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с контрольньlми работами

I *ъа
М.3. Биболетова, Е. Е. Бабучlис, @ lp"Tr:s:ii
Н. Д, Снежко



Ан глийск ий язьlк
БАзовьt й уровЕнь
Рабочая тетрадь
к учебному пособию для 10 l(л асса
общеобразовательн blx
организа ций

2-е издание, стереотип ное

УДК З73.167.'l :811.111 _j

ББК 81.2днгл-922
Аудиоприложение доступно на са*пв

Учебно-методичаскнй конплект для 10 клаGЕiа

состоит из следующrх конпонентов:
учебного пособия
. книги дrlя
. рабочеЙ тетради
. аудиоприложения

Биболетова, М.3.
Б59 Английский язык : базовый уровень : 10 класс :
рабочая тетрадь /
М. З. Биболетова, Е. Е. Бабушис, Н..Щ. Снежко.
2-е изд., стереотип. -
М. : .t|,рофа, 20,18. 88 с. : ил- (Российский
<Английский с уяовольствием>).
- учебник : Enjoy English /
l SBN 978-5-з58-20628-1
_л Рабочая тетрадь является составной частью
'l0 учебно-методического комплекта для
класса. Содержание тесно свя3ано с
учебным пьсобием и направлено на закрепление
материала, изучаемоrо на уроках. Рабочая тетрадь содержит
упражнения, предназначен-
ные для формирования у учащихся грамматических, лексических
выков, а также мя развития уr,rений письменной
иорфогрф;й; ;;_
речи и чтения.
_ Рабочая тетрадь содёржит также дополнительный комплект проаерочных
(Test Yourse[t).

Удк 373.167.1:811llt
Б5К 81.2Англ-922

lSB N 978_5-358-20628-,|
о Биболетова М. 3., Бфлк Ё E,CrrcxKo Н. Д., ZOIS
@ ООО *ýРОФАr,2Оl7
j:,it];{iý. :e]l;i:]:?:{
1 START ANEW :::.,:]iln]ii.];']ii'ii.r:;:;]*:.,.;i,:;.]r:;],'';;]l;*;i*l;*i_..:;:a,*эrý;ýlйi;lL,:*-ý-lзg:.*:*r*]!l;л. .:_-,.=_1.i.l:._.л" ,r,

SEcTloN 1

Fil,t iп the table. Rate the rеаsопs in Ех.2, р. 8 in уочr Student's Book апd write the most imроrtапt
i]i NчmЬеr i

2 Complete the word web (see Ех.7, р.11 in уочr Student's Book).

uпifогm schedule

З Put thе verbs in thе аррrорriаtе forms.

Alex: Hi! Fееliпg depressed about а new academic уеаr?

ВоЬ: No, why? l'm glad to see ечегуопе again! And you?
Дех: tr'm glad to see mу classmates too. But I wish we

had one mоге week for а fгее summer life..

ВоЬ: Yes, it would Ье nice! (l)

0оu /fiпd оиl) about the new timetable?

Alex: No, I haven't yet. They (2) (rel/) us about it next Monday the earliest.
ВоЬ: I think we аrе in for а busy уеаr. Well, life is tough. It's time to concentrate on the lessons.
We can't put studying off. Not any more.
Дех: Kght. And do you rепrеmЬеr the fun we (3) (have) last уеаг?
ВоЬ: Yeah, it was а nice time. It started when Andy (4) (appear) in оur
class. Не made оur life busy and exciting.
Alex: It was him who аrrапgеd tlre English Club, all Ьу himselfl Then he (5)
(write) to ап Australian school and (6) (sugest) doing projects togetheг,
ВоЬ: And the Australians wele а gгеаt help! They (7) Qlrovide) us with
some absolutely unique iпfогmаtiоп about the Australian continent and sent us some samples
of minerals frоm their school musellm.

UNlT 1 Section 1
(lrлpress) when
Alex: А11оur teachers, especially оur gеоgrарhу tеасhеr, (8)
juпiоr students, and ечеп (9)
they saw the presentation. They asked us to rереаt it for the
(iпvite\ their colleagues frоm other schools to see it. our parents wеге
impressed, too.
ВоЬ: And do you know why Andy speaks English so well?
Дех: He's just keen оп it. дпd he (10) (Леаrп) it since he was Seven,

tirst day at school and make notes

Listen tо three teenagers talking аьочЕ their experiences оп thе
iп the table (see Ех.11, р.11 iп уочr Student's Book),

Jапе Chris Jоhп

Оп tha:first day at schoot

The besr thing оп the first day

The worsl thing оп the first day

in уочr class tive questions. Write down thе questions, Use рrеýёfit реrfесt,
]!t ]]il"]a

ý]| Дsk а пеWсоmеr

Ехаmрlе: make friends with someone in the class
Have уоч madefrieпds with апуопе iп the class?
1 Ье to our school саfё

2 choose the elective subjects

3 meet оur football team captain

4 ourarts сlаssrооm

5 the maths test

ý Ci."t" thе words and expressions which аrе connected with your scbool [itе,
to concentrate оП to collect а textbook frоm the library lack of independence
make friends lack of frее time to know ечеryопе an elective subject
to wгitе tests
to focus оп the subject to Ье lazy to get рrераrеd fоr а future
job to Ье а tгочьlеmаkеr
to take раrt in sports events to Ье а bright student to party with felloъ,students
ехtrасurriсulаr activities to Ье stressed out interesting lessons to cheat
at test
to Ьrоаdеп уоur horizons to waste time confusing schedules to acquire kпоч-lеdgе and skiils
to feel proud of ambitious pl,ans to wоrrу about the future to rеl_ч
оп friends and tеасhегs
uпifоrm challenging tasks to lеаrп Something you'll печеr use
to Ье disappointed with something to provide students with necessary knowledge and skills

Uý.liT 1 ýection ]
ж write ап essay аьоut what school mеапs to you. use the to|,lowingguidelines:
. holv уоч feel аЬочt school iп gепегаl
о what раrt of school life уоч ецiоу most
о what makes you feel чпhарру ог апхiочs аЬоцt
. if уочг school provides you with а good stаrt fог adult life

For апу tеепа9еr school is а vеry imропапt рап of lф. I started mу school lф whеп I was six-
Ву поw Гve sрепt tеп years here. So I сап talk аЬоut school as ап ехреП.

Жý Ш.t.П to the sесопd part oF the conversation (see Exs.28, 29,р.l6iп уочr Student's Book) and
а) writе down the psychologist's advice чпdеr the Following headings;
Ь) put а tick (t| Ьу the tips уоu follow and а сrоss (ý ьу the ones
уоч печеr do. Wоrk with а раrtпеr
апd find очt whether his / hеr habits аrе slmilar to yours.

While гечisiпg:
1 Sleep:
2 Food:
3 Physical ехеrсisе:
4 Rest:
5 Revising:

While taking the ехаm:

1 Instructions:
2 Вгеаthiпg:
З Panic:
4 Guessing:

UN|T 1 Section 'i

9 Complete the dialogue. Use the words and phrases frоm thе Ьох.

1 compensate brightest student

, excellent get l1егчоus mу mаjоr
; focus оп elective course Anclent
:У_"19 _ 1*}:1ild_ :,._*pyý"_,i,

Jim: Hi, Wendy. I've got some news fоr you.

Wendy: Is it bad news? Is уоur bad news about the Biology test results?
Jim: No, don't ( 1) .Take it easy! They say we ha\e to take ап eiectile соursе
in addition to оur subjects.
Wendy: An elective соuгsе?! Don't they know that we sta1, in sclrool all da1-long till night?

Don't tlrey want Lis to focus on оur (2) _ subjects?
Jim: Easy, easy, Don't get upset! Listen to what I'm sayingl Fоr you it's good neu,sl
Wendy: I don't believe it can (З) fоr the bad news.
Jim: Just let mе say what kind of соursе it's going to bel
Wendy: I feel I should (4) tlre subjects [ геаllУ need fоr mу high school and fоr mу futurе
job. I wouldn't like to Ье (5)
Jim: Just listen! It's а special course on the Ancient World. And it'll Ье ruп Ьу а British lесturеr.
Wendy: Fantastic! l've - had а passion fоr the (6)
always . And History is going to Ье
(7) .-- at the univeгsity, if I get thеге.
Jim: Of соursе, you wili. Yоu'rе the (8) оп the subject. The соuгsе on дпсiепt World
is going to Ье а great help.
Wendy: Yоu'rе right! furd whai language is the lесturеr going to use: Russialr оr English?
Jim: Does it make any difference to you? Yоur English is (9)
Wendy: Not exactly, but ... Thank you for уоuг good news.
Jim: Му pleasure!

t0 Choose а subject fоr уочr elective сочrsе. Ехр[аiп уочr choice.

Use the to[lowing questions as guide[ines.
. What subject should Ье taught in уоuг class as an elective соursе?
, Why do you find it interesting / useful fоr уоur futurе саrеег / good to develop уоur irrtelligence?
о In what way could it Ье useful to other students in
уоur class?

Economics, Information Technologies, Basics of Accor-rnting, Аmеriсап English, Basics of Law,

Iпtеriоr Design, Translating and Interpreting. English Contemporary Prose, Creative Writing.

I've always wапrcd Ю lеаrп...

UNlT ] Sec|ion ]
The mаiп аrgumепtfоr it is ...


&Ж Сirсtе the odd wоrd iп each [iпе.

а) waistcoat, shirt, trоusеrs, shoes, uniform, tie, socks, b|azer,jacket, trаiпегs
Ь) umЬrеilа, handbag, еаrriпgs, Ьrасеlеt, belt, ring, boots, tie
с) trainers, boots, sandals, Т-shiгt, tennis shoes, wellingtons
d) tгепdу, handsome, beautiful, outrageous, fashionable, Smart, elegant

i&. use the phrases iп the Ьох to complete the sentences.

casual clothes too mапу ассеssогiеs Й*-.ьrr,Ъ, ;Й ы",rr*]r,rr;;;;Й;;
l чеry expensive clothes fогmаl сlоthеs Ьrапd clothes uniform

Ехаmрlе: It's silly to wear too mапу accessories to school.

1 I like it when people wеаг 3 I think it's bad taýte to wеаr

2 I hate it if people wеаr

4 I don't mind if people wеаr 5 I don't саrе if people wеаr

Ж D" Ех.40, р.19 апd Ех.41, р.20 iп уочr Student's Book.

l wеrе the students invited

to express thеiг opinion?

2 Did the students support

the idea?
3 Did the parents suрроrt
the idea?
4 What arguments did they
give to support their

UNiT'1 Section2
4 Put the ideas аЬоut а schoot uпifоrm frоm thе
Ьох (see Ех.43, р.20 in уочr Student's Book)
iпtо two соlчmпs. Add уочr оwп ideas it апу.

l like аьочt а schoo[ чпifоrm

what l dislike аьочt а schoo[ чпitогm



5 Make mеапiпgFчl рhrаsеs matching the wогds

fгоm two boxes. write thеm down.

brand а Suгчеу
to look an individuality
trendy logo
to conduct the same
to ýuppress паmе
dress style
compulsory code
to look Ьlаzеr
уош оWп

6 Fi[[ iп the blanks. Use thе prepositions

tгоm the Ьох.
оf away with оп of оп
1 proud
Wlry is Jim so his new school?
2 рrераrе а Ьriеfrероrt the topic.
J Дте you in favour а school uпifоrm оr against it?
4 If you feel пеrчочs Ьеfоrе the ехаm,
hаче а good sleep it will take -vour panic
5 Betty has improved hеr Frепсh а lot. If she goes
like tlrat, she'lllrecome top
of the class.
6 She was wearing а nice dаrk Ьluе jacket
-------.----.------..- а school 1ogo and а medium long
sНгt made
the same fabric.
7 Undertine the чеrЬs whiсh сап Ье used to rероrt
Sоmеопе else's speech.

insist say rеmаrk te]i command ask escape

rесоmmепd demand forbid emphasise геlах damage invite
com nleIlt advise

suggest weaI explain рrечепt ц/аrп

оrdег move discriminate

U}.l11 'i Section 2

ffi Comptete the sепtепсеs ассоrdiпg to thе examp[e.
Ехаmрlе: Linda, "Let's stay with mу aunt's family when we аrе in Ечrоре.'' (suggest)
I don't need to rеSеrvе а hotol rооm 4.ý Liпdа suggested
that we ,toy ЙП her auпt's family.
1 Teacher, *Don't Ье late tоmогrоw
- we аrе wгiting the end-of-tem test.''
I had to leave fоr school а little bit еаrliеr yesterday as the
teacher (wаrп)

2 Dona, "I'm absolutely positive that you should buy а beige coat. Веýе
suits you реrfесtlу!''
I needed to Ьuу some winter clothes and Dona (rесоmmепф

3 Judy, "Let's take а taxi to the сепtrе.''

I wanted to walk, but Juф (suggest\
so it didn't take us long to get thеrе.
Jason, "Wеаr а Smагt suit and а tie fоr the сеrеmопу!''
Jason (order)
but I put on some casual jeans and а sweater. just don't like when people tell me rvhat to
5 Mike, 'Avoid dгiving thTough the сепtrе of the city. You wi1l get stuck in
а traffic jam thеrе.''
We wanted to driче Straight thrочф the city, but Mike (wаrп)

So we didn't.

ffi ob"u"'_yi'l'your Раrtпеr what's imрогtапt fоr уочr image (see Ех. 55,р.22апd Ех. 56,р.2з
in уочr Student's Book). Соmрlеtе the web.

Ж о" the lasks in Exs.57-59, р.23 in уочr Student's Book.

UN|T'l Section2
',li' Draw а рiсtчrе оF а mоdеrп tеепаgеr оr tind such а picture. DеsсriЬе him / hеr.
use thе words trоm the Ьох.
Example: kenagers of mу gепеrаtiоп usually wear...


short-sleeve shirt, long-sleeve shirt, а раir ofjeans, boots, shoes,

wellingtons, earrings, Ьrасеlеt, belt, handbag, jacket, T-shirt, trаiпегs

12 Yочг British triепd Cl,audia is рLаппiпg to visit уоч in wiпtеr. Respond to hеr [еltеr.

'i,{]]ffi ,h*k у;; ;r the invitati.;l,. see уоu and уошr family. vеrу soon
I'll Ье on holiday. Му parents supported nry idea to go to Russia fоr а week.
I drеаm to Stay at уоur рlасе if you don't mind it of соursе. So, could yorr give
me some idea of what clothes I should take to surчiче in Russian winter?
I rеmеmьеr that winters in Russia аrе long and frosty. what stuff could
you recommend mе to hаче to Ье comforlably dressed fоr any occasion?
I don't feel like draggirrg iots of luggage with mе.
See you soon,

Hi, Claudia,
glad that you'll Ье with us vеtу sооп. yоu are ight it's silly to take too muсh stuffwith you.
I'm so

Lookiпgforward to seeillg уоu,

13, Translabe the tо[[оwiпg рhгаsеs iпtо English. Make чр уочг

оwп sentences wiuh them. write them down.

семидесятилетняя история

10 UГпlт '1 Section 2

Четырнадцатилетняя девушка

пятизвёздочный отель

Трёхуровневый элективный курс

!есятиминутная презентация

Дв}хдневное tц/тешествие

пятнадцатимлtнрный перерыв

Однодневная эксr<.\р сиrI

SEcTloN 3

Find the odd word in аасh [iпе. Сirсlе it.

. snorkeling, footbaii, basketball. tennis, baseball, rugЬу,judо
. karate, judo, boxing, gymnastics, раir figure skating
. snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, mountain biking, ice hockey

2 Writе а short раrаgrарh about опе оt the sроrts you would tike to do. Explain whу.

Ul\li i Sec[ion j
Ж Lir,"n to the radio рrоgrаmmе (see Ех. 67,р.26 in уочr Student's Book) апd tick thе
" of sports stчdепts wочld like to [еаrп in РЕ (Physical Education) [еssопз,

basketball dance ice skating

gymnastics judo
rосk climbing snowboarding sKing

diving tennis longjump

ГооtЬа11 mountainbiКng

ffi Comptete the sепtепсеs (see Ех.72, р.28 in уочr Student's Book).

I wish I could
I wish I had
I wish I wеrе
I wish mybest friend wеrе

I wish mу РЕ teacher rчеrе

Ж Tr"nsl"te thе fotlowing sentences into EngLish. Write down уочr translation iп the right

Нагмши мне какможно скорее,


,Щжесс не TaKarI смыIIIJIенzIя,

как,Щона, не такли?
Она звала нас очень громко,
как булго мы былидалеко.
Собака узнала своего хозяина,
кактолько он вошёл во двор.
Ты смотришь на меня так,
как будто вI,Iдишь в первый раз.
Знаменитый певец отказаJIся
приЕJIть уIастие в концерто.

