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Teletalk Bangladesh Limited

House # 41, Road # 27, Block # A, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Tel : 8851060, Fax : 9882828, url : www.teletalk.com.bd

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

1. Procuring Entity : Managing Director, Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd.
2. Invitation for : Consultancy Services for Business Development Plan of
Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.
3. Invitation Ref No. : TBL/PROC/02/30/2010/35
4. Date of Invitation : 27 April, 2011
5. Procurement Method : Direct Quotation Method (DQM)
6. Source of Fund : Own fund
7. RFQ Distributing Dates & : a) Starts 28 April, 2011
place b) Ends 22 May, 2011
From Customer Care Desk, Teletalk H/Q, Banani, Dhaka.
8. RFQ Closing Date, Time & : 23 May, 2011 at 14:00 Hrs
Dropping Place at Teletalk H/Q, Banani, Dhaka.
9. RFQ Opening Date, Time & : 23 May, 2011 at 14:30 Hrs
Place at Teletalk H/Q, Banani, Dhaka.
10. Eligibility of Tenderer : 3 (three) years experience in relevant field.
11. Description of Works : Prepare Prudent policy in pursuant to the objectives &
promotional activities of the company such as i)
Marketing policy with different methods & product
analysis with expansion scheme, incentive packages,
pragmatic strategy of sales & distribution, promotional
activities and (ii) Expansion plan.
13. RFQ Document Price : Free of Cost (FoC)
12. Official Inviting Tender : DGM (Procurement)
Teletalk H/Q, Banani, Dhaka
Tel : 8851060, Ext - 402, Fax : 9882828
13. This procurement process shall be guided by the Procurement Policy for Teletalk (PPT). The
Procuring Entity reserves the right to accept or reject all Bidders without assigning any reason

14. The detail specifications will be available at www.teletalk.com.bd.

for Managing Director
Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd.
Business Development Plan of Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd.

1. Specification:

The following should be deemed as terms of reference for the consultancy


1.1 Scope of Work:

Business Development Plan of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited


Prepare prudent policy in persuant to the objectives & promotional

activities of the company such as i) Marketing policy with different
methods & product analysis with expansion scheme, incentive
packages, pragmatic strategy of sales & distribution, promotional
activities and (ii) Expansion plan.

a. Marketing Analysis of Domestic Telco industry & Forecast

the potentiality:

The Consultant will provide in depth analysis of the market in the

arena of

i) Subscriber base and investment of similar players in the

ii) Comparative analysis of different services including
VAS, data and other services amongst mobile operators
in the country,
iii) Brand strength of the operators of the country and give
comparative analysis on the basis of dedicated and
comprehensive survey,
iv) Clear market share portfolio of the mobile operators
operating in the country and provide a comparison table
of market share/subscriber base for each districts based
on individual service & demography.
v) The potentiality of the mobile industry in coming days in
respect of subscriber’s growth, advent services and data
services requirement and role of Teletalk in grabbing
the opportunities withstanding the Threats,
vi) And other information related to domestic mobile
industry as well as international mobile industry of
similar socio-economic nature as that of Bangladesh.
vii) The above matters need to be translated in financial
figures projected revenue development and expenditure
with associated investment of the company.
viii) Comparative study of the media-wise Advertisement
Expenses of different operators in the country and
prepare suggestions on the volume of advertisement
expenses through appropriate media channels.
ix) Comparative study on the Sales and Distribution
channels of different operators operating in the country
and suggest TBL to choose an effective distribution
x) Recommendation for necessity of modifying brand logo,
use of separate brand for 3G service and suggest action
plan in order to improve the Brand image of Teletalk.
xi) Any other unforeseen issues, which will be needed for
making an effective business plan.

b. SWOT Analysis of Teletalk:

Consultant will provide in depth and detail SWOT analysis of

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited in the field of marketing, market
promotion and sales & distribution on the perspective of
development of Telecom Industry in Bangladesh.

c. Business Development Plan:

C.1: In this part, the consultant will study and analyze the
present methods of marketing, activities of product
promotion, process of sales & distribution and brand
management in detail. Based on in-depth analysis, the
consultant will supply a comprehensive business
development plan considering the contemporary
competition in the industry. Following issues need to be
considered while preparing Business Development Plan
for the tenure of Y2011 to T2015 (foreseen) and Y2015
to Y2021 (unforeseen):

i) Mission & Vision of Teletalk.

ii) Compliance to the goals of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.
iii) Emphasis shall be given to the government’s vision
Digital Bangladesh by 2021.
iv) Complete SWOT analysis of brand of Teletalk
v) Addressable market for Teletalk and plan to grasp it.
vi) District-wise Subscriber growth plan and effective
promotional and distribution channels.
vii) Value addition to promotional activities, sales &
distribution and brand management.

C.2 Study & analysis of the status of business profile of

corporate subscribers in Bangladesh in terms of
subscribers’ number and revenue generation.
Considering the Teletalk existing condition, consultant

will provide a complete plan for the development of
business in this particular sector.

