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XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The Dark Side of the Universe

A diagram of the by a wide dark energy is explainable, and only
By Nick Statt LSST Telescope
Credit: Wired.com
margin the
more compli-
barely so, through the use of a sloppy
mathematical constant thought up by
cated of the Einstein decades ago. It is a term that,
The expansion of the universe is ac- two. “Frankly, once inserted, helps coincide gravity
celerating, and scientists have no idea its vague to with the obvious discrepancies in the
why. Gravity should be slowing this ex- e v e r y b o d y, mass-energy density of the universe
pansion over time, but billions of years even us. that comes from its unexplainable ac-
ago it shifted from slowing down to There’s lots of celeration and our lack of knowledge.
speeding up. other kinds of “In the late 1990s, people worked
The cause is attributed to an un- theories, but out that we need to put in the term in
known form of energy, and this energy none of them order to make everything work,” says
makes up for nearly three fourths of the are even ap- Slosar. “You take your Einstein equa-
entire universe’s mass. Its name in sci- pealing,” says tion, and it turns out you can put the
entific circles is dark energy, yet that is Sheldon, ex- term in there and you can describe
simply a placeholder until the truth is plaining that everything.”
discovered. At Brookhaven National the universe is “It works mathematically, but it’s
Lab, cosmologists study dark energy, as thought to not nice. We are hoping the real theory
well as its companion dark matter, and have ex- works more beautifully,” he adds. So ba-
conduct experiments in the hope of two terms now commonly thrown panded after the Big Bang, and then sically, the scientists can make every-
breaking new ground on the origins around in academic circles, and even pulled inward due to gravity. thing make sense on paper, but very
and current nature of our expanding used by amateur physics and astronomy “But instead of slowing down, it much in the way a lazy physics student
universe. buffs, because of the alluring mystery looks like the universe started to speed could ace a lab by working backward
By the end of the decade, these sci- they provide and the large amount of up a few billion years ago,” he says. from the right answers and tweaking all
entists hope that a new tool, the Large research being invested in the field of “This is a shock, and no one really has the math. The scientists know what’s
Synoptic Survey Telescope, will allow cosmology, or the study of the creation an explanation for it.” happening with dark energy, but not
them to plunge even deeper into the of the universe. But to the untrained Unlike dark matter, which was dis- why or even where to look to find out.
depths of the sky. The telescope will mind, the two terms are easy to mix up. covered in an elementary form in 1934, The LSST telescope is projected to
allow them to collect enormous Dark energy makes up for between dark energy arose from the very recent begin scanning the skies in 2019 after
amounts of data with the hope that in 72 and 74 percent of the universe’s discovery in 1998 of the expansion of serious delays throughout the latter half
these troves of information lays the key mass-energy density, according to a the universe. The study of Type 1a (one- of the last decade. Sheldon and Slosar
to understanding what exactly dark en- number of reports from NASA and A) supernovae by the High-z Supernova will be some of the first scientists to an-
ergy and dark matter are. other organizations that are funded Search Team posited this shocking rev- alyze the data through their affiliation
“All we know about them is empir- through the National Science Founda- elation, which was then confirmed by with BNL.
ical. We don’t really have any theoreti- tion. Its current and generalized defini- Supernova Cosmology Project in 1999 “Maybe with data, this break-
cal understanding of it,” says Erin tion is the unknown cause for the and then numerous other studies that through will happen,” says Slosar. But he
Sheldon, a Brookhaven astrophysicist acceleration of the expansion of the uni- used various techniques in the years also entertains the idea that this is an
and cosmologist who works with the verse. that followed. The core of the discovery unreachable goal, that unification, a
Dark Energy Survey, an internationally Dark matter, on the other hand, by the High-z team lies in the fact that theory of everything and dark energy
collaborative study that will begin col- constitutes for between 21 and 23 per- the light emitted by supernovas was red are just fleeting utopias in a scientist’s
lecting and analyzing data related to the cent of the universe’s mass-energy den- shifted, which means that those celes- dreams. “It’s also possible that we will
mystery this fall. They will be using a sity and is known as an invisible form of tial objects are moving away from us if never reach this,” he says. “Then we are
four-meter mirror telescope with the matter that is causing a noticeable dis- you analyze a spectrograph that trans- sort of screwed. If you don’t have more
ability to survey an expansive amount crepancy between what is actually pres- lates light into wavelengths, but at an ac- than one clue, then you can’t distinguish
of space. ent in faraway objects, like galaxies in celerating rate. between the various ideas.”
Dark energy and dark matter are distant clusters, and what we’re seeing “We know there is something that “The idea is to get more data. Get
using our current accelerates the universe. We have the more detail about the universe to see
methods. “The simplest theory, and you put in by hand how fast it was moving over time and
problem is that dark and it explains the data,” says Anže see how it started to speed it up,” says
matter doesn’t emit Slosar, a cosmologist and astrophysicist Sheldon.
light, so we can only who works alongside Sheldon at BNL, “From our point of view, since we
see its effect but in a separate project titled BOSS, or are experimenters, we’re just going to go
through gravity,” ex- the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic and look and measure the best we can
plains Sheldon. Survey. and shed some light on it, get some kind
Dark energy is Slosar is referring to the fact that of clue.”
The Stony Brook Press News 3

Celebrating the Death of bin Laden

By Adam Peck

Editors’ Note: This article was pre-

vious published online by THINK
Magazine Editor-In-Chief Adam Peck.

When Alex Gecewicz and Mike

Ragonese heard the news that Osama
bin Laden was killed in a US raid in
Pakistan, they each grabbed a pair of
shoes, a flag, and left Mendelsohn Quad
on a mission: to celebrate and spread
the news to their peers.
For two hours early on Monday
morning, they toured the campus mak-
ing sure that every passerby knew the
fate of bin Laden and revel in hugs, high
fives and chants of “USA! USA!”
“You won’t meet a prouder Ameri-
can,” said Gecewicz of himself. “We’re
here to spread the beauty of freedom.”
Gecewicz was decked out in an
American flag, a red t-shirt, and skin-
tight hunting pants. Between the two of
them, Gecewicz was the more outgoing,
luring anyone within eyesight into a dozen students still out getting food, Christian Brothers Academy, a military to listen to Gecewicz and Ragonese
conversation about the good news and, Gecewicz and Ragonese led an excited school where he rose to a JROTC pla- speak about it makes you wonder if
if they were willing, a photo op. conversation about bin Laden’s death toon leader, before enrolling at Stony maybe, just maybe, we can put aside dif-
Ragonese was the more reserved with a few students sitting and eating. Brook, and is the first member of his ferences–politically, culturally–just long
accomplice, tagging along for motiva- The motivation for the roving cele- immediate family to attend college. enough to make some progress as a na-
tional support. A sophomore living in bration stemmed from a realization of Medical conditions (“shoulder issues, a tion.
the same hallway as Gecewicz in the magnitude of what had just been an- seizure and some other stuff ”) rendered “I have a writing teacher who’s very
Amman, he is preparing for a summer nounced by President Obama earlier in him ineligible for military service, so he far left,” explained Gecewicz, who iden-
trip to Virginia to attend the Marines’ the evening, said Gecewicz. took up football and was a redshirted tified himself as a registered Democrat.
Officer Candidate course. He was sport- “You can bet your bottom dollar freshman last fall. “She’s made some comments that I
ing military-grade boots and a Marine that there isn’t one firehouse in the city Listening to him speak for just a might have disagreed with, but that’s the
Corp flag worn as a cape over his that isnt excited,” he said. “If there’s one few minutes and it’s clear that Gecewicz beauty of it; everybody has their own
clothes. mother who can say ‘my son didn’t die still cares deeply about the military and opinions. There’s no race on this flag. I
The enthusiasm displayed by the in vein,’ it’s huge. Tonight shows what has tremendous respect for everyone really think people should sit back and
duo rubbed off on just about everyone we can do as a country.” who serves in it. unite.”
they came into contact with. A group of For Gecewicz, who goes by Jiz (“It’s “You can bet that those guys who If you’re on campus Monday, keep
about 10 fraternity members leapt into a long story,” he explains), Sunday did this are not college educated, never an eye out for Ragonese and Gecewicz.
a photo with Gecewicz, while two night’s news represented a moment of spent a day in a college classroom,” he They plan on continuing their celebra-
women accepted hugs on their way to- triumph for the country and for the said. “I wanted to serve because I really tion another day.
wards the Student Activities Center. community of servicemen and women realized how unbelievable this country “I will definitely be wearing this flag
At the Kelly Dining Center, where that he himself had hoped to be a part is.” Unbridled patriotism is not uncom- tomorrow,” said Gecewicz. “I might be
CNN was being broadcast to the few of. mon in times of national tragedy or, in wearing pants this time.”
The Albany native attended the the case of today, national revelry. But
4 Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Editorial Board
Executive Editor
Najib Aminy

USG Drops a Grenade!

