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Vintage Isorobic Exercise Total Body System: IsoKinetic

The Isorobic Exerciser A Better Way to Fitness

Comes with:
Isorobic Exerciser fitted with 10' Nylon Rope
Isorobic Exercise system Manual
2 Rowing Handles
Running and lifting Harness
2 "S" Hooks
The Isorobic Fitness system is so simple to use and it helps eliminate the five
major reasons for most people not to exercising such as time, convenience, bored
om, soreness, and motivation. WHY, because you can complete the program in just
Six to Fifteen minutes a day.
The goal of ISOROBIC is to improve the efficiency of the cardiovascular system,
to reduce the percentage of body fat, increase flexibility, muscle balance, stre
ngth, and to enable us to protect areas of dangerous weakness, such as the lower
back. To do this, ISOROBIC has developed a sequence of exercises utilized effec
tively in such a manner that it makes the most efficient use of time. The Intern
ational Chiropractic Association (ICA) endorses the ISOROBIC SYSTEM. In fact in
over 80 years of existence, the (ICA) has only endorsed six products and program
The ISOROBIC EXERCISE SYSTEM, a set of exercises both dynamic (with movement) an
d static (without movement) is combined in such a way that they will make the mo
st efficient use of your time, while simultaneously invoking the greatest possib
le conditioning response from you body. The best news is it only takes Six to Fi
fteen minutes a day.
Researchers have shown that eccentric exercise (the lowering of the weight) caus
es muscle damage. Muscle soreness causing millions of Americans to drop out of a
n exercise program. The ISOROBIC doesn't use eccentric pulling such as free weig
ht therefore has less risk of injury and or muscle soreness.
The ten second isometric (static hold) is employed at the beginning of the exerc
ise to interrupt the blood flow; without oxygen the muscle quickly tires. Then w
hile it is tired it is forced to work through its range of motion exerting maxim
al force trying to overcome the controlled speed of the variable isokinetic move
ment. Strength is built by the maximal force applied in both the isometric and v
ariable isokinetic phases. Endurance is built into the muscle by forcing it to w
ork in the absence or near absence of oxygen. Because of the intense effort expe
nded in such a procedure it is only necessary to perform three repetitions of th
e exercise to assure a maximum conditioning response.
Flexibility is as important as strength in achieving total fitness. Sedentary in
dividuals have reduced flexibility. This leads to fatigue, poor posture, injury,
and results in muscle pulls and strains.
ISOROBIC is a fitness program that also increases flexibility. It provides stret
ching of muscle fibers, especially in the injury prone areas of the back, should
ers, girdle and legs. ISOROBIC has many stretching exercises to increase flexibi
lity for all ages.
The ISOROBIC Athletic Strength and Flexibility Circuit has programs to perform s
ports movements (i.e. throwing a baseball, football, basketball, a tennis and go
lf swing, swimming, boxing, martial arts, etc. With resistance ISOROBIC can impr
ove your level of performance for the athlete or the really serious individual w
ho wants to improve their level of participation in recreational sports to give
them the edge on the competition.
Finally to be considered is the safety of the ISOROBIC exercise system. The inju
ries that can occur in most conventional exercise programs are pulled muscles, s
prains, and the "pounding" effect running has on the joints. With the ISOROBIC e
xercise system, these injury factors are almost nonexistent. During the ISOROBIC
exercises there are no jerking or snap put on the muscle or tendon. Immediately
after the exercise all resistance upon the muscle vanishes. There are no awkwar
d weights for tired muscles to contend with so that you can reach maximum intens
ity without the need for a spotter or trainer. In the ISOROBIC walk/jog/run the
normal jarring and pounding of a running program is not present. The nature of r
unning against resistance puts the participant upon the balls of the feet for th
e duration of the run. The heels do not hit the floor so the "bounce" is absent.
This is further enhanced if the running surface is carpeted.
The ISOROBIC system can be used anywhere without any special installation. A sta
ndard door (your bedroom door will do) can be your gym. So now work conflicts, t
ravel, relocation and accessibility of a fitness center are no longer excuses. I
SOROBIC can duplicate almost all exercises a person can do with a $7,000.00 Naut
ilus , a $2,500.00 Bow Flex , a $650.00 Air Dyne , or in rehabilitation with $100,000.
00 worth of MED EX equipment.
No more bulky equipment to be used as a clothes hanger. No more headaches from h
ours of assembly (the unit is already assembled and ready to use).
It weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. and is great for travel, as it is small enough
to fit in a briefcase. The short period of time necessary to run through the pro
gram, the lack of tedious, repetitive exercise, and the almost complete absence
of soreness provide an individual with an exercise program he/she can live with.

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