1.2 Steps to be followed for accomplishing the work:

The selected consultancy firm must follow the steps mentioned below:

(a) Project planning.

(b) Development of an efficient and effective model for analysing the
data. The said model must get Teletalk’s approval before it is
(c) Collection of data:
i) Primary data (minimum 1000 samples). Data source must be
pre-approved by TBL authority.
ii) Secondary data from reliable sources. Source must be
mentioned beforehand to TBL authority for their acceptance
as authentic sources
(d) Analysis of data using the developed model.
(e) Preparation of Final Report
(f) Presentation of the Report.

1.2.1 Working time:

The total time should be limited to 3 months. The work plan should
be prepared by 3 weeks and get approval from TBL Management.
Two weeks before the submission of the final report, it should
arrange a meeting with TBL management with the all the available
findings. Moreover, the vendor should maintain constant touch with
TBL authority for getting the necessary approvals as mentioned in
the specification.

2. Bill of Quantity

Format for Quotation of Bill of Quantity

(Schedule for Quotation of Rates, in Bangladeshi Taka only)

Item Quoted price

Costs for consultancy services
(break up of items should be shown with prices)

Total price

(In word: …………………………………………………………………….

3. Mandatory Documents:

The firm must submit the following documents:

(a) Complete price quotation as per this RFQ. All prices shall be
quoted in Bangladeshi Taka.
(b) Duly signed RFQ with official seal of the Person/Firm on each
page to demonstrate that Person/Firm has agreed to all terms
and conditions mentioned in RFQ.
(c) The company should have market experience of at least 3
(Three) years to qualify for this selection process. The
company must submit its relevant experience certificates in
support of its claim.
(d) Total employees list.
(e) Valid Trade License.
(f) Valid TIN Certificate.

Failure to submit the above mentioned documents will make the

bidder “Substantially Non-Responsive”.

4. Other Terms and Conditions:

The Conditions mentioned here may only be varied with the written
agreement of the Purchaser and no terms and conditions put forward at
any time by the Person/Firm shall form any part of the Contract.

(a) The firm will complete the work within 90 days or as

mentioned in the Work Order;

(b) The quotations shall be for all the work items for conducting
the whole procedure of consultancy up to conclusion.

(c) After completing the total works under this RFQ, the firm
shall submit invoice to Teletalk and accordingly Teletalk shall
arrange the payment.

(d) In accordance with government rule IT & VAT will be

deducted from the bill.

(e) For any negligence or inability from the part of the vendor to
follow the terms and conditions to be mentioned in the Work
Order or in the contract to be signed between TBL and the
vendor, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited may, by 15 (fifteen)
days written notice sent to the firm, terminate the work
5. Evaluation method:

Selection of the successful consultant will be done in the following way.

Any bidder failing to submit any mandatory document or failing to meet
any mandatory requirement will become substantially non-responsive and
its bid will not be further evaluated. The bid offers of responsive bidders
will be evaluated both for its qualifications and price offer. The distribution
ratio of marks will be 60:40 between qualification and price offer.

The following items will be checked for qualification of the

Maximum Total points obtainable: 60
1. Experience as Please submit
consultancy firm supporting 5 Points
Obtaine Highest
d Mark Marks
Total years of experience _______ years 5

2. Volume of works Please submit 10 Points

in terms of supporting
consultancy documents

Total period of Obtaine Highest

consultancy service shall d Mark Marks
be considered
No. of works _______ nos 3

Volume in terms of _______________ Taka 7


3. Experience in Please submit 15 Points

Telecom field supporting
Total period of Obtaine Highest
consultancy service in d Mark Marks
Telecom shall be
No. of works _______ nos 5

Volume in terms of _______________ Taka 10


4. Office Strength Please Submit 5 Points

Obtaine Highest
d Mark Mark
No of Office Setup _________nos 1
Total Area _______ sq. ft. 2
Quality of Working Details of Office 2
Environment Environment should
be mentioned as Air
Conditioned facility,
Availability of Backup
Power, Office utilities
in terms of
Telephone/FAX, No.
of Computers,
Printers, Projectors;
support such as
Conference Room,
Canteen, Gymnasium
5. Human resource Please submit 10 Points
strength supporting
Only current status shall Obtaine Highest
be applicable d Mark Marks
No. of employees _______ nos 2

Consultants with details Details (a, b, c) of 8

of: individual
a. Educational consultants has to be
qualification stated along with
b. Years of Consulting individual CV.
c. Distinctions in

6. Financial Please submit 15 Points

Strength supporting
Obtaine Highest
d Mark Marks
Revenue in previous 5 _____________ Taka 12
years (maximum)
Total Asset as of 30th _____________ Taka 3
June, 2010 or onwards

Maximum marks obtainable for Financial Offer will be 40. Marks obtained
against Financial Offer will be calculated as follows:

Lowest Price quoted by responsive bidder

---------------------------------------------------------- * 40
Quoted price by concerned bidder.