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Mobile Enterprise

All Your Solutions Delivered

With almost 40 years of experience helping organizations

throughout the world profit and succeed, ESRI ® mapping
and analytical software systems can take your business to
new levels. Mobile Enterprise helps you meet the challenges
of remote resource management by fully mobilizing your

What is Mobile Enterprise?

Mobile Enterprise integrates your existing business systems with
ESRI’s comprehensive suite of geographic information system
(GIS) applications, all in a single platform. Providing office
and field personnel immediate access to the same up-to-date
and accurate information empowers them to better perform
Mobile Enterprise can be tailored to the unique workflows of any
management reporting and prioritize demands.
organization or industry to create a more streamlined workflow.
With Mobile Enterprise, you can Some industry application examples include
• Coordinate business priorities with mobile workers more 4 Transportation/Logistics: Integrate delivery and work order
effectively. management with optimized scheduling and dynamic routing
• Schedule and direct field resources efficiently. based on real-world traffic conditions; provide in-vehicle naviga-
tion and real-time tracking; and update delivery and work order
• Connect outside activities with in-house systems easily.
details from anywhere to manage your fleet more effectively.
• Deploy a unified solution on servers, desktops, and smart-
4 Telecommunications: Deliver network diagrams, service order
phones and in vehicles.
information, and optimal routing instructions to technicians
and crews for faster response to outages and customer
service requests, significantly improving restoration times and
reducing service windows.
4 Commercial: Coordinate CRM with supply chain, fleet
tracking, and financial systems and improve customer service
and satisfaction through better business process coordination
and cross-department collaboration.

To discover how ESRI can help you meet and

overcome the challenges of remote resource
management with Mobile Enterprise solutions,
visit www.esri.com/mobileenterprise.

Visualize and monitor the locations of moving resources. Mobile Enterprise

can link this type of geospatial system with your business applications to
provide office and mobile staff access to all the information at once.

For more information about Mobile Enterprise, visit www.esri.com/mobileenterprise.

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