-324-6703 or visit 211.org online. is based in Brewster, N.Y. but offers programs at horse farms
The Connecticut Self-Help Network is a statewide clear- throughout Fairfield County. Pegasus helps bring the therapeu-
inghouse for all support groups across the state. Its Self-Help tic benefits of horseback riding to handicapped people of all
Directory lists more than 1,450 local and statewide groups ages. There is a chapter based at Kelsey Farm in Greenwich.
dealing with abuse, addictions, bereavement, disabilities,
health, mental health, parenting, and many other stressful life Who offers CPR classes?
situations. It also has contact information for more than 1,000 The Greenwich Red Cross offers a regular series of
national networks. For information, call 203-624-6982. Infant/Child and Adult CPR classes. You may register online at
greenwichredcross.org or call 203-869-8444 for details.
Is there any organization that checks up on people liv- Greenwich Emergency Medical Services offers American
ing alone? Heart Association CPR classes. Call 203-637-7505.
Lifeline of Southwestern Connecticut offers a 24-hour The Greenwich Family YMCA offers American Red Cross
personal emergency alarm and response service. There is a fee. certification in Infant/Child and Adult CPR. Call 203-869-
Call Family & Children’s Agency at 203-853-3116 or 203- 1630 for details.
Where can I find an organization that provides first
Are there any 24-hour pharmacies? aid services at events?
The CVS at 1239 East Putnam Avenue in Riverside (698- The Greenwich Red Cross offers first aid services at local
4006) is open 24 hours as is the CVS at 593 Newfield Avenue sporting and community events. Volunteers are trained to pro-
in Stamford. Call 203-967-4600. vide basic first aid and initiate local EMS protocols as needed.
There is also a 24-hour Walgreens at 1333 East Putnam Call 203-869-8444 for details.
Avenue in Riverside. Call 203-637-1496.
What help is available for victims of domestic violence
Where can I get home medical equipment? or sexual abuse?
The Care Center Home Medical Equipment at 29 The YWCA’s Domestic Abuse Services is a member of
Arcadia Road in Old Greenwich (203-637-1927/thecarecenter. the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the
com) offers equipment, supplies, in-home evaluations, and sole provider of domestic abuse services in Greenwich. The
training on equipment. program provides a 24-hour hotline (203-622-0003), emer-
The Red Cross Medical Loan Closet, 99 Field Point Road, gency shelter, individual counseling for adults and children,
offers items such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, and support groups, court advocacy and legal referrals. The YWCA
commodes. Call Jody Breakell at 203-869-8444 ext. 119 or e- also offers “Toolkit” Social Skills and Mentor programs for
32 • greenwich answerbook Health April 28, 2011

elementary school children and the Project Hope After-School Symptoms include fever, headache, chills, malaise, muscle and
program for middle school children who have experienced joint pain, nausea, and vomiting. Acute weight loss, low plate-
domestic abuse or are at risk for domestic violence. Call 869- let count, and a low white blood cell count can also occur.
6501, ext. 171 for information or visit online at ywcagreen- The Greenwich Department of Health Laboratory on the
wich.org. ground floor of Town Hall offers tick identification and testing
Sexual Assault Crisis and Education Center, One Dock services. Call 203-622-7843.
Street, Suite 320, Stamford. Office: 203-348-9346. 24-hour The Greenwich Red Cross offer a tick-removal kit that can
hotline: 203-329-2929. be attached to a belt. It includes a tick identification card, non-
latex gloves, splinter tweezers with magnifier, and zipper-lock
Who offers counseling services? bags to put the tick in and take to the health laboratory. It costs
The Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut, $10 and is available online at greenwichredcross.org.
23 Benedict Place (203-983-5294/childguidancect.org) is a Time for Lyme is a local, volunteer, nonprofit organization
nonprofit mental health resource for area children and families, active in Lyme and tick-related community, state, and national
receiving referrals from schools, courts, human service agen- issues. The organization promotes education about tick-borne
cies, and private physicians. Self-referrals are also encouraged. illness, raises money for research, and publishes a newsletter.
The center has a clinical staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, For information or to become a volunteer, call 203-969-1333
social workers, and marriage and family therapists. Prevention or visit timeforlyme.org.
services are also provided through public education and con-
sultation programs. Are there any Lyme disease support groups?
The center also offers an Emergency Mobile Crisis The Lyme Disease Support Group meets monthly from
Service, providing immediate mental health assessments and 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Town Hall. For information, call Stephanie
stabilization services for children and adolescents experiencing Paulmeno at the Greenwich Department of Health at 203-622-
serious psychiatric symptoms or severe reactions to a recent 7849. For the meeting schedule, visit online at timeforlyme.
traumatic event. The service is available 24/7. Call 203-323- org.
9797 or 888-825-6777.
Community Centers Inc., 61 East Putnam Avenue (203- What is rabies? How prevalent is it in this area?
869-1276/ccigreenwich.org) offers therapeutic counseling and Rabies is a fatal disease caused by a virus that travels
supportive social groups. through the body to the brain via the nervous system. Once it
Family Centers Inc., 40 Arch Street (203-869-4848/fami- reaches the brain, it causes encephalitis, an inflammation of
lycenters.org) offers individual, group, couples, and family the brain, which results in neurological damage and cannot be
counseling and a host of other human service and education treated. In April 1991 the first two cases of rabid raccoons in
programs. Connecticut were confirmed in Ridgefield. Since then, every
Greenwich Hospital, 5 Perryridge Road (203-863-3000/ city and town in the state has had confirmed cases of rabies, a
greenhosp.org) offers many counseling programs. total of 5,926 cases through Aug. 7, 2007. Raccoons, skunks,
Greenwich Youth Options, 55 Old Field Point Road, is an and bats are the most common carriers of the rabies virus.
alcohol/substance abuse program that offers individual, and The best way to protect yourself against rabies is to not
family counseling and group therapy. It is part of Liberation approach or handle wild animals (dead or alive) or strange pets
Programs. Call 203-869-1349 or visit liberationprograms.org. and to keep your own pets vaccinated (see Animals section).
Jewish Family Services of Greenwich, One Holly Hill
Lane (203-622-1881/jfsgreenwich.org) offers professional What should I do if I have been exposed?
counseling for individuals, couples, and families, as well as Consult a doctor immediately and report the incident to the
bereavement counseling, crisis intervention, and parenting health department (203-622-6488) and animal control officer
guidance. (203-622-8299). Because the rabies virus is carried in saliva,
Kids in Crisis (203-622-6556/kidsincrisis.org) offers crisis the wound should be washed thoroughly with soap and water.
counseling, intervention, and emergency shelter for children This decreases the chance of infection. If possible, the ani-
up to age 17. mal should be captured for testing. The Veterinary Medical
The Mead Counseling Center, 200 Railroad Avenue (203- Association suggests trapping the animal under a large box,
869-5063/meadcounselingcenter.com), offers individual and but do not try to handle it. Because the testing procedure for
group counseling, marital and family therapy, and spiritual rabies involves dissecting the brain, the animal must be eutha-
counseling. It is a private agency established by religious insti- nized in order to be tested.
tutions of Greenwich. Once rabies has been contracted, it is nearly always
fatal. (There have been a very, very few cases of survivors.)
Should I worry about Lyme disease? However, prophylactic treatment in the form of a series of
Lyme disease, spread by ticks, is prevalent. Take precau- injections is available for people who have been exposed to
tions when going in the woods and fields. Use insect repellent, the virus.
dress in light-colored clothing, roll pant cuffs into socks, wear
long sleeves and a hat. Inspect pets that roam daily. What is West Nile virus?
Insect repellents that contain DEET are quite effective West Nile virus is a mosquito-borne infection that can cause
against ticks. Follow the label instructions for use and applica- encephalitis. Last year, mosquitoes trapped in Greenwich
tion. Products containing 15% or less DEET are recommended tested positive for West Nile virus. Mosquitoes can reproduce
for children, but products containing DEET should not be used in any stagnant water that lasts more than four days. People
on infants. can best protect themselves by eliminating any such pools of
If you notice a tick bite or any bite around which a redness stagnant water around their home, such as birdbaths, old tires,
forms in the shape of a bull’s-eye target, or if you have flu-like kiddy pools, and clogged gutters. Minimize outdoor activities
symptoms, see a doctor immediately. between dusk and dawn. Consider the use of mosquito repel-
Another tickborne disease in this area is ehrlichiosis. lent.
April 28, 2011 greenwich answerbook • 33

Parsonage Cottage
A Senior Residence
In Beautiful Greenwich, Connecticut

��� ����� ��������� �� ������� ����� ����� ������� �������������
������� ������ ��� ������ ���������� ����� ������� ���� ���������

Just like home...and maybe even better.

34 • greenwich answerbook Senior Citizens April 28, 2011

What special housing is available for senior citizens? health care, therapy, and social activities for impaired and/or
The Bishop Curtis Home at 1040 East Putnam Avenue in isolated adults. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 8 to
Riverside is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport, but 4:30. Transportation is provided. An admission form, visit, and
it is not necessary to be Catholic to live there. It is a federally physician’s orders are required for enrollment. The Waterfall
subsidized apartment complex offering low-income housing at River House caters to the clients with special needs or
to qualified people 62 years and older and for people who are advanced Alzheimer’s or dementia. For information, call 203-
permanently disabled. Call 203-637-8065 or 576-0823. 622-0079 or visit online at gadc.org.
The Greens at Greenwich is an assisted living residence
at 1155 King Street, offering a memory support program. Call Does anyone help seniors live at home?
203-531-5500 for details or visit thegreensatgreenwich.com. At Home In Greenwich helps seniors live with confidence
Hill House at 10 Riverside Avenue in Riverside offers in their homes as they grow older. The nonprofit organization
affordable housing for the frail elderly (over 62) who need offers problem solving, information, referral to services, and
some support services. Call 203-637-3177. social activities. Membership is required. Call 203-629-2822,
The Mews is a senior residence offering assisted living ext. 3141 or visit athomeingreenwich.org.
services at 1/2 Bolling Place (off Arch Street), in downtown
Greenwich. For information, call 203-869-9448. Web site: the- Is there a senior center?
mews-greenwich.com. The Greenwich Senior Center (203-862-6700) is at 299
Parsonage Cottage at 88 Parsonage Road is a residential Greenwich Avenue and serves Greenwich residents 55 and
care home for seniors, with single and double rooms. Call 203- over Monday through Friday from 9 to 4. There are classes,
869-6226 or visit parsonagecottage.org. day trips, health forums, and social activities. A hot lunch is
The Greenwich Housing Authority operates low- and served every day (reservations required the day before) and
moderate-income rental housing for families, the elderly, and lunches to go are available.
the disabled. There are currently 1,000 units in 15 properties,
although there is a waiting list. For information, call 203-869- Are there any senior clubs?
1138. A complete list of senior housing available in a 14-town There are several including: Byram Senior Citizens,
region of southwestern Connecticut is available from the Glenville Senior Citizens, Greenwich Seniors Club, Retired
Southwestern Connecticut Agency on Aging (203-333-9288/ Men’s Association, St. Roch’s Senior Group, and Jewish
swcaa.org) in Bridgeport. Family Services Senior Group. Call the Commission on Aging
at 203-622-3992 for information.
Is there day care for the elderly?
Greenwich Adult Day Care’s River House at 125 River Is there an AARP chapter here?
Road Extension in Cos Cob offers individualized programs of There are three. The Greenwich chapter meets the third
Thursday of the month (except July and August) at 1:30, at
Christ Church on Putnam Avenue. Call Louise Burns for infor-
mation at 203-531-6837.
The Eastern Greenwich chapter (637-3661) meets the sec-
ond Tuesday of the month (except July and August) at 1, at St.
Catherine of Siena Church, 8 Riverside Avenue.
The Western Greenwich chapter meets the first Thursday
����������������������������������������������� of the month (except July, August, and December) at 1, at
Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center, 449 Pemberwick
��������������������������� Road, Greenwich. Call Theresa Kelly at 203-531-8263 for
Does anyone help seniors with their income tax?
������������ Tax Service for Seniors takes place from early February
through mid-April at Greenwich Town Hall. Call 203-862-
��������������� 6720 for information.
����������������� Will anyone run errands for seniors?
������ Supermarketing for Seniors is offered by Jewish Family
Services of Greenwich to anyone 60 and older who can no
longer shop for groceries. Call 203-622-1881 or visit jfsgreen-
��������������������� wich.org for details.
������������������� Does anyone offer a chore service for seniors?
Jewish Family Services of Greenwich (jfsgreenwich.org)
������������������� offers chore and carpentry services as well as a Snow Angels
������������������� Shoveling service. Call 203-622-1881 or details.

What transportation services are available to seniors?

�������������������������� The Greenwich Red Cross offers free rides to Greenwich
�������������������������������� residents for medically related services in town or dialysis
treatment in Stamford. All vehicles are white and bear the Red
������������������������������� ��������������������������
���������������������������� ����������������������������������
April 28, 2011 Senior Citizens greenwich answerbook • 35

Cross logo and are equipped with two-way radios. Call 203- Association of Greenwich, 13 Riverside Avenue, 203-637-
637-4345 for an appointment one week in advance. 4345/ridetag.org.
TAG (Transportation Association of Greenwich) offers CT Transit offers bus service between Stamford and Old
Door-to-Door transportation to anyone who is disabled and Greenwich, passing through downtown Greenwich weekdays.
unable to use a public bus. Riders’ eligibility must be certified. The daily service from Stamford to Port Chester also passes
TAG also offers a Dial-A-Ride service to Greenwich, through Greenwich. All CTTransit buses are handicap acces-
Stamford, and Norwalk. Service is Monday through Saturday. sible and seniors and disabled riders may travel for half fare.
Tickets for either service must be purchased in person or by For information, call 203-327-7433 (TTY: 203-327-2404) or
mail from the TAG office at 13 Riverside Avenue. Call 203- visit online at cttransit.com.
637-4345, Monday through Saturday, 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. for Greenwich Taxi offers a senior discount. Call 203-869-
information. 6000 for details.
Call-A-Ride of Greenwich offers free door-to-door ser- Access Ambulance Company offers non-emergency medi-
vices to those 60 and older Monday through Friday from 9 cal transportation in an ambulance or invalid coach. The ser-
to 3. The service will take you anywhere you wish to go in vice is offered 24 hours by appointment. Call 203-637-2351
Greenwich. You must be ambulatory. Call 203-661-6633 well for details.
in advance of your trip for an appointment.
Dial-A-Ride is a door-to-door service for Greenwich Is there an employment service for older folks?
residents who are over 60 or disabled. The service operates USE (Utilize Senior Energy) is a non-profit employment
Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday service for Greenwich residents over 50. It is at the Senior
from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Service is provided anywhere Center on Greenwich Avenue. Call 203-629-8031 Monday
between Stamford, Greenwich, Port Chester, Rye, and White through Friday from 9:30 to 12:30.
Plains for any reason. There is a fee of $3 for each one-way
trip. Call 203-637-4345 for the schedule and details. Does anyone check in on homebound elderly?
Easy Access (203-299-5180/norwalktransit.com) offers There are a number of programs that reach out to the home-
door-to-door service to anyone who is ADA-certified Monday bound. There are two Friendly Visitor programs. One is run
through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Norwalk by Family Centers (203-655-1128), the other by Jewish Family
Transit service operates within a three-quarter-mile corridor Services (203-622-1881).
of the public bus route between Greenwich and Norwalk. The Friendly Connections offers a program called Telephone
(2009) fare is $2.50 per one-way trip, payable as a pre-paid Groups. This program links people via conference call for
ticket. Wheelchairs OK. Call 203-637-4345 or 203-299- social calls, discussions, and support. Different groups are
5180 for appointments and scheduled runs. Tickets may be available. Friendly Callers are volunteers who call daily for
purchased in person or through the mail at Transportation social conversation.

������������������������������������������� �����������
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� ������������������
��������������������������������� ��������������������������������
����������������������������� �������������������
����������������������������������������� ����������������������������
36 • greenwich answerbook Religion April 28, 2011

What churches and synagogues are in Greenwich? America), services at The Woman’s Club of Greenwich, 89
Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism, 293 Sound Maple Avenue, 203-861-7555/gracechurchgreenwich.com
Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich, 203-637-4615/albertson- Greenwich Baptist Church, 10 Indian Rock Lane, 203-
church.org 869-2347/greenwichbaptist.org
Anglican Church of the Advent, 606 Riversville Road (at Greenwich Reform Synagogue, 257 Stanwich Road, 203-
the North Greenwich Congregational Church), 203-861-2432/ 629-0018/grs.org
churchoftheadvent.org Harvest Time Assembly of God, 1338 King Street, 203-
Bethel A.M.E. Church, 42-44 Lake Avenue, 203-661-3099 531-7778
Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich, 75 Mason Street, 203- Japanese Gospel Church of Greenwich, 286 Delavan
629-9059/chabadgreenwich.org Avenue (St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church), 203-531-
Christ Church Greenwich, 254 East Putnam Avenue, 203- 6450/jgclmi.com
869-6600/christchurchgreenwich.org North Greenwich Congregational Church, 606
Congregation Shir Ami, 254 East Putnam Avenue, 203- Riversville Road, 203-869-7763/northgreenwichchurch.org
504-2424/congregationshirami.org Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich, 38 West End
Diamond Hill United Methodist Church, 521 East Avenue, 203-637--3669/pcogonline.org
Putnam Avenue, 203-869-2395/diamondhillumc.org Round Hill Community Church, 395 Round Hill Road,
Dingletown Community Church, Stanwich Road and 203-869-1091/roundhillcommunitychurch.org
Barnstable Lane, 203-629-5923/dingletown.org Sacred Heart (Catholic) Church, 95 Henry Street, Byram,
First Baptist Church, 10 Northfield Street, 203-869-7988 203-531-8730
First Church of Christ Scientist, 11 Park Place, 203-869- Second Congregational Church, 139 East Putnam Avenue,
1555/christiansciencect.org/greenwich 203-869-9311/2cc.org
First Church of Round Hill, 464 Round Hill Road, 203- St. Agnes (Roman Catholic) Church, 247 Stanwich Road,
629-3876/firstchurchofroundhill.org 203-869-5396/stagnesrc.org
First Congregational Church, 108 Sound Beach Avenue, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 954 Lake Avenue, 203-
Old Greenwich, 203-637-1791/fccog.org 661-5526/stbarnabasgreenwich.org
First Lutheran Church, 38 Field Point Road, 203-869- St. Catherine of Siena (Roman Catholic) Church, 4
0032/1stlutherangct.org Riverside Avenue, 203-637-3661/stcath.org
First Presbyterian Church, One West Putnam Avenue, St. Mary (Catholic) Parish, 178 Greenwich Avenue, 869-
203-869-8686/fpcg.org 9393/stmaryparishgreenwich.org
First United Methodist Church, 59 East Putnam Avenue, St. Michael the Archangel (Roman Catholic), 469 North
203-629-9584/fumcgreenwich.cjb.net Street, 203-869-5421/stmichaelgreenwich.org
Grace Church of Greenwich (Presbyterian Church in St. Paul Church (Roman Catholic), 84 Sherwood Avenue,
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, 286 Delavan
Avenue, 203-531-8466/stpaulbyram.com
����������� St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 200 Riverside Avenue, 203-
���������������������� St. Roch (Roman Catholic) Church, 10 St. Roch Avenue,
�������������������� St. Saviour’s Episcopal Church, 350 Sound Beach
������������� Avenue, 203-637-2262/saintsaviours.org
St. Timothy Chapel, 1034 North Street, 203-869-5421
������������ Stamford-Greenwich Religious Society of Friends
����������� (Quakers), 572 Roxbury Road, Stamford, 203-595-9405.
Stanwich Congregational Church, 202 Taconic Road,
������������������������� 203-661-4420/stanwichchurch.org
���������� Temple Sholom, 300 East Putnam Avenue, 203-869-7191/
�������������������������� Trinity Church, 15 Sherwood Place, 203-618-0808/trinity-
��������� churchonline.org

��� ��������������������������������������
Does anyone minister to those in nursing homes?
��� �����������������������������������������������������
Greenwich Chaplaincy Services provides pastoral ser-
vices for patients, their families, and staff at Greenwich’s
��� ���������������������������������������������������������� nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Catholic masses,
���������������������������������������������������� Protestant worship services, and Jewish Shabbat services are
��� ��������������������������������������������������� provided along with other holiday and memorial services.
����������������������������������������������������� There are offices at 70 Parsonage Road and 1165 King Street.
���� For information, call 203-618-4321 or 203-618-4236. The Web
��� �������������������������������������������������� site is greenwichchaplaincy.org.
��� ���������������������������������

April 28, 2011 Religion greenwich answerbook • 37

Are there any Bible study programs? What is Young Life?