E*pr..S уочr opinion оп doing sPorts. Use the ideas frоm Ех,85, р,32 in your Student's
and your own ideas.
I belieye that dоiпg sports has Ьесоmе а treпd,.,

7 Рut Не[еп's and Топу's words in thе соrгесt
оrdеr. write the пчmьеrs in the сirсlеs.

I didn't see .lzзц in РЕ lesson todav.

Whеrе wеrе you?

You can put it like that

rf you like. But
Don't wоrrу. I'm поt going to tel] tlre don't give mе away. Don't _чеt an_v idea
teacher оr ani,,bodi; else about it. Br_rt about itl
why do you always look fог exct_tses to
miss РЕ? Аftег all, it's уоuг health...

Sоrгу but I don't Ье]iече that РЕ

ъ lessons help look fit and attTactive
I didn't feei jjke going there. And i
the tеасhеr tjэat l .,vas unwell, so she ]е1
mе miss the ciass.

8 Fi[t in the gaps in ап eye-witness rероrt.

[t happetled the rJai, 1r.16." Vesterdaу at aboui 7 рm.

l rras walking honlc iгоm а
рагr1 and r l)
two gllys talkiлg io Peter. They diclr-r't sot-ttld
(2) Гl-iепсliу. I know Реtеr well, he lives
dооr to mе. Stl по i,чопdег that I got itlteгested.
[ио \чегс аррirгеiltl1 i_Зi
motle1,. Реtеr
ob_jected with (4) t. but l feit tlrat he was
ч-еrу sсаrеd. I :ippгcached them and asked what
(5) One of the guys said t]rat he knew
mе as he (6) _-==_=- mу photo ir-i the local .]еWSрарег. It w,as tаl<еп when l
won the геgiопаi
chess competition and (7) --.---. ---.----.-----.----. _ -_- the title ог the chess kirig. They
mockecl пrе and
tlrreatened that thci: (8)
the chessboard on mу Sqшаrе head if I didn't
сlеаг оГf at

they-.didn't rеаd tlre пеwsрареr rеgulагlу. otherwise

they would have ьееп аwаrе оf some
- the геgiопаl kаrаtе tournamellt. Тhеrе
I was errtitled to wеаг the black belt...

UNl-i i Section З

1 а) noticed Ь) was noticing с) had noticed d) have noticed
2 а) obviously Ь) раrtiсulаrlу с) unexpectedly d) surprisingly
3 а) asking for Ь) demanding с) declaring d) clainring
4 а) humоur Ь) honesty с) surрrisе d) dienity
5 а) was going оп Ь) is going on с) wili Ье going оп d) would Ье going оп
б а) saw Ь) has seen с) had seen d) would see
7 а) was awarded Ь) awarded с) award d) would Ье аwаrdеd
8 а) will smash Ь) would smash с) have smashed d) had smashed
9 а) enthusiastic Ь) awkward с) outstanding d) indignant

iý Comptete the ехtrасt From the lеЕtеr to уочr [оса[ authorities to say that уоч аrе поt hарру
with the sроrts facilities availab[e iп уочr р[асе. ln уочr tеttеr:

' рrоmоtе the idea that there аrе not enough sроrts facilities fоr people rlho liye thеге.
. offeT the help of local teenagers.

Is it easy to do sports iп our place? Obviously it is поt.

_tеепаgеrу qпd adults of our соmmuпiф would Ье glad to help апd rо r-с"d "}:т -.: :;lтша::lоп
works if пееdеd.

1], Match the words. wгitе down the Z Listen to thе teenagers'talk abut Ёвir
expressions. Some words сап Ье used twice. music рrеFегепсеs апd mаtсh the rrаmеs
оt thе рор stагs rvith tbe speakers
(see Ех. 94,р.Зб in уочr Student's Book).
hаrd i music
jazz I band
rоеk .]: ,l, , lý dance
classical,,:,li festival
гоlk l rосk
rар | ballet
рор , l grочр

14 - ' Section 4
ffi : . . l:i"

Sреаkег 2

1Namý'oT]pбi,ýtar SрЬ,iЕ;lЭ оРiýiй ,,,,Y.UiaPifr..fr

Sреаkеr З

? Britney Spears Speaker 4

Еmiпеm Speaker 5

i.ff Listen to the recording again and fill in the third со[чmп in lhe tаЫе above (see Ех.95, р.36
in уочr S!чdепt's Book). Тhеп write if you share the speakers'opinions оr поt.

Make word webs using thе words frоm the Ьох iп Ех.96, р.36 in уочr Student's Book.
Some expressions may Ье used iп sечеrаt webs. Add уочr оwп words if necessary.

|ý* Read the statements. Agree or disagree with them. Writе down уочr аrgчmепts.

1 Teenagers who like classical music gепеrаllу have а good сhаrасtеr and печеr cause troubles
at school.

2 lf ateenager listens to rосk music оr rар, he is very likely to become aggressive and violent.

3 Classic music and folk music is old-fashioned, and my generation don't need it.

UNiT 1 Section4 15
Rock festivals, рор concertý and other muýical events help реорlе frоm
understand each оthеr better.

ý Co-ptete the sentences. Мiпd уочrgrаmmаr.

1 If I played апу musical instrument,

2 If I had two tickets to Rihanna's concerts,

J If mу best friend asked mе to join а rосk gloup,

4 If I could writе music,
5 If I weTe invited to а jаzз,сопсеrt,

6 Ifwe needed an anthem fоr оur school basketball t€апL

ý М.К. up emphatic ýentences using the Grаmmаr Fосчs iп Ex.t08,p39hP

Ехаmрlе: ВоЬ / invited / to the сопсеrq / not Jane / whо / It was / шс
rt was ВоЬ лvhо iпуitеd mе to the coпcert, поt Iапе-
l Donald / tald / mе / It was /about the time ofthe meeting/who

2 you / who / It was / insisted оп buying the tickeB Ю the theafie

3 уочr help and sчрроrt / needed / It was / mе l who

4 очr пеiфЬочr / It was / played the gчitаr / who / so beautifully!

ý Ti"K the correct word combinations (see Ех.114, р.41 in your SЁч&r*'g ВоЁЦ

t NlT 1 Section 4
ffi W,ite ir уоu аgrее / partiatty аgгее disagree with thе
/ fоllоwiпg statements. Use Facts frоm
your life ехреriепсе to support
уочr роiпt ог view.

l The уоuпgеr generation should listen to classical

music. Ечеrу school should оffеr electives
in classical music.

2 youT favourite music can

evoke good memories and make а bad day а bit

3 The kind of music you listen to can tell а lot about уоur identity.

4 They say tastes in music inevitably change as the person gets

mоге mаturе.

,ffi Meettwo_ tеепаgеrs that have opposite орiпiопs

оп рор music. Read what they say апd writе
how you feel аЬочt рор music.

Musical tastes of my generation аrе different. Most

Why do you think that listening to
of teens don't listen to рор music. They рор
рrеfеr jazz or music means bad taste? I know that lots
rосk. As fоr mе, I think that рор music Joesn't evoke
of people of all ages listen to
any positive feelings. The рор song lyrics аrе simple рор music
to feel Telaxed and happy, to dance and
and silly. when I hеагрор songs, it makes mе
think enioy life, At the same time they go to
of hаmьurgеrs оr hot dogs. Listening to junk
music is сопсегts of classical music and ореrа. I
like eating junk food
- easy to consume, but good
fог nothing: neither for the brains поr fоr the
enjoypop music and will go on listening
body. to it, whetheг you like it оr not.

UNlT 1 Section4
?- 1*_r aa|:
-]..д _i ý1_+.: -

Make uP meaningful рhrаsеs matching the words from ttre tш ьщ.Цilr}rrhрhгазеs.


f, гirr iп thе gaps with апу appropriate wоrd frоm thе ехеrсiзе аЬоre. Use опlу опе rvord fоr а gap.

1- I've Ьоuфt а CD with а соmрчtеr game. I think Allan will Ье gad to hаче it аs а bifihday present.

- I'm not surе. Не does (1) arts very sеriочsý апd рвfеrs phpical exercise to sitting
in front ofthe mопitоr.

- Jason looks а bit down. What's wrong?

talking about time management. He's печег on time himself!

- Have you been to that nerr саfё очеr there?

- Yes. They've opened it in (3) to local demand, as реорlе need а place whеге they
can hаче а quiok and cheap lчпсh.

- What nation do you think is the most punctual?

- Probably Gernrans. They do everything оп time, and they tend to plan evвfythiцg iп аdчапсе.
А Gеrmап fгiend опgе told me that careful planning is а part of t]reir nationa1 (4)

- I can't mапа8е so mапу different tasks and activities at the same time. It'sчttеrф impossible!

- There's nothing impossible there. If уоч Say that уоч аfе (5) епоrдgh to handle уочr
life уочrtеlf, you have to Ье responsiblo and able to plan уочrtimе.
ý цок through thе tехt iп Ех. 124,р.45iп your Student's Book апd write down ехаmрlез of сlачsеs
оf рчrроsе.

UNIT l SесtiопS
4 Write what you would do if you had опе extra day а week. Give уочr rеаsопs.

Write а раrаgrарh about уочr оrdiпаry day. Use clauses о[ purpose (see Ех.131, р.46
iп уочr Student's Book).

6 Match thе words which hаче opposite meanings. Write down thе pairs of words.

oflen to focus
to Suppress happy
to distract to go ahead
outstanding to evoke
to waste rаrеlу
indignant ugly
to Stop to Ье best
long-term to save
to Ье left behind ordinary
cute shоrt-tеrm

Read аЬочt what Kate had р[аппеd to do the пехt day (see Ех.133,
р.47 iпуочr Student's Book) and complete the sentences following
the examp[e.
Example: miss tennis class - рrераrе fоr the biology test
Alex missed her tеппis class to prepare for the biology test.

l call Nick
- ask how to do maths hоmеwоrk

2 go to the liЬrаry
- Ьогrоw new English textbooks

3 sеаrсh the Iпtегпеt

- look fоr materials fог history rероrt

UNlT 1 Sесtiоп 5 19

4 watch ТV- lеагп the latest news

5 саП Дех
- discuss the class gossip
and rеlах

18-": ComPlete thе fotlowing

sentences. Use thе
рhrаsеs iп Ех.135, р.47 iпуочr Studerrt's
:1Н}'"',":: :,:.::."t
ап hour iпfrопt of the
wь relax after school.

l 2

l'ai.,], ъ

,ý fis."nto
hеr timetable fоr the
}жiт.:"-Tplete day she dеsсriьеs (see
Ех, 138,р.47

аftегпооп pm
- б

6 рm - 9,30 рm

after 9.30 рm

t8 Fill, in the gaps. Choose

опе of the given аltеrпаtiчеs.

МУ school life began very

еаrIу. I was only six
when mу mum
rI )
mе to school. Most of
mу schoolmates
1I/еIе очеr seven. That's why
mу mum wогriеd about
mе. However,
I (2) to Ье а good mixer and got
оп чеrу weII with
both mу classmates and
mу tеасhегs. I suspect that
I owe mУ PoPularitY with
the schoolmates and
with the colleagues to my gift
I (3) --.-..-..--.-..--- in judo 'ater
since five and still pTactice for martial аrts.
it rеgulаrlУ. I (4) -..--==--..-.=-
compefition in manyplaces, iп judo youth
It's not easY now (5)
job' and tfuee Сhi]drеП' the sроп rеgulагli., as I
have а nine-to-six
who (6) lots of time and саrе too.
I needed to update mу qualifications, А couple of уеаrs ago, I feit
It resulted in having that
all mу saturdays (7)
and sеmiпаr preparations. Ьу lесtuгеs
То do everything on time,
I schedule mу day чегу
I hаvе а sPecial agenda fОr сагеfullу.
mУ- update courses, and
it helps keep track of exams
and lопg_tеrm

UNlT 1 Seclion 5
1 а) Ьгiпg Ьrоuфt
2 а) appear
) had brought
3 а) 'm
Ь) арреirеd .jir"r" Й""*О
d) has Ьгочght

Ь)was с) 've Ьееп

d) had арреаrеd
4 а) participate Ь)participated 'r" p".rl"ipated d) 'd been
5 а) do "i d) 'd paгticipated
б а) rеquirе
Ь; to Ье с) to dЪ
Ь) rеqчiгеs
d) to ье doing
7 а) occupy с) геqчiгiпg d) is rеqчiгеd
Ь) to;ccupy с) occupying
8 а) don't complain bi.o-prubrre .i".*;" d) occupied
d) was complaining
"n= ::::l'ff:'#:ы" аrе engaged in. Маrk how
оftеп you do it (every daylweek/
. doingwritten
assignments Ilke еssЙ,
ог projects
. doing hоmеwоrk 1

l . deciding оп what to wеаr . talking on the phone t

l for school . doing sports l

. dressingupforaparty ]

. cooНng lunch foryourself


i . buying а gift for friends l

l ог рагепts . оthеr
l i
_._t]!1B_"1.9 оfуочпgеr Ьrоthеrs оr sisters i

What activities l'm engaggd in

Hgw оftеп l do,it

l" comptete the sentences with

adverbs or prepositions whеrе
1 We decided to go (7) with the rосk festival in spite
of the fact that not everyone
approved оur initiative.
2 Most of mу ciassmates wеrе (8)
fачоur of the idea to participate
though we understood it rеquirеd in the contest
lots of time and energy,
З Ifwe make еvеrУопе Wearthe -
same clothes and rеаd the same
books, it wiII take (9)
their individuality, won't it? -

we managed to uпdеrstапd
5 Му cousitr wоп lhe co*rpetition
and иаs а,яаrdеd (11) . а aew sandbo;ird! I rеаllу
епчу him.
6 Jeans were а great invention.
They аrе practical and suitable (12) almost any occasion.
ъst yоursеtf

l1ф', comptete the dialogue with the words from thе Ьох. Тhеrе аrе two words you do поt пееd.

l identity assignment scholarship suрроrt dеsраir evoked I

- ----- l

А: You look upýet. What's wrопg? Having рrоЬlеms in college?
В: Yes. I'm afraid so. I need to submit mуwгittеп (1) tЫs Monday, but I'm not

аЬlе to complete it оп time.

А: Can't you ask for an extension?
В: No. Our teacher печеr allows extensions. If mу рареr is not rеаdу on time, it'll (2)
mу grades. And I won't get the (3) for the next semester.
А: That doesn't sound very good.
В: [t sounds hоrriЬlе! I'm in (4) because I need this mопеу so much. If I don't get

it, I'l1 have to ask my parents fоr financial (5) again. They won't Ье
(6) about that.

&Е Pu' the words in thе correct оrdеr to make sentences.

1 Sсагсеlу / into the Hall / started / when / we got / the show / had
Sсаrсеlу (13)

It / who / my music teacher/ Ьу my реrfогmапсе / was / was / the most thTilled

[t (14)

З lt /the fans / almost midnight / was / when / leave the stage / let the musicians
It (15)

4 It /соре with / the music / that / in college / of my first уеаг l а11 the troubles and
disappointments / was / helped mе
It (16)

5 |t /Jack's mоthеr / only / in her son's / had always believed / а|епtапd luck / was / who
It (17)

6 Scarcely/when/thelobby/therockband/byfansandrepoпers/йey/weresurounded/had,/

Sсаrсеlу (18)

22 Ъsl YоuгsеLГ
4 ComP[ete thе situations with thе phrases in Ыackets.
Use the verbs in thе аррrорriаtе tоrms.
1 I accept that I know close to nothing
about music. I wish (19)
(have some better idea of the contemporary
styles and trends).
2 Jack's parents аrе чеrу рrоud of their son. They
believe that if he (20)
(not / Ье so successful in music), he would
Ье а successful writer оr lаwуег.
З Му first уеаr at university is а difficult one. It is not
easy to Ье apart frоm mу family. Fortunately,
mУ cousin lives not fаr away. If it weren't for
her, I (21) _
(feel чеrу homesick).

4 I can't say I have а чеrу good mеmо ry. Itl (22)

(поt / writе mу to-do lists). I would forget
lots оf things I need to do.
I'm tlot trуiпg to irritate you. Honestly. I wouldn't
mind wearing this dress fоr оur famity reunion
раrtу if it (23)
(not / Ье so old-fashioned).
6 I often аrгiче late because it's difficult to Ье punctual in mу situation. I would
always Ье on time fоr
mу classes if I (24)
(not / live so fаr frоm my school).

