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Aldrich, Sandra P.   From One Single Mother to Another
Alexander, Wallace   Pocket Topical Testament
Allen, Jimmy    Fire In My Bones
Allen, Jimmy   Survey of First Corinthians
Allen, Leonard   The Contemporaries Meet the Classics on Prayer
Allen, Roland   Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?
Allenbaugh, Kay    Chocolate For A Woman's Soul
Allphin, N. W.   Visions Unveiled -or- The Revelation Explained
Ammons, Bruce   Conquering Debt God's Way
Ammons, Ruthie   Conquering Debt God's Way
Anderson, Ken   Where to Find it in the Bible
Anderson, Lynn   They Smell Like Sheep
Anderson, Neil T.     Spiritual Protection for Your Children
Anthony, Michele    Just Add Kids - Games for Children's Ministry
Armour, Michael C.   A Newcomer's Guide to the Bible
Armour, Ph.D., Michael C.   Systems-Sensitive Leadership
Armour, Mike   You Are Not Your Own Becoming God's Steward
Arndt, William F   Greek - English Lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian Literature 3
Arp, David and Claudia     Answering the 8 Cries of the Spirited Child

Ash, Anthony L.     The Living Word Commentary Jeremiah & Lamentations 

Ash, Anthony L.    NIV Commentaries Philippians, Colossians & Philemon


Barker, Peggy     What Happened When Grandma Died

Baxter, William E.   Old Testament Bible Puzzles

Beckwith, Ivy    Quick Relief for Children's Ministry Leaders

Bils, Trudi    Fun Group Devotions for Children's Ministry

Black , Mark   NIV Commentaries 1 & 2 Peter

Boles, H. Leo     Gospel Advocate Commentary Acts 

Bowman, Ray    When Not to Build

Brecheen, Carl    What Every Family Needs

Bristow, Benny B.   Self Teaching New Testament Vol 2 Acts - Galatians

Brown, Tami Coble   Journey to Joy 

Bryant, Choice L.    The Bryant-Goff Oral Discussion of Justification, Imputed Righteousness, Assurance

Butt, Sheila Keckler   Seeking Spiritual Beauty


Campbell, Alexander    The Living Oracles

Cates, Curtis A.    The Noahic Flood Science and The World That Was

Chesser, Frank   The Spirit of Liberalism

Childs, Sonny   Revival of Family Values

Chouinard, Larry   NIV Commentaries Matthew

Cloud, Dr. Henry   Boundaries In Marriage

Colley, Cindy   Women of Deliverance

Colley, Glenn & Cindy     Your Mama Don't Dance
Collins, Florence O.   Inside-Out Christianity
Collins, Peggy   Fitting It All Together
Comfort, Philip W   The New Greek English Interlinear New Testament
Conchin, Willard   A Fifth Medley of Topics
Conchin, Willard   A Fourth Medley of Topics
Conchin, Willard   A Medley of Topics
Conchin, Willard   A Second Medley of Topics
Conchin, Willard   A Third Medley of Topics
Conchin, Willard   Back to Basics
Conchin, Willard   Bible Dictionary
Conchin, Willard   Do Thyself No Harm
Conchin, Willard   Examine Yourselves
Conchin, Willard   I Can Do It
Conchin, Willard   If You Are A Christian
Conchin, Willard   Jesus As John Presents Him
Conchin, Willard   Let Us A Great Exhortation
Conchin, Willard   Pondering Precious Proverbs
Conchin, Willard   Sins of the Tongue
Conchin, Willard   Some Lessons We Should Learn
Conchin, Willard   Some Problems You May Have to Face
Conchin, Willard   Some Things to Consider
Conchin, Willard   Some Things We Ought To Do
Conchin, Willard   The Be Careful Workbook
Conchin, Willard   The Big If
Conchin, Willard   The Church of The Lord
Conchin, Williard   The Other Side of Youth The Good Side
Conchin, Willard   Truth or Consequences
Conchin, Willard   Vital Lessons
Conchin, Willard   Who Is On the Lord's Side?
Conchin, Willard   You Can Do It
Conley, Frazier    Acts of the Apostles
Conner Ivy   Revelation Revealed (video)
Cope, Mike   Righteousness Inside Out
Corley, Monty   Bible Puzzles Match-It
Cotham, Perry C.   Ceasefire
Cotham, Perry C.    Marriage in the Fast Lane
Cotter, Betty    Bethany Learns About The Lord's Supper
Cottrell, Jack   NIV Commentaries Romans Vol 1
Cottrell, Jack   NIV Commentaries Romans Vol 2
Cottrell, Jack    Baptism A Biblical Study
Covey, Sean   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Cox, James D.   ...With The Bishops and Deacons
Cox, John D.  Church History
Cox, Louise Barnett   Heart's Bouquet
Crane, Charles A.   Christianity & Mormonism From Bondage to Freedom
Craun, Janie   Heirlooms 
Cruden, M. A., Alexander   Cruden's Complete Concordance
Cukrowski, Kenneth L.    God's Holy Fire
Cunningham, Barry Highway to Heaven Cusack, Pauline History,
Legacy, and The Law

Dagnan, Cindy Sigler   The Chocolate Side of Life
Danker, F W   Greek - English Lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian Literature 3rd e
Danklefsen, Bob   How to Share God's Word with...Religious/Non-Religious
Davis, Christopher A.   NIV Commentaries Revelation
Davis, Ken   How to Live with Your Parents Without Losing Your Mind!
Davis, Kenneth   Complete Survey of the New Testament
Davis, Kenneth   Complete Survey of the Old Testament 
Davy, Jimmy    Beat'em and Beat'em Bad!
Deaver, Roy C.   An Expositional, Analytical, Homiletical, Devotional Commentary on the Book of Psalm
Deaver, Roy C.   An Expositional, Analytical, Homiletical, Devotional Commentary on the Book of Psalm
DeHoff, George W    Christian Minister's Manual
DeHoff, George W.    DeHoff's Commentary
DeHoff, George W.   Gospel Sermons
DeHoff, George W.   Sermons I Have Preached
DeHoff, George W.   Sermons on Great Bible Characters
Dehoff, George W.   Why We Believe The Bible
Dempsey, Chris   Leading in Worship
DeYoung, Donald B.    Astronomy And the Bible
DeYoung, Donald B.    Science & the Bible Volume 2
Dickson, Roger E.    The Dawn of Belief
Dobson, Dr. James     Hide or Seek
Dobson, Dr. James     Love Must Be Tough
Dobson, Dr. James     Solid Answers
Dobson, Dr. James     The New Dare to Discipline
Dockery, Karen    Student Bible Dictionary, The
Dodson, Marty   Going Through the Motions
Donahue, Bill    Building a Church of Small Groups
Doran, Dr. Adron  Restoring New Testament Christianity
Doran, Adron   Restoring New Testament Christianity (video)
Dornacher, Karla   Down A Garden Path
Dornacher, Karla    Love In Every Room
Dorris, C. E.     Gospel Advocate Commentary Mark
Drane, John   Nelson's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Bible
Duke, Johnny   Light Shining In Darkness
Duke, Kerry   My Sister's Keeper
Duncan, Bobby   Fair To Look On
Duncan, Bobby   The Elders Which Are Among You
Duncan, David   A Handbook on Leadership
Dungan, D. R.   Hermeneutics
Dunn, Frank J.   Know Your Bible


