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May 2011

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Stana Katic
Of ABC’s Castle

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nth’s priz
THis mo
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1
In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1, Harry, Ron and Hermione
set out on their perilous mission to track down and destroy the Horcruxes –
the keys to Voldemort’s immortality. On their own, without the guidance or
protection of their professors, the three friends must now rely on one another
more than ever to battle the Dark Forces that threaten to tear them apart.
Buy it on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD this April.
Also available on Video On Demand
© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights © J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
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Glass, Donald Liebenson, Chris Mann,
L.L. Rickert, V.S. Woschnick
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explains the security
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with your
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What delight! is all about:

The explosion of electronic devices has created an ever-expanding array of digital content, some very helpful
and entertaining, others not so much. Most of us don’t have the time and patience to search out the really good stuff,
so delight! does it for you by sharing the websites, podcasts, entertainment, and mobile apps that readers find to be truly
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By delight! Readers

here are thousands of helpful and entertaining resources available online and on television. So many that it would be
impossible for our editors to discover them all on their own. That’s why delight! magazine is built with the help of its
readers. The delight! reader community continually shares their favorite websites and TV shows, plus tips and opinions
from their own experiences. Here are some favorites we encourage you to check out this month:

his year I became a fan of Geocaching

(geocaching.com). It’s a worldwide event
where people hide tiny capsules outdoors and
provide the GPS coordinates on the website. Then
explorers will download that information and set
out to find the treasure! If found (I myself have
yet to) they are welcome to take something from
the capsule but must put something back in for
the next adventurers to find!
—Stefan Rorick, North Mankato, MN

just started watching the OWN network and I

enjoy the channel very much. I like that you
don’t have to watch or even see a commercial
for those horrible teen drama shows. The entire
channel is about improving yourself. I find OWN
to be very uplifting and informational.
—Reader from Mankato, MN

y favorite TV show is House. It’s an

Illustrations by Aaron Drath

innovative take on the medical drama.
A little love, a little comedy, and a lot of drama.
It’s great. I love Dr. House’s character—he’s a
controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all
his patients.
­—Reader from Flushing, NY

y favorite new website is a historical photography blog (www.

crimsonbamboo.com/blog), and I hope to see it grow. It’s great to have
a place to share insights on things like the “tele-donkey” trend in Western US states
and old retouching techniques. I’ve just started contributing. My favorite entry so far
(unfortunately, not my own) examines a re-touched photo of Tiffany’s in Union Square,
NYC, pointing out how the person who spruced up the image removed the horses from
a police buggy. Another great entry dissects an image from Chinatown 1909, finding a
hidden person, translating the signs, exploring gender relations and more.
—Will Bevins, New York, NY

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recently discovered the
Sharing Has Its Rewards!
site Lovemarks.com, a
website that really steps out
of the box. I enjoy it because AR
it eliminates the robotic concept LOV
of brands and replaces it with an
emotional connection between
consumers and the products they love. I have a
nice time reading the “lovemark stories” that consumers have to share,
especially when it comes to lovemarks that I have the same feelings for. I
also like that I can “root” for my favorite people and goods, particularly
those that are underrated or that people do not appreciate. I am glad that
I found this site because as a consumer I used to neglect products that
were not recognized by many. On Lovemarks.com I have discovered new
(even better) ways to spend my money.
—Reader from Tampa, FL

y favorite show is
Man vs. Wild with
Bear Grylls. In this show, Grylls
takes the audience to the most
adventurous places on earth and
prepares a life-death scenario in
Here’s your chance to earn a
which he tells the audience how FREE $10 iTunes Gift Card!
to survive. Whether it is in the
snow or in some thick, lush jungle,
Grylls does the extreme—even if
Tell us about a TV show, website, blog,
it means stripping naked to swim!
podcast, or mobile app that’s got your
It is such a realistic show and I have learned so many skills from Grylls. He
attention and we’ll pass it on to the rest
always instills determination in me whenever I see his show. I love that the
places he chooses are just so beautiful and I also like when he gives survival of the readers. Each month, we’ll reward
stories from other people who escaped near-fatal experiences. the first 50 people who share a
—Reader from Bloe, IN $10 iTunes gift card.

like Dirty Jobs [on Discovery]. Mike Rowe, who is the host and is very
funny, takes the crew of Dirty Jobs around the country to job sites, Go to the delight! Facebook page
submitted by viewers, that are some of the hardest, dirtiest, and worst
jobs a person could think of, and works a day or two in their shoes. Dirty
Jobs is both educational and entertaining.
and click on “Share & Win”
—Amber Jacobson, Janesville, WI
or enter now
n the Science Channel they by clicking this
have a very interesting show tag with your
called How Do They Do It? From mobile device
how they make aluminum foil, (See page 1)
gasoline, GPS, etc … It’s a very cool
show. My five-year-old son fell in
love with this one. It is educational
for the whole family and fun.
—Nataliya Nemirovsky,
Staten Island, NY
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editors’ Picks: Our favorite sites, podcasts, and blogs log on: SunSafetyRules.com, www.KidsDiscoverNature.com,

Getting Back to Nature

By L.L. Rickert

Set your sites on the outdoors.