5 Complete thе text. Use the чеrЬs in CAPITALS

iп thе аррrорriаtе tоrm.

the day when а ffend of mine said that the

musicia пs of The star Rock
(25) fоr а new drummеr. The star Rockwasthe
band of mv LooK
dreams and I understood it (2б)
опе chance in а million. вЕ
Dad shrugged his shoulders when I told him
about my intention. ''Why drums? If I had
the choice, | (27) the guitar", he said, But thеrе was no choice
fог me at that moment. And now I don't rеgrеt
То Ье honest, I was very immаtuге in music when
I (28) to the APPLY
band and I was surpгised they accepted mе
at all.
Since then I (29) п lots of concefis and поw The star Rock is PLAY
literally the focus of mу life. Му life (30)
worthless without вЕ
Make а family- related word web using some wоrds frоm Ех. 3, р. 54 iп 1Br ýаJеlrtЪ Book.
Add уочr own words апd рhrаsеs.

Ж Exptain what thе tol[owing phrases mеап.

Ехаmрlе: а fascinated story

- we say so ifwe епjоу reading or listепiпg
to somethiпg extremely iпtеrеstiпg.
а striНng contrast
а monotonous
а stunningview *
а captivating smile
tiring day
aweýome food
ý Ап"r.r.r the following qчеstiопs. Writе down уочr detailed апswеrs.

1 which of the book you've ечеr read do you find the most fascinating?

2 Which of the places you've ечеr Ьееп to rpas the most striking?

24 UNlT
3 Which view you've ечеI seen can you describe as а stunning one?

6..] Use the чеrЬs Frоm Ех. 9, р. 57 in уочr Student's Book in the sentences оt уочr оwп.
Write down 5-7 sentences.

ý: Маtсh the words to make mеапiпgtчl рhrаsеs. Writе thеm down.

Гiпd out

l direct i sonteone's identity

i acid to connections
put Someone generatlonS

ргечlоuS pastime
iл context

6. Fi[L in thе gaps with опе оF the аltеrпаtiчеs.

Каrеп: It's hard to say why people know so little about their roots
nowadays, Tlrey don't саrе much about thеir identity.
Don: W]rat do you mеап Ьу identity? I'm not quite sure ofwhat this word

actually means. (1) _ а lot, it's definitely in fashion at

the mоmепt, but it's evident that (2) people who use it
don't know the exact meaning, Is it the same as recognition?
Каrеп: No, not exactly. Recognition is сlоsеr to 1З)
When you (4) recognition, people will recognize you
on the streets, as а famous регsоп.
Don: Апd what about identity?
Каrеп: Identity is how you identifll yourself. What in уоur own eyes makes up уоur peгsonality?
What things аrе чеry important to you? (5) you frоm other people?
Don:Could it Ье things like арреагапсе, nationality, the language, оr tastes in food and music?
Каrеп: Anything. Fоr different people identity mеаIБ different things.

UNlT 2 Section ] ,)(

Don: And what's уоur identity?
Каrеп: I'm а mап of the world, (6) _ I value mу гооtS. I speak l::- ;;-r:,ges: Russian as

I live iп Russia, English
- as this is the foreign language I stud1 3t s+--l0r_]-. =li -
aS mу mum and grandparents (7) дгmепiа. д11 the Tl:- _,г-g;gе_t add to mу

identity. I would Ье а different реrsоп if I (8) Cc)Iiri]]. -ii]]iзт е r|ith the

English-speaftng Intemet community, оr if mу grandma (9 ) riе \гmепiап folk

tales when I was а little Hd. So I'm а cosmopoliйn who values dlfrЪгепt сulгuгеs.
Don: I see. And what's mу identity?

Каrеп: It's only you who can say it. -

Don: Can I say that it's the town I was Ьоrп in? Its епчirопmепt did а lot t 10l mУ

personality. оr rосk music that I play and that means а loT to mе,)

Каrеп: Yes, certainly. You can identifu уоursеlf as а rock guitaгist fгоm Lir,егрооl. Sounds оК to mе.
1 а) It used to Ь) It's used с) It got used to -
d) It uses
2 а) most Ь) mоrе с) little d) less
3 а) рорulаr Ь) Ье popular с) Ьесоmе рорulаr d) being рорulаr
4 а) gain Ь) will gain с) would gain d) gained
5 а) What'lldiffer Ь) What differs с) What did diffеr d) What would differ
6 a)as Ь) because с) since d) though
7 а) go frоm Ь) went frоm с) аrе frоm d) hаче соmе frоm
8 а) can't Ь) аm not аЬlе с) weren't able to d) hadn't been able to
9 а) doesn't tell Ь) didn't tell с) wouldn't tell d) hadn't told
10 а) to construct Ь) to do с) to shape d) to build

choose tеп things which аrе imроr!апt fоr your identity. write thеm down. start with the most
imроrtапЕ item.

education l

native language
family history
pTeferences in music

fачоuгitе sports
trепdу clothes
languages you speak
family house
history ofyour country
sense of family

being а mеmЬет of some youth movement

city / town / village уош live in
family traditions
close and distant relatives

26 UNlT 2 Section 1
8] Read the dialogue in Ех.6 in уочr WоrkЬооk. Now wrile а раrаgrарh about how уоч identify

SEcTloN 2

,.il Read what Sandra wгitеs аЬочt hеrsеlf. FiLt in thе gaps. Use thе words trоm the Ьох.

on with frоm with up with i

older, Sometimes she gets

I've got а sister. She's five уеаrs
а silly little
mу пеrчеs. She thinks I'm still

This _veaT I'll take my school exams. I like

studying. We do а lot of school assignments
and I соре them very easily.

2 Соmр[еtе the table with the activities frоm the Ьох below.

watching ТV/ D\D, visiting relatives, cleaning and tidying uр the flat / house, arranging house
parties, cooking family meals, having family meals, receiving guests, doing different sports, going to the
сопсеrt, doing sclrool hоmеwоrk together, doing the shopping, celebrating family events, listening to
loud music, eating out, hiking, fishing. cross-country cycling, taНng саге of pets, playing computer
games, arguing with paTents, gardening / worНng in the Ktchen garden, ignoring family meals

UNlT 2 Sесtiоп 2 27


activity which hel,ped unite уочr
3 Writе а shоrt story аЬочt an

4 Соmрtеtеthеsепtепсеsчsiпgсап/



dОwП some
write dоwп
frоm Exs. р.64 in уочr Student's Book and
Li.t"n to thе
5-,. Listen recording
situations the speakers talk
examples ot the emba]rassing

UN|T 2 Section2
i,ý,l Writ" ап essay аЬочt the most talented реrsоп you've ечеr met. Exptain whУ You think so.

I'm gоiпg to write about the реrsоп who is extraordiпarily tаIепtеd.


' ' ]], l

Several уеаrs ago

Допg with being а talented sроrtsmап / writer / poet / artisl / ...
She / he is veTy hardworКng and ambitious.
It's not easy fоr anyone but she / he managed to ..,
I wislr I had hеr / his abiliЦ / willpower / ... .

SEcTtoN 3

Make up mеапiпgгчl phrases using thе wоrds frоm the two boxes. wгitе dоwп the phrases.

writing i
wгittеп , conversation
еrпЬаrrаss!цg .
еmв'а*аisёd' ' ' ехаm

open1n.g,,,,,,,,, tourists
fascinating l
fascinated mind
captivating, .
captivated i

,i ::
гitt iп the gaps. usе thе appropriate fогms оf the words in brackets.

1 Everyone in the тооm was (1) (fascinate) Ьу mу cousin's реrfоrmапсе. I'd пеvеr heard
him playthe violin so beautifully.

UN|T2 SесliопЗ 29
2 I've Seen mY nepheW recently. He's гаthеr
naughtY and annoying. But he :.-.- * i;::_ : l : l
(charm) smile!
3 Allan was (З) Фriпg) to the police and had to апSwеr а iot о: :
(embarrass) questions about hiS family,
his in-laws and even about Hs \е:_. :lS-::._ ::_эtirеs.
Fiопаwаsп'tраrtiсulаф(5)_ Qпterest)inthesubjectofrhei:;:.гe Sre:Ъitt6)
(bore) and sleepY in fact. But she was polite
enough noT iо ie='.
::: .естцге.
When оur class trоuЬlеmаkеr was (7)
(iпform)that he had то :rp,atn er ептhiпg
to the parents'committee, he felt rаthег (8)
_.__- $care),He hared :аillп_е to adults.

3 Complete the following table.

а) Make Поtеs аьоut things_that make you hарри

sad оr Ьоrеd and complete the First tine
(see Ех. 44,р.66 in оF the table
уочr Student's dook).
Same questions (see Ех.45,
" llT:H"*Hff:?:ffi?;::fi::^" р. 66 iп уочr Student,s Book)

С) Ask УОur classmates аЬОut happy

/ sad moments they wочld tike to shаrе (see Ех.47,
iп уочr Student's Book). СоmрЁе р. 66
thе tab]e with this iпfоrmаtiоп.

to have а walk to play computeт games ю shout
at I

Someone to сhеег Someone чр to hang about with
i ;
l to trачеl to stay in to see muiiсы, rй, ;

Нарру moments Sad / Unhappy mоmепts Воriпg moments

Fil,t iп the gaps with the соrrесt fоrm

oF the words and phrases frоm thе
Тhеге is опе word you do not need.

I in-laws enable afford bonus ехреriепсе

| аппоу residence get оп smb's пеrчеs pastime
t***--- l

Holidays аге а grеаt time fог аdvепturеrs

and travellers. А lot of people enjoy tгavelling,
but not mапу
PeoPle can (i) to tГаvеl as much as they want to. Ноwечег.
tгачеlliпg is not necessarily an
expensive (2) The Exchange Homes Рrоgrаmmе, fог instance,
(з) people to
cut down travelling expenses tremendously.
The core of the ргоgгаmmе is thе foliowing.
-. UNlT 2 SесtiопЗ
If 1,ou ц,апt to see ltaly, а11 y-'oi-l need to do is to fintj someone irr Ital1. who woul,J like to See the place
-лhеrе vоu live. Then you SWap
уоLlr lrouses. The реrsоп whose (4) _ is in ltaly will Ье |iving
in уоtlг place fог frее. and vou'll соmе to their р|асе. Living like а local. ill а геаl holtse and not in а hotel
is а (5) . No опе (6) _ and (7) уоu. It irllows yoll to see the соuпtгу
fiom irrside апd enjo1'lots of tlrirlgs ц,hiсh ГLrll package totlгists погmаll1,'dоп't (8) =-- at all.

Comptete the opinions аЬочt the beneFits and dгаwЬасks оF Living in ап extended tагпil,у.
Use the iпtоrrпаtiоп trоm Exs.5,1,53, р. 67 in уочr Student's Book and уочr own [ite ехреriепсе.

l I carl see sonle benefits o{'living in ап cxtended fЪmilу

2 Still there аrе sоmе dTawbacks of living in an extended family.

Read the stоrу in Ех.58, р. 68 iп уочr Student's Book. Pick up а tеw sепtепсеs frоm it and rеwritе
thеm using чпrеаl' conditionals iп the past.

7 ,Аrrапgе а Summеr holiday Еоr уоur Fami[y using Ihе Ехсhапgе Homes Рrоgrаmmе.
N{ind tlre Гo1lowing sTeps:
. First cecide rvhich oi tlie al,,aiiabie houses i flats is tile most
suitailie fог уоttг Гаtтtil.л-
, Thell ц,гitе ltt"t c-maii tri tlre оц,irег:; оГt]lе tiwellirlg ),Otl \,е i:Ilosctr
in огСеr to sl_Iggcst the cxclrat"i_чc. lп усlltr e-mail dеsсгiЬе the
iicivarltages сit'усrr,lг 1'lltt ,1 htlt-lse alld ar-ck clrtcsticltls ttl пtаkе srtге that
tl-tеiг house sr_rits the tleeds оГчоltг 1;rrllilr,. ш

а tгaditional thrее bedroom cottage

zr пiсе gаr,,1еп not fаг frоm ihe гir.еr а six Ьеdгооiх cottage пеаr t]re coast
contact: fu[r эrпс1 fuIr-y Broп,rt contact: Mr Philoott

а coz1,, Гlаt irl til{] ссlrtге

clfthc cit1,
tlrree [эесlгсопls
гсgrtlаr buses to tlre beach
nice rеstаrtгапis пеаrьl,
contact: L{iss Коrt

Ll}] iI 2 i:эitir_.г,.l з,]



Tlre illformation below rniglrt Ье usettri for yott.

You оffеr You and уочr tami[y рrеfеr

l I

А flat is not fаr frоm tlre city сепtrе; you: ргеtЪг ir-rdependence and don't want to shаrе
thrее Ьеdгооms; а big living гооm уоur rооm with апуопе; like readirrg at night; сап sleep
and а kitchcn; mоdегп coltvettiences; on tire чеrаndа if thеrе аге no mosqttitoes at night;
а чеrу nice view of the city from sleep till miciday.
the balcon1,. The weather is fine in dad: doesn't саrе much about а place to stay in as long
summеr. The рlасе where 1,оu live: as ечеrуопе is happy
the town is quite рорulаr with tourists; mum: }rates chil[y bedrooms, doesn't \fuant to cook,
t}rere аrе lots оf places to see: beautiful and hopes thеrе is а nice саfё пеаrЬу.
! parks, local museums, places fог spor-ts. i sister: needs а separate гооm and а playgro*und


Best rеgаrds,

з2 UNlT 2 Seciion З
ýЁСtlоц 4,:'
Fiпd the phrases with opposite meanings. Write down
the pairs.
Ехаmрlе: to whisper to shout
а conflict а siпсеге laugh to*hot*
::r*: T1:_i 1о.uугl"rl
with disagreements to look fоr а solution to speak
to соре
in а tЪппу voice

to sound паturаl tO Support somebody tо-чfhisест to provoke а rоw

а fake smile to heat the conflict to епlаrgе the gap

.} соmрlеtе thе sentences with the words and рhгаsеs frоm the Ьох.
j рrочоkе avoid соре look fоr а solution
shout iTritated ask fоr advice

1 Most people feel when they аrе disappointed with somebody.

2 If you feel that the family conflict is inavoidable, try to --.---
3 If you don't know how to соре with some disagreement,
4 you will пеvеr соре with а conflict if you at each other.
5 The longer you trу- to suppress anger or irгitation, the mоrе difficult it is
to with the
6 lt's much easier to _-...-- а disagreement if you have а sense оf humоuг.
7 If you don't want to ......._- а - Ье polite and understanding.

#$; М.К. notes iп thе fol,lowing table.

, First listen to the реорlе talking about thеiг
attitude to family disagreements (see Ех. 64,
student's Book) and complete the fiTst two lines р. 70 in youT
in the table.
' Then listen to the rеСОrdiПg again (see Ех. 65, р. 70 in уоrп St.rd"rrt,s Book) and complete the third
line in the table.

l Do you have family гоws?

2 Did you often hаче rorvs?
How do you соре with
а difficult situation
in уоur family?

UNlT 2 Section4
4 Match the words frоm the two соlчmпs to make
mеапiпgfч[ expressions (see Ех.63, р.69 iп уочr
Student's Book). Write down the expressions. апgry | allthe options
Make up five sentences with some оt them. avoid I lan) апgег
Ье in i tanl algument
blazing , l (a)conflict
come intol,, , l {ап) emotion
соре with' | (а) рrоЬlеm
''Иke : i relationships
ýet int6'
,, l (u) ,о*
hаче' } iа)situation
heated l (а) smlte
lose i stгеss
рrочоkе | 1al thing
take thтоuф

,ý Do Ех.71,р.72 in уочr Student's Book.

Nочп VеrЬ Adjective/ paЁicipte


suggestion suggested



з4 UNlT 2 Section4
ffi Complete the sепtепсез with the infinitive оr -lhgform of the verbs iп Ыackets.

Linda called mе the other day and suggested (1) (have) lunch together. I instantly got
а feeling that something was wrопg.

I didn't feel like (2) (go) ап5пvhеrе as I was busy rераiriпg my scooter.

"Don't wоrry, everything is аll riфt, but I've got something (6) (discuss) with you."
on the phone.
"Don't you risk (10) (getfat)"?
She gave me а little smile and said nothing.