Managing Editor
Nick Statt
Associate Editor
Evan Goldaper
It has become an unfortunate pat-
Business Manager tern here at Stony Brook that our end-of-
Kenny Mahoney the-year event is poorly attended and
caters to misguided music tastes and the
Production Manager
Carol Moran personal interests of USG members with
event planning aspirations. It’s supposed
News Editors to be an all-out festival in the spirit of the
Bobby Holt campus that once featured Jimi Hendrix
Alyssa Melillo
and The Who, but somewhere along the
Features Editor way it turned a distasteful melting pot of
Vincent Barone self-interest and ignorance, and the stu-
Arts Editor dents are the ones paying the price.
Alexa Rubinstein Despite the name Brookfest having
been laid to rest as of last year, this year’s
Photo Editor event, scheduled for this Friday, May 6,
Carolina Hidalgo
will not be a step in the right direction. It
Copy Editor will seem new, refreshed from years of
Zach Knowlton mishandled Brookfests, and attendance
very well may hit an all time high. But it
Sports Editor
Mark Greek is still undoubtedly another series of
missteps for two distinct reasons – its cannot be confirmed because USG was ingly successful Stony Brooklyn to see
Social Media Editor musical guests do not in any way cater to not able to provide a full budget for the that there is a huge discrepancy between
Kenny Mahoney a wide college audience and students 2010-2011 year. They are charging not USG’s mindset and those of students
Ombudsman must for some reason still pay to attend. only a whopping $25 for off-campus stu- who actually understand college music
Tia Mansouri To compare, let’s take a look at a fel- dents, but $5 for SBU students as well. scenes. In fact, Stony Brooklyn featured
low state university - SUNY Purchase. This seems reasonable, but when com- the band Beach Fossils earlier this se-
The school’s major Spring semester event pared to the fact that Purchase’s Culture mester, and they went on in the follow-
Layout Design by
Jowy Romano is called Culture Shock, a hugely suc- Shock can pull off their event and make ing weeks to play a successful set at this
cessful two-day concert featuring dozens it absolutely free, it seems unfair and il- year’s Culture Shock.
of bands from both on-campus and off. logical that students must pay for some- You can argue that Culture Shock, as
Staff This year’s festival had 42 bands on the thing bankrolled by our Student Activity well as Stony Brooklyn and Rock Yo Face
initial bill, cost only slightly more than Fee, which funds all of USG (as well as Case, caters to indie rock bands, and that
Sam Aldenton $90,000 and was able to cater to an enor- organizations like the Press). may be true. However, with the amount
Michelle Bylicky
Siobhan Cassidy mous variety of music tastes. On top of And the two headlining artists – of money being put towards the concert
Lionel Chan
Natalie Crnosija that, Purchase opens up the Culture Bruno Mars and Janelle Monáe, while this Friday and the track record that has
Mike Cusanelli
Eric DiGiovanni Shock festival for free to both students very popular in mainstream music cir- been built this semester from low-bud-
Brett Donnelly and off-campus attendees. They even cles, are not what any self-respecting col- get acts, like Best Coast ($5,000) and Im-
Amanda Douville
Lauren DuBois have a well-organized guest pass system lege student would consider a college act. mortal Technique ($9,500), there is no
Sarah Evins
Andrew Fraley that allows Purchase students to bring up They are simply big names that will dec- reason why USG is still confining itself
Mark Greek to four off-campus students into the orate the organizers’ résumés and make a and ruining such a golden opportunity.
Colleen Harrington
Samuel Katz event. big enough splash so as to ensure a crit- They could have booked dozens upon
Nicole Kohn
Iris Lin The Stony Brook Concerts series on icism-free turnout. But despite the po- dozens of bands, like Culture Shock
Andi Liao
Erica Mengouchian
the other hand is bringing only three tential and probable large crowd, that does, and represented innumerable
Frank Myles artists, costing roughly $105,000 before fact doesn’t make the ideologies behind music tastes in the process, and yet they
Howie Newsberkman
Vanessa Ogle factoring in the cost of the security, stag- the organization and our concert series’ chose not to. It’s about time that the plan-
Carlos Parreno
Gabriel Panadero ing, advertising and the multitude of obviously stale and misguided future any ners handling the hundreds of thousands
Jessica Rybak other factors that contribute to the cost more satisfying. of dollars of student money either open
Emily Torkel
Matt Willemain of such a large event. The complete esti- All it takes is a simple observation of their eyes and wise up to reality, or put
mated cost is expected to exceed the acts that play at our well attended the mic down and get off our stage.
$200,000, and specifics on that figure Rock Yo Face Case event or the increas-
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Mission Accomplished!

By Vincent Barone

To the Editor, tacted at the paper failed to re-read the 42-page document
in its entirety—or failed to understand it.
As a representative of the dietary supplement industry, I am
writing to correct an inaccuracy regarding our organization So, to be clear, since 1973, the Council for Responsible Nu-
that appeared in the March 16, 2011 article “The Muscle Mar- trition (CRN) has been the leading voice of the supplement
ket.” By stating our position using only one line, out of con- industry. CRN advocates for the high quality manufacturing and
text, from a 42-page document, the reporter misrepresented responsible marketing of dietary supplements and we have
our organization’s position on government regulation of ad- consistently provided support for responsible industry ac-
vertising claims for dietary supplements, and as a result, mis- tions coupled with reasonable industry regulation.
characterized the philosophy of our organization. At no time
prior to writing the story did anyone from the paper try to As much as we believe the supplement industry has an obli-
contact us to get our perspective on what is a complex and gation to self-regulate as well as abide by government regu-
confusing topic. In fact, after the article ran, we offered to lations, we believe that this newspaper has a journalistic
make a member of our scientific team available to the reporter responsibility to accurately portray an organization’s position.
to explain our position, but this request was ignored. Finally, We hope in the future you’ll be mindful of accuracy in your
after a month of trying to get the newspaper to run a simple stories.
correction, we were stonewalled until finally we were told
that we should instead write a letter to the editor. Sincerely,

The decision not to run a correction and not to engage in a Trainor Walsh
dialogue leads us to the conclusion that either all parties con- Council for Responsible Nutrition

Editors’ Note: The Press stands by Mr. Katz’s article. Mr. Walsh was put in communication with the author after his initial response.
6 Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011


