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Relief effort stands for Japan Marketing minor

complements CAS
and fear throughout the city.
“It’s the sort of thing where
you’re worried about yourself,
but you’re more worried about
Angela Bray to three marketing electives.
people in worse peril,” Pol-
Journal Staff “This was put together
land told those in attendance.
to help students for their ca-
Polland talked about how
The marketing minor has reers and futures,” said Mc-
people began to run when
always existed, but has been Cabe. “The minor is a comple-
buildings started swaying,
underestimated by College of ment to many CAS students
including the one where he
Arts and Sciences (CAS) stu- because their careers will
taught. He stayed – refus-
dents due to the Sawyer Busi- have to do with marketing.”
ing to leave an 85-year-old
ness School (SBS) three-credit Another new develop-
woman who could not exit the
courses (compared to CAS ment for the minor is the
building without assistance.
four-credit courses). However, grouping of elective cours-
Polland left Japan March
it is now a reasonable option. es into four concentrations:
16, but his heart is still there,
“In the past, it has been sports marketing, market-
as he emphasized just how
challenging for CAS students ing innovation and new me-
Photo by Jenn Orr much the Japanese people
because of scheduling with dia, brand marketing, and
need our support, stating
Jenn Orr that struck Japan on March the credit difference,” said marketing consulting. The
that “any support we give
Journal Staff 11, April will be a month de- Catherine McCabe, chair of concentrations, new to both
is going to be fully utilized
voted to raising donations the marketing department. the marketing major and
in an organized manner.”
Suffolk students showed to aid the nation in need. “Also, in order to be a business minor, allow students to
The ceremony began with
their support for Japan on Three Suffolk students af- minor, CAS students had to choose their electives in a
an introduction by Craig Cul-
April 5 in the opening cer- fected by the events in Japan take a management course.” way that meets their interests.
linane, associate director of
emony for Stand for Japan, a spoke, including Ezra Polland, A new option to minor in The sports marketing
Diversity Services. Next was
Suffolk University relief ef- who was studying abroad and marketing has been designed path includes the business
a screening of an AP news
fort presented by the Office teaching English in central uniquely for CAS students, al- of sports and the media, the
broadcast presented by USA-
of Diversity Services. The Tokyo when the earthquake lowing them to skip the man- business of sports, sports mar-
Today.com that spoke of the
kickoff was part of Asian struck. Although the tsu- agement requirement and in- keting consulting, and a gen-
severity of the situation in
American Heritage Month, nami did not hit central To- stead take the core Principles eral sports marketing course.
Japan. We all know about the
a four-week celebration of kyo, where he was living, the of Marketing course. The Marketing innovation and
earthquake and subsequent
Asian culture and pride, and tremors from the earthquake structure involves that core
now because of the tragedy were enough to cause panic see JAPAN page 4 principles class in addition see MINOR page 5

nside Mirembe encourages, creates awareness


Gianna Carchia this semester have included diers in northern Uganda.” has been making a big impact
Journal Staff global poverty and home- The paper pearls, hand- on the campus community.

News Dedicated to promoting

lessness, women’s rights,
Egypt, Libya, and Japan.
made of recycled paper by
northern Ugandan women, are
“We always welcome
new faces,” she said, as reg-
"Dump and run collects
equal human rights, social “Mirembe encourages used to make necklaces and ular meetings currently at-
items, prevents waste' justice and peace, Mirembe anyone interested in current bracelets. Although Mirembe tract about 20 to 30 students.
pg. 5 On My Mind is an organi- world events, human rights, is a young organization at the

International zation at Suffolk that holds

events to increase awareness
and peace and justice to at-
tend the
university, Davis believes it see MIREMBE page 3

"Syria shows solidarity" about these causes and to events,”

pg. 7 fund raise to help communi- said Da-

Arts ties in need. “Mirembe” is the

Lugandan word for “peace.”
vis. “In the
past, we
"Boston gets all 'Together' “We denounce the use of have sold
now" pg. 13 violence against humans, and Ugandan
work towards goals of help- p a p e r
Opinion ing those in post-traumatic
situations, and in danger of
pearls to
benefit the
"The cruelty toward one
woman in Libya" pg.15 being trafficked, through building
raising funds and aware- of a reha-
Sports ness,” said Meghan Davis, bilitation
"Suffolk student plays im- president of the organization. center for
portant role for department" Events generally focus on former
pg. 18 one topic per week. Topics child sol-
PAGE 2 April 6, 2011

POLICE BLOTTER Venture showcases university-wide work

Derek Anderson selves and indirectly with the veins and/or roots and then
Wednesday, March 30 Journal Staff authors, to go and grammati-
cally edit them. Whether they
it moves into a tree that’s
blooming and then it makes
Every year, Suffolk’s Ven- are revised with my e-board a pattern going back into
11:03 p.m. ture Magazine is published to or if it’s just simple punctua- the EKG line. It represents
10 Somerset showcase the talented works tion, I have to make sure their our natural rhythm of life.”
Report of a simple assault in front of 10 Som- of students, alumni and fac- piece matches the English The magazine will be
erset Street. Report filed. Case closed. ulty, whether it is literature- language but it doesn’t lose release at Venture’s launch
based, photography, poetry or the voice and feeling of the party on April 20, in the Do-
any other art-based creation. author. So that is the hardest nahue Café at 6 to 8:30 p.m.,
“Venture really is a place part. Making sure I keep the something Canavan and her
where you can get your author and keep the author E-Board have been working
Thursday, March 31 voice out and express your- in their piece, their photo- toward all year. Meagan Da-
self,” said Venture Editor graph, their drawing [with- more, the Fiction/Non-Fiction
7:53 p.m. in Chief Jillian Canavan. out changing their voice].” Editor, Alex Ali, the Poetry
With the collection of Along with the edit- Editor, Alex Wikoff, the Art
Public ing of pieces, the book itself Editor, make up Venture’s E-
works and production taking
A suspicious electronic device located on a all year long to produce the must be designed. Canavan Board and ensure that the
fire hydrant in the corner of Washington and publication, a magazine is
West Street. Report filed. Case closed. lot of work goes published.
into Venture be- “I can’t
hind the scenes. wait to see
Submissions these books
usually are due printed,” said
Friday, April 1 by the third or Canavan. “I
fourth week am really ex-
of November, cited to not
11:03 a.m. only see my
but this year,
150 Tremont submissions year’s work,
Suspicious person report at 150 Tremont were extended but to be
Street. Report filed and case closed. to the week proud of all
before finals. my fellow stu-
7:14 p.m. “Usually dents and my
we get about fellow alumni
150 Tremont and staff and
a hundred lit-
Alcohol confiscation at 150 Tremont St. Re- erature submis- community
port filed. Judicial Internal. sions, maybe and to be a
a hundred art part of that.”
submissions,” W i t h
said Canavan. Canavan still
“This year was a junior this
Saturday, April 2 interesting be- year, she in-
cause we had tends to make
6:28 p.m. fewer submis- changes to
sions, so I had the magazine
10 Somerset more room for next year. She
Odor of marijuana, Report filed. Judicial artists. Last mentioned the
Internal. year we had two author and
hundred-some- Photo courtesy of Jillian Canavan artist’s con-
thing art sub- tract needs
missions and only had room let the Journal in on what the clarifying, so submitters and
Sunday, April 3 for 25 of them. It was really cover design may look like. the staff know exactly what
hard. This year it was easier “I’ve based the design they need to do and expect.
1:23 p.m. and so much better that there of the cover off the fact that Canavan also mentioned
was room for these submis- you use your voice and your another main goal was to
Donahue expression to be yourself put Venture Magazine online.
sions. It was the same thing
Unwanted person in Donahue. Left without with the literature. I didn’t and to show who you are,” “I also would like to put
incident. have to worry about cutting said Canavan. “Who you Venture online. It’s a project
out long fiction pieces that are is part of your existence that I was going to start this
1:59 p.m. would take up a lot of space.” and its part of your purpose summer but never had time
in life, and without it there to. But since I’m graduat-
Donahue With the submissions
comes the editing of hun- really is no existence. Our ing in next spring and will
Annoyance complaint report from a Holiday voice and words are what have a lesser class load in
dreds of pieces, which
Inn Resident. Report filed/open case. Canavan said was the most gives us existence and life.” the spring, I’m hoping to
challenging process of “From that, I was think- put it together. Starting from
composing the magazine. ing and drew from the Tree 2006, I have all the books on
“[The biggest challenge] of Life and also drew from file and I’m going to archive

Monday, April 4 is making sure the integrity of

the authors and artists is not
the fact that yours generally them and put them online.”
come from your heart,” con- With the potential of
sacrificed in compiling the tinued Canavan. “It incorpo- Venture joining the digi-
10:52 a.m. book,” said Canavan. “I have rates the natural rhythm of tal world and their launch
Public an editing staff that select the life. It moves from a regular event on April 20, there’s
pieces and then work with the EKG line into an EKG line a lot to look forward to
Individual on Temple Street harassing stu-
authors, or the pieces them- with wisps that look like for the magazine’s future.
dents for money. Report filed/case closed
PAGE 3 April 6, 2011

Interfaith center unites Suffolk community

Angela Bray Leadership & Involvement is two-fold,” she explained. weekly topic. Past topics have thing you can talk about in the
(SLI) office or the interfaith “One fold includes weekly included LGBTQ and envi- context of religious beliefs.”
Journal Staff
center, include Eastern Tradi- events—Qur’an study, Torah ronmental issues. Students, Next Tuesday will host a
tions and the Muslim, Roman study, Christian Bible study, staff, faculty, and a variety pre-Passover chocolate sed-
Suffolk’s interfaith center,
Catholic and Jewish commu- Breathe, and meditation.” of faiths are represented, ac- er, a model liturgy that has
an office of the Division of
nities. The Jewish community Breathe consists of spiri- cording to Pulitzer-Kennedy. been created for universi-
Student Affairs, provides re-
ties to use as an educational
ligious events and resources
tool to teach about the seder
for all students, faculty and
ritual in an informal context.
staff of all religions. An inter-
Both Fisher and Pulitzer-
faith room and a meditation
Kennedy agreed the par-
room unite University Chap-
ties, most specifically the
lain Reverend Amy L. Fisher
Hanukkah party, attract the
with the Suffolk community.
most students. “The par-
“I would like to say my
ties get people together for
vision of what it means to
socialization and educa-
be a university chaplain is
tion,” said Pulitzer-Kennedy.
what facilitated the office as
“Kathryn even did a beading
an interfaith center,” said
workshop, which was very
Fisher, who has served as the
hands-on for the students.”
university’s chaplain since
“You don’t need to
the interfaith center came to
come to an event or pan-
Suffolk in 1999. “My vision
el, this can be just a place
was to create a center where
to sit and think,” she said.
all religions could commu-
“Students come with
nicate, not just one or two.”
universal questions want-
She also works with her
ing to hear other perspec-
two interns, Moira Pulit-
tives outside their own,”
zer-Kennedy, a student at
said Fisher. “This is a time
Harvard Divinity School, Photo courtesy of Amy L. Fisher
in their adult lives to truly
and Kathryn Henderson, a Yesterday's stainability and religion panel mix and mingle with oth-
student at Andover New-
is sponsored by Suffolk Hillel, tual readings for contem- A remaining panel of the ers outside their traditions.
ton Theological School.
directed by Ailene Gerhardt. plation and meditations semester regards civility and Fisher serves as a coun-
“We start new religious
“We try and have a are done through spiri- the use of modern media. selor, spiritual guide, educa-
clubs as frequently as we are
variety of events open to tual readings as well as the “The civility panel will be tional advocate, and ethical
invited to create them,” said
members of all faiths,” said more traditional Buddhist about how civility and use voice and will speak with
Fisher. “This is the interfaith
Pulitzer-Kennedy. “We edu- format led by an expert. of modern media and social anyone about things like
center for the entire univer-
cate; it isn’t all a worship Overlapping the weekly network sites brings people spirituality, religion and ra-
sity—law school, arts and sci-
service. People learn and events are interfaith panel of different faiths together to cial issues to ethics and mo-
ences, business school, grad
have a new experience. Ev- discussions held on Tues- build different boundaries rality. She is available daily
and undergrad students.”
erything is totally inclusive.” days, which focus on religion and diversity,” said Pulitzer- from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by ap-
Existing groups, whether
“The structure of events and faith in addition to a Kennedy. “Civility is some- pointment in Donahue 540.
based through the Student

