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Child birth in Indian astrology

Progeny is a very important aspect of life. Most of the people would like to leave
their representatives on this earth to carry on their legacy. In the present era
it is more pronounced than any other period in human History. You can see
politicians wanting their wards to be political leaders, cine actors want their
children to be great actors, members of government administration want their wards
as political ambassadors, Doctors wanting their children to be eminent doctors so
on and so forth.

Ordinary people want their children to get employed and assist them in decent
survival. In short all people desire progeny. When we look at this world from this
point of view, we see very many variations. People can be grouped as those who are
married and have children. Those who are married but do not have children. Those
who remain unmarried and do not have children those who adopt children either due
to absence of their own or for philanthropic reasons.

Among the group those who are not married there are two divisions. One is those
who prefer renouncing worldly life in cause of service to humanity and those who
never got married because no suitable match was available.

To have children is a blessing of its own kind. The Tamil saint Tiruvalluvar has
eulogized the gift of progeny by saying “There is no music sweeter than the
mumblings of a toddler” The Vedic seers having understood that Progeny is the
result of good deeds of the past, have nominated the 5th and 9th houses of a
Horoscope as houses of progeny. It may be remembered that the houses 1, 5, and 9
form a triad indicating the self, its child, its child and the again the self,
often you can hear people saying “he is his grand dad reborn”

In Vedic astrology the sixth house is known as house of debts, diseases and
enemies. So to say one cannot do away with his own debts just by passing away from
this earth. He has to come back and these to whom he is indebted get to born as
his wife and children. Thus a clear link can be seen in the horoscope of family
members in which the fathers 6th house is linked to the ascendant/Moon of the
other members indicating that the father is indebted to them.

Thus in the Vedic horoscopes there are combinations for:

Having children
Not having children
Having only one child
Having an adopted child
Loss of children due to various reasons

The Vedic seers saw the production of a child as a joint effort of husband and
wife or a man and a woman. That is to say the woman is the soil and man sows his
seed in it
Obviously the simple law of nature applies here that both the seed (beeja) and
soil (Kshetra) have to be fertile for the seed to sprout and the seedling to come
out. Just as there are seasons for crops so also the materialization of a child
depends on the dasa periods of the couple and favorable transit of planets.

Vedic Astrology has all these thing covered under different rules and an
astrologer has to study all the rules and integrate them in the horoscope to
arrive at a conclusion.

Om Tat Sat

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