On the Wrong
Side of the
by Alyssa Melillo

There once was a time when tight- events more students could attend, talk to a student body of over 20,000 is most,” Khan said of his decision to run.
knit cliques mainly ran the Student Ac- Khan said he immediately knew that hard when everyone, for the most part, “[But] everyone who won is pretty
tivities Board, and some members of something within the SAB needed to is thinking of themselves. good. I thought it was a good group.”
the Undergraduate Student Govern- change. “The current structure [at the “I don’t sit in my room and listen to If he had been elected, Khan also
ment (USG), were more concerned time had] been in place for the last 30 Bruno Mars,” he said. “The current said he had planned to focus on pre-
about their résumé than on improving years and it [wasn’t] working for the last events help make the decisions rather venting tuition hikes and fee increases
student life on campus, at least those 20,” he said. than the students. I haven’t really talked while also cutting backs USG spending
were those main criticisms. Stony Brook students saw a change to a lot of students, but I think we’ve to free up money to create more clubs
In the past few years, however, in campus events in the fall of 2010. done a lot of events where the artist and activities. Khan said he believes that
these organizations went through big That semester, under direction of Khan, chooses itself.” students should generally be against
transformations that shaped them into the new SAB brought big names to “I think the bigger criticism is that raising tuition, especially because most
what students know them as today. campus such as big time comedian I don’t delegate enough,” he added. do not know how fees really work.
While many students played a role in Christian Finnegan and indie band Best While working on changing the “I think a lot of student govern-
these changes, one in particular saw Coast. This spring, comedian Aziz structure and leadership of the SAB, ments are out-of-tune with students,” he
these transformations first hand, and Ansari, rapper Immortal Technique and said of other SUNY student leaders who
played a leading role in one of them. consumer advocate Ralph Nader all put support tuition raises. “You should al-
History major Moiz Khan first be- on events that almost reached full ca- ways be extra skeptical towards a posi-
came involved with USG when he was a pacity. “From the very begin- tion where students and administration
freshman in the fall of ‘08. Khan said he “I think the philosophy was differ- can agree on something.”
became interested in the organization ent,” Khan said, referring to the old ning, we decided not to Khan is the founder and chair of
after he had to communicate with it SAB’s approach, for example bringing talk about ‘if Mark the Student Polity Party. While the
when he was starting up a club, and he names such as Fabolous and Kerri Hil- party did see some wins in the past USG
eventually took on a position as a sena- son to campus for last year’s Brookfest
wins’ but rather ‘when election, Khan said he thinks it is un-
tor in the spring of ‘09. concert. Khan said the old SAB did ask Mark wins.’ fortunate that more Student Polity party
“When I started, [USG] was in a for student input, but not enough to members did not win.
transition mode, I guess,” Khan said. make a decision that represented the Khan took on many other roles
“You could tell some people were only student body as a whole. within USG other than senator and
there for their resumes.” For this year’s concert, which takes treasurer, but he said that after this elec-
Khan was appointed treasurer in place Friday, the SAB is bringing Khan remained involved with USG, but tion, he plans on minimal involvement
the fall of ‘09, and it was then that he got Grammy-winning artist Bruno Mars planned on taking his role to the next with the organization. This is not be-
his first glimpse of how the concert- and singer Janelle Monáe. While Khan level. This semester he ran for USG cause of his loss, but because of the new
booking Student Activities Board (SAB) has been subject to the very same criti- president and represented the Student faces and views that make up the future
operated. “When I became treasurer...I cism for not listening to students and Polity Party, but surprisingly lost to the USG. “My time in USG as a pro-active
sort of had to oversee how [the SAB] other SAB members when making de- less experienced Mark Maloof, of the person is done,” he said. “I don’t like to
spent [its] money,” he said. After notic- cisions on campus events, he had a dif- United Students Party. have to constantly compromise [my
ing the SAB spending its money on ferent perspective when it was he was “I wanted to [fill] a position where views.]”
small, weekly events rather than bigger making the decisions. He said trying to I felt I could help the organization the Although USG will be made up of
The Stony Brook Press Features 7

entirely new members, there is one in- “I don’t

cumbent. Deborah Machalow, Execu- want to let my-
tive Vice President, is the only member self get too arro-
of the new USG who has worked with gant, but I
Khan within the organization. would like to
“No one is going to deny that Moiz think just highly
has made some positive contributions enough of my-
to the USG,” Machalow said. “[But] the self to believe
organization currently stands on a solid that I can do a
foundation, and regardless of his level good job in this
of involvement, its officers will serve the position,” he
student body faithfully and will con- added.
tinue to work towards increased open- While his
ness and improved communication plans for taking
with their constituents.” his role within
During campaigning, some USG to the next
thought Khan’s experience made him level did not
the favorite to win the presidency. end success-
However, Machalow said that she had fully, Khan,
no doubt that Maloof would win. now a junior,
“While clearly Mark was the underdog said he intends
in the race, the campaign collectively to be more in-
decided to stick with positivity,” she volved with the
wrote. “From the very beginning, we Faculty Student
decided not to talk about ‘if Mark wins’ Association,
but rather ‘when Mark wins.’ Mark’s which he joined
overwhelming warmth, his positive in the Fall 2010
persona and genuine concern for SBU semester.
made it obvious to me that he would be Now the
the victor.” secretary of
Maloof said that while Khan’s in- FSA, Khan said
fluence on USG will set a precedent for he has been a
people to follow, he hopes that the new part of many hopes to be a part of making FSA more largest universities in the state, some
USG could bring together the ideas of different projects ranging from choos- transparent, revamping its website and students may feel that making a differ-
all student parties. “I would like USG to ing what type of plastic to use on cam- increasing dining hours at the Union. A ence on campus can be almost impossi-
take a look at everyone’s point of view,” pus to expanding the hours of campus project that is in the works, he said, is a ble to do. Khan, however, has proved
he wrote. “Both campaigns had merit in dining halls. He said he also played a plan to renovate the Student Activities that just one student can bring big
their basis for running and I would like part in launching FSA’s WeCar and My Center dining hall so it will be less changes to many different organiza-
everyone in the student government to Laundry Station services. crowded. tions.
be aware of that…It is only by pooling “It’s a good opportunity for me to Outside of improving student life, “If you want to do something...you
all of these opinions that we can be a learn about business directly,” Khan Khan said he hopes to pursue more can get it done,” he said. “If you put in
successful government; otherwise we said. “[And] it’s another good venue to writing projects as he prepares for grad- the effort, you can pretty much change
don’t know the direction in which the help out on campus.” uate school. anything [on campus.]”
student body wants us to take them.” As for future projects, Khan said he Because Stony Brook is one of the
8 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011
This is a breakdown of SUNY Stony Brook’s 2011 end of the year concert put
in comparison with SUNY Purchase’s 2011 end of the year music festival.

COST: >$200,000

Food & Drink

Outdoor Stages

* Cost is an estimate from 
within USG. Complete budget was
not available at the time of print. 


COST: $105,000
for all Artists

Janele Monáe Plan B Bruno Mars

The Stony Brook Press Features 9

Cost: $93,975
Admission: FREE for students
FREE for off-campus

Food & Drink

Outdoor Stages

*Note: Table break-
down consolidated
portions of the budget
into one chart. 


Everyone else

10 Features Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Searching for a
Home Away
From Home
By Jo Eun Lee

It’s 2 a.m. in the commuter lounge you’re homeless. clumsily tosses a bit of Korean language muter lounge cut off our conversation
and a young man is sleeping with a But he brushed off the rumors back at me. “Na, keundae Hankook almost every minute to talk to him
peaceful expression, snoring faintly. His without hesitation. “So what...?” As long saram aniyaeyo.” Nah, but I am not Ko- about things like last weekend’s party,
arms and legs are sprawled about in as the 600 or so friends he has made in rean. plans for the next party. To make jokes
such a way that one would think he was the commuter lounge know that he is I don’t believe him. He has the Ko- and just to say hello. Ranging from Chi-
in his own bed. At 5 in the morning, he not, in fact, living there, what does it rean fashion sense and sentiment; he nese-American, American, Korean, Ko-
is still sleeping. The next day, around 1 matter? knows how to bow like a Korean when rean-American, German to Ethiopian,
a.m., he is again in the library’s com- “Whatever...” he says a little cyni- meeting people for the first time, rather the scene is a reflection of the dream of
muter lounge, trying to unfold his body cally. He works for the sushi section in than hugging or shaking hands to say American multiculturalism.
into a comfortable position to sleep, just hello. But his parents moved to Brazil But a sad thought enters my mind.
as he had the night before. His big black from Korea after their marriage and he Is this dream only possible after lan-
backpack is his only company, sitting was born in Sao Paulo. He moved to guage barriers are broken down? His
beside his head as if to keep guard while America in 2007. He is an international non-stop texting and chatting on Face-
he dreams. Around 7 a.m., he wanders
“You can’t measure the student at Stony Brook, but he is in- book occurs in at least four languages:
out of the bathroom of the commuter mutual affection of two credibly different from other interna- Portuguese, Korean, English and Span-
lounge in a new blue shirt, his backpack human beings by the tional students. ish. At all times, his computer screen
slung across his back. The next day he He seems to have absorbed the displays Google’s translator to take him
will be there again, as he has been for number of words they American language, slang and culture. from Greek to English, from Portuguese
more than three years. exchange.” No trouble in English speaking conver- to Korean, from Spanish to Chinese. As
“I think he lives in the commuter sations, no translating first from the an active Wikipedia user, he is fasci-
lounge,” says Youjin Park. “He never mother-tongue to the second language, nated by its multi-language translating
disappoints me. Of course I know him. English, which kills most international function. His wallet is designed after an
You don’t even know Andre? He is the Jasmine early in the morning. He would students and makes them want to go ‘international express-mail envelope,’
very ‘Legend of Commuter Lounge’.” rather use the commuter lounge as a back to their own country. with transatlantic stamps and red and
Andre Younne: Commuter lounge temporary habitat at night than travel In a weird, or beautifully hybrid blue slashes. Just like him, it is transcul-
guy. home. He says he feels more excited and way, Andre’s ‘guests’ in the commuter tural.
“I know some people believe I live happy in the commuter lounge than in lounge hang out with him, overcoming Andre tells me he may be falling in
here, yeah, I know,” he says. “So....?” I let his own house. “There is nothing else to any nationality barriers — language or love with the author of The Unbearable
him continue. I expected him to be de- do in my house other than sleep.” cultural. I would even dare to say he is a Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera, who
fensive about those rumors — who At first glance, his Asian phenotype bridge between the American students wrote, “You can’t measure the mutual
wants to be known as the guy living in is obvious — Andre is Korean, as rec- and international students, English affection of two human beings by the
the commuter lounge? Unless you are ognized by my own Korean eyes. I try speakers and non-English speakers, and number of words they exchange.”
obsessed with studying for 24-hour pe- to speak to him in Korean. “Annyueo- Asian Americans and original Asians. Despite the 600 or so friends he
riods, people would probably think inghaseiyo” I say — ‘hi’ in Korean. He People rambling around the com- may have, which he documents with his
The Stony Brook Press Features 11

