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Three and a Half Decades

of EMU in the USA:

A History of Value and Performance

Almost thirty-five years ago, the first interactions—as well as friction manufacturers, at the time, were
EMU submersible sewage pumps related issues—resulted in the dependent on submersion, for heat
arrived on American shores. At first, development of pumping equipment transfer. (EMU pump motors—
little notice was paid to these bright that proved to be highly reliable and cooled by an internal circulation
orange pumping machines, but—as extremely durable—even over very system that transferred heat to the
time passed and experience grew— long periods of time (often measured pumped liquid—did not require
the popularity of EMU submersible in decades). submersion.)
pumps grew into a "following", and
from there into an industry legend. In 1971, the first EMU pumps made Soon after EMU introduced dry pit
available to the U.S. marketplace pumps in the U.S., in 1977, Centralia,
were offered through a distribution Illinois chose to go with EMU dry pit
The Secret was Staying
agreement with Pollution Equipment pumping technology, with the
Cool Control, a subsidiary of B & H Sales installation of a sizable 120
and Certainteed Corporation, located horsepower model. Since then, EMU
EMU engineers recognized, early on, in Orlando, Florida. dry pit pumps have been installed in
that the proper management of the every type of application. In 1991, the
heat generated from the operation of Within a year, several early adopters largest dry pit pump in the world (at
the pump motor was key to the of EMU pump technology had new the time) was installed at
preservation of the pumps internal EMU's up and running. This group Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It
components. This focus on thermal included: Adel, Georgia; Sebring, provided a whopping 450
Florida; and Manatee County, Florida. horsepower worth of pumping
Just five years later, in 1976, EMU
introduced a submersible pump
equipped with a two hundred
horsepower motor to the U. S.
marketplace, amazing those
attending the WPCF show in Denver,
Colorado—the site of its unveiling.

Bringing the Benefits of

Dry Pit Pumps to the U.S.
The use of dry pit pumps became
popular in Europe because not only
were they amazingly reliable but
they were much easier to monitor,
EMU engineers recognized, early on, maintain, change-out, etc. (because
that the proper management of the
they were not submerged). In fact,
heat generated from the operation
of the pump motor was key to the
by the 1960's dry pit pumps were
preservation of the pumps internal quickly becoming the standard in EMU dry pit pumps are very popular because
components. Western Europe. Most pump they can endure in almost any environment.
Decades of Service and Reliability from the WILO EMU U.S.A. Team
EMU Availability Simply, day-to-day use proved their later, Atlanta's R.M. Clayton WWTP— no wear on the internal components According to Terry Rouse, President
value and word began to spread from the largest wastewater treatment or surfaces. There have been many and CEO of WILO-EMU USA LLC, "We
Expanded When city to city. plant this side of Washington, DC— stories of the heroic capabilities of are looking forward to greatly
Davis Industries installed 114 EMU mixers. EMU mixers EMU mixers, also. Suffice it to say, expanding our presence in the U.S.
Took Over Distribution In 1985, EMU Mixers Were were a hit, because, like the pumps EMU pumps and mixers are now the marketplace, while continuing to
that proceeded them into the U.S. stuff of legends, but their real bring exceptional value in both
Duties in the U.S. Introduced in America marketplace, they delivered benefits do turn out to be very service and products to our
measurable value. tangible. customers. For example, we have
In 1979, EMU shifted the As with EMU's pump technologies, just introduced the new HC motor
responsibility of U.S. distribution to the quality and value inherent in USFilter Signs on to technology into America and can
Davis Water & Waste Industries, Inc. EMU's submersible mixers began to Into the Future, With easily say that this is the most
Davis Industries was located in draw the attention of industry Distribute EMU Pumping WILO AG significant advance in pump motor
Thomasville, Georgia, but continued professionals. In fact, in 1989, forty- and Mixing Technologies technology in recent decades. Also,
to maintain an EMU related facility in eight mixers were installed at Inland In 2003, WILO AG, one of the we have dramatically expanded our
Orlando, Florida. (In the first year of Empire, California, alone. (During this After the acquisition of Davis Water world's leading pump manufacturers on-site 24/7 service program—just in
Davis Industries distribution same period, in 1988, EMU opened & Waste Industries, Inc., USFilter purchased EMU Gmbh and through the last six months. Today, as it has
activities, shipments totaled just it's first branch operation in Dallas, became the distributor for EMU mutual agreement ended the been for the last thirty-five years,
$61,354 and employed just four Texas.) Pumps and Mixers in the U.S. About distribution arrangement with there is no better pump or mixer
people.) In 1980, EMU offices were a year later, an EMU branch was USFilter (now known as Siemens value in American than the WILO
moved from Orlando, Florida to Soon, many of the industry's major added in Temecula, California to Water Technologies). WILO EMU, EMU."
Thomasville, Georgia. facilities signed up for EMU mixers, serve growing demand on the west in turn determined that the U.S.
as well as EMU pumps. For example: coast. marketplace deserved a much larger Also, Mr. Rouse added, "I am proud
At this point, the shipment and in 1995, New York City installed over commitment of resources, and that many of the earliest members of
installation of EMU pumps grew 250 EMU mixers at various plant sites Over the next six years, growth on January 1, 2005, established the EMU U.S. team still play active
steadily, as did their reputation. in the metropolitan area. Three years continued for both pumps and mixers WILO-EMU USA LLC as a subsidiary and key roles in the service and
and spread into every sector of the of WILO Nord America. support of our customers. I think
industry. that is what happens when you have
Many of the industry's major Within months, a major Service a product that you can really believe The new HC motor employs many
treatment facilities selected in and one that you can be proud of advanced technologies and is
At this point, it was common to hear Center was established and
EMU mixers after their thirty-five years later." available in sizes ranging from 7.4
stories of EMU pumps—that had expansion plans were drawn up for
introduction into the U.S. horsepower to 31.5 horsepower.
been in continuous service at U.S. the U.S. headquarters facility in
market in 1985.
facilities for fifteen years or more— Thomasville, Georgia.
being disassembled to reveal virtually
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