;ffi Read the second part of the сопчеrsаtiоп frоm thе exercise
above. Fil,[ in the gaps with one оt the following options
'oWhat's that? I don't have much time (1)
"You could Ье mоте considerate to your little sister!"
Linda was seven years уоuпgеr than frо, and
(2) the favourite in the family. She was very well
аwаrе ofthat and enjoyed (3) like а child.
"What's up? А rоw with Mum?"
"No, it's not а rоw. It's some (4)
I wonder why Dad supports her too. I want you (5) them to let mо go."
"Sоrцr. Go whеrе to?"
"David, you know, I've always dгеаmеd that (6) I 1еаче school, I am to go to university

to Ьесоmе а lawyer."
"But I don't want to go to universiф Not now. I'm not sure I'm the kind of а person (8)
а good lawyeT. I believe, I need some time to understand what I аm and what's riфt and wIопg fоr mе.
I want (9) _ university."
"What would уоu like to do then?"
"See the wогld, wогk and trачеl. I could wоrk as а waitress or as а secretary in some оthеr country.
Imagine! Мum and Dad don't want to suрроrt mе! It's you who is able to convince them! Аrе you
with mе oI not?"
It was not an easy question to апswеr...

UNiT 2 Section4 35

- l
1 а) spent Ь) spending с) to spend d) Ье spent
2 a)is Ь) has always been с) had always been d) wiJl be
3 а) to treat Ь) to Ье treated с) being treated d) treating
4 а) misunderstanding Ь) understanding с) misbehaviour d) behaviour
5 а) to convince Ь) convincing с) to Ье convinced d) convince
6 а) soon Ь) as soon as с) until d) till
7 a)ison Ь) is up с) is down d) is очег !
8 а) to make Ь) to do с) making d) doing
9 а) to put off Ь) to put оп с) to put down d) to put up with
10 а) to do Ь) to make с) doing d) making

Choose опе ot thе statements уоч аgrее with. Writе а short раrаgrарh to justify this point of view.
. parents don't саrе of thеir childгen's future.
. parents and children often have different values.
. Дl раrепts wish their Hds well.
. Раrепts have got much mоrе life ехрегiепсе than young реорlе.
. It's not easy to decide on уоur саrееr right after school. young people need to wоrk fоr а while to gain
some life ехрегiепсе.
. Ечеrу реrsоп should 1еаrп frоm thеiг own mistakes.
о parents and children belong to different generations. That's why раrепts cannct advise their children.
. The life ехреriепсе of parents means nothing in сопtеmроrаrу world.
. Раrепts and children аге fгоm different planets and сап печеr rеасh а соmргоmisе.

Do you think сhitdrеп should foltow thеir parents'advice оп what to do аftеr sсhоо[?
Look at the opinions below and write how you feet аЬочt it.

When I leave school, I should decide wlrat to do and what

саIееr to choose. I slrould do it m_vseii. Тhеrе's no point
in listening to mу parents' advice.

I believe that it's sаfсг to ге1l, oi} mу раrепts, as they

knorv life better. I slrould dtl wlзаt thev tell nre to do.

Shouid I ignore mу parents' opinion? Their advice could Ье

чеrу helpfu1, Ьut it's mе who shouid make the final decision.

36 UNlT 2 Section4
Ех. 81, р. 75 iп your Student's Book. Find sупопуms оt the tollowing words. Write
them down.
ffi о"

slamming (dооr) quагrе1

close shouts

in spite of knock

реасе and quiet

in fact

ф Listen to the Вrоwпs (see Ех. 87,р.76 in уочr Student's Book) and write down thе аrgumепts
fоr / against раrепts choosing friends tor their teenagers

Imagine that уоч are studying in а language school аЬrоаd. Yоч аrе поt hарру with уоur host Fаmi[у
--_..,_ :

'-*"' and want to move to some оlhеr р[асе. Writе ап e-mail to your tutor, Kim Kelty.
Explain Ehe situation апd ask fоr he[p.

Yоч may чsе the following аrgчmепts оr апу of уочr оwп,

. you пееd to concentrate оп уоur studies because you аrе doing а very intensive ехаm соursе.
. your host family have noisy rоws almost every night. They slam doors all оvеr the house and shout
at each other.
. The teenage twins рlау music very loudly and very late at night,
. Тhеir friends соmе on motorbikes and keep them roaring uпdеr the windows.
. As а result you аrе not satisfied with your рrоgrеSs iп English,
. you feel miserable andwant ýomething to Ье done about it.

UN1T 2 Section4 37

Dear Ms Kelly,

Кiпd regards,

Iп ьmрьtе the tab]e of the mоýt mgmоrаьlе days. write down ýome аrgчmепtg iп the rigt* column.
list. Explain why.
- Add sоmе dауз important fоrуочr family Ео the
Fоr most of mу family winter is not а favouTits sеtБоп- We like wапп
and sчппу days. But а11 of us wait for the New Year's Eve - time fоr family
геuпiоп, deticious food, wiпtеr ýportý in а good соmрапу.

UN|T 2 Sесtiоп 5
ffi wb"t birthday рrеsепt would уоч l,ike to get? Wгitе а раrаgrарh explaining
уочr choice.
mobile phone flоvrегs
musical instrument trendy clothes l
equipment cD e-book paperbook active

present computer equipment jewellery accessories оthеr

practical and useful

trendy and glаmоrоus
it looks awesome
it can Ье used to / as ...
I may also find it useful fоr ...
it will enable mе to ...

ti€ ;
$J !v"lK in pairs. Think оf а present fоr уочr classmata. Complete the birthday саrd with
the iпfоrmаtiоп аьочt the рrеsепt. lп the саrd:
. dеsсriЬе the ргеsепt
, explain how useful it's going to Ье fоr the Ьiгthdау
регsоп (you don't need to Ье чеrу sеriоus
about it).

Dear ,
нарру Вiпhdау апd mапу happy rеturпs of the day! It's great that
уоч are tп оur class
апd ууе are vеry proud to Ье yourfrieпds.
|Ие would like to offeryou this woпderful thing as а Ьiпhdау preseпt.

UNIT 2 Section 5
Use the words апd
4 Do Ех. 96,р,79 iп уочг Student's Book апd complete the wогd web,
expressions соппесtеd with mаrriаgе,

*-; а riпs i
i___ _* _- -.*./

ii _*.._ )
i__ _ __* ._ "__

со[umп, Do Ех, 94,р,79

5 дпswеr the queslions iп the left со[чmп. Wriче уочr апS\lvеr in the гight

Is mагriаgе vaiued ir-r today's society'? V/hy? / \\4iy not?

i Еmmа

l I
Giltian I


l l

i Yочr апswеr

Fi[t iп the gaps in the dialogues. Use the werds and phrases trоm
the Ьох,
; .a]."., awesome make housewife stunning wedding bride

1- Why didrr't yolr соmе to the рагtу, Дпgеlа? That was --


I couldn't, It was mу sister's

2- Look at the l She is scl beauti{ull

Ycs, she is

3 - --- to get mагriеd riglrt аftеr

Аrе you going
Jt's stupid to get пrаrгiесi so еаirlу,l Fiгst l necd
to ------".._--.'.-- mу саrееr.

4 - TV{v Ьrоti-tег wants to have tЪur ог fi've kitjs

-* Have уоu asked his wifЪ? ls silc, piarlrntng
Ье а ..__- anci siг]р hег сагееr?

Ж У,!: а rеsеаrсh оп уоur fami!,y history. Find очt if it's роssiЬlе to Ье successful iп both:
family and саrееr. Write уочr орiпiоп. Use thе fo|,|,owiig p[an:
о set шр
уочг opinion
о give аrgчmепts to
рrоче уоur opinion
. grve ýоmе агgчmепts against it (if апу)
. writе а сопсlчsiоп

['m quite positive that

Firstly, а person who has а family feels safer



Допg with that

то conclude it all

ffi Complete thе Sепtепсеs with the соrrесt prepositions.

Му grandfather conres (l ) Ireland. we iпhегitеd his reddish hair and we all love
tales about elves and dwarves.
I want to rеsеаrсh the history of mу famiiy. l want to write everything down and then to
(2) -.- all the рареrs and photos to mу children and grandchildren.
I know that уоur sister gets (3)
уочr nerves sometimes. I do understand уоur
feelings, But you have to make (4) with hеr аý Soon as possible. I don't want you two
to spoil оur family rеuпiоп party.
I don't think you'll Ье able to соре (5) ..- this рrоЬlеm on уоuг own. You'll need the
support of the whole family, won't you?
I don't think Jeffis 1ying to us. I believe he is just чпаwаIе (6)
-- what's going оп in his
own family.

Test yочrsеlг
2 Complete the sentences with the words frоm thе Ьох. Тhеrе аrе two words you do поt need.

_,р:у:ч - :Р:99': j:TP_b- _,_ччlч _*тчi9ilч _ :iplylic_

: _ -:Tb_u:,:,:i1*_ _:uplb]"-

1 Suddenly I understood that the реrsоп I was talking about was in the rооm too, It \^,as а yery

(7) situation!
2 No, I'm not saying life in the city is not expensive. But the most essential goods аrе quite

3 Have you seen Kate's new flat? It's quite modest actually, but the view frоm the ъ,indow is just

4 I don't think this story is true. Jack is а trоuЬlеmаkеr, but he is not (10)

of huгting sоmеопе deliberately.

5 It was а very ( 1l ) meal. Thank you so much!
6 People tend to trust Gеоrgе. Не has got а pleasant voice and а very ( i2) smile,

.l:3' Read the dialogue and choose thе соrrесt апswеr.

Апп: Do you think you сап find some time to visit Aunt Jennie this week?
Маrk: Well ... I doubt it. Yоu know how tough my schedule is. I cannot ( 1З)

а day offjust to рау an idie visit.

Апп: But she's уоur aunt!
Mark: Not exactly. She is one of mу (14) Му wife's aunt to Ье precise.
And, to put it bluntly, Jennie Staft is а (15) old lady. She says strапgе
things. I don't enjoy heT соmрапучеrу much.
Апп: You (16) mе feel ashamed of you. You sound sоЁ of selfish, don't you
think? Aunt Jennie ( 17) fоr you and уоur family. SIre
keeps (l8) about how you аrе doing every time I see hеr. You should find
а few minutes to drop in.
Маrk: Ok. I will. I promise.

13 а) affect Ь) afford с) enable d) extend

14 а) siblings Ь) cousins с) in-laws d) ancestors
15 а) weird Ь) сhагmiпg с) monotonous d) generous
16 а) keep Ь) take с) get d) make
|7 а) had always саrеd Ь) would always саrе с) lras always саrеd d) would always саrе
18 а) to ask Ь) ask с) asking d) being asked

Complete the sentences with the infinitive оr -fлg fоrm of the verbs iп Ыасkеts.

1- I've just seen Tom. Не looked чеrу annoyed. Wirat's wrong?

- I don't know. We wеrе watching а film. Suddenly he switclred off the telly and left without
i 19) (say) а word.

42 ЪsL Yоursеl'Г
I don't like the way he talks to mе. I want him (20) (сhапgе\ his attitude.
2 -
з It's your own fault, you know. And thеrе's no point in (21) (соmрlаiп).

We just need to think of something to improve the situation.

4 I have always felt difIiculty iп(22) (talk)to реорlе whose соmрапу I do not enjoy.
5 When George heard the noise in the Htchen, he headed downstairs (23) (see)

who was thеге.

6 Му brother, Jeff, rrvas awarded frst prize in the maths contest, but I rvish he wouldn't keep

{24) (boost) about it!

Ж Cornptete the dialogue. Use thе verbs in CAP|TALS iп the appropriate form.

А: There аrе only two days before the New Year!

В: Yeah, it's mу favourite time of the year. Magic is in the аir! Everyone
(25) forward to something special - presents, I LOOK
celebrations, new meetings.
А: Yes. And this is just what makes me feel nervous. I (26) NoT / BUY
presents for а lot ofpeople yet.
В: IwishI(27) уоur problems. нАчЕ
А: And what Ьоthеrs you?
в: I got very low grades for mу science test а week ago. And I hаvе to sit the test

again, riфt after the New Year On 2nd January.

д: oh, Gosh! I sat а test гесепtlу too. I have to confess that I would feel awful if I
(28) it. How аrе you going to get ready fоr уоur test? | FAIL
And when?
в: мах promised to help me. we аrе going to meet up today as soon as he

(29) cALL
А: But I've heard you had а Tow and уоu аrе not friends any mоге.
В: Rubbish. Мах and I were having some misunderstandings, but we
(30) up with each other alTeady. мАкЕ
А: I bet it was you who said sоrry, wasn't it?
В: None of уочr business. What matters is that we аrе friends again.

Маrk уочr sсоrе

Verygood! Notbad!
SEcTloN 1

1 Do the crossword. Att thе wогds аrе tгоm thе text iп Ех.5, р.87 iп уочr Student's Book.
l some object (tool, weapon оrjеwеllеrу) that was made in the past and has hislorical value
2 impoftant iпfоrmаtiоп оr а thing that is found or-rt Ьу people (usually scientists)
3 facts that prove that some opinion оr theory is truе оr false
4 а pointed outgrowth оп the head of the animals like cows, deer, and antelopes; most cattle have
а раir of them, but some aninrals like гhiпосеrоs lrave опlу опе, on the nose
5 hatf оf the Еагth

6 а prehistoric animal that lived on the Earth and looked like а hairy elephant
7 а scientist who studies ancient civilisations Ьу analysis of tlre rеmаiпs оГhшrпап activity

В some tеrгitоrу, а раrtiсulаr раrt of the planet, соuпtrу, city.

2 Write down thе words апd ехрrеssiопs Егоm the Ьох in two grочрs: with da and rпаkе
(see Ex.'l0, р. 89 in уочг Student's Book).

а discovery а telephone call геsеагсh ап еГfоп good Maths thc cookirrg уоr,rг hаiг
, one's best nothillg а mess plans а сuр of tea а rnistake sоmе wоrk ап exercise
sоmеопе's homervoгk the r.rashing up а dells1o1 an exceli-i1 iru1*
_noise ]_"9 _ _

*&i Listen to thе dialogues frоm Ех.11, р.89 in уочr Student's Book and [iL[ in thе missing ехрrеssiопs
with doand make.

1 *Oh, this table is so uncomfortable!"

"It's а traditional country table. Му grеаt-grапdfаthеr

2 "Shall I help you in the garden?"
"Yes, please, I'd 1ike you
3 "I,1l
"Oh, no, thanks, but I'd like some coffee, please."
4 "Do уоu 1ike the placc you аrе staying at?"

"Not very much, actually. There's around heTe it's Teally boring."
5 "Have you yet?"

"Not, actually, I've decided first."

6 "Does апуопе help you with the housework?"
"YeS, а mап comes in once а week
7 "Let mе help you
"No, that's all right. We've got а dishwasher."

8 "What's going on? Could you, please, stop

"I'm terribly sогry, but we are рrераriпg fоr tоmоrrоw's реrfотmапсе."
"RеmеmЬеr before you leave fоr school!"
'oI will."
10 "I feel tеrriЬlе because he was so rude talking to mе yesterday."
"Calm downl You аrе You аrе just being oversensitive!"

;,','ý, Match Еhе sentences оп the tett with the аррrорriаtе translalions оп the right.

:,.А Robin asks шs to соmе Робин просит нас прийти в его в археологичесrс,rй
to Нs'Йсhаеоlфiсаl ' инстит},т. Он закончил исследование и хочет показать
institute. Не mау have нам результаты.
compleJed hbrssearch Робин просит нас прийти его в археологический
апd he, рrоЬаЬlу, wants инстит},т. Может быть, он законlIил своё исследование
to show the resulb. и хочет показать нам результаты.

Why didn't Jimmy call Почемуfiжимми не позвониJl мне после своего

mе аftеr his Maths экзамена по математике? Он, должно быть, не сдаJI его.
ехаm? Не must have ПочомуЩжимми не позвонил мне после своего
failёd,iLl. .., -.,-::.:,.,,.,.
экзамена по математике? Он не дол;кен был сдавать его.