Whether you’re already an enthusiast or just discovering your inner
outdoorsman, you’ll find everything from the practical to the playful in the
delight! team’s podcast, blog, and website picks for May.

Find your place in the sun Plan your Adventure

mobile Website: SunSafetyRules.com Website: TheNorthFace.com
This informational site provides “101 easy tips for The North Face gear enhances the outdoor ex-
a great summer” and a treasure trove of sensible perience because it encourages all users to explore,
Watch it now!
articles that help you have fun in the sun without love and preserve the earth’s wild spots. Go beyond pur-
Check out a North Face
rock climbing expedition. risking your health. But the site doesn’t stop at sun chasing the products to the source of the brand’s inspi-
protection. Self-tanners, bronzers, fashions, products ration: an elite group of alpine and rock climbers, skiers,
and more are discussed in-depth to keep you go- snowboarders, and endurance runners who serve as The
ing—and glowing—as both temperatures and time North Face ambassadors, advisors and role models. Click
outside increase. on the “Athletes & Expeditions” tab to learn their stories,
and find ideas for your own journey.
Editor’s Tip: Start now to pre-
pare for a sun-kissed glow us- Editor’s Tip: Look for “Planet Explore” under Athletes & Expedi-
ing the 30-day sun readiness tions for events, blogs, podcasts and resources conveniently cat-
regimen found under the “Get egorized by outdoor activity. You can even customize a search
Video also on Ready for the Sun” section on for happenings near you.
the site’s navigation bar.

Child of nature The virtual wild kingdom

Blog: www.KidsDiscoverNature.com Podcast: The Rainforest Podcast
Looking to connect your kid with their surroundings? This podcast is a series of episodes that ex-
Check out the Kids Discover Nature blog! There you’ll plores the flora, fauna and plight of rainforests
find great children’s outdoor activities that range from the world over. The podcasts also raise aware-
gardening and animals, to weather, photography and ness for Paradise Earth (ParadiseEarth.com),
rainy day boredom busters. There’s also a resource the conservation and education initiative
center for parents that discusses the benefits of get- undertaking the creation of a 165,000
ting kids to explore, learn, grow and play in the square foot tropical rainforest habitat,
natural world. educational center, and conference
facility in Arizona.
Editor’s Tip: Don’t miss the “Shop” tab on the site’s
homepage. You can make product suggestions Editor’s Tip: The “PE Article Database”
or browse the Amazon.com-powered Web tab gives you instant access to interesting
store that’s conveniently segmented facts about rainforests, as well as easy-to-
by broad kid-friendly topics. read information on each continent’s rain-
forest birds, plants, and animals.
Photos © Thinkstock.com

Broaden your horizons with the June issue of

COMING delight! focusing on Art & Culture. Learn about
NEXT various food cultures across the U.S. with Adam
Richman as we get the scoop on his new show
MONTH Man vs. Food Nation. Then feast your eyes on
our Web Find Gawkerverse.com, a photo gallery
of food, handmade crafts, and more!

Unlike the hard-driving detective she plays on TV,

S ta n a K at i c
lives life to the fullest and simply enjoys...

by Greg Archer

Stana Katic is downright addictive.

Maybe it’s the way she communi-
cates—with alluring intention. Or
maybe it’s just the fact that engaging
with her is like walking through a beauti-
fully designed labyrinth. Each step takes you
deeper into a fascinating maze and by journey’s
end, you simply walk out inspired.

“It was in Zorba the Greek where I read, ‘I breathed you

in,’” Katic opens up. “It sounds a little goofy to our language now,

but I think that’s the way I continuously approach my life. I just want to

breathe it in. I want to soak it up. I want to devour it.”

Yes. To Katic, life is a feast. And the actress, who’s generating big buzz opposite hunk

Nathan Fillion on the ABC hit Castle, is nothing at all (it seems) like her TV alter ego, Detective

Kate Beckett. Where Beckett keeps her cards very close to her chest, Katic doesn’t mind fanning

them across the table for you to see.