Presidential search update Organization promotes human

In a recent email to the
entire university, Suffolk’s
“With Greenwood/Ash-
er’s assistance and guidance
rights, justice, and peace
search for a replacement we are planning the search from MIREMBE page 1 raised a fair amount of mon- nization put together post-
president has moved forward process,” the email went on to ey to donate to the Greater ers and advertisements for
by selecting a Search Consul- say. “We will be placing an ad- Boston Food Bank through the events to increase stu-
tant company to aid in the vertisement in the Chronicle “This past week, Mirem- the canned food drive, the dent understanding of the
Search Committee’s efforts. of Higher Education and oth- be worked with the Suffolk virtual food drive, and do- causes that Mirembe takes on.
“Given the important role er publications and are devel- Democrats to hold events nations,” she said. Davis be- “Mirembe feels it’s impor-
Search Consultants play in oping a position description centered around raising lieves students left inspired to tant to promote around cam-
such a selection process, our for use in candidate solicita- awareness about global pov- make a change in the world. pus and make people aware
Committee considered five tion, review and interviews.” erty and homelessness,” she Mirembe On My Mind of how many homeless people
and interviewed four consul- In efforts of finding ex- said. “We had a great turn- receives its funding through there are, within our Suffolk
tants,” stated the email from President Sargent’s replace- out. Both Mirembe mem- a budget and initiatives from community and along Bos-
Trustee and Search Commit- ment, there will be “town bers and Dems came out, as SGA. The group has also been ton too,” said Alexis Eliopou-
tee Chair Dennis M. Duggan, meeting” type forums for uni- well as people from the Suf- working with a public rela- lus, one of the PR students.
Jr.  “We unanimously chose versity constituents to com- folk University campus and tions class this semester to The organization is plan-
Greenwood/Asher & Associ- municate challenges, changes the greater Boston area.” help raise awareness about the ning a few more events before
ates, a woman-owned inter- to be made, success opportu- The events included a organization and its events. the close of the semester, in-
national search firm with 30 nities, etc. This is to enable canned food drive, a virtual “Mirembe works to build cluding an event centered on
consultants and affiliates.” participation from anyone foodbank to benefit the Great- relationships with students the emerging right to access
The women heading the wishing to be involved and er Boston Food Bank, show- of Suffolk,” said Davis. “And safe and affordable drinking
company, Dr. Jan Greenwood voice thoughts or concerns. ings of the documentary One working with the PR class water for health and well-
and Dr. Betty Asher, were stat- A website is currently be- Day at a Time and the movie has been a great opportunity. being, as well as equitable
ed in the email to have both ing created to track Search The Pursuit of Happyness, and We really try to work with sharing of water resources.
been university presidents Committee progress. “In the two guest speakers Professor another club or organization Weekly meet-
in the past. Their team has meantime,” stated the email, Chun spoke to address the on campus for each event.” ings are held on Tuesdays
also been stated to have com- “Search Committee Mem- food crisis in North Korea. The students in the PR at 1 p.m. in Sawyer 133.
pleted over 1,000 searches. bers welcome your input." “We are confident we class have helped the orga-
PAGE 4 April 6, 2011

Ceremony speakers, broadcast elaborates on tragedy abroad

from JAPAN page 1 ing the life-long friendship tact a week after the quake. people receive more aid, a ers and giving free food to
between the U.S. and Japan. “People are suffering, statement that has sparked those traveling several miles
tsunami that horribly af- Following Mr. Nakatomi’s people are dying, and I can’t some optimism. “Hopefully by foot just to make it home.
fected the north-east region. speech were words from the believe what is happening everything will be better,” “I just want to share nice
We also know about the wor- three Suffolk students, one of in my city,” Ohyama said. Ohyama said. “I’m sure [of stories of people helping each
ries and uncertainties tied to whom was Takako Ohyama, a She spoke about so many it], especially with all the do- other,” Goshima concluded.
the Fukushima nuclear power Suffolk nations.” The ceremony ended with
plant situation. But what we senior Fol- a video message from Tomo
don’t know are exact num- f r o m lowing Honda, a Suffolk alum liv-
bers of people affected or how t h e Takako’s ing in Japan and working for
long it will take to rebuild north- words Fukushima Renaissance, an
the most hazardous areas. east re- was Kei organization that is active in
After the news broadcast, gion of G o s - the Fukushima power plant
Mr. Hisashi Nakatomi spoke Japan. hima, a disaster control. Honda too
about exactly what happened S h e Suffolk emphasized the importance
the day the earthquake and s a i d g r a d and appreciation of donating:
tsunami struck. Working as she re- student “We are aware of, and we
Deputy Consul General – ceived from To- are grateful for all of the sup-
Japanese Consulate, Mr. Na- word kyo who port from the international
katomi has been educating of an has been communities. Thank you Bos-
others about the gravity of Ja- earth- a c t i ve l y ton, and thank you Suffolk.”
pan’s situation and the impor- quake work- The main event in the Suf-
tance of international aid. The from a ing with folk relief efforts this month
Japanese Consulate in Boston friend Ohyama will be Stand for Japan, a
provides cultural resources, late at on the fundraiser that will take place
Photo by Jenn Orr
visa information, events cal- night Suffolk on the entire fourth floor of
endar, and business infor-
Pictured above Ezra Polland (Left) and Takako Ohyama
while Stand for Donohue on April 14. All
mation, with a list of Japan studying here in Boston. people not knowing where Japan relief effort. Goshima money for earthquake and
specialists in New England. She said she wasn’t really to go because so many fami- noted how the quake was so tsunami relief will be sent to
With 134 countries tak- worried at first since earth- lies have been displaced. Af- vast that in Tokyo where her Japan through the Red Cross,
ing part in relief efforts, Mr. quakes are common where ter three weeks of rescue ef- parents live, the piano in her Suffolk’s choice as the best
Nakatomi noted both his she’s from, but the follow- forts, 15,000 people have yet house moved a significant dis- organization to work with.
gratitude and the gratitude ing day she saw the news to be found. “It’s hopeless tance. Trains were shut down, Although the opening
of the Japanese people, say- on TV and was shocked. She for people who are missing.” her friends had to walk eight ceremony for Stand for Japan
ing, “We appreciate the huge could not reach her parents A friend back home told miles to get home, but every- occurred just yesterday, “Your
help and support of the Unit- or friends for a while but was Ohyama to tell others that one was helping one another – kindness has already reached
ed States” before mention- finally able to establish con- things are getting better as opening their doors to strang- my heart,” Mr. Nakatomi said.
PAGE 5 April 6, 2011

Dump and Run collects items, prevents waste

Michael Christina The program has also the program while working run this program and how being encouraged to join in
Journal Staff been successful in helping in Suffolk’s facilities office. “I to overcome some of the as well. “We are trying to pro-
with local charities, such as wondered what Suffolk did in challenges, and we are very vide more guidance than ever
For the past four years ABCD North End, which is terms of getting rid of items excited for the fifth annual to students who live off cam-
Suffolk University has worked part of Boston’s antipoverty from the dorms, and it turned Dump and Run,” she said. pus and are going to be mov-
with an organization called agency. According to Matti- out there was not any type of But more help is always ing,” said Erica. “There are
“Dump and Run”. The rela- son, the university has con- program for reducing waste welcome and needed. “We many waste reduction oppor-
tionship, started by Campus tunities in that regard and we
Sustainability Coordinator are working with OCHO and
Erica Mattison, was intended others on providing informa-
to reduce waste at the uni- tion to off-campus students.”
versity and provide students Lead Eco-Rep for the
with an easy way to contribute project, Careese Peters, is
items as they prepare to move planning for a hectic few
out of the residence halls. weeks. “The project is go-
Dump and Run, an organi- ing to pick up soon and cur-
zation operating out of Brook- rently we are looking for re-
field, is committed to helping liable volunteers who will be
colleges and universities with in or around Boston around
waste prevention techniques. exam week to help box up
One way of achieving this items and unload goods.”
goal is extending the usabil- Students interested in
ity of items students no lon- becoming involved will soon
ger need at the end of each have their opportunity, as
school year. The organization Suffolk is planning to have its
also sets out to create rev- largest Dump and Run event
enue for any non-profit envi- this month. Starting on April
ronmental and social groups 20 and continuing all the way
that are willing to take part Photo courtesy of Erica Mattison through the end of the mov-
in the projects. Education Students collect items in last year's program at 150 Tremont ing process, students will be
concerning the issues of us- able to drop off items at des-
ing natural resources and the tributed thousands of pounds during move out. I heard need a lot of hands on deck ignated locations throughout
need to conserve them is an- to local charities. The accept- about Dump and Run and to run the neatest, most orga- the residence halls. Students
other priority of the program. ed items include gently used thought it was a great idea.” nized program yet, so we are who volunteer for five hours
The plan has been a suc- clothing, shoes, books, kitch- The program has reached recruiting volunteers in early with the sorting and pack-
cess overall in achieving its en and home goods, furniture, its fifth year at Suffolk and, April and offering gift cards ing of items will receive a $10
main goal. “Suffolk has been unused toiletries and cleaning according to Mattison, has to those who successfully gift card to the Suffolk Book-
able to dramatically reduce its supplies, unopened food, and more student participa- complete five hours of work store. To volunteer, students
trash output, thanks in part to gently used sheets and towels. tion than ever. “We have in late April or early May.” should email kmrooney2@
the initiative,” said Mattison. Mattison first heard about learned a lot about how to Commuter students are yahoo.com by April 10.

