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Описание работы приложений и действий пользователя

1 Описание поведения, связанного с диалоговыми

окнами, сообщениями

– A record dialog will appear enabling you to make changes.
– A prompt appears asking you to confirm that you want to abort the workflow.
– The Command Progress window opens indicating the progress of the command.
– In the Save As dialog box, indicate in which folder and under what name the document
should be saved.
– The system sent an error message stating "Runner file name (fspex.exe) lacks a '-' (the
app id separator)." Further attempts at restoring to a point before the error occurred
have been unsuccessful.
– The warning message requires the user to confirm deleting the selected items.
– The System Properties property sheet shows information regarding devices that are
installed and how the system is performing.

2 Обоснование ожидаемого поведения/Ссылка на


Нужно указывать, почему тестировщик решил, что наблюдаемое поведение ошибочно.

В сообщение об ошибке может быть просто написано «должно случиться X» без
объяснения того, почему X — правильное поведение. Ссылка на спецификацию
требований или "Expected result”— вполне подходящее обоснование.
According to
in agreement with
(according to the regulations, according to the rules)
as specified, as stated

3 Описание ошибочного поведения

When the user logs in without setting a user group, an exception occurs.
The system returned a failure message in the last session.
– A My Searches-related operation resulted in an error because no visual style is currently
– A change made to /etc/fstab resulted in a startup error "Give root password for
maintenance ".
– The update resulted in an error, and the anti-spam database has not been updated.
4 Часто употребляемые термины


double-click (глагол) double click

e-mail или email E-mail

workflow work flow

Enter key Enter button

press a key click/hit a key

click/select a button press a button

5 Часто употребляемые глаголы

Exit (a program)

Stop (an operation)

Access (a service)

Start (a program)

End (a running process)

Suspend (a task)

Switch to (a module)

Activate (a product version)

Address/resolve/fix (a problem)

Browse (a site)

Browse through (a database)


Move X left, right, up, down

Go to (a web page)

Click (an icon, a button)! A mouse click

Press (a key)! On the keyboard

Hang (an applications hangs)

Freeze (a window freezes)

Crash/fail (an application crashed/failed)

6 Глаголы с частицами
Глаголы с частицами пишутся раздельно, в отличие от однокоренных существительных.

Verb Noun

Back up Backup
Back up your files as part of your regular Do a backup of your files as part of your
routine. regular routine.

Check in Check-in
Check out Check-out
– BM: Reports: An unexpected technical error occurs if the user goes to the Reports tab
when a backup process is running.
– BM: Backup: An unexpected technical error occurs if the user clicks the Start Backup
button many times after a successful backup.
– Icons next to the checked out documents are missing
– Check in this document and make changes.
– The system crashed during the check-out process.

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