“I had a lot of influences growing up,” she happily shares. “I read a

lot; read about Joan of Arc; read Pippi Longstocking—all these

fantastic adventurers. And then … Zorba. I really

believe in that style of life. Inhaling life

completely.” >>>

to consider not using their automobile for
a day or longer—it’s since gone global,
creating a powerful ripple effect. The other
understanDing stana:
is the production company she formed,
She speaks 5 languages fittingly dubbed Sine Timore Productions.
“It means, ‘no fear, no awe,’” she explains.
She’s an environmentalist “I like the idea of putting together a
company with the intention of being
She enjoys archery, Soccer, Yoga, boundless, meaning we can tell stories
Karate, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, however we want to.”
And so it goes. The deeper one digs with
and Horseback Riding
Katic, the more gold is unearthed.
“I think I am just intuition,” she says
has been in: Detective Kate Beckett (Katic) and writer about what drives her. “It’s kind of like this
Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) get down to flutter; that you got to turn left … and I think
Quantum of Solace, The Spirit the business of crime solving on ABC’s Castle. I’ll follow that path (Laughs). I don’t know
The Unit, Stiletto, if I say consciously, ‘Oh, I trust my gut.’ I’m
Would be Kings, CSI: Miami, Born in Ontario, Canada, and eventually not even conscious of it. It’s just something
Heroes, Brothers & Sisters, raised in the heart of rural Illinois, Katic that feels right.”
fondly recalls the style of life that helped
24, ER, The Closer,
shape who she is today. She was part of a
The Shield, big Yugoslavian family and often she, her “I think I am just intuition.”
Alias four brothers and only sister, unleashed their
imaginations with inventive “play times”— All this sparks a memory of her recent
see her in: little “theater productions” and such— trip to Peru—she’s fascinated with world
which helped them learn how to rely on cultures—where her conversations with
Castle, each another. a shaman native proved enlightening in
The Double, “The great thing was that I always had that it shed light on the differences
For Lovers Only playmates,” she beams. “We always had between typical western thought (“no
great imaginations; always had each other to

Photos © 2011 Lickerishltd.com/Tyler Parker; ABC/ Bob D’Amico, Randy Holmes; Thinkstock
pain, no gain”) and those found in some
develop these little stories.” indigenous cultures.
Those early years had to fuel the success “He was telling me that his culture’s belief
mobile that followed beyond her days at system is like a river; when a pathway
Chicago’s renowned Goodman School opens up, that’s a pathway for you to flow
of Acting—Katic eventually nabbed into—that it should be easy to go in that
Watch it now! standout roles in movies like The
See a hilarious parody
direction,” she shares. “And if there’s a deep
Spirit (a cult phenom) and Quantum struggle in the direction, then that’s not
of Castle done on of Solace to TV’s 24 and Heroes,
Jimmy Kimmel Live. the path for you. You just have to move in a
among others, before storming onto different way.
Castle, which, admittedly, she loves “When I heard him say that, I thought,
being a part of. ‘Geez, there are so many things we struggle
Thanks, in part, goes to Fillion. with on a daily basis,” she gracefully adds.
“Whether he intentionally teaches me “And maybe it’s not the thing we should
or not, I do learn a lot from him,” she be struggling for; maybe it’s a lot simpler,
muses, noting her co-star’s brilliant sense you know? That’s the way my decision-
of humor, on and off the set. She says it’s making goes. When I am exploring my
one of the things that helped them bond intuition, it’s like a river. If it feels right, I move
Video also on as actors and make her appreciate acting all easily in that direction. There’s no ‘should
Facebook! the more. In fact, that subject enlivens her. I, shouldn’t I?’ Or a pros-and-cons list—no
“When you are given an opportunity to be debate. This is the way to make sense of
an actor, you are asked to leap deeper than what to do.
anybody else on the planet is asked, because “And that’s the way I pretty much lead
you have to use all of the information, all the my life.”
senses you can grab onto,” she says. “So,
you grieve a little bit deeper, you taste a
little bit more fully, you fear deeper.”
Funny thing is, exploring such emotionally
rich reservoirs might have helped Katic, now
in her thirties, develop another keen sense:
an awareness for things beyond just herself—
like respecting the health and life force of
ABC, Mondays
“community,” in general, and knowing that
10/9 pm C
it’s important to nurture the greater good.
The most striking example of this is the
Alternative Travel Project (ATP), an admirable
abc.go.com/shows/castle Want to make an environmental difference?
environmental program Katic launched
Learn about Katic’s Alternative Travel Project
last fall with Castle’s Seamus Dever that
at www.stanakatic.com/atp.
originally encouraged individuals in L.A.