CAS meets SBS minor Executive on marketing, research success keting doesn’t do just aver- talked about his career start
from MINOR page 1 marketing minor. “As we com- Soleil Barros
municate and connect with Journal Staff age stuff, it's either going in brand management while
new media offers CAS and design students, we to work or it's not going to working for Procter & Gam-
new product develop- will learn more,” she said. “It Last Wednesday, Rick work. You’re going to return ble, being assigned the prod-
ment, the business of so- all makes a good diversity in Ruffolo visited Suffolk Uni- the investment you put into uct Metamucil. Ruffolo has
cial media, high tech mar- the classroom discussions. Es- versity to present “Using marketing or you’re not.” also worked with Crest tooth-
keting, and e-marketing. pecially with the NESAD stu- Marketing Research to Cre- Ruffolo opened his pre- paste and Wonder Bread,
Integrated marketing dents; there is a great need for ate Winning Products and sentation mentioning how he along with senior brand direc-
communications, services students with those skills.” Brands” as part of Suffolk’s was appreciative to have the tor roles at SC Johnson Wax,
marketing, brand marketing, Students have land- speaker series. Ruffolo is a opportunity to arrive early Ralston Purina, Bath & Body
and the business of social ed marketing internships seasoned executive with more and visit the city. “It was nice Works, and most recently
media make up the brand with places like Hill Holi-
marketing concentration. day, HubSpot and the Bos- "... you always have a good opportunity to learn how to market."
The marketing consult- ton Celtics. In addition, in-
ing concentration focuses ternships and projects are than 20 years of experience to walk around and enjoy the working with Yankee Candle.
on sports, global (Shang- opportunities available providing growth and profit city of Boston without my
hai) and honors marketing. through the department. for top consumer brands at kids trailing behind me,” he
leading specialty retail and joked. He also mentioned the
Read the rest of this
McCabe said the con- The Professional Mar-
centrations reflect what’s consumer goods companies. excitement of having lunch article online! Scan or go
keting Association (PMA) is
currently happening in the also open to CAS students Ruffolo is an expert on and an ice cream sundae. to suffolkjournal.net!
business world. “There are with marketing minors. The the essential elements of cre- “Marketing is every-
a lot of ways for students to student organization brings ating and optimizing innova- where. You came to this speak-
choose courses with their in- marketing professionals tion strategy and process to er series, some how or another
terests. In the next few years, and speakers to the univer- successfully launch brands. it was marketing that brought
we will add more, different sity for resume help, work- He was invited to Suffolk to you here,” said Ruffolo.
types of electives,” she said. shops and career advice. share his marketing research, Ruffolo continued his
However, any three elec- “The better we connect products and branding. lecture with a slide show
tives will meet the qualification. to our business community, “All great marketing ei- presentation bringing Suf-
According to McCabe, the the better for our students,” ther leads to a program that folk students and staff along
department hopes to see more said McCabe. “It comple- fails or one that does really his journey through school-
new students declaring the ments the experience.” well,” he explained. “Mar- ing and work experience. He
PAGE 6 April 6, 2011

Questioning the future of Libya

Ryan Powell
Journal Staff
Over the past few weeks,
headlines have erupted with
news on the Libyan conflict,
exuding curiosity with con-
stant research in order to
achieve an up-to-date con-
sensus. Civilian revolt in Af-
rica seems to be a precedent
unwelcomed from the rest
of the world, but the times
could not be more conducive
to the atmosphere. Corrup-
tion fills these authoritarian
regimes while the democratic
states are unable to carry out
free and representative elec-
tions. Such strife is present
in countries such as the lib-
erated Egypt, Tunisia, Syria,
and Bahrain in the Middle
East. Each example upholds
similar roots but the over- Photo courtesy of flickr user B.R.Q.
all claim to rebellion varies
in oppression of their par- Libya which is in the north- Of late, the Western pow- towards action in Libya, but In most recent events, the
ticular governing bodies. eastern corner of the country. ers have debated a means of without consent from either North Atlantic Treaty Organi-
Concerning Libya, the Gradual expansion and interaction, especially along of them, a no-fly zone would zation (NATO) has been grad-
initial altercation was a prod- acceptance of the idea devel- the lines of a no-fly zone. create even more contention. ually taking over the reins in
uct of Muammar Gadhafi’s oped a full-fledged opposi- The enforcement of this pol- With the pro-Gadhafi Libya. This includes all mili-
strict control Libyan ideol- tion to Gadhafi. Of late, the icy, along with not allowing forces gaining sufficient tary deployment and final
ogy. He forces upon all of rebels (opposition force) have any flight throughout Libya, ground on rebel headquar- decisions on actions taken by
society his point of view, been successfully taking over would give France, Eng- ters, the UN found dire need any outside force within. Be it
and censors education facili- regions such as Benghazi, land, and any other propo- to act with civilian lives at humanitarian or military aid,
ties with other industries in the second largest city after nent probable cause to “dis- risk. Gadhafi’s plan to at- the rebels need overwhelm-
order to dissuade rebellious the capital, and surrounding arm” any opposition to the tack over this past weekend ing help to dilute Gadhafi’s
movements. Furthermore, his military bases and airports. no-fly zone. The deterrence compelled the UN Security military power, and it will
practice of public executions Although the rebels have ex- from imposing this initially Council to beseech a no- unquestionably take some
of those opposing his regime uded continuity towards a came from China and Russia fly zone with readily avail- time. On campus, debate on
do not allow for a stable and common cause, the pro-Gad- who both hold veto power able attack forces on any of Libya and the potential out-
comforting environment. In hafi forces have proven to amongst the United Nations Gadhafi’s military. This was comes have been prevalent
mid-February of this year, overpower them with an over- Security Council. This body only possible because China especially in classes, but the
protests began in Tobruk, all larger military capability. has been the driving force and Russia decided to ab- facts and realities are hard to
stain, or refrain from voting. come by, especially without
With this drastic move, feeling the true demise one
Gadhafi was coerced into can only grasp in the midst
proclaiming a “cease-fire” to of such disruption. Without
avoid intervention from out- formal leadership and inex-
side forces. Only after a few perienced military presence
days recognizing this, a co- the rebel forces, even with
alition was formed, initially air support, have failed to di-
between Great Britain and minish loyalist threat. Many
France, but now involving questions on Libya’s future
the U.S. and any Arab allies pose themselves in light of
they can conjure. The coop- the recent NATO takeover,
eration between the Arab the final outcome must be
world and the West seems determined by the rebels and
to manifest the amicable re- their willingness to overcome
lations between the two. Colonel Gadhafi’s presence.

Anti-government protestors (above) carry the coffin of

a Libyan killed in heavy fighting.

Libyan rebel fighters (left) hold their old national flag

Photo courtesy of flickr user B.R.Q. as they walk at sunset.
PAGE 7 April 6, 2011

Syria shows solidarity

Ryan Powell government propaganda. the protests have gained the web. A BBC article linked throughout Syria, their capi-
Recognizing that two gen- support throughout the to a video showing the shock- tal Damascus has held pro-
Journal Staff
erations of the Assad family world. Sympathy is pro- ing death of a simple protes- al-Assad demonstrations in
Located in the hub of the have acted as president since claimed through messages tor coming into the city for his order to set off the balance.
Middle East, Syria is subject 1971, the oppression does not and posts on these web- cause. These videos portray Whether they were bribed
to contrasting religious and go without blame. The Syr- sites updating the status in the dismal realities that citi- or forced into this, no one
ethnic ideologies proving to ian government statistic that varying nations. Countries zens in these oppressed coun- knows, but this inevitably
be the single most decisive al-Assad achieved 97.29 per- promotes al-Assad’s cause
means to controversy. Over cent of the vote when elected and gives western powers
the past few weeks, not only seems skeptical at best when less of a reason to intervene.
has strife between the Kurds questioning whether or not Given that the demon-
and Arabs caused conflict- democratic elections were strations are promoted on
ing demonstration, but Syr- applicable. The atmosphere such a world-wide basis with
ians together are raising throughout the world is giv- sympathy demonstrations
hostilities toward govern- ing those who experience in- throughout, countries outside
ment practice. Syrian Presi- justice hope that democracy may be more inclined to inter-
dent Bashar al-Assad and will prevail. With enough vene. Without this, the pro-
his government are being reason to believe democracy testers seem to have a bleak
criticized for lack of reforms is being avoided and severe outcome with al-Assad’s
and overly austere censor- authoritarianism in place in- overbearing authoritarian re-
ship producing many unnec- stead, the United Nations gime. Whether or not the U.S.
essary political prisoners. and other world leaders are will intervene is unclear, but
The ubiquitous protests expected to intervene which Obama has condemned the
in Northern Africa and The occurred in Libya. Unfortu- killing of innocent protes-
Middle East have given even nately, this will not necessar- Photo courtesy of flickr user freeedomania tors. Promises of reform from
the most oppressed citizens ily be the case because of a such as Norway, Germany, tries are exposed to on a daily al-Assad make it difficult to
the wherewithal to join in lack of credible information and Egypt have supported basis. Be it mild censorship, or formally object on the inter-
protest. Commencing in the and the question of whether the protests through dem- more severely being thrown national stage. The only hope
southern city of Deraa, pro- or not Assad has directly or- onstrations in their capitals. in to protest for being pointed is that al-Assad will initiate
tests began in mid-March dered the armies interven- Videos of protests in ma- at for having said one mere- reform in favor of his people
as a result of a build-up of tion and protestor killings. jor cities of Syria, such as De- ly anarchist comment, the in order to stop demonstra-
military intervention against With social networking raa, and the capital Damas- outcome is rarely favorable. tions. However, the crucial
minor instances of anti- resources such as Facebook, cus, have been leaked onto Despite the opposition decision is solely up to him.

