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The teacher must ’  ’ with his or her students such as to acquire nursing knowledge,
professional values, and skills.
The student͛s intermediate goal:

To meet the patient͛s nursing needs and encourage self-reliant behavior to meet needs.


a.Y eing a  ’  ’.

b.Y cncourage the student and ’.


›ncrease the ability of the student     ’  


a.Y Velping the student    ’

b.Y àiving learning situations to give student
ÔY aximum learning opportunity
ÔY ›dentify, analyze, and meet nursing problems
ÔY otivate patient to develop self-reliant behavior


The student is capable to appraise nursing situations through senses and forming insights by:

ÔY pbserve patient condition

ÔY „eading patient͛s chart and nurses notes
ÔY aommunication


a.Y mssist student in ’’’  ’

b.Y ÷rovide necessary  ’ to analyze patient needs and problems
c.Y Œirect student attention to critical elements in ’   ’

The student identifies    ’ and  ’’ 

The student may apply further nursing theories and techniques to encourage patient to negotiate
and work to attain final goal of patient care.


a.Y aheck student͛s nursing care plan

b.Y Velp decide priorities of care
c.Y àive support and encouragement
d.Y Velp student realize different approaches in nursing problem
e.Y ore time needed before results obtained

Y ’   

The  of nursing care.

 ’   ’

a.Y „ewarding or satisfying response to the student, î     ’’ ’
  while in her state of illness. m dissatisfying response occurs, the patient  ’
 ’   or  ’’   
b.Y „ewarding or satisfying response to the student, if much learning attained to meet the nursing
needs of the patient. cven if nursing measures did not meet patient needs, the student still gain
knowledge and experience.


The ’   ’î  and

   ’ to solve current problems.


a.Y cncourage student examine past nursing knowledge and experience

b.Y ›dentify nursing care and measures done
c.Y ake conscious use of nursing knowledge and skills acquired