8 Join the conversation at Facebook.com/delightmag.

Movie finds Tune in: Check your local On Demand channel

Inside Job Gnomeo & Juliet

No sophomore slump for director You’d have to be made of stone to

What’s New Charles Ferguson. His first documentary,

No End in Sight, was a Sundance Film
Festival Award-winner and Oscar
resist this clever computer-animated
film that’s part Toy Story, part Shrek,
and part Elton John jukebox musical.
On Demand nominee. His second, Inside Job, won
the Oscar for Best Documentary. It
It’s a kid-appropriate and adult-friendly
re-telling of William Shakespeare’s
By Donald Liebenson achieves the real mission impossible: immortal tragedy, but with star-
to make a film about credit default crossed garden gnomes from the rival
mobile swaps, derivatives, and the securitization gardens of feuding homeowners Miss
food chain as riveting as any thriller. It Montague and Mr. Capulet. But when
WATCH IT NOW! is a meticulously researched and blue gnome Gnomeo (James McAvoy)
non-partisan chronicle of the economic meets spirited red gnome Juliet
See trailers of meltdown in 2008 that cost $20 (Emily Blunt), love instantly takes root.
new releases.
trillion, resulted in 30 million Shakespeare’s lovers were doomed,
unemployed, and doubled the but as Gnomeo insists, “There’s got to
national debt. It features interviews be a better ending than that.” Clever
with politicians, economists, and jokes abound along with well-staged
analysts. Watching at home is a physical comedy. But it’s surprisingly
good way to experience the film, as moving, too, as we witness a Pixar-like
it allows viewers to rewind the film’s montage that charts a heartbroken
what-the-heck moments, in which flamingo’s love lost. The distinctive
warnings are ignored, and greed and voice cast, including Maggie Smith,
conflict of interest bring the economy Michael Caine, Hulk Hogan and
Videos also on
to the brink. Artful cinematography Ozzy Osbourne, is fully engaged.
compounds interest in the visually The new songs by Elton John and
arresting film. Speaking of arresting, long-time lyricist Bernie Taupin can
Ferguson provided this year’s stand alongside such greatest hits as
underwhelming Oscars with one of Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)
its few galvanizing moments. Upon and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. To
accepting his Award he said, “I must watch or not to watch? There’s no
start by pointing out that three years question. Rated G.
Photos: Inside Job ©2010 Sony Pictures Classics, Inc.All Rights Reserved.

after our horrific financial crisis caused

by financial fraud, not a single financial Blue Valentine
executive has gone to jail, and that’s Twelve years in the making, Derek
wrong.” This film will stoke that anger. Cianfrance’s intimately observed Blue
Rated PG-13. Valentine wrenchingly portrays the
devastation of divorce. Like Betrayal
No Strings Attached and the underseen (more hopeful)
Though conventional at heart, No Two for the Road, Blue Valentine
Strings Attached plays at being a plays with time to juxtapose the
modern romantic comedy with its hope of beginnings with the pain
gender-flipping conceit. Ashton and melancholy of endings. Both
Kutcher and Natalie Portman star as blue-collar thirty-somethings, Dean
Adam and Emma, whose destined (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle
paths first crossed when they were Williams) are at a crossroads. He is
teens at summer camp. He now a house painter with little ambition
writes for a Glee-type TV series. She beyond being a devoted husband
is a doctor working 80-hour weeks. and father. She is a nurse with a
This may not give them time for a grueling schedule and for whom
relationship, but she proposes that Dean’s slacker charm has long since
they make time to “use each other for worn thin. Gosling and Williams are
sex.” We know where this is heading, extraordinary (they reportedly gained
but No Strings Attached finds a novel more than 10 pounds each to contrast
way to keep our true lovers apart: it is their present and past selves). The film
Emma who resists Adam’s suggestions made headlines for a sex scene that
that they take their relationship to the initially earned it the dread NC-17
next level. The film also benefits from rating. The ratings board relented and
a terrific ensemble—Kevin Kline as the film, uncut, was issued with an R
Adam’s ego-inflated father, and indie- rating. If that raised awareness for the
queen Mindy Kaling (The Office) and film, great, but it is more emotionally
Greta Gerwig (Greenburg) as Emma’s naked than sexually graphic and of
roommates—deftly directed by Ivan little prurient interest. Blue Valentine
Reitman (Ghostbusters). Portman put is in the naturalistic spirit of John
Rate it! us through the wringer with Black Cassavetes. Somewhere the father of
Go to Kids-in-mind.com Swan. No Strings Attached dances by American independent film is smiling.
to make smart decisions on on the considerable charm of its stars. But he’ll be the only one. Rated R.
family-friendly programming. Rated R.
WEB FIND: This month’s website worth sharing LOG ON: Trails.com

