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The Filthy Bankers are Bribing and Paying U.S.

Judges, Sheriffs, Attorneys, Preachers,

Police, Politicians, etc. – WHO SAYS CRIME DOES NOT PAY???. . . . . . . . .It all boils
down to Fiduciary Terrorism and state-Sponsored Treason!!!

Note: As in the very exact words of Nazi/Skull & Bones War Criminal and former U.nited
S.nakes President/C.E.O George “Hellboy” Bush:

“The U.S. Constitution is nothing but a Goddamn Piece of Paper”

* * * End of Note * * *

U.S. citizens (citizens with a small/lowercase “c” which means diminished capacity in Law)
cannot win fighting the Filthy Banking System in the U.NITED S.NAKES. One person won
three court cases in a row and lost the fourth case. The bank bribed and paid the U.S. Judge and
placed $150,000 cash in the judge’s personal banking account. U.S. Judges deceptively refer to
these bribes as a political contribution but the cash is clearly used to influence the judge away
from his oath and fiduciary responsibilities to the people. The local news on the television
explained how this same foreclosure judge amassed an $8 million Real Estate Fortune in 3 to 4
years by working and cooperating directly with the Filthy Bankers. The U.S. Judges helps the
Bankers in court and the Bankers make sure that the U.S. Judge gets the best foreclosure victims
with the most equity. One hand washes the other. It is all about “Profits”. Another person won
in a U.S. Court after finding and using knowledge against the system. Within two (2) weeks of
winning this court case, 1,500 people filed the same identical lawsuit. The Filthy Bankers went
to U.S. Congress and dictated that the law must change or everyone will become debt free and
that would change the amount of profits going into the Banker’s Pockets. U.S. Congress
immediately followed the Bankers command and changed the law and the same 1,500 court
cases were thrown out and the people lost. Remember, approximately one-third (1/3rd) of U.S.
Congress are directly related to the Filthy Bankers by Bloodline Birth and/or they receive huge
bribe money from the Bankers. The Filthy Bankers have already disclosed that the Banker’s
Profit Money controls both sides of U.S. Elections and also controls the major media through
loans, advertising money and direct ownership. The Filthy Bankers simply remind the U.S.
Politicians/Politrickans that if they do not cooperate with the Bankers, the Bankers will heavily
fund the Politician’s opponent during the very next U.S. Election. U.S. Congressman James
Traficant boldly spoke out against the Filthy Banksters/Gangsters. He referred to the I.R.S. as a
bunch of thieves. (Special Note: The I.R.S. is the collection agency strictly of and for the
privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank.) Now U.S. Congressman James Traficant is going to
jail by the unseen influence of the Filthy Bankers. James Traficant said that it was selective
prosecution and a conspiracy to put him in jail. On National Television, Juror Lee Glasr (juror on
Trafican’t case) stated that “There was no doubt that the U.S. Government was out to get U.S.
Congressman Traficant”. Traficant was an example and grave reminder to other members of U.S.
Congress not to ever speak out against the Filthy Bankers and not to ever bite the very hand
which feeds them. On Friday March 7, 2003, the Tucson Citizen Newspaper had an article about
how the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) had a steady practice of misleading U.S. Judges
to get false search warrants and arrest people.

On Sunday March 23, 2003, the Arizona Daily Star reported that the U.S. House of
Representatives passed a Bankruptcy Bill. This particular Bill means that you now cannot easily
write off your credit card debt in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now, they want to garnish your wages
over five years to pay off your credit cards. HOW DO YOU THINK THIS BILL GOT
PASSED? The Credit Card Companies (Filthy Bankers through U.S. Attorneys) wrote the Law
and dictated to U.S. Congress to pass it through bribery and pay-offs.