Canon camera, they don’t seem to con-

tribute to his happiness. Rather, the nu-
merous but disposable relationships he
has made in the lounge make him fall
even further into the hollowness.
He confesses his sadness. “I am a
Brazilian, but a Korean. No, but I can’t
fully speak in Korean, so I am a Brazil-
ian. Yet, my heart inclines more toward
Korea and Korean. Even in Sao Paulo,
my birthplace, I do not feel I am fully
absorbing Brazilian. My home people
still treat me as a Korean,” he says, with
a deep sigh. He knows almost every Ko-
rean international student and Korean-
American, but it is still hard to be part
of their group.
“Koreans treat me as a non-Korean,
an alien.” He seems unsettled all the
time. “But, then, would you say I am an
American? I would be more likely to be
a Brazilian-American just because of
the fact that I can fully speak in Eng-
lish.” That categorization and his Ko-
rean sentiment are sadly unbalanced.
His multi-ethnicity adds to his ob-
scure identity and he ends up being dis-
content at times. He draws his heart on
a lined pad of paper to illustrate what
dominates his mind. “This is all about
Andre, me,” he says, as he scribbles
words on the paper. “My self and world
says he misses but has a good relation- ‘C’ was a Korean I really liked because I His Facebook profile reads, “My
ship with. “Next, I have my commuter think I am a Korean-Brazilian. But she two favorite things in life are libraries
lounge guests and commuter lounge just treated me as a foreigner, which and bicycles. They both move people
“This is all about Andre, mates,” he says. He draws a smiley face was depressing me.” He pauses and forward without wasting anything. The
me,” he says, as he scribbles on those three components of his life, sighs before continuing. perfect day: Riding a bike to the li-
words on the paper. “My and sighs. “Girl ‘D’. She was also a Korean but brary.”
“The last part is ‘relationship,’ the she could not speak in my languages, After a long pause, he ends our
self and world consist of
boyfriend and girlfriend stuff many Portuguese nor English. Girl ‘E’ who I conversation, returning back to his
the unsolvable problems of people have but I have never had, which liked very much. But she just did not commuter lounge throne.
my nose and skin.” is ‘100 percent SADNESS’,” he says. For like me.” His memories seem to frus- Today, diverse groups of people
this sadness he blames his nationality trate him as he talks about these tough travel around campus: Chinese, Chi-
and identity. affairs. “Girl ‘F’ I liked, but she had a nese-American, Korean, Korean-
consist of the unsolvable problems of “That SUCKS,” he writes on the boyfriend, UGH! And there is the last American, Spanish, Hispanic,
my nose and skin,” he says, referring to paper. He then sorts through a number girl ‘G’ who liked me. Unfortunately, African-American, Indian-American
his breathing problems and skin condi- of different girls. she was not my type.” — every nationality you can imagine.
tion. “I cannot overcome my sickness, “Girl ‘A’ was a Brazilian but she did He pauses again, and seems to And Andre disappears, blending into
which is frustrating.” not like me because I am a Korean- shake off his sadness. “Yet, I decided those groups, though not really belong-
Second comes his family, who he Brazilian. Girl ‘B’ was an American. We just to live it up with music and my bi- ing to a single one, heading for the
still had cultural and national gaps. Girl cycle.” commuter lounge.
12 Photos! Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daniel Ellsberg on Tuesday, April 26 with Professor James Klurfeld (top) seen prior talking to a small of group of faculty and staff before
his lecture on the parallels between the Pentagon Papers and WikiLeaks (below). Photos Ula Gradowska
The Stony Brook Press Photos! 13

Scenes from the second student-run art exhibit, Modern Art by Modern Artists, on Monday, May 2, 2011. Photos by Carolina Hidalgo
14 Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Art Is Not Just For Class

By Alexa Rubinstein

The smell of fresh popcorn hung in Arthur Kozlovski, president of the

from Southampton. Dennis had a
the air. Muffled music coming through FOA and one of the main organizers of
total of four pieces in the show, all
the walls from RockYourFace Case at the show, was more than pleased and
untitled, including the Charlie Sheen
UCafe provided background music. thankful for how the show came out,
charcoal. A big focus of his is pho-
Upon entering, students were greeted considering the FAO had only started
tography, he explained as a camera
by a large table turned on its side with planning the event the week before
dangled from his neck.
MAMA in large red letters, and the spring break. He wants to continue
“I want to do manipulation with
words “POST NO BILLS” in white re- adding variety and different themes to
art, so I thought this was the perfect
peatedly, as if it were a city wall with give the MAMA art show a different
opportunity,” he said about the piece.
brightly colored flyers promoting music ambience every time. “We are willing
“I did something recently with Pho-
in New York City. More than 200 guests to hire entertainers and stuff, make it
toshop involving the Dos Equis guy.”
circled the Union Ballroom, munching
The other pieces he had in the
on free pizza and taking in students’ art- Jeremy Dennis show were collages that, according to
work at the Undergraduate Student
It’s an unsuspecting piece of art Dennis, were made to look like his
Government/Fine Arts Organization’s “Next semester we were from far away: a large, black and friends, and each took a little more
2nd MAMA Art Show on Monday night.
Unlike most of the art exhibits
talking about some kind white charcoal drawing on a white than one day to finish. One collage,
background. Come a little closer, and of his friend Chris, was predomi-
around campus (at the art gallery in the of circus theme, maybe it appears to be a charcoal depiction nantly red, white and brown, and the
library, the TAC), this show had an
edge. Faux-scaffolding and white,
hire people that are in- of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper. But up small pieces of paper were placed to-
rusted iron gates were built and set up volved with that enter- close, it’s a pinnacle of satire. It has
all the makings of The Last Supper,
gether so perfectly, it looked like it
could have been a painting from a
around the room, providing makeshift, tainment business.” except for the characters. The angels distance. The small pieces of paper
rustic displays for small photos and
and saints are paparazzi, with pig he gathered were all from magazines,
prints. The FAO was going for an urban
heads and their hands clutching cam- and he said the hardest part was find-
theme, and it was accomplished suc- like a real, blown out classy event,” he
eras. And Jesus? Charlie Sheen, of ing pages and pictures that were con-
cessfully. One section of the show dis- said. “Next semester we were talking
course, gazing back to the viewers. sistent with his color schemes.
played detailed photographs of New about some kind of circus theme,
People who passed by the large Dennis’ ultimate goal is to make
York City, including Times Square, the maybe hire people that are involved
piece at the MAMA Art Show just a “casual living” form his art, but is
Empire State Building, a construction with that entertainment business.” Ko-
had to laugh as they walked by. reluctant to give his pieces away since
worker in a blue hard hat, sitting on a zlovski also added that collaborating
The piece was done by junior Je- he has only been creating art for a few
high beam, and an orange wall vandal- with RYFC helped draw people to the
remy Dennis, a studio art major, years.
ized by graffiti. show, and mentioned that the FAO
The Stony Brook Press Arts&Entertainment 15

could possibly collaborate with the

UCafe for future shows so that there is
live music at the actual event.
The creators of the show were only
seen for a split second every once and a
while, trying to navigate themselves
around the crowded room without
damaging any of the fragile displays or
works of art, such as several unpro-
tected ceramic or plaster pieces. One of
these delicate pieces was made out of