Egbert, Rebecca A.   Women of the Bible

Eichman, Nancy   God's Makeover Plan
Eichman, Nancy   Keeping Your Balance
Eichman, Nancy   Tend Your Own Garden First
Ellas, John W.    Church Growth Through Groups
Ellas, John W.    Clear Choices For Churches
Ellas, John W.    Measuring Church Growth
England, Don   God, Are You Really There?
England, Don   God, Are You Really There (video)
Engle, Paul E    Baker's Funeral Handbook
Engle, Paul E    Baker's Wedding Handbook
Estep, Leon   Open Bible Study For The New Christian
Exum, Ann & Jack   Let's Have A Priscilla Class
Exum, Jack   Amazing Grace God's Power to be!
Exum, Jack   Glory of the Ordinary
Exum, Jack   How To Handle Your Parents!
Exum, Jack   How to Organize for Successful Soul Winning
Exum, Jack   Let's Have A Timothy Class
Exum, Jack   Soul Winning Not what you do, It's what you are
Exum, Jack   The Great Commission
Exum, Jack   Winning Over Stress
Exum, Jack   Winning Over Worry

Faulkner, Dr. Paul     Raising Faithful Kids in a Fast-Paced World

Faulkner, Paul    What Every Family Needs
Ferguson, Everett    A Cappella Music In The Public Worship
Ferguson, Everett  Backgrounds of Early Christianity 3Rd Edition
Ferguson, Everett  Church History
Ferguson, Everett  Church History
Ferguson, Everett  Early Christians Speak 3rd Edition.
Ferguson, Everett   Early Christians Speak Volume 2
Ferguson, Nancy   Living A Worthy Life
Fields, Doug   Purpose Driven Youth Ministry
Fields, Doug   Your First Two Years in Youth Ministry
Fischetto, Dr. Anthony J.   Transformed: Intimacy with God
Flatt Ed.D., Bill   Restoring My Soul
Flatt, Bill   Growing Through Grief (video)
Fleer, David    Preaching the Eighth Century Prophets
Fleer, David: Siburt, Charles    Like a Shepherd Lead Us
Fletcher, David W.    Baptism and the Remission of Sins
Flew, Antony G. N.   The Warren-Flew Debate on the Existence of God
Floyd, Harvey   Is the Holy Spirit for Me?
Foster, Douglas A.   Ministers at the Millennium
Foster, Douglas A.   Renewing God's People A Concise History of Churches of Christ
Foster, Douglas A.   The Crux of the Matter
Foster, Douglas A.   The Stone-Campbell Movement
Ford, Gynnath   Power To Win Even When You Are Losing
Fort Worth Lectures - 2002   Hymns and Songs We Sing
Fowler, Lea   Precious December Days
Foy, Irene Sowell   Woman Her Blessings and Responsibilities
Franklin, Willie   Willie Franklin Speaks to Youth & Parents (video)
Fredenburg, Brandon L.    NIV Commentaries Ezekiel
Fry, Virgil M.    Disrupted Finding God in Illness and Loss
Fudge, Edward   Gracemail
Fudge, Edward William   The Great Rescue
Fulenwider, Ray    The Prayer-Driven Church
Fulenwider, Ray    The Servant-Driven Church
Fuzzell, M.D., Jameso    Primordial Soup


Gaertner, Dennis   NIV Commentaries Acts

Garrett, Leroy  The Stone-Campbell Movement Revised & Expanded
Garrison, J. H.   Alone with God
Garsee, Lee   New Dimensions in Puppet Ministry
Gary, Bonie L.   Blossoming in the Beauty of Christ
Gatewood, Otis   The Revelation...God Gave
Gatewood, Otis    Three Debates with Four of the Best Mormon Scholars
George, Elizabeth    The Remarkable Women of the Bible
Gibson, Scott M.    Big Idea of Biblical Preaching, The
Girdwood, Jim   NIV Commentaries Hebrews
Gipson, Norman    The Blessed Man
Gleaves, Dr. G. Scott   Snatched from the Fire
Glover, Judith   The Quest for Peace
Godwin, Johnnie    Student Bible Dictionary, The
Godwin, Phyllis    Student Bible Dictionary, The
Goff, Clyde O.    The Bryant-Goff Oral Discussion of Justification, Imputed Righteousness, Assurance, U
Goldsworthy, Graeme   Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture
Goodrick, Edward W   The Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament
Goodrick, Edward W   The Greek English Concordance to the New Testament with the New Internation
Goodrick, Edward W.   New International Bible Concordance
Goodrick, Edward W.   Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance 2nd Edition
Gray, Charlotte    Bible Folks Shape Books
Gray, Charlotte    My Bible Box In Color
Gray, Charlotte    Traveling Through the Bible with Bible Folks
Gray, Lynette Carnahan    Letters of Hope
Grear, Phil   Probing the Prophets
Green, Marge   Martha, Martha!
Griffith, Anna M.   From Paul to Philippi, with Love
Griffith, C. G.   The Pledge of Love (video)
Gross, Jerry and Becky    Growing Through Conflict
Guin, Jay   The Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace


Habermas, Gary R.   The Resurrection Volume I Heart of New Testament Doctrine

Habermas, Gary R.   The Resurrection Volume II Heart of the Christian Life
Hailey, Homer outlines   Mechanical Instruments of Music In Worship Today
Hailey,Homer   A Commentary on Isaiah With Emphasis on the Messianic Hope
Hailey, Homer   A Commentary on the Minor Prophets
Hailey, Mel   Ministers at the Millennium
Hale, Lewis G.     God Made the Rules for Parents
Hale, Ruth     Calm or Chaos
Hale, Ruth M.     Housebreaking Your Children
Hale, Ruth M     Mothers
Hall, Eddy    When Not to Build
Hall, Gary H.   NIV Commentaries Deuteronomy
Hamilton, Mark W.   God's Holy Fire
Hammond, Michelle McKinney   If Men Are Like Buses Then How Do I Catch One?
Hampton, Gary C.   Unseen Hand
Hampton, Robert C. and Gary C.   Unseen Hand
Hampton, Teresa   Leading Ladies Willing Hearts, Willing Hands
Hanna, Barbara    Joy in the Morning
Hardin, Jerry D.   Getting Ready for Marriage
Harley, Jr., Willard F.   His Needs, Her Needs Fifteenth Anniversary Edition
Harrast, Tracy     Not-So-Quiet Times
Harrast, Tracy     Not-So-Quiet Times 2
Harrell, Jr., David  American Origins of Churches of Christ
Harrell, Jr., David Edwin  The Churches of Christ in the 20th Century
Harrell, Pat Edwin     The Living Word Commentary Philippians
Harris, John   Soul-Saving Sermons
Harrison, R. K.   Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible
Harrison, R. K.   Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Harrub, Ph.D., Brad    Investigating Christian Evidences
Harrub, Ph.D., Brad    The Truth About Human Origins
Hart, Dr. Archibald D.   Helping Children Survive Divorce
Hatch, Nathan  American Origins of Churches of Christ
Haugh, J. Kevin   The Teacher's Shadow
Haun, Delton   Now That You Have Obeyed The Gospel
Hazelwood, Ruth E.   The Challenge of Being a Wife
Hendriksen, William   More Than Conquerors
Herman, Doug   What Good Is God?
Hicks, John Mark   Anchors for the Soul
Hicks, John Mark   NIV Commentaries 1 & 2 Chronicles
Hicks, Olan   2 books in 1 Divorce, Repentance and the Gospel of Christ and Divorce & Remarriage Th
Hicks, Olan & Barbara   God's Land of Beginning Again
Hill, Albert   Proven Principles of Church Growth (video)
Hilliard, Dr. Donnie   Magnificent Marriage
Hinchey, Donald   5-Minute Messages for Children
Hinchey, Donald   6-Minute Messages for Children
Hinds, John     Gospel Advocate Commentary Revelation 
Hines, J. L.   Study of Revelation
Hobbs, John   Building Our Most Holy Faith
Hobbs, John   Searching for Biblical Truth
Hobbs, Lottie Beth   If You Would See Good Days
Hobbs, Lottie Beth   Victory Over Trials
Hobbs, Lottie Beth   You Can Be Beautiful
Hobbs, Lottie Beth   Your Best Friend
Hobbs, Lottie Beth   Daughters of Eve
Hodge, Charles   God's Deacons
Hodge, Charles   My Elders
Hodge, Jr., Charles B.   Prayer the Voice of Faith
Hoffman, Marlin S.   The Power of Prayer and Fasting
Holland, Thomas H.    Appropriate Songs - sung at - Inappropriate Times
Holland, Thomas H.   Bases of Belief
Holland, Thomas H.   Certainty About Christ
Holland, Thomas H.   Encouraging Deacons
Holland, Thomas   Encouraging Elders
Holland, Thomas H.   Entreating The Erring
Holland, Thomas H.   Focus on Faith
Holland, Thomas H.   Help and Healing for People Who Hurt
Holland, Thomas H.   Reason To Rejoice
Holland, Thomas H.   Sacrificial Servant
Holland, Thomas H.   Steadfast Saints
Holland, Thomas H.   "That Didn't Happen!" But it Did
Holland, Thomas H.   Timeless Truth
Holland, Ph.D., Thomas H.   Why Is It Funnier When You Shouldn't Be Laughing
Holland, Ph.D., Thomas H.   You Did What?
Holloway, Gary   Home Among Strangers
Holloway, Gary   Praying Like Jesus
Holloway, Gary   Renewing God's People A Concise History of Churches of Christ
Howard, V. E.   Broken Homes and Handicapped Children
Howard, V. E.   Gospel Radio Sermons Vol. 1 The Bible
Howard, V. E.   The Holy Spirit
Howard, V. E.   Study of Revelation
Howe, Joanne   A Change of Habit
Howe, Joanne   From Nun to Priest
Huffard, Everett    Deciding to Grow
Huffman, Jim   Harvest Time Sermons
Hughes, Richard  American Origins of Churches of Christ
Hughes, Richard   Reclaiming A Heritage
Humbert, Ellen   Bible Puzzles for Kids Ages 8-12
Humble, Bill J.  Campbell and Controversy
Humble, Bill    Archaeology and the Bible
Humble, Bill   The Bible Land Walking Where Jesus Walked (video)
Humble, Bill   The Seven Churches of Asia (video)
Humphries, Jerry   Your New Life In Christ
Humphrey, Don   Hearts on Fire
Humphrey,Sandra   Don't Kiss Toads
Hunskor, Melody   Deciding to Grow
Hunt, Josh   Disciple-Making Teachers
Hutton, S. W.    Minister's Service Manual
Hyde, Harryett Burden   In Defense of Martha

Jackson, Wayne   A Study Guide to Greater Bible Knowledge

Jackson, Wayne   Bible Words and Theological Terms Made Easy
Jackson, Wayne   Divorce & Remarriage A Study Discussion
Jackson, Wayne    REVELATION: Jesus Christ's Final Message of Hope
Jackson, Wayne   Teaching of Jesus Christ on Divorce & Remarriage, The 
Jackson, Wayne    Treasures From The Greek New Testament for the English Reader
Jackson, Wayne   The Bible and Science
Jackson, Wayne    The Mythology of Modern Geology
Jacoby, Douglas & Victoria    The Quiver
Jacoby, Douglas    Shining Like Stars
Jansma, Nils    The Source
Jean, Alice   Puppets by Alice Jean
Jenkins, Ancil   Lord, Teach Us To Pray
Jenkins, Simon    Nelson's 3-D Bible Mapbook
Jennings, Alvin   The Garden of Prayer
Jennings, Alvin  T. M. Allen Pioneer Preacher of Kentucky & Missouri
Jividen, Jimmy    Koinonia A Contemporary Study of Church Fellowship
Jividen, Jimmy   Alive In The Spirit
Jividen, Jimmy   Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures
Jividen, Jimmy    Worship In Song
Jobe, Bobbie Cramer   Striving for Holiness
Johnson, Aubrey    Music Matters In The Lord's Church
Johnson, Aubrey    Renewing Your Spiritual Life
Johnson, B. W.     The People's New Testament with Notes
Johnson, B. W.   The People's New Testament with Explanatory Notes Vol 1 Matthew - Acts
Johnson, B. W.   The People's New Testament with Explanatory Notes Vol 2 Romans - Revelation
Johnson, B. W.   A Commentary on John
Johnson, B. W.   Vision of the Ages
Johnston, Kurt   Controlled Chaos
Joiner, James A.   Our Meal With The Master
Jones, Milton    Grace the Heart of the Fire
Jones, Milton    Sundays with Scottie