Headway in Japan Why wait till graduation

to start going places?
Sarina Tracy were used to stop the leak,
but recent reports of mix-
Journal Staff
ing sawdust and newspa-
pers with polymers and ce-
On Wednesday, the op- ment have been reported..
erators of Japan’s crippled Fu- Although reports on
kashima Daiichi nuclear com- Wednesday say the radioac-
plex say they have stopped tive leak has been stopped,
the leak of radiation-filled the government of the Ibaraki
water into the ocean. The tsu- Prefecture banned the fish-
nami that caused the initial ing of Sand lances, a small
destruction, a by-product of fish caught in waters off the
the 9.0 magnitude Japanese coast of Ibaraki on Tuesday,
earthquake on March 11, trav- after they were found to Eastern Mountain Sports
elled six miles inland, caus- contain radioactive contami-
ing three nuclear reactors to nation of cesium above the
flood, and eventually explode. legal limit. The contamina-
Tokyo Electric Power en-
gineers had been struggling
tion was reportedly 526 bec-
querel per kilogram, com-
College Students
for weeks to stop the leak, pared with a health ministry Get 20% OFF all full-price EMS® brand items
which consists of a large
crack in a nuclear reactor as
standard of 500 becquerel, and 15% OFF all full-price national brand items.
Makato Osodo, of the Ibaraki Must show valid college ID. Exclusions may apply; visit store for details.
they battle the worst nuclear prefectural government said.
crisis since Chernobyl. On It is the first time that high-
Sunday, the foreboding as- er-than-permitted levels of ce- Boston
sessment of Japanese official’s 1041 Commonwealth Ave.
sium have been found in fish.
and engineers included an es- 617-254-4250
Officials are hoping that with
timate of “numerous months”
before the crisis, as well as
this recent bit of good news, Boylston
Japan will gradually regain 855 Boylston St.
the leak, was under control. control of their country, and 617-236-1518
It is unknown, as of recover from the chaos that
Tuesday night, what means has destroyed their country.
6965_AD_5.25X6.75 SuffolkU_Bosto1 1 3/22/11 9:11:51 AM
PAGE 8 February
April 6, 2011
9, 2011

South America
GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador—On Tuesday, after a 2009
State Department cable was made public by WikiLeaks,
the Ecuadorian government declared the U.S. ambassador
in that country, Heather Hodges, persona non grata and
asked her to leave as soon as possible. Ecuadorian For-
eign Prime Minister Ricardo Patino, however, declined to
call their declaration an expulsion, even though Hodges
is unequivocally being kicked out of the country. The
cable in question revealed that Ecuadorian President Ra-
fael Correa was aware of corruption in the police high
command, and when questioned, the ambassador did not
have a satisfactory response. According to Patino, this
act is “not against the government of the United States,
but against a diplomat who made serious statements.”

North America
CUIDAD-JUAREZ, Mexico– Cuidad-Juarez, the most
dangerous city in Mexico, suffered one of its bloodiest
stretches this year, finishing with 41 homicides in just a
four-day period. Among the victims are children, includ-
ing a ten-year-old boy, who was shot and killed by a bullet
meant for his father. By the end of Sunday, April 3, there
were 41 homicides in a 96-hour span, which amounts to ap-
proximately one person killed every 2.3 hours in Cuidad-
Juarez. "The police have practically done nothing,” said
local criminologist and Juarez professor Oscar Maynez.
“On certain occasions they have made some arrests, but
what happens is that the police are patrolling, but there is
no real strategy of the police to stop crime and violence.”

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo– A U.N
plane carrying 33 people crashed in the Congo on Monday
while attempting to land at the Kinshasa airport during
strong thunderstorms and winds of 23 mph. U.N. Peace-
keeping Director Alain Le Roy said the aircraft missed the
airstrip likely because of the wind, but he cautioned that
the investigation was in its early stages. Most on board
were U.N. personnel with five passengers working for oth-
er agencies. Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United
Nations, said America "stands ready to assist the U.N. in
the aftermath of this terrible accident. As we know well,
a stable and prosperous future for the DRC must begin
with peace for its people, and U.N. personnel have worked
courageously to strengthen the protection of the nation's
women, men and children after years of strife," she said.
PAGE 9 April 6, 2011

Apartment Listings
Sponsored by FIRE - Future Investors in Real Estate

Central Square North End

Contact: Donald Wright (617) 955 5985 Contact: Donald Wright (617) 955 5985
Beds: 3 Rent: $2300 / month Beds: 3 Rent: $3000 / month
Baths: 1 Available: 6/1/2011 Baths: 1 Available: 6/1/2011
Large Amazing Bright and Sunny 3 Outstanding Newly Renovated 3 Bed-
bedroom in Central Square seconds from the Red room in the North End. Large Bedrooms and Liv-
Line with a large living room and spacious ing Room a Fantastic Deal. Similar Units Available
bedrooms. Similar units available for 9/1/2011. for 9/1/2011.

Beacon Hill Beacon Hill

Contact: Donald Wright (617) 955 5985 Contact: Donald Wright (617) 955 5985
Beds: 3 Rent: $3000 / month Beds: 2 Rent: $2000 / month
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Outstanding Large 3 Bedroom on Beacon Absolutely amazing 2 bedroom with heat
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Baths: 1 Available: 9/1/2011
Wonderful Huge 3 bedroom in the North
End with Laundry in Unit and Hot Water Included.
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Hill and North End go very quickly so get this
gorgeous apartment today!

Information supplied by Boston Pads www.bostonpads.com (617) 445-2200: office (617) 955-5985: cell

Weekly Crossword
PAGE 10 April 6, 2011

Feathers f ly in Ca mbridge
2011 Boston Pillow Fight attracts thousands to Harvard Sq.
Sarina Tracy with dozens of other cities Misteriosos announced the enough to be in their range. including school-pride ap-
Journal Staff joining in, including Buda- location on their website. All “The little kids are the parel from practically every
pest, London, Paris and New attendees were urged to “re- most epic!” laughed 24-year- college and university in the
Fluffy pillows held in the York, among many others. main inconspicuous to the old Matt Jerod. “They come Greater Boston area. The fi-
hands of thousands descend- nal feather-assailant count
ed upon Harvard Square last ended up at around 1,400.
Saturday afternoon. As 2:55 As feathers flew through
p.m. rolled around, they had the air, and thousands of
migrated to the Cambridge pillow whacks were heard
Commons, united for one throughout the grounds, by-
cause: controlled chaos. Be- standers stopped in their
wildered bystanders, how- tracks, bewildered by the
ever, had no idea the source sudden action. Photogra-
of such comradery. At 3:00 phers and videographers,
p.m. exactly, they were let in some with cameras attached
on the secret. At the sound of to hard-hats, were there to
a battle-cry by a man charg- document the action, while
ing through the crowd with the fighters did their duty.
a crimson flag, pillows were The fight, which lasted
uncovered from their hid- almost an entire hour, ended
ing places, including the in- with feathers scattered on
sides of sweaters, jackets, the Common ground, and
and large, nondescript plas- many attendees out of breath
tic bags, and became fluffy from the ferocity of combat.
weapons of mass excitement. The endless laughter might
“Pillow Fight Day: Bos- Photo by flickr user Pie_Is_Good through Creative Commons have had a huge hand in
ton” was organized by a lo- the lack of oxygen as well.
cal, non-profit, secretive Word of the event origi- best of [their] abilities,” and out of nowhere, right at “Honestly, this is the
group named Banditos Mis- nally spread like wildfire to “hide pillows in bags, big your knees, all giggling.” best,” said 19-year-old Em-
teriosos, whose aim to get through Facebook earlier jackets, and random trees,” at Many pillow-fighters ily Brothers, of Cambridge.
Bostonians “participating in this year, with nearly 4,000 the request of the Banditos. came in costume, including “Where else can you get
ways just a little out of the people vowing to attend, People of all ages, includ- a pair in a Winnie-the-Pooh this, everyone’s laughing,
ordinary,” while utilizing the and even more telling their ing the tiniest Bostonians, and Tigger ensemble, a man having a good time, being a
city’s great open spaces. This friends to join in. The venue, turned out to the Cambridge in a horse suit, and the leg- kid again in this Spring fe-
has been their main goal since however, remained a mys- Common, whipping their pil- endary Banana suit. How- ver. A pillow fight mob is
2007. Pillow Fight Day ac- tery to all, until 11:59 p.m., lows through the air, striking ever, the majority of people the coolest thing ever, and
complished this, and more, on April 1, when Banditos mighty blows to anyone lucky came clad in their daily garb, so worth this messy hair.”

Five m inutes to win it

Angela Christoforos
Journal Staff
and ended at approximate-
ly 6:00 p.m. on March 29.
the world’s largest student
film festival, and is opened
carpet finales and one huge
year-end International Grand
News Tonight, and CNN.
The Campus MovieF-
“It’s basically a five-min- up to student filmmakers Finale, in addition to show- est is a great opportunity for
Can you make a five-min- ute movie about anything you from universities and col- cases on AT&T phones and students to showcase their
ute film in a week? Appar- want. Last year about 10-15 leges across the country. in-flight on Virgin America.” film-making skills and garner
ently the contestants in the people submitted scripts and This year it is celebrating its In addition to student attention on a national scale.
Campus MovieFest can! This a video. But it can’t be even ten-year anniversary. Ac- participants in the compe- Will any Suffolk students
national student film festival a second over five minutes cording to campusmoviefest. tition potentially winning make a big impression this
contest year with
chal- their five-
lenges minute
s t u - films?
dents T i m e
to make will tell.
a film The 2011
of ex- Logo courtesy of Campus MovieFest
C a m -
actly five pus Mov-
minutes in length, and even or you will be immediately com, “During this year's tour, prizes like iPads, Final Cut, ieFest International Grand
provides students with the disqualified,” says fresh- 100,000 students will partici- or paid trips, they also have Finale will take place in
necessary tools to do it: an man Jake Athyal, who is an pate in over 50 events, earn- the opportunity to have their Hollywood from June 23-
Apple laptop, HD camera, actor in a five-minute Suf- ing $400,000 in prizes and the five-minute films exposed on 26, when the screening of
and 24/7 support. The con- folk student produced film. chance to see their movies on different media outlets such the short films will occur.
test started on March 23 This national contest is the big screen at school red as The Today Show, ABC World
PAGE 11 April 6, 2011