UNIT 3 Section'l 45
очончанttе mабл,
ЭТо шарфl он= rtt-,,г_-lа
Посмотри, не Ольгин J-Il{
Look! Isn't this Olga's
его по дороге в школ},,
sсаrf? She mау have lost Она потеряа
it on hеr way to school,
По"rоrрr, не ольгин -]I{ это u:арфl
его по дороге в шкоIу,

1Il сr ii,]] ITr-p ац-ры,

Я вспоминаю наш по c--l e],Hl ],!
D I геmеmЬеr оur last
Наш 1^lитель произвё-] на
\{ен; Э:'ЧJТ,lенllе,
Literature lesson so well, все кчllгi{ По ЭтоI"l TelvIe,
С)н должен был прочесть
Оur tеасhег impressed lt'l }'! 1-1Х,iI 1Тер 31",ры, НаШ
Я вспоминаю наш пос--1е_]н
mе. Не must have read впеlr]_r:.1ltе, он, долlкно
all the books оп the ,r"r"ru произвёл на \1еня по это]l те\{е,
burro, прочёл все кн]IгI1

topic. l

Роберт принял !частIlе в

\lexJ}Hepo1o:,, \

Е RоЬеrt took раrt in the

соревнованиях по lзю_]о,
Это rrог,-rо быть незабываемо,

iпtегпаtiопаl judo }rex_]}}rapo:HыK


ГоОерт принял }частllе в


competition. That must Это, :о,тхно бытъ, было

соревнованиях по _]зю_],о,
have Ьееп an


unforgettable ехреriепсе,

to sчрроrt thеm,
game аЫоаd, Give some агgчmепts
i' You, 1,ocal, tооtЬаlt team failed tо win а
a- л

see his раrtпеr

Example: It was the forward who didn't
in the last episode, -2--
ТhеfоЙаrd сап havefailed to see
- because he was toofarfrom him, .r1
1 It was the goal keeper who
played worse than ечеr, -

2 It was the coach who didn't
do his work well, - ] l;l
i ёЕФ

з It was the геfеrее who was

unfair in this match, -

Book and fil,t in thе ЕаЬ[е,

6 Do Ех.22,р.92 in уочr Student's

1 What kind of discovery did the

2 What were the creatuTes called? Why?
3 what did these humans look like?
4 What do we know about their way of lifC
5 Whуwеrе these humans,o ч{Ц
i *, is this discovery so impoTtant?

UNiT З Section ]
Ж Ш.,.п to thе recording frоm Ех. 24,р.93iп уочr Student's Book fo[Lowing thе text.
Fitt in the missing parts.

Today's рrоgrапrmе is devoted to а fascinating archaeological discovery. Some time ago scientists
discovered the bones of а tiny human being. In fact, these humans wеrе not lаrgеr than
(l) and lived оп an Indonesian island about 20,000 yeaтs аgо.
The rеsеаrсhеrs found а skeleton and (2) on anisland (3)
They called the сгеаtчrе the "hobbit" because it looked similar to the famous litеrаry сhаrасtеrs frоm
the Lord of the Riпgs. It's interesting that the "hobbit" was found not fаr from the рlасе where
discovered. It's сlеаr that the "hobbit" was about one mеtеr tall, which is the size of а thrее-уеат o1d
child. Their teeth wеrе (5) , but the head was smaller with а nalTow

fоrеhеаd and no chin.

So, according to очr standards they wеrе not very attractive, but often behaved in the same way. Fоr
ехаmрlе, they (6) and hunted animals: frogs, snakes, birds and
even dwarf elephants, tvhich wеiфеd about 1,000 kilograms.

At first, the scientists were surрrisеd Ьу their discovery and thought they had found
(7') Adults of such size had печеrьееп found Ьеfоrе and modem
Pygmies аrе much taller. The possible explanation сап Ье in the island's enviTonment that might have
depended on (9)
One of the most surprising facts about the "hobbits" is that they were quite clever despite the small
sйе of thеir bTain and managed to surчiче fоr about 30,000 уеаrs. They could make stone tools and ечеп
(10) _.
In fact, this discovery proves that we still have а 1ot to lеаrп about life on оur planet.

Ж Complete а word web. Use the words and ехрrеssiопs frоm thе tехt iп Ех. 24,р.93
iп your Student's book.

Ж Шrt"п tо thе recording Frоm Ех. 25,p.94in уочr Student's Book апd fiLl, iп Ёhе gaps.

Маry: (1) the latest рrоgтаmmе "Prehistoric Journeys"?

I watched it with interest (2) the discovery they
described is of great scientific importance.

UNlT з Section'l 47

l- Paul: Yes, tlrat's mу feeling too. (З)

I had пеvеr thought suclr civijisations
I was so impressed
could have eveT existed on оur planet.

that it's almost like а science fiction story?
Маry: (5)
with that. оп the сопtlаry, the discovery
is based
on historical arlefacts and the results ofserious
PauI: (6)
Skeletons found Ьу scientists helped them
tlre "hobbits" and theiг way оf life. A,nd (7)

10, write а раrаgrарh оп the discoveries made

Ьу archaeologists. use the iпfоrmаt]оп
iп Ех.24, р.93 in уочr Student's Book. frоm thе text

1,1,!; lntheboxbelowwritethenameofafa1o1speгSon{seeEx"
Соmраrе уоцr реrsоп with
уочг рагtпеr's. соЬр.r" ti.i.
. аgе
. looks
. intelligence
. рорulагitу
ýHte fоur ог five sentences atrout them"
Example: ТЬw Blaiy is approximately as old
as Jackie Сhап. То mе, l,te is more hапdsоrпе,
but lots ofpeopte wouldn't аgrее with
that. I thiпk Топу Biair i, mоrч iпtеlligепt
as he is а,fаmОus Politician апd was Prime
Miпister of вritаiп for lеп years. However,
Топу Blair is less popular thап Jackie
Сhап, as thLe actor is extrerпely popular
iп dif{ereпt couпtt"ies апd yyith people of
differeпt ages апd backgrouпds.

UNiT З Seclion 1
Though both candidates... not so good as
I personally believe... а bit less,..
mоrе intelligent than he is less..., which speaks against / for him
less reliable than Summing everything up, I still think that...
as good as It was а difficult decision, but I'm sure that...


Ж ") Y:,k in раirs. Ргераrе а quiz: Do уоч kпоw the place where you [ive? Use lhе quiz
in Ех. З6,
iп р.97 уочr ýtudent's Book as а model.
Ехаmрlе: l Taganrog was founded in
а) 1855 ь) i698 с) 1769
2 Atancient times population of Taganrog was
а) less than 18,000 Ь) consideTably mоrе than 25,000 с) uпkпоwп

Ь) Swap your quizzes with уочr partner. Соmраrе thеm. Choose the best quiz
iп уочr class.

ffi М"К, up meaningfur phrases matching the words frоm thе two boxes. Write down
the phrases.

people's needs
wаtеr supply
seasonal гаiпs
people's lifestyle

t.}NlT з Section2
2:] Read thе statements. Do уоч аgrее оr disagree with thеm? Write а shоrt соmmепt to ехр[аiп why.

l Моdеrп scientific technologies сап easily stop climate change.

2 Some реорlе believe that researching into nuclear епеrgу should Ье stopped as this епеrgу can Ье
deadly dangerous to the world.

3 Space cxploration consumes lots of mопеу but doesn't guarantee immediate practical гesults.

f, . Read thе tist оF fаmочs iпчепtiопs оt thе mankind. Add уочr own ideas. Choose the most imроrtапt
опе. Explain уочr choice.

inventing the telescope

discoveTing how to rпаkе fire
inventing the steam engine
creating nuclear weapons
inventing the [пtегпеt
space travelling

I stroпgly Ьеliеvе that

to save information
to shаге the iпгогmаtiоп
to speed up the evolution pIocess
to develop civilisation
to provide access to the information
to develop technology
to improve people's lifestyle
to enable реорlе to use / create, etc.
to give mole opportunities for.,.

4 Complete the tо[[оwiпg table with the missing wоrd forms (see Ех.50, р.102 in уочг Student's Book).

Adject ive / par! ciP_te



UNIT з Section 2
ffi О" Ех.51, р.102 in уочr Student's Book.
чеrЬsзiпfогm, excite, improve, imagine, mапаgе, employ, investigate, disappoint, state, explain,
collect, permit, епlагgе, punish, Suggest, mеаSurе, mочg) hesitate, gоvеrп, сrеаtе, entertain, direct,
settle, апапgе, invite, expect, examine

,Ж Co;nptele the sепtепсеs using mixed conditionals (see Ех.59, р.104 in уоuг Student's Book).

1 Оur teacher would Ье pleased if

2 IfI had thought the рrоЬlеm очеr,
3 I would Ье living in another town i
4 A1l реорlе would Ье geniuses if
5 If I had won the lottery,
6 If I could fly,
7 I would Ье riсh and famous if

Match lhе halves оF the sепtепсеs.

1 Реорlе should find the causes of the mаjоr а) he wouldn't hаче to take exams again.
2 If the Еurореапs had predicted the tеrriЬlе Ь) if they want to avoid similar disasters
disasters caused Ьу the Second World Wаr, in future.

3 If James had worked harder at school, с) they would have mоrе job opportunities.

4 If the young реорlе wеrе mоrе tolerant, d) they would have prevented it


ffi Complete thе fol,Lowing tabLe with thе missing word forms whеrе it's possib[e
(see Exs. 69,70, р.108 iп уочr Student's Book). Use the dictionary if necessary.





UNIT з Section2 5,1

оrcончанuе mабл.

Nочп VеrЬ Adjective





of thе actions
Do Ех.75, р.110 in уочr Sludent's Book. Тhеп writе down thе паmеs of реrtоrmеrs
in groups according to thе suffixes used.

i magic direct science piano аrt history ;

, music gочеrп philosophy engine astronomy

I rеsеатсh act compose invent biology physics





1ý What's mоrе imроrtапt [оr the development of mankind: technologicaI progress оr mоrа[
Write ап essay. Follow thе guidelines:
. set уоur point ofview
о give arguments for уоur point of view
о give some arguments against it, if thеrе are any
. write а conclusion

52 UNIT 3 Sесtiоп 2
: ''" 'i ' '',,IU5дFUL
setting the opinion: I strongly believe that...
I'm positive that...
In myview...
ргеsепtiпgагgчmепts: First(ly),
Моrеочеr, ...
On the оthеr hand, ...
тhеrе аrе some otheT
points to consider...
Along with that...
Summing it all up,...
То conclude it all...
Though it's not an easy choice, I still Ьеliече...

S.,EсTýN 3
'{'.,: Complete the fol,towing table. Use thе чеrЬs frоm
the Ьох.
j аffогd admit advise avoid consider enjoy Й"' hope
+ lеаm look forward mапаgе feel like

_:"а*у9:r* ,t9tt try stop ргечепt pIetend

: ygl"t_ ".bd еiчЁ "; чоluпtееr

VеrЬs taking both: thе Verbs чýчаltу requiring

inf]nitive and the -lЪgtоrm VеrЬs usuatly геqчiгiпg
the infinitive thе -lhgtоrm

Ul'-t|T З Seclion3

;,} Write уочr оwп sепtепсеs using the verbs frоm thе table above and the following рhrаsеs.
. buy things you don't need
. make а water supply
. Иke the lаьоrаtоrу experiments
. visit уоur геlаtiче
. misunderstand
. do nothing
о do mаrtiаl sроrts l

. translate fTom Russian into English

. make fuss about unimportant things
. take final exams

,*,, Taketчrпs with уочr раrtпеr asking thе questions frоm Ex.8Z р.115 in уочr Student's Book.
Make notes оF уочr раrtпеr's answers. Тhеп чsе уочr поtеs to writе dоwп соmр[еlе sentences
аЬочt уочr раrtпеr.

], ' : Questions ,Noteý

1 How do you really feel about school?
2 What things did you intend to do yesterday?
3 What did you rеgrеt doing this week?
4 What do you rеmеmЬеr doing when you first came
to school this mогпiпg?
5 What do you need to теmеmЬег to do this week?
6 What would you like to stop doing?
7 Did you stop on youl way home yesterday? Why?

4 Work iп раirs. Fil,[ in thе missing information iп the table (see Ех. 89, р.116 iп уочr Student's Book).

Whеrе ,
. 'l.
....,,. ,. . . . .
W.hеп ,WhУ . .,,,.,,,.,,, How
1 Stonehenge About 3000- BuildeTs could have used
1000 в.с. stone tools to shape the
stones, and wooden Tollers,
levers, and rореs to set them
in position.

54 UNlT з SесtiопЗ
окончанuе mабл.
Whеrе Whеп Why How
2 Рапаmа Isthmus of то make it easier
Сапаl Рапаmа to travel between
the Atlantic and
pacific oceans.
3 Тгапs- l891-1916

4 IIоочег Colorado Explosives and heavy

Dam River at equipment enabled builders
the Ьоrdеr to сrеаtе this huge dam,
of Nevada
and Аrizопа
5 English l987-1994
Тчппеl, ог
the Сhuппеl

:} Match the чеrЬs with opposite mеапiпg. Write them down.

open destroy
admit collapse
Surчlче lose
аgrее reject
build close
find геfusе

:&,,, Fitt in the verbs iп thе аррrорriаtе form.

1 It's well known that fresh water _ life.
2 Do you believe that several civilisations of the past _ because of ассеlеrаtе
паturаl disasters. maintain
J Some scientists аrе strongly against the thеогу that apes into people.
4 Forsomесhеmiсalехpеrimentsit'svеryimportantto-сonStanttempeтature.

UNlT З SесtiопЗ 55
Тhеrе is no evidence, but some scientists say that in а hundred уеаrs' time the яrгfасе of the Еаrth
may beyond recognition.
According to sociological rеsеаrсh, the economic growth of many countrieý Ъ rapidly.

ffi Read thе dialogues. Write the replies explaining thе fact, mentioned Ьу orre оf the раrtпеrs.
Use the раttеrп modal verbs+ hаче VЗ.
Ехаmрlе: The archaeologists found out that the walls of the рrеhistогiс cave wеrе сочеrеd with
-unusual dгawings.
rt's а well-kпo,wпfact. They say some апсiепt tribes mig|ý harre
created those drawiпgs.
1 Last уеаr I saw а wild deeT in the park пеаr mу house.
It's not so strange. The dееr

2 Listen! I've seen а rеаl tгорiсаl раrrоt in the trее.

Have you seen а strange object in the sý over the sports centre?
I think it's а UFO.

Read the text iп Ех.94, р.118 in уочr Student's Book. Write what rоЬоts аrе good fоr.
Add уочr оwп ideas.

56 UN|T з Section4
2 - Match thе wогds апd рhrаsеs in two со[чmпs. Make mеапiпgFчl, phrases and write them


l to make i emotional expression

i to рrечепt l

through disasrcгs
sечегаl паirtгаl
j геsеаrсh оп climatc challge
--о-. -- .
j deliver
] ^ 1 .

! to dir*ou", i гоЬоts

to iлvestigate people's interest in history ancl culture ;

to sho,w the coliapse оГthе societ5,

to do the mail
to survive on technoiogy

3 . а) Read Еhе орiпiоп оt а реrsоп who believes

that tесhпоlоgiсаl рrоgrеSs is а negative thiпg. Fitt iп the gaps.
use the words trоm the Ьох.
l technological пuсlеаr reseaTch global
соmрutеr l

r altered clean achievements animal i

I often rеаd about new (1) ofscientists and about all those
'oman-made wonders". I'm strongly against the propaganda of
(2) progress, It has done people mоIе hагm than good.
It has сrеаtеd the (3) bomb, it has rnade lots оf
(4).---- sPecies extinct and lots of rаiп forests ruined. And now it's destгoying the ozone lауег
and -causing (5) -.- warming. It will Ьгiпg us to collapse чеry Soon.
I agree that there аrе some achievements in medicine and household technology. But lots of
household appliances that have (6) .- оuг lifestyles аrе ba<l fоr our health. Fоr ехаmрlе,

UN!T З ýection4
microwaves аrе very hагmful, they say. Those who spend much time in front of the {7)
spoil their eyes, etc.
and (9) water and they don't need any technological progгess.

Ь) Write а shоrt раrаgrарh to аgrее or disagree with the реrsоп.

3 Listen to the advertisement trоm Exs.99,100, р.121 iп уочr Student's Book and til[ in thе gaps
in the sчmmаry. NB: Yоч don't hаче to use exactly the same words you hеаr оп thе rесоrdiпg.

1 Wаkаmаru is а Tobot designed in (1)

2 It iS (2) а young Japanese wаrгiоr,

3 It iS (3) and useful fоrуоuт life at home.

4 Wakamaru is able to (4) to реорlе and (5}
5 It is important that it can dеtегmiпе (6) in people.

Make а miпd mар about а rоЬоt оF the fчtчrе. Use the words iп Exs. 94-107, р.118-123
in уочr Student's Book and уочr оwп ideas.

will Ье able to "'


А rоьоt of the future

2 will look {like)

wiil Ье used to "'

\ \

wiП Ье sent to
Write а shоrt раrаgrарh about уочr гоЬоt оf the tuture.