Explore the Outdoors

By V. S. Woschnick

“I rely on websites
Use Trails.com to find the best spots to hike, bike, paddle, canoe and more.

that inform me so
I can make better here are two things I love: New York, and getting out of New York. Don’t get me wrong. NYC is my
when traveling.” home and I am proud to be a lifelong member of the City’s perpetual motion. There are times,
-Reader from Gowanda, NY though, that I crave getting away from it all.
I’m not a lay-on-the-beach-for-vacation kind of girl, and I can’t quite afford a European vacation or cruise to
some exotic locale—but I can get out my backpack, lace up my hiking boots and head to Connetquot River
State Park Preserve on Long Island. It’s only a little over an hour from home, but once I get on the park’s trails
and old carriage roads I’m transported well beyond the city to my “happy place.”
I owe it all to Trails.com. Without this site, I may never have discovered the 3,500 acres known as Connetquot,
or everything the preserve has to offer in addition to hiking. There’s trout fishing, a historic lodge and gristmill,
plus a ton of wildlife. You won’t see osprey, deer, rabbits or foxes in Times Square!
Watch it now!
Learn how to properly
fit a backpack from an
expert at Trails.com. Attention to Detail Money is No Object
The cool thing about Trails.com is that it doesn’t You can experience the big adventures found on
just hit destination highlights that city slickers like Trails.com without spending big bucks. The state-
me find novel. The database is one amazing tool! by-state trail breakdown helps you find trails in your
It contains over 40,000 trails from North America, city, state or desired vacation spot. That means
Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa that you travel cost could be next to nothing, and many of
can navigate from the home page. Search by the trails are free to use!
specific outdoor activity, geographic location, or by And, Trails.com doesn’t limit itself (or you) to hik-
Video also on

Photos © 2010 Thinkstock.com; Trails.com

Facebook! clicking the “Trail Finder” tab for a detailed results ing, biking and walking. There are 26 activity cat-
list that’s packed with info. egories to choose from, including mountain climb-
In fact, the whole site is packed with info. There’s ing, whitewater paddling, snowshoeing, surfing and
direct access to unaltered excerpts from nearly fly-fishing. Not into exercise on your vacation? The
50,000 hiking and climbing guidebooks; site has suggestions for economical scenic drive
location and topographic maps; real time and off-road drive getaways, too!
weather conditions for your chosen trail; a Trails.com helps you send those financial concerns
Editor’s Note: You can use gear shop; trip suggestions; and, trail sta- packing. Pick your hobby. Pick your spot. Pick up
your Trails.com account to tistics. All of these features are available and go!
post your trail journal and with your free 14-day trial! Sign up for an
photos directly to your annual Trails.com membership for under Trailing Connetquot
Facebook account. fifty bucks and you’ll also unlock the robust Finding your “happy place” on Trails.com is an
member community with a forum, photos, adventure worth taking! Here’s how easy it was
videos, reviews, GPS routes and trail- to find Connetquot River State Park Preserve:
specific downloads.

Join the conversation at Facebook.com/delightmag.

Take Your Pick
A sample of the many
activities available to
search on Trails.com:

STEP 3: Clicking New York on

the map led me to the “New
York Hiking” page, where I
could pick a region of New
York to explore, or click direct
links to particular in-state
hiking trails. STEP 4: I zoomed in on
the Long Island area
on the state map, and
was provided a “Trails
in This Area” list of
links that I could scroll
through or access by
clicking the map’s trail
identifier icons.

STEP 2: I chose “Hiking”

from the “Browse Trails by
Outdoor Activity” scroll
list on the home page. This STEP 5: I wanted a trail
connected me to a virtual that was right for my skill
U.S. map so I could select level, and also offered
a state. some unique features.
Trails.com provides a one-
page snapshot of infor-
mation and trail statistics.
This is where I found out
Connetquot is closed on
Mondays and adjusted
my trip to accommodate
this schedule.

STEP 1: I signed up for the

free 14-day Trails.com trial
offer by providing my contact STEP 6: I took a look at
information and answering a the topographic map,
few simple questions. downloaded the trail guide
and driving directions, and
away I went to get in touch
with my inner nature girl.