God should've
sunk t h is A RK
Jenn Orr
Journal Staff

If you haven’t been able

brain-staining sound, it’s him.
Wilson says that he writes
age-appropriate lyrics for his
clients, which is probably
about celebrity status, and
the songs and videos – which
tend to scream, “Hey I can
relate to you, and we’re to-
to get the exasperatingly why they are so damn an- tally cute” – of artists in the After 10 years, popular indie-electro disco-punk band
catchy song “Friday” by Re- noying to any listener who ARK community are absolute LCD Soundsystem has broken up, performing their last
becca Black out of your head, is not between ages seven proof that fame is the game. show on April 2 at Madison Square Garden in
just wait. There are more little and 16. But although Black’s An ARK favorite who New York City. The band has had much
pop princesses waiting for song “Friday” (which Wilson may be the next Rebecca success, catering to the college-aged
their YouTube moments, and wrote and takes full respon- Black is CJ Fam, a pre-teen crowd. The show, which streamed on-
a vanity record label known sibility for) has been ripped with big golden locks of hair, line for free, included cameos from
as the ARK Music Factory apart and mocked by many, a wardrobe that looks like acts such as the Arcade Fire. They
plans to bring them all to an it still managed to peak at tween store Limited Too ex- played their hearts out with origi-
unfortunate ploded on her, nals as well as covers of songs such
computer and a voice as Yes’ “Heart of the Sunrise.” The
near you! to match the show had been sold out within seconds.
Pa t r i c e mental image
Wilson, of a Limited
a former
c h u r c h
Too explosion
(Does that
Chinese food makes me sick
NKOTBSB: a combination of Boston’s own New Kids
s i n g e r / store even ex-
on the Block and 90s teen idols the BackStreetBoys. The
medical ist still?). Her
two biggest boy bands of their own respective generations
school stu- debut song, “I
have joined forces to go on the road this summer. They
dent/2000 Wanna Be an
will hit Boston on June 4, playing at the TD Garden. Some
Olympics Ordinary Pop
may say that this is too much, but it was bound to hap-
track and Star,” talks
pen. An album will be released on May 24 including new
field train- about how
renditions of favorite New Kids and BSB songs, such as
ee, founded she is so down
“Please Don’t Go Girl” and “Larger Than Life.” As of now,
the ARK Photo courtesy of OK Magazine to earth that
there are no plans for either New Edition or N*Sync to join.
Music Fac- fame would
tory in 2010. The name ARK No. 19 on the iTunes’ charts never make her unordinary.
“was based on the idea of
Noah's ark,” Wilson told the
and has logged more than The video shows differently.
64-million views on YouTube. In CJ Fam’s debut video, Memoria, Memoria
L.A. Times. “In other words, a Pop song lyrics are meant the tiny diva participates in Yesterday marked the 17-year anniversary of late
place to gather people togeth- to be catchy, simple, and photo shoots, tries on clothes grunge-rocker Kurt Cobain. Originally from Aberdeen
er, where they could be safe.” sweet, according to Wilson, and funky sunglasses, rides in and later Seattle, Washington, Cobain was the front man
After a slew of career who works with clients and limos, and walks out of build- for the band Nirvana, which reignited the Seattle rock
prospects, Wilson chose mu- their parents on the perfect ings only to be cheered on by scene once the world caught on. MTV would constantly
sic, and from there toured tune to suit their almost-al- adoring fans (child actors). play their hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from their Nev-
with Eastern European pop ways bubbly personalities. The best part of the video is ermind album, and even Weird Al took the song on with
star Ibrahim Maiga as a back- He defends himself against seeing Patrice Wilson and “Smells Like Nirvana.” Cobain apparently enjoyed the
up singer. He then studied accusations of exploiting little Clarence Jay watching sassy parody so much that he wrote Yankovick a letter, saying
the business side of music rich girls for personal gain, little CJ on a monitor, hap- that he knew he was successful because of it. Eventu-
at Whitworth University in saying that he’s not in this to pily nodding and seeming in- ally, Cobain “committed suicide” although the book is
Spokane, WA before moving make millions, but instead credibly impressed, thinking, still way open, and mystery still surrounds
to Hollywood, because, “if to give aspiring performers “Man, we’ve got ourselves the death. For instance, the “suicide note”
you're going to try to make a a chance to work in a stu- the real deal on this one.” is pretty positive until the handwrit-
dream in music happen, Los dio and in front of a camera. It seems that only Pa- ing used in the letter changes and
Angeles is where you need “I'm getting a lot of criti- trice Wilson and Clarence subject matter starts going down-
to be,” Wilson told the Times. cism saying I'm exploiting Jay know the true motives of hill. Also, the amount of heroin
In a nutshell, this is rich kids and their parents, the ARK Music Factory label, in Cobain’s system at the time
how the ARK Music Factory but find me another com- which depicts itself as indie wouldn’t have allowed him
works: starry-eyed superstar pany that would do all this on its Myspace page, a de- to even pick up a shotgun.
hopefuls audition for ARK, at a cost this low, ” Wilson scription that doesn’t really Nevertheless, we mourn.
often with help from parents. told the Times. “I don't prom- seem to fit when considering Related, Geffen Records is
For a fee of between $2,000 ise anyone fame. In fact, if the ultra-glam image it tries releasing the Nirvana EP
and $4,000, clients are given someone approaches me with to convey to little girls. Time Hormoaning for the first
a song to record, promotion, their only goal to ‘get fa- can only tell, but in the mean time in the U.S. for Record
a music video, a photo shoot, mous,' I tell them they're not time, check out the ARK Mu- Store Day on April 16.
and even image consulting. in this for the right reasons.” sic Factory’s website for more
Wilson works with producer- However, it may not information (and a good
engineer Clarence Jay, who seem that way when look- chuckle perhaps), as well as
also serves as his business ing at Wilson’s clientele. Very “Sergio Cilli’s White Hot Top
partner in ARK. Wilson writes few little girls (as well as 5: ARK Music Factory Art-
songs for the tween celebrity adults) delve into Hollywood ists,” at current.com/shows/
hopefuls, so if there’s anyone with the intention of better- infomania (for a side-splitting
to blame for “Friday” and its ing themselves as artists. It’s fit of hysterical laughter).
PAGE 12 April 6, 2011

Is Th is It?
The Strokes Re-instill Fans’ Faith at Epic April Fool’s Day Show
Julia Dawidowicz ness,” the group still knows the recording of their new debauchery remained undis-
Journal Staff how to put on a mind-blow- album, echoed through the turbed during “New York
ingly raw and dirty show. enormous crowd along with City Cops,” where Julian
Ever since The Strokes Opening Act Devendra Ban- their dopamine-stimulat- adds, “They ain’t too smart!”).
redefined the meaning of in- hart lulled the audience as ing guitar riffs as the band The charismatic lead sing-
die rock with their explosive the calm before the storm, pumped out new hits and old er interspersed witty remarks
debut album Is This It back followed by a special “April classics alike. By the time they between the songs, playfully
in 2001, I have had my heart Fools” surprise appearance by had played finished play- mocking himself for botch-
set on being graced with the legendary Elvis Costello, ing “Reptilia,” “Under Cover ing the intro to “Last Nite,” as
their majes- well as the audi-
tic presence ence for their ab-
Cursive at a live show. surd enthusiasm.
"The Ugly Organ" Many sleep- The cherry on the
The exact opposite of 'ugly' less nights cake was when
-Derek Anderson and Strokes- they played “Tak-
soundtracked en for a Fool,” be-
bus rides were fore which Casa-
spent agoniz- blancas invited
ing over the Elvis Costello,
shows I some- whose influence
how missed, is apparent in
and the idea the song, to join
that I may not them onstage,
ever get the then shouted
opportunity to “April Fools!” to
see them live the briefly em-
before they barrassed crowd,
broke up, a only to trick us
Wiz Khalifa seemingly in- again by hav-
"Rolling Papers" evitable fate ing Costello join
Solid debut for the for a band of them midway
"Black and Yellow" star. such epic mag- through in a mo-
-Matt West nitude. For- ment that is sure
tunately, last to make rock
Friday I was n’ roll history.
given what After a short
some might break the band
call a chance played a chill-
at redemp- ing five-song en-
tion, when core, which con-
The Strokes, sisted of “Ask
following the Me Anything,”
release of their “The Modern
fourth and Age,” “Gratisfac-
(supposedly) tion,” “I Can’t
final album Win,” and “Take
Eric B & Rakim Angles, re- It or Leave It.”
"Paid in Full" turned to their As elated audi-
Pump up the volume. roots to play ence members of
-Ethan Long NYC’s Madi- all sorts streamed
son Square out of the gigan-
G a r d e n . tic arena, they
While the smiled at each
sold out venue Photo by flickr user Solly_Darling through Creative Commons other knowingly,

was infinitely larger than the who played a brief but epic set. of Darkness,” “Hard to Ex- as if having just shared a re-
original grungy bars in which Before anyone could catch plain,” “Last Nite,” and their ligious experience. Leave it to
they got their start as care- their breath, The Strokes got new 80s-influenced “Life Is The Strokes to create solidar-
lessly brilliant party boys, on stage. Relief washed over Simple In The Moonlight,” ity between teeny boppers,
their wild energy and enthu- old fans like myself when it’s safe to say that everyone jazzy parents, and hipster mu-
siasm made it clear that, after they opened with their very was feeling intoxicated on sic snobs. Personally, though I
a long hiatus, they were glad first single “Is This It,” stick- the music—or maybe it was doubt anything can compare
to be home. I was pleasantly ing it to anyone who believed the varying types of smoke to the divinity of their first
surprised to find that in spite that they would be playing drifting through the air, such two albums, after seeing their
The Mountain Goats of the clean, overproduced only their new hits, or anyone an anomaly in a venue such show, I am more than will-
"Tallahassee" sounds of their new album, who doubted whether lead as MSG that one can only as- ing to give “Angles” (which
Rich, delicious angst and the new “mainstream,” singer Julian Casablancas has sume that the security guards I must give props for its ex-
-Sarina Tracy sober-and-settled-down im- still “got it.” His signature turned the other way in com- perimentation) another shot.
age seen in their latest video soulfully bellowing croon, memoration of The Strokes’
for “Under Cover of Dark- which was almost muted in wild legacy (somehow the
PAGE 13 April 6, 2011

Boston gets a ll 'Together' now

Angela Bray Goodlife, and Savant Project. and Blue Boy Productions. up. Wolfgang Gartner will ducer competitions are cur-
Journal Staff And of course, after- Deconstructing Dad: be at The Middle East to rently deep in progress. The
parties resume the galli- The Music, Machines & top off his performance last DJ mix competition allows a
Boston’s Together festi- vants of Friday and Satur- Mystery of Raymond year at RISE. City natives 30 to 70 minute mix entry to
val is on its way back, aiming day nights at RISE, Boston’s Scott and VILLALOBOS may even recognize locals be judged on track selection,
to blow over last year’s. On After-Hours. From 1 to 6 will hit the film screens. The Wig, Rick O’Halloran, transitions, flow and listener
its way to a full launch engagement. Produc-
on Monday, April 18, ers may trace their skill
the week-long series of and creativity through
events will be showcas- a three to ten-minute re-
ing electronic music, art mix of a selected track.
and technology through Though the prizes are
art installations, dis- to be determined, we
cussion panels, film do know winners will
screenings, technology receive a year’s supply
demonstrations and of VitaminWater. Last
Logo courtesy of Together
evening shows of local, year’s competition bus-
national and interna- tled out over $3 million
tional musical talent. in gear and software.
Daily events are set a.m., partygoers can, and The DrumLab demo Volvox, and Die Young. The best part? The Togeth-
around the greater Boston will, drown in the sounds of checks the mixing of live Already-weekly parties er pass ($95) allows holders
area at spots like Northeast- SWITCH and Anton Pieete. drums and custom software, like THROWED, Beat Re- week-long complimentary ac-
ern, Yes.Oui.Si, MassArt, Panels are pitched to while the New England Con- search, Re:Set, and The Drop cess to any and every official
Berklee, Atlantic Wharf, discuss the electronic music servatory opens up its elec- will kick even harder solely festival event. That’s right-
and the Goeth-Institute. community, live electronic tronic production studios. for Together with its stellar inclusion to over 35 concerts
Evening shows will be music, stereo sound, motion There will be a demonstra- residents and crushing guests. and parties, all four days of
throwing down at everyone’s sensitive technologies, cre- tion on motion sensitive mu- Together sponsors in- discussion panels, demos, ex-
favorite venues, including the ative economy, dubstep, and sic technologies as well as a clude Boston’s Weekly Dig, hibits, seminars, and screen-
Enormous Room, the Middle production. Notable speak- Chiptune demo and concert. Future Boston Alliance ings. The Together Plus pass
East, Phoenix Landing, Mid- ers worth checking out in- But we all know music (FBA), Bacardi, VitaminWa- ($110) grants weekend access
dlesex, and Royale. It doesn’t clude Eric Marcelino (aka is the central allure. Pantha ter, Northeastern University, to RISE. Both also admit to
stop there; even more of the E-Marc), DigBoston editor Du Prince, Above & Beyond, Mass Art, Dubspot, Bris- the festival’s VIP launch party.
best musicians, DJs, and David Day, and reps from Trentemøller, and Hot Pink tol Studios, and Ink Kiosk. Together Boston, April 18-
producers are taking over Wobblesauce, 6one7 Produc- Delorean are just a few of With a bit over a week to 24. togetherboston.com, to-
Church, Zuzu, Wonderbar, tions, Fashion Week Boston, this year’s impressive line- go, the festival’s DJ and pro- getherboston2011.sched.org

SUMMER I: May 16 - July 1

SUMMER II: July 5 - Aug 19

Session 1 July 11 - July 22
Session 2 July 25 - Aug 5


Get ahead this summer.