Bethel A.M.E. Church has a Bible study and prayer meet- Greenwich Young Life is a non-denominational, Christian
ing on Wednesdays at 2. organization for teens. Young Life meets throughout the school
Christ Church offer Bible studies on Wednesdays at 9:30 year. Call 203-340-2123 for details or visit online at green-
a.m. wich.younglife.org.
Diamond Hill Church has a Bible study program at 11:30 Greenwich WyldLife is a similar organization for
on Sundays. middle school students, offering a club, camp, and monthly
There is an adult Bible study program on Sundays at noon social events. For information, call 203-340-2123 or e-mail
at the First Lutheran Church. lee@greenwichyl.com. The Web site is GreenwichWyldLife.
Grace Church holds Bible study with a dinner on younglife.org.
Wednesdays at 7. Studies follow at 7:45.
Greenwich Baptist Church offers Bible study at 11 on
Sundays. Are there any stores selling religious items?
Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich offers a variety The Christian Science Reading Room, 333 Greenwich
of Bible study programs including a Women’s Bible Study on Avenue (203-869-2503) is a library and bookstore. The Bible,
Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30. books, Bible study references, Christian Science magazines,
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran has an adult Bible study at The Christian Science Monitor, CDs and tapes are for sale.
7 on Wednesdays. It is open Monday though Friday from 10 to 4 and Saturday
The Second Congregational Church offers six Bible study from 10 to 1.
programs. The Christ Church Bookstore (203-869-9030) offers a
Stanwich Congregational Church offers Bible study on wide variety of items including music CDs, cards, angels,
Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30. jewelry, crosses, candles, rosary beads, crèches, and hundreds
of books including Bibles, prayer books, and spiritual classics.
Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 10 to 5, Saturday from
10 to 4, and Sunday from 10 to 1.


���������������������� �����������������������������


�������������� �
������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������
�������������������� � ��������������������������������
38 • greenwich answerbook Children & Teens April 28, 2011

Who watches out for the interests of children? facilities. Parking is on Loughlin Avenue and Cross Lane.
The Early Childhood Council is a United Way-supported The William Street Playground is at the corner of Church
program that plans, coordinates, and advocates for services for Street and William Street. There are no restroom facilities.
children from birth to five years of age. Call Penny Gellmann There is metered parking on Church Street and non-metered
at 203-869-2221 or e-mail pgellmann@unitedway-greenwich. parking on William Street.
The United Way Youth Services Council (203-869-
2221) is a network of local providers working to ensure Is there a job clearinghouse for students?
the needs of local children and families. Jenny Byxbee Yes, the Student Employment Service (203-625-8008/ghs-
(jbyxbee@unitedway-greenwich.com) is the youth services ses.org) is in the Student Activities Office at Greenwich High
coordinator. School and is a volunteer program of the GHS PTA. Hours
during the school year are 11:30 to 2. At other times, leave
a message or e-mail office@ghs-ses.org. The service helps
Where can I find a nanny? Greenwich teens and businesses find each other. Any high
The following services offer baby nurses and/or live-in, school student living in Greenwich may use the service.
live-out, full-time, part-time, or summer nannies: Absolute
Best Care, 280 Railroad Avenue, Greenwich (203-340-9970/
absoutebestcare.com); The Lindquist Group, 8 Sinawoy Is there a Safe Rides program?
Road, Greenwich (203-869-7722/thelindquistgroup.com); and Yes. Teens lead and operate this program, offered through
Regal Domestics, 268 Mason Street, Greenwich (203-869- the Red Cross. Free and confidential rides home are offered on
0044/regaldomestics.com). Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Call 203-
For those who volunteer, the program offers training in
What playgrounds are in town? emergency procedures, leadership, and substance abuse educa-
There are playgrounds at all the elementary schools. There tion. For information, call Ivana Sain at 203-869-8444, ext.
are also playgrounds at Binney Park, Bruce Park (handicap 133, or e-mail sainiv@usa.redcross.org.
accessible), and Pemberwick Park.
The Bible Street Playground in Cos Cob offers a fenced-in
playground with restroom facilities in the Cos Cob Community Is there a Boys or Girls Club in town?
Center. The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich (203-869-3224/
Loughlin Playground on the corner of Loughlin Avenue bgcg.org) is at 4 Horseneck Lane. Membership is open to boys
and Butler Street in Cos Cob offers a playground and restroom and girls, 6 to 18. Those who live in Greenwich may join for







Points of Interest
Feb. 19, 2009 The Greenwich Answerbook, Greenwich, Connecticut 39
April 28, 2011 greenwich answerbook • 39

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40 • greenwich answerbook

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April 28, 2011





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April 28, 2011



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greenwich answerbook • 41

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42 • greenwich answerbook April 28, 2011
42 The Greenwich Answerbook, Greenwich, Connecticut Feb. 19, 2009

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April 28, 2011 Children & Teens greenwich answerbook • 43

$20 per year. Those with a parent who works in Greenwich Is there a pony club?
may join for $120 per year. Greenwich Pony Club is open to children and young peo-
The club offers a wide variety of programs including ple from 10 years and older up to age 21. Its mission is to pro-
afterschool programs (bus service is provided from several mote equestrian skills and horse care. For information, e-mail
schools), athletic programs, teen activities, special projects, Betsy Werdiger at werdiger@ejnw@aol.com or call Vicky
Family Fun Fridays, and summer camp. Skouras at 203-661-8951 or e-mail VvgS27@aol.com.

What is there for teens to do? What youth sports are offered?
The Arch Street Teen Center (203-629-5744/archstreet. Just about every kind of sport is covered one way or anoth-
org) at 100 Arch Street, Greenwich, is a drug- and alcohol- er in town, through Parks and Recreation, the Boys & Girls
free environment where Greenwich teens in high school (and Club, the Greenwich Family Y, or through private associations.
grades 7 and 8 by invitation) may gather. There is a large Greenwich Youth Football League is an instructional/
dance floor, multi-level stage, sound equipment, cafe, juice competitive tackle football league for ages 8 to 13. There are
bar, video games, pool tables, and other recreational equip- five teams and each has a cheering squad. New player regis-
ment. Scheduled events include dances, coffee shop perfor- tration is in May. Call Michael Dunster at 203-637-0766. For
mances, live bands, local performers, art expos, and teen con- cheerleader (grades 3-8) information, call 203-531-1731 or
ferences. 203-532-0421.
The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich (203-869-3224/ The YMCA offers a flag football program for children.
bgcg.org) is a membership organization offering a number of Call 203-869-1630 or visit gwymca.org.
programs for teens such as sports, field trips, character and Greenwich Basketball Association is a townwide instruc-
leadership programs, and specialty programs. tional and competitive program for boys and girls in fifth
Coffeehouses and teen-oriented events, such as High School through 12th grade. All skill levels are welcome and everyone
Band Night, are often offered at Arcadia Coffee Company plays. Practices and games take place from mid-November to
(203-637-8766/arcadiacoffee.com), 20 Arcadia Road, in Old early March. There is also a summer clinic for K-8 boys and
Greenwich. girls. For information, call Scott Fisher at 203-869-2929.
The Greenwich Red Cross (203-869-8444/greenwichred- The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich Basketball League
cross.org) offers teens opportunities for leadership devel- (203-869-3224) offers a basketball league for girls.
opment and personal growth through education, training, The Greenwich Family YMCA (203-869-1630) offers
and community service. Special events such as dances are youth basketball leagues in fall, winter, and spring, and youth
held. Call Ivana Sain at 203-869-8444, ext. 133 or e-mail clinics for boys and girls. There are also travel teams for play-
sainiv@usa.redcross.org. ers in fifth through eighth grade. For information, call Alan
The Red Cross offers a Youth Council (grades 9-12) and Herzog at 203-625-7567 or e-mail aherzog@itg.com.
Junior Youth Council (grades seven and eight). For informa- The YWCA Greenwich offers clinics and team play in
tion, call Jessica Chapman at 203-869-8444, ext. 119 or e-mail fundamental basketball skills for ages 5 to 7 and 8 to 10 in
chapmanjess@usa.redcross.org. spring and fall. Call 203-869-6501 or visit ywca.org/green-
Greenwich Department of Parks and Recreation offers
Is there a youth orchestra in town? coed basketball clinics, girls basketball, and youth basketball
The Youth Band for United Nations is a program of the clinics. Call 203-618-7649 for details.
Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, based at the Greenwich At CT Flame Basketball Camp, some of the best college
Arts Council. Call 203-542-0652 for information or visit players in the area teach boys and girls at all levels during the
online at faf.org and click on Programs. summer. For information, visit online at FlameCamp.com or e-
mail FlameCamp@gmail.com.
Greenwich Blues Youth Hockey Association offers com-
What summer camps are offered? petitive coed travel teams for boys and girls 7 to 14. There
The Greenwich Department of Parks and Recreation is also a Mimi Mite program for children four to six years
(203-622-7814) offers Kamp Kairphree, a day camp for 5- to old. Try-outs are in September. For information, e-mail Eddie
12-year-olds; Summer Fun, a travel, sports, and beach camp Silard at eddiessd1@aol.com. For registration information,
for 6- to 9-year-olds and 10- to 13-year-olds; Art & Music check the Web site greenwichblues.com.
Camps; skatepark ramp camp; soccer camp, tennis camp, and Greenwich Skating Club (203-622-9583/203-661-5255)
theater workshops. offers figure skating and ice hockey programs. Membership is
There are also many private camps available listed in limited. Visit online at greenwichskatingclub.org for details or
the Community Answers Summer Resource Guide for e-mail club president Doyle Queally at wdqueally@aol.com.
Children available around town beginning in March. Check For membership, call Margot Brady at 637-1597 or e-mail
the public libraries or go online to communityanswers.org. MargotLbrady@aol.com.
Mid-Fairfield Youth Hockey Association offers a
competitive program of house leagues and travel teams.
How can my child get into scouting? For information, call Peter Russo at 203-650-9265, e-mail
For Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, call the Boy Scouts of prusso@bgcpartners.com, or visit online at mfyha.com.
America, Greenwich Council at 203-869-8424 or visit online The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich (203-869-3224)
at greenwichbsa.com. The Boy Scouts also offers summer day offers hockey clinics and a Mite B Development Program.
camp for boys 7 to 17. No Scouting experience is required. Greenwich Youth Hockey offers novice, junior, and senior
For Daisies, Brownies, and Girl Scouts, call the Southwest programs at the Dorothy Hamill Skating Rink. Call 203-531-
Connecticut Girl Scout Council at 203-762-5557 or visit 8560 for details.
online at gsofct.org.
44 • greenwich answerbook Children & Teens April 28, 2011

Greenwich Water Polo offers a recreational league for Greenwich Track Club is open to all children in grades
boys and girls in third through eighth grade. There are also 2-8 who want the opportunity to enhance their running skills
separate travel teams for boys and girls, 12 and under to 18 and techniques, compete and improve their running times, and
and under. For information, visit online at greenwichwater- who just love to run for fun. The Club meets Sunday, Tuesday
polo.com. and Thursday, covering track and cross-country training for all
skill levels and abilities. The GTC also encourages families
Greenwich Aquatics Water Polo Team is a year-round to run together at the weekend training, at no extra cost, to
program for all ages and abilities. There are house league promote family fitness and fun. The club runs three eight week
teams and competitive teams. This is a Greenwich Family sessions: spring, summer and fall. It also offers additional
YMCA program. Call Kim Tierney Wang at 203-869-1630, training for any members interested in taking part in the sum-
ext. 304, or visit gwymca.org. mer and fall Junior Olympics. For information, visit www.
greenwichtrackclub.com, or call head coach Bill Bogardus at
The Boys & Girls Club Swim Team is the Barracudas, 203-861-6835.
open to club members. There are pre-competitive and competi-
tive groups for children 6 through 12 and older. For informa- Greenwich Soccer Association offers competitive pro-
tion, call Dawn Berrocal at 203-869-3224, ext. 134 or e-mail grams for boys and girls ages 7 to 10, who are proficient in
dberrocal@bgcg.org. soccer. Tryouts are in January and February. The fall season
runs from September to mid-November, the winter season
The Greenwich Family YMCA Marlins Youth Swim from January to March, and the spring season from April to
Team is a year-round program for ages 6 and up of all abili- mid-June. For information, call 203-588-0739 or visit online at
ties, from beginner through national levels. The Marlins greenwichtravelsoccer.com. E-mail Stuart Smith at stuart@gre
Diving Club offers instruction from the beginner level to the enwichsoccerinfo.com.
senior competitive level. For information, call 203-869-1630
or visit gwymca.org. The Old Greenwich-Riverside Community Center offers
recreational and travel soccer, from tots to high school. Call
The Dolphins Swim Team is a nationally competitive age- 203-637-3659 or go online to ogrcc.com.
group program of the YWCA Greenwich. Call Nick Cavataro
at 203-869-6501, ext. 125 or e-mail ncavataro@greenwichdolp The Greenwich Soccer Club (greenwichsoccer.com) is
hins.com. The Web site is greenwichdolphins.com. a recreational program for children in grades K-9. Games
are played on Saturday mornings in the fall, starting in early
Cos Cob TBall is for children ages 5 to 7 in the spring at September. Teams are single sex and organized by grade.
the Cos Cob Community Center on Bible Street. Sign-ups are For information, call Anne Orum at 203-661-2620 or e-mail
in March. For information, call Heidi and Tom Pastore at 203- anne@greenwichsoccer.com.
637-7767 or e-mail coscobtball@snet.net.
The YWCA’s Super SoccerStars is a non-competitive,
The YMCA has a Tball program for ages 3 to 5, a girls educational program. Visit supersoccerstars.com or call 203-
softball league (ages 6-11), and a coach-pitch league (ages 869-6501, ext. 131.
6-7) in the spring.
Parks and Recreation offers a variety of soccer programs
Old Greenwich Riverside Community Center offers a year-round. Call 203-618-7649.
Tball league for boys and girls in kindergarten. The center
also offers Intermediate Baseball for boys and girls in first Greenwich Youth Lacrosse (203-352-3933/greenwichy-
and second grade, and Major League Baseball for third and outhlacrosse.org) offers house leagues for boys and girls in
fourth grade and fifth grade through Under Age 13. There is grades 1-6, and travel teams for boys in grades 3-8 and girls in
also a softball program for girls in second through sixth grade. grades 4-8. Registration is in January, play is March through
Pitching clinics and summer baseball round out the center’s May. For information, call Pat Coleman at 203-637-7360 or
offerings. Call 203-637-3659 or visit ogrcc.com. e-mail patrickcoleman@msn.com. For the boys teams, call
Eugene Miller at 203-698-0417 or e-mail Eugene.Miller@itg.
The Greenwich Cal Ripken League offers baseball for com. For the girls teams, call Lisa Hurst at 203-869-1889 or e-
children ages 10 to 12. Registration is in January. For informa- mail lisahurst77@gmail.com.
tion, call Tom Williams at 661-7404. For a recording, call 203-
977-1715. The Web site is greenwichcalripken.org. Parks and Recreation offers introductory lacrosse and
informal games. Call 203-618-7649.
The Greenwich Junior Babe Ruth League (greenwich-
baberuth.org) offers baseball for children 13 to 15. Sigh-up is The Windy Hill Figure Skating Club (windyhillsc.com)
in February; practice begins in late April. There is also a fall is based at the Dorothy Hamill Ice Rink. Membership is open
league. to all figure skaters who are at least a Basic 7 in USFSA basic
skills. Call Tim Grace at 203-355-2748 (tgrace02@optonline.
The Boys & Girls Club offers a Co-ed Baseball League, net).
which includes T-ball for six- and seven-year-olds and a coach The Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich (203-869-3224)
pitch league for eight- and nine-year-olds. Registration is in offers figure skating classes.
early April. Call 203-869-3224.
Greenwich Skating School offers group lessons at the
Parks and Recreation offers coed Tball, indoor baseball in Dorothy Hamill Ice Rink. Call 203-531-8560 for details.
the winter and summer baseball. Call 203-618-7649.
April 28, 2011 Recreation greenwich answerbook • 45

Where is the parks and recreation department? on Cognewaugh Road in Greenwich and Merribrook Lane in
The Parks and Recreation office is on the second floor Stamford.
of Town Hall. Hours are 8 to 4. For general information, call Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, on Arch Street near the
203-622-7814. railroad and I-95, is a small waterfront park with a view of
Greenwich Harbor and Long Island Sound. Primary activities
are picnicking and bird watching, although outdoor concerts
For what facilities do I need a pass? and theater productions are offered in summer. Here, too is
Park/Beach Passes are needed primarily for access to the Ferry Terminal offering rides to Island Beach and Great
Greenwich beaches (Greenwich Point and Byram Park) dur- Captain’s Island. Also at the park is Greenwich Skatepark (see
ing certain times of the year. From May 1 through Oct. 31 below).
only vehicle permits for residents and vehicle fees for visitors Edward Schongalla Nature Preserve runs along both
are required for arrival before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. A park sides of MacArthur Drive in Riverside. The 28 acres are
pass or guest card/ticket and a vehicle permit/parking pass will open dawn to dusk for walking, hiking, nature study, and bird
be required between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. From Nov. 1 through watching. Park on MacArthur Drive between Florence Road
April 30, no fees will be charged to enter Greenwich Point and and Halsey Drive.
Byram Park. Montgomery Park and Pinetum is on Bible Street in
Applications are available at the Park Pass Office in Town Cos Cob and is home to the Greenwich Garden Center.
Hall from 8 to 3:45. Single-visit guest and parking tickets The entrance is opposite Clover Place. A map and tree guide
only may also be bought at the Eastern Greenwich Civic are available at the center for the tree identification walk and
Association from 9 to 5, beginning May 1. For complete infor- many trails throughout the property. One path in particu-
mation, call the Beach Card Office at 618-3019 or check the lar takes you to the Greenwich Audubon Society’s Mildred
Parks and Recreation Web page at greenwichct.org. Bedard Caldwell Wildlife Sanctuary.

What recreational parks are in town? Are there any wildlife sanctuaries in town?
There are many parks in Greenwich. Some of the larger The Audubon Center in Greenwich manages six proper-
parks are listed below. A complete listing, including facilities ties in town devoted to wildlife and nature. They include the
and directions may be found on the town Web site at green- main Audubon Center at 613 Riversville Road, with 285 acres
wichct.org. of woodland, wetland, and meadow habitat. Other proper-
The 22-acre Binney Park on Sound Beach Avenue and ties include the Fairchild Wildflower Garden on North
Arch Street offers a skating pond, outdoor concert area, tennis Porchuck Road, Greenwich; Gimbel Sanctuary on Sherwood
courts, walking trails, picnic tables, a gazebo, playground, rest Avenue, Greenwich; Oneida Drive Sanctuary, Oneida Drive
rooms, ball fields, and seasonal water fountains. It is a scenic
park and popular for wedding photos. Memorial Rock was
dedicated in 1955 to the memory of servicemen and women of
Old Greenwich, Riverside, and North Mianus. The park is also
the site of an annual sailboat regatta.
The scenic Bruce Park, on Steamboat Road, is the site of
the Bruce Museum. The 60-acre park offers a rose garden, two
lakes, tennis courts, a picnic area, rest rooms, a fitness circuit,
horseshoe pits, ball field, and playground. There is also a
marked and measured trail for walking, jogging, or cycling.
Pemberwick Park is at the corner of Pemberwick Road ����������������������
and Moshier Street in western Greenwich. It is open year
round from dawn to dusk with a supervised playground in July
and August. There is no parking lot. The park offers a ball The beginning of a learning adventure!
field, tennis and basketball courts, a playground, picnic area,
and nature trails. Programs for 2, 3 and 4 year olds,
as well as Pre-K Connecting
What passive parks are in town? Afternoon enrichment programs for
One of the largest is Babcock Preserve, one-half mile 4 year olds
north of the Merritt Parkway between North Street, where the
entrance is, Lower Cross Road and Lake Avenue. The park Summer Camp (3 two-week sessions)
encompasses nearly 300 acres, has 11 trails, and is open for
hiking, walking, jogging, cross-country skiing, picnicking For more information and to schedule a tour, please call
and horseback riding from dawn to dusk. No camping or trail
Laddins Rock Sanctuary is an 18-acre natural woodland
on the north side of Highmeadow Road. Parking is available ��� �����l ��re�t��� ���� Natale
along the road and the sanctuary is open from dawn to dusk. 200 Riverside Avenue, Riverside, CT 06878
The Mianus River & Natural Park is on Cary Road on www.stpaulsriverside.org
the Greenwich/Stamford line. Its 110 acres are open during
daylight hours. There are trails for walking, jogging, hiking, St. Paul�� Day School is a non-sectarian nursery school owned
and horseback riding. Fishing is allowed with a state license. and operated by St. Paul�� Episcopal Church.
This is a great park for bird watching. There are parking lots
46 • greenwich answerbook Recreation April 28, 2011

