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Why use teenage

here are over three million
11-19 year olds girls
nationwide and 94% of
them read magazines.
can reach 45% of the UK’s teenagers.
For this age group, magazines are
not a luxury but a must-have.
Teenagers have more money and
more influence than ever before, but
they are also at a difficult time in their
lives. To cope with body changes
and life choices, they need a trusted
source of advice. Magazines are
invaluable as a source of that advice.
In addition, they offer entertainment,
relaxation, information and

Teenage girls have a closer

relationship with their magazine
than any other age group. They have
increasing freedom, but with this
comes greater responsibility. As
they adjust, they see their favourite
magazine as a reassuring friend.
Interactive editorial that will help
teenage girls develop their own
style is especially valued while they
are still learning about themselves
and their personal tastes and
preferences. Constantly testing new
products, teenagers are making
choices now that will affect brand
loyalty later in life.
Since it’s launch in 1994,
has been the first and best of its
kind ’s success is based
on an unerring understanding of
what makes teenagers tick – our
expertise in the youth market is

‘s recent readership
figures are 545,000 and
circulation figures are158,835
Leading the teen market for 14
First teen glossy in the market
First to launch a successful live
event for teens
First to launch reader VIP club
Every month gives
teenage readers a sense of
empowerment, engagement,
experience, inclusivity and
The trainee adult
gives its readers control;
interactive editorial allows them
to customise their magazine
experience. It is no longer a
cover-to-cover read, but a
continual approachable
dialogue for that month.

Readers can:
Join an exclusive VIP club,
enabling readers to
contribute to and appear in
the magazine as models,
fiction writers, feature writers,
illustrators, photographers,
agony aunts.... wherever their
talents lie.
Gain a dialogue with the
editor via weekly email

Be part of interactive live

events – every year,
Model Comp gives Sugar
readers the opportunity to
become the next big thing in
the modelling world.
above anything else allows the reader to be
who they want to be! Sugar delivers the need for a
strong combination of authenticity and aspiration
every single month.

empowers readers by giving them

everything they want in an accessible and
approachable manner. From fashion to cosmetics
stories, editorial is presented in a glossy but
realistic tone.

engages the reader by allowing them to do

what they want to do! Readers can shape the
editorial through VIP Club, monthly fiction pages
and by actively testing products featured in the
pages of the magazine.
gives the reader interaction through many opportunities to
apprear to win sections in the magazine. has launched a
number of social awareness campaigns as a call to action for the
reader. Latest campaigns include Childline Stand Up Speak Out, the
Food Standards Agency and S.A.F.E. Sex.

is extremely inclusive – our aspirational content will always

make the reader feel good about themselves. It’s all about being the
very best version of who you can be.


Frequency: Monthly
Price: £2.20

Circulation: 158,835 ABC

Jan- Jun 08

Reader Profile: Girls 12-16

Median Age:14.3
Source: Youth TGI spring 2008
Let us help you to talk to teenagers in their language: our innovative
sponsorships and effective advertorials give you the opportunity to
share our brand values and get closer to our readers.
In-store with :
Buy and get product X free
Buy and product X to save £xx
Retailer-specific wrap cover, band, bag,
competition or other multi-variant
Covermounts for a particular region/
retail group/subscription gift
Collect vouchers from product X
and get a free three or six-month
subscription to
Money-off voucher inside the magazine,
or within the poly bag

In your stores:
Stocking and selling
Selling non cover-mounted copies for
free sampling in-store or at events. This
can be tailored (cover, Ed’s letter page,
vouchers etc) for you
Showcards/point of sale material
Reprints from magazine

Direct marketing:
Piggy-back mailings

Joint web activity: links, competitions,
Long-term sponsorship of regular
editorial, eg letters page
Association with VIP/Text Club
Sponsor editorial campaigns

Sponsorship of live events, roadshows,
or festivals
Product licensing
Jointly-funded research and/or reader

For more information, contact : Christina Della - Fera, Senior Brand Manager, on 0207 1507511
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