Did you enroll with credits and want to speed up your graduation date?
Did you drop a course but want to stay on target?
Do you simply want to take it easy during your senior year?

Check out summer options:

· Day and evening classes on campus
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To select courses for summer semester, go to “Class Registration” in MySuffolk portal.

Suffolk Journal ad - 1/4 page

PAGE 14 April 6, 2011

St a f f Editoria l
An April 2 New York Times that is basically a conservative America as a Christian na-
Hi-Lo memory vs.
Whole Foods in JP
article titled, " An Iowa Stop ego trip. And we have Mike tion, truly "one nation under
Jason Kenosky are good things. Add to that
in a Broad Effort to Revital- Huckabee to thank in large God." They talk of the Envi-
ize the Religious Right" not- part for all of the nonsense that ronmental Protection Agency
Journal Staff benefits and profit sharing
for full-time employees on
ed a recent religious romp comes with these "meetings." spreading lies, and even say
The recent closing of Hi- top of a 20 percent discount
in Iowa among Evangelical At the meetings, right- that the Obama health care
Lo Foods in Jamaica Plain [for all employees] and it is
pastors, hosted by the one wing leaders and public fig- law is one step closer to the
sparked community sad- easy to lose sight of concern.
and only Mike Huckabee. ures speak, as well as lead- U.S. becoming a dictatorship.
ness and a sense of loss. The Many of the residents,
Pastors/ministers and ers of the church. They talk And the scary thing is,
store, which operated for 47 in particular recent immi-
their spouses were invited about conserving the America people are buying it. Lots of
years at the same location, grants, cannot afford to do
to an all expenses-paid two- that once was -- the America them. So far, these meetings
offered foods and household much of their shopping at
day trip for a Pastor's Brief- where people had to hide have been attended by nearly
goods from various Latin Whole Foods. Hi-Lo did
ing at a Sheraton Hotel. It from themselves and real life 10,000 pastors from across
America origins. Not only not just offer the commu-
was all a part of the Iowa Re- in a sense. The meetings are the nation, who then spread
did Hi-Lo offer home com- nity what the community
newal Project, a program that completely counterproduc- their Republican enlighten-
forts and foods to Jamaica wanted in terms of product,
features several right-wing tive, emphasizing the sanc- ments to their parishes. And
Plain’s diverse and trans- they also did so at a price
"superstars" as well as four tity of marriage between a as if the Evangelical commu-
planted Latino community, it that the community could
presidential contenders in an man and a woman in a world nity weren't involved enough
did so at an affordable price. afford. A shopper spending
effort to bring more evangeli- where it's finally OK, if not in politics (or batshit radical
With the ending of a com- $100 at Hi-Lo could walk out
cals into the political arena. pretty cool, to be openly gay. about them), fools like Huck-
munal staple, local residents with eight bags of groceries.
The recent meeting in They talk about the human- abee and Michelle Bachmann
turned dejection into outrage. At Whole Foods, that shop-
Iowa was only one of at least ity that lies within an unborn are calling out for more. 2012
They have recently started to per might leave with three.
14 similar meetings in the last baby and the importance of may be a very scary year, and
voice concerns over the pro- So while those loyal to
several years in which pastors abolishing abortion in the we may be one step closer
posed introduction of a new Hi-Lo may take their business
and their spouses are treated country completely. They talk to becoming a one religion,
tenant to the former Hi-Lo elsewhere out of protest or eco-
to an all-expenses paid trip of the importance of restoring almost Puritanical society.
site: Whole Foods Market. nomics, where does that leave
Hi-Lo occupied an inter- Whole Foods? The answer is
esting location that has ob- simple: Whole Foods is going
vious appeal to a company to attract shoppers who are
that prides itself on attract- more comfortable with that
ing customers by offering di- style of shopping, yet, who
verse and funky food options. would otherwise not venture
The former family-operated into that particular area of Ja-
supermarket straddled the maica Plain. In essence, it will
imaginary border between Ja- be a safe haven for “whitey.”
maica Plain’s Caucasian and There are many Cauca-
Hispanic neighborhood sub- sian residents in JP, many
groups. Moreover, where the of whom celebrate the di-
two communities merged, a verse backgrounds of Ja-
growing crowd of young and maica Plain’s residents. They
adventurous hipsters flocked would not only go to a place
to enjoy the affordability of like Hi-Lo, they would also
Hi-Lo’s low cost produce and patronize the many local in-
creature comforts. Unfortu- dependent shops dotting
nately, Whole Foods opening the vicinity. They help sup-
in this mix of classes is viewed port community businesses.
by many as the final push into The new location of
the total gentrification of JP. Whole Foods will attract the
And you know what type of shopper that will
they say about gentrification: now feel comfortable enter-
White people sure don’t mind ing Jamaica Plain to pick up
it. Whole Foods operates each “authentic” Latino fare while
individual store in a man- avoiding the real authentic
ner that meets the needs of boutiques and shops imme-
the local community. So, the diately surrounding the store.
JP Whole Foods will more These shoppers will support
than likely specialize in La- Whole Foods and not the com-
tino food items. In addition munity. That is the concern.
to this, they also hire team The upscale, organic, gro-
members from the particular cer will definitely bring more
locale in order to promote traffic into JP, but what is the
their image of being a mem- point when those shoppers
ber of the neighborhood. are making one individual
On the outside, it seems store their only destination?
harmless enough. Seeing as How does that build com-
how Whole Foods pays em- munity? Only time will tell.
ployees better than average,
job creation and decent wages
PAGE 15 April 6, 2011

The cruelty toward Cleaning the

one woman in Libya streets in the
Lexis Galloway
Journal Staff

Last week it was report-

should she be charged with
anything? In such a hostile
environment, I find it hard to
believe that a woman would
she had just gone through.
After being detained once
again on Sunday for break-
ing an agreement with the
North End
ed that a woman in Libya
was dragged away from a
make such allegations and
put herself in a room full of
attorney general to not speak
with the press in order to not
And what it can cost you
Tripoli hotel after trying to journalists to tell her story if compromise her case, she
tell foreign reporters that 15 it wasn’t true. Although no supposedly did a telephone Angela Christoforos at 10 a.m. my car was still
of Muammar Gadhafi’s mili- news networks have been interview on Monday with Journal Staff there so I didn’t even think
tary men raped her. After able to verify her story, vis- CNN. Although she stated twice about street cleaning.
undergoing 72 hours of bru- ible injuries and recent tele- she was no longer in custody, To most, the months of “Later that afternoon,
tal interrogations, she has phone interviews with al- reporters are uncertain that March through December are my girlfriend realized the car
only recently been released. Obeidy support her claims. she was released because she enjoyable ones – after all, in wasn’t there and it was such
And although reports as of Journalists have often has yet been seen, and there that time span are the highly a hassle. We had to go all the
Monday afternoon stated heard and even witnessed is no way to confirm that the anticipated seasons of spring way to East Boston to pick
she had been freed, her fam- similar incidents of brutal- caller was al-Obeidy herself and summer. But for those up the car, pay a $135 fine,
ily has no idea where she is ity in Libya since the upris- -- a horrific and unbeliev- drivers that frequent the and they even gave me a $40
and has not heard from her. ing began several weeks ago, able situation if true -- due to North End and residents of ticket on top of it. Go figure.”
How does something like this but because of strict controls government officials trying to the North End, these months Making the innocent
happen, and why is nobody over independent reporting, make the allegations go away. mean aggravation every other mistake of not realizing – or
doing anything? stories like these have been On a slightly
Eman al- unable to be told better
Obeidy, 29, -- a sad reality in an note, al- Making the innocent
jour- era where Obeidy
is quick- mistake of not realizing – or
she was
simply forgetting – that it’s
in Tripoli the face a street cleaning day ends
gov- of the
anti- up costing you $175
t r o o p s Gad-
who tied h a f i
her up for move-
two days, ment, Tuesday or Thursday – the in- simply forgetting – that it’s a
gang-raped giv- famous street cleaning days. street cleaning day ends up
her, peed on her i n g The street cleaning pro- costing you $175. As if the fee
and filmed her, all voice gram in the North End is run of $135 to get the car from the
because she is from t o by the Public Works Depart- tow company wasn’t enough,
an area in east Libya known journal- those ment. Each street has differ- the city of Boston generously
for strong anti-Gadhafi re- ists are supposed who ent street cleaning dates: Hull slaps on a $40 ticket viola-
bellions, a distressing, but to be the watchdogs. I have Street is the second and fourth tion for street cleaning too.
all-too-common reason for can understand that report- been Tuesday of the month from 12 Towed cars and ticketing
detainment. Filmed by many ers are subject to harsh laws forced to 4 p.m., while Prince Street in the North End are both in-
who were present, al-Obeidy and regulations outside their to experience abuse un- is the first and third Tues- convenient and pricey. Fortu-
started a brawl, while jour- home countries, but I just der the harsh regime. Many day of the month and starts nately, there is now a tool on
nalists tried to help her by think that something more Libyans are hailing her as a earlier in the morning. Ac- the CityofBoston.gov web-
physically blocking many of can be done, especially in hero and people are, right- cording to CityofBoston.gov, site that provides a search
the workers there who pulled situations like this where al- ly so, demanding to know the street cleaning program to look up the schedules for
knives on her, smashed re- Obeidy clearly went to great where she is and fearing for is executed because “It will street cleaning dates of dif-
porters’ cameras, and called lengths to get her story out. her life. Her repeated deten- provide cleaner streets in the ferent streets in the North
her a traitor. Only after un- The Libyan regime has tions are adding fuel to the neighborhood and a reduc- End, and even offers the op-
dergoing relentless inter- been trying to discredit her, movement, gathering sym- tion in rodent food sources.” tion of registering for “No-
rogations was she suppos- calling her a prostitute, men- pathy and support for her Although the inten- Tow” emails that send out
edly released when a doctor tally unstable, and a drunk. and the Libyan opposition. tions of the street cleaning reminders about the street
verified that she was tortured Al-Obeidy’s family members Although it’s heart- are good, if your car is on a cleaning day the night before.
and raped -- an unimagi- have even been under harsh wrenching that something North End street during its It is vital that North End
nable, horrendous situation. pressure from the govern- like this is what it takes for street cleaning hours, then residents and visitors use
It’s been more than a ment to publicly denounce people around the world to the outcome is not so good these tools or pay close at-
week already and nobody her as insane and ruin her pay attention to the cruel for the owner of the vehicle. tention to the neighborhood
seems to be helping this reputation. After being tak- regime people are under “I didn’t even realize signs. If not, they should brace
woman after she was repeat- en away from the hotel, she in Libya, maybe something Tuesday was a street clean- themselves for a long aggra-
edly captured by Gadhafi’s claims she underwent in- meaningful will finally be ing day on Hull Street. The vating day of locating their
forces to try and prevent her tense psychological abuse, done to help al-Obeidy and words are printed really car and finding a way to the
from taking her case to police. and even had food thrown at the situation, which at pres- small on the signs too so I tow company to get it. Didn’t
Officials say they’re unsure her and water poured on her ent have been unable to didn’t even think to read it,” think it could get any better?
of what to do with her be- by interrogators who were come up with solutions and said North End resident Of course it does – the cherry
cause she’s not charged with Gadhafi loyalists -- an inex- preventions to keep treat- Ryan Leonard. “And when I on the cake – an inconvenient
a crime, but why on earth cusable offense after what ment like this happening. left for work in the morning $175 dent in your wallet.
PAGE 16 April 6, 2011