and Indian Harbor Drive, Greenwich; Mildred Caldwell charges are based on the beam of each boat. For information
Sanctuary of Walden Woods, Bible Street, Cos Cob; and on what you need to apply, visit the Parks and Recreation page
Wood Duck Swamp, Carissa Lane, Greenwich. For informa- on the town Web site.
tion on visiting these sites, call Audubon Greenwich at 203- The Byram Marina in Byram Park has 300 slips for small-
869-5272. er vessels and outwater mooring space for about 100 ships up
For locations and trail maps, see Walking Trails in to 36 feet of overall length with drafts up to seven feet. Call
Greenwich and Surrounding Areas available in the center’s the dockmaster’s office at 203-532-9019.
Nature Store. The Cos Cob Marina is on River Road and has about 300
slips. For information, call 203-618-9698.
The Grass Island Marina on Shore Road has 150 slips for
What beaches are in town? boats up to 22 feet in length and outwater mooring space for
A point of pride for Greenwich is its collection of beaches about 50 vessels up to 36 feet long with drafts up to five feet.
along Long Island Sound. Beaches are open year round, but Call 203-618-9695.
Park/Beach Passes are required from May 1 through Oct. 31. The Greenwich Point Marina is in Greenwich Point Park.
Lifeguards are on duty from Memorial Day weekend through There is outwater mooring for about 250 boats up to 36 feet
Labor Day weekend from 10 to 6. long with up to seven-foot drafts. There is also rack storage
Greenwich Point on Shore Road in Old Greenwich, also for about 250 canoes, kayaks, and other small boats. Call 203-
known as Tod’s Point, is open from 6 a.m. to sunset. There 698-7792 for details.
are lockers, bicycle racks, a concession stand, rest rooms and
showers, first aid station, picnic tables, grills, and water foun-
tains. In addition to swimming, sunbathing, and boating, the What if I just want to launch my boat?
park is popular with hikers, joggers, and fishermen. There is a Once you have purchased a yearly Boat Facility Use Permit
network of trails throughout the park and a Secret Garden. The at Town Hall, you may launch your boat at Greenwich Point,
Seaside Center of the Bruce Museum and the Old Greenwich Cos Cob Marina, Grass Island Marina, or Byram Marina.
Yacht Club can also be found here.
Byram Beach/Pool at the corner of Rich Avenue and
Byram Shore Road offers the only public pool in town. The Where may I rent a boat?
pool is open from the Saturday before Memorial Day through Greenwich Community Sailing at Greenwich Point Park
Labor Day. There are set-aside times for family swim, adult offers a variety of sailboats and kayaks for rent to Greenwich
swim, and senior swim. In addition to the beach and pool, residents only and their guests. Lessons for children and
there are ball fields (one lighted), lighted tennis courts, rest adults are also offered. The season is late May through early
rooms, a water fountain, picnic tables, and playground. The September. Offices are in the Chimes Building on Greenwich
park is also home to the Byram Shore Boat Club. For boat- Point. For information, call 203-698-0599 or visit online at
ers, there are 300 slips for small boats, a launching ramp, lock- greenwichsailing.com.
ers for boating gear, and a dry dock area.
Great Captains Island is accessible by ferry from the
landing at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park on Arch Street in Is there anywhere to have a clambake?
central Greenwich. Ferry service is available June 14 through There are special clambake areas set aside at Byram
Sept. 7. The 17-acre island offers a beach area, boat mooring, Beach and Greenwich Point. Permits are required. At Byram
rest rooms, and water fountains. There is also a conservation Beach there is a shelter with four stone barbecue grills,
area. nine metal grills, and 27 wood and metal picnic tables. At
Island Beach is in Long Island Sound two miles south of Greenwich Point there is also a clambake area with rest rooms.
Greenwich Harbor. Summer access is by ferry from Roger Reservations are required on the weekends from April through
Sherman Baldwin Park. The ferry runs June 14 through Sept. October. Call 203-622-7824.
15. There are designated swimming and boating areas, dress-
ing rooms, rest rooms, picnic tables, grills, a snack bar and
covered shelters. It is one of the town’s oldest public parks. May I rent a park for a group outing?
The following areas are available for group rentals:
Greenwich Point Clambake Area, Greenwich Point
May I take my dog to the beach? Cowbarn Area, Byram Park Clambake Area, Bruce Park,
Dogs are allowed into parks and on the beach from Dec. and the Pinetum. Permits are required. For information, call
1 through March 31. All dogs must be on a leash. (See the Parks and Recreation at 203-622-7814.
Animal section for Greenwich Dog Park.)

Are there any community centers?

Does the town check the beach for safety? The Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center (203-
The health department tests the beaches weekly during 532-1259) is at 449 Pemberwick Road. A variety of recre-
swimming season. You may check online at greenwichct.org to ational activities are available as well as use of a gymnasium,
see if a beach is open or closed. weight/exercise room, dance/exercise studio, computer lab,
and meeting rooms. The Children’s Day School is here and
runs a day care center for children. Room rentals are available.
Are there any public marinas? The Eastern Greenwich Civic Center (203-637-4583) at
Four marinas are available to residents from April 15 90 Harding Road in Old Greenwich is the site of a number of
through Nov. 15. You may sign up for the waiting list at the special events including the Antiquarius Christmas Antique
boating desk (203-618-7651) at the Department of Parks and Show and Greenwich Senior Health Fair. The center is also
Recreation. Each boat requires a Facilities Use Permit. Slip home to Bridges Nursery School (203-637-0204). There is
April 28, 2011 Recreation greenwich answerbook • 47

also roller skating, indoor golf, basketball, and other sports treecc.org), Fairview Country Club (203-531-6200/fairview-
activities. Room rentals are available. countryclub.org), Greenwich Country Club (203-869-1000/
The Byram Archibald Neighborhood Center, 289 greenwichcountryclub.org), Innis Arden Golf Club (203-637-
Delavan Avenue, is a community center with an arts and recre- 6900/innisardengolfclub), Millbrook Club (203-869-4540),
ation program, afterschool program, and vacation activities for Round Hill Club (203-869-2350/rhclub.org), Stanwich Club
children. It is also home to the ARCH School. Meeting spaces (203-869-0555/stanwich.com), and Tamarack Country Club
are available for rental. Call 203-531-1522. (203-531-7300/tamarackcountryclub.com).
The Pemberwick and Cos Cob Community Centers are
available for rent for family and social functions. Call 203-
622-7830. May I camp at any of the town parks?
Camping is permitted on Great Captains Island from June
13 through Sept. 12, and Island Beach from June 13 through
Where can I go inline skating? Sept. 13. A permit from the Parks and Recreation Department
The Greenwich Skatepark (203-496-9876) is at Roger is required. Reservations must be made in person at the
Sherman Baldwin Park on Arch Street. The park offers super- Department of Parks and Recreation at least two weeks prior
vision for skateboarders and inline skaters 6 years old and to the intended date, although reservations may be made as
older. Full protective gear is required. Children 6 to 9 must be early as mid-January for the summer season. Proof of residen-
accompanied by an adult. Clinics are offered. Birthday parties cy along with a $30 non-refundable reservation fee is required.
can be arranged. There is also a summer camp. Memberships/ No pets are allowed. Only one night per family per season.
day passes required.

Where can I play tennis?

Where can I play golf? There are public tennis courts at Binney Park, on
The Griffith E. Harris Memorial Golf Course (203-531- Wesskum Wood Road in Old Greenwich; Bruce Park,
7200) on King Street in North Greenwich is the only public Bruce Park Drive; Byram Shore Park on Ritch Avenue in
course in town. It offers an 18-hole course (nine of which were Greenwich; Christiano Park on Lyon Avenue in Greenwich;
designed by Robert Trent Jones), pro shop, clubhouse, putting Eastern Greenwich Civic Center, 90 Harding Road in Old
green, driving range, and restaurant and snack bar. Greenwich; Loughlin Avenue Park in Cos Cob; Pemberwick
Use of the golf course is open to all Greenwich residents Park on Pemberwick Road in Greenwich; Central Middle
who become members. Members may bring guests. School on Indian Lane in Greenwich; Eastern Middle School,
There are a number of private courses in Greenwich includ- 51 Hendrie Avenue in Riverside; Western Middle School,
ing: Burning Tree Country Club (203-869-9004/burning- Western Jr. Highway; and Greenwich High School, 10



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48 • greenwich answerbook Recreation April 28, 2011

Hillside Road in Greenwich. The Lightfoot Running Club in Norwalk runs various
Tennis passes are required for all in-season play on town races each year from three-mile courses to half-marathons. For
courts, which runs from May 15 through Dec. 1. Applications details, e-mail dcapone972@aol.com. The club’s Web site is
for tennis passes are available at Town Hall or online at green- lightfootrunners.com.
wichct.org. Passes are $27 for adults; children under 16 and
seniors may use their park/beach pass. Guest and day passes
are also available. For information, call Frank Gabriele at 203- Is there a helmet law for bicyclists?
622-7821. Children age 15 and under must wear a helmet when bicy-
Other options that do not require memberships include the cling in Connecticut.
Greenwich Racquet Club, 1 River Road, Cos Cob (203-
661-0606), with four indoor, air-conditioned courts and Old
Greenwich Tennis Academy, 151 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Are there any cycling clubs in the area?
Greenwich (203-637-3398), with eight Har-tru courts. The Sound Cyclists runs group rides throughout Fairfield
Field Club of Greenwich, 276 Lake Avenue (203-869-1300), County year round. There are special events, a newsletter, and
is a private club offering swimming and racket sports. members are entitled to discounts at more than a dozen area
bicycle shops. For more information, visit soundcyclists.com.
Threads & Treads sponsors a number of cycling-related
What about platform tennis? events including the Threads & Treads Tour de Greenwich in
Lighted platform tennis courts are available at Loughlin September. Visit online at threadsandtreads.com or call 203-
Avenue Park in Cos Cob. Membership is required to play. 661-0142 for details.
Register at Parks and Recreation. The season runs from late
October through early April.
Are there any scenic cycling routes?
The Connecticut Department of Transportation offers
Where can I play basketball? maps of multi-use trails throughout the state as well as a state-
There are courts at Pemberwick Park. The parks and rec- wide bicycle map. You may download portions of the multi-
reation department offers corporate and resident men’s leagues use trails map from ct.gov/dot or you may purchase the 132-
during the winter. Call Frank Gabriele at 203-622-7821. page Pathways through Connecticut for $9.95 online.
The Connecticut Bicycle Map is available free from the
Are there any softball leagues?
Yes. There are Industrial Teams (composed of full-time
employees of sponsoring Greenwich businesses) and Town Where can I go cross-country skiing?
League teams (composed of residents and past residents who Babcock Preserve is particularly suited for cross-country
qualify for exempt status). There is also a master’s league for skiing.
those 50 and older. For details, call 622-7814.

Where can I go ice skating?

What does the YMCA offer? For outdoor skating, the duck pond at Binney Park is pop-
The Greenwich Family Y at 50 East Putnam Avenue, ular. The Department of Parks and Recreation has supervised
Greenwich, offers a number of athletic, dance, and fitness skating from 2 to 5 on weekdays and 10 to 5 on weekends
programs. The Y offers a fitness center and free weight room, when it is safe.
an indoor pool, a gymnasium, racquetball court, tennis courts, For indoor skating, the Dorothy Hamill Rink (203-531-
and sauna, steam and shower facilities. Special events are also 8560) is on Skating Rink Road off Sherman Avenue in Byram.
offered. For information, call 203-869-1630. Visit the Web site The rink is open from September to mid-March. Skating les-
at gwymca.org. sons, youth and men’s hockey leagues, hockey clinics, and
general skating sessions are offered to Greenwich residents
What about the YWCA?
The YWCA Greenwich (869-6501/ywcagreenwich.org) at
259 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, is a multi-service orga- Where can I go sledding?
nization that offers preschool and after-school programs, sum- One of the best sledding hills is near the playground at
mer and vacation camps, women’s leadership and racial justice Byram Park.
programs, fitness and aquatics classes, gymnastics, dance,
bridge, gallery exhibits and more. It includes a state-of-the-art
fitness center, six-lane pool and tennis courts. The YWCA is Can I go clamming?
home to the Gertrude White Gallery. Yes, you may go shellfishing at Greenwich Cove and the
Captain’s Islands pursuant to the rules and regulations set
forth by the Shellfish Commission, however, no oysters may
Are there any running clubs in the area? be taken during the 2008-09 season. Permits are available at
Threads & Treads, a sporting goods and apparel store at the town clerk’s office or The Sportsman’s Den of Greenwich
17 East Putnam Avenue, sponsors a number of road races as (203-869-3234) in Cos Cob.
well as the Threads & Treads Greenwich Cup Biathlon and For shellfish bed closures, call the Shellfish Hotline at 203-
Threads & Treads Greenwich Cup Triathlon throughout the 622-7777. For details, check online at greenwichct.org. Click
year. For information, visit online at threadsandtreads.com or on Commissions, then Shellfish Commission.
call 203-661-0142.
April 28, 2011 Recreation greenwich answerbook • 49

Where can I go fishing in town? occupied by people or domestic animals is illegal. Hunting
Fishing is available in public ponds and lakes, unless other- or shooting from or across the traveled portion of a public
wise posted, if you have a state fishing license. Popular spots runway, or from motor vehicles, is also prohibited. Shooting
are Greenwich Point, Mianus River & Natural Park, and Grass toward a person, building or domestic animal when within
Island. There is also a fishing pier on Steamboat Road. For range is illegal.
privately owned ponds and lakes, permission from the owner
must be obtained.
Aquarion offers fishing permits that allow access to reser- What are the hunting seasons here?
voirs in Weston, Redding (including the Saugatuck), Monroe, Depending on the game, hunting seasons begin and end at
and Shelton. Call 203-452-3510 for details. different times. Check the latest state Hunting and Trapping
Guide, available in the town clerk’s office, for details, or go
online to dep.state.ct.us.
Where do I get a fishing license? Bowhunting deer seasons are from Sept. 15 to Jan. 31.
Inland fishing licenses are $20 (free to seniors and the Check the above Web site for shotgun dates.
disabled) and are required for anyone 16 and older. They are The spring turkey season is May 6-30 on state or private
available at the town clerk’s office and many tackle shops. land. Fall turkey bowhunting on state land runs from Sept. 15
Fishing licenses are not needed in the marine district unless to Nov. 17 and Dec. 23-31 The season for private land is Sept.
you are taking lobsters or menhaden. For details, check the 15 to Jan. 31. Fall turkey firearms season is Oct. 3-31 on state
Connecticut Angler’s Guide, available free at the town clerk’s and private land.
office or online at dep.state.ct.us. Hunting on Sunday is prohibited in Connecticut.

When does fishing season start? Who teaches firearms safety courses?
You may fish year-round in Long Island Sound but for most Try firearms dealers or call the state’s Conservation
inland locations, the season begins the third Saturday in April Education Firearms Safety office in Burlington at 860-675-
and continues through November. 8130.

Is there any hunting allowed in town?

Hunting is not allowed on any town property. You may hunt
on private property. All hunters are required to have permis-
sion from the landowner when hunting on private lands. Verbal
permission for the hunting of animals other than deer and tur-
key is sufficient.
Deer and turkey hunters must carry the written permission
of the landowner for the current season on official DEP forms
available at ct.gov/dep. A landowner must have a minimum of
10 acres to authorize the use of a rifle for deer hunting.
For further information on game law issues, bowhunting, or
conservation, refer to the latest issue of the state Hunting and ��������������
Trapping Guide, available at the town clerk’s office.
I don’t hunt but would like to open my land to hunt- ���������������
ers. Whom do I call?
You may call the Greenwich Sportsmen and Landowners
Association. This group of landowners and local bow hunters
will visit your property and see if it is safe to hunt on. If so, ��������������������������������
they can provide you with names of local hunters. Call John �������������������������
Michelotti at 203-629-8772 or Bob Delaney at 203-629-9374. ���������������������
Where do I get a hunting license? ��������������������������
To obtain a hunting license, you must have had a resident
license within the last five years or have proof of success- ��������������������������������
ful completion of a hunter safety course. A firearms hunting �����������������������������
license costs $14, $3 for a junior (age 12 to 15) firearms hunt-
ing license. An archery license is $30, $13 for juniors. Hunting ����������������������
licenses may be purchased at town hall, archery licenses must ������������������������������
be applied for by mail. Permits for hunting specific animals
are extra. For details, consult the Connecticut Hunting and ������������������������������
Trapping Guide, available free at the town clerk’s office (203-
622-7897), call DEP at 860-424-3011, or visit the Web site at
dep.state.ct.us. ���������������������������������������������
Hunting regulations stipulate that hunting, shooting or �����������������������������������������������
carrying a loaded firearm within 500 feet of any building
50 • greenwich answerbook Entertainment April 28, 2011

Are there any annual events in town? Palladium Musicum, 6 Stanwich Road, Greenwich, has pre-
There are many, many annual events in town. A partial list sented classical concerts and music programs. For information,
includes General Put’s Ride in February, the St. Patrick’s Day call Marie Van Vorst Williams at 203-661-6856 or visit online
Parade in March, Connecticut Daffodil Show in April, Rotary at palladiummusicum.org.
Ramble/5K Race in April, Kite Flying Festival in April, Lions The Greenwich Music Festival presents a series of public
Club Easter Egg Hunt, Knights of Columbus Flea Market in performances each June. Centered around one major work, the
May, Threads and Treads Greenwich Cup Biathlon May; Sound festival includes lectures, open rehearsals and educational pro-
Beach Volunteer Fire Department Memorial Day Parade; Jim grams. For information, visit online at greenwichmusicfestival.
Fixx Memorial Day 5-Mile Run; Byram Memorial Day Parade, org or call 637-0536.
Art to the Avenue in May; Bruce Museum Outdoor Crafts The First Congregational Church offers Sunday Afternoons
Festival in May, Greenwich Music Festival in June, Fourth Live, a series of candlelight concerts with refreshments. Call
of July Fireworks at Binney Park, Sidewalk Sale Days in 203-637-1791, ext. 22.
July, Greenwich Car Show in July, Sandblast Sand Sculpture
Festival in July, Scarecrow Festival in October, Taste of Where can I hear live music?
Greenwich in October, Bruce Museum Outdoor Arts Festival in Offerings vary but you can try the following clubs: Arcadia
October, Byram Veterans Day Parade, and the Festival of Lights Coffee Company (203-637-8766/arcadiacoffee.com), 20
Celebration in December. Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich; Beach House Cafe (637-0367/
beachhousecafe.com), 220 Sound Beach Avenue; Thataway
Are there any summer concerts? Cafe (203-622-0947/thatawaycafe.com), 409 Greenwich
There are free Tuesday Noon Time Concerts on Tuesdays Avenue.; Sundown Saloon (203-629-8212), 403 Greenwich
in July and August from 12:15 to 1:15, on the Greenwich Avenue. For calendar listings, check the Arts & Leisure section
Common, Greenwich Avenue. of the Greenwich Post.
The free Wednesday Night Concert Series takes place at
7:30 at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in July and August. What choral groups are in town?
Jazz on the Sound features Dixieland jazz band concerts on Grace Notes is a women’s a cappella group that sings at nurs-
the Island Beach Ferry and Island Beach one Sunday in each of ing homes, libraries, schools, and civic events. Membership is
June, July, and August. The ferry leaves at 4 and returns at 6. by audition. For an audition, e-mail information@thegracenote
The Greenwich Arts Council offers its Summer Music s.com. The Web site is thegracenotes.com.
Series. The Greenwich Choral Society (203-622-5136/green-
The Sound Beach Community Band offers concerts the last wichchoralsociety.org) has a membership of more than 120
Sunday in July and August, 7 p.m., at Binney Park. voices. The society presents about four concerts a year. Anyone
The Silver Shield Community Concert takes place at Roger interested in joining should arrange an audition by calling Barry
Sherman Baldwin Park. Nova at 203-622-0837 or e-mail bjn44@hotmail.com.
For details on any of the above, check the Greenwich Post Melody Men is composed of members of the Retired Men’s
(Postings and the Arts & Leisure section), the Parks and Association, whose repertoire includes old-time favorites, show
Recreation page on the town Web site greenwichct.org or the tunes, and inspirational songs. Auditions in early September and
calendar of events at communityanswers.org. January. For information, Chuck Livingston at 203-625-0772.
Off Sounders is a men’s chorus that entertains at private
Are there any fireworks displays? parties and community events. Call Ed Krumeich at 203-869-
There are two during the Independence Day celebrations: at 5815.
Tod’s Point and Binney Park. The Choir of Men and Boys includes boys in grades 3-12
and professional men. The choir sings in the Anglican choral
Who offers concerts? tradition. It is open to all; church membership is not necessary.
The Greenwich Symphony Orchestra (203-869-2664/ It is sponsored by Christ Church Greenwich. For information,
greenwichsym.org) performs regularly at the Greenwich High call 203-869-6602.
School Auditorium. A number of concerts for young people are The Westfair Chamber Singers is a female vocal ensemble
scheduled each year. that performs classical and popular American music. For infor-
The Chamber Players of the Greenwich Symphony is an mation, e-mail carolpaul7@optonline.net.
ensemble of Greenwich Symphony principal players presenting
four concerts each year. A wine and cheese reception with the Are there any marching bands?
artists follows each concert. For information, call 203-869-2664 The Greenwich Celtic Society Pipes and Drums is a bag-
or visit greenwichsym.org. pipe band. Bagpipe instruction is offered. Members — individu-
The Center for Chamber Music (203-661-6626/centerfor- als or the whole band — may be hired for events of all kinds.
chambermusic.com) presents a series of concerts throughout the The group helps organize the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Call
year at the First Presbyterian Church of Greenwich. A reception Gregor MacIntyre at 203-570-3131.
with the artists follows each concert. The Sound Beach Community Band marches in the
Community Concerts of Greenwich has presented classical Memorial Day Parade and plays at civic events. It also presents
music programs for young musicians and their teachers. Visit two summer concerts, including at July 4 fireworks. Call Vin
communityconcertsgreenwich.org or call 203-561-6476. Lukason at 203-637-0461 or e-mail vlukason@hotmail.com.
The Gateway Classical Music Society (gatewayclassical. Band line: 203-653-4151, e-mail: board@soundbeachband.org.
org) has presented high-quality concerts of large music works
such as operas, symphonies, and oratorios. Are there any dance groups?
Musica Plenti is a vocal chamber ensemble whose repertoire Round Hill Country Dances is mostly New England contra
spans classical to modern American music. The group per- dances with live music and a caller. No experience or partner
forms several concerts a year. Visit musicaplenti.org or e-mail necessary. Dances are generally held the second Saturday of each
info@musicaplenti.org. month except August at the Round Hill Community House, 397
April 28, 2011 Entertainment greenwich answerbook • 51