TV FIND: This month’s featured show worth sharing tune in: This fall on Fox

Take a Trip to Terra Nova

By Chris Mann

Television’s most anticipated time-tripping spectacle is poised to reboot a seriously

primitive era—not to mention humanity itself.

“I love television
dramas that have a ox’s epic drama Terra Nova—about a family that travels 85 million years back in time to help resettle
sci-fi twist.”
- Reader from NYC
and ultimately rescue a polluted, war-torn planet—endeavors to mix Avatar-worthy visual grandeur
with Jurassic Park–size adventure. The fact that Nova’s brief promos evoke such bar-raising, cinematic
splendor is no coincidence: Avatar baddie Stephen Lang stars as the colony’s rough-and-tumble commander,
and dino-mite director Steven Spielberg is one of the series’ staggering twelve executive producers.
Creative forces behind Nova soon discovered an epic adventure has an epic price. In fact, a report in The
Wall Street Journal said Nova “may be the most expensive broadcast television series ever made.” Shot in the
jungle of Queensland, Australia, production of the show’s two-hour preview—beset with set-jeopardizing flash
floods and cast and crew-encroaching leeches—cost around $16 million to produce, and additional hours are
expected to run in excess of $4 million, WSJ reports. (In comparison, industry estimates price typical TV dra-
Watch it now! mas at about $2.5 million per hour-long episode.) In addition to the shockingly large budget was the need for a
Get a glimpse
inside the world of colossal workforce—the first two hours required 300 crew members and more than 400 extras.
Terra Nova. The project is so ambitious that Fox canceled plans for a two-hour series preview this month to give the
show’s cutting-edge effects team more time “to create a world never before seen on television,” said executive
producer Rene Echevarria. The payoff for viewers is a visual delight seldom seen of the made-for-TV variety.
In anticipation of great things to come, here’s a sneak peek at the colorful characters, sweeping panoramas
and (literally!) scenery-chewing creatures poised to propagate and/or potentially annihilate humanity in the
ancient past and not-so-distant future.

Video also on
The Premise The Setting
Ravaged by man’s greedy and environmentally Welcome to the jungle! A Pandora-like, eco-lush
unsound ways in the year 2149, Earth is dying. Its paradise with gorgeous waterfalls and stunning
vegetation and animals (mankind included) are on vegetation awaits the pilgrimage. But so do car-
the verge of extinction. But a beacon of hope nivorous dinosaurs, including an avian breed called
emanates from an unlikely source. Re- Slashers. Their plumage—inspired in part by James
searchers at the FERMI Particle Accelerator Cameron’s flying Banshees in Avatar—draw on the
stumble upon a crack in time that opens rich purples and blues of the peacock, with a shock
a portal to the planet’s lush, pre-industri- of red thrown in for killer drama. Among the other
alized primeval past. The series follows prehistoric monsters debuting in the series preview:
the Shannon family’s efforts as members an 8-foot animatronic velociraptor and a CGI brachio-
of the Tenth Pilgrimage settling in Terra saurus.
Nova, the military-led colony constructed Spielberg’s creative stamp is equally apparent in the
in hopes of rebuilding civilization and white, glowy time tunnel that brings the Shannons
“restarting humanity.” Which isn’t easy to their new world as well as the giant shining moon
Photos © 2010 courtesy of Fox; Thinkstock.com

when you’re being chased by mam- that their trip back finally allows them to see.
moth, man-eating reptiles, fight- The green forests of Queensland also echo the
ing a rebellious splinter colony colonists’ efforts at sustainable living in their new
and, as Fox teases, facing “the world. Solar panels cover the roof of the Terra Nova
chilling possibility that some- residences. And the colony itself is the ultimate
thing sinister is happening gated community, containing a hospital, a market and
inside Terra Nova.” several homesteads.

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1. Dr. Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Conn), is 2. J im Shannon (Jason O’Mara) is a 3. Commander Nathaniel Taylor
wife to Jim Shannon, a trauma surgeon devoted dad with a patchy past who (Stephen Lang) is the charismatic
and the newest recruit to Terra Nova’s may be seeking his own redemption and valiant first pioneer and leader
medical team. Her training secured the on Terra Nova. “We’re starting over of the colony. He shepherds the
family’s participation in the pilgrimage. as a family,” he tells his brood. Shannon family upon their arrival.

4. Maddy Shannon (Naomi Scott) is a 5. Josh Shannon (Landon Liboiron), 6. Guzman (Mido Hamada) is
socially awkward but engaging 15-year- is the Shannon’s 17-year-old son Taylor’s right-hand man who
old sister. She hopes her new life will who’s none-too-happy to leave helps guide new colonists.
give her a chance to remake herself. his familiar life in 2149.

