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Unit1 AO1

Describe the main work roles and the main work functions of TWO
contrasting public services

Police Force

There are loads of jobs you can do in the police force such as:
• Dog Handler
• Dog Squad
• Forensic
• Traffic Cop
• Mounted Police Officer

For the Police Force I am going to be looking at how to become a Dog Handler and
part of a drug squad, for this I’m going to be looking at the starting price, and what a
day to day life would be like for one of these jobs.

Dog Handler

Police and security units all over the globe rely on the
formidable powers of dogs – namely their senses of smell
and hearing – to tackle the problems that would otherwise
prove near–impossible for their human counterparts. Police
dogs are a huge asset to the police service. Not only do they
help to deter criminals and safeguard the public they also
offer an amazing sense of smell.

A dog’s nose is many, many times more sensitive than a

human’s, and so is ideal for tracking or detecting, whether
it be drugs, criminals, bombs, stolen property, or people
who have lost their way. The canine sense of smell is so finely tuned that you can
train to detect a number of different substances.

Through intensive training both the police dog handler and the dog itself learn a series
a commands and hand signals to determine a particular behavior. Becoming a police
dog handler is a big commitment and one that normally lasts for 7 years, which is the
length of service the dog will undertake. The commitment often involves the dog
living with the handler and taking full responsibility for the well being and health of
the dog.

• With a career as a dog handler most of the work takes

place outdoors, which certainly beats the 9 to 5 office
• Your hours of work will vary and depend upon the task that you are required

• The chance for a rewarding career that can pay up to £25,000 per once with

The training will typically involve a 12 weeks course at a dog training school, where
the dog will learn all the necessary skills and qualities required to become a police

To apply for a position of a dog handler you must have completed your 2-year
probationary period and must have proved yourself to be a competent police officer
during this time.

Dog handlers work with their dogs to help prevent and detect crime or to find lost and
missing people. A dog handler and their dog train for a specific purpose and this will
depend upon the type of dog you are required to train for your particular force.

Drug Squad

The Drug Squad & Surveillance Unit tackles the activity of drug dealers and the
impact they have on Fife's communities. Crime committed by drug dealers is a high
priority for the Force. This is reflected in our commitment to
train and staff this highly specialised unit. The Unit's skills
are also drawn upon to assist in the investigation of other
serious crimes.

Over the last 6 years, the Drug Squad has increased the
seizure of controlled drugs by more than 350%.

The abuse of drugs and commission of crime for money to buy drugs affects every
individual living in Fife. The Drug Squad exists to provide a service targeted against
the root causes of drug abuse in Fife.

All information is treated as confidential and no member of

the public should fear disclosure of their identity should
they give information.

The Unit's skills are also drawn upon to assist in the

investigation of other serious crimes.

A two-month trial of the initiative has already netted

cocaine worth over £9m.
In this assignment I am going to talk about the Army and what sort of jobs you can
be, such as:
• Weapons Specialist Adviser
• Anti Tank Missile Operator
• Guardsman
• Commando
• Tank Troop Officer
• Dog Handler
• Parachutist
• Infantry musician
• Human Intelligence officer
• Combat Air Controller
• Security guard
• Armoured Gunners
• Aviation Crewman
• Air Defence Gunner
• Machine Gunner
• Special Gunfire Observer.
• Tank Crewman
• Air Defence Gunner
• Tank Crewman (CBRN)
• Helicopter Pilot Officer
• Weapons Specialist Adviser
• Radar Surveillance Operator
• Combat Assault Engineer
• Human Intelligence Operative
• Infantry Solider
• Aviation Crewman

In this poster I am going to be looking at a Infantry Solider and what day to day life
would be like on the front line.

Infantry Solider
As part of the Army’s front-line team, you get involved in
everything from peacekeeping and disaster relief to full-scale war.
You won’t do this on your own, though – you’re supported on the
battlefield by some of the Army’s best soldiers. And you make some
great friends in your unit, which generates vital team spirit in

For this job you can be any Gender but the average age is 16 - 32.11
years old, then the Territorial Army age is 17.6 - 42.11 years old.

To be good at this you would need to like:

• Taking risks and feeling adrenaline
• Outdoor activates
• Driving Vehicles
• Target or game shooting
• Working outside

You would also need to be interested or be

experience in:

• Combat
• Ammunition or explosive handling
• Telecommunication
• Vehicle mechanic
• Paramedic
• Security
• Driving large/small vehicles

Regular Training

You learn essential soldiering skills like how to survive in all environments and how
to use a variety of different weapon, building stamina and fitness. After a few years
mastering the basics, you can specialise in advanced roles such as Sniper, Mortar or
combat medic you can also learn a trade and get a qualification. The skills you learn
will aid you for the rest of your life.

Qualification you can achieve

• Variety of driving licences
• ILM Team Leading Award
• Publics services Apprentices in security, Communications, Engineering,
• BTEC Level 2 Certificate in relief operations skills
Tank Commander

With powerful diesel engines and lethal weaponry, armoured vehicles such as the
Challenger and the Scimitar are the kings of the battlefield. But they’re only as good
as the crews that operate them. Your job is to use your
leadership skills to get them working together as a team,
and show them how to get the best from the vehicle.

For this job you would need to be Male and you can be
any age, and no formal qualifications required for this

For this job you should be:

• Being hands on fixing stuff

• Responsibility decision-making

• Taking risks and feeling adrenaline

• Taking the led and managing people

• Outdoor activates

• Computing and technology

• Working outside

• Driving vehicles

You’re an experienced Tank Crewman when

you apply to become a Tank Commander, so
your training focuses on developing your
leadership skills. The course takes 16 weeks. It
covers how to lead and motivate a team, and
deal with any problems. You also learn more on
the theory and practice of armoured operations,
and the part that you and your crew play in