Kachelman, Jr., John L.   Building Strong Families

Kachelman, John   Study on First Principles
Kachelman, Jr., John L.   Malachi A Prophet's Response to a Tired Faith
Karpenske, Nancy   Tips For Teachers - Elementary
Kelcy, Raymond C.     The Living Word Commentary Peter & Jude
Kelcy, Raymond C.     The Living Word Commentary Thessalonians 
Kile, Emily Andrews   These are the Times that Try Women's Souls
Kiser, Mike   Sermon Outline Sourcebook Volume 1
Kiser, Mike   Sermon Outline Sourcebook Volume IV
Kiser, Mike   Sermon Outline Sourcebook Volume V
Kizer, Andy  The 15 Periods of Bible History
Kizer, Andy  To The Overcomers
Kleiss, Richard & Tina  A Closer Look at the Evidence
Knapp, James L.   The Graying of the Flock
Kniskern, Joseph Warren   When The Vow Breaks
Kohlenberger III, John R   The Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament 
Kohlenberger III, John R   The Greek English Concordance to the New Testament with the New Interna
Kohlenberger, John R.   New International Bible Concordance
Kohlenberger III, John R.   Zondervan NIV Exhaustive Concordance 2nd Edition
Krause, Mark S   NIV Commentaries John
Kuhn, Pamela J.    Bible Crafts on a Shoestring Budget
Kuhn, Pamela J.    Bible Truths
Kuhn, Pamela J.   God's Servants Teach Me
Kuhn, Pamela J.   I Belong To Jesus
Kuhn, Pamela J.   I Learn Respect
Kuhn, Pamela J.   Talking To God
Kuhn, Pamela J.   Virtues and Values


LaHaye, Tim & Beverly   The Act of Marriage

Lamimman, Boyd    Response to Grace
Lard, Moses E.   Commentary on Romans
Layton, Mac   This Grace Also
Leach, Virgil   Attitudes 1
Leach, Virgil   Attitudes 2
Lester, Melissa   Giving For All It's Worth
Lewis, Jack P.     The Living Word Commentary Matthew Part II 
Lewis, Jack P.     The Living Word Commentary Matthew Part I 
Lewis, Jack P.   The Major Prophets
Lewis, Jack P.   The Minor Prophets
Lightfoot, Neil R.   How We Got The Bible
Lightfoot, Neil R.   Jesus Christ Today
Lightfoot, Neil R.   Everyone's Guide to Hebrews
Lightfoot, Ph.D., Neil R.   Now That I Am A Christian (video)
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary Thessalonians-Philemon 
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary Ephesians
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary 2nd Corinthians-Galatians
Lipscomb, David     Gospel Advocate Commentary 1st Corinthians
Lipscomb/Shepherd     Gospel Advocate Commentary Romans
Lockyer, Sr., Herbert   Illustrated Dictionary of the Bible
Lowry, Bill   Fundamentals of The Faith
Lucas, Jerri McCann   Lessons From Esther
Lucas, Jerri M.   Planning A Future
Lyles, Cleon   Bigger Men for Better Churches
Lynn, Mac   Churches of Christ Around the World
Lyon, Mack   "With This Ring I Thee Wed"
Lyons, Eric   The Anvil Rings


MacArthur, John     Successful Christian Parenting

Major, Trevor     Genesis and the Origin of Coal & Oil
Malherbe, Abraham J.     The Living Word Commentary The World of the New Testament
Mangano, Mark   NIV Commentaries Esther & Daniel
Mann, G. L.   Bible Centered Sermon Outlines
Marrs, Rick R.   Embracing the Call of God
Marshall, Alfred    The Interlinear KJV-NIV Parallel New Testament In Greek and English
Martin, Casandra    Paul: By the Grace of God
Matson, Wallace I.    The Warren-Matson Debate On the Existence of God
Mattox, Irene Young   Patterns for Living
McCord, Hugo   The Disciples' Prayer
McDoniel, Jim   Am I Old Enough to be Baptized
McDowell, Josh     New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
McGarvey, J. W.   New Commentary on Acts
McGarvey, J. W.    Original Commentary on Acts
McGarvey, J. W.   Commentary on Matthew - Mark
McGarvey, J. W.   A Commentary on Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
McGarvey, J. W.   McGarvey's Sermons
McGuiggan, Jim   Celebrating the Wrath of God
McGuiggan, Jim   Life on the Ash Heap
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of Isaiah
McGuiggan,Jim   The Book of Isaiah
McGuiggan, Jim   Genesis and Us
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of Ezekiel
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of Daniel
McGuiggan, Jim   The Book of 1 Corinthians
McGuiggan, Jim   The Dragon Slayer
McGuiggan, Jim   Revelation
McGuiggan, Jim   God, Life and People (video)
McGuiggan, Jim   Stories In Conflict (video)
McInteer, Jim Bill   Precious and Powerful Woman of God
McKnight, Rosemary Whittle   I Love Me, I Love Me Not...
McKnight, Rosemary   Those Who Wait
McMillan, Earle     The Living Word Commentary Mark
McNutt,J. A.   Counsel For Christian Youth Volume 2
McNutt,J. A.   Counsel for Christian Youth Vol 1
McWhorter, Jane   Caterpillars or Butterflies
McWhorter, Jane   Friendship Handle with Care
McWhorter, Jane   Let This Cup Pass
McWhorter, Jane   Roses in December
Meador, Prentice   Stories That Astonish
Milam,Lee   More Than Conquerors (Discussion Starters) (video)
Milam,Lee   Teen Talk (Discussion Starters) (video)
Miller, Clyde M.     The Living Word Commentary Psalms
Miller. Ph.D., Dave    Singing and New Testament Worship
Miller, Judy   Ripples On The Water
Miller, Jule    The Visualized Bible Study Series (video)
Milligan, Robert     Gospel Advocate Commentary Hebrews
Milligan, Robert    The Scheme of Redemption
Mills, JoAnn   The Silver Key
Mills, Jo Ann   Precious Memories
Mize, Charlotte   But How Can I?
Mize, Charlotte   Why Am I...?
Monroe, Wayne   Becoming A Christian
Moody, R. N.    Eunice Loyd
Morgan, Jo Ann   God's Unique Woman
Moss, C. Michael   Lord, Sometimes I Don't Feel Saved
Moss, C. Michael   NIV Commentaries 1, 2 Timothy & Titus
Moore, Michael S.   Faith Under Pressure
Mounce, William D    Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar
Moyer, Lloyd   A Biblical Slide-Rule for Personal Workers 
Mullen, Ed.D., Bob     Living in Greater Happiness Today
Munsch, Robert    LOVE YOU FOREVER
Murren, Doug    Churches That Heal 
Myers, Edward P   Doctrine of the Godhead


Nappa, Mike   Children's Worker's Encyclopedia of Bible-teaching Ideas New Testament

Nichol, C. R.   The Best of C. R. Nichol (CD ROM)
Nichol and wife, C. R.   Nichols Pocket Bible Encyclopedia
Nichols,Roy J.   Bible Puzzles Match-It 
Nicks, Bill & Gerry   Short Stories of West Africa Long Remembered
North, Ira   Balance 
North, Stafford   How To Explain
North, Stafford   Like a Thief in the Night


Oglesby, Robert K.   The Story (video)