7. Zoe Shannon (Alana Mansour) is the 8. S

 kye (Allison Miller) is the fetching 9. Mira (Christine Adams) leads
Shannon family’s five-year-old daugh- and rebellious young woman who a splinter group that’s strong-
ter. A secret about her threatens the instantly catches Josh’s eye when ly opposed to Commander
Shannons’ chance at utopia. he arrives at the compound. Taylor and his leadership.

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There’s Music, Meltdowns

& Mexican Meals in May
By Greg Archer

It’s May, which can only mean one thing: guest stars galore—watch for them to pop up on your
favorite shows. In between, take note of a few shows that hit our radar, plus a celebrity that
caught our eye this month.

› In Plain Sight › Single Ladies
USA, the clever cable network that knows how to Hot In Cleveland, TV Land’s
produce hit dramas with loyal fan followings—Royal first original sitcom, sizzled
WATCH IT now! Pains, Burn Notice, Psych—may have found ratings so well that other net-
See trailers of gold with In Plain Sight. USA also managed to create works—those that you’d
featured shows.
one of TV’s more compelling female characters. Actress never imagine creating
Mary McCormack has consistently delivered an indelible original scripted program-
performance as Mary Shannon, a tough, sexy and smart ming—have begun follow-
U.S. Marshal working for the Federal Witness Protection ing similar suit. Enter VH1
Program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In season four, and Single Ladies. The new comedy drama series is set
watch how fiery Mary deals with some personal shake in Atlanta’s frothy fashion-music-celeb world and revolves
ups: Younger sister Brandi (Nicole Hiltz) has, after all, around three best gal pals with different outlooks on sex
announced she’s moving in with her boyfriend. Beyond and relationships. Sex and the City minus one? Possibly.
Video also on
that, it’s a refreshing surprise to witness a series mature The good news is that the endeavor is a collaboration
into one of today’s best and smartly produced dramas with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment. Latifah
found on cable. typically attaches herself to projects of merit. Here’s hop-
Watch: Sundays, 10/9 pm C, USA ing that the creative team delivers stories that are both
amusing, heartfelt and more importantly, relevant.
› The Judds Watch: Premieres Monday, May 30, 9/8 pm C, VH1
Any experience with the Judds is, well, an experience.
Mother Naomi Judd is deep, esoteric and happily shares › Smallville
heartfelt emotions. Her daughter Wynonna Judd has The real super powers at work here have to do with lon-
been candid about her own personal battles too, via gevity. Few expected this series to be as finely crafted
books and through song. But what seems to make this as it turned out to be. Nor were there high expectations
series work—and other series on OWN for that matter— for a tale of a younger Clark Kent and the Superman
is that it knows how to delicately balance the “drama” alter ego he’d eventually spawn. Beyond that, even in
with the message it wants to share. In this case, the mes- today’s fickle pop culture, Smallville managed to not
sage is relating, bonding, and growth. It’s a testament only turn heads but remain on the air—originally on the
to OWN (still a newbie in the network universe) and WB—for an entire decade. Much of that credit goes to
to this particular show, which manages to Tom Welling, whose acting talents delivered us a boy-
lift reality television out of the deep, man-superhero with distinctly believable vulnerabilities.
dark, tiring depths of narcissism— Things to know as the show bows: Clark officially fulfills
imagine that!—and onto a much his destiny to become the world’s ultimate super hero
roomier plateau of humanity. Watch by the end of this two-hour outing. (Yes, a cape is in-
as these smart women—two of mu- volved.) But how that happens, and what it may mean
sic’s classiest muses—so wonderfully for fiancée Lois Lane (Erica Durance), should prove to
show us the finer art of what relating be interesting to watch. Expect some foils along the
should be all about. way. Lex Luthor … is that you?
Watch: Sundays, 9/8 pm C, OWN Watch: Series Finale, Friday, May 13, 8/7 pm C, CW

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Celebrity to watch:
Mexican Made Easy, Food Network
Watch: Saturdays, 9:30/8:30 am C