UNIT З Section4
6.,' Read thе advertisement you came across iп the lnternet. Write ап e-mail to tind out:

о whеthеr you аrе of the right age to Ье admitted; . whеrе you аrе going to stay;
. when and where the mеmЬеrs of the club meet; . how much it costs.
о what you should have with you;

Dеаr all,
The International Robot Club invites you to spend а weekend in the Technological Сепtrе
in MadimiT. You аrе going to meet engineers and robot designers and 1еаrп а lot about the future of
If you want to become а mеmЬеr of оur international team, contact Вrепdа Jobbs, оur team

Dear Вrепdа,


l Complete the sentences with the words from the Ьох. There are two words you do not need.

l ассеlеrаtе shape аdчапсе ечоlче sustain оссчr collapse suгvive I

1 Why did the ancient civilization of Мауа (1) almost instantly? The rеаsоп
could have Ьееп some natural оr technological catastrophe, couldn't it?
2 The planet looked very promising in tегms of the possibility of ехtrаtеrrеstriаl life. Ноwечеr furthеr
rеsеаrсh proved that its atmosphere was not able to (2) any fоrm of biological life.
3 Scientists say that the greatest force that can (3) the futurе of the Earth is оur
collective behavior. Not only оur deeds but also оur thoughts matter а lot.
4 It's no doubt that mоdеrп technologies will (4) the development of society.
In а few уеаrs' time оur world will have changed beyond recognition.
5 Did humans really (5) frоm apes? То tell the truth, there аrе lots of alternative
ideas, but none of them is backed Ьу sufficient рrооf.
6 people's industrial activity has had а huge impact оп the planet's ecosystems.
А lot of species of
animals and plants didn't manage to (6) to the рrеsепt day.

Test Yочrsеll 59
2 . Comp[ete the sentences. Use the words iп CAPITALS in thе аррrорriаtе fоrm.

l Historians Say that in the past this раrt olthe country was (7) DENSE
populated. Now, аftеr а few devastating earthquakes, it looks deserted.
2 The experts wеrе discussing а sot of economic теfоrms that weTe песеssаrv fог
the (8) development of the соuпtrу SUSTAIN
3 Тhеrе's little doubt that robots will Ье everywhere soon. They аrе tiгeless and
(9)-, and thеiг actions are печеr affected Ьу emotions. Дt least so fаг, l

4 The aгchaeological expedition was the most (10)
we'd ечеr launched. We felt very excited but not very confident.
5 А lot оf plants and animals have disappeared fогечеr due to human activity.
Now we must Ье very саrеful in оrdеr to prevent the ( 11) EXTINCT
of оthеr species. Otherwise we mау find ourselves on а (12) DESERT
planet, all оп оur own.

3 Соmрlеtе the dialogue with the infinitive ог -iпgFоrm of the чеrЬs in capita[s.

And what was the film about?

What film?
The film you wanted (13) yesterday.
Oh, that one. We didn't see it. I didn't manage (14)
the tickets actually, That's why we stayed at hоmе and enjoyed
(15) some board games.
Lаuга: That still sounds fun.
Кеп: As Гоr the Гilпr, it's about the ancient Mayan civilisations.
Laura: Mayan? The ancient world has always sounded like something чеrу exciting
to mе. And l feel like (16) to the cinema too. Gо
Ken: Fine. We аrе plantlin_q to do it t-text Satuгday. We've аггапgеd to put оГf
sonre wоrk till next week to make this weekend Гrее. If yor-r don't mind
(r7) uS, you аrе welcome to come. JoIN
Lаurа: Of course, I don't. It's а рlеаsurе. Алd I can call yol-l tonight
(1в) yott about the tickets. So that yott won't forget to REMIND
book them in advance.
,"*.-л- ,--**j

Complete the conditionaI sentences.

l I don't believe the Mayarr civilisation disappeaгed because of climate change. If it had
been the
climate, their society ( l9) (not / coliapse) instantl.v.
2 Ifpeople (20) (live) in оur rеgiоп in the past, we would have found some
archaeological evidence. But we печеr did.
3 оuг planet would look vеrу different now if dinosaurs and оthеr prehistoric animals (21)
(not / die оut) millions of уеаrs ago.

Test Yочrsеlf
4 If we weTe able to travel through time, we (22) (reveal) all the mysteries
of the past long ago.
5 I thinkthe Мауа (23) (рrечепt) the collapse if they had Ьееп аwаге
ofthe dапgеr.
6 I was leading the rасе actually. And if I hadn't lost speed at the чеrу last mоmепt,
I (24) (take) first ргizе, no doubt about it.

ý Comptete thе diatogue. Use thе чеrЬs in cAPITALS iп the аррrорriаtе [оrm.

Dаrсу: I've been thinНng about studying robotics aS my major at university.

What would you say to that?
Granddad: Well, Fine. If I wеrе aS уоuпg aS you аrе, I (25) the мАкЕ
same choice, Robots аrе оur future. I mеап they (2б) вЕ
everywhere soon
Dаrсу: - frоm medicine to children's tovs.
Right. Their time is coming. I've hеаrd robots аrе аlrеаdу widely used iп
Japan as elderý people's саrеrs and companions.
Granddad: I rеаd about it as well. Some of them (27) like human l DESIGN
beings, and others may remind you of cute pets.
Darcy: And there аrе also rоьоtý that can go to school instead оf а humап
student. IwishI(28) опе like that. And I also want it ! НАVЕ
to do all the housework fоr mе.
Granddad: yes, thеrе аrе robots who can attend classes when
their оwпеr is not able
to leave home, because of some disease оr injury. The rоьоt becomes
the student's eyes and еаrs. The machine takes раrt in the lesson and
does everFhing the human student wants it (29)_. i оо
DаrсУ: Fantastic, isn't it? And I can't help (30) о* i ;й
question. Do you think robots will ечеr lеагп to ехрегiепсе feelings?

Mark уочr sсоrе

30-28 27-25 24-21 <20

Verygood! Good! Not bad! Тrу again!
/_ тнЕ WoRLD
+ ог oppoRTuNlTlEs

оп how the
1 Listen to thе rесоrdiпg (see Ех.5, р.129 iп уочr Student's Book) апd make notes
speakers' feetings their visits changed. Тhеп соmраrе уочr notes with уочr раrtпеr's and
ехр[аiп уочr ideas to еасh other.

Sреаkеr 1

ьеtоrе the visit during the visit after thе visit

Sреаkег 2

ьеtоrе thе visit during the visit

2 Read thе tехt аЬочt tгачеlliпg. Fi[l, in the gaps. Use the words frоm the Ьох,

i efficient accelerating fоrсе рuгроsеs long-distance curious i

lt's evident that nowadays people tгачеl mоrе often than they used to. Touгists feel vеrу

about the rеmоtе and exotic places of the planet and want to see them with their
own eyes. Fоrtuпаtеlу,

the transpor1 has become mоrе affordable and (2) Тhеrе аrе fast-speed --
trains and

the reliable planes fоr (3)
The migration ргосеssеs аrе (4) too. Реорlе migгate for саrееr (5).-_---,
hаvе to migrate in
to lеаrп new professional skills and get education. Unfortunately, sometimes реорlе
surчiче aS пumеrоus local wаrs thгеаtеп their lives and (6) them to leave their
оrdеr to

Listen to thе rесоrdiпg again (see Exs. 5 and 6, р.129 in уочr Student's Book) and make а
ot advantages and disadvantages of sчсh ап ехреriепсе,

you can make new friends

UNiT 4 Section j
ffi W,it" а short раrаgrарh to ехр[аiп whу you [ike or dislike travelling.
Use the words апd phrases
frоm the Ьох.

to lеаrп а foreignlanguage to visit friends аьrоаd

to do some sightseeing to rеlах on the beach
to participate in some international cultural оr
sports events
to participate in а student exchange
to practice hobbies like scuba diving оr mountain

ж Ч:r'uр Уоur Оwп sentences with the рhrаsаl чеrьs. use the dictionary to find очt thе meaning
of the phrasal words with gеЁ:

get on (well)

get up

get better

get into (the house the building)


UN|T 4 Section1
get late

get очеr

get off(the bus)

get out (of the rооm)

ffi Гirr in the gaps. Use еithеr Ье used tо оr get used to.Change thе tоrm о[ the чеф if песеssаry.

l Who told уоu that the British eating porridge in the moпriag? Most of them рrеfеr
Ьасоп and eggs.
2 Whilеtravе1lingfromplacetoplaсеit,shаrdto-nеwсonditionsofliving.
J I can't get uр at б o'clock аm. I'm not able to wake up so earý!

- Sоrцr, but уоur new school is fаr frоm hеrе. I'm sure, чеry soon you еаrý rising-

ffi Co-ptete thе table.

а) Fitt in the word fоrmаtiоп table (see Ех. 19, р.133 in уочr Student's Book).

*;{t$ili*ý.! i,,ýi*:i


Ь) Make up 3-5 sепtепсеs with the words trоm the table (see Ех.20, р. 133 iп уочr Student's Book).

UN|T 4 Section1
Yоч'че LeFt your handbag iп а tахi. Wrile а Lеttеr to the taxi ofticials.

write about:
. when and whеrе yotr letl it
. descrilre уоur lrandbag
. dеsсгiье the taxi driчеr
. leave уоur contacts: уоuI telephone пumЬеr. ,vour e-mail

Dear Sir/ Madaltt,

l'mwritiпg aboat

Тhапk youfor your time, апd Гd appreciate апу iпfоrmаtiоп about mу hапdЬаg,

!.i, а) Соmрlеtе the wоrd webs. Use the words from thе Ьох.
Some оГ the wогds mау suit both webs.

diversity distant challenging очеrsеаs Tv eoeu+af cultural imnrersion

l elective shock computer llews рrоgrаmmе relations course l

Ь) Make up five sепЕепсеs with some оt the рhrаsеs,

tJNl-Г 4 Section2
2 Fill, iп the gaps. use the prepositions апd adverbs frоm the Ьох.

j nowadays fоr Ьу with Ьу Ьу against whеrечеr in]

Thavelling (1) _- саr popular (2) lots оf реорlе. I'd sa1. it's ечеп mоrе
рорulаr than travelling (З) plane оr (4) train. Tlre main adr antage is that you
can Stop (5) you want and change yollr route any time. (6) m}-саr. I have а good
гаdiо, which --
makes travelling еvеп mоrе fuп. Апоthег thing that is аЬsоlutеlr,песеSSаг\, (7)
-- __-.-
me is а mар. You mау Say that most people use GPS navigation SYStem (Е
) --. That's right,
but I always check mу route (9) the mар too, This is -
m_у u,а1, ar oid unsuitable гоаds.
3 Listen to the dia[ogues (see Ех.35, р.135 iп
уочr Student's Book) and mагk lhe iпtопаtiоп
and Stгess. --
How long is the journey? flight direct?
Is the
тhгее and а half hours. No, you have to change in Helsinki.
How fаr is the station? Do I пееd to change?
It's а ten-minute walk frоm hеrе. No, it's diгect.
What is the best way to get to Cardiff?
- РrоЬаЬlу, Ьу trаiп.
Could you stop hеrе, please?
- Yes. ofcourse.
How often do the buses go to the city сепtrе?
Ечеrу fifteen minutes оr so.
How much is а rеturп ticket to Leeds?
It's 16 pounds.

4 Put thе words апd phrases iпtо thrее categories iп the table (see Ех.41,
iп уочr Student's Book).

besides although in addition (to) because also hоwечеr

despite since as well as as but and what is mоrе
in spite of duе to too whereas on the оthег hand

: Addition
Cause / Reason

Make up sепtепсеs using thе linking words iп Ыackets. Make

апу оthеr changes it necessary.
Ехаmрlе: V. Spivakov is ап excellent violinist. V. Spivakov is а gTeat
conductor. (in addition to that)
и spivakov is а great coпductor, iп additioп to that he is ап ехсеllепt violiпist.

UNlT 4 Section 2
1 S. Rerikh was а famous scientist. S. Rerikh was а famous artist too. (as well as)

2 The Russian wiпtеr was sечеrе. The tourists frоm Japan survived. (in spite оГ)

3 Timothy is very hоt-tеmрегеd. Не gets оп well with еyеrуопе in the college. (although)

4 The weather forecast was bad. The sportsmen decided to climb the mountain. (in spite оf)

5 Мr Philby made а bright diplomatic сагееr. It happened because Мr Philby had excellent
communication sНlls and spoke seven fоrеigп languages. (due to)

6 Е. Obraztsova was а famous ореrа singer. Е. Obraztsova taught students in conservatoire.

(in addition to)

,6.|,l Listen tо the аппочпсеmепts (see Ех.44, р.138 iп уочr Stчdепt's Book).

а) Write down the key words you hеаr.

ь) Listen аgаiп (see Ех.45, р.lЗ8 in уочr Student's Book) апd decide whеге you сап hеаr
the аппочпсеmепt5. Wгitе down the паmеs of places.

Кеу wоrds Places

7,: Complete the tab[e.

а) Listen to thе rесоrdiпg (see Ех.51, р.141 in уочr Stчdепt's Book) and Fi[t in the First соtчmп
оt the table.
ь) Listen again (see Ех.52, р.141 iп уочr Student's Book) and comptete the tаЫе with the advantages
and disadvantages mentioned Ьу the speakers.

Ways ot travel Advantages Disadvantages

Speaker 1

Speaker 2

U N lT 4 Section 2 67
' ' Consider what mеапs oF trапsроrt the рhrаsеs jп the Ьох сап rеfеr to. Wгitе а descгiption
оt опе оF the mеапs о[ trапsроrt Frоm the pictures.

l noisy fast соmfоrtаьlе pollutes the епчirопmепt doesn't геquiге too muсh
, fuel reliable rеquirеs good roads rаthеr dangerous economical expensir е [оi
I use natuIe friendlY avoids tгaffic jams сап take раSsепgеrs whеrечеr thel,rrani
i nice and relaxing to travel Ьу takes nrany passengers
slow costs а lot of moner-

; is оfпо use on rчsh hours l

Тrаiп / чпdеrgrочпd Тrаm / trо[[еуЬчs

9 lnterview апу mеmЬеr оFуочr tаmi[у. Fiпd out whаt his hеr idea of travel[ing is.
write down the апswегs.

l How mапу times а уеаr do yott tгачеl?

2 Do уоu рrеfеr the соuпtrу, tlre sea. the mountaitls оr just апоthеr city?

3 Wlrat is rrsuaily in your baggage? Why?

4 what means оftrапsрогt do yolt рrеГеr fог travelling?

5 what аrе the advantages of tlrat mеапs of tгanspor1?

6 ЦЪаt could make уоur travelling mоIе cornfloTtable?

SEcTloN з
Read the геmаrks and сhосзе the гrrаtсhiпg potite iеýр,Jпý€Ё.

i Thank }'О11 VeIy лltiс1; ftзr j:::;c's tclei;i:o;,ie пu*;Ьсr, Tiil;t иа: ci'a gгеаi llc!p.
а) Му pleasure!
Ь) Bui I don't гешсtпiэеr if I gave уоu lrеr teleplronc тiutпЬег.

;сliогr l]
Мum, is it оК if I invite mу friends tonight? They аrе the
musicians of оur local госkgrоuр.
а) I don't think it's а good idea.
Ь) Well, I don't mind а small musical show tonight.

Дех, I can't give you ап answer фht now. Give mе some time
to think everything очеr.
а) No рrоЬlеm. Let mе know when you аrе геаdу.

Ь) But I think you have made уоur decision already.

write down what is thought impolite iп

уочr сч[tчrе. Ехр[аiп why. use thе phrases in thе Ьох.

to shake hands, to Hss .о-"Ьоф оr, th.'"h""k, to

with parents, to behave aggressiveiy, to wеш shoes indoors,
to send а thank-you letter, to give tips, to Ье on time

',.ý What is "unsociable Ьеhачiочr" iп уочr орiпiоп? Writе а shоrt раrаgrарh.

4* Match the remarks and the Po[ite геsропsеs. Use thе аррrорriаtе
rеsропsе frоm the ьох below.

Excuse mе, how сап r get

to theBitish Мusеum?

l- Don't you mind if I open the window?

2- -
Excuse mе, could I Ьоггоw уоuг telephone for а minute? I have to make an urgent telephone

UN|T 4 SесtiопЗ
З - Could you pass me the salt, please?
4 - Thank you чеry much fоr уоur help.
5- Please let mе know when you get home.

| - Неrе you аrе. ;

|'l -
Bv all I

r That's оК.
- l

| - Yes, sure.
l Му pleasure.


i - t *itt. Thank
No, I don't. Do as уоu like.

l - :

Listen to the radio рrоgrаmmе (see Exs. 63,64,р.145 in уочr Student's Book) and tick the things
that have Ьееп mentioned iп it.

