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Ruckus MetroFlex

High Performance Wireless Access Gateway

Reliable indoor connectivity to,

and performance with, outdoor
metro Wi-Fi networks


Increased performance/range for The Ruckus MetroFlex wireless access gateway is the world’s first
communicating with metro Wi-Fi nodes customer premise equipment specifically designed and optimized
Advanced customer premise equipment (CPE) de- to work with metro Wi-Fi networks. Patent-pending hardware
signed to provide indoor (home and office) coverage
and software let subscribers connect faster and more reliably to
extension of metro Wi-Fi signals
outdoor metro Wi-Fi networks – automatically optimizing around
changing environmental conditions.
Unprecedented reliability
Antenna diversity and automatic antenna selection
optimizes signal quality to metro Wi-Fi network The Ruckus MetroFlex is the only system that provides unprec-
edented diversity through the use of a unique, dual-polarized an-
tenna array. Intelligent connection algorithms determine the fastest
Automatic interference avoidance Wi-Fi mesh node with which to associate based on the highest data
Mitigates multipath fading and avoids RF interference
by continuously selecting the best signal path to the rates and best signal strength.
metro Wi-Fi Nodes
The Ruckus MetroFlex is equipped with integrated smart-MIMO
Long-range bidirectional connectivity antenna technology developed to reliably communicate with the
Wi-Fi node selection based on link capacity and high metro Wi-Fi nodes. Compatible with standard 802.11b/g metro Wi-
output power deliver faster connections from farther Fi nodes, the Ruckus MetroFlex 802.11b/g wireless access gateway
extends the metro Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-reach indoor loca-
Simple, Simple, Simple
Self-installing plug-and-play auto-configuration elimi- The Ruckus MetroFlex constantly tunes the signal path to enable
nates installation hassles, completely standards-based
the most stable and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity possible – maximiz-
ing range and assuring uninterrupted bandwidth for indoor wire-
Reduced support costs less transmissions. The Ruckus MetroFlex is built with a super high
Provide remote management capability for metro
Wi-Fi service provider’s network management center output power amplifier that provides twice the output power of
traditional Wi-Fi systems. The increased output power combined
with unprecedented antenna diversity allows fast and more
Automatic upgrades
Periodic updating provides automatic downloads of reliable Wi-Fi connections, extending the metro Wi-Fi signal
latest firmware without user intervention throughout the home or office.
Ruckus MetroFlex
High Performance Wireless Access Gateway

Metro Wi-Fi service providers can easily deploy and manage the Ruckus
MetroFlex in subscriber homes or offices, delivering high throughput
connectivity to the Internet and extending the overall coverage area to
get more users online.

Introducing the Ruckus MetroFlex

The Ruckus MetroFlex is the first smart-MIMO Wi-Fi gateway that reliably
extends metro Wi-Fi signals indoors. The Ruckus MetroFlex is equipped
with industry’s first dual-polarized antenna array to optimize communication
with metro Wi-Fi nodes. The Ruckus MetroFlex automatically avoids Wi-Fi
interference and mitigates multipath fading by selecting the best signal path
to the wireless AP. Traditional Wi-Fi systems are equipped with a single verti-
cally-oriented, omni-directional antenna that becomes less effective when
Ruckus Wireless the multipath signal arrives out of phase and cross polarized.
ultra-diverse antenna array

Four high-gain, horizonally polarized The Ruckus MetroFlex integrates patent-pending Ruckus BeamFlex tech-
and two high-gain vertically polarized nology that constantly learns the RF environment and automatically adjusts
directional antenna elements are the antenna pattern to steer signals to the optimum path. Just as the other
automatically controlled by an expert Ruckus products (MediaFlex router and adapter), MetroFlex substantially
software system that determines the best
increases both Wi-Fi performance and range.
antenna pattern and signal path for any
packet at any given time
The Ruckus MetroFlex seamlessly communicates with metro Wi-Fi nodes
by automatically associating with the best outdoor node. This built-in intel-
ligence delivers optimum connectivity upon initial association.
1 Mbps -99 dBm
2 Mbps -96 dBm
Dramatic Increases in Range and Performance
5.5 Mbps -94 dBm
BeamFlex is the first-of-its kind smart antenna technology that works with
11 Mbps -92 dBm
off-the-shelf 802.11 silicon to deliver the most cost effective MIMO benefits
to 802.11a/b/g devices today. Each Ruckus MetroFlex integrates Ruckus
BeamFlex™ technology - a compact, internal antenna array with multiple
6 Mbps -96 dBm
dual-polarized directional antenna elements capable of combining to form
9 Mbps -94 dBm
unique antenna patterns for diversity.
12 Mbps -93 dBm
18 Mbps -91 dBm
BeamFlex expert system control software continuously ranks the antenna
24 Mbps -88 dBm
patterns for each destination device using the feedback mechanism built
36 Mbps -84 dBm
into the 802.11 MAC layer protocol. Cognizant of the real time RF condi-
48 Mbps -79 dBm
tions, the direction and performance of the communicating devices, net-
54 Mbps -78 dBm
work capacity and application types, BeamFlex steers each packet to the
optimum signal path, enabling a Wi-Fi device to sustain high transmission
speeds and minimize retransmissions.
Ruckus MetroFlex
High Performance Wireless Access Gateway
In-home wireless
broadband access