“Events like this where

people get to meet new
people and make new
friends and see art…it’s
essential, and there’s just
not enough of them.
Once a year is not

plaster and called “Curious Bear,” by Sabrina Cacciatore: a large, black on her face, and her hands up to her and that people in the Stony Brook
which showed a brown bear ripping wooden box sitting on a high table, with chest. Fingers and hands ominously community don’t neglect the arts, and
open its belly. The bear’s ribcage was the words “FEATURE PRESENTA- tried to grab her. The only words inside Kozlovski feels the same way. “I think
exposed and its insides poured out in a TION” printed on it in white. Students read “Everything is going to be ok.” an event like this is essential to culture
swirl of pink and red paint. One guest lined up to look inside through a cutout When guests pressed down on the and student life here at Stony Brook,”
who saw the piece walked by with a jutting from one of the sides, as if it wooden flap at the bottom of the box, Belopolsky said. “Events like this where
confused face and shouted “That’s were a short motion picture at a Nick- the orange and green picture changed people get to meet new people and
gruesome” to her friend. elodeon in the 1930s. Inside the box to purple, as though someone had make new friends and see art…it’s es-
The showstopper was constructed was a neon orange and green picture of shone a black light on it, and the mes- sential, and there’s just not enough of
a young woman with a frightened look saged changed to “Everything is NOT them. Once a year is not enough.”
Shamuel Yagudayev going to be ok.” Students had a wide These two leaders of the show are
range of reactions to the piece, but most glad to give this opportunity to students
Even though graduate student
Shamuel Yagudayev had only one piece at seemed surprised to read the contrast- who are not necessarily art majors. “It
the MAMA Art Show on Monday night, ing messages. One student, almost dis- wasn’t like I was saying, ‘Hey artists,
it was an attention-getter, and that is appointedly, mentioned “the second come show your work.’ It was like,
probably because it portrayed a recogniz- part is not so happy” as he walked away ‘Hey, anybody that makes art and ex-
able character among some of the more from the box. Many students seemed presses themselves, be involved in
modern and abstract art. His piece was impressed that such an interesting and this,’” Belopolsky said. “This isn’t like
entitled “Scrat, 24,000 y. later,” and it was different piece was put together. an uptight gallery thing where you have
a dark gray, almost skeletal depiction of The show itself was a work of art, as to be an artist.” Belopolsky and Ko-
Scrat from the Ice Age movies, made out Scrat, his determination is helping him Kozlovski explained. Although he did zlovski are interested in integrating the
of steel, and perched on top of a stump of take steps toward accomplishing what he not have any pieces in the show, the sciences into art, whether it is through
oak, which he polished down himself. really wants out of life.
Yagudayev said that not only is Scrat work of putting it together and the final getting science majors to showcase art
However, his art displays are not product, done with the help of senior that they do, or interesting lectures
his favorite character from Ice Age, but going to stop with the MAMA Art Show,
that he can also identify with the charac- Roman Belopolsky, founder of the about how art influences science, or
or next year when he attends medical
ter. He explained that Scrat is naturally school in the Caribbean. Yagudayev vice-versa.
persistent about doing what he wants to dreams of having his own studio. As far as the art scene on campus is
do, yet he sometimes has hardships and concerned, Belopolsky feels that the hu-
he is unable to achieve his goals.
Yagudayev took an art class at Stony
Brook, which he said changed his life and
“This isn’t like an up- manities institution gets neglected.
After coming to the United States
from Moscow in August, 2000, the first
inspired him to continue pursuing art.
Even though he was always interested in
tight gallery thing “They don’t have enough money to
provide more classes in the humanities,
person in his family to live in America, he
found himself confused and struggling at
art, he had never had the opportunity to where you have to be but they built brand new fuckin’ bas-
consistently construct it like he did in the
a challenging school like Stony Brook. class he took in 2008, when he con- an artist.” ketball courts in Tabler,” he said. But I
spend maybe $1,500 on this whole
He was on academic probation after his structed “Scrat, 24,000 y. later”. He said
first semester when he began to work to- event, and look at the magnitude of it.”
his teacher, Athena Latocha, helped him
ward a degree in medicine. “I knew with “look at the world in a more colorful and He wants USG and the administration
the competition at Stony Brook, I wasn’t special way.” Although he won’t be able MAMA Art Show, was art in its own to see that students are, in fact, inter-
going to do [medicine] anymore,” he said. to continue his artistic pursuits when he right. After Belopolsky graduates, he ested in art, even if it was created by
“But that’s when I had my first shot of goes to medical school in the Caribbean, strongly hopes that through the efforts their fellow students. Instead, Stony
vodka and I pretty much decided to stay the art classes he took at Stony Brook of USG, the FAO and students like Ko- Brook is taking your tuition money and
with what I want and no matter what I have helped him shape his unique take on zlovski, the show will continue to be a spending it on scientific speakers, and
would have it, and next year I’m going to art. large part of Stony Brook’s student life, really, who’s going to those?
medical school.” He believes that, like
16 Arts&Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Giant Elephant On the Screen
her Oscar. Waltz similarly gets to play
By Lauren DuBois off the inner villain character that won
him his Oscar last year for Inglorious
Basterds. However, the true break-
You’re definitely never too old to through is surprisingly Pattinson.
run away and join the circus. Though he still broods a bit, much like
In Water for Elephants, the new film his Twilight vampire heartthrob, there’s
based off the best-selling Sara Gruen actually something about his perform-
novel, Jacob (Robert Pattinson) is a ance that makes the audience stop and
Cornell veterinary science student in concentrate on what he’s actually doing
the Great Depression era whose world on screen to make him believable as a
comes crumbling down around him love-struck vet who wants the boss’s
after his parents are killed in a car crash. wife. This role actually helps him turn a
Now homeless and penniless, he hops corner and transform himself quite pos-
on a passing train, one that happens to sibly into a genuine Hollywood leading
house the Benzini Brothers Traveling man.
Circus, and he embarks on the greatest The only flaw the movie seems to
journey of his life. have is the unfortunate lack of chem-
After he is offered a job as chief vet istry between Pattinson and Wither-
to the circus animals by the somewhat spoon. While there is something there
maniacal, self-absorbed dictator, boss, between them, the spark that makes a
and ringmaster August (Christoph burning love story so great isn’t quite
Waltz), Jacob earns a place in his inner The film overall is visually captivat- cast, made up of two recent Oscar win- there. Their friendship however is much
circle, as well as the man’s wife and star- ing, with colorful sets and props and ners in Witherspoon and Waltz, and an more believable.
attraction, Marlena’s (Reese Wither- beautiful cinematography. Richard La- attention-getting heartthrob in Pattin- Some scenes are a bit difficult to
spoon) heart. As August struggles to Gravenese’s screenplay remains fairly son. Witherspoon proves once again watch, but overall the film is worth
keep the circus from going belly up and true to the novel from which it is that she has what it takes to play more watching. If not for the all-star cast or
tries to get out of the shadow of Rin- adapted, while still allowing some room than a ditzy blonde or a romantic com- beautifully composed shots, then see it
gling Brothers, Marlena and Jacob begin for a fresh, newly creative vision. How- edy lead, but a leading woman in a for Rosie, the 9,000-lb. elephant who
to develop true feelings for each other, ever, the true winner in this film is the drama, a role that allows her to emulate manages to steal the scenes she’s in. If
which doesn’t bode well for them after acting. her portrayal of June Carter Cash in nothing else, she’ll make anyone a fan.
August gets wind of what’s going on. Water for Elephants has an all-star Walk the Line, the very role that won

