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THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 5 eon ee GONE (LIER IN STAND OFF EAR CUTTING CLIARGES are clesigned for cutting steel objects rather int effects afmerved in the Muntoe shape metallic shipped with an inverted “\ lawn the long asis of the char a Tinear change would appear thas ntainvers which Bane been base to create a cutting jet con detonation, Aw end view of Any depression in a block of explosive will cause some deme It th 1 elficieat jet. Mu of jet ace awd nical vecess produces by fay the lo discovered that, 10 © ne te cavity ist be raised eo alg above the ta es, depending ‘container and exp! benscen the cone and tain deatee of deflection and break up of the jet act penetation, Many commercial firms today (eel and ofl indus 339 THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 5 tries) tse cavity ela ly psi tise in safe era blie be ‘Therefore, their appearance in There are recorded cases of shape el a MISNAYSCHARDIN EFFECT (PLATE EFFECT) effect is often termed the high speed “plate” elfect and 19 of a mild steel plate lousely attached to the explosive which moves outward at fantastic speeds fron tke detomati in plate devices have Been known to penetrate as tree inches of sicel a distances as far as 100 yards from the dete: 0 pint, Figure 38 illustrates ico versions of this effect. The plate, if properly initiated, will avel ae speed af almost 70 per cent of the det Tate, inilicating speeds of 20,000 feet per coon iy certain cases, a & Froese 38 nay Shanti te pte angey= Flat pte, 21 Cane CONCENTRATED BLAST EFFECT Recent tests indicate that if a Memvae sha directly penetr charge is placed we stand off, deep will not occur. However, the explosive force will be do ainst a steel object withaut using wide focal point Y ising a tremenvdons theust object. giving fam sets wich like a large fist striking the ic janver ina concentrated area (Figure 39, t THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 5 340 THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 5 R 2 Seating Freer 8 Come FOUGASSE EFFECT IMPROVISED SHOTGU The fougawe or shogun effect i an in munitions cousesucted sith pipe or ¥ wns made very sich like a shougun shell Incendiaey devices mnie like the illustration ‘Outer Case Sub-Miseiles ‘Explosive Bursting Charge This ellect was used as far back as he Civil war and consis basically of small explosive charges separately fized and placed al bursting ¢ha vane They will det This elfect mas of explosive is detor air by micas of a time Fur nated directly the surface of a bitte steel target. The : hock exerted! against the face of the target will eanse SHRAPNEL EPFECT the opposite oF reverse side of the target to flake or seab off large Where f ition relies on the breaking wp of the case, portitns of metal anal hval the Hakes at high spocds, fn effect it shrapnel way designe! to ease the burden of the explosive charge ceavitates the reverse side of the target nt Shrapnel consists af prec or prefer oF spheres paeket inv or atound an explasive charge. l ions, sluapnel consists af reject ball bess les. or arrow-like de- shaped much like darts. The G In needles as ‘miinicions (8 Of producing the slrapnel effect 4m. & THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 5 341 THE POOR MAN'S JAMES BOND Vol. 5 LOTS propellant or a Tike explo 1 screani it black, BLAST EFFECTS ON AUTOMOBILES Figures 11.13, andl 16 shox. ewe dynamite buubitggs on ante Chapter VI INCENDIARIES (FIRE DEVICES) Recorns as Greek fie ack t0 the yer 70 mention the ws of spon to strike Fear inc the envy, and fire uer has been used ies nearly every major en feck fire consisted! of mixtuvies of saltpeter and ater eam. Dustible mistises ejected fw ms (tubes) at enienty ships, hips. wot changed such since the year 670. as firelugs, pyychonics, and with a devastating eflect in the early many miliary memicions are ased with the same results Incendiary materials, when properly employed, ave perhaps ote effective than explosives because, if not contralled in time