Ruckus MetroFlex
for predictable broadband
connection to metro
Wi-Fi services
Simple Installation,
Reduced Support Costs
Self-installable, the Ruckus MetroFlex utilizes
dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) for
automatic configuration with the metro Wi-Fi
network. Users simply turn on the Ruckus
MetroFlex which automatically connects to the
best metro Wi-Fi signal available.

The Ruckus MetroFlex is equipped to be remotely manageable by the met-

ro Wi-Fi service provider’s network management center via HTTP or Telnet.
The Ruckus MetroFlex provides extensive statistics to the service provider’s
network management center for ease of troubleshooting and monitoring. Ruckus MetroFlex Features
Multiple clients are supported behind the Ruckus MetroFlex in the metro
Wi-Fi network. • Four high gain horizontally
polarized directional antenna
The Ruckus MetroFlex is equipped with DHCP server functionality. The
• Two high gain vertically polarized
MetroFlex supports multiple home PCs by automatically assigning dynamic
directional antenna
IP addresses. Network address translation (NAT) is used to give home PCs
Internet access.
• 200 milliwatt super high output
power amplifier
For flexible in-home management, the MetroFlex will support the ability
to have multiple “virtual APs.” Users maintain control over their “AP” or • Integrated directional beam
unique SSID while the provider controls the remaining virtual APs. This forming technology (BeamFlex)
gives providers fine-grained control over security and management policy. that intelligently controls signal
Like no other product available today, the MetroFlex can simultaneously
path selection and monitors link
support wireless broadband connectivity and in-home wireless access from
the same system (future).
• Network address translation

Automatic Interference Avoidance • Preferred BSSID to force

association to a specific metro
Unlike conventional wireless devices, the Ruckus MetroFlex dynamically
mitigates interference caused by multipath fading, neighbor networks and
other wireless devices. A sophisticated interference avoidance algorithm • DHCP client and server support
enables the Ruckus MetroFlex to detect the direction of interference from,
for example, a neighboring network, a microwave oven or a nearby blue • Remote management support
tooth device. In response, the Ruckus MetroFlex is able to select antenna
patterns that direct energy away from the direction of interference; thereby • Active management LEDs for
attenuating noise to the sending station. immediate diagnostics
Physical Characteristics Management

Power • Output: 12V DC, 1A Configuration and

statistics interface • Web user interface
External power adapter • CLI
• Input: 110-240V AC
Statistics • LAN, wireless and associated stations
Physical size • 14.2cm (L), 12.2cm (W), 7.5cm (H) • Accessible via Web UI

Weight • 220 grams Software update • Manually via FTP or TFTP, or WebUI
• Automatically via FTP, TFTP or WebUI
Antenna • Internal software-configurable, dual- (preconfigured with address of
polarized antenna array with six Ruckus-hosted firmware server)
directional, high-gain elements and
63 unique antenna patterns Other utilities • Configuration dump (admin only)
• Simple support info transfer to provider
Ethernet ports • 1 port, auto MDX, auto-sensing
10/100 Mbps, RJ-45
LED display • Power/status, Ethernet status,
Wi-Fi status, Wi-Fi network quality Standards • 802.11b/g
Supported data rates • 54,48,36,24,18,12,11,5.5,2,1 Mbps
Environmental conditions • Operating temperature: 32oF (0o C)
- 104o F (40o C) Channels • US/Canada: 1-11
• Operating humidity: 15% - 95% • Europe (ETSI X30): 1-13
non-condensing • Japan X41: 1-13
RF power output • 23 dBm for 802.11b/g (200mW)
Routing • Static routing
• Country-specific power is configurable
NAT • Supported

DHCP • Supported

Bridge mode • Supported

Router mode • Supported

Auto channel selection • Supported

Transmit power control • Supported

Management LEDs Certifications • FCC, IC-03, CE, VCCI, Telec, C-Tick

Wireless security • WEP, WPA – TKIP, WPA2 - AES

Authentication • 802.1X (EAP-TTLS)

Factory reset

10/100 Mbps
RJ-45 network port

AC power
adapter input

Product Ordering Information

Model Description
2211 - (US, UE, UK) 1-port metro Wi-Fi gateway
2825 - (US, UE, UK) 5-port multimedia Wi-Fi router
2111 - (US, UE, UK) 1-port multimedia Wi-Fi adapter

When ordering you must specify the destination region by indicating
-US -UE or -UK following the model number.

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