Round Hill Road. The basics are taught at 7:30, and the dance strolling gallery for three weeks.
runs from 8 to 11. Wear light clothing and clean, soft-soled
shoes. Admission is $10. For information, call 914-262-0653 or Are any organizations devoted to the arts?
203-762-5370; e-mail Barry.Olmezer@bolmezer@gmail.com, The Greenwich Art Society is at 299 Greenwich Avenue. It
or visit online at roundhill.net. offers a studio school with classes for children and adults at all
Robin Poska’s Ballroom Magic (203-831-9382/ballroom- skill levels. The group also presents juried and non-juried exhi-
magic.net) offers dance parties the first and third Saturdays at bitions and single-artist shows within the community through-
the Round Hill Community House in Greenwich. All ballroom out the year. The society operates the Greenwich Art Society
dances are done, a half-hour lesson is included, singles and Gallery and makes art for sale available through its Web site and
couples welcome. at other locations in town. There are also occasional workshops,
demonstrations, and trips. For information, call 203-629-1533
Are there any boat rides available? or visit online at greenwichartsociety.org.
You may take a relaxing two-hour cruise among the islands The Art Society of Old Greenwich has a membership
around Greenwich aboard The Islander II from late June of more than 400 painters, sculptors, and photographers. It
through August. There are afternoon and evening departures. sponsors 11 shows a year for members, including the Annual
The ship leaves from the South Arch Street Ferry Dock. Tickets Sidewalk Show on Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich each
are available the day of the cruise at the Ferry Dock ticket office September, and a juried show each July at the Flinn Gallery in
only, beginning at 10 a.m. For weather cancellations, call 203- the Greenwich Library. For information, call 203-637-9929 or
661-5957. visit online at sidewalkartshow.com.
Fjord Catering & Charters offers Sunday brunch and The Greenwich chapter of the National League of American
Friday dinner cruises sailing from Cos Cob. Call 203-622-4020 Penwomen is open to professional women writers, artists, and
or visit fjordcatering.com. composers. The group presents art shows, musical programs,
and lectures. Smaller genre groups meet to critique their work
What is the Greenwich Arts Council? in progress. For membership information, visit greenwichpen-
The Greenwich Arts Council (203-862-6750/greenwicharts. women.org or call Sandra Berris at 203-896-0645.
org), which marked its 35th anniversary in 2009, is an advo- The Connecticut Ceramics Study Circle welcomes new
cate for the visual, performing, and literary arts in Greenwich. members interested n the study of the decorative arts centered
The council runs the Greenwich Arts Center, 299 Greenwich on ceramics. The club brings members together with lectur-
Avenue, Greenwich. There it offers exhibitions; classes in art, ers who are leaders in ceramic research and history. Meetings,
dance, music, theater, and language; lectures; demonstrations; which are open to members and guests, are at the Bruce
and performing arts programs. The council also sponsors Art Museum. For information, call 203-324-7742 or 203-622-1128
to the Avenue each May, when Greenwich Avenue turns into a or e-mail info@ctceramicscircle.org.
52 • greenwich answerbook Entertainment April 28, 2011

Is there a group for actors? walking tours, bus trips, and lectures. The site is at 39 Strickland
The Acting Company of Greenwich offers a variety of theat- Road. For information, call 869-6899 or visit online at hstg.
rical presentations from the classics and lesser-known works by org.
great playwrights to rarely seen one-acts. The group also offers Putnam Cottage, also known as Knapp’s Tavern, was built in
acting classes for adults. Performances are in the auditorium of the early 1700’s and is best known as General Israel Putnam’s
The First Congregational Church on Sound Beach Avenue. For home during the American Revolution. The cottage is restored
information, call 203-629-2094 or visit online at tacog.org. to its colonial period and is maintained by the Putnam Hill chap-
Abilis’ Anything’s Possible Players is a year-round arts ter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is open for
program for teens and young adults (14-25) with special needs. guided tours on Sundays from 1 to 4 from April to November
Typical teens volunteer to make the group integrated. In fall (weather permitting) and by appointment only during January,
and spring, participants perform in a band; in the winter, they February and March. The cottage is at 243 East Putnam Avenue.
put on a musical; and summer brings an artfusion program that For information, call 203-869-9697 or visit online at putnam-
integrates the visual and performing arts. Professional artists cottage.org.
lead the performers. To participate, e-mail Monica Smyth at
smyth@abilis.us or call 203-629-1880, ext 336. What about nature-oriented activities?
Audubon Greenwich (203-869-5272/ greenwich.audubon.
Are there any museums in town? org) offers a wide variety of programs, special events, and trips
The Bruce Museum (203-869-0376/brucemuseum.org) at appealing to animal- and nature-lovers. Most events are held at
One Museum Drive in Greenwich, offers a permanent science the main property at 613 Riversville Road, at the corner of John
exhibition Changes in Our Land, which addresses natural his- Street. The Kimberlin Nature Education Center is open every
tory from global perspectives to the local environment. It also day from 9 to 5, and there you can find an art gallery, wildlife
has a diverse collection of fine and decorative art, and natural viewing window, nature store, and a large three-dimensional
history and anthropological artifacts. A series of changing exhi- map of the property highlighting specific bird, amphibian, and
bitions rounds out the museum’s offerings. mammal habitats. There is a modest admission charge for non-
The museum also sponsors two festivals each year, an out- members.
door crafts festival in the spring and an outdoor arts festival in The Garden Education Center of Greenwich offers activi-
the fall. There are also a number of social events throughout the ties and programs that appeal to both the horticulturist and
year including an Afternoon Art Lecture and Tea series. home and garden aficionado. More than 100 lectures, classes,
The Bush Holley Historic Site is maintained by the Historical workshops, and field trips are offered each year. In its Garden
Society of the Town of Greenwich. There is a visitor center with Gallery the center also presents ongoing art exhibits by the
exhibitions and a hands-on history gallery. Guided tours are Greenwich Art Society, Art Society of Old Greenwich, and
offered of the Bush-Holley House, which has four rooms set up individual artists.
to recreate the period of the Cos Cob Art Colony era that began In addition to the main building with its auditorium, gallery,
in 1890 with American Impressionists John Henry Twachtman classrooms, and library, the center maintains a Horticultural
and J. Alden Weir. The art on display in the guest room used Building where an extensive horticulture training program is
by Childe Hassam and in Elmer MacRae’s studio illustrate offered as well as plants for sale and free gardening advice; and
how the house and its setting inspired artists. Another section two gift and garden shops.
of the house recreates the year 1821 when the last generation The center is within the Montgomery Pinetum in Cos Cob at
of the Bush family occupied the house. There is a merchant’s 130 Bible Street. The phone number is 203-869-9242. The Web
bedroom, widow’s sick room, a parlor, and slave quarters in the site is gecgreenwich.org.
The visitor’s center and museum shop are open Tuesday Where can I see a movie in town?
through Sunday from noon to 4, and tours are offered Tuesday There’s Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas at Greenwich Plaza at 2
through Sunday at 12:15, 1:15, 2:15, and 3:15. Admission is Railroad Avenue (203-869-4030).
$6 for adults, $4 for seniors and students, children under six There is also the Friday Film series at the Greenwich Library
admitted free. There are also special events including festivals, (203-622-7900/greenwichlibrary.org).

Clubs & Organizations

How can I find somewhere to volunteer? org and click on What Can I Do.
The Volunteer Center of Southwestern Fairfield County The Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary supports staff and
(203-348-7714/ucanhelp.org) serves nonprofits in many ways, patients at Greenwich Hospital. All volunteers are interviewed
including matching potential volunteers with volunteer posi- and receive training. For information, call 203-863-2222.
tions available. At ucanhelp.org, the center has a volunteer Membership in the Greenwich Jaycees is open to young
search engine. A simple click reveals volunteer opportunities professionals 21 to 40 years old. The group offers professional
available in Greenwich and within a radius of 25 miles. development through community service, networking, and
Groups that specifically recruit people for volunteer work leadership training. For information, call 203-358-3134 or visit
include: online at greenwichjaycees.org.
Catherine’s Hope depends on volunteers to help raise Literacy Volunteers-Stamford/Greenwich uses volunteer
money for nonprofit groups that help people or animals suffer- tutors to help teach reading and writing skills to functionally
ing from illness, abandonment, or abuse. Call 203-625-8268 or illiterate adults and conversational English to foreign-born
e-mail jillking54@aol.com. adults. Call Lucia Cook at 203-324-5214 or e-mail lec@lvsg.
The Greenwich chapter of the American Red Cross needs org.
volunteers for a variety of positions. Visit greenwichredcross. Adopt-A-Dog welcomes volunteers of all ages to work
April 28, 2011 Clubs & Organizations greenwich answerbook • 53

with animals in need of good homes. For information, or to tational organization devoted to supporting the general con-
receive a copy of the Adopt-A-Dog newsletter, call 203-629- cept of public service and Republican values in government
9494 or 914-273-1674, or visit online at adoptadog.org. through speaking engagements for its members. It is a civic
Call-A-Ride needs volunteer drivers for its program of group of businessmen, political leaders, and elected officials
offering free door-to-door transportation to senior citizens. of Greenwich that meets twice a year. Call Scott Frantz at 203-
Call 203-661-6633. 629-9889.
Community Answers based in the Greenwich Library
needs volunteers to help answer questions from the commu-
nity. Is there a League of Women Voters?
Greenwich Green & Clean is dedicated to the beau- Yes, the League of Women Voters of Greenwich is a non-
tification of public areas around town. There are annual partisan political organization that encourages informed and
cleanups in May and October. Call 203-531-0006 or e-mail active participation in government and influences public policy
grgrenclean@aol.com. through education and advocacy. Membership is open to men
Jewish Family Services of Greenwich needs volunteers for and women.
its many community service programs such as Supermarketing Publications available to league members include: People
for Seniors and the free taxi service. Call 203-622-1881. Make It Happen: A Guide to Greenwich Government; How
Meals-on-Wheels relies on volunteers to help cook or to Make it Happen: Facts for Greenwich Voters; The RTM
deliver meals to the homebound. It has been deliverying meals Directory; and How to Run for Greenwich Office. For infor-
to people in need since 1960. Call Deborah Warfield at 203- mation, call 203-352-4700 or visit the Web site lwvg.org. The
869-1312 or visit online at mealsonwheelsofgreenwich.org. league president is Naomi Schiff Myers (203-637-3892) and
Neighbor to Neighbor, which distributes food and clothing the membership director is Janice Calkin (203-661-9297).
to needy families, welcomes volunteers. Call 203-622-9208.
Volunteers on Call is a faith-based, humanitarian organiza-
tion offering short-term local and international volunteering Are there any land conservation groups?
opportunities. Call 203-550-2222 or e-mail volunteersoncal@ Yes. The Greenwich Land Trust, a private, nonprofit
optonline.net conservation organization, has been working to protect
The Anderson Guide to Volunteers offers an extensive list community’s waterways, trees and other natural vegetation
of organizations in town and nearby that welcome volunteers. by conserving and caring for open space in town for more
Visit online at greenwichvolunteerguide.com. The A to Z pro- than 30 years. With over 1,400 members, the group preserves
file listing is provided by Anderson Associates, Greenwich real and maintains 729 acres (more than 130 properties). It relies
estate specialists (203-629-4519). soley on private donations and fund-raising efforts (such as Go
Shepherds, a nondenominational, nonprofit organization Wild!, the annual outdoor fund-raiser) for operations and open
reaching out to disadvantaged high school youth in inner city
Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford and elsewhere, recruits men-

tors to serve as positive role models. Shepherds sponsors pay
for all or part of a student’s tuition, and provide encourage-
ment, direction and support these students need to earn a
diploma and gain access to a college education. For informa-
tion, call 203-367-4273, e-mail info@ShepherdsInc.com or
visit ShepherdsInc.com.
How can I get involved in a political party?
For the Democratic Town Committee, call 203-971-8344 ������������������������
or visit online at greenwichdemocrats.org. Frank Farricker is
the committee chairman.
For the Greenwich Republican Town Committee, visit �����������
online at greenwichgop.com. Jim Campbell is the chairman.
His e-mail: Chairman@GreenwichRTC.com. Phone:203-561-
Minor parties of which 300 or so Greenwich residents
are members include Concerned Citizens, Working Families,
Libertarian, Independence, Independent and Green. ����������������
The Greenwich Republican Women’s Club educates �������������������������������������
women about Republican principals and works to increase the �������������������������������
effectiveness of women in government. Call Jane Sulich at
203-622-7878. ������������������������
The Republican Club of Cos Cob promotes the ������������������������������
Republican party and holds an annual clambake. Call Dave ���������������������
Theis at 203-869-4857.
The YGOP of Greenwich is an organization of young men ��������������������
and women committed to the Republican Party. The group
takes an active role in local, state, and national politics and ���������������������������������������������
offers political and social events. Call 203-618-1709 or visit ������������������������������������
online at ygop-ct.org. �����������������������������������������
The Republican Roundtable of Greenwich is an invi-
54 • greenwich answerbook Clubs & Organizations April 28, 2011

space aquisition. The president is John Nelson. For information The Byram Veterans Association, 300 Delavan Avenue,
contact Kara H. Whelan, director of membership and com- sponsors social events for members, provides firing squads
munity outreach, at 203-629-2151 or e-mail: kara@gltrust.org. for funerals, and supports youth sports teams. It organizes the
Web site: gltrust.org. (Byram) Memorial Day parade and the Veterans Day parade.
Call Veterans Hall at 203-531-9846. The Byram Veterans
Are there any garden clubs? Women’s Auxiliary is a group of veterans’ wives who support
Armstrong Court Gardeners is open to anyone interested the Byram Vets. Call Mary Ellen Smith at 203-939-0966.
in gardening. Meetings are usually the first Friday evening of The Ninth District Veterans Association, 14 Riversville
the month. Call Jessie Ramnath at 203-661-1998. Road (532-0130), is a private veterans club offering social
The Byram Garden Club emphasizes preservation and activities and patriotic observances.
beautification projects. Membership is open to everyone in The Veterans Appreciation Council presents an annual
western Greenwich. Call Lynn Elise Friend at 203-531-7978. Salute to Veterans at Havemeyer Field on the Saturday
The Garden Club of Old Greenwich is an affiliate of nearest July 4. Call Jim Carrier at 203-981-4340, e-mail
Federated Garden Clubs and promotes civic beautification jcarrier@edgewood.com or visit salutetovets.com.
in Old Greenwich. Membership is by invitation. Call Lynne The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) maintains
Davenport at 203-637-2429. Greenwich Post 1792 and Cos Cob Post 10112. For the
The Garden Education Center of Greenwich (203-869- Greenwich post, call James Clifford at 203-326-0773; for the
9242/gecgreenwich.org) promotes horticulture and gardening Cos Cob post, call Doc Orrico at 203-536-5107.
through educational programs, outreach activities, and special
events. The center maintains a greenhouse, among other facili- What clubs promote adult education?
ties, at 130 Bible Street in Cos Cob. (See also Recreation and Delta Kappa Gamma promotes the professional and per-
Entertainment sections.) sonal growth of women educators and excellence in education.
The Greenwich Daffodil Society sponsors the annual Members work in the field of education. The group partici-
Connecticut Daffodil Show at the Boys & Girls Club of pates in local educational service projects. Call Mary Bruce
Greenwich. Membership is open to anyone interested in Allen at 203-629-2297 or e-mail tiggermouth@aol.com.
daffodils. Call Nancy Mott at 203-661-6142 or e-mail The P.E.O Sisterhood promotes educational opportunities
dillymott@aol.com. for women through scholarships and grants. Membership is by
The Green Fingers Garden Club is affiliated with the invitation. For information, call Helen Louise Branom at 203-
Garden Club of America and with Federated Garden Clubs of 869-2677.
Connecticut. Membership is by invitation. Call Julia Boysen at American Association of University Women is the larg-
203-661-1172. est and oldest national organization working for education
The Greenwich Garden Club promotes horticulture, flow- and economic equity for women. It provides money for study
er arranging, and conservation. It is affiliated with the Garden and research to American and international women, seeks to
Club of America and Federated Garden Clubs. Membership is remove economic and cultural barriers faced by women, and
by invitation. Call Kathy Botts at 203-629-0815 or visit green- broadens the horizons of women and the community. Locally,
wichgardenclub.org. there are programs to promote education, for members and
Hortulus is affiliated with the Garden Club of America and the community. For information, call Sue Scannel at 203-966-
Federated Garden Clubs. Membership is by invitation. Call 7957.
Christina Vanderlip at 203-622-0102.
Knollwood Garden Club maintains and financially sup- Are there any women’s clubs?
ports the Seaside Garden at Greenwich Point, provides garden The Greenwich Women’s Civic Club raises money for
therapy at Nathaniel Witherell Home, and assists children minority students and programs caring for seniors and the
attending Audubon summer camp. Membership is by invita- homebound. For information, call Rusty Moye at 203-869-
tion. The club is affiliated with Federated Garden Clubs of 5940.
Connecticut and the National Council of State Garden Clubs. Greenwich Hadassah raises money for the Hadassah
Call Bobbie Laing at 203-869-6665 or Em Toohey at 203-661- Medical Center in Israel and offers social and educational
7988. activities in town. Most members, although not all, are
The Riverside Garden Club welcomes new members. It is women. For information, call Felice Robinov at 203-625-9666
affiliated with Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut and the or Nancy Diamond at 203-629-1669.
National Council of State Garden Clubs. Call Janet Thomas at The Japanese Volunteer Group encourages the wives of
203-259-9357. Japanese executives here to participate in town activities. Call
The Westchester-Fairfield Horticultural Society, which is Keiko Kato at 203-629-1892 or e-mail keikosegg@gmail.com.
based in Greenwich, welcomes garden enthusiasts, both ama- The Junior League of Greenwich (203-869-1979/jlgreen-
teur and professional, as members. Lectures, garden visits, and wich.org) is an organization of women committed to promot-
community projects take place monthly. Call Mary Jo Palmer ing voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and
at 203-661-8626 or visit online at westfairhort.org. improving the community through the effective action and
The Woman’s Club of Greenwich Gardeners is a branch leadership of trained volunteers. Membership is open to any
of the Woman’s Club of Greenwich (see below). The club young woman over 21, who lives in Greenwich or has not
maintains the Putnam Cottage gardens and contributes to lived outside Greenwich for more than five years. The league
Green & Clean, Audubon camperships, and the Greenwich office is at 231 East Putnam Avenue.
youth Conservation Project. Call Mary Ann Moore at 203-637- The Woman’s Club of Greenwich offers educational,
2490. civc, and social activities for its members. New members are
welcome. The clubhouse, at 89 Maple Avenue, is available for
Are there any veterans organizations? rental to anyone sponsored by a club member. Call 203-869-
The American Legion, Greenwich Post 29, is at 248 2046 or visit womansclubofgreenwich.com.
Glenville Road. Call 203-531-0109. The Greenwich Working Moms Group helps working
April 28, 2011 Clubs & Organizations greenwich answerbook • 55

moms and moms-to-be who live in Greenwich meet other children’s support groups, and providing scholarships. The
working mothers. The group focuses on work life balance as club also sponsors Key Clubs at Greenwich High School and
well as building lasting friendships for themselves and their The Brunswick School in an effort to get high school students
children through family, social and personal development interested in the value of community service. The group meets
events. For information, visit gwmg.findsmithgroups.com. on Thursdays (September through June) at 12:15 at Luca’s res-
The National Organization for Women (NOW) has a taurant. For information, call Peter Mutino, secretary, at 203-
Greenwich chapter. Call Phyllis Matthews at 203-629-1554. 249-6083 or visit online at greenwichkiwanis.org.

Are there any clubs for men? Is there a Lions Club?