Producer of the Academy Award-nominated film The Fighter, David Hoberman is the
head of Mandeville Films and Television, the production company he founded in
1994 after serving as president of the Motion Picture Group at Walt Disney Studios.
Mandeville Films has been responsible for such films as The Negotiator, Bringing
Down The House, Eight Below, The Proposal & Surrogates. On the television
side, Mandeville has produced the award winning series Monk and currently the
network television series, Detriot 1-8-7.


PAGE 17 April 6, 2011

Sports briefs
NCAA title game proves to be a dud
The 2011 NCAA men’s national championship game Men's baseball
came and went on Monday, leaving many fans bewildered
and a bit underwhelmed. For one of the more exciting March
April 6 vs. Roger Williams, 3:30 p.m.
April 7 vs. Fitchburg St., 7 p.m.
Women's softball
April 6 vs. Brandeis (double), 3:30, 5:30
Madness tournaments in recent memory, the title game al- April 9 at Johnson & Wales (double), 12, 2:30 p.m.
most made you want to close your eyes forget it ever hap- April 10 vs. Norwich (double), 1, 3 p.m.
April 7 at Wheelock (double), 3, 5 p.m.
pened. The University of Connecticut ultimately prevailed, April 12 at Salem St., 3:30 p.m.
April 9 at Pine Manor (double), 12, 2
53-41, over the Butler Bulldogs, but not after one of the more
ugly offensive displays in recent memory. For starters, the Men's tennis p.m.
April 7 at Mass.-Boston, 3 p.m. April 10 vs Norwich (double), 12, 2
final score was the lowest point total in a title game since
April 9 at Albertus Magnus, 1 p.m. p.m.
1949. In addition, Butler converted only three two-point
April 11 at Salem St., 3 p.m. April 12 vs. Mass.-Boston (double), 3,
field goals all night, which is something that has never been
5 p.m.
done. The team also shot 18.8 percent from the floor, which
was the lowest in title game history. A bright spot, however,
is the fact that Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun became
the oldest coach to win a national championship, and now
Team standings
just one of five to have won three in his illustrious career. Men's baseball Softball Men's Tennis
Giants fan in critical condition (GNAC)
(GNAC) (GNAC) 1. Suffolk 2-0
2. Johnson & Wales (RI) 1-0
In a sign of things gone horribly wrong for the Los An- 1. Emerson 7-0
1. Johnson & Wales (RI) 4-0 3. Norwich 0-1
geles Dodgers, word is surfacing that the Giants fan, Bry- 2. Simmons 6-2
2. Suffolk 2-0 4. Albertus Magnus 0-1
an Stow, that was beaten at Dodger Stadium in last week’s 3. Pine Manor 3-1
3. St. Joseph's (Me.) 0-0 5. Emerson 0-1
opening game is showing signs of brain damage and re- 4. Rivier 4-2
4. Albertus Magnus 0-0 6. Anna Maria 0-5
mains in critical condition. According to a report on ESPN. 5. Lasell 4-2
5. Norwich 0-0
com, detectives are looking into Dodgers fans who report- 6. St. Joseph's (Me.) 3-3
6. Lasell 0-2
edly had confronted other fans before settling on Stow. 7. St. Joseph (Conn.) 3-3
7. Emerson 0-2
Stow is a 42-year-old paramedic and father of two from 8. Norwich 3-3
8. Rivier 0-2
Santa Cruz, and suffered a severe skull fracture and bad 9. Johnson & Wales (RI) 2-4
bruising to his brain’s frontal lobes. With efforts from the 10. Emmanuel 2-5
Dodgers, Giants and various other people, $100,000 is being 11. Suffolk 1-3
posted as a reward for information on the assailants. "Dur- 12. Mount Ida 1-5
ing the game, my wife received a text message from him ... 13. Albertus Magnus 0-6
He basically said he was scared inside the stadium," John
Stow, his cousin, told ESPN. The hope is Stow can make
a recovery and his attackers are found and prosecuted.

Rooney appeals two-game suspension

Wayne Rooney is once again making headlines, but
this time for something he would probably like to take
back. During Manchester United’s victory over West Ham
on Saturday, the 25-year-old forward (who currently has
10 goals and 11 assists in 22 premier league games) cursed
into a nearby television camera after scoring his third goal
of the contest. According to ESPN.com, he was subse-
quently handed a two-match ban, but he is not appealing
it. "Whilst the use of foul and abusive language is not con-
doned, there is an acceptance by all parties within the game
that 'industrial language' is commonly used," Gordon Tay-
lor, chief executive of the players’ union, said. "It becomes
an issue when directed toward match officials. However,
when used in a spontaneous way in celebration or frustra-
tion then it is not normally expected to merit a sanction."
If his appeal fails, he runs the risk of further discipline.

NFL awards money to player charities

The NFL may be in the midst of ugly negotiations
between the owners and players, but that doesn’t mean
it can’t hand out some money for a good cause. Accord-
ing to ESPN, the league has awarded $1 million in grants
to charities of nearly 90 current and former players. Star
players Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger,
and Philip Rivers were among those receiving money for
their charities. NFL charities have given more than $17
million to player foundations over two decades. Brees,
for one, is getting $100,000 to build an athletic facility at a
New Orleans high school destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
PAGE 18 April 6, 2011

Suffolk student plays important role for department

Matt West scenes camera work for the load is real heavy, and I’m an important staple in his know exactly what,” he says.
Journal Staff department. When Nel- doing a bunch of stuff.” decision to come to Suffolk. “There’s always video stuff at
son responded in the affir- “I mean it’s kind of like “I’m a very environmen- colleges or what not. I think
You can usually catch mative, this Salem-native off and on. [And] because tally friendly person. So when that would be something re-
Christopher Cercone stand- jumped at the opportunity. it’s largely just me, some of I saw all the [recycling] stuff ally cool to do. [I’d enjoy]
ing above the court or off to So far, he has done work the things that the coach- all over campus, and I knew even working for, say, a news
the side of the field, behind a the fall, winter and spring ing staffs might want, they the university was going network and their sports pro-
camera, watching each Suf- sports teams. And while can’t necessarily get be- green, that really appealed to gram, something like that.”
folk athletics game unfold. Nelson serves as a liaison- cause I might be busy.” me,” he explains. “That was a While gaining valu-
This 19-year-old fresh- type between himself and Being someone who en- big reason why I chose to come able experience and being
man from Salem, Massachu- an integral component to
setts, thoroughly enjoys tap- the athletics department is
ing game footage as part of important, he is striving for
a work-study program for something more. And, so far,
the university. He works very he has found it in bunches.
hard to procure game footage “Even beyond the expe-
for the coaches and players. rience [are] the people I’ve
“I did a lot of videotap- gotten to know. Between
ing of athletics in high school. the coaching staff and the
It’s something I really like to student athletes, and other
do; and I’m a media major,” guys in the media depart-
says Cercone. “I’m also a ment, I’ve gotten to know
sports fan so, the two things the coaches, everyone knows joys media and communi- here in the first place. It’s re- some really cool people,” he
came together really well.” who he is and what he is cation studies, Suffolk has ally kind of a big deal to me.” says appreciatively. “And I
Cercone did not waste doing for them each game. proven to be a good place Doing this work is also think that’s something way
any time getting involved. “It’s largely just me do- for him to harvest his talents a great opportunity for him more important to me than
He sent Athletic Director Jim ing the videotaping. There and aspirations. He spoke to figure out what he wants experience. Just being able
Nelson a quick email this are a couple other kids, but about location being a big to do after school. While to build relationships with
summer, before his first se- they’re just kind of like back- reason for coming to the city many students flinch at the people through something
mester in college had even ups,” he explains. “It’s just to study. He then lauded idea of getting involved and I love doing [is important].
commenced, inquiring about kind of me being by myself, the school’s environmental doing school-related ac- He may not be the most
possibly doing behind-the- [and] sometimes the work- practices, which served as tivities, Cercone is working noticeable figure in the de-
hard to create connections. partment, but he is an im-
“I kind of want to work portant piece to the puzzle,
in sports media, [but] I don’t and he is just getting started.