The Bank-Trained/Bank-Paid Lawyers and Attorneys are Expert Charlatans and Gifted
Prostitutes in the U.S. Courtrooms which are nothing more than U.S. Sexual Orgies. The only
one that is getting Gang-Banged (F%cked) is “YOU”. All U.S. Attorneys are in the B.A.R.
Association along with the U.S. Judges and U.S. Prosecutors. This means that they are all British
Esquires for the Queen Albino-Vampire B%tch of England and they all have willingly accepted
a Title of Nobility Special Privilege from a Foreign Power. The Queen B%tch of England is an
instrumentality of the Perverted Pope and Vatican of Rome Italy. This means that “YOU” are the
only Jack-Ass that is Ass-Out of the exclusive club and looking in. Most or all U.S.
Congressmen are also in the British B.A.R. Association. Did you forget that the U.NITED
S.NAKES is the Bastard Child of Bloodthirsty England? Remember, it was the Filthy Banker’s
U.S. Presidents/C.E.O.s who successfully passed the “Trading with the Enemy Act” and the
Emergency War Powers. In this act, the U.S. Government specifically declared the U.S. “Sheep-
Like” citizen to be the enemy. This means that “YOU” must have a license to trade with the
enemy (which is “YOU”). The NAZI Roman Soldier K.O.P.S. (K.lansmen O.n P.atrol in the
S.treets also known as “Police”) require that you have license for absolutely any and everything
that you do and they sell you on the bullsh%t Lie that they are just doing their job and upholding
the “LAW”. The Pig Police deal with “Policy”, “Codes”, “Statutes”, “Rules”, “Regulations”, etc.
which are all related to Commercial CORPORATE Activity and Corporate “Slave” Subjects
(Artificial “Sheep-Like U.S. citizens). Police are Revenue Agents generating Profit Revenue for
the Filthy Bankers. The Revenue-Generating U.S. Courts clearly have a Military Flag flying in
the Courtroom. The Gold Fringe Flag makes it a Military Court. This War on U.S. Soil allows
the Filthy Bankers and Paid-Off Government Agents working for the Bankers, to constantly
rape, rob, and plunder the declared enemy (which is “YOU”).
Now do you understand/overstand/innerstand why they want to get all the guns off the street?
They want to completely disarm the enemy (which is “YOU”) so that when they come and mash
your eyeballs out, you will have no way of fighting back and defending yourselves. “YOU” no
longer have the right to own a gun because you have sadly and unknowingly contracted with a
UNITED STATES Federal Corporation located in Washington, D.C./District of Columbia and
you now have absolutely no rights in the U.S. Constitution. Your Rights have now been turned
into mere privileges which are now furthermore controlled by a “License” (such as GUN
License). They fear that the enemy (which is “YOU”) will eventually communicate and wake up
and realize that WAR has actually been declared on U.S. citizens and this very same War allows
the Filthy Bankers to create more money to further plunder the enemy (again, which is “YOU”).
The Filthy Bankers want a National Identification Card so that they can have complete control
over their Lucrative Revenue-Generating Financial Assets (which is “YOU”). You will not be
able to buy or sell without this Identification Card. If they can put your Happy-Ass on, they most
certainly can turn your Monkey-Ass Off. This Electronic I.D. will allow them to monitor you 24-
hours a day by satellite. When they turn your card off, you will not be able to physically survive.
This now adds a whole new definition to “TERRORIST”. A Terrorist will now be any U.S.
citizen who is not cooperating and will be furthermore labeled as an Enemy Combatant. Using
the “Terrorist” Police Powers, the U.S. Government has already abused the power against the
people in which they do not like. It is all about “POWER” And “CONTROL”. The Propaganda
Banker-Controlled Media is there to subliminally psyche you out into foolishly going along with
the newly declared War against “YOU”. Just how smart have we become? If you were a Slimy
U.S. Judge or U.S. Congressman receiving all of that gravy money from the Filthy Bankers to
get elected/re-elected and personal investment money, why in the world would you want to
change the system which is making you live comfortably off the back of the Dumb-Ass
American Sheeple/People?

The Fraudulent Mortgage Business is Big Profit off of the Sorry-Ass Highly-Unaware American
“Zombie” People.The Angry American People/Sheeple just recently petitioned Golden-
Boy/Smooth-Operator U.S. President Barack “Buffy” Obama to immediately hold a moratorium
and to instantly stop all foreclosures in the U.S.

Barack Obama replied and said “NO CAN DO”.

Is it not clear exactly who he works for?

The very word Mort-gage actually means “Dead Pledge” which means that they have never lent
you anything so there is nothing to pay. The same exact Promissory Note that you sign at the
closing table is flipped over and endorsed on the back (just like a Check) by your Mortgage
Company and deposited into an account and stolen from you without your knowledge. All
Mortgage Companies are BANKS (“Bank” as in Filthy Bankers). After U.S. Congressional
House Joint Resolution of 1933 (properly termed “The NEW Deal” Public Policy), all money is
your credit or promise to pay. This is exactly what your signature is, a “Promise to Pay”. They
received your Promissory Note for the full amount of the alleged mortgage and you received the
house. This makes you both even and there is absolutely nothing for you to pay. Once again, you
have been Gang-Banged (F%cked) at the U.S. Closing table by a U.S. Bank, U.S. Realtor, and
U.S. Attorney/Lawyer. You are stuck paying lucrative rent on a house that you really own free
and clear. If the Mortgage Price for that house is $100,000, in thirty (30) years you would have
paid approximately $300,000 on a Mortgage which you do not owe. But “YOU” have a
Master’s/Massa’s Degree (from your Colonial “White” Slave-Master/Slave Massa) or a P.H.D.
(which means Partially Half Dumb, Dizzy or Delusional as hell) and can’t nobody tell your
Holy-Roller “Christian” BLACK Ass a damned thing. Your U.S. “so-called Christian” Preacher
is also being bribed and paid off by the Filthy Bankers. You probably were offered your alleged
Mortgage by attending a Mortgage Seminar from the basement of your very own Poison U.S.
Church. Religion is an effective sedative so you won’t know that you are at War and that “YOU”
are the constant War Victim and War Casualty. But your Mega-Negro “Pimp” Preacher is riding
around in a Bentley which has an average base price of $175,000. Your “Christian” Preacher is
also screwing your mind as well as your behind from the U.S. Pulpit.

Anything goes when it comes to Stupid “AmeriKKKan” Hos because Pimpin’ ain’t easy but it
sure is Cheesy (“Cheesy” as in Cheddar, Dough, Gravy, Dead Presidents, Federal Reserve Notes,


(The only GOOD “U.nited" S.NAKE is a DEAD “U.nited” S.NAKE)

Trivia Questions of the Day:

Who is the current U.nited S.nakes Puppy/Puppet President/C.E.O. and do you
think that he is in bed with the Filthy Bankers?

And who did you delusionally vote for at the recent 2010 Election Day Fiasco to
continue to be your Long-Legged Big-Eared "Mulatto" Mack Daddy?