The Greenwich Horseneck Club raises money for local There are three.
youth charities. Membership is by invitation. Call Charles The Lions Club of Old Greenwich, like its international
Zoubek at 203-661-8827. parent organization, is dedication to the prevention of blind-
The Greenwich Old Timers Athletic Association is a ness. The club collects used eyeglasses and hearing aids for
social club open to any man. The club raises money for college the needy. You may drop off eyeglasses or hearing aids in
scholarships and youth sports programs. There are quarterly specially marked boxes at the Perrot Library, recycling center,
meetings. For information, call Griff Harris at 203-869-9200 Old Greenwich and Riverside railroad stations, and Patriot
or visit online at greenwicholdtimers.org. National Bank on Sound Beach Avenue. For membership
The Retired Men’s Association is sponsored by the information, call C. Jean Dana at 203-918-8666. Club: 203-
YMCA. There are weekly meetings with speakers or entertain- 661-2540.
ment, as well as outings, trips, and subgroups of special inter- The Lions Club of Greenwich is also dedicated to help-
ests such as golf, bridge, bowling, etc. Membership is by invi- ing the blind and visually impaired. The club supports the
tation to men 55 and older from the Greenwich area. Call John Low Vision Center at Greenwich Hospital and collects used
deCsepel at 203-637-1293. Visit online at greenwichrma.org. eyeglasses in drop boxes at the Family Y and Greenwich
The Harpoon Club of Greenwich is dedicated to “improv- Senior Center. For information, e-mail president Jane Reilly at
ing the sense of humor of the town of Greenwich” with an president@greenwichlions.org, or visit greenwichlions.org.
annual “roast” dinner. Membership is by invitation. Call Ted The Western Greenwich Lions Club also works to help
Yudain at 203-322-3591. the blind. Membership is open to all. Call Joe Filanowski at

Are there any fraternal clubs?

The Danish-American Club is a social club for people Is there a Rotary Club?
who are Danish or of Danish descent. Call Richard Jespersen Members of the Rotary Club of Greenwich volunteer their
at 203-661-6478 or Jens Olsen at 203-357-8322. time and resources to help others in the community by sup-
The Masons, Greenwich Acadia Lodge 85, meets in porting a long list of local organizations. Members are men
Darien. Call Jim Fahy at 203-532-5180. and women, business and professional leaders in the commu-
The Greenwich Hibernian Association is composed of nity. For membership information, call Sally Parris at 203-698-
men and women of Irish Catholic descent. Call John Halpin at 3003. The club Web site is greenwichrotary.org.
The Greenwich Knights of Columbus, Orinoco Council Is there a newcomers club?
39, 37 West Putnam Avenue, is a charitable organization of The Greenwich Area Newcomers’ Club (OGRNC) is a
Catholic men. Call 203-622-1939. nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a support network
The Greenwich Police Emerald Society is made up of for newcomers. The club offers a monthly Welcome Coffee and
Greenwich police officers of Irish lineage. Call Frank Kelly at many interest groups, such as Book Group, International Recipe
203-531-8384 or e-mail frankk@aol.com. Exchange, Kids at Play and Wine Tasting Group. Members
The Greenwich Police Social Club is open to all members can also participate in the annual Spring Ball, Lobster Fest
of the police force. Call Chris Webster at 203-622-8052. and Holiday Cocktail Party. For more information, go to www.
The Improved Order of Red Men, Mayn Mayano Tribe greenwichnewcomers.org or send e-mail to ogrncinfo@gmail.
46 is no longer associated with Native Americans only. It sup- com.
ports local charities. Call 203-862-9213 or Dave D’Andrea at The Greenwich Newcomers & Neighbors Club is spon-
203-531-6494. sored by the YWCA. There are monthly welcoming coffees,
The Pilsudski Society of Greenwich, 65 Arch Street, helps social activities, children’s programs, and monthly luncheons.
Polish people maintain social contacts and Polish traditions. There are also special interest groups. Call Robin Pastore at
Call 203-622-9514. 203-249-7871 or visit online at greenwichnewcomers.com.
The Retired Police Officers Association is a social organi-
zation of retired Greenwich police officers. Call Dave Hughes
at 203-531-7933. Are any clubs related to helping people?
The Saint Lawrence Society, 86 Valley Road, Cos Cob, is The Greenwich Breast Cancer Alliance raises money for
a religious and civic organization for Italian Catholic men and breast cancer research and promotes breast health through
women. Call 203-618-9036. education. Call 203-861-0014 or e-mail info@breastcanceralli
The Greenwich World Hunger Association works to
Is there a Kiwanis Club? relieve hunger and poverty in the poorest areas of the world by
The Kiwanis Club of Greenwich is a service club that seeking out small-scale, self-help projects. Call Sarah Boyle at
supports the local community by sponsoring youth groups, 203-661-9771 or Lucy Rinaldi at 203-622-0871.
highway cleanups, raising money to benefit children and
56 • greenwich answerbook Clubs & Organizations April 28, 2011

Are there any singles clubs? is an annual racing pigeon show in the fall. For information,
The Cotton Club (cottonclubgreenwich.com) is a social call the clubhouse at 203-622-8260 or Rocky Bria at 203-661-
club for single adults of all faiths, ages 40 and up. It is at 6461.
Christ Church, 245 East Putnam Avenue. The club has a vari- The Greenwich Polo Club plays on Sundays in June, July,
ety of interest groups, participates in community service proj- and September at Conyers Farm on North Street. Gates open at
ects, and offers trips, hikes, and social events. There is a $40 1, and matches start at 3. Admission is $30 per car. For infor-
membership fee. E-mail Barbara Reid at barbara@reid.net. mation or weather cancellations, call 646-339-2465. The Web
site is greenwichpolo.com.
The Greenwich Riding and Trails Association works to
Are there any international clubs? preserve and maintain riding trails in town and also fosters
Alliance Francaise de Greenwich fosters the knowledge horsemanship. Visit online at thegrta.org or call 203-661-3062.
of French culture and language, encourages friendly relations Greenwich Special Olympics provides training, competi-
between the American and French people, and welcomes tion, and recreational activities for mentally challenged indi-
French-speaking families to the area. For information, call viduals. Call Gary Ciccone at 203-531-7183 or visit online at
203-629-1340 or visit online at afgreenwich.org. greenwichso.org.
The Daughters of the British Empire, Princess Marina The Greenwich Women’s Golf Club plays at the Griffith
chapter, is a philanthropic society of women of British and Harris Memorial Golf Course. Membership is open to
Commonwealth ancestry. The organization is non-denomina- Greenwich women over 18. For information, call Sally Forman
tional and non-political. The chapter welcomes new members. at 203-531-9675.
Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month. Call 203- The Griff Harris Men’s Golf Club is open to adult and
637-3105 for more information or e-mail gwhite8123@aol. junior male golfers. Call Bill Hanssler at 203-532-0437.
com. The Society for the Preservation of Organized
The English-Speaking Union is a local chapter of an inter- Recreational Team Sports (SPORTS) lobbies on behalf of
national organization dedicated to promoting cultural under- town athletes of all ages. Call Carl Ambrogio at 203-531-7630.
standing among English-speaking people of the world. The Trout Unlimited is involved in restoring trout habi-
group presents educational and cultural programs as well as a tats in the Mianus, Rippowam, and Norwalk Rivers. It also
lecture series. Call Ann (Sunny) Brown at 203-869-5799 or e- offers classes in fly tying and fly fishing, as well as talks
mail abrown1927@aol.com. Visit online at esuus.org/branch_ related to fishing. Call Dick O’Neill at 203-438-5918, e-mail
page.asp?ch=greenwich. doneill@mianustu.org, or visit online at mianustu.org.
Freunde Deutscher Sprache is also known as The German
Club of Greenwich. It is open to people interested in the
German language and culture. A high level of proficiency in Are there any clubs related to boating?
German is required to participate in programs, but beginners The Belle Haven Club is a private beach club that offers
are welcome. Call Anna Thounnes at 203-698-1008. junior sailing to sponsored non-members. Call 203-861-5353.
The Japan Education Center, 15 Ridge Way, Greenwich The Byram Shore Boat Club is at Byram Park. Call the
(203-629-5922) offers information on Japanese education and clubhouse at 203-531-9858.
culture. It also helps Japanese people living here understand The Captain Harbor Sail & Power Squadron is dedicated
American culture. to promoting boating safety and fun. Each year its volunteer
members offer classes to qualify for the Connecticut Safe
Boating Certificate. Visit online at captainharbor.org.
What sports-oriented clubs are here? The Cos Cob Yacht Club is a social club for people inter-
The Bruce Women’s Golf Association has weekly tourna- ested in boating. Membership is by invitation. Call Walter X.
ments and is open to Greenwich women over 18. Call Dot Burns, Jr. at 203-661-5946.
Taylor at 203-531-8249. The Greenwich Boat & Yacht Club maintains facilities at
The Cos Cob Archers maintain a range at 205 Bible Street. Grass Island and membership is open to all interested residents
There are youth and adult programs. Call 203-625-9421. Visit of Greenwich. For an application, call Scott Benedict at 203-
coscobarchers.com. 637-1151. The Web site is gbyc.org.
The Cos Cob Revolver & Rifle Club offers target practice, The Greenwich Water Club in Cos Cob rents personal and
team shooting, safety instruction, and a junior program. Call crew team sculls, kayaks, jet skis and sport boats. There is also
203-622-9508. The Web site is ccrrc.com. a pool and other amenities for members. Call 203-661-4033 or
The Greenwich Cricket Club, known as the Mad Dogs, go online to greenwichwaterclub.com.
plays on weekends from May through September at Al Indian Harbor Yacht Club is a private club; call 203-869-
Christiano Park. New players and spectators are welcome. Call 2484 or go online to indianharboryc.com.
Frank Farricker at 203-861-2132. The Mianus River Boat and Yacht Club is open to any
There is also the Greenwich Croquet Club, a private club Greenwich resident. Call 203-869-4689 or go online to mrbyc.
that offers private lessons at Bruce Park. The club plays most com.
weekends and there are several tournaments. For information, The Old Greenwich Yacht Club promotes family boat-
call John Hoffman at 203-661-6066 or Diane Blow at 203- ing and sailing and membership is open to all Greenwich
869-2244. residents. Call 203-637-3074 from May through November or
The Greenwich Lawn Bowls Club plays regularly on the visit online at ogyc.org.
lawn bowls course at Bruce Park from May through October. Riverside Yacht Club is a private club. Call 203-637-1706
Membership is open to men and women of all ages. Call or visit online at riversideyc.org.
Marion Duke at 203-869-0087 or Rose Claus at 203-629-9211. Rocky Point Club is a private swimming and boating club.
The Web site is geocities.com/greenwichbowls. For information, call 203-637-2397 during the summer or visit
The Greenwich Pigeon Club participates in pigeon racing online at rockypointclub.com.
and showing. The clubhouse is at 89 Holly Hill Lane. There
April 28, 2011 Food & Shopping greenwich answerbook • 57

What kind of stores are in Greenwich? dinners. A sale offers donated items.
With several shopping districts and many types of stores,
one hardly needs to leave town to shop. There are national What food markets are here?
chains including Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Talbot’s. Balducci’s, 1050 East Putnam Avenue, Riverside (203-
Department stores include Saks and Richards, and there is a 637-7600/balduccis.com); Porricelli’s Food Mart, 26 Arcadia
wide selection of stores for children. Road, Old Greenwich (203-637-4412/porricellis.com); Whole
For specialty clothing there are shops like Scoop, and Foods Market, 90 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich (203-661-
Christopher Fisher, while specialty boutiques include 0631/wholefoodsmarket.com); Stop & Shop Greenwich (203-
Best & Co., Patricia Gourlay, and Elsebe. High-end jew- 531-0541/stopandshop.com) 11 Glen Ridge Road, Greenwich
elry shops include Betteridge, Manfedi, Steven B. Fox, and 161 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich (203-625-0622);
Magnum Jewelers, Catherine’s Jewelers, Bennett Jewelers, A. and A&P Fresh, (203-622-0374/apfreshonline.com) 160 West
Woodhouse, Femme Gems, Alma Jewelers, Farrah Chanel, S Putnam Avenue and 1261 East Putnam Avenue, Riverside
& S Jewelers, Beads in the Loft, Fred Sufert, Fusaro, Tiffany (203-637-1911).
& Co., Jl Rocks, Abigale Fox, and Richards.
A new emerging type of store offers “fashions for the Is there a farmer’s market?
home” including Sea Cloth, Buttons, Baker, Housewarmings, The Greenwich Farmers’ Market is open from mid-May
Commission Mart, Cocoon, Design Within Reach, Restoration through mid-November, Saturdays from 9:30 to 1, at the Horse
Hardware, The Federalist, Estate Treasures, Linens of Neck parking lot across from the Boys and Girls Club.
Greenwich, Mitchell Gold, Splurge, HB Home, Hoaglands, Sandy’s Farm Stand (203-629-0958) offers fresh fruits
Light Touch, and The Drawing Room. There are also many and vegetables daily during the summer months in Cos Cob.
antique stores.
Where can I find a caterer?
Where are the town’s main shopping districts? Caterers include Aux Delices, 3 West Elm Street (203-
The main shopping districts are Greenwich Avenue in 622-6644/auxdelicesfoods.com) and 1075 East Putnam
central Greenwich, and along the Post Road (East and West Avenue, Riverside (203-698-1066), Balducci’s (203-637-
Putnam Avenue). 7600), Garden Catering, 185 1/2 Sound Beach Avenue, Old
Smaller districts are in Byram along Mill Street, Old Greenwich (203-637-7699/gardencatering.net), Garelick &
Greenwich along Sound Beach Avenue, and Glenville. Herbs, 44 West Putnam Avenue (203-661-7373/garelickan-
dherbsctering.com), LexZee Gourmet and Catering (203-
Are there any sidewalk sales? 698-9277/lexzeecatering.com), Meli-Melo, 374 1/2 Greenwich
The Chamber of Commerce sponsors sidewalk Sale Days Avenue (203-422-5001/melimelogreenwich.com), Plum Pure
in July, this year Thursday through Saturday, July 16-18, Foods, 236 East Putnam Avenue, Cos Cob (203-869-7586/
along Greenwich Avenue and its cross streets: Lewis Street, plumpurefoods.com), Watson’s, 67 Pemberwick Road (203-
Elm Street, Railroad Avenue, East and West Putnam at “top of 532-0132/watsoncatering.com), and Whole Foods (203-661-
the Avenue.” 0631). Many restaurants also offer catering services.

What are Greenwich Dollars? Is there anywhere I can dine by the water?
Greenwich Dollars Gift Certificates may be purchased L’escale at 500 Steamboat Road (203-661-4600/lescaleres-
from the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce and redeemed at taurant.com) offers outdoor dining overlooking the water.
a number of merchants in town. Each gift certificate is accom- For more casual fare with picnic tables by the water, try the
panied with a participating list of accepting locations. Each concession stand at Tod’s Point or the concessions at Island
Chamber Gift Certificate is packaged and mailed in a festive Beach.
envelope. Optional gift boxes are available. To order, stop in at
the chamber or call 877-770-4438. Visit online at greenwich- Are there any day spas?
chamber.com. Allura Salon Day Spa, 23 West Putnam Avenue, Green-
wich, (203-869-1234/allurasalon.com);
Are there any bookstores in town? The Spa at Delamar, 500 Steamboat Road, Greenwich,
Booksellers include Just Books, Too, 28 Arcadia Road, Old (203-661-9800/thedelamar.com);
Greenwich (203-637-0707/justbooks.org); and Diane’s Books Empy’s Day Spa, 138 Hamilton Avenue, Greenwich, (203-
of Greenwich, 8A Grigg Street, Greenwich (203-869-1515/ 661-6625);
dianesbooks.com). Enzo Riccobene Spa & Salon, 1800 East Putnam Avenue,
Are there any thrift shops? Greenwich Medical Skincare and Laser Spa, 1345
There are several thrift shops: Greenwich Hospital East Putnam Avenue, Old Greenwich (203-517-0485/green-
Auxiliary Thrift Shop (203-869-6124), 29R Sherwood Place; wichmedspa.com);
The Merry Go Round Shop (203-869-3155), 38 Arch Street; Partners Salon and Spa, 1200 East Putnam Avenue, River-
and First Congregational Church Rummage Room (203- side (203-698-1765);
637-1875), 191 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich. Salon West, 20 North Water Street, Greenwich, (203-531-
Where can I buy handcrafted items? Serenity Spa, 116 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich (203-
The Greenwich Exchange for Women’s Work (203-869- 629-9000);
0229/vrnschm@aol.com), 28 Sherwood Place, is composed Stonewater Spa & Boutique, 151 Greenwich Avenue,
of men and women who make and consign new handcrafted Floor Two, Greenwich, (203-622-7424/premierspacollection.
items for sale, including dresses, sweaters, toys, children’s com);
clothes, and gifts. Items come from around the world. The Warren Tricomi, 1 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich (203-
shop also offers antiques, vintage linens, and frozen gourmet 863-9300/warrentricomi.com).
58 • greenwich answerbook Business April 28, 2011

What does the Chamber of Commerce do? Who are the town’s top taxpayers?
Established in 1917, the Greenwich Chamber of The top taxable commercial properties, according to the
Commerce promotes the business community while at the 2010 grand list and their assessments, are:
same time supporting civic and social events in town. The Greenwich Plaza Inc., Steamboat Road, $185,990,140;
office is at 45 East Putnam Avenue, Suite 121, Greenwich. Pickwick Properties LLC, East Putnam Avenue,
The phone number is 203-869-3500. The Web site, greenwich- $145,204,010;
chamber.com, includes a directory of businesses. Greenwich American Inc., American Lane, $122,500,000;
Chairman of the board of directors is Jeff Weber. Mary Ann GRC Realty Corporation, Steamboat Road, $101,843,700;
Morrison, president and chief executive officer for the past 11 Property Connecticut OBJLW One Corp, Valley Drive
years, has decided to step down. $100,764,860;
The chamber sponsors networking breakfasts, luncheons, Antares 100WP LP, West Putnam Avenue, $87,921,680;
after hours social events, a Business and Culinary Showcase, Railroad Properties LLC, Railroad Avenue, $83,945,120;
Sidewalk Sale Days in July, Scarecrow Festival in October, Greenwich Centre LMT Prtshp, East Putnam Avenue,
and Shakespeare on the Sound. $70,970,130;
Officers for 2010 are Paul Mercado (Rand Insurance Inc.) Benedict Place LLC Willet Company, Benedict Place,
chair; Jeff Weber (WGCH Radio) vice chair; James Shattuck $69,850,130;
(Shattuck and Associates LLC) vice chair of member services; Greenwich Place Acquisition LLC, Western Junior Highway,
Leah Mattoni (People’s United Bank) vice chair of commu- $58,772,490;
nications and marketing; Scott Weiner (Roto-Rooter Services Berkley Insurance Company, Steamboat Road, $56,958,720;
Co.) vice chair of community and governmental affairs; Steve Putnam Parks Apt Inc., Milbank Avenue, $56,112,000;
Russo (Fogarty Cohen Selby and Nemiroff LLC) secretary. Putnam Hill Apts Inc., East Putnam Avenue, $53,158,000;
Greenwich Hotel LP, East Putnam Avenue, $39,842,180;
Round Hill Club, Inc., Round Hill Club Road, $38,292,590;
Any groups for young business people? GFC-Fawcett LLC, Fawcett Place, $37,126,390;
If you’re between 21 and 40, consider hooking up with the Indian Harbor House OW Corp., Steamboat Road,
Greenwich Young Professionals Group. Visit greenwichypg. $36,442,000;
com for details and contacts. SLG 500 West Putnam Owner LLC, West Putnam Avenue.
The Greenwich Jaycees (aka the Junior Chamber of $36,316,980’
Commerce) has a Web site at greenwichjaycees.org. This group Arnold Foods Company Inc., Hamilton Avenue,
helps professionals build leadership skills and expand their $33,757,430;
networking. E-mail: info@greenwichjaycees.org or membersh Greenwich Country Club, Doubling Road, $33,034,890.
ip@greenwichjaycees.org. This year’s Executive Board mem-
bers include Greenwich residents Roger Farley, president; and
Cheryl Farley, membership vice president. Are there any employment agencies in town?
Another organization is The Greenwich Business Club, a Beth Anrig & Associates, 522 East Putnam Avenue, Suite
networking group of local business owners and executives. Web 3B, Greenwich (203-661-1617); The Lindquist Group, 8
site: greenwichbusinessclub.com. Sinawoy Road, Cos Cob (203-869-7722/thelindquistgroup.
com); Regal Domestics, Ltd., 268 Mason Street, Greenwich
(203-869-0044/regaldomestics.com); Utilize Senior Energy
Who protects consumers? (USE), 299 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich (203-629-8031/
The local Better Business Bureau is in Wallingford. For useseniors.org).
information, call 203-269-2700.
The Better Business Bureau provides reports on businesses,
charity groups, and organizations. It can help resolve consumer Where are the post offices?
disputes with businesses and promotes ethical business stan- There are two post offices in Greenwich, one at 310
dards. Complaints: bbb.org or call for information. Greenwich Avenue, open 8:30 to 5, Monday through Friday
You may also file a complaint about a business through the and 8 to 2 on Saturday; and 29 Valley Drive, open 8:30 to
Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection hotline at 6, Monday-Friday and 8 to 2 on Saturday. Phone:800-ASK-
800-842-2649 or visit state.ct.us/dep. It will also accept writ- USPS.
ten complaints, which can be mailed to 165 Capitol Avenue, The Cos Cob post office is at 152 East Putnam Avenue
Hartford, 06106. (800-ASK-USPS), open 8:30 to 4:30 Monday-Friday, and 8:30
to 12:30 on Saturday.
The Riverside post office is at 1273 East Putnam Avenue
Who are the town’s major employers? (203-637-9332), open 7:30 to 5, Monday-Friday, 8 to 1 on
According to the Chamber of Commerce, major employ- Saturday.
ers in Greenwich are: the Town of Greenwich and Board of The post office in Old Greenwich is at 36 Arcadia Road
Education, Greenwich Hospital, George Weston Bakeries Inc., (800-ASK-USPS), open 8 to 5 Monday-Friday and 9 to 1 on
Greenwich Capital Markets, Nestle Waters North America Inc., Saturday.
Hyatt Regency-Greenwich, Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation The post office in Glenville is at 25 Glen Ridge Road (203-
& Health Care Center, Brunswick School, Connecticut Light 531-8744), open 8:30 to 4, Monday-Friday, 8:30 to noon on
& Power, and H.H. Brown Shoe Company. Saturday.
April 28, 2011 Property Issues greenwich answerbook • 59