Olbricht, Owen   Baptism New Birth or Empty Ritual
Olbricht, Owen   Baptism: A Response of Faith
Olbricht, Owen   Light From God's Word
Olbricht, Owen D   Teacher's Guide for Successful Personal Work 
Olbricht, Owen   The Holy Spirit: Person and Work
Olbricht, Thomas H.   He Loves Forever
Olbricht, Thomas H.   His Love Compels
Oliphant, W. L.   Sermons of W. L. Oliphant Volume 1
Oliver, Gary and Carrie     Raising Sons and Loving It!
Olivet, Linda   Fitting It All Together
Oster    The Living Word Commentary Acts Part II
Oster, Jr., Richard E.   NIV Commentaries 1st Corinthians
Overton, Basil   Creation and Evolution - Faith and Origins (video)
Overton, Basil   Faith, Fossils and Evolution (video)
Overton, Basil   Holy Spirit Baptism and Water Baptism (video)
Overton, Basil   How We Got The Bible: Old Testament (video)
Overton, Basil   How We Got the Bible: New Testament (video)
Overton, Basil   Realized Eschatology: A. D. 70 Doctrine Refuted (video)
Overton, Basil   What is The Restoration Movement? (video)
Overton, Basil   What Must I Do To Be Saved? (video)

Pack, Frank     The Living Word Commentary John Part I

Palmer, W. Robert   How to Understand the Bible 
Paterson, Ph.D., Philip     Stay Tuned What Every Parent Should Know About Media
Patterson, Bessie   Wisely Train the Younger Women
Pelfrey, Wanda    Bible Crafts on a Shoestring Budget
Pendleton, Philip Y.   The Fourfold Gospel
Pendleton, Philip Y.   A Commentary on Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
Pentz, Croft M.   Outlines on the Parables of Jesus
Pepper, Clayton   Church Growth Today
Pepper, Clayton   First Steps in Faith
Pepper, Clayton   Introduction to Soul Winning
Perkins, Gloria Okes   The First Years of Forever
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Mark
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Gospel of John
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Romans
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Hebrews
Perkins, Tyrone C.   A Commentary on the Book of Revelation
Peters, Mike   Becoming A Christian
Pfeiffer, Charles F.    Baker's Bible Atlas
Pharr, David R.   Thy Kingdom Come
Phillips, Ben   Leading in Worship
Phillips, Mark   Help! Our Church is Growing
Phillips, Marvin   Never Lick a Frozen Flagpole
Phillips, Marvin   Never Lick a Moving Blender!
Pierson, Jim   Exceptional Teaching
Powell, J. M.  The Cause We Plead
Pryor, Neale   You Can Trust Your Bible
Pugh III, Charles C.    Things Most Surely Believed


Ragland, Margaret Long   What's It Worth?
Rasmussen, Wendy     Picture Me as Mom's Little Helper
Reazin, Ruth   Strong & Simple Messages for Children's Ministry
Reese, Jack R.   The Crux of The Matter
Rehbein, Ed   Overcome By The Cross!
Rheenen, Gailyn Van Missions Richardson, Robert Communings In
the Sanctuary
Richardson, Robert  Principles of the Reformation
Roberts, J. W.     The Living Word Commentary James 
Roberts, J. W.     The Living Word Commentary Revelation 
Roberts, J. W.    The Living Word Commentary Letters of John 
Roberts, Wes   Before You Say I Do
Robinson, Beth    Sex: Helping Church Teens Deal With Challenging Issues
Robinson, Russ   Building a Church of Small Groups
Roehlkepartain, Jolene L   Children's Ministry that Works
Rogers, Jay Don   History of Christianity in a World Culture (video)
Rogers, Stephen   Christian Living Made Simple
Rogers, Stephen     Evangelism Made Simple - How To DO It!
Rogers, Stephen     Evangelism Made Simple - You CAN DO It!
Rogers, Stephen     The Gospel Made Simple - You CAN KNOW It!
Root, Mike   I Knew That
Roper, David L.   Getting Serious About Love
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Series Acts 1-14
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Series Acts 15-28
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Commentary Revelation 1-11
Roper, David L.   Truth for Today Commentary Revelation 12-22
Rose, Lyn    Mom's Diary 30 Days to Being a Better Mom
Rose, Ron    Dad's Diary 30 Days To Being A Better Dad
Roy, W. Gaddys   Sermon Outlines on the Miracles of Jesus
Rush, Terry   Afraid God Works, Afraid He Doesn't
Ryken, Leland   Effective Bible Teaching


Sain, Paul   Overview of the New Testament in 30 Days

Sain, Paul   Ready Reference for Growing Christians
Sain, Paul    What About Our Music of Today?
Sanders, Phil   Adrift
Sandifer, J. Stephen   Deacons: Male and Female?
Savage, John   Listening and Caring Skills
Sawyer, Thomas   Essentials of New Testament Greek
Sayers, Stanley E.   Prayer The Neglected Power
Schimmels, Cliff   Teaching That Works
Schmid, Debbie   Spiritual Seasons
Schmid, Debbie   The Beauty of Spring
Schott, Linda   Going Through the Motions
Schott, Linda   I Stand Amazed...At the Wonder of It All!
Schott, Linda   Spiritual Aerobics
Schoville, Keith   NIV Commentaries Ezra-Nehemiah
Schwarz, Christian A.   Natural Church Development
Scott, Latayne C.   The Red Cord of Hope
Scott, Pat   Batten Down the Hatches
Scott, Pat   Surviving the Raging Fire
Scott, Truman   Divorce & Remarriage A Study Discussion
Sewell, Laurel S.   The Six Gifts of Hospitality
Shamblin, Gwen   Feeding Children Physically & Spiritually (video)
Shank, Dr. Harold   Children Mean the World to God
Shank, Harold     NIV Commentaries Minor Prophets Vol 1 Hosea - Micah 
Sheerer, Jim     New Testament Commentary
Shelburne, Curtis K.   How To Measure A Rainbow
Shelly, Rubel   Young People and Their Lord
Shipp, Glover   Christianity and Islam Bridging Two Worlds
Shipp, Dr. Glover   Me, a Submissive Wife?
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Kingdom for You
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Mission for You
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Plan for You
Silvey, Billie   God Has a Savior for You
Silvey, Billie   Time Management for Christian Women
Simmons, Randy   Basic Training A Manual for Teens
Simmons, Randy   Straight Talk For Teens
Simmons, Randy   What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do
Simmons, Randy   Real Life
Simpson, Peggy   Hospitality in the Spirit of Love
Sites, Jimmy   Satan Stole the Show
Sizemore, Denver   13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 1
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 2
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 3
Skipper, W. E.   Sermon Charts And Outlines Volume 4
Sloan, Dianne C.   Getting Ready for Marriage
Smalley, Gary   For Better or Best
Smalley, Gary    Hidden Keys of a Loving Lasting Marriage
Smalley, Gary   If Only He Knew
Smalley, Gary   Loving, Lasting Relationships (video)
Smith, Beverly    Being God's Child
Smith, Bill E.   As Stewards of God
Smith, F. LaGard   After Life
Smith, F. LaGard   Radical Restoration
Smith, F. Lagard   The New Age Movement (video)
Smith, F. Lagard   The Roles of Men and Women In the Church (video)
Smith, F. Lagard   They Smell Like Sheep
Smith, G. Dallas    Outlines of Bible Study
Smith, James E.    NIV Commentaries 1 & 2 Samuel
Smith, James E.   The Pentatuech
Smith, James E.   The Major Prophets
Smith, John W.   Oak Trees & Angels
Spain, Carl     The Living Word Commentary Timothy & Titus 
Srygley, F. B.    The New Testament Church
Stacy, Dr. John   Hour of Power Sermons
Stacy, John   Jesus Bore it All
Stacy, John   Messianic Psalms and other Sermons
Stacy, Dr. John   Preaching Through First & Second Timothy
Stacy, John   Preaching Through Galations Part One
Stacy, John   Preaching Through Galations Part Two
Stacy, Dr. John   Preaching Through Phillipians and Colossians
Stacy, John   Sermons on Heaven and Hell
Stacy, Dr. John   Sermons That Sizzle
Stacy, John   The Valley of Dry Bones (and other sermons to get excited about)
Stevens, Texas   The Visualized Bible Study Series (video)
Stewart, Ivan   From House To House A Manual on Personal Work
Stinnett, Dr. Nick   Magnificent Marriage
Stinnett, Nancy    Magnificent Marriage
Strauch, Alexander   Biblical Eldership
Stroop, J. Ridley    The Church of the Bible
Stroop, J. Ridley    Why Do People Not See The Bible See Alike?
Strother, Jim   Let's Have A Timothy Class
Stubblefield, Ph.D., Elton   Creation, Evolution and the Great Flood
Swain, Walter   Great Bible Doctrines
Swanson, James A   The Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek New Testament
Swanson, James A   The Greek English Concordance to the New Testament with the New International
Sweet, R. B.   Now That I'm a Christian


