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Table 2: A summary of major research findings

Users Learn Passively from television

Long term effects of advertising are relevant

when the product information shifts from
Advertising and
short term memory to long term memory

Attention mediated the impact of textual

concreteness on attribute importance, but
that picture relevance and repetition were
not related to attention or importance
A subset of alternatives is considered prior to
choice. Since then, it has been generally
accepted that individuals navigate through a
series of sets of alternatives in order to
Decision Making, arrive at a choice. The first set of
Consideration and alternatives includes all of the alternatives
Choice that could potentially satisfy the choice.
From this awareness set, an individual is
likely to consider only a small number of
alternatives. Those alternatives that are
considered constitute the consideration set.
An Individual buys a product that reflects
his/her self-identity. The level of attachment
with the product or brand reflects his/her
Concept of Self identity with respect to that product. There
and Extended Self are tested scales with high reliability and
validity that suggest whether the product is
a me/not me type of characterization.
esearch findings
Research Paper

The Impact of Television

Advertising: Learning Without
Involvement Author(s): Herbert E.

The Role of Attention in Mediating

the Effect of Advertising on
Attribute Importance

Author(s) : Scott B. Mackenzie

The A2S2C2 Model: The Influence
of Attitudes and Attitude Strength
on Consideration and Choice.
Author(s): Joseph R. Priester,
Dhananjay Nayakankuppam,
Monique A. Fleming, John Gode

How Is a Possession ''Me" or ''Not

Me"? Characterizing Types and an
Antecedent of Material Possession
Author(s): Susan Schultz
Kleine Robert E. Kleine Chris T.
awareness Quality of the Reaction to the
generated by the campaign campaign
Evaluate the Campaign was
Campaign was
campaign compared with
considered of
Use of Laptop in other
good quality
day-to-day life campaigns and
where the focus
rated as mid-
was on slice of life

Advertising Intention / Consideration in

Brand Awareness
awareness buying space
Brand performance
Normally it takes 5-6 days for
Medium Medium-Low making decision to buy a
particular laptop
High Involvement; not an impulse buy  Cheaper as compared to
Understanding the other brands  Considered as Value for Money; not as status
Brand perceptions symbol  Vibrating Laptop color: understand that target is young
& key brand generation  Service/ Maintenance: expect a yearlong warrantee
strengths of ME  Search Internet, Search blogs, Read Reviews to collect
information  Consultation with friends/relatives before buying
Long term
Impact of the

Impact was
positive and

on / Consideration in

y it takes 5-6 days for

decision to buy a
ar laptop
heaper as compared to
ney; not as status
d that target is young
a yearlong warrantee
ews to collect
tives before buying
Detailed breakup of sampling plan
Sample- Sample
Stages Sample type Male Female
size size
Sample Distribution
Distribution TOTAL TOTAL
17-25 17-25 26-35
Sec A 2 2 4 4 5 9 2
Sec B 3 4 7 2 1 3 3

In-depth Sec A 3 3 6 4 6 10 2
Interview Sec B 2 5 7 3 3 6 9

survey Sec A 3 2 5 5 5 10 3
Sec B 2 5 7 3 6 9 1

Pre-test Sec A 2 3 5 3 3 6 2
Sec B 3 3 6 3 2 5 2

Index Fair Sec A 15 1 28 12 10 22 1

3 1
Sec B 23 1 42 9 14 23 5
Male Female
Total 117 103 2
Respondents Respondents