Must I display a number on my house? or reactive (explosive). If you can’t make it on those days, call
Yes. The street number for your home or business must be 203-869-6910 for information on how to receive permission
at least two inches high and clearly visible at all times from a to take advantage of a collection day in a neighboring town.
vehicle traveling in either direction on your street. The town For the schedule, check the Public Works Web page at green-
recommends placing the numbers on the front of your property wichct.org.
or near your driveway. There is a $25 fine for each month of At these events you may bring bug spray, floor care prod-
non-compliance. This falls under the purview of planning and ucts, furniture polish, metal polish in solvent, lighter fluid,
zoning. mothballs, automatic transmission fluid, car wax in solvent,
diesel fuel, fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, other oils, antifreeze
and brake fluid, fungicide, herbicide or weed killer, insec-
Must I register my automatic fire/burglar alarm? ticide, rat poison, swimming pool acid, cutting oil, solvent-
Yes. All alarm devices calling for a response from either based glue, oil-based paint, paint cleaner in solvent, paint
the police or fire department must be registered with the town primer, paint thinner, paint stripper, turpentine, varnish, wood
comptroller’s office. The first false alarm within the town’s preservative, and photographic chemicals.
fiscal year will not be charged against you, however there is No gas cylinders, highly reactive materials, explosives,
an escalating fine structure for succeeding false alarms. A reg- radioactive materials, PCBs and derivatives, infection waste,
istration form is available at Town Hall or online at the police or unknowns will be accepted.
department page on the town Web site, greenwichct.org. For Mercury thermometers may be exchanged for free digital
information, call 203-618-8339. oral thermometers. Waste motor oil is recyclable and collected
at the transfer station.

Is there municipal garbage collection?

No. Garbage collection is handled by private companies. To Where can I recycle a cell phone?
find a licensed private hauler in your area, call the Greenwich Cell phones contain hazardous materials like cadmium,
Haulers Association at 203-622-0550. lead, and mercury, and should not be thrown in the trash.
There are a number of collection boxes around town — check
the recycling page on the town Web site greenwichct.org
Can I take care of my garbage myself? — and you may also drop a cell phone off at the Holly Hill
Yes. You may take garbage and recyclables to the Holly Recycling Facility.
Hill Resource Recovery Facility, also known as the transfer
station, on Holly Hill Road. Hours are 7 to 3 on weekdays and
7 to noon on Saturdays. A free dumping permit decal must be Is there a townwide leaf collection?
displayed on your vehicle. You may apply for a decal at the Information on the leaf collection program is posted on the
transfer station scale house. Proof of Greenwich residency and Public Works page on the town Web site, greenwichct.org,
vehicle ownership is required. A valid Greenwich beach park- each November.
ing pass is also acceptable. You may download an application
from greenwichct.org, click on Public Works.
How should I report a fallen tree on a street?
If the tree is on town property, call the Department of
What items do I recycle? Parks and Recreation at 203-622-7824.
The transfer station will accept newspapers tied with twine
or placed in a brown paper bag, all glass and metal food/bever-
age containers and plastics marked #1 and #2, phone books, Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks of snow?
glossy magazines, junk mail, envelopes, writing paper, copy This is the responsibility of individual property owners.
paper, computer paper, corrugated cardboard (boxes must be
emptied and flattened), trees, branches, grass, brush, unpaint-
ed/untreated wood, leaves (must be separated from yard waste What happens if a town snow plow hits my mailbox?
from November through January for composting), scrap metal, The town will repair or replace a mailbox and/or post that
construction wood, drywall, roofing shingles, railroad ties, was actually hit by a plow blade. Check for a paint mark or
tires, automobile and rechargeable batteries, waste oil from tire tracks as evidence. The town will not be held responsible
motor vehicles, chlorofluorocarbons from refrigerators and air for mailboxes or posts that give way to the force of plowed
conditioners. snow.
Latex paint can be dried out and then must be disposed When installing your mailbox and its post, take into account
of as household garbage at the transfer station. For oil-based the rigors of snow removal. Consider positioning your mailbox
paint, see below. to minimize the force of snow that will be pushed against it.
All materials must be separated. There are charges for some
materials. Check the Public Works Web page at greenwichct.
org. There is a dead animal along the road in front of my
house. Whom do I call?
Call the Department of Public Works at 203-622-7766. This
Where can I get rid of hazardous waste? number is available 24 hours a day.
The town transfer station will not accept hazardous house-
hold waste, but the town conducts two Household Hazardous
Waste Days each year, one in the spring and one in the fall in How do I find out what my setbacks are?
the Greenwich High School parking lot on Hillside Road. Such Building zone setbacks are required for all structures (build-
waste is typically described as anything flammable, corrosive ings, sheds, swimming pools, tennis courts, air-conditioner
60 • greenwich answerbook Property Issues April 28, 2011

condensing units, generators, above ground tanks, pool equip- (except leaf blowers) between the hours of 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.
ment, etc.) Refer to Section 6-203 and 6-205 of the Building the following day that exceed the above-stated limitations.
Zone Regulations as a guide. Actual setbacks are determined This does not apply to snow removing equipment.
by submitting a current Class A-2 survey map to the Zoning
Enforcement Office.
What about gas-powered leaf blowers?
This bane of suburban life has its own section in the town
What are the requirements for fences? noise ordinance. Gasoline-powered leaf blowers may not be
Fences are regulated in two ways. Swimming pool fences operated between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. Monday through Friday or
are regulated by the state building code. Boundary, privacy, between 3 p.m. and 9 a.m. Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
and decorative fences are regulated by Greenwich Building In addition, if you live on a quarter-acre or less, you may
Zone Regulations, Section 6-5 (a)(49). only have one gas-powered leaf blower in operation at a time.
There is no regulation as to color, material, or which way
the fence’s “good side” may face. When erecting or altering
fences, steer clear of the town right-of-way. Fences must not May I cut down trees on my property?
restrict or obstruct a vehicle’s line of sight for any road or You probably don’t need a permit, but before you fire up
driveway. the chain saw make sure of a few things. Trees in the town’s
right of way may be street trees. Call the parks and recreation
department before you chop away. Trees in or near wetlands
May I store a boat, trailer or RV on my property? may require a wetland permit (see below). Call the Inland
Yes. The town’s zoning regulations do not specifically pro- Wetlands and Watercourse Agency. Trees on lots that are
hibit this activity. part of a subdivision may be protected. Check with planning
and zoning. Finally, clearcutting of trees may require an ero-
sion and settlement control plan. Check with Conservation
For what kinds of work do I need a building permit? Commission staff.
Just about any significant work other than ordinary repairs
will require a building permit. You may also need permits
from other departments as well. What is a wetland?
A building permit is needed specifically for any new build- Wetlands are diverse and not always visible to the eye. In
ing over six feet tall, including a shed; additions to your home Connecticut, they are defined by the chemical and physical
or other existing structures; interior or exterior alterations; roof characteristics of the first 18 to 24 inches of soil.
shingle replacement exceeding 25% of the roof area; siding If you plan to do any work on your property, it is a good
replacement; window replacement; installation of swimming idea to find out whether you have any wetlands or water-
pools, hot tubs, and spas; tennis courts; decks; and fences and courses. You may have a staff member from the town’s Inland
walls. Wetlands and Watercourses Agency take a look and determine
Also, any work affecting water, sewer, or gas lines will what work is allowed. Call 203-622-7736.
require a permit.
You will need a trade permit for electrical work (includ-
ing alarm, telephone, and computer systems), plumbing, and Might I be in a flood zone?
HVAC work. You might. The Federal Emergency Management Agency
For information, call the Department of Public Works at determines flood zone boundaries. To check on your property,
203-622-7740. go to the FEMA Web site, fema.gov, and click on Individuals,
then Homeowners and Renters. Enter your full address when
Will I ever need a highway permit?
A highway permit is required for driveway installation.
Apply from DPW’s Highway Division on the second floor of Where can I get my well water tested?
Town Hall. Walls and gates may not be built on town rights- The Greenwich Health Department maintains a lab on the
of-way. ground floor of Town Hall that provides a number of public
health services, including the testing of well water for bacterial
and chemical contamination. The lab is open Monday through
When is construction allowed? Friday from 8 to 3 and from 3 to 4 by appointment only. Call
Because of noise regulations, construction, demolition, and 203-622-7843.
drilling work is allowed from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays,
and from 9 to 5 on Saturdays. No noisy construction work may
be done on Sundays or holidays. (This work is exempt from What is radon gas?
the noise restrictions detailed below.) Radon gas is a decay product of radioactive uranium that
cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. In open air it is harmlessly
dispersed, however well water passing through soil with high
Are there any noise regulations regarding power levels of the gas may be a significant source of radon in a
tools? home. High levels of radon occur in Connecticut, particularly
Yes. Essentially, noise must be kept to 55 dBA or less dur- in Fairfield County.
ing the day (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and 45 dBA at night in a resi- Exposure to radon increases your risk of developing lung
dential zone. cancer. According to the U.S. E.P.A., radon causes more can-
This means you may not operate mechanically powered cer deaths than any other single air pollutant except tobacco
saws, drills, sanders, grinders, or lawn and garden tools smoke. When exposure is combined with smoking or inhaling
April 28, 2011 greenwich answerbook • 61



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62 • greenwich answerbook Property Issues April 28, 2011

someone else’s smoke, the risk increases dramatically. a tank that is not being used, it must be removed or properly
Radon gas gets into homes through cracks in foundations, abandoned. There is a specific procedure that must be fol-
block walls, sump pumps, drains and other openings in cellar lowed in either case. Check with the fire marshal’s office for
floors and walls. It can also be released into the air by running details.
water from faucets and showers if the source of water is a well
with high levels of radon.
The simplest way to find out if your home has high levels How should one prepare at home for emergencies?
of radon is through a carbon filter test. Kits are available com- A plan should have three important things: a meeting place;
mercially or may be purchased inexpensively by calling the an out of area contact; and an emergency supply kit. Pick a
Radon Hotline — 1-800-SOS-RADON — operated by the location within walking distance of your home where your
National Safety Council. In recent years, in January (Radon family members can meet in case you get separated or have
Action Month in the state), test kits are offered at a reduced to evacuate. For example, a local park or playground. During
fee ($15 instead of the regular $52 fee). You may also check a disaster, you may not be able to make local phone calls, but
with the Greenwich Health Department lab (203-622-7843) you can call out of the area. Pick a family member or friend to
for testing. serve as your family’s contact. an emergency supply kit ought
to have enough supplies to last three days as a minimum, but
for even longer is better! Build a kit for home, for your car, and
When do I need to remove an underground oil tank? for your work. Remember to make sure your child is prepared
If you are still using an underground oil tank for home for school.
heating fuel, you may continue to do so. However, if there is

How many miles of roads are there in town and who over the posted limit to $191 for 23 or more m.p.h. over the
maintains them? limit, again with greater penalties for construction, utility and
The Department of Public Works Highway Division, school zones.
under the direction of Superintendent Joseph Roberto, is
responsible for the repair and maintenance of 265 miles of
public highways, as well as all bridges, sidewalks, and storm Is there free municipal parking?
drains. The division is also responsible for street cleaning and No. There is metered parking in lots on Lafayette Place,
snow plowing, as well as putting up street name signs and Mason Street, Benedict Place (and Lewis Street), East Elm
supervising street lighting. The department’s office hours are Street, Greenwich Avenue, Arch Street, Field Point Road (next
from 8 to 4. The department is on the second floor of Town to Town Hall), and Steamboat Road (across from the Bruce
Hall and may be reached by calling 203-622-7766. Museum). There are indoor parking garages (with hourly,
State roads are maintained by the Connecticut Department daily, and monthly rates) at the intersection of Greenwich
of Transportation. For a problem with a state road, call 203- Avenue and East Putnam Avenue, and Greenwich Avenue
389-3020. between Lewis and West Elm Streets.
The fine for overtime parking is $20, and the meter feeding
violation is $55, with a stipulation if the fine is paid by the end
May I request a traffic light or traffic sign for my of business the following day it will be reduced by $5.
Residents who feel their neighborhood would be improved
with a traffic light, traffic sign such as a stop sign, speed limit Where can I get a town or rail station parking permit?
sign, speed bump, or crosswalk lines may make such a request Parking permits are available for the West End Avenue
to the town’s traffic operations coordinator, Melissa Evans, at municipal parking lot in Old Greenwich at a cost of $181 per
203-622-6487. The DPW’s engineering division is on the sec- year.
ond floor at Town Hall. Railroad station parking permits are issued annually on Oct.
1 by the Department of Parking Services. Permits cost $266
for stations in Old Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, and central
What are the typical speed limits in town? Greenwich. A limited number of parking spaces at the central
Most roads have limits of 25 m.p.h., 35 m.p.h., or 45 m.p.h. Greenwich railroad station Greenwich Plaza garage are avail-
able at a cost of $465. These permits are subject to a reserva-
tion system and waiting list. Call 203-622-7730 for details.
What’s the fine for speeding here?
All fines for motor vehicle infractions and violations are set
by the state and published in a booklet available in most public What is the process for paying a parking ticket?
libraries, police departments, and DMV offices. It is also avail- All valid parking tickets must be paid on time or they will
able online at jud.state.ct.us/faq/traffic.html. be subject to doubling. You may pay at the parking office or
Speeding tickets for cars going over 56 miles per hour online at greenwichct.org. If you believe you have been issued
range from $123 for going one to nine mph over the posted a ticket in error, you may request a parking violations hearing.
limit to $211 for 23 m.p.h. and over the posted limit. Fines are You may make the request online at greenwichct.org/parking.
higher for construction, utility, and school zones. Traveling You may also call 203-618-3060.
unreasonably fast pertains to cars going under 56 m.p.h. The
fines in this bracket range from $103 for one to nine m.p.h.
April 28, 2011 Transportation greenwich answerbook • 63

Where are the closest DMV offices?

The nearest full-service motor vehicle department office is ������������
in Norwalk at 540 Main Avenue. It is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30
p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on ������������
Thursday; and 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday.
A satellite office at the Stamford Government Center, 888 ���������
Washington Boulevard, is open 8 to 4:30 Tuesday, Wednesday,
and Friday; and 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday. Limited services �������������������������������������������
include license and registration renewals, new registrations, 27 ���������������������������������������
million more Americans are now eligible
replacement of lost plates, and handicapped parking permits. for�����
adjustable gastric banding surgery.
For more information, call 800-842-8222 or visit dmvct.org. Fairfield County Bariatrics was one of seven practices in
the country that participated in the study.
Where can I get a handicapped permit to park? Fairfield County Bariatrics
You may apply for a permit or disability plates at Connecticut�s premiere
the Department of Motor Vehicles on Main Avenue weight loss surgery practice

in Norwalk, or the satellite office at 888 Washington ��������������������������

having performed over 2900
Boulevard in Stamford. Applicants must provide
proof of disability with form B-225.
bariatric procedures, and has
been certified as a Center of Excellence®.
How soon after I move into the state do I �����������������������������������
Dr. Neil Floch and Dr. Craig Floch named
need a Connecticut driver’s license? “TOP�DOCS” by Connecticut Magazine,
A new state license is required within 30 days. are world renowned surgeons performing
You do not need to pass a Connecticut driver’s m today�s revolutionary weight loss procedures
test if you already possess a valid driver’s license with long-term success.
from another state. ����������������������������������
You must register your car within 60 days. • Laparoscopic Adjustable Banding
This requires visiting a full-service DMV branch • Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass
for VIN verification. Call 800-842-8222 for ���������������������������������
• Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve
details. • Revisional Bariatric Surgery
Our expert team of surgeons, physician
At what age may a person begin driv- ������������������������������
assistants, nutritionists, psychologists and
A student must be 16 years old to take driv- exercise physiologists offer a comprehensive
ing lessons. For those under 18 who do not and ���������������������������������������
individualized program.
attend a state-licensed driving school or driver’s �����������������������������������������
education program, a Home Training Certificate At �����������������������������
our free seminars you will ������learn
must be issued at least one month before the more about our program and meet our
driver’s exam. There is a mandatory five-hour surgeons. Our offices are located in Norwalk,
program covering safe driving practices. Call Fairfield Stamford, Waterbury and New London.
800-842-8222 for more information. A 16- or �����������������������������������
17-year-old driving without a learner’s permit Sign up for a
is subject to a $158 fine. ���������������� ���������������������
Sixteen- and 17-year-old drivers are subject FREE SEMINAR at

to graduated licensing. For the first six months ���������������
after receiving a license, the driver may only
have as passengers their parents or legal guardian, at
least one of whom must have a valid license, driving TONI or call toll free:
instructor, or a person providing instruction who is at
least 20 years old with a license at least four years old.
Sign up for a
For the second six months, the teen driver may have as 167 FREE SEMINAR at
passengers those mentioned above or members of LBS
the immediate family. The teen may always drive www.endtheweight.com
alone. ���� or call toll free:
Until their 18th birthday, teen drivers may not ���� 877-659-0011
drive between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.
unless it is for a job, school, religious activities,
or a medical necessity.
Leaner’s permit restrictions for 16- and 17- ���
year-olds: only a parent, legal guardian or qualified
trainer for the duration of the permit. No curfew but
driver must be accompanied by a qualified trainer.
For information, visit ct.gov/dmv.
64 • greenwich answerbook Transportation April 28, 2011

Who must wear seat belts? information and testing stations, call 1-888-828-8399 or visit
Drivers and front-seat passengers, and all rear-seat passen- online at ctemissions.com.
gers 4 to 16 years old, must wear seat belts when riding in a The nearest testing stations are: Greenwich Shell, 83 East
motor vehicle. Putnam Avenue, Greenwich (203-661-8871), New England
Child safety seats are required for children younger than six Service Group, 1429 East Putnam Avenue, Old Greenwich
or less than 60 pounds. Children must travel in rear-facing car (203-698-9531), Soundview North Service Center, 35
seats until they are a year old and weigh at least 20 pounds. Arcadia Road, Old Greenwich (203-637-2033).

May I drive and talk on my cell phone? Where can I get gasoline at 3 a.m.?
Connecticut bans the use of hand-held cell phones by adult The Mobil Station on the Merritt Parkway (203-531-5092)
drivers. It bans all cell phone use by teens — 16 and 17 years near the NY state line is open 24 hours.
old — while driving. Also prohibited is the use of hand-held Greenwich Mobil, 142 Railroad Avenue, (203-422-0188) is
computers or other devices with a video display. open until midnight.

What rights do pedestrians have? Where is the nearest AAA office?

Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks. There is AAA Connecticut Motor Club has an office at 20
a crosswalk at every intersection, even if it is not marked by Saugatuck Avenue in Westport (203-226-0681) and another at
painted lines. Drivers must slow or stop and grant the right-of- 623 Newfield Avenue in Stamford (203-765-4222).
way to a pedestrian crossing at a marked or unmarked cross-
walk. If the walkway is regulated with a Walk/Don’t Walk
light, pedestrians must wait for the Walk sign. Is there a car pooling agency around here?
In southwestern Connecticut, you can ride the buses and
trains to work, shopping, special events, meeting. You may
What should I do if I see a flashing blue light on a also choose vanpools or carpools. There are four bus opera-
vehicle? tors: CT Transit, Norwalk Transit District, Greater Bridgeport
Flashing blue lights may only be used by volunteer fire- Transit, and Valley Transit District. The railroad — The New
fighters on their way to an emergency. As with police vehicles, Haven Line — has a main line that runs along the coast and
fire trucks, or ambulances, you must yield to these vehicles. three branch lines which feed into it — the New Canaan,
Danbury and Waterbury branch lines. Visit ctrides.com.
Rideshare Connecticut is where you can find a suitable car-
What should I do if a horse and rider are on the road? pool quickly and join for free. Check carpoolworld.com/car-
Horseback riders are protected by the rules of the road. pool or Connecticut Carpool at erideshare.com.
They must ride single file near the right edge of the road.
When approaching a horse on a public road, you must reduce
your speed or stop, if necessary, to avoid striking, endangering, Where can I get rid of an old car?
or frightening the horse. When approaching a horse being rid- A number of charities and organizations, including MADD
den or led along a road, you must drive at a reasonable speed (203-386-0049), the American Lung Association (800-
and stay a reasonable distance. It is illegal to sound your horn LUNG-USA), American Diabetes Association (1-888-212-
when approaching or passing a horse. 9900), the American Red Cross (1-877-723-6667), Big
Brothers/Big Sisters (1-800-859-6526), and the Boys and
Girls Clubs in Connecticut (1-800-246-0493) will take
What rights do bicyclists have on the road? unwanted vehicles. The car owner can take a tax deduction for
In Connecticut a bicycle has the same rights and responsi- the donation, but the laws have changed. Check with the IRS
bilities as a car on the road. A bicyclist may use the left lane at irs.gov.
when turning, and when a road is too narrow for cars and Another possibility, depending on the quality of the vehicle,
bikes to ride side by side, the bicyclist may ride near the center is to call the technology education (industrial arts) department
of the lane. Drivers must yield to bicyclists in a bicycle lane at Henry Abbott Regional Vocational and Technical School
or on a sidewalk before turning across the bicycle lane or side- (203-797-4446) in Danbury.
walk. Failure to yield right-of-way to a bicyclist will result in a Sometimes area fire departments use cars for training.
fine being doubled.

Where are the nearest train stations?

Do I have to get my car inspected regularly? The Old Greenwich station is on Webb Avenue Avenue.
A safety inspection is not required for passenger vehicles. It is 31.2 miles to Grand Central Terminal. There are ramps
Any vehicle from out of state must have an emissions test and to both platforms. Two ticket machines are on the westbound
VIN verification before being registered. platform.
The Riverside station is at 1 Riverside Avenue, 30.2 miles
to Grand Central Terminal. There are ramps to the platforms.
Is there an emissions testing program? Two ticket machines are on the westbound platform.
Yes. You will be notified by mail of your test days. Vehicles The Cos Cob station is at 1 Station Drive, 29.6 miles to
must be tested every other year. New vehicles less than four Grand Central Terminal. There are ramps to both platforms.
years old or more than 25 years old are exempt. If you do Two ticket machines are on the westbound platform.
not have your vehicle tested, it does not pass, or has not been The Greenwich station, on Greenwih Plaza, is 30.2 miles
granted a waiver, DMV will not renew your registration. For to Grand Central Terminal. There is a ramp to the New Haven-
April 28, 2011 Transportation greenwich answerbook • 65

bound platform; an elevator to the New York-bound platform United, and U.S. Airways. The airport code is HPN. The phone
available only when station building is open. There are three number is 914-285-4850. The Web site is westchestergov.com/
ticket machines. The ticket office is open mornings and after- airport.
noons weekdays, with limited hours on weekends and holi- La Guardia (718-533-3400) in Queens, N.Y., serves 21
days. airlines. The airport code is LGA. The Web site is panynj.gov/
Al the stations are on Metro-North’s New Haven line. The CommutingTravel/airports/html/laguardia.html.
2009 fares from each of the stations (with tickets bought at
the station) to Grand Central Terminal: one-way peak, $10.75; Most international flights originate from John F. Kennedy
one-way off-peak, $8; monthly $237. International (718-244-4444), a bout an hour and a half away
Fares are considerably higher when bought on board the in Queens. The Web site is panynj.gov/CommutingTravel/air-
train. There is a discount for buying tickets online. Check mta. ports/html/kennedy.html. The airport code is JFK.
info for more information.
Bradley International Airport (860-292-2000/888-624-
Is there a taxi service? 1533) is New England’s second-largest airport after Logan in
For Greenwich Taxi, call 203-869-6000. Boston. It is in Windsor Locks, 12 miles north of Hartford,
about an hour and 15 minutes away. Bradley serves 15 air-
What bus service is available here? lines including Air Canada Jazz, America West, American,
Norwalk Transit offers a Commuter Shuttle bus service American Eagle, Continental, Continental Express, Delta,
from the Greenwich train station to the central business district Frontier Airlines, Midwest Connect, Northwest/KLM,
(Central Loop) and West Putnam Avenue (West Loop). Both Southwest, United Airlines, United Express, and U.S. Airways,
shuttles meet morning Metro-North trains Monday through and U.S. Airways Express. The airport code is BDL. For more
Friday, excluding holidays. For information, call 1-800-982- information, check the Web site at bradleyairport.com.
Easy Access is a door-to-door transportation service for the Tweed New Haven Airport (203-466-8833/flytweed.com)
disabled (ADA-certified) unable to use public bus service. It is serves USAirways to Philadelphia. The airport code is HVN.
available for pick-up three-quarters of a mile on either side of
the Post Road in Greenwich and for travel within Greenwich, Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport (203-576-7498) serves
Stamford, Darien, and Norwalk. For information, call 203- the Bridgeport area. It offers charters, flight training, and pri-
299-5180 (voice) or 203-299-5183 (TDD). vate plane services, as well as helicopter service to New York
Connecticut Transit offers service between the Old (see below). The airport code is BDR.
Greenwich train station and downtown Stamford on its
Number 22/24 route. There is also service from downtown
Stamford to White Plains with a stop at the Greenwich railroad Is there helicopter service to New York City?
station (I-Bus route). For details, check online at cttransit.com. Yes, US Helicopter Corporation offers a 20-minute heli-
copter ride from Sikorsky Airport to the Downtown Manhattan
What airports are nearby? Heliport with continuing service to JFK International Airport
Westchester Airport is used by Air Canada, AirTran or Newark Liberty Airport (40 minutes gate to gate). For
Airways, American, Continental, Delta, jetBlue, Northwest, schedule and ticket information, visit flyush.com.

Pets & Animals

Where do I get a dog license? What constitutes nuisance behavior by dogs?
The town clerk’s office (203-622-7897) in Town Hall on Dogs may not chase after, growl at, snap at or bite any per-
Field Point Road. Dogs are required to be licensed and the fine son or domestic animal on the street or chase after motor vehi-
for having an unlicensed dog is $60. To get a license, you must cles. Excessive barking is also considered a nuisance. Dogs
have a valid rabies certificate for your dog. Dogs must be vac- may not roam onto another person’s property, damage another
cinated by the time they are three months old. person’s property, or injure another person. If you are bitten
The cost of a dog license is $19 for non-spayed or neutered by a dog, you should report the incident to the animal control
dogs, and $8 if your dog’s been spayed or neutered. Dogs officer. A summary of dog laws in Greenwich is available
must be licensed by June 30, and by state law, a $1 penalty is online at greenwichct.org/PoliceDept/pdanimalcontrol.asp.
imposed for each month past June the dog is unlicensed.

Are cats allowed to roam?

Must cats be licensed? Yes, the state considers cats feral by nature and they are
No, but cats must be immunized against rabies by the time allowed to roam off their owner’s property.
they are three months old. Owners must follow up with boost-
er shots.
What should I do if I see a stray animal?
You may report a stray animal to Animal Control by calling
My dog is lost. Where can I get help? 203-622-8299 between 7:30 and 3. If an animal is not wearing
You should call the animal control officer at 203-622-8299. identification, it will be held for eight days and then put up for
If your dog’s been missing for more than 24 hours, you might adoption.
want to call animal control officers in neighboring towns.
66 • greenwich answerbook
Pets & Animals April 28, 2011

Are any animals illegal to have as pets? 7, and R-6 zones. Homeowners are limited to no more than six
Generally speaking, people are prohibited from having as horses (not including foals under six months) provided there is
pets animals considered “wild” by the state Department of at least 20,000 square feet of gross lot area for each horse over
Environmental Protection. Call 860-424-3011 for details. six months of age. However, there are rules and regulations
regarding the keeping of horses. Check with planning and zon-
ing at 203-622-7894.
Are there any parks devoted to dogs?
Yes, a three-quarter-acre park called the Greenwich Dog
Park is on Grass Island, next to the Grass Island Wastewater Is there anywhere to ride a horse?
Treatment Plant. Aggressive dogs, puppies under four months There are nearly 150 miles of riding trails in Greenwich
old, and children under 10 are not allowed in the park. and the surrounding area. Helping to preserve the trails is the
Children 10 to 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Dogs Greenwich Riding and Trails Association, which also fosters
must be on a leash elsewhere on Grass Island. general horsemanship. Membership is open to riders and non-
As for the town’s other parks, leashed dogs are allowed riders. For information, call 203-661-3062 or visit online at
from Dec. 1 through March 31. thegrta.org.
There are also riding trails at the Mianus River & Natural
Park on Cary Road. Call parks and recreation at 203-622-
Is there a kennel club? 7814 for details.
Yes, the Greenwich Kennel Club is an affiliate of
the American Kennel Club. Its annual AKC All-Breed
Conformation & Obedience Show takes place in June at Taylor Is there a pony club?
Farm Park in Norwalk. The Web site is greenwichkc.org. Greenwich Pony Club is open to children and young peo-
ple from 10 years and older up to age 21. Its mission is to pro-
mote equestrian skills and horse care. For information, e-mail
Where can I adopt a dog or cat? Betsy Werdiger at werdiger@ejnw@aol.com or call Vicky
Adopt-A-Dog (and cat) is headquartered in Greenwich Skouras at 203-661-8951 or e-mail VvgS27@aol.com.
and finds loving homes for dogs and cats from shelters in the
tri-state area, from a sister organization from Puerto Rico, and
shelters with high kill rates in some southern states. All pets Is there an emergency wildlife number?
are neutered or spayed, examined by a vet, and evaluated by For a true wildlife emergency, such as illegal hunting
trainers. Fund-raisers include the annual “Puttin’ on the Dog or poaching, call the state Department of Environmental
for Fun Dog Show and Festival,” and the “365 Days of Dogs Protection at 860-424-3333. For complaints about nuisance
and Cats We Love” calendar. wildlife, call 860-424-3000. The Connecticut Wildlife
The shelter is at 23 Cox Avenue in Armonk, N.Y. Call for Rehabilitators Association can be reached at 203-389-4411.
an appointment. Volunteers of all ages are welcome, and there
is a program that enables children to work with the animals
with their mothers or fathers. For information, or to receive a Is anything being done to control the deer herds?
copy of the Adopt-A-Dog newsletter, call 203-629-9494, ext. As in every other town in Fairfield County, Greenwich has
201, or 914-273-1674, or visit online at adopt-a-dog.org. more deer living here than the land can adequately sustain.
Greenwich Animal Control maintains a facility near the As a result, private and public gardens, home landscapes, and
Bruce Museum. Unclaimed animals are kept here and put up the understory of local woodlands take a beating from being
for adoption. Visiting hours are 8 to 2:30, Monday through devoured by deer. Reducing the population, however, is a con-
Friday, and weekends by appointment. Appointments are high- troversial issue.
ly recommended at any time. Photos of animals available for The town allowed a sharpshooting hunt in 2005 that yielded
adoption are posted online at the town Web site. For informa- 80 deer, but it has done no more since then. The Audubon
tion, call 203-622-8299. A group of committed animal lovers Center in Greenwich conducted its first managed deer hunt
called Shelter Our Strays is working to build a new, up-to- in the winter of 2003-04, when 30 deer were killed by bow-
code shelter for dogs, cats, and other pets. hunters on the center’s 285-acre preserve at Riversville Road.
Project Save-A-Cat has as its mission to spay/neuter as (All meat was donated to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield
many homeless, abandoned, or feral cats as possible and place County.) The center continues the program each winter
those that have been socialized in permanent, loving homes. not only at that property but also at the 135-acre Fairchild
The group does not operate a shelter or accept cats surrendered Wildflower Garden.
by their owners. Call 203-431-9111. After a report filed in 2004 regarding the deer population
in Greenwich, the town continues to work with the University
of Connecticut to develop a deer management program. In
the meantime, the Greenwich Sportsmen and Landowners
A dog ran out in front of my car and I hit it. What Association (see below) is working with the town to identify
should I do? land where deer management would benefit a neighborhood or
Do not abandon the animal, but do not touch it, either. region.
Injured animals can bite out of fear. Call the animal control The town also belongs to the Fairfield County Municipal
officer at 203-622-8299. If they cannot be reached right away, Deer Management Alliance (deeralliance.com), which deals
call the Greenwich Police at 203-622-8000. with health, safety, and ecological issues relating to the county
deer population.

May I keep horses?

You may keep horses in RA-4, RA-2, RA-1, R-20, R-12, R-
April 28, 2011 Pets & Animals greenwich answerbook • 67

What is the Greenwich Sportsmen and Landowners post piles, fruit trees, and birdfeeders. To discourage bears
Association? from hanging around your home, the state Department of
The Greenwich Sportsmen and Landowners Association Environmental Protection advises people discontinue use of
is a group of landowners and local bow hunters who try to birdfeeders from late March through November, keep garbage
conduct bow hunts that are safe and address the overpopu- cans inside a garage or shed, clean and store barbecue grills
lation of deer. If you choose to allow bowhunting on your after use, don’t leave pet food outside overnight, and don’t add
property, you may call the group and members will come out meat or sweets to a compost pile. Above all, don’t intention-
to see if it’s safe to hunt. Members are also happy to answer ally feed bears.
questions about hunting. For information, call John Michelotti Aggression by bears towards humans is very rare, however,
at 203-629-8772 or Bob Delaney at 203-629-9374. when hiking it is a good idea to keep dogs on a leash. A bear
may view a roaming dog as a threat. If you see a bear from
a distance, make your presence known by making noise and
Should I be concerned if I see a raccoon during the waving your arms. If you surprise a bear, walk away slowly.
day? To report a bear sighting, call the DEP at 860-675-8130 or go
Even healthy raccoons are active during the day, especially online to dep.state.ct.us.
in spring and early summer when they are taking care of a
family. If the animal is obviously sick (acting aggressive,
circling, stumbling, acting disoriented or showing signs of How can I get rid of squirrels or bats in my attic?
paralysis) call the local police or animal control officer. In the The state Department of Environmental Protection’s wild-
unlikely event they cannot be reached and it is truly an emer- life division (860-424-3000) will offer advice and suggestions
gency, call DEP Emergency Dispatch at 860-424-3333 to reach over the phone. They will also give out the names of commer-
a local conservation officer. cial wildlife control operators in this area.

I saw a coyote in my yard. What should I do? Are there any poisonous snakes or spiders that I
Coyotes live and breed in every town in Connecticut. should know about?
They are extremely adaptable and comfortable living in close Timber rattlesnakes and copperheads are the only poison-
proximity to residential areas. They are usually not a threat to ous snakes native to Connecticut and are found only in certain
humans; however coyotes may attack pets, particularly cats. areas. They are rare and their bites are rarely fatal unless one
There been some reports of coyotes attacking small dogs. is allergic. They will bite only when threatened. It is important
Coyotes eat a variety of foods including rodents, birds, to remember nearly all snakes found around the home are per-
fruit, and berries and will also eat food provided by people fectly harmless.
including spilled bird seed, compost piles, pet foods, or unse- Both the black widow spider and far less common brown
cured garbage. If you live in an area frequented by coyotes recluse are poisonous. Their bites are rarely fatal, but again
and you have cats or very small dogs, your pets should be victims may be subject to allergic reactions.
supervised while outdoors. Keeping pets indoors or limiting The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, entomol-
their time outdoors, especially at night when coyotes are most ogy department (203-974-8600) reports seeing only one black
active, is recommended. widow spider in the last 20 years.
For more information, call DEP Wildlife Division at 860- All spider bites are venomous to some degree. People bitten
675-8130 or the Hartford office at 860-424-3011. should save the spider and seek emergency help by calling the
Poison Control hotline (800-343-2722).
The elderly, children, people with heart conditions, and
There appears to be an abandoned fawn in my yard. pregnant women should be wary. Seek medical attention
What should I do? immediately when bitten by a snake, spider or other creature.
Definitely do not touch it or move it as your scent will Call the state Department of Environmental Protection emer-
scare off the mother, who may be hiding nearby. Nearly all gency line (860-424-3333) or local wildlife service for more
“abandoned” fawns are truly not abandoned. Keep yourself information.
and your pets far away.
Fawns are born from late May through June. Often, deer
give birth in the middle of the night and leave the fawn during Does Connecticut have a zoo?
the day, particularly if people are around. The fawn’s cam- The state’s only accredited zoo is the Beardsley Zoo on
ouflage helps protect it from predators. Often does will not Noble Avenue in Bridgeport (203-394-6565), a 30-min-
return to their fawns until after dark. It may take a good 24 ute drive from Wilton. The zoo exhibits North and South
hours for a doe to feel safe enough to return to her fawn. For American animals, including many endangered and threatened
the first five days after they are born, fawns will not run when species, on 52 acres in Beardsley Park. Highlights include
approached, instead lying still. From the seventh day on, they a New World Tropics rain forest (open 10:30 to 3:30) with
exhibit flight behavior, but will not venture out to browse with toucans, scarlet ibis, caiman, and monkeys; New England
their mothers until they are a month old. Farmyard; pop-up prairie dog exhibit; Victorian carousel and
If there is a dead doe nearby, the fawn may be orphaned. Victorian greenhouse.
Call the DEP at 860-424-3011 or Wildlife in Crisis at 203-544- The zoo is open from 9 to 4 year round, but closes on New
9913. Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Special events are
held throughout the year. The Web site is beardsleyzoo.org.

What should I do if I see a black bear?