Tackett, Michael   My Brother, My Lord

Talley, Scott     This Can't Wait
Tallman, Jerry   Becoming a N. T. Christian (video)
Tate, Willard    Habits of A Loving Heart
Tate, Williard    How To Get What You Want And Want What You Get! 
Tate, Willard    Learning to Love
Tate, Williard   The Wit and Wisdom of Willer Wood
Tate, Willard   How to Get What You Want...and Want What You Get (video)
Tate, Williard   Learning to Love (video)
Tate, Williard   The Wit and Wisdom of Willer Wood (video)
Taylor, Jr., Robert R.   The Elder and His Work
Taylor, Jr., Robert R.    Studies in the Gospel of John
Taylor, Jr., Robert R.   The Bible Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Taylor, Jr., Robert   The Bible Doctrine of Jehovah God
Tenney, Merrill C.   Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary
Tesh, S. Edward   NIV Commentaries Psalms Vol 1
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert    Bible and the Age of the Earth, The 
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Issues In Evolution
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Evolution: Paleontology and the Fossil Record
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Evolution as A Threat to the Christian Home
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     The Global Flood of Noah
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     The Scientific Case For Creation
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert    The Truth About Human Origins
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Rock-Solid Faith How to Build It
Thompson, Ph.D., Bert     Rock-Solid Faith How to Sustain It
Thompson, James W.   God's Holy Fire
Thompson, James W.   Preaching Like Paul
Thompson, James     The Living Word Commentary Hebrews 
Thomson, Harry Linn    Short Talks Around the Lord's Table
Tolle, James M.    The Lord's Supper
Townsend, Dr. John   Boundaries In Marriage
Trent, Ph.D., John   Loving, Lasting Relationships (video)
Tucker, Paul M.   Christian Stewardship
Turner, J. J.   Building an Effective Leadership Team
Turner, J. J.    Doctrine of the Godhead 
Turner, J. J.   Growth Through Biblical Stewardship
Turner, J. J.   How to Effectively Study the Bible
Turner, J. J.   Leadership Through Church Growth
Turner, J. J.    Positive Christian Living
Turner, J. J.   Positive Sermons That Encourage
Turner, J. J.   Standing Before an Audience
Turner, J. J.   Step Out of the Crowd
Turner, J. J.   The World's Best Marriage Advice
Turner, J. J.   Shepherds, Wake Up!
Tyler, Granville W.   Granville Tyler Workbooks

Underwood, David   Power of Prayer (video)

Underwood,Gary and Marylyn   After First Principles
Unger, Merrill F.   Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words


Vander Hook, Pete & Sue     Spiritual Protection for Your Children
Verkruyse, Peter   NIV Commentaries Hebrews 
Vine, W. E.   Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
Vine, W. E.    Vine's You Can Learn New Testament Greek! An Easy Teach Yourself Guide
Virkler, Henry A.   Hermeneutics Principles and Processes of Biblical Interpretation

Waddell, Don   Making Your Church A Place to Serve
Waddey, John   Life & Lessons of J. W. McGarvey
Waldron, Bob & Sandra    The History and Geography of the Bible Story
Walker, Ernest L.   A Study in the Book of Revelation
Walker, Laura Jensen   Thanks for the Mammogram!
Wallace, Donna K.   What Good Is God?
Wallace, Jr., Foy E.   Commentary on Romans Galatians and Ephesians
Wallace, G K    Should Instrumental Music Be Used In Worship? (Wallace-Hunt Debate)
Walton, John H.    Charts of the Old Testament
Wardle, Terry   Healing Care Healing Prayer
Wardle, Terry   The Transforming Path
Wardle, Terry   Wounded
Warren, Thomas B.   Charts You Can Use In Preaching, Teaching, Studying On Divorce and Remarriage
Warren, Thomas B.    The Warren-Matson Debate On the Existence of God
Warren, Ph.D., Thomas B.    Your Marriage Can Be Great
Webb, Henry    In Search of Christian Unity
Weed, Michael R.     The Living Word Commentary Ephesians, Colossians, & Philemon 
West, Earle H.   How to Study the Bible
West, Earl  The Life and Times of David Lipscomb
West, Earl  Eye of the Storm A Story of Elder Ben Franklin
West, Earl Irvin   Searcher for the Ancient Order 
West, Earl Irvin   The Search for the Ancient Order Vol. 1
West, Earl Irvin   The Search for the Ancient Order Vol. 2
West, Earl Irvin   The Search for the Ancient Order Vol. 3
West, Earl Irvin   The Search for the Ancient Order Vol. 4
West, Earl Irvin   The Trials of The Ancient Order
West, Gordon & Becki     The Discipline Guide for Children's Ministry
West, Larry   Come Home, Christian! (video)
West, Larry   Confronting with Care (video)
West, Larry   Step Into the Water Is Baptism Essential? (video)
West, Larry   What If the Lord Were to Come Right Now? (video)
West, Mrs. Earle H.   Far Above Rubies
West, Mrs. Earle H.   Vessels of Honour
Westbrooks, Linda   The New You
Wheat, M.D. Ed   Love Life for Every Married Couple
Wheat, M.D., Ed   The First Years of Forever
Whiddon, Jr., Bob   From Children to Brethren
Whitaker, Anita   Straddling the Fence 
White, Richard E.    Our Meal With The Master
White, Jr., William   Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words
Wilhelm, Mary Alice   Worthy Women
Wilhelm, Ph.D., Jack   Contemporary Concerns of Christians
Wilhoit, Jim   Effective Bible Teaching
Willhite, Keith    Big Idea of Biblical Preaching, The
Williams, Carla   Children of the Bible
Wilkinson, Bruce   Talk Thru the Bible
Williams, Carla    Jesus' Life and Lessons
Williams, Jerry B., M.D.     Focus on Fitness
Williams, Jon Gary     The Other Side of Evolution
Williams, Patrecia   Ponder God's Way
Williams, Sheryl I.   Let's Be Frank
Williams, Sheryl I.   Let's Be Frank Part Deux
Williams and Dykes   Ready Answers to Religious Errors
Williford, Stephen Douglas   Teenagers and Peer Pressure
Willis, John T.     The Living Word Commentary 1st & 2nd Samuel
Willis, John T.     The Living Word Commentary Genesis
Willis, John T.     The Living Word Commentary The World and Literature of the Old Testament 
Wills, John K.   For Such a Time As This
Wilson, Ph.D., Ken    Faith That Makes a Difference
Winter, Thomas L.   Ministers at the Millennium
Winters, Clayton   Commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah-Esther
Wolfe, Richard E.    Songs, Cymbals, and Tambourines
Womack, Morris M.    NIV Commentaries 1,2 & 3 John
Wood, Robert   Witness to the Witnesses
Woodroof, Tim   A Church That Flies
Woods, Guy     Gospel Advocate Commentary James
Woods, Guy     Gospel Advocate Commentary Peter-Jude
Woods, Guy     Gospel Advocate Commentary John
Woods, Guy N.   How to Study The New Testament Effectively
Woods, Guy N.    Shall We Know One Another In Heaven
Woodson, William  Sounding Brass and Clanging Cymbals
Worth, B. J.   Worth's Income Tax Guide for Ministers
Worthey, William M.   Jesus, Our Righteousness
Wraight, Heather    Atlas of World Christianity
Wright, H. Norman   Before You Remarry
Wright, H. Norman   Before You Say I Do
Wright, H. Norman    Communication: Key to Your Marriage
Wright, H. Norman     The Power of a Parent's Words


