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International Summer School in "Food Security and Climate Change" Kathmandu, Nepal
Deadline for Application: May 31, 2011

University of Pavia Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences International School of Advance

Italy and Technology (HICAST), Kathmandu Studies (ISAS) Kathmandu

1. Background: International School of Advance Studies (ISAS), Himalayan College of

Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) and University of Pavia, Italy are jointly
organizing the second edition of International Summer School in "Food Security and Climate
Change" in Kathmandu, Nepal from June 12-17, 2011. International Summer School in Food
Security and Climate Change (FSCC) is an intensive course taught in English. This summer school
is designed for university students, researchers and members of governmental and non-
governmental organizations wishing to have in-depth learning and understanding of food
security and climate change issues.
2. The Objective: The objective of the International Summer School in Food Security and
Climate Change is to build understanding of participants on issues and problems related to food
security and climate change; and to enhance analytical and planning capabilities of participants
to address these issues.
3. Key aspects of the Course:
• Introduction and analysis of food security, hunger, malnutrition and climate change
• Definition of vulnerable groups and community food insecurity issues and impact of
climate change
• Policies, programmes and approaches for food security and climate change in the global
environment and with specific reference to Nepal
• Identification of the institutions which have a stake in the process of food security policy
formulation and implementation.
• Designing, writing and increasing the impact of food security reports in different
• Designing and implementation of a communication strategy for food security
information Guidelines on how to communicate through the media and how to present
information to policymakers in order to influence the policymaking process.
• Living experience of the agencies working in food security and climate change issues.
• Case studies
4. Cost for Participation:
NRS: 15,000.00 (Fifteen Thousand only) for Nepali applicants.
Euro: €250 for international applicants which covers participation in the course, reading
material, lunch and airport pick-up and drop-off. All other arrangements for accommodation,
transportation and other expenses should be arranged by applicants on themselves.
5. Number of Participants:
Maximum 25 national and international selected candidates
6. Scholarship/Funding:
Organizers are not in a position to offer any scholarship to participate in summer school,
therefore, all applicants are requested to seek alternative source of funding or scholarship to
partake in this summer school. Letter of acceptance could be provided if required to interested
applicants to secure funding.
7. Mode of Payment:
Payment has to be made after selection to participate in the summer school through bank
deposit to ISAS, Kathmandu, Nepal (bank a/c will be provided to the selected candidate)
8. Recourse Person:
National and international experts working in the field of food security and climate change
issues, professors from University of Pavia, Italy, HICAST and ISAS, Kathmandu, Nepal
9. Venue:
The summer school will be conducted in ISAS Seminar Hall in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal.
Interaction and seminar with concerned stakeholders will take place in The Hotel Yak Place,
Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal
10. Timing and course structures:
The lessons will conduct from 09:00 am to 16:00 pm in each day. There will be seminars in
between with stakeholders working in the field of food security and climate change issues in
11. Other details:
Course outline and other related information will be posted to the selected candidates in due
time for necessary preparation and participation
12. Organizing and associated team:
SN Name Contact
1 Prof/Dr Maria Sassi Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Pavia, Italy
2 Mr Suresh Pradhan Academic Director, International School of Advance Studies
(ISAS), Kathmandu, Nepal
3 Prof/Dr Binayak Rajbhandari Chairperson, Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and
Technology (HICAST), Nepal
4 Mr Prakash Sharma Executive Coordinator
Int’l School of Advance Studies (ISAS), Nepal
5 Dr Birendra R. Giri Faculty of Language and Education
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
6 Dr Smita Premchander Director, Sampark – an NGO in Bangalore, India
7 Mr Dhan Bahadur Air Country Manager
FURDL, Kathmandu, Nepal
8 Mr Bharat Acharya CEO, TSN Corporation
Kathmandu, Nepal
9 Ms Maria Francisca Cepeda ISAS, Kathmandu, Nepal
10 Ms Valeria Panisi Country Representative
GRT, Kathmandu, Nepal
11 Mr Kumar Khatiwada CMMYT International
Kathmandu, Nepal
12 Mr B K Man Sigh Chair, Buddha Int’l Medical College, Nepal
13 Ms Sujata Kharel Communication Officer, ISAS
14 MsTara Chapagain Logistic Coordinator for Summer School
ISAS, Kathmandu

Please contact anyone of following representative for further information

Prof Maria Sassi Prof/Dr Binayak Rajbhandari Mr Prakash Sharma

Faculty of Economics Chairperson Executive Coordinator
University of Pavia, Italy HICAST, Kathmandu ISAS, Kathmandu
Tel. +39-0382986465 Tel: +977-1-6636047 Tel: +977-1- 5522669
Cell. +39-3496420807 Cell:+977-98510-13564 Cell: +977-9841-224252
Fax +39-0382986228 e-mail: e-mail:
e-mail: msassi@eco.unipv.it bprajbhandari@gmail.com prakash.isas@gmail.com
Secretariat for Summer School in ISAS
GPO Box: 8975 EPC: 2744 Kathmandu, Nepal
e-mail: isasktm@gmail.com, www.isas.edu.np,
Ph: +977-1-5522669, Cell: +977-9841-224252