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Tech Spec

ESP-SAT Series Controllers

Satellite Controller for Maxicom2® or SiteControl

The power of an advanced water-management • Quick-connect terminal strip speeds

tool in an easy-to-use package. The ESP-SAT is installation.
a commercial-duty controller for the basic or • Universal remote ready: pre-installed
sophisticated user. The ESP-SAT serves as a field connectors for addition of remote products.
satellite controller for the Rain Bird Maxicom2 • Heavy-duty transformer for simultaneous
and SiteControl central control systems. It also operation of up to nine 24 VAC, 7VA
has all the features and stand-alone capabili- solenoids.
ties of Rain Bird’s ESP-MC controller line. Four • Battery-programmable controller allows for
programs, a real-time calendar, Rain Bird’s exclu- programming prior to installation.
sive Cycle+Soak™ water management feature,
and the best customer satisfaction program in Stand-Alone Operating
the industry, helping you conserve both water Specifications
and money.
• Station timing: A, B, C, D: 0 to 2 hours in Dimensions
• 1-minute increments; 2 to 12 hours in
Features Metal Wall Mount
• 10-minute increments
• Width: 115⁄16" (28,7 cm)
• Operates as a field satellite controller for the • Automatic starts: 32 starts total, eight per
• Height. 11½" (29,2 cm)
Maxicom2 and SiteControl central control program per day
• Depth: 6 ½" (16,5 cm)
• systems. • Programming schedule: 1. ODD day watering
• Advanced contamination-resistant design to per program; 2. EVEN day watering per SS Pedestal
assure reliable performance. program 3. CYCLICAL (1 to 99 days, variable • Width: 11½" (29,2 cm)
• Heavy-duty electrical surge protection. per program; 4. Custom day-of-the-week by • Height. 30" (76,2 cm)
• 12-hour watering duration for any or all program • Depth: 11½" (29,2 cm)
stations to aid in drip compatibility. • Test program: Variable 1 to 99 minutes
• Four programs with eight start times each Models
allow mixed irrigation applications in a single Operating Specifications • ESP-12SAT-2W • ESP-12SAT-LW
controller. (Central Control Operation) • ESP-24SAT-2W • ESP-24SAT-LW
• Two master valve terminals, one program­ • Requires a CCU to connect to Maxicom2 • ESP-32SAT-2W • ESP-32SAT-LW
mable by station, provide better control. central controller • ESP-40SAT-2W • ESP-40SAT-LW
• Programs can overlap to maximize hydraulic • Requires a TWI to connect to SiteControl • ESP-12SAT-2S • ESP-12SAT-LS
capacity and minimize watering time. • central controller • ESP-24SAT-2S • ESP-24SAT-LS
• 365-day calendar with leap year intelligence • MAXILink™ models have 2 sensor inputs - no • ESP-32SAT-2S • ESP-32SAT-LS
for one-time date and time setting. decoders required • ESP-40SAT-2S • ESP-40SAT-LS
• Event day off option to set any day of • 32 and 40 station models require 2 CCU
the month as a non-watering day for all channels.
• Programmable rain delay enables system to Electrical Specifications
stay off for specified period with auto-restart.
• Input required: 117 VAC ± 10%, 60Hz How To Specify
• Independent day cycle by program.
• Water budget by program provides (International models: 230 VAC± 10%, 50Hz)
adjustments from 0-300% in 1% increments. • Output 26.5 VAC, 2.5A ESP - 24SAT - 2W
• Cycle+Soak by station allows total irrigation • Station load capacity: Up to two 24 VAC, 7VA
solenoid valves per station (up to 4 stations Model Mounting
run time to be split into usable cycles, W: Metal Wall Mount
operating simultaneously) plus a master ESP:
minimizing runoff. (120VAC) S: Stainless Steel
valve or pump start relay
• Manual watering by station or program. IESP: Satellite Path
• Sensor override switch with LED to indicate • Diagnostic circuit breaker skips and indicates 2: Two-Wire
(230 VAC)
when irrigation is suspended. stations with overloaded circuits L: MAXILink™ Radios
• Non-volatile, 100-year memory holds • Battery backup: 9VDC, NiCad rechargeable Number of Stations
for programming under battery power and 12SAT: 12 stations
program, date, and time during power 24SAT: 24 stations
outages. for maintaining active program-in-progress 32SAT: 32 stations
• Automatic fault indication identifies electrical during a power outage 40SAT: 40 stations
shorts, skips shorted stations, and continues • Heavy-duty electrical surge protection
watering remaining program.
The irrigation system controller shall be of a hy- The controller shall have two master valve/re-
brid type that combines electromechanical and mote pump start circuits for use with a master
microprocessor-based circuitry capable of fully valve to pressurize the system when the irriga-
automatic and manual operation. The control- tion cycle starts or to activate a remote pump
ler will be housed in a weatherproof, lockable, start relay to run the pump during the irrigation
16-gauge seamless steel cabinet suitable for cycle. One master valve/pump start circuit shall
wall mounting or free-standing stainless steel be programmable by station; the other shall
pedestal mounting. function at all times.
The controller shall operate on a 117 VAC ± 10% The controller shall be capable of being oper-
power input and be capable of actuating up ated manually at any time. A manual single
to two 24 VAC, 7VA solenoid valves per station station, a group of stations, or a program can
plus a master valve or pump start relay. The be selected to run for the programmed time
controller shall be capable of operating four without affecting the normal program. This
stations plus the master valve simultaneously. controller shall be capable of running a variable
Controller output shall be protected against system test program without affecting the
severe electrical surge. normal program.
As a stand-alone, the controller shall have four The controller shall be a Rain Bird ESP-Satellite.
separate irrigation programs (A, B, C, & D) which The controller shall indicate when it is operat-
The controller shall have Cycle+Soak™ water
can have different start times, watering days, ing under central control. It shall also display
management software which is capable of
day cycles, and station timing. Each program which channel and station is in operation at
operating each station for a maximum cycle
shall have eight start times per day. such time. There shall be a station status indica-
time and a minimum soak time to reduce water
tor light and a master valve status indicator
The controller shall have ________stations, run-off and puddling. The maximum cycle time
light. These lights will indicate station operation
with each station capable of an operating time shall not be extended by water budgeting.
and circuit integrity. An indicator for sensor
of 0 to 2 hours in one-minute increments and 2
The controller shall have an internal non- status will be found on the front panel along
to 12 hours in 10-minute increments. Controller
volatile memory which will retain the irrigation with a switch to suspend sensor operation. This
station operation shall be of automatic sequen-
program and the programmed date and time indicator and override will work with a sensor
tial stacking to avoid overlapping operation
for a minimum of 100 years without power. wired to the controller’s sensor terminals.
unless programmed to overlap.
A 9 VDC rechargeable battery and recharg-
The controller shall be as manufactured by
The controller shall have a 365-day calendar ing circuit shall also be included for counting
Rain Bird Corporation, Glendora, California.
with day-of-the-month OFF feature. Programs down the program-in-progress during a power
will run on an ODD/EVEN day cycle, day-of-the- outage and shall allow programming of the
week ON/OFF cycle, or in cycles from 1 to 99 controller when it is disconnected from the
days. In addition, the controller shall have a pro- main power supply.
grammable rain shut-down from 1 to 99 days.

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