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Fourth Years Pharmacy Practice Project Project Titles

Title Name of student

Professor A. Serracino Inglott

Quality improvements in good distribution practice Suzanne Buttigieg

Storage of medicines and medical devices Daphne Christine Coleiro

Good manufacturing practice in the partial manufacturing of pharmaceuticals Aaron Demanuele

Development of diabetes outcome indices Sarah Baldacchino

Herbal medicine formulary Maria Spiteri

Newsletter for community pharmacy Caroline Mercieca

A register of biological agents in rheumatology Florinda Camilleri

Compendium of medicines used in veterinary practice Bernard Soler

Quality of medical devices Kimberly Zammit

A mini-scale production facility Ruth Zerafa

Title Name of student

Prof L. M. Azzopardi

Human papilloma virus screening and vaccination Angie Brincat

Oral anticancer treatment Stephen Camilleri

Point-of-Care testing: Faecal Occult Blood Adrian Agius

Point-of-Care testing in gynaecological disorders Anne Marie Zammit

Pharmacist intervention in the use of diuretics in elderly patients Shawn Ryan Atkins

Management of urinary tract infections in pregnant women by community pharmacists Katya Busuttil

Nutrition in diabetic patients Ramona Cini

Dissemination of protocols: gastro-intestinal disorders Marija Carmen Carbonaro

Fourth Years Pharmacy Practice Project Project Titles

Dissemination of protocols: paediatrics Martina Muscat

Dissemination of protocols: common cold Lawrence Mayo

Protocols in dental conditions Daniela Attard

Protocols in eye conditions Bianca Stivala

Good Laboratory Practice Corinne Muscat Terribile

Health promotion: Women's health Daniela Fenech

Blood pressure control in Maltese dialysis patients Anne Marie Mercieca

Devices used for dispensing Deborah Cachia

Care issues in a heart failure clinic Marie Clare Aquilina

Dr M. Zarb Adami

Barcoding in pharmacy Marie Colette Galea

The Pharmacy Practice Resource Unit Jaclyn Azzopardi

Adverse drug reactions database Stephanie Bezzina

Intellectual property and pharmacy Lara Giudice

Aeromonas hydrophila gastroenteritis in the Maltese population: diagnosis, epidemiology and treatment Lisa Cuschieri

Pharmaceutical services in lifestyle modifications Vanessa Petroni

Dr C. Shoemake

Evaluation of oestrogen receptor modulating abilities of the extract Padina pavonica using in-silico techniques
Maria Cassar

Drug design at the perixosome proliferator-activated receptor Julienne Ciantar

Fourth Years Pharmacy Practice Project Project Titles

Creation of 2d/3d molecular database: steroids and NSAIDs Luke Doublet

Creation of 2d/3d molecular database: drugs acting on the CNS and antibiotics Michael Miller

Androgen receptor binding modalities and prostate cancer Alexandra Grima

Design of family ligands for the HIV-1 protease enzyme Chantelle Micallef

Evaluation of a novel series of semi-synthetically designed ACE inhibiting molecules Deborah Louise Farrugia