Sox off to rough start

Matt West Adrian Gonzalez and pos-
Journal Staff sess a good, young rotation
that could lead them into
After an offseason in the playoffs yet again. (That
which they signed two of ballpark is also a breeding
the biggest free agents in ground for home runs.) If
baseball, the Red Sox didn’t this was a three-game sweep
exactly jump out of the gate at the hands of the Kansas

like many expected. Starting City Royals, then I could un-
the season 0-3 is no reason to derstand a major uprising.
sound the alarms, but after But it is obviously way too
getting walloped in Texas to early to even be questioning
start the 2011 campaign, fans the makeup of this team. The
• 700 undergraduate and graduate courses in over 70 subjects of the team have reason to 162-game marathon season is
question how good this pitch- long an arduous, and won’t
• Faculty of leading scientists, authors, and scholars ing staff can ultimately be. be decided in April. Starter
Red Sox pitchers surrendered John Lackey likely won’t give
• 60 courses in 17 foreign languages 11 home runs in the three- up 10 runs every outing for
• Summer internships in Boston organizations game set against the Rangers, the rest of the season, and
the most ever in a season- Crawford and the rest of the
opening series for the team. lineup will find themselves
The offense, meanwhile, was a groove at some point. Un-
Summer 1: May 24–July 1 anything but fluid, with left less a serious a season-ending
fielder Carl Crawford strug- injuries suddenly ravages
Summer 2: July 5–August 12 bu.edu/summer gling in the early going. the integral components of
A glaring caveat to this this team, they will be fine.
tumbling start is the team’s The nation may be fret-
opponent: the Texas Rang- ting already, but this team
ers. The Rangers were World is too deep and talented to
Series participants last sea- wilt this early in the season.
son, and made some impres- Keep the faith, Red Sox fol-
sive moves in the offseason. lowers. Everything will right
Yes, they lost on the Cliff Lee itself before you know it.
An equal opportunity, affirmative action institution.
sweepstakes, but they signed

Pub: Size: Run Date(s): Color:

PAGE 19 April 6, 2011

Bolster succeeding on offense, defense for Rams

Junior catcher helping Rams through early rut
Mary McCrossen ster comments that it’s early
Journal Contributor in the season and there is a
great deal of time to grow.
Sometimes, pitchers in
Although the team would
the game of softball need
ultimately like to place in
to be patted on the back or
the top four in the confer-
kicked in the butt to be mo-
ence, they are looking at
tivated. The one person on
each game one at a time.
the field who best has a feel
“We all hope to make
for that is the catcher, and
playoffs this year,” adds Bol-
it is often thought of as the
ster. “We have a great con-
hardest position to play in
nection on and off the field
the sport. It is easily the most
and potential to go far if we
taxing, physically and men-
all play together cohesively.”
tally, out of all the positions.
With over 10 games left in
Ultimately, they are
April the softball team’s mind-
critical to the success of any
set will intensify as the season
softball team and often get
progresses. Bolster knows
little recognition or glory.
that her coaches expect a lot
Behind the plate you have
from the team because they
to inhabit a strategic defen-
Photo courtesy of the Suffolk Ahtletics dept. see the potential. The hope is
sive performance. And of
the team can execute through-
course, defense wins games. Bolster (above) is currently hitting .400 with two triples and one home run. out the rest of the season.
It’s almost a surprise that
“Coach Lemasters knows
catchers have any offensive catching fastballs in the palm With no captains, the Suf- tain chemistry on the field.
the game of softball. She
power at all. After squatting of her mitt at 60 mph, hit- folk Softball team has to rely “The team chemistry we
played for Michigan State
down on and off for several ting bone over and over and on each other and work as a have this year is something
University and on several Na-
hours everyday for a majority continuing to play the role single unit. The team does that was lacking in the past
tional teams as well. So her
of the year, it’s amazing that of on field administrator. At look to their two seniors, couple seasons,” Bolster says.
knowledge of the game is top
they can even swing a bat. the same time, Bolster con- Clara Conklin and Monica “We are not afraid to tell each
notch,” explains Bolster with
For Karina Bolster, those tributes her bat in the bulk Cioffi, for questions, concerns other how it is and will always
a smile. “She and our other
problems don’t seem to apply. of the line-up while keep- and a certain spark of enthu- be there to pick each other up.”
two assistant coaches expect a
The junior has succeeded on ing team chemistry positive. siasm that’s needed during Bolster has strong expec-
lot out of us, and I agree. We
both sides, and currently holds “I try to push each per- practice and games to help tations for this year’s softball
have a lot of talent on the team
the third highest slugging av- son to their highest potential pump up the team. It is ex- team, with hopes of making
that just needs to be released
erage on the softball team. and make sure everyone can tremely vital that the team it to the playoffs. Currently,
from the cage, and that's what
You have to applaud her come talk to me if they have has a strong relationship with the team is 4-10 overall and
they keep pounding into us."
toughness and stamina after any problems,” says Bolster. each other to get that cer- 1-3 in the GNAC, but Bol-

Infielder carrying early offensive load for Rams

Alex Mellion game-winning grand slam the rest of his teammates to thing he has most certainly All gaudy stats aside,
Journal Staff against Curry College at the be the big bat in the lineup. done this season. Through Jones is still a team-first kind of
RussMatt College Invitation- “I thought that I had a re- 17 games this season, he is player, and wants the Rams to
The Suffolk University al in Win- advance far in both the GNAC
baseball team may be just one ter Haven, and the NCAA tournaments.
game over .500, but they have Florida. He “Personally, I want to get
had some pretty impressive credits the a hit every time I walk up to
contributions from their play- time that the plate,” Jones explained.
ers so far this season. One of he’s spent “But what it comes down to
those players, Devan Jones, practicing is winning, if we don’t do that
has been shouldering much of indoors and then it doesn’t matter what I
the team’s offensive load thus lifting at do. As a team we want to win
far, leading the Rams in nu- the weight the GNAC and go to a region-
merous offensive categories. room to his al.” He believes that this team
Jones, a transfer from on-the-field is a force to be reckoned with
the University of Maine, has success. in the GNAC conference and
been a bright spot offensively When can see them advancing deep
this season, and has already joining a in the conference tournament.
been named to the GNAC team as a Ultimately, if Devan Jones
Weekly Honor Roll and he transfer stu- continues his torrid pace, the
was also recognized as the dent, it may sky is the limit for the Rams,
GNAC Rookie of the Week. be hard to Photo courtesy of the Suffolk Ahtletics dept.
and the team can easily win
“I think all the work I’ve figure out the GNAC title and advance
put in off the field is start- where you far in the NCAA tournament.
ing to pay off,” Jones said. fit in and what your role ally good preseason,” Jones the team leader in batting Regardless, the team has to
Jones’s work has been evident with the team is going to be. said. “So by the time we took average (.455), runs scored be happy with what they
in his production at the plate: Jones has not had that prob- off for Florida I was pretty con- (22), hits (30), triples (3), runs have seen out of their infield-
on March 17, Jones blasted lem so far this year, and is fident that I was going to pro- batted in (17), and is tied for er to start the 2011 season.
what would turn out to be the consistently counted on by duce.” And produce is some- the team lead in home runs.
PAGE 20 April 6, 2011

Tennis team picking up right where they left off

Mike Giannattasio singles position, 7-5, 6-2,
Journal Staff and also was a winner in
the third doubles match
After finishing last year
along with Beruga, 8-3.
with a perfect 11-0 record
Samander and Cromback
and capturing their second
partnered for their second win
consecutive Great North-
of the season in the second
east Athletic Conference
doubles position as they were
championship, the Suffolk
8-0 winners. Ayoub picked
University men’s tennis has
up Suffolk's eighth win of the
showed no signs of slow-
day as he won his match in
ing down. The Rams have
the No. 6 singles spot, 7-5, 6-2.
opened this season winners
Suffolk players got rec-
of their first three matches
ognition from the GNAC
and are trying to prove again
right after their first match
that they are the team to beat.
against Norwich, as Staley
Suffolk crushed Nor-
was named GNAC Player of
wich, 9-0, in their first match,
the Week and Cromback was
and then went on to win
named Rookie of the Week.
8-1 against both Wentworth
Staley was a winner in
and Emerson. The Rams
both singles and Staley pre-
were selected as the GNAC
served the shutout for the
men’s tennis preseason fa- Photo courtesy of the Suffolk Ahtletics dept.
Rams by winning a 7-6 tie-
vorite in a vote conducted
breaker in the No. 2 singles
by GNAC coaches, and so third victory in the top dou- in the third doubles match. ful day for Suffolk with his position. Additionally, he was
far they are certainly liv- bles match as they were 8-4 Senior John Samander third singles triumph of the victorious in the top doubles
ing up to those expectations. winners. Cullen also won won a 10-8 tiebreak in the third year as he won, 6-4, 6-1, in match with his partner, Cullen.
In Saturday’s match his singles match, 6-0, 6-2. set of the fourth singles play the fifth singles position. Cromback won his match
against Emerson, junior Sophomore Harlan Strad- for his third win of the season. In Suffolk’s second win in the No. 4 singles position,
Chris Staley won the sec- er was a multiple winner for Samander and his doubles against Wentworth, Staley 6-2, 6-3, and then partnered
ond doubles position for the the Rams, too, as he won his teammate, freshman Hubert won his singles position for with Samander for an 8-0 win
Rams in straight sets, 6-0. match in the third singles Cromback, moved to 3-0 on the Rams, 6-2, 6-0. He also in the second doubles match.
Staley also teamed up game in consecutive 6-0 sets. the season with an 8-4 victory. won the top doubles match It will be interesting to see
with junior Sean Cullen Stader then teamed with Al- Senior Justin Ayoub along with Cullen, 8-3. where the team goes after
and the duo picked up their bert Beruga for a 8-0 win finished out the success- Strader won his third their torrid start to the season.

Baseball team fighting through tough stretch

game that may have skewed road, where they scored five
Alex Hall three runs batted in. The ter in the first three innings
Journal Staff this stat a bit was the tilt runs with just their last three Bears committed six errors of play turned out to be too
much for Suffolk to overcome.
After starting the season The week ahead will
5-4, the Suffolk University provide a few more non-
baseball team now find them- conference opponents for the
selves with a record of 9-8 after Rams, who are desperately
losing four of six games dur- looking to show that last
ing a tough stretch last week. week was just a speed bump
The good news for Suf- on their way to first place
folk is that all of the last in the GNAC conference.
week’s games were against By far the most impor-
non-conference opponents. tant games for Suffolk dur-
Ultimately, the Rams’ op- ing this stretch will be played
ponents proved to have too this coming weekend, when
much offense for the blue and they take on conference ri-
gold to overcome, as they lost vals Johnson and Wales
handily to UMass Boston and and Norwich University.
E. Connecticut State early Johnson and Wales cur-
in the week, then finished rently hold the No. 1 ranking in
with close losses to Brandies the GNAC, with 11-9-1 record.
and Bridgewater State Uni- Norwich is currently
versity before receiving a Photo courtesy of the Suffolk Ahtletics dept. on the opposite end of the
much needed two day rest. Freshman Jake Cintilo (above) is currently batting .450 with 14 RBI. conference standings, with
The high-scoring theme a 0-9 record on the season.
of March continued for the against Bridgewater State outs of the game to spare. during the game, ostensibly The Rams will hope that the
Rams into the last week of this past Thursday, where The game proved to be opening the door for a Rams’ stagnant start to the season
play, with the four games Suffolk lost, 12-11, while fall- an impressive showing for come-from-behind victory. for the Cadets will continue
played adding up to 38-25 ing short of completing their freshman Jake Cintolo, who Ultimately, however, the sev- during their double-header
combined score. The one ninth-inning rally on the went 5-for-5 at the plate with en runs scored by Bridgewa- at home against Norwich.

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