Still Fast and Still Furious

from a train, which lands them in the American agents led by Dwayne “No effectively becomes an Oceans film, ex-
By Nicole Kohn crosshairs of Brazilian crimelord Reyes
(Joaquim de Almeida) as well as some
Longer The Rock” Johnson.
Where F5 gets interesting is when it
ecuting the heist genre to a T.  By bring-
ing together a who’s who of the previous
four films, facing them off against two
There’s an undeniable formula to sets of antagonists, and throwing in a
the Fast & Furious series: hot cars, hot bank job unlike any you’ve ever seen be-
women and... that’s pretty much it. The fore, the film-makers have found a way
latest entry, Fast Five, has a ludicrous to speed up the series while giving it a
story line, with some of the worst dia- new paint job.
logue of the F&F films. The acting es- The film also had help from a sub-
pecially from Vin Diesel is not that stantial cast—well except for Diesel who
impressive either. But what prevents this seemed to slow the movie down more
movie from crashing and burning are than anything. Besides Diesel trying to
its absurdly intense, totally outrageous hard to be like Dwayne Johnson, the
action scenes. Fast Five’s final chase in- film was a foot-to-floor adrenaline
volving a stolen vault is, hands down, rush—and succeeds with burning rub-
the finest action sequence of the entire ber. The final heist is out of this world,
series. the opening car-vs-train scene is be-
It picks up where Fast And Furious yond fresh and the scenes of Rio prove
left off, with ex-cop Brian O’Conner it to be the perfect setting for some rac-
(Paul Walker) and his buddies freeing ing and drifting.
Dominic Toretto (Diesel) from a prison It’s loud, fast and sometimes over-
bus and going on the lam to Rio de the-top. But it works better than ever
Janiero. Unable to resist the temptation, before, making it the sweetest ride so
Brian, Dom and Dom’s sister Mia (Jor- far.   
dana Brewster) take a job stealing cars
The Stony Brook Press Arts&Entertainment 17

Gears of War Beta: From A Loyal Fan

hit. It’s much like those enormous Bar-
By Nick Statt rett sniper rifles we have in real military
operations that must be fastened down
with a tripod-like device. You can use it
As an avid player of the multiplayer from a distance, but time between shots
campaigns of both Gears of War 1 and 2, is long and you are left very vulnerable
I can shed a little light on what compo- while aiming.
nents of the online experience are actu- The other new weapons, like the
ally seeing substantial changes and what underground explosive Digger, do add
has mostly been left alone. In a broad some unique gameplay elements, but
sense, Gears of War 3 will not showcase are by large not going to replace the use
anywhere near the leap we saw from the of the main automatic and, of course,
first game to the second (unless the beta the Gnasher shotgun…with the excep-
is only a fraction of what will actually be tion of the new variety – the sawed-off
in the final version, which is still un- shotgun.
likely). The sawed-off variety of the hall-
What we’re actually getting from mark Gears exterminator is outra-
Cliff Blizinksy and the crew at Epic geously powerful – it can practically
Games are a few new weapons and a liquefy an enemy without the need of an
faster-paced and more consistently ac- active reload. The active reload is ex-
tion-packed match design. A lot of the actly how Epic Games aims to balance
changes in the above mentioned areas the sawn-off ’s power. The bar that typ-
were done with what appears to be ically moves at a steady pace for the
small tinkering and a tightening of other weapons’ active reloads is erratic address the game’s largest problems - changes will have significant impacts on
bolts. However, it does keep it fresh for the sawn-off. It starts off slow, then the enormously steep learning curve the overall experience come time for the
enough to bring gamers back into the speeds up, making it much harder to that kept inexperienced players from official release this fall. The beta is in its
franchise and keep the gore-heavy spirit put an overpowered sawn-off in your getting better because they kept dying second week of four, and these are the
alive. hands. It also only comes with a tiny and were forced to sit out the rest of the only strong shifts we’re seeing. As a
The new weapons aren’t exactly clip of four bullets compared with the round, and the fact that the slow pace of player of the previous two games in the
groundbreaking, but they’re not just for Gnashers double-digit one. 5-round play was aggravating gamers in series, I can say that I was expecting
show either. The Retro Lancer is a great As for gameplay, the biggest the hyper-paced respawn world of Call more out of the beta, like indications
alternative to the rookie pick that the changes you’ll see are in the speeding up of Duty and Halo. It works in some that GOW 3 will achieve what Bungie
chainsaw-enabled Lancer became in of the movement, which Epic Games ways, but fails in others. It keeps the was able to do with the jump from Halo
Gears 2. It’s equipped with a bayonet, did to increase the chaotic atmosphere, game moving a lot faster with the intro- 3/ODST to Halo Reach. Maybe there’s
which, despite being very hard to actu- and elimination of one-life-per-round duction of respawns, but it still means more up their sleeve, but right now the
ally use, is still a pretty awesome feature deathmatch. Team deathmatch, the that bad players are hurting your team changes are small and the timeframe of
(by holding a certain button, you can trademark game mode, is now only two and running the risk of not getting any the beta is too narrow to see if these
charge at your enemy and impale them rounds and each team has a collective better when they waste all of their small changes will reverberate far
for an instant kill). The One Shot is an respawn amount of 15 lives. This is respawns and tank your team in the enough to overhaul the experience and
incredibly cool new weapon that, as the going to be the make-or-break feature process. make GOW 3 really meet its expecta-
name implies, takes people out in one of Gears of War 3, because it attempts to So far, it’s hard to tell whether these tions.

