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India has become the global pipe manufacturing hub especially of SAW pipes primarily

due to its lower cost, high quality and geographical advantages. Additionally, Indian
companies have acquired global accreditations and certifications which make them
preferred suppliers to most of the world’s top oil and gas companies in the Middle East,
North America and Europe. CARE Research believes that once the global economy
returns to sustained growth, the domestic pipe industry is expected to accelerate into high
growth trajectory.

As per CARE Research, Indian pipe manufacturers will be greatly benefited when
Exploration & Production (E&P) projects for oil and gas companies which were
previously stalled or revoked because of the global financial crisis recommence their
operations. This new spurt in demand will be positive for future growth.

CARE Research’s report on ‘Indian Pipe Industry’ gives valuable insight of the industry
on global and domestic capacities, demand-supply gap analysis of domestic market,
export market for domestic companies, replacement demand, competition and
commentary on top industry players. We have reported demand break-up within each
segment of steel pipes like SAW, ERW and Seamless pipes. For SAW pipes, our
demand forecasting is derived from several upcoming pipeline projects expected in India
and globally coupled with the replacement demand. For ERW pipes, which are
primarily used for City Gas Distribution network, we have calculated our demand
based on several ongoing natural gas pipeline projects in India. For Seamless pipes which
are extensively used for E&P projects; our demand is based on onshore and offshore
metreage drilled. Additionally, we have detailed analysis on PVC and HDPE pipes which
have become preferred material in the construction industry and several government
projects. The cost analysis and pricing information presented in the report will help the
reader identify the critical cost items and their trends. The company overview section in
the report provides detailed profiles of the top seven players in the industry, including
their financial and operational data and product range. The report also provides
manufacturing process and technical aspects in the industry overview section.

The report provides CARE Research’s outlook and challenges on Indian pipe industry for
the next 3-5 years along with a detailed demand break-up within each sub-segment of
steel pipes. CARE Research has developed a robust methodology for forecasting
domestic demand. It takes into account several initiatives taken by the Indian government
to provide basic water supply and sanitation and also emphasizes on oil and gas sector
which serves as a backbone to the pipe industry as a whole.

ectric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipes and tubes are used in various engineering
purposes, fencing, scaffolding, line pipes etc. These tubes & pipes are available in
varying qualities, wall thickness, diameters and finishes depending on the requirement of
the end-users.

In manufacturing these ERW pipes & tubes, we utilize superior quality, continuous
casted, fully killed, fin-grain, control-rolled, low carbon steel. High strength corrosion
resistance, high malleability, superior strength, sturdy & durability are the special
features of high performance ERW steel pipes & tubes that are manufactured by us.

Being a quality conscious manufacturer & exporter, our ERW steel pipes and tubes are
processed through numerous tests including a hydro-test, an ultrasonic weld inspection,
bevel check, micrometer check, straightness evaluation, and ring gouge to ensure it's

ERW steel pipes find its usage in diverse fields. They are used in various structural and
engineering purposes, fencing, line pipes, scaffolding. For the purpose of oil country
tubular, water and gas conveyance ERW steel pipes are widely used. There has been a
tremendous increase in the use of ERW steel pipes in the sector of automobiles and in the
sector of agriculture. They are equally used for drinking water in housings, in collieries
for extraction of Water, Thermal Powers, Hand pumps for deep boring