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Professional Dedicated TV Channel on the Web:

IVB7's Interactive and Innovative Webcasting is an instant setup which is bundle

d into a single unit.It is a Complete Solution for Professional Web-Casting.This
instant setup consist of a Professional Hardware called IVB7 Broadcaster,an Enc
oding Software for Web-casting,Streaming Bandwidth from GloriaTech Streaming Ser
ver,A Website builder to build un-limited web pages with one Domain Name,A Dedic
ated Video Portal with complete administrative facility & functionalities.
* Professional Live TV Channel on Internet along with live chat with unlimited v
(Use as pay channel or Free Channel)
* Use for LIVE Web-casting of Unlimited Weddings,Functions,Meetings,LIVE Busines
s Presentations,Conferences,Seminars,LIVE Training Programs as Virtual class roo
ms for students globally to pay and learn.
* Conduct LIVE Interactive video games, quiz s on your Channel
* Use it for wireless live relay of any program from one place to another withou
t laying

1) The Professional hardware-IVB7 Broadcaster:

* Professional IVB7 Video Digitizing & Web-casting Hardware comes with built-in
Video preview Monitor
* The Hardware carries one year service warranty.
* It is independent unit which can be plugged into any USB 2.0.
* It digitizes any analog Video and audio from professional cameras. & it is tot
ally powered by USB 2.0.
* Connect any analog Video & Audio cable from your Professional Camera, VCD DVD
Player, Video Recorder or any Video Equipment with Video & Audio out and Broadca
st your programs Live
* Broadcast in high quality of Video and Audio according to your Internet Speed
View clear video and audio without buffering in very low bandwidth of even 256 K
bps Internet speed.
* Broadcast as you move or broadcast live programs on-site using any Data Card w
ith low Internet speed. Along with the hardware unit.
* No Extra power required,it works well with your laptop battery and any ordinar
y Data Card.
2) IVB7 Encoding Software:
* Encoding Software license is provided to be used in multiple systems along wit
h the hardware IVB7 Complete encoding Software provided to encode at different b
andwidth of Internet
* The IVB7 encoding software detects the hardware unit and directly encodes the
video and audio to webcast it through GloriaTech Streaming Server to be viewed t
hrough your Video Channel portal.
* The IVB7 Encoding Software has various parameters for setting and controlling
the both the hardware unit and the encoding software.
3) GloriaTech's Dedicated Streaming Server:
* GloriaTech offers the top-notch Content Delivery Network (CDN) based on its ow
n Streaming servers in the US.
* A huge server infrastructure and CDN that is capable of providing bandwidth an
d server resources on-demand for High Quality video streaming.
* Having a proven track record of being pioneers in managing server farms, Glori
aTech manages its own infrastructure and does not use any thirdparty for managin
g its infrastructure.
* Each of GloriaTech s high technology servers are connected directly with 10,000
Mbps pipe- line and multiples of it through many Streaming servers
* Customer enjoys the benefits of this entire infrastructure plus no setup charg

4) The Professional Video Web Portal:

* Website portal is provided to Add, Edit & Delete the content, design unlimited
pages, with administrative control.
* Your Portal is provided and maintained by Cdtech Innovations and GloriaTech.
* The portal has a professional site builder with numerous functionalities,
* The Live video web-portal is provided either Public or with Password protected
* Twitter, Facebook & Bible are available as widgets and is optional to use
* Set Password or open for viewers to view the program
* Plenty of built-in functionalities &applications are available in ready-to-use

1) The Video can be viewed half screen or full screen.
2) The Viewers can directly interact and chat live with the Webcasting team as t
hey are viewing the program.
3) Embed code for the video player is provided to share &use it in any other web
4) The viewers can take notes as they view the program and also send the notes t
o their email IDs or their friends email addresses.
5) Twitter and Facebook is available for the viewers to share their comments amo
ng their groups
6) Bible is available for the viewer to browse through any Chapter and take note
s directly in the Notes Section provided in the site as the viewer views any bib
le related programs.
7) View the Live Bandwidth usage of all your clients currently viewing the progr
am with many filter options of area wise and date-time wise etc.
8) A real time and recorded graphical representation of the viewership is provid
ed in the administrative control.
9)Track the locations of the viewers, country and place as they are watching you
r video .
10)Gives you a wide and detailed analytics on the viewership reports with viewer s
IP address, date-time, bandwidth usage, duration of viewing, etc.

Why Choose IVB7 solution?

*FIVE PRACTICAL reasons in brief:
*QUALITY: Taste and see to feel the difference
*EXPERIENCE: Celebrating 30 years of being in business and being successful.
*PIONEER in Technology
What do you get?
# IVB7 video processor Unit
# Best Professional quality output through ivb7 video Processor Unit. High effic
iency compared to software based processing.
# Connect any VCD, DVD Player and Broadcast Live recorded programs in addition t
o professional cameras
# No obstruction on movement of cameras, No limits on cable length.
# Smooth Motion TV Quality Video, No Buffering , No Strobe Effects, 100% perfect
synchronization of Audio & Video even on a 256 Kbps Internet Line
# Preview Live Video on the hardware before Encoding
# No separate power required for the hardware and just plug into any USB 2.0 slo
Target viewers from multiple platforms:
^ PC (Flash,HTML5, Silverlight and Real Player)
^ Windows
^ Macintosh
^ Linux
^ Mobile Phones
^ Symbian based phones (Nokia, Sony Ericsson,etc)
^ IPhone
^ Android based phones (Samsung, Motorola, HTC)
^ Windows Mobile based phones (Samsung, Motorola, HTC)

Graphical reports about viewers:

* Total number of viewers
* How much time each viewer has viewed the video
* Live Current Viewers
* Viewer Location details
* Total duration
* Total Bandwidth
* Bandwidth per viewer
* Viewer locations
* Top bandwidth users
* Top viewers
Web Gadgets for your TV Channel:
- Notes
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Chat
- Bible
- Share with friends
- Viewer Video Responder
- And many more from our readymade component library to choose from to add to yo
ur channel
IVB7 Encoder software:
+ Stream in High Quality
+ Plenty of video settings to fine tune video
+ Record videos on your PC
+ Record your video stream directly on the server
+ Upload recorded videos directly from the software
Player Branding
1. We can brand the player based on your requirements**
2.We can modify the software / hardware based on your requirements**
Branded Website
$ You re not fully dependent on us for every small change
$ Not a simple plain old website but a Content Management System fully customize
d by us with loads of features.
$ A simple domain name of your choice.
Streaming Servers
^ GloriaTech specializes in Streaming Servers:
^ The Streaming Servers are connected in multiples of 10,000 Mbps direct Pipe Li
ne in US to provide enough bandwidth to any huge no. of viewers at a time.
Premium Features & Customizations
- Dedicated VPS Video Streaming Server
- Fully Dedicated Video Streaming Server
- Player Branding
- Software / Hardware customization.
If you re looking for a PROFESSIONAL Web Broadcast setup, we can guarantee you the

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