Yates, John & Susan    What Really Matters at Home

Young, Helen   Time Management for Christian Women
Youngblood, Ronald F.   Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary 
Young, John   I Am Paul (video)
Young, Robert   Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible
Younger, Barbara   Making Scripture Stick
Zodhiates, Th.D., Spiros   Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible NIV
Zodhiates, Th.D., Spiros   Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible KJV
Zodhiates, Th.D., Spiros   Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible 1977 NASB
Zodhiates, Th.D., Spiros   The Complete Word Study Old Testament
Zodhiates, Th.D., Spiros   The Complete Word Study New Testament 
Zodhiates, Th.D., Spiros   The Complete Word Study New Testament with Greek Parallel
Zorn, Walter D.   NIV Commentaries Psalms Vol 1
Category:Writers by fiction subject area
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This category has the following 20 subcategories,
out of 20 total.
[×] Comedy fiction writers (4 P) [+] Historical fiction writers (1 C, 25 P)
[+] Crime fiction writers (18 C, 20 P) [+] Horror writers (12 C, 27 P)
[×] Environmental fiction writers (16 P)
[×] Magic realism writers (70 P)
[×] Erotic horror writers (8 P) [+] Mystery writers (2 C, 11 P)
[+] Erotica writers (3 C, 4 P) [+] Mythopoeic writers (4 C, 20 P)
[+] Fabulists (1 C, 46 P) [×] Pulp fiction writers (76 P)
[+] Fantasy writers (8 C, 16 P) R
[+] Romantic fiction writers (8 C, 48 P)

Category:Writers by non-fiction subject area

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Note: Category:American non-fiction writers includes a number of subject areas that are not covered i
This category has the following 80 subcategories,
out of 80 total.
[+] Advice columnists (5 C, 1 P) [+] Family and parenting writers (1 C, 6 P)
[+] Agricultural writers (1 C, 6 P) [×] Film writers (27 P)
[+] Animal care and training writers (2
[+] Finance
C, 6 P) and investment writers (2 C, 2 P)
[×] Anime and manga writers (17 P) [+] Financial writers (3 C, 4 P)
[+] Anthropology writers (1 C, 21 P) [×] Folklore writers (10 P)
[+] Writers on antisemitism (1 C, 17 P)
[+] Food writers (4 C, 13 P)
[+] Architecture writers (22 C, 11 P) [+] Fortean writers (2 C, 20 P)
[+] Art writers (4 C, 7 P) G
[+] Autobiographers (23 C, 44 P) [+] Gambling writers (1 C, 21 P)
[+] Aviation writers (3 C, 16 P) [+] Garden writers (7 C, 2 P)
B [×] Gun writers (15 P)
[+] Bibliographers (3 C, 20 P) H
[+] Biographers (8 C, 16 P) [+] Health and wellness writers (4 C, 4 P)
[+] Business writers (2 C, 8 P) [+] Historians (21 C, 2 P)
C [+] Hymn writers (2 C, 6 P)
[+] Chess writers (16 C, 62 P) I
[×] Cookbook authors (44 P) [×] Ichthyological writers (2 P)
[+] Non-fiction crime writers (2 C, 13 [+] Information
P) and reference writers (3 C, 4 P)
[+] Critics (20 C, 4 P) [+] Instructional writers (6 C, 1 P)
[×] Dance writers (16 P) [+] Legal writers (9 C, 30 P)
[+] Diarists (3 C, 26 P) [+] Letter writers (12 C, 12 P)
E [+] Lexicographers (37 C, 68 P, 1 F)
[+] Economics writers (3 C, 8 P) [×] Linguistics writers (23 P)
[+] Education writers (4 C, 21 P) M
[+] Encyclopedists (10 C, 59 P) [+] Maritime writers (3 C, 29 P)
[+] Engineering writers (1 C, 2 P) [+] Martial arts writers (2 C, 41 P)
[×] Entomological writers (1 P) [×] Mathematics writers (21 P)
[+] Non-fiction environmental writers (1
[+] Media
C, 75 P)studies writers (3 C, 2 P)
[+] Espionage writers (2 C, 16 P) [+] Medical writers (11 C, 40 P)
[+] Exercise and fitness writers (2 C) [+] Memoirists (4 C, 55 P)
[+] Military writers (4 C, 9 P)

Category:20th-century non-fiction writers

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Pages in category "20th-century

non-fiction writers"
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Dirk Bogarde William A. Heth
Peter Burwash M
C John McPhee
Lewis de Claremont Michael Medved
Craven Laycock R
D Claire Rayner
Richard Dawkins S
Ernest Albert Savage

Category:21st-century non-fiction writers

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Pages in category "21st-century

non-fiction writers"
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B M cont.
Peter Burwash Michael Medved
D Mehdi Ghafourifar
Richard Dawkins R
H Claire Rayner
William A. Heth S
M Finn Ørjan Sæle
John McPhee
ters by fiction subject area

