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Faith Community Church



Small Groups Adult Christian Education

Recognizing a need for people to get
together in smaller, informal settings, Starting in September
we began several small groups last the 9:30AM adult
Fall. We are now re-launching for 6 Sunday class will be
sessions (2nd & 4th weekends), and learning about our
will do the same in the new year after identity in Christ,
the holidays. Maybe you don’t nor- based on Neil Ander-
mally go to anything else except son’s book and DVD,
Sunday worship, but I hope you’ll Victory Over Dark-
give these a try. There will be con- ness. So many Chris-
versation with friends, food, maybe tians struggle with de-
singing, a short devotion from the structive thoughts, a
Bible, and a chance to pray for each poor self-image, con-
other. This is a time to let down your trolling habits, etc.,
hair and open up among peers. not realizing that in
Jesus they have been
Nathan Smith (370-2219) will be fundamentally
leading one exclusively for college- changed. Since our
age singles at the Smiths, 2nd & 4th behavior and ways of
Saturday nights at 7:30PM. Andrew thinking tend to mimic what we believe about our-
Conrad (229-5413) will be leading selves, we continue to live defeated lives when we
one for adults at the Gardners, 2nd & hold onto the old patterns of believing. We can
4th Sunday nights at 6:00PM. Pastor have victory over the lies of the enemy when we
Randy (707-5177) will be leading choose to believe that what the Bible says about us
one for adults at the Smiths, 2nd & is the truth. Our behavior will begin to change in
4th Sunday night at 6:00PM. And order to conform to the truth.
Dave Lewis (250-1195) & team will
be organizing activities for the older Prayer, Women, Baptism
Our back-to-school week of prayer begins Sunday
Ordination September 7th with a Nite of Praise at 6PM. Mon-
We are looking forward to a very day at 7AM Charles leads; Tuesday 10:30AM Dave
special Sunday on September 14th as L leads; Wednesday 6:30PM Sheila leads, and then
the congregation recognizes God’s Saturday to Sunday we will have people sign up for
call on Pastor Mark’s life. I hope 1/2 hour prayer slots (praying wherever they are).
you will go out of your way to let
him know how you have seen God Tuesday PM September 23rd a Women’s Bible
work through him. Study begins called, Walking By Faith. This will be
led by Shannon and runs until November 4th.
NIV 1 Timothy 3:1 Here is a trustworthy say-
ing: If anyone sets his heart on being an Sunday September 21st at 3PM we will be having a
overseer, he desires a noble task. Baptismal Service. If you have committed your life
to Jesus, but have never been baptized, please
Pastor Randy speak to Pastor Mark or Pastor Randy.