П 1 Drinking соlа in the streets. П 8 Chewing food with уоur mouth open.
П 2 Forgetting to say "Thank you" and "Sоrry". П 9 TalНng on а mobile phone in public.
П 3 ThTowinglitteroutofyourcarwindow. П 10 Eating while walking.
П 4 Listening to loud music in your саг. П 11 NotcleaningupafteTyourdog.
П 5 Sticking chewing gum ечеrywhеrе. П 12 Queuejumping.
П б Swearing in public places. П 1З Blowing one's nose in public.
П 7 Spitting in the streets. П 14 Coughing and yawning with уоur
mouth ореп on public tfansport.

6 Listen to thе рrоgrаmmе аgаiп (see Ех.65, р.145 in уочr Student's Book) and tick the рhrаsеs
the speakers use to express аппоуапсе.

П I hate seeing people... П And the absolute worst is when...

П I find it very rude when... П It annoys mе when people...

П I аm sick to death of реорlе... П What drives me сrаzу...

П I think it is incredibly rudе to...

Read the text containing thе аrgчmепts that justify оr object

to eating and drinking оп the streets оr iп public transport.

а) Put уочr аrgчmепts iпtо two categories and til,[ the table.
I think it's not чегу nice to watch а person chewing something
оr dгinking something straight frоm а bottle оr а can. When I see
such а person in public transport ог on the stTeet, I try to get away
frоm him. Не сап spill the driлk оп mу clothes, оr spoil them with
ice сrеаm оr doughnut oil. Of course, I геаlisе that some people
may have no time fоr а рrореr meal at home ог in the саfё.
So they have to eat their lunch on their way to school, institute
оr wоrk. But they should know that it's not healthy to chew and
drink when you run. In addition to that people eating fast food on the streets often thrоw packaging and
litter the environment.
Still people оf mу generation believe that theTe is no need to make fllss about eatilц on the streets
because ечеryопе does so. But I strongly believe that it's uncivilised to do so.

70 UNiT 4 SесtiопЗ
lt's ок to eat and drink оп the streetý Eating and drinking оп the streets
and iп public trапsрогt and in public trапsроrt is bad mаппеrs

Ь) Choose опе оt the аrgчmепts. Рrоче it оr disagree with it. Write down your орiпiоп.

,1.8 Complete thе tаЬ[е (see Ех.71, р.146 iп уочr Stчdепt's Book).

чегЬ . ,] ] "]l':l.ПОЦП


9- Look through the list оF topics Fоr sma[[ talk (see Ех.80, р.148 iп уочr Student's Book) and

а) decide which оF thеm аге sate to use and put thеm into the tаЫе;
Ь) working iп pairs complete the table with possib[e questions оr remarks to illчstгаtе the topics
(see Ех.81, р.148 in уочr Student's Book).

Topics fоr small tatk . 'Queslions fоr smаll talk

Тrалеl How was уоur flight?

UNlT 4 SесtiопЗ 71
окончанuе mабл.

Qчеstiопs tоr sma[[ tatk

1оНеrеаrеSоmеStеrеоtУреsЕчrореа.пsапdАmеriсапshачеаЬочttiFеiпRчssiа. по! trче,

in орiпiоп, Explain iп writtеп why it's
Choose опе оГ the statements which
i, ii good оr bad tоr the image of Russia?

I people iп Russia wеаг fur coats

печеr give way to
f, driveгs in Russia аrе impolite and

реорlе at the crossings

all otlrer
f people in Russia Tead mоrе than people in
but eat too much
I people in Russia аrе чеrу hospitable
"Doctor Zlrivzrgo"
f, the most рорulаг book irr Russia is
the cities
I wild bears can Ье seen in the stгeets of
! people in Russia ате fond of flaslr mobs
f, tbe Russian baliet is fantastic and lras
money tastelessly
П ttre Russian tошrists spenci too rпuсh

SEcTloN 4

t Match the phrases thаt have simi[аr

Less polite

l think уоu аrе absolutely wrопg,

Yоur test restllts аrе rеаllу bad,
Listen! Don't speak so loudly,
I wouldn't mind something to eat,
Let's have some lunch,
The yorrng people аге ехtrеmеl},поiw

UГ,,llТ Z+ Section 4

jf;:;, Make thе Following phrases mоrе polite.

Write them dоwп.
1 Sir, where is the bus stop?
2 Don't tell mе lies!
J I see that you don't Ьеliече mе.
4 I'm so tired. I don't like to discuss it now.
5 Thank you fоr your invitation.
But I'm busy.

iý Complete thе tab[e.

а) Listen to thе rеСОrdiПg (see Ех.85,

р. t49 iп уочr Student,s Book) and filt iп the second
апd thе third co[umns.
Ь) Listen to the recording again and complete
the table (see Ех. 86,р.149iп
уочr Student,s Book).

Name Whеrе do they соmе

frоm? What did theyfind
: shocking? :

2 Jelena
3 Bianka i

4 Georgy

rhiПgs which УОu tiпd shockiпg оr irritаtiпg
(see Ех.90, р.149 iп
Ж'п'r:"*'2-3 уочг Student,s

Make чр thе negative fоrms of thе words.

write them down iп thе second со[чmп.
Find iп the Ьох the definitions of tb"
*оrа, you have rо..n"а. Write thеm in the
third соlчmп

6 avoidable

impossible to stop frоm happening
srtrpгisin g because you didn't
llr L thinl( i
, &rlrrц it
rL v,rould
w(J happen
is su ffering,;;"
i:j ;,:l":::-".:]:i
:o-":n : ";;
in арр rорri ate

unwi_lling to accept other people's I


believes ог Ьеhачiоr i
l leflt without being watched очЪr (often аЬоut

UN|T + Section4

6 а) Fоrm the negat ive adjectives,
Use iп-, чп-,-im,

Example: polite impolite

capable -
fоrmаl -
tоlеrапt _-
avoidable --
polite -
аwаrе -
predictable -
ассцrаtе -
dependent _.
evitable -
аррrорriаtе -
human -
possible - -
civilised -

you have Fоrmеd,

ь) Make up five sепtепсеs with the adjectives
i l believe it's
2 1'm sure it's
3 In mу view, it's


and (2) the Internet, The InteTnet is very
media for any information about the соuпtrу
you аrе (3) =__- of some things' which аrе unusual to Уоu'
usefui lоr ctrlturai awareness.,Wlren
you сап (4) to them easily, However, it's
tlrey don't tend to геmаiп shocking and
Being quite а
(6) course and was staying in а sttldent hostel,
Britain. l was taking an
very much as I conc]uded fгоm
sociable реrSоп, I (7) made lots of friends. They liked mе
аrе haPPY to See .rou!" and other
their own wоrds. They kept saying: "It,s fantastic to meet уОu!" "We
things like that.
fellorM student on the (s) .-- side of the Street,
Опсе. on the Way to the college l saw а
you! It's great to see you!"
Не was waving to mе: "Hil How аrе
,,It's fantasticl See you after classesl" It was
he smiled and said:
today.,, And I was rеаllУ surprised when

cbvious that he didn't even listen to mу rерlу,

much meaning in оrdеr to sound polite and
[t's when people use Set phrases without
UNlT 4 Section 4
l а) Surргisе Ь) collapse с) shock d) blow
2 а) Ьгоwsеd Ь) rап с) studied d) investigated
J а) familiar Ь) рrераrеd с) аwаrе d) rеаdу
4 а) change Ь) сопчеrt с) alter d) adapt
5 а) predict Ь) invent с) prevent d) enhance
6 а) immediate Ь) immегsiоп с) impatient d) immопаl
7 а) instant Ь) instantly с) intolerantly d) irltolerant
8 а) апоthеr Ь) some оthеr с) nearest d) opposite
9 а) frightening Ь) threatening с) stunning d) frustrating
l0 а) little Ь) small с) tiny d) miniature

рчt the раrts ot the lеttег in the соrrесt оrdеr.

Тhеге аге about two hundred overseas students lrеге,

and sometimes it's not easy to guess
whеrе some of them аrе fгоm. I nryself was taken
fоr а polish and fоr а czech sечеrаl times
the1, say that I have an Easteгn Еuгореап
accent. And some of mу рееrs looked very surprised -
when they found out that I'm frоm Russia.

I don't knori, if tlrel,are right оr not, but I

enjoy speaking English all the time imrnensely!
['че Ьееп studying hеrе fоr а week and а half аtrеаСу
ur,JI'u"--ude good рrоgIеSS.

They thought that people in Russia wеrе uпfriепdtу

and unsociable. It's а shame trrat ttlere
аIе Still So man!-pгejudices and steIeotypes about
mу соuпtrу. But I'm sure that I'll Ьгеаk all
of thenr bl,the end оf mу сошгsеl

['t,e met some nice guys frоm Sweeden and Italy

hеrе and we hope to Stay in touch .u.T.'"1"n
оuI соuгsе will Ье очеr and when we get back home.

I'm rvгiting this lеttеr in English as it's strictly forbidden

to use апу language here Ьrr' ВrrgЙ
The thing is that I'm taНng an immersion соursе
of English in Malta now ancl оur teachers
tlrink that if we switch off оur native languages, it will
enhance ollг speaking skills.

Love and Hsses,


UNlT 4 Section 4
9 lmagine that уоч'rе taking ап immersion sчmmеr сочrsе ot Епglish. Write а lеttеr to уоur Fгiепd
frоm there. Use Julia's [etter as а mode].


1 Complete the sentences with thе words tгоm the Ьох. Тhеrе аrе two words you do поt пееd.

l gap maturity exchange immеrsiоп background application uy91"

1pP,:TiI:" j

Sophie was опе of the students who took раrt in an ( 1 ) рrоgrаmmе. She had
а tегm abroad, at а school that is а раrtпеr оfhеr school.
2 After school I would likc to take а (2) уеаr. It's а gгеаt opportunity, iп mу
opinion, to wоrk and trачеl. It will ргоЬаЬlу help mе undeгstand wlrat саrееr I rеаllу warit to choose,
3 If уоu go abroad on business оr to study, it's very imporlant to Ье culturally (3)
This means you should hаче some idea of the customs of the country and the people's lifestyle.
4 То boost mу Englislr, I wourld iike to take an (4) соursе this summег. It's а чеrу
intense coulse and all the commulrication inside and outside tlre сlаssrооm will be опlу in English.
5 Olrr host family turпеd out to Ье чеrу nice реорlе. They аrе friendly, they want to find out mоrе
about mу соuпtrу and ask mе lots of questions. I rеаllу (5) thеiг vivid interest.

6 If yorr want to take а university соursе, you need to find out everything about their tеrms and write

а letter of (6) _.
2 Compl,ete the sentences. Use the words iп CAPITALS in thе аррrорriаtе Fоrm.

In general, the triр was all right. We enjoyed the sightseeing, but оur guide's

рооr organisation was very (7) . Не was often late, and FRUSTRATE
confused the dates and places.
2 The пumЬеr of international students has decreased sharply in оur university.
The educational managers say that, (8) this has APPARENT
happened duе to economic геаsопs.

76 Test YоursеlГ
3 The Police stopped and fined us. They did
not accept очr."iJББiil
just tourists and wеrе (9)
ofthe local traffic rules.
4 The tTaffic was heavy, but paul was driving
very dапgегоuslу. The accident
seemed (10)
5 Му summег job was not а well-paid one, but
it offered mе good саrееI
opportunities. Му ехреriепсе thеrе was чеrу
6 I don't think this team has а chance
of being successful. Тhеrе is а

of the athletes' goals and attitudes to

sport in мАтсн
They do not have team skills at all.

choose thе соrrесt апswеr.

l Nina told hеr boss exactly what she thought about the mаttеr, (
l3) she under-
stood that it was impolite,
рrоЬаЬlу even rude.
2 Ечеrуопе was at the meeting point оп time
( 14) the heavy rаiп and tTaffic
з Маrk felt чеrу tired аftеr the trip. ( 15)
, he felt that he was getting ill.
4 (16) а flu epidemic, оuг e'ams wеrе put off and we
had Some ехtга time to get
геаdу fоr them,
5 ( 17) _.-._..-=..-=.-_- а Frепсh couIse, Michael was attending classes in Arts and
6 Jane decided to take а taxi, (l8)
--.-----.-----.---.-----.----..-------.-.- the гаiп was getting heavier and thеrе
was no
sign of the bus.

1з а) besides Ь) and с)although d) due to

r4 а) that Ь) despite с)because
а) Ноwечеr
d) in spite
Ь) Due to с) Since d) Моrеочеr
lб а) Due to Ь) In spite оf с) Ноwечеr d) Although
|7 а) ln addition to Wheneve.
Ь) с) Because of d) Since
а) in spite оf Ь) besides с) although
d) since
ъе -ing/get used to_fngand thе appropriate
;T*fijiT;J,Tж;Ёilý:."ses used to

му grandfather keeps saying tlrat when he was а child, they played lots оf
outdoor games. Now childгen (20)
with each NoT/ PLAY
оthег. They рrеfег gadgets to rеа1 communication.
\\Ъеп I stагtеd mу immersion course,
it was чеrу difficult fоr mе to Speak
Engiish all the time. But soon I (21)
and it didn't
seem so tiring an1, mоте.

Test \Ъursеlf
оmзrшше mабл.
4 Sleeping in tents and cooking очr meals on а firе waý а new ецlсгiспсе
fоr mапу of us. But our scout leader told us that we (22)
in the йIтlро to the chilly weather and even to LIVE
mosquitoes very ýoon.
5 - Chinese food is so spicy! How can уоч eat it?
I've been living in China fоr thrее years alTeady. I (23) Елг
this kind of food.

6 - I feelvery homesick. | (24) опmуоп,пr'ш l NEVER/LIИNG

You wilI. What you need is some self-confidence and new friends.
the чеrЬs in CAPITALS iп the appropriate fоrm.
ý bmprete the phone convergation. Use
Receptionist: Неllо! This is the Language Сепtrе, Му паmе is Liana, How can
I help you?
Мах: Hello. I'm Мж. I (25) to find out about l CALL
уочr sчпrmеr рrоg&mmеs. I'm interested in Frепсh language
Receptionist: Right.(2Ф in any of our ргоgrаmmеs, I YOU / EVER /
Маж No. It's the Гrst time I've ечег thочфt of applying.
Receptionist: Ok. Тhеп I'll start with the most рорчlаr ргоgrапrmеs.
According to очr sчrчеу, the thTee-week-course "Boost уочr
summer" (27) to Ье the most appealing. l CONSIDER
It focuses not only оп language skills but on рrоЬlеm (28)
and the ability to work in а team. l SOLYE
мах: That sounds grеаt. And what level is required to join the course?
Receptionist: Don't worry, we have groups of difforent levels. When you decide
on the сочrsе, you (29) Ьуочrtеасhеrs l INTERVIEW
to find out уочr exact level.
Мак Oh. Is it necessary?
Receptionist: Yes. дпd а brief g;rаmmаI test as ъчеl1. It's fоr уочr оwп good,
believe ше. We want to Ье sчге you afe 1еаrпiпg what you rеаllу
necd, not wasting уочr time with us.
Мак Ok. I don't enjoy (30) tests, but I'l1do it. I WRITE
Could you mail mе all the deИils about this оочгsе?
Receptionist: Sure. Please could you tell mе уочr e-mail?

Маrkуочr scоrе
the sentences, Use the vегЬs frоm the right со[чmп
iп thе аррrорriаtе active and passive

i._-_-*ylt |у I__9,]
cý е

i В Don't forget to invite Sаrаh. She

чеrу pleased to get
invitatiorr. - i Ь*
i tne i

l -* ]:g*g,-l1::::.|,le,ad соmраrtmепts? lPut +, Jуоur sоmеwhеrе else.

suitcase JvllrvwllElс;
ччr gчrLvaýw j;

,. t
clsс_ j
*-*" "-****-
10 I don't feel like going bybus. Do you mind i

. rrv weatlrer
vv vGLllvI is wonderful.
rD wutlL]Ellцl. ii

j ll

The pie tastes too Spic1,, Тоо mшсh pepper _- =.-_.- iп it. I put

the sentences, Use thе vегЬs Fгоm thе гight со[чmп

iп the аррrоргiаtе active апd passive
How about going to thе shopping сепtrе if
i' уоu
-- busv пехt i not / Ье


;2 When l
I haven't seen t]ris SроrtS centre.
'l l :-

*Г:-:::-'"j:::: _ ,
i Iп the р;,i;;Й;Й, ",
R,,;;;;;;й;. * -
g,епеrаtiопs to live tоgеthег
; use
- jack
aiwal,s / drеа;тi
1з! i r,з11l good chance to make his drеаm tгuе.
\\: .j;cn't kпоц,if the castle
оr l1ot, So we
decide .i '.t, Srf .iI,1d scc. ii
Ехiегisiче grаmi"пёl


7 Do уоu believe that people

with extraterгestrial civilisations thousands уеаrs

Г Ро you think the ехtrаtеrrеstriаl life

to Маrs,
il'y* ** оffеrеd to take part in the expedition

I think in the future all clothes

Don't уоu think so?
globe, Епфsh is not the same everywhere,
Spoken in different рагts of the
One and the same word mау


mу parents
['ve got some news -
new school.
уоu smile the most?