Gears of War Beta: A New Perspective
spearing unsuspecting players with the not a shotgun. Not only does it turn the
By Kenny Mahoney new ‘retro lancer’ have a distinct charm. game into a close-quarters shotgun
Of the four included maps currently in orgy, it also prevents me from using
the beta, each has a markedly different other weapons because I know they’re
I don’t play Gears of War multi- feel to it, with different choke points not as effective.
player by choice - I played through the and hold –out spots to make every Lastly, I don’t feel as in control of
first two campaigns and loved it. I round change feel fresh. my character as I’d like. I understand
would have loved to have spent time on- These improvements don’t excuse that as a third-person game, I can’t play
line chainsawing people in half in the GOW3 from some other glaring issues, it like a first-person shooter. Regard-
previous iterations of Gears, but I could- however. For one, the game’s shotguns - less, the cover mechanics feel clunky,
n’t. I couldn’t even get into a game. the guts of combat feel essentially the
same to me, with a few new tools the returning ‘Gnasher’ and the new and I feel like I’m getting stuck in ani-
While network issues plagued the first ‘Sawed-off ’ - feel far too powerful. It mations for too long. Deep down I
two games in the series, the beta has thrown in. Chest-high walls still litter
the landscape of every map, but the en- seems like as soon as we spawn, every- hope that these complaints may simply
proven to be solid as a rock. While I one switches from their primary be manifest because I’m still a novice,
would previously wait upwards of 10 vironments change enough to keep it
interesting. Blowing players apart in weapon to their secondary shotgun. As but I don’t think I’m the only player who
minutes to enter a match, I now join al- I heard someone put it, there’s a picture feels this way.
most instantaneously. Aside from that, the isles of the ‘Checkout’ map or charg-
ing down the field of ‘Thrashball’ and of a Lancer on the cover of this game,
18 Arts&Entertainment Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
tinuing in the direction of 2007’s All Of tensity that Explosions are usually so last it’s okay to just let loose and rock
By Gabriel Panadero A Sudden I Miss Everyone, Explosions good at accomplishing. out. Explosions’ song’s work best when
creates here a more expansive, atmos- Despite its shortcomings, the album they involve the listener in this way,
pheric sound than on their earlier al- is saved from being a disappointment when you get caught up in the roller
In 2003 the Texas-based instru- bums. The use of sampling on several of by the last two songs. The penultimate coaster ride of the song’s progression,
mental band Explosions in the Sky re- the tracks, as well as ubiquitous use of track, entitled “Postcard From 1952”, is when you have to let it carry you to its
leased The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead an E-bow, adds to this effect. arguably the best song this band has end. “Postcard” does this brilliantly.
Place, one of the best post-rock albums “Trembling Hands” shows the written since “Your Hand In Mine” back “Let Me Back In,” the last and
of all time. This was the same year that greatest departure from the bands core in 2003. “Postcard” is classic Explosions, longest song on the album, serves as an
the Canadian group Godspeed You! sound, with ambient vocal sampling starting out quietly with the faint famil- appropriate come down from the ex-
Black Emperor went on an indefinite and a steadier compositional dynamic iar ringing of guitars, and then slowly plosive culmination of “Postcard.” It’s
hiatus, and since then Explosions has dark and kind of creepy and gives you
enjoyed almost sole reign of the instru- the sense at first that you’ve settled at
mental rock kingdom, thanks in no the bottom of a waterfall. It has its
small part to their awe-inspiring live crescendos too, but they sort of sink
performances. So it’s a big deal when back into the quiet gentle flow that
they release a new album, especially eventually carries the song, and the
now that GY!BE is touring again, and album, to its end. “Let Me Back In” ex-
post-rock has become a major part of pertly recalls the sense of dislocation
the musical landscape. and numbness that often follows an in-
Explosions’ latest effort, released on tensely emotional experience. Playing
April 18, 2011, and entitled Take Care, the album straight through gives you a
Take Care, Take Care, suffers from the better sense of how the songs work
same fate as their 2005 and 2007 re- within themselves and of how they re-
leases: it is not The Earth Is Not A Cold late to each other. Of course, the best
Dead Place. That is not to say Take Care way to appreciate the music of Explo-
is a bad album. Stylistically it doesn’t de- sions In The Sky is to see them live; it is
part much from previous efforts, fea- than most of their songs employ. Al- building in intensity volume, at times an entirely different experience. Al-
turing all the chiming guitars and though it does hint at a new direction almost reluctantly. The band’s master- though Take Care doesn’t come close to
surging crescendos that the band is for the band, it is unclear if this is the ful use of tension is at its best here; as surpassing The Earth Is Not A Cold
known for. Album-opener “Last Known direction the band should move in, or the drums come rolling in and guitar Dead Place, it does make a legitimate
Surroundings” begins with a quiet am- even if the members of the band think riffs start cascading over one another, claim for the continued existence of
bient drone, finally broken by sprawling so. Either way, the song feels too repet- you get the sense of being pulled along music that, if nothing more, makes star-
distorted guitars and pounding drums. itive, even for its uncharacteristically in a racing current. When the song fi- ing at your feet at a train station incred-
The track highlights what does set this short runtime of 3:30, and it fails to con- nally erupts into its bombastic climax, ibly epic.
album apart from its predecessors. Con- jure the same dramatic emotional in- there is a palpable sense of relief, as if at

“Helplessness Blues”
By Nick Post
The mood is darker on Seattle
quintet Fleet Foxes’ new LP, “Helpless-
ness Blues”, released May 3rd on Sub
Pop, than on their previous releases.
Singer Robin Pecknold and his merry
band of harmonizers deliver the bright,
soaring vocals that characterize the
group’s folk pop sound—but now do so
while exploring more complex themes
of insecurity, success and one’s place in
the world.
It makes sense considering the where I’ve not been knowing what to tential lyrics to shine, but at the same depth to his well-crafted words
troubles the relatively young band faced write or how to write.” time, the group appears to be more se- (Bedouin Dress).
when recording the album. Songs were In the end, his turmoil resulted in a cure in their musicianship. Guitarist Fans expecting the bright, flowing
written, then cut, then rewritten, then remarkably rich album that is personal Skyler Skjelse explore grooves more folk of Fleet Foxes won’t be disap-
cut again and in Dec. 2009 Pecknold and introspective, but never cheesy or fully (Montezuma, The Shrine/An Ar- pointed but Helplessness Blues intro-
told Pitchfork Media, “The last year has sentimental. Acoustic sounds and fin- gument) and Pecknold allows the natu- duces us to the more pensive and
been a really trying creative process gerpicked guitars allow the nearly exis- ral cracks in his voice to add emotional complex side of the group.
The Stony Brook Press Arts&Entertainment 19

The GaGa Revolution 
By Eileen Quaranto
Stefani Germanotta, better known
as Lady Gaga or “Mother Monster,” may
be the missing link in the endless quest
for peaceful coexistence and harmo-
nious living. With the upcoming release
of Gaga’s second studio album Born
This Way, due to drop on May 23rd, the
pop icon has been making appearances
left and right. Last week’s “Born This
Way” episode of Glee and her subse-
quent appearance on Ellen on April 28th
are just two examples of Gaga’s growing
presence in the media as a driving force
in the fight for gay rights.
Gaga praised Glee’s rendition of
“Born This Way” for it’s excellent por-
trayal of the song’s theme: being com-
fortable with one’s own identity. The
performers were each dressed in a white
t-shirt that publicized some unique or
flawed aspect of themselves that they
proudly displayed: “Likes Boys,” “Brown
Eyes,” “Bad Attitude,” “Can’t Sing,” and
“Lucy Caboosey,” to name a few. This
theme of self-confidence and pride in
one’s identity has become intrinsic with
Gaga’s music and image. Once known
only as a gay rights activist, Gaga is now
becoming an everyone’s rights activist,
encouraging her fans to be comfortable
with who they are and take pride in
their individuality. During her inter-
view with Ellen DeGeneres, Gaga talked
about her own experience coming to
terms with celebrating her own identity.
“Love yourself!” she says.
On April 23rd I was privileged
enough to have in my pocket one of the
coveted tickets to Lady Gaga’s Monster
Ball, where I found myself surrounded
by thousands of familiar strangers
and wear simply this one item while the these speeches was about her fans. “You on up to the front of the room and
chanting “GaGa! GaGa! GaGa!” Lady
rest of their body is covered in makeup guys are so powerful as a fan base, and danced like I’ve never seen anyone
GaGa emerged to greet the thundering
and spray-on glitter. together we can do anything…We can dance before. What could once have po-
crowd at the Nassau Coliseum with “I
At the Monster Ball it doesn’t mat- change the world.” tentially been an “EW” moment be-
love you all so much,” and “Please, call
ter what you wear or how sparkly you I left the Monster Ball as a different came a mesmerizing moment, as people
me Mother Monster.” Welcome to the
are because we are all Little Monsters person, and I’m sure I’m not the only began forming a circle around this man
Monster Ball, where anything is possi-
and we all share two things—a love of one who felt this way. The Coliseum— and cheering him on, comfortable in his
ble. Here, anyone can be a star if they’re
GaGa and a love of our own identity. It a place that had originally been an own skin.
willing to put in the effort. A costume
is precisely GaGa’s dream to create a “every man for himself ” kind of envi- We Little Monsters, who entered
made up with just balloons or Caution
world in which there is no hatred and ronment where you had to literally fight the Coliseum on our own, emerged
tape is perfectly acceptable. The Little
no animosity, but only “boundless free- for a spot near the stage—became a from the monster ball together. We were
Monsters who seem to have put in the
dom,” as she says in the “Born This place where everyone was one and the singing in unison the entire way out the
most effort are either dressed as sluts or
Way” video. same, together in the quest for human door, which is really an amazing sight
skeletons. Some have dyed their hair
Although GaGa gave a plethora of understanding. This became evident as to see: the hundreds of people on the
pink or painted their face to look like
little inspirational speeches during the soon as Gaga’s show finished. The cur- way up the endless winding concrete
the comedic dancing skeleton from the
show—including one little tid-bit about tain went up, “Judas” came on the house staircase all singing the same song, all
“Born This Way” video, and some took
her experience being left in a garbage speakers and a balding middle-aged knowing the words by heart, all on the
the time to find the most dazzling, most
can in high school when some dude was man wearing nothing but hot pink way to start a revolution.
revealing piece of underwear in the mall
told to “take out the trash”—the best of booty shorts and go-go boots strutted
20 COMICS! Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011
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22 Vol. XXXII, Issue 13 |Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trumping the Criticism
In hindsight, eligibility that fueled the decidedly ing one man with over a billion people. that really wasn’t warranted in the first
President Obama’s racist “Birther Movement.” Osama may have been the face of an place. With a possible run at the Re-
speech at the an- News of bin Laden’s death spread awful organization, one that encourages publican presidential nomination com-
nual White House like wildfire on the Internet, with sites strong anti-American sentiments, but ing in 2012, Trump has been riding a
Correspondent’s like Facebook and Twitter receiving that doesn’t grant educated citizens the wave of underlying racism in recent
Dinner might go weeks. As a champion of the “Birther
down as one of the Movement,” he took credit for the re-
By Mark most badass appe- cent release of Obama’s long form birth
Greek tizers of total dom- certificate.
ination in history. In a recent poll, 41 percent of Re-
Even at the time, Obama(’s speechwrit- publicans aren’t sure that Obama wasn’t
ers) thoroughly put Donald Trump in born in this country. Twenty-five per-
his place, (an unapologetically racist cent of all Americans in that same study
place, but more on that in a little bit.) weren’t positive either. Aside from
But if Obama’s knowing smile revealed Hawaii being the 50th state, and very,
anything, it was that he had something very far from the continental U.S., it’s
even bigger in the works than the Lion difficult to see where this perception
King opening he facetiously claimed to could have come from, other than bla-
be his birth video. tant and perhaps obvious racism.
He didn’t have that same smile al- Barack Obama is African Ameri-
most 24 hours later, but no one would can. Half-African to be exact, and his
have blamed him for grinning while an- exotic name certainly doesn’t encourage
nouncing that U.S. forces had killed the the average citizen to instantly believe
most wanted man in the world, the he was born in this country. Maybe it’s
mastermind behind the 9-11 terrorist that lingering feeling that the govern-
attacks, Osama bin Laden. Acting di- ment has been lying to us about every-
rectly under the President’s orders, a thing. We never landed on the Moon,
team of Navy SEALs launched a coordi- JFK was an inside job, and chewing
nated strike on a compound near Ab- gum after dinner does not prevent cav-
bottabad, Pakistan where intelligence ities. Maybe certain Republicans are still
located the infamous terrorist. It had bristling at the notion that Obama won
taken almost 10 years; bin Laden had the election on a platform of “Change,”
evaded capture and death during Presi- both fundamentally and racially, and it
dent George W. Bush’s entire term, but frightens them.
an Obama-sanctioned military opera- Obama should be able to parlay this
tion finally brought a semblance of clo- huge moral victory into some good-will
sure to America’s greatest tragedy. for the foreseeable future. His approval
Whether we should celebrate the rating has instantly risen, and rightfully
death of another human being with so. Who knows if this will sway the 2012
chanting crowds is another matter alto- election, or how he’ll deal with possible
gether; it might be understandable con- retribution from al-Qaeda. It is too
sidering the reaction that the original 3,000 updates a second. For every “We right to use racial slurs. soon to fully understand the long-term
9-11 attacks elicited in certain areas of got him!” status, there was a frightening With Obama’s surprise press con- implications of bin Laden’s political as-
the Middle East, when radical Islamist number of “We got that t***l h**d bas- ference coming right as Trump’s sassination in hostile Pakistan, but
sympathizers were dancing in the street. tard,” and “Burn in Hell sand n*****,” Celebrity Apprentice was reaching its whatever happens in the next 6 years, it
The real problem here is the reaction to reactions as well. Not only are some of boardroom climax, Obama and his might just become another problem for
his death in social media, and Trump’s these terms incredibly offensive, way camp put the finishing touches on a Obama to solve.
original stance on Obama’s presidential too many people are guilty of associat- thorough beat down in an argument
The Stony Brook Press 23
My Five Borough Bike Tour
By Vincent Barone

Chances are, if you were trying to

commute through New York City on
Sunday, May 1, you probably had one of
the worst traveling experiences in your
metropolitan life – worse than the time
that homeless man sang his Tecante-in-
spired rendition of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My
Life” over and over again on the 4 train.
Man, Bon Jovi is the worst.
Anyway, you can blame your dud
commute on me, 32,000 other cyclers
and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who
closed down more than 250 miles of
roads for Bike New York’s annual, 42
mile Five Boro Bike Tour, which has be-
come the largest recreational cycling
event in the United States.
This was my second year in a row
participating and also my second year
in a row worrying that my preparation
(which consisted of a strict, non-exer-
cising, Taco Bell diet) would lead me to who owns knee-high Converse. clists, my favorite was the chap that I honked as they drove in the opposite di-
combust on mile 20, during my climb We should be milking our good spotted on the Fort Hamilton parkway rection on the Gowanus Expressway
of the BQE, and regurgitate a year’s health now, before we are all 40 years riding a penny-farthing. He even passed was refreshing. If only they were always
worth of semi-digested refried beans all old, with a 42-inch waist and a half-time me on it, which is a testament to his that supportive. The same drivers will
over the left lane. metabolism. Though there were a ton of pluck or my poor fitness. be yelling and beeping from their SUVs
I think somewhere in between each those guys chugging along, too. At one point, an older couple from for me to get on the sidewalk tomorrow.
term paper, or one of our several “mid- Sorry if I got too preachy there, England riding next to me (I knew this It wasn’t all roses, though. I know
terms”, we forget that we are in the back to the actual event. because they both were adorned with the event is open to all riders, but there
prime of our lives. We can all ride 42 The ride itself is a superlative, giant English flags as capes, not to men- were some true amateurs taking part.
miles on a whim. Even you, Asian cathartic experience. The 32,000 bikers tion their wanker accents) remarked on Some seemed like they hadn’t been on
chemistry major. Even you, guy who flooding Church Street is quite a sight a group of girls riding ahead of us with a bicycle in ages, which caused several
plays Magic the Gathering in the SAC to see. And although riding through skirts that had the phrase “Not every- near crashes, as they just swerved about
everyday. And you too, mallcore girl each borough and over five major thing in Iowa is flat” written on their in congested areas. Imagine if your
bridges makes for bums, visible just above their saddles. angry Uncle Jim and your ill-bred 17-
some sublime cy- The couple, needless to say, knew year-old cousin took part in a NASCAR
cling, it’s the in- little about the American Heartland and race. It was kind of like how that would
tricacies of the didn’t pick up on the blatant trashiness be, only they didn’t have side view mir-
tour that kept me on display. So after asking me about the rors.
entertained dur- geography of Iowa I had to explain to a It was hard to tell who was sporting
ing the whole 50 year old woman that the girls were the more eccentric garb: the hardcore
trek. referring to the suppleness of their der- bros dressed to the nines in their Brook-
For instance, rières. lyn cycling outfits, which, in some
there were thou- “Ah,” they said, in revelation and cases, left too little to the imagination
sands of bikes the man took out a point-and-shoot (think of your angry Uncle Jim again,
and bikers that camera, snapping a photo to store in with his Sam Adams gut in a slim cy-
came in all their album titled “America.” cling shirt and then think about riding
shapes and sizes, At one point a kid that I recognized behind his sweaty, pimply keister cleav-
from all over the from my history class rode up to me. He age for two miles), or the gang dressed
world. There asked me if I was from Stony Brook and up in Sesame street costumes.
were your riders then asked how he thought I would do In these days after, I’m not as sore
on road and on our Korean War test the next day. I as I expected. These young bones made
mountain bikes, had completely forgotten about the out okay. Though, I’ve been opting for
natch, but there exam. I said, “Okay, I guess,” not really the elevator to get to the fourth floor of
were some brave sure what he was talking about. We rode the library, instead of taking the stairs,
souls riding fixed for a bit through Brooklyn and I as per usual.
gears, and even a thought about how bizarre the exchange With the proper training, I could be
sizeable BMX was as I continued on Kent Avenue. I great. I think I can win it all next year.
constituent. But think I at least swung a B on the test. I’ll just have to tweak my habits. Maybe
out of all the cy- The support from drivers who I should eat more fruit.