Ever since she burst on the Food Network

scene last year with Mexican Made Easy,
Marcela Valladolid has been changing
people’s perceptions of what Mexican
food actually is—or can be. “A lot of people
come up to me and say, ‘Wow, I never knew
Mexico put out these kind of dishes,’” she
beams of the series she hosts from her very
own kitchen in scenic San Diego. “Or they
say, ‘Hey I didn’t know they had anything
other than tacos and burritos in Mexico.’ So
I love breaking those stereotypes.” Well,
viewers love it, too. Blissful without being
over the top, Valladolid’s genuine passion for
traditional Mexican dishes comes through
in her masterful cooking presentations.
Her friendly next-door-neighbor charm has
made daunting endeavors, like creating
Mexican Meatloaf—it’s all about the chorizo,
folks—downright fun and engaging. But
interesting, too. After all, few of us realized
that authentic Mexican food was actually
not “heavy” or overstuffed with cheese;
that there were more fresh ingredients
involved; or that burritos, for instance, were
simply filled with things like flavorful meat
or chiles. Having grown up surrounded
by expert and traditional cooks in Tijuana,
Mexico, Valladolid’s first job was actually
in her aunt’s Baja cooking school. America
really took notice after she appeared on The
Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Then, several
years ago, she released Fresh Mexico: 100
Simple Recipes for True Mexican Flavor,
which quickly became a bestseller. Now,
Photos courtesy of: OWN; VH1; Food Network; Thinkstock.

the woman who wanted to show the

world that there was no “yellow” cheese
in real Mexican cooking has proven that a
traditional culinary style can be
manifested with big flavors
but very little fuss. The best
part, she says, is that all of
it, “has been a blast.”

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chance to win Marcela’s latest
cookbook, Fresh Mexico!

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Answer Mother Nature’s Call

By Emily Glass

Apps can help you embrace favorite outdoor hobbies.

Whether you’re venturing outside to fire up the grill, dig around in the garden, get in
shape, or observe natural beauty, you’d be surprised how much a mobile device can
enhance those experiences. Check out this selection of fun and helpful apps for May:

iBird backyard plus Gardening Toolkit
Rating: eeee Rating: eee
Watch it now!
Primary Function: Enhance your bird- Primary Function: Whether you’re breaking
Get a taste of watching experience by using this ground for the first time, or expanding
Weber on the Grill. database of more than 200 different your backyard garden, the Gardening Toolkit can take
species of birds. The app contains illustrations,
your growing greens to new heights. This app provides
photos, bird calls and comprehensive facts to help
expert advice on what to grow when, a system to organize
you identify North American birds, innovating this
old hobby to be a fun and educational activity for and track your progress, and an encyclopedia containing
the whole family. Upon sighting birds, discover over 1,000 herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables.
everything about their behavior, habitat, diet, delightful feature: It’s no wonder they’ve dubbed it
breeding, egg color and more. “the app that loves to grow.” The recent addition of
delightful feature: If you’re a true bird enthusiast, the “hardiness zone finder” makes it even better! Enter
check out the “Notes” feature, that allows you to your zip code and the Gardening Toolkit will give your
Video also on record the dates/times of your sightings. hardiness zone.
This app is best for: Hikers, explorers, people who This app is best for: Anyone with a green thumb
enjoy observing nature
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod Touch
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch (Android ver-
sion in development) Get it: For $2.99 at the iTunes App Store
Get it: For $1.99 at the iTunes App Store
Photos © 2011, Thinkstock.com; Gardening Toolkit

itreAdmill: Pedometer
Weber On the Grill ultra with pocket step
Rating: eeee Rating: eeeee
Primary Function: This app contains Primary Function: This app literally makes
an abundance of information the world your treadmill. Simply open
pertaining to every stage of grilling.
the app, press “play,” put it in your pocket, get moving!
From meal preparation to grill maintenance
this app has it all. Some key features include: iTreadmill will not only measure each step (like the average
a database of recipes, grocery list organizer, pedometer), it also measures distance, calories burned,
instructional videos, and the ability to tag and current and average speed/pace, plus steps taken per
share favorite recipes. minute. Plus, iTreadmill has a recording feature that allows
delightful feature: This app has a “grill timer” that you to track your workouts each day and accurately chart
launches directly from the recipe. Set the timer your progress.
when you begin grilling and it will ding when the delightful feature: There is a “Music” tab that automatically
meat is either done or ready to be turned over. syncs playlists from your itunes library so your music can
This app is best for: At-home cooks play while the pedometer is operating.
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad This app is best for: Anyone striving to have a more
Get it: For $4.99 at the iTunes App Store active lifestyle
Compatible with: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
Editor’s Note: In the current version, Get it: For $.99 at the iTunes store
sharing functionality is only
available on the iPad. Editor’s Note: For the best and most accurate experience, make
sure to read the full instructions that pop up immediately after
opening the app for the first time.

Ratings based on customer reviews using a five-star rating scale at the iTunes App Store and the Android Market.
Ratings and prices are in reference to the current version of the app and are subject to change.
FOX, TM & © 2011 FOX and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.

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