3 I can't чrеаr tЫs uпifоrm! I

The пеiфЬочrs
I can't concentrate on my assignment,

their flat and the noise is awful,

- all the invitations
5 We could not put offthe presenИtion

гй" canlookup the information on ourwebsite,
there in а couple of days,

I d.rrrt know whether Iove

got а pass оr not, The tests

to you on уоur first day at schoo1?

It's great to see уоu hеrе!Whу
suggest that
ffi stressful for childгen. Some реорlе

ii l" my opinion, in the futчrе реорlе

to 150 years and longer,

Extensive grammar

-. *,,,*,- ** -,, "'.-..-J


ffi Comptete the sепtепсеs. Use the verbs frоm the right со[чmп in the appropriate
active апd passive

[t was mу fiTst tгiр аьrоаd and it was about to Ье очеr. I

akeady / check
(1) out of mу hotel but I still had а few hours before mу flight
It was the riфt time to shop fоr sоuчепirs fог all the family!

[п а сгаfu shop I (2) а hugе nlug fог mum

- she l buy
had always liked those Hnds of things. Тhеп I thought that а bright
(3) а good present fоr mу dad. I
make / find
(4) а toy fоr mу Ьrоthеr, but Grапdmа was а рrоЬlеm. She was very
раrtiсulаr аЬоut things and hated unpractical plesents.

Iп one of the shop windows I saw а bright rеd umЬrеllа. It

(5) huge and wonderful. "If I buy Grandma this umЬгеllа,''
I thought,
"She (б) it's а useless thing because it's чеrу Say
inconvenient to сагry it around.''
(7) and went furthеr down the street. Sъh

What caught mу attention next was а nice handbag. It

(8) l make
of small patches of соlоurеd fabric. I was about to buy it but
thought that Grandma
(9) оf it either. "What can it not / аррrоче
(10) fоr?" I heard hеr чоiсе in my еаrs, .'It's
too uSe
small to саrцr anything in it."
А little funny Teddy Веаr was out of the question it was of по practical use at a1l.

anything fог mе?" these wеrе the fiгst l you / Ьriпg

Grапdmа's words I hеаrd оп mу аrriчаl. "I аdоrе surprises and unpractical

ж comptete the sепtепсеs. use the verbs frоm the rlght со[чmп in the
аррrорriаtе fоrms.

Time was running out. The game Was exciting and dynamic. But the
sсоrе was still
0-0. Кечiп could поt take his eyes off the TVand
(1) rJ:ot / hear
when his father came into the rооm.
"Who (2\?" he asked.
*The рlау
Spanish Club and the Portuguese,'' Kevin
that Ыs dad ryas not а fan and didn't go into details.
аrе !,orr supporting?''

Extensive grаmmаr

*The Spanish. Ifthe tеаm (4)to wifi thb gаmс, шшасе

it'll getto the final.'

"Theywill. The final sсоrе willbe 2-1 to the Spanish
Kevin tumed to his dad: "}Iow do you knov,r?"
"It's not mе. Асоllеаguе of
(5) has predicted the Еýцlв lt
(Ф gпше-' ltýTt
often matches. No mistakes yet, Today's the
But if I wеrе able to prdfox
Kevin looked at Ь father again. "Soundý а bit сrаzу.
the гesults of the gaTneý..."
(7) intеr€ýtingю поt /Ье
"If уоч wеге аЬlе to ргеdiсt it, it
(Е) sоmе оrdеr
watch football at а11. Ате you hчпgгу? I

рiша.\Yillуоч joinme?
(9) not/can
"Yeý, ýufe,' Kevin tumed to his fаthог, "But I stil1

At that very moment the Spanish scored the first

lеttеrs iп the зррrорriаtе fоrm,

ý Comptete thе sепtепсез. Usе the wоrds in САРlТдL

It butwhen the cinematograph was invented, it had 1оъ of

s hаrd to betieve
mоrе than
oppcnentý. ýоmе рорlе said that the films wеrе по
(L). Тhеучrеrе invented to divert public frоm rеаl life ЕмЕRIдIN
(2), music, andtheatre. The PAINT
and from rеаl аrt like
(3). AccUSE
thеаtrе, Ьу the way, had lived thrочф ths sаmе
(4)уочkпоw. Аст
Itwasn't ргеstýiоus to Ье an
(5), the situation has changed and now Rо опе would l FоRтIJNАтЕ
Ье callod art,
eveT say thatthe theatre and the cinema aren't sеriочs епочф to

Ьmрtеtе the sепtепсеg. Ugе the words in СдРlТдL Lеttеrs iп the аррrорriаtе tоrm,
of diгfeTont ages and from
NoTvadays соmрчtеrgаmеs аrе populмwithpeople
that ап а\/еrаgе compurcr
difrerent sociat gгоuр. TheTe used to Ье а stereotцre
game рlауеris аsсrчф (l)who sticks to the monitor апd l TEENAGE
(2) andcan'tthink l ADDICT
manipulates mопstеrý there. Не is game
not sкlled in real life
about anything but соmрчtеr games. Дs а result, he
(3) and weird. SoCIABLE
communication which makes him
The Btatisticý, howevet, вау that an аYеrаgе gаmе рlаусr
is muсh оldег - in thЕif
late twenties and the tепdепсу aims to thirý. Лt the present momeRt
(4) of players аrе mеп, butwomenbecome mоrе and mоrе млIоR

Extensive grаmmаr
too. Most shooting and driving gаmеs wеrе
рrimаrilу INTEREST
designed for mеп, but ladies аrе keen on them
too. The game can Ье
чеry (6) if action is combined with rеfiпеd graphics.
plot, good visuals, and good music can
make computer games чеrу sophisticated
(7). If the game has eveгything mentioned
above, it can INvoLvE
ье defined as а new fогm of art, atong with
the thеаtrе and the cinema.

ffi comPtete the sеПtеПСеs. Use the wогds iп CAPITAL

[еttеrs iп the аррrорriаtе form.

Everyone knows the паmе of Nicola Tesla. The

famous (1), l SCIENCE
Seфian Ьу origin, was Sчrе that it was possible gепеrаtе
to electricity frоm
atmosphere and to transmit it
(2) over huge distances. WImLESS
Не had а specially (3) laboratory in Colorado Springs,
the USA, whеrе he experimented with electricity.
The result was astonishing.
His (4) insisted that Tesla was able to сrеаtе
artificial BIOGRAPHY
liфtning, much mоrе (5) than а natural thing. Не was POWER
able to make it mоче in а сеrtаiп
(6) to а precisely DIREсT
calculated destination. If that had been truе,
it would make the most
(7) weapon mankind has ечеr known.

ffi Co,ptete the sentences. Use the words iп CAP|TAL

[etters iп the аррrорriаtе tоrm.

Pets make очr life better and mоrе fun. It's grеаt
to keep pets u, ьБ. ьБ
а grеаt (1) too! Апу vet or (2) mSPoNSIBLE,
is strongly against the people who adopt
а pet on-ly because the animal looks ENVIRONMENT
cute and lovely.
They also (3) of the tendency to buy exotic pets.
Tina, а monkey, could Ье considered а
(4) one as she LUCK
got to the zoo in time for the vets to
save hеr. А tourist had ехроrtеd hеr frоm
an African country. (5), he bought the animal without
knowing anything about its diet, habits, оr
diseases. The owner's ignorance
had (6) cost Tina hег life.
The thing is that in the wild, а monkey's diet
consists рrimаrilу of fruit and
some ргоtеiп, as it occasionally eats bugs,
eggs, оr lizards.
Тhе pet owner fed Tina with the food he
ate himself, including

.,,, .. ** :?#l*:"}x ;'T;: :".ж:ж:т:::.j..;"
Extensive grаmrпаr

(8). This diet DE\,\STATE
effect of high fat and high sodium diet is
does not usually make the pet monkey obese, but it makes it
(9), sick, and can easily kill it. STRESS

10 Complete thе sentences. Use the words in СдРlТдL letters iп the арргорriаtе

When I was about Seven, my favourite pastime was visiting the zoo. It was а grеаt
way to escape the (1) of а big city with its highu,ays and REAL
fгоm all
skyscrapers, The zoo tеrritоrу seemed чеrу lаrgе and thеrе wеrе animals
around the world thеге. Му usual route started with the
(2) PoLE
fгоm the visitors
ьеаr enclosure. The large Ьеаr, called snow white, was separated
with а high Ьаr fence which I thought was absolutely
The Ьеаr looked very nice and (4) to mе. FRIEND

I grew оldеr and became able to rеаd the

(5) table пеаг the INFORM
Ьеаr enclostrre. It said that the Ьеаr was Ьогп in the zoo. "So sad,"
I thought, "The

ьеат has печеr seen the (6) епчirопmепt, she belotrgs to." FАNтАSY
(7) made mе look at the zoo frоm апоthег angle, ACTUAL
That -
The territory mау seem lаrgе but the animals can not escape the excessive
(8) of the visitors. Тhеir life is mоrе (9) cURIoUS,
it's чеrу unlikely, they will ечеr rеturп hоmе. норЕ
than serving а life sentence -
on the оthеr hand, it's also truе zoos сап sаче some species frоm
(10). Fоr ехаmрlе, three Sumаtrап tigers were Ьоrп in the ExTlNCT
zoo several years ago. It's чеrу unlikely that all thTee cubs would surчiче in the
but in the zoo all them turned into mаturе,
(11) animals and HEALTH
now the staff is happy to take сате of the eight rrew сuьs of the rаrе tiger.
Some of
to the wild.
I them willprobably Ье rеturпеd -,.,,...л*-****l

11 comptete the sепtепсеs. use thе words thе аррrорriаtе fоrm.

we discuss environmental problems а lot nowadays. In the past реорlе wеrе not i

but now
аьlе to affect nature so much because they didn't have such technology,
we have to Ье чеrу (1) оr we mау destroy the whole рlапеt. cARE
(2) wаrmiпg is one of the examples. If it goes on, cities and GLoBE
whole countries will be lost under water.
То reduce (3) and to save теsоurсеs we should use clean energy POLLUTE
mоrе. Тhеrе аrе many (4) sоuгсеs ofenergy. They can Ье RENEW
used again and again and аrе (5) foT паturе. HARM

Extensive grаmmаr
Sоlаr роwеr is опе oГthe fastest growing energy ýочIсеS, Solar cells аrе becoming
(6), flexible and tTansportable ЕFFЕст
they can Ье irrstalled
mоге and mоrе easily. The solar cells (7) is still rаthеI INSTALL
expensive but it will pay back in the future.

complete thе sепtепсеs. use the verbs from the right со[чmп iп thе аррrорriаtе Fоrms.

Journalist: The guest in оur studio today is Рrоfеssоr Маrgаrеt Grеу. We аrе
happy to greet you here, Professor.
Рrоfеssог: It's mу pleasure to Ье hеге. In fact, I (l) not / invite
to broadcast studios too often.
Jouгnalist: mli
Jouгnalist: But today а scientist studying environmental issues is а celebrity.
You (2) on сПmаtе and global rеsеаrсh
change fоr twenty уеаrs аlrеаdу.
Ргоfеssоr: Twenty-three to Ье exact. And I'm glad that today mоrе and mоrе
young people, like you, get interested in this thing. It's actually you,
not mе, who should wоrry about it as it is your future, not
(3), which is going to Ье affected. I
Even if nothing (4) right now, it will take do
sечегаl decades before апу crucial changes happen.
Рrоfеssоr: If they happen, the woTld (5) out of change
recognition almost instantly. Nаturе is very tolerant to us but
everything has its limit.
Jouгnalist: But why should nature mind us at all? People

(б) on the planet fоr millions of уеаrs. 1ive

Рrоfеssоr: Kght. But they (7) it so much. Just think печеr / affect
of the fact that it (8) us thousands of to
_vears take
change stone tools into tools made of metal, and only several
decades to сочеr the distance frоm hot-air balloons, which first
саrriеd passengers at the end ofthe (9) eighteen
century, to а man-piloted spacecraft. And the way frоm the first
electric bulb to lаsеr technologies was even (10). short
We аrе accelerating at а great speed...

Exlensive grаmпа:.
13 Complete the text. Use the verbs Frоm the right со[чmп in thе аррrорriаtе forms.

А few уеаrs аgо I investigated а theft case. It was а чеrу special case. It made me
fееlpuzzlеdthoughIhadsееnmаnуdifferеnt-(1),knеwthеir thief
techniques and considered myself а highly professional detective.
lt happened in Africa. Tlre archaeologists found а stone of а very strапgе shape.
Тhеrе (2) signs and lettering on it. Nobody could decode the Ье

writing and it was decided to send the artifact to Oxford to (3) study
Ьу the leading scientists. However, when the archaeologists opened the safe Ьох
whеrе the stone had been kept. they (4) it there. Л1 the not / see
оthег findings, much mоrе valuable than the stone, wеrе tlrere but the stone
(5). disарреаг

I have to confess that (б) to catch the thief. Neither not / manage
did l find the stone. ] had several suspects but I didn't have evidence to accuse any
of (7). they
Every,thing (8) сlеаr when one of the suspects rап away. Не become
was а native mап whose age was difficult to define. Не had Ьееп almost invisible

for the mеmЬеrs of the expedition because he was quiet and unsociable. Не печеr
talked and everyone was surе he (9) English. not / know

They (10) the absence of the nran if he hadn't left notice

а letter. The letter (r 1) to mе and l still keep it in mу address

Неrе it is:

Nobody suspects mе but you. The other people frоm the expedition did not ечеп
гесоgпisе mе as ап equal. Fоr them I was an illiterate aboriginal. They
(1) I could not understand their language and they think
spoke frееlу in mу рrеsепсе. As if I (2) thеrе at all. not / Ье
I shou]d say, it wasn't чеrу сlечеr of them to underestimate the оthеr people.
[n fact, my English is ргоЬаЬlу Ьеttеr than (3).

Whetr I was а child, I (4) in а British doctor's house foT sечеrаl live

уеаБ. I had some rаrе disease and the dосtог told mу parents that he
(5) some medicine fоr it. The dосtоr wasn't

86 Extensive grаmmаr
100 реrсепt sure in his medicine as it (б) yet, but mу | not / test
parents asked him to try it anyway. The doctor wanted to keep an еуе 0п mе to see
how the healing (7). Тhеrе wеrе seven children in the I ео
family to feed and mу paTents did not mind my (8) in the Sиy
dосtоr's house.
The doctorwas kind and the medicine was effective, When I got Ьеttец I
(9) to wоrk in the Htchen. I helped the cook who was а sиrt
native too. It was he who (10) mе the legend about а magic told

Ассогdiпg to the legend, the stone (11) here Ьу God of Rain а l leave
thousand уеаrS аgо. The god told the local tгiЬеs tO keep it in а secret place fоr
him. we have always been very саrеfчl with the stone. Everyone in очr triье knows
that God of Rain (12) to take it one day. If he соmе
(13) it, he won't give us water апу mоrе and оuг land will find
tum into desert.

I hеаrd about the finding when the diggers саmе back to the саmр аftеr theiT stupid
diegine. I thought that it (14) Ье that very stone. At first, I I mау
wanted to tell them about the legend and that they (15) rеturп shall
the stone to the tribe. But then I realised that they would not listen to mе and the
(16) fоr us forever like lots оf оthеr things stolen Ьу | tose
the'civilised' people.

The stone was to Ье sent to охfогd and I had to act very quicНy. At night I got into
the tent. The dog was not а pToblem as I (17) it sweet I give
bones fоr sечеrаl days. It didn't mind mу соmрапу. Everyone in the tent was fast
- I (l8) some sleeping pills to thеiг diппег. l add
It took me опlу а few minutes to find the stone the 'civilised' реорlе ате so

When you arrived, the stone (19)Ьу mypeople. | аlгеаdу / take

Yоч had no chance to find it in the саmр. You have по chance to find it апуwhеrе


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. элеl(тронная почта: [anguage@rosuchebnik.ru

По вопросам приобретения продукции издательства (ДРОФА>

обраrцаться по адресу: 123зо8, Moct<Ba,
ул. Зорге, дом 1, офис NЭ ЗlЗ
Тел.: 8-800-700-64-8з
Электронная почта: sa[es@rosuchebniI<.ru

SBN 978-5-з58-20628-1

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