Black bear sightings have become more common in this
area each year. Bears are attracted to garbage, pet food, com-
68 • greenwich answerbook Media April 28, 2011

What newspapers cover the town? Click on “Improve Greenwich” and go to SeeClickFix.
There are three newspapers covering the town. The
Greenwich Post is a weekly and is published by Hersam Are there any local television programs?
Acorn Newspapers. The office is at 124 West Putnam Avenue. Greenwich Cable Television Channel 79 is the local
The phone number is 203-861-9191; the Web site is green- public access station. It is managed by a volunteer committee
wich-post.com. (GCTV Committee) appointed by the Board of Selectmen.
The Greenwich Time is a daily newspaper published by A number of volunteer positions are available, both on the
Hearst Newspapers. The office is at 1455 East Putnam Avenue. committee and in producing programs. Programming includes
The phone number is 203-625-4400; the Web site is green- A Conversation With..., To Your Health, Representative Town
wichtime.com. Meetings, various board meetings including the Board of
The Greenwich Citizen is a weekly published by Brooks Education and Board of Selectmen, public hearings, and spe-
Community Newspapers. The office is at 1455 East Putnam cially produced programs on politics, public affairs, and spe-
Avenue, Suite 102. The phone number is 203-625-4460; the cial events.
Web site is greenwichcitizen.com. For those who do not receive Channel 79 via Cablevision,
the programs may be viewed online as streaming video. For
the cablecast or online schedule, check gctv.greenwich.org.
How can I get an announcement in the Greenwich
Post? How can I get an event on the Channel 79 bulletin
You may e-mail press releases, wedding and birth board?
announcements, calendar items, obituaries, or letters to the The bulletin board is handled by the town’s Administrative
editor (350 word maximum) to editor@greenwich-post.com. Services Department. The bulletin board appears in between
E-mail sports information to postsports@greenwich-post. program telecasts. Call Michele Hackett at 203-622-7822 or e-
com. General news and announcements should be submitted mail mhackett@greenwichct.org.
by Thursday at 5 for the next week’s paper. Sports, letters,
and obituaries should be submitted by Monday for that week’s
paper. Details are on the Web site. What radio stations cover Greenwich?
To advertise, you may call Steve Schiappa at 203-966-9541, WGCH Radio (wgch.com) is the main voice of
ext. 130; e-mail ads@hersamacorn.com, or fax 203-966-8006. Greenwich. The station can be found at 1490 on the AM dial.
He also receives e-mail at steves@greenwich-post.com. The Local programs include Ask the First Selectman, Greenwich
advertising deadline is Monday at 5 p.m. Entrepreneur, Greenwich Matters, Live in Greenwich Real
Estate, The CEO Show, and Spotlight on Medicine with
Greenwich Hospital.
Can I read the Greenwich Post online? Offices are at 71 Lewis Street. Call 203-869-1490. For
Those looking for the latest or previous Greenwich news time, temperature and weather call 661-5050.
can find it on the Greenwich Post’s online site, greenwich- Connecticut Public Radio Station WNPR covers Fairfield
post.com. For the latest, up-to-the-minute news, sign up for County. It is at 88.5 FM. The Web site is cpbn.org.
free Breaking News and Twitter reports from the Greenwich
Post(Twitter.com/GreenwichPost). Visit greenwich-post.com
and click on Sign Up for Breaking News in the upper left-hand Do any specialty publications cover the town?
corner. Also, check for the Post on Facebook (Facebook.com/ Greenwich Magazine (203-869-0009/greenwichmag.com)
GreenwichPost). is a monthly general interest magazine.
Page one stories, and the top sports stories from the cur- The Wag (203-914-740-2100/westchesterwag.com) is a
rent week’s issue of the Greenwich Post are available on the lifestyles magazine that includes Greenwich in its coverage
paper’s home page and remain accessible at no charge for sev- area.
eral weeks. The entire content of the newspaper is added to the The Greenwich Guide (203-629-4519/greenwichguide.
archive within about two weeks of publication. com) is a book that offers a brief overview of the town with
The Post’s archives are searchable by going to greenwich- more extensive information on children’s activities, cultural
post.com and clicking on “Archives” on the left-hand side of events, recreation, shopping, and dining.
the page. Users may then search for information going back as The Greenwich Answerbook is an annual, comprehensive
far as June 2003. Just enter a keyword or phrase, choose a time guide to life in Greenwich for the people who live here and
frame (or search all available years), and click “search.” people who think they would like to live here. See the mast-
The first few paragraphs of all articles that match the search head for ordering information. For the online version, visit
criteria entered are available for previewing. To access the greenwich-post.com.
entire article, several pricing options are available. Pictures
from the Post are not available through the archive, but may
be ordered for a fee by calling 203-861-9191, or e-mailing Are there local blogs?
editor@greenwich-post.com. Greenwich Blog at greenwichblog.com (“the online jour-
All obituaries going back to September 2005, an up-to-date nal on everything Greenwich”) and Greenwich Roundup
calendar, useful Web links and the Greenwich Answer Book, at greenwichroundup.blogspot.com (“the Greenwich blog of
as well as access to the Hersam Acorn classifieds, real estate record”) are two examples of what’s out there in the blogo-
listings and the top stories from the Arts & Leisure section and sphere.
special monthly supplements are also available at no charge on There are also some real estate blogs. For a Greenwich
the Post’s Web site. blogs directory, go to us.loadedweb.com/cities/connecticut/
The Post Web site also features a way for residents to report greenwich/blogs/.
and track non-emergency problems such as potholes, speeding,
graffiti, traffic light malfunctions, nuisances and other issues.
April 28, 2011 Web Sites greenwich answerbook • 69

Greenwich sites: Garden Education Center of Greenwich -

Abilis - abilis.us gecgreenwich.org
Acting Company of Greenwich - tacog.org Gateway Classical Music Society -
Adopt-A-Dog - adoptadog.org gatewayclassical.org
Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism - Grace Church of Greenwich -
albertsonchurch.org gracechurchgreenwich.com
Alliance Franciase - afgreenwich.org Grace Notes - thegracenotes.com
American Classical Orchestra - amerclassorch.org Greenwich Academy - greenwichacademy.org
American Red Cross - greenwichredcross.org Greenwich Adult & Continuing Education - green-
Anglican Church of the Advent -
churchoftheadvent.org Greenwich Adult Day Care - gadc.org
Arch Street Teen Center - archstreet.org Greenwich Alliance for Education -
Armstrong Chamber Concerts - accnct.org
Greenwich Area Newcomers Club -
Art Society of Old Greenwich - greenwichnewcomers.org
Greenwich Art Society - greenwichartsociety.org
Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich - bgcg.org
Greenwich Arts Council- greenwicharts.org
Breast Cancer Alliance - breastcanceralliance.org
Greenwich Audubon - greenwich.audubon.org
Bruce Museum - brucemuseum.org
Greenwich Ballet Academy -
Brunswick School - brunswickschool.org greenwichballetacademy.org
Captain Harbor Sail & Power Squadron - Greenwich Baptist Church - greenwichbaptist.org
Greenwich Boat & Yacht Club - gbyc.org
Center for Chamber Music -
centerforchambermusic.com Greenwich Cal Ripken League -
Chabad Lubavitch of Greenwich -
chabadgreenwich.org Greenwich Catholic School -
Chamber of Commerce - greenwichchamber.org
Greenwich Chaplaincy Services -
Child Guidance Center - childguidancect.org greenwichchaplaincy.org
Chinese Language School of Connecticut - Greenwich Choral Society -
chineselanguageschool.org greenwichchoralsociaty.org
Christ Church Greenwich - Greenwich Community Sailing -
christchurchgreenwich.org greenwichsailing.com
Community Answers - communityanswers.org Greenwich Council Boy Scouts of America - green-
Community Centers Inc. - ccigreenwich.org wichbsa.com
Community Concerts of Greenwich - Greenwich Country Day School -
communityconcertsgreenwich.org greenwichcds.org
Convent of the Sacred Heart - cshgreenwich.org Greenwich Democratic Town Committee -
Cos Cob Archers - coscobarchers.com greenwichdemocrats.org
Cos Cob Revolver & Rifle Club - ccrrc.com Greenwich Emergency Medical Service -
Cotton Club - cottonclubgreenwich.com greenwichems.org
Daughters of the American Revolution, Putnam Hill Greenwich Family Y - gwymca.org
chapter - dar.org/chapters/putnam.htm Greenwich Hospital - greenhosp.org
Delta Kappa Gamma - deltakappagamma.org Greenwich Japanese School - gwjs.org
Diamond Hill United Methodist Church - Greenwich Jaycees - greenwichjaycees.org
diamondhillumc.org Greenwich Kennel Club - greenwichkc.org
Dingletown Community Church - dingletown.org Greenwich Land Tust - gltrust.org
Eagle Hill School - eaglehillschool.org Greenwich Library System - greenwichlibrary.org
Family Centers, Inc. - familycenters.org Greenwich Lions - greenwichlions.org
First Church of Christ Scientist - Greenwich Music Festival -
christiansciencect.org/greenwich greenwichmusicfestival.org
First Church of Round Hill - Greenwich Newcomers & Neighbors -
firstchurchofroundhill.org greenwichnewcomers.com
First Congregational Church - fccog.org Greenwich Old Timers Athletic Association - green-
First Lutheran Church - 1stlutherangct.org wicholdtimers.org
First Presbyteian Church - fpcg.org Greenwich Polo Club - greenwichpolo.com
First United Methodist Church - Greenwich Public Schools - greenwichschools.org
fumcgreenwich.cjb.net Greenwich Reform Synagogue - grs.org
Flinn Gallery - flinngallery.com Greenwich Republican Town Committee -
Friends of Autistic People - autisticadults.com gcrtc.com
70 • greenwich answerbook Web Sites April 28, 2011

Greenwich Retired Men’s Association - St. Michael the Archangel Church -

greenwichrma.org stmichaelgreenwich.org
Greenwich Riding and Trails Association - thegrta.org St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church -
Greenwich Soccer Association - stpaulbyram.com
greenwichtravelsoccer.com St. Paul's Episcopal Church - stpaulsriverside.org
Greenwich Soccer Club - greenwichsoccer.com St. Saviour's Episcopal Church - saintsaviours.org
Greemwich Special Olympics - greenwichso.org Stanwich Congregational Church -
Greenwich Symphony Orchestra - stanwichchurch.org
greenwichsym.org Stanwich School - stanwichschool.org
Greenwich Water Polo - Student Employment Service - ghs-ses.org
greenwichwaterpolo.com Super Soccer Stars - supersoccerstars.com
Greenwich Woods Rehabilitation & Health Care Temple Sholom - templesholom.com
Center - greenwichwoods.com Time for Lyme - timeforlyme.org
Greenwich WyldLife - Town of Greenwich - greenwichct.org
Transportation Association of Greenwich -
Greenwich Young Life - greenwich.younglife.org ridetag.org
Greenwich Youth Football - gyfl.net Trinity Church - trinitychurchonline.org
Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich - Trout Unlimited - mianustu.org
United Way of Greenwich -
Japanese Gospel Church of Greenwich - unitedway-greenwich.com
Veterans Appreciation Council - saltuetovets.com
Jewish Family Services of Greenwich -
jfsgreenwich.org Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Southwest
Connecticut - vnhcsw.org
Junior League of Greenwich - jlgreenwich.org
Westchester-Fairfield Horticultural Society -
Kiwanis Club of Greenwich - westfairhort.org
Whitby School - whitbyschool.org
League of Women Voters - lwvg.org
Windy Hill Figure Skating Club - windyhillsc.com
Meals on Wheels -
mealsonwheelsofgreenwich.org Woman’s Club of Greenwich -
Mianus River Boat and Yacht Club - mrbyc.com
Young Grand Old Party of Greenwich -
Musica Plenti - musicaplenti.org ygop-ct.org
National League of American Penwomen - YWCA Greenwich - ywcagreenwich.org
Neighbor to Neighbor - n-to-n.org
Other sites:
North Greenwich Congregational Church -
northgreenwichchurch.org American Red Cross, Connecticut chapter -
Old Greenwich-Riverside Community Center
- ogrcc.com Aquarion - aquarion.com
Old Greenwich Yacht Club - ogyc.org Boy Scouts of America Connecticut Yankee Council -
Palladium Musicum - palladiummusicum.org
Connecticut Digital Library - iconn.org
Parents Together - parentstogetherct.org
Connecticut General Statutes - cslib.org/statutes/
Parsonage Cottage - parsonagecottage.org
Connecticut Library Association -
Perrot Memorial Library - perrotlibrary.org ct.libraryassociation.org
Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich - Connecticut State Government - ct.gov
Connecticut General Assembly: cga.ct.gov
Putnam Cottage - putnamcottage.org
Girl Scouts of Southwestern Connecticut -
Road Hogs Athletic Club - roadhogs.org gscwct.org
Rotary Club of Greenwich - greenwichrotary.org Representative Jim Himes - himes.house.gov
Round Hill Community Church - roundhillcommunity- Senator Richard Blumenthal -
church.org blumenthal.senate.gov
Round Hill Country Dances - roundhill.net Senator Joseph Lieberman: lieberman.senate.gov
Second Congregational Church - 2cc.org State No-Call Solicitation Listing -
St. Agnes Church - stagnesrc.org state.ct.us/dcp/nocall.htm
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church - Sterling Memorial Library - library.yale.edu
stbarnabasgreenwich.org Where to Give (links to dozens of the leading chari-
St. Catherine of Siena Church - stcath.org table and civic organizations): wheretogive.org
St. Mary (Catholic) Parish - Have a local, not-for-profit site that should be here?
stmaryparishgreenwich.org E-mail answerbook@acorn-online.com with details.
April 28, 2011 greenwich answerbook • 71

greenwich answerbook.11

greenwich answerbook index of advertisers

A Scholar’s Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Maxwell’s Fine Gardening . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61

ABC A Man with a Van . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 The Mead School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13
Academy of Information The Mews. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
Technology & Engineering . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Packages Plus-N-More, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
All Star Paving & Sealing, LLC . . . . . . . . . . 61
Parsonage Cottage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33
BBM Home Improvement . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
Pease Septic Company . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
Boys & Girls Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Pennington Roofing, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
Coldwell Banker - Curtis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 75
Riverside Obstetrics & Gynecology . . . . . . . 38
Coldwell Banker, Greenwich. . . . . . . . . . . . 74
Round Hill Community Church . . . . . . . . . 35
Exteriors, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
Round Hill Partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Fairfield County Bariatrics . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63
Sam Bridge Nursery & Greenhouses LLC . . . 7
Fairway Markets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Schilke Enterprises LTD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23
FindaClass.net . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
The Second Congregational Church . . . . . . 36
First Church of Christ, Scientist . . . . . . . . . 35
Shepherds Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
Greenwich Catholic School . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
St. Paul’s Day School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45
Greenwich Community Sailing . . . . . . . . . . 25
The Stanwich School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Greenwich Dermatology &
Susan Kane Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Cosmetic Laser Surgery Center . . . . . . . . 76
Temple Sholom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37
Greenwich Historical Society . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Tom’s Auto Driving School Inc . . . . . . . . . . 53
Greenwich Hospital . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Weichert Capital Properties & Estates . . . . 19
Greenwich Pharmacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Y.Z. Jewelry . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28, 29
Greenwich Racquet Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47
The Language Exchange . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
72 • greenwich answerbook Reader’s Index April 28, 2011

911, 27 Caterers, 57 Fire department, 27

AAA, 64 Cats, 66 Firearms safety, 49
AARP, 26 Cell phones, 27, 59, 64 Fireworks, 50
Accident reports, 29 Chamber of Commerce, 57 First aid, 31
Acting Company of Greenwich, 52, Chamber Players of Greenwich, 50 First selectman, 11
69 Channel 15, 79 Fishing, 49
Activities, high school, 20 Chaplains, 36 Flinn Gallery, 24, 51
AIDS, 30 Child advocates, 38 Flood zones, 60
Airports, 65 Choral groups, 50 Flu clinics, 30, 31
Alarms, burglar/fire, 59 Churches, 36 Food markets, 57
Ambulance service, 27 Clambakes, 46 Food pantry, 25
American Red Cross, 31, 52, 64 Clamming, 48 Football, 20, 43
Animal shelters, 66 Commission, Planning & Zoning, Fraternal clubs, 55
Animals, removal, 59, 67 15, 16 Friendly Connections, 35
Anything’s Possible Players, 52 Commissions, town, 15 Friendly Visitors, 35
ARC, 24 Community Answers, 24, 26, 31 Garbage collection, 59
Arch School, 19, 47 Community centers, 46 Garden clubs, 54
Arch Street Teen Center, 43 Community Gifts, 25 Garden Education Center of
Art Society of Old Greenwich, 51, Concerts, 24, 45 Greenwich, 54
52 Concerts, summer, 45, 50 Gas stations, 64
Assessments, 12 Congress, U.S., 17 Golf, 20, 47, 55
Audubon Greenwich, 45, Connecticut Academic Progress Test, Golf courses, 47
Autism, 31 20 Governor, 17
Bands, marching, 50 Connecticut Mastery Test, 20 Grand list, 11
Baseball, 20, 44 Construction hours, 60 Greenwich Alliance for Education,
Basketball, 20, 43 Consumer protection, 58 22
Beach passes, 45 Counseling, 30, 31, 32 Greenwich Art Society, 23, 51
Beach safety, 46 Counseling, taxes, 26 Greenwich Arts Council, 43, 50, 51
Beaches, 46 Country clubs, 47 Greenwich Community Sailing, 46
Better Business Bureau, 58 Coyotes, 67 Greenwich Dollars, 57
Bible study, 37 CPR classes, 26, 31 Greenwich Emergency Medical
Bicycling, 48, 85 Dancing, 23, 43, 48, 50 Service, 27
Birth certificates, 16 Daughters of the American Greenwich Hospital, 27, 29, 30, 32
Blind services, 31 Revolution, 8, 52 Greenwich Post, 68
Board of Education, 15, 18, 19 Daughters of the British Empire, 56 Greenwich Sportsmen and
Board of Estimate and Taxation, 15, Day care, senior citizens, 31, 34 Landowners Association, 49
18 Day spas, 57 Hazardous waste, 59
Board of Selectmen, 11, 18 Death certificates, 16 Health department, 29, 30, 60, 62
Boards, town, 15 Deer 49, 66 Health services, 31
Boat clubs, 56 Democrats, 13, 53 Helicopters, 65
Boat launches, 46 DMV offices, 63 Highway department, 62
Boat rentals, 46 Dog park, 66 Hispanic Center of Greenwich, 26
Boat rides, 51 Dogs, 65, 66 Historic districts, 7
Bookstores, 57 Domestic violence, 31 Historic points of interest, 7
Boys & Girls Club, 25, 38, 43 Drivers, teen, 63 Historical society, 8
Bruce Museum, 45. 46, 52 Driving, 62 Histories, town, 8
Bruce Park, 38, 45, 47 Education advocates, 21, 22, 38 Hockey, field, 20
Budget school, 21 Electric power, 31 Hockey, ice, 20, 43, 48
Budget, town, 11 Emergency rooms, 27 Holly Hill Resource Recovery
Bus service, 35, 65 Emergency vehicles, 64 Facility, 59
Bush-Holley Historic Site, 7, 52 Emergency, town wide, 27 Home health care, 30
Cable television, 26, 68 Emissions tests, 64 Horses, 31, 66
Camping, 47 Employers, major, 58 Hospice care, 30
Camps, summer, 23, 25, 43 Employment agencies, 35, 38, 58 House numbers, 59
Car donations, 64 Events, town, 24, 26 House sales, 9
Car inspections, 64 Fences, 60 Houses of worship, 36
Car pools, 64 Fingerprints, 28 Houses, old, 7
April 28, 2011 Reader’s Index greenwich answerbook • 73

Housing, senior citizens, 34 Appeals, 15 Skiing, 20, 45, 48

Hunting, 49 Playgrounds, 38 Sledding, 48
Immunizations, 20, 30 Poison control, 29, 67 Snow removal, 59
Income, median, 9 Police, 28 Soccer, 20, 43, 44
Infoline, 31 Political clubs, 53 Social services, 31
Inland Wetlands, 15, 60 Pony club, 66 Softball, 20, 44, 48
International clubs, 54, 55, 56 Population, 9 Special education, 21
Jobs, students, 38 Post offices, 58 Specialty publications, 68
Junior League, 54 Precipitation, 9 Speeding, 62
Justice of the Peace, 17 Pregnancy tests, 30 Spinal cord injuries, 31
Kiwanis Club, 55 Probate court, 17 Sports, school, 20
Lacrosse, 20, 44 PTA, 21 Sports, youth, 43
Leaf blowers, 60 Putnam Cottage, 7, 52, 54 Stamford Hospital, 27, 30
Leaf collection, 59 Rabies, 32 Stores, 57
League of Women Voters, 11, 53 Raccoons, 67 Storms, 29
Libraries, 24 Radio stations, 21, 68 Stray animals, 65
License, dog, 65 Radon, 30, 60 Support groups, 31
License, driver’s, 13, 63 Recycling, 59 Swim teams, 44
License, fishing, 49 Registrars of voters, 13 Synagogues, 36
License, hunting, 49 Religious stores, 37 Tax collector, 12
License, marriage, 16 Representative Town Meeting, 11 Taxes, income, 26, 34
Lifeline, 31 Republicans, 13, 53 Taxes, Property, 11, 12
Lions Clubs, 50, 55 Revaluation, 12 Taxis, 35, 53, 65
Literacy programs, 24 Riding, therapeutic, 31 Taxpayers, top commercial, 58
Lyme disease, 30, 32 Roads, 62 T-ball, 44
Marinas, 46 Rotary Club, 55 Tennis, 20, 45, 46, 47
Marriages, 16 Running clubs, 44, 48 Testing, school, 20
Medical equipment,31 Safe Rides, 38 Thrift shops, 57
Meetings, public, 17, 68 Salaries, school, 21 Town clerk, 11, 12, 65
Men’s clubs, 55 Salvation Army, 26 Town offices, 11
Movies, 52 SAT scores, 20 Trains, 64
Museums, 52 School calendar, 20 Transfer station, 59
Nannies, 38 School cancellations, 21 Transportation services, 34, 35
National League of American School district offices, 19 Trees, 45, 59
Penwomen, 51 School superintendent, 18, 19 Unemployment rate, 9
Natural gas, 26 Schools, art, 23 United Way, 24, 25
Neighbor to Neighbor, 53 Schools, dance, 23 Veterans organizations, 44
Newcomers Club, 55 Schools, gifted programs, 21 Visiting nurses, 30
Newspapers, 68 Schools, private, 23 Volunteering, 52
Noise regulations, 60 Schools, public, 19 Voter enrollments, 13
Notary public, 17 Scouts, 43 Voting, 13, 14, 15
Nursing homes, 31 Senate, state, 17 Water polo, 20, 44
Officials, town,18 Senate, U.S., 17 Water, public, 26
Oil tanks, 62 Senior center, 34 Water, well, 60
Orchestras, 43, 50 Senior clubs, 34 West Nile virus, 32
Park passes, 45 Senior services, 34, 35 Wetlands, 60
Parking, 62 Setbacks, 59 Wildlife emergencies, 66
Parks and Recreation, 15, 43 Sewer system, 74 Wildlife sanctuaries, 45, 52
Parks, 45 Sexual abuse, 31 Women’s clubs, 54
Passports, 17 Shopping districts, 57 Yacht clubs, 46
Permits, building, 59 Sidewalk sales, 50, 57 YMCA, 7, 23, 31, 43, 48, 55
Permits, shellfish, 48 Signs of the Times, 8 Youth sports, 43
Pet adoptions, 66 Singles clubs, 56 Young Life, 37
Pharmacies, 31 Skating, ice, 43, 44, 45 YWCA, 43, 44, 48
Planning & Zoning Board of Skating, inline, 47 ZIP codes, 9
April 28, 2011 greenwich answerbook • 74

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75 • greenwich answerbook April 28, 2011

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April 28, 2011 greenwich answerbook • 76

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