[+] Science fiction writers (10 C, 80 P)
[+] Spy fiction writers (2 C, 11 P)
[+] Surrealist writers (3 C, 43 P)
[+] Thriller writers (1 C, 28 P)
[×] War writers (16 P)
[×] Western (genre) writers (110 P)

on subject area

M cont.
[+] Motivational writers (1 C, 4 P)
[×] Motoring writers (19 P)
[+] Music writers (4 C, 36 P)
[+] Nature writers (3 C, 4 P)
[+] Non-fiction outdoors writers (5 C, 1 P)
[+] Philosophy writers (1 C, 27 P)
[+] Political writers (10 C, 18 P)
[+] Psychology writers (3 C, 29 P)
[×] Rail transport writers (24 P)
[+] Regional writers (3 C)
[+] Relationships and sexuality writers (1 C, 18 P)
[+] Science writers (9 C, 54 P)
[+] Self-help writers (1 C, 9 P)
[+] Social sciences writers (5 C, 8 P)
[+] Spiritual writers (7 C, 4 P)
[+] Sportswriters (9 C, 12 P)
[+] Technology writers (3 C, 7 P)
[+] Textbook writers (4 C, 24 P)
[+] Theologians (17 C, 214 P)
[+] Travel writers (35 C, 21 P)
[+] UFO writers (1 C, 21 P)
[×] Wine writers (14 P)
[×] Writers on Germanic paganism (31 P)
[+] Writers on paranormal topics (4 C, 3 P)
[×] Writers on photographic techniques (15 P)
[×] Writers on Zionism (21 P)

-fiction writers

S cont.
David de Sola Pool
Marian Stamp Dawkins
Jane Wilson-Howarth

-fiction writers
S cont.
Marian Stamp Dawkins
Jane Wilson-Howarth
1. THE FIFTH WITNESS, by Michael Connelly
3. THE LINCOLN LAWYER, by Michael Connelly
4. I'LL WALK ALONE, by Mary Higgins Clark
5. THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett
Complete List »
1. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
2. BOSSYPANTS, by Tina Fey
3. UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand
4. ALL THAT IS BITTER AND SWEET, by Ashley Judd with 
Maryanne Vollers
Complete List »
1. THE FIFTH WITNESS, by Michael Connelly
3. I'LL WALK ALONE, by Mary Higgins Clark
4. 44 CHARLES STREET, by Danielle Steel
5. MILES TO GO, by Richard Paul Evans
Complete List »
1. BOSSYPANTS, by Tina Fey
2. UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand
3. MALCOLM X, by Manning Marable
YOU TO READ, by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell
5. ALL THAT IS BITTER AND SWEET, by Ashley Judd with 
Maryanne Vollers
Complete List »
1. THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett
3. CUTTING FOR STONE, by Abraham Verghese
4. THE JUDGMENT, by Beverly Lewis
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Paperback Mass-Market Fiction
2. NAVARRO'S PROMISE, by Lora Leigh
3. THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE, by Mary Higgins Clark
4. HOME FREE, by Fern Michaels
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Paperback Nonfiction
1. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
3. INSIDE OF A DOG, by Alexandra Horowitz
4. JUST KIDS, by Patti Smith
5. HAVE A LITTLE FAITH, by Mitch Albom
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E-Book Fiction
1. THE FIFTH WITNESS, by Michael Connelly
2. THE LINCOLN LAWYER, by Michael Connelly
4. I'LL WALK ALONE, by Mary Higgins Clark
5. 44 CHARLES STREET, by Danielle Steel
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E-Book Nonfiction
1. BOSSYPANTS, by Tina Fey
2. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
3. UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand
4. ALL THAT IS BITTER AND SWEET, by Ashley Judd with 
Maryanne Vollers
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Hardcover Advice & Misc.
1. THE 17 DAY DIET, by Mike Moreno
2. LOVE WINS, by Rob Bell
3. THE HEALTHY HOME, by Dave Wentz and Myron Wentz with 
Donna K. Wallace
4. UNLIMITED, by Jillian Michaels
5. EVA'S KITCHEN, by Eva Longoria and Marah Stets
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Paperback Advice & Misc.
1. HUNGRY GIRL 300 UNDER 300, by Lisa Lillien
2. NOW EAT THIS! DIET, by Rocco DiSpirito
Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
5. THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, by Gretchen Rubin
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Children's Picture Books
1. SILVERLICIOUS, written and illustrated by Victoria Kann
2. THE EASTER EGG, written and illustrated by Jan Brett
3. A SICK DAY FOR AMOS McGEE, by Philip C. Stead. Illustrated 
by Erin E. Stead
4. LEGO STAR WARS, by Simon Beecroft
5. DREAM BIG, LITTLE PIG!, by Kristi Yamaguchi. Illustrated by 
Tim Bowers
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Children's Chapter Books
1. THE LOST HERO, by Rick Riordan
2. A WORLD WITHOUT HEROES, by Brandon Mull
4. WHERE SHE WENT, by Gayle Forman
5. THE EMERALD ATLAS, by John Stephens
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Children's Paperback Books
1. BEASTLY, by Alex Flinn
2. ASK ELIZABETH, by Elizabeth Berkley
3. SOUL SURFER, by Bethany Hamilton with Sheryl Berk and Rick 
4. WITCH AND WIZARD, by James Patterson and Gabrielle 
5. THE BOOK THIEF, by Markus Zusak
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Children's Series
1. THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, by Cassandra Clare
2. DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney
3. THE HUNGER GAMES, by Suzanne Collins
4. THE 39 CLUES, by various authors
5. WARRIORS, by Erin Hunter
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Hardcover Graphic Books
1. SUPERMAN: THE BLACK RING, by Paul Cornell and Pete 
Morrison and various
3. THE WALKING DEAD, BOOK 1, by Robert Kirkman, Tony 
Moore and Charlie Adlard
4. BRIGHTEST DAY, VOL. 1, by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi
5. SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, by J. Michael Straczynski and Shane 
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Paperback Graphic Books
2. THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 1, by Robert Kirkman and Tony 
3. SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, by Bryan Lee O’Malley
4. WATCHMEN, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
Complete List »
2. SKIP BEAT, VOL. 23, by Yoshiki Nakamura
3. BLUE EXORCIST, VOL. 1, by Kazue Kato
4. DENGEKI DAISY, VOL. 4, by Kyousuke Motomi
5. NARUTO, VOL. 50, by Masashi Kishimoto
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Combined Hardcover & Paperback Fiction
1. THE FIFTH WITNESS, by Michael Connelly
3. THE HELP, by Kathryn Stockett
5. I'LL WALK ALONE, by Mary Higgins Clark
Complete List »
Combined Hardcover & Paperback Nonfiction
1. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
2. BOSSYPANTS, by Tina Fey
3. UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand
5. MALCOLM X, by Manning Marable