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Volume 2,

Issue 1 Presesents

Feb 3 , 2011

The Gaity Gets Going Inside this issue:

Inside Story 2

Inside Story 2

Inside Story 2

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Our cultural fest Anugoonj is back again in an all new avatar, with the West Campus
(Dwarka) hosting it this year. All good things don’t happen overnight. It takes perseverance,
Inside Story 6
planning and a lot of effort to shape thoughts to actions. Warming up for the event, was a mix
of emotions, bidding goodbye to the historical Kashmere Gate Campus, handling it over to
Ambedkar University and entering in an all new place. But change is the only thing that’s per-
manent. Filled with nostalgia and reminiscences, but filled with zeal and anticipation for some-
thing bigger and better, the preparations started with full swing.
It all started with the task of planning but what lay ahead was a daunting plan to execute. Special points of inter-
The Core Team was formed which was assigned the arduous task of organizing the event
which entices thousands across Delhi. The task was heavy and the responsibility heavier. The
organizing team was then formed consisting of the event heads, the head coordinators, and  Briefly highlight your
the coordinators and not to forget the students responsible for security. point of interest here.
The enthusiasm among students to be a part of it was a sight to witness. The day the results  Briefly highlight your
of organizing team were out, there was a chaos around the notice board with addled students point of interest here.
scanning through the results, as if their life hinged on them? Then began all those gossip about  Briefly highlight your
who assigned what, the variegated expressions, some smiling and others full of disdain. With
point of interest here.
walls equipped with posters all around the campus, the auditions began in each zone. The
competitive spirit could be sensed in the air. The notes of music, the beats of Bollywood  Briefly highlight your
numbers could be heard everywhere. Embracing their vivacity by registering themselves (and point of interest here.
their team mates) for various prelims, students were seen running around in frenzy. The
campus seemed suddenly throbbing with activity. Stages were set overnight with every stu-
dent could be seen contributing their significant little.
The red carpet is set, and you’re all welcomed to witness the merriment. Come, gather and
revel in the festivity.
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Message From the Chief Minister

From the Desk of the Vice Chancellor

Volume 2,Issue 1 Page 3

Reminiscences of Anugoonj 2010

“A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.“ And Anugoonj 2010 was
one such memory. We can dredge up each and everything that we saw, heard, felt and did at the fest last year. Be it
a participant, a co-ordinator, an event head or just a student who came to see the fest, each and every one of us
have our share of memories of Anugoonj 2010 that would remain intact for quite some time, if not the rest of our

Day 1: Anugoonj'10 being inaugrated by Mr. Asad Zaidi and Sh. Manglesh Dabral was an experience worth relishing.
No one can overlook how confused they were about what they should attend.... Street Play or the Play by NSD(Jaat
hi poochho sadhu ki)?? Both being the highlights of the day, were happening at the same time. And whatever may be
the decision of the above question, the students enjoyed both.
Day 2: The much awaited day for everyone.... Why?? Because of the spell bounding performance by 'Euphoria'. As
always, Palash Sen and his band lived up to its expectation to create a magical, musical and a remarkable ambience.
The audience was left mesmerized and awestruck and grooved to every beat of the band.
Day 3: The day was full of events from poetry recitation to debate, from classical dance to Non-filmy choreography,
from cartooning to clay modeling. Everyone attended the events that charmed him/her the most. And not to men-
tion the JAM session which was always full of people showing their “so-called“dancing abilities.
Day 4: The last day (which each one of us craved, should never have ended). But with a breathtaking Fashion Pa-
rade event, it all came to a culmination, parting everyone with a mixed feeling of delight (about attending and relish-
ing the events) and an anticipation (that it turns out to be bigger and better next year).

So, all in all, Anugoonj'10 was a memorable experience which has been etched into our memories. We expect Anu-
goonj’11 takes it to yet another echelon.
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A peep through the Prelims

Volume 2,Issue 1 Page 5

Preparations for the grand episode

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We the (GGSIPU) people

One of the many personality types you might bump into during Anugoonj: An Organiser
Being young and energetic, he’s a bundle of inflammable material, where just a spark is capable to ignite an irrepressible fire.
Assertive, impressive and skilled to deal with people from all backgrounds and of all shades of opinion, he is seen wearing the
insignia of the core organizing team. His clout is so great that he could even go against the general people’s verdict. He can be
seen promenading around the campus, busy with his walkie-talkie, overtaxed due to the task at hand. He is assigned the daunt-
ing task of overseeing anything and everything in the fest including the daunting task of planning, organizing and managing all
events. The strain and anxiety is palpable in his body language. Insolent, arrogant and supercilious are some of the many adjec-
tives that can appositely describe his facade.

But right now, he's nervous. His “headlines” window the cerebration happening behind them. He's conscious of his attire. He's
never dressed so formally in his life. The necktie is almost choking him. His suit is restricting the free flow of his hands. His
biceps are throbbing against the soft linen of the branded shirt that he's bought just for this occasion. As the dank, chilled
sweat rolls down his armpits, down towards his six packs, he can only look downwards and remember the first time he ever
contemplated trying to be who he is. His friends rubbished him. His competitors intimidated him. His professors ridiculed
him. But against all odds, he took the first step.

And he found firm ground beneath his foot. Yes I can, he said. And yes he did, we know. His comrade was a potpourri of mus-
cle power, divide and conquer, perfectly timed throws of the dice and a bit of the rub of the green.

“And now a word by the chief ”, the microphone barks, and he feels his sweat dripping again. He takes a few seconds to recol-
lect himself and gain the composure that he's well known for. He briskly walks towards the rostrum and amidst the rapturous
applause, clears his throats and speaks out the few lines that he's practiced for what seems like ages.
“Good morning ladies and gentlemen.”

Lets Giggle a Little Mind Gym

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From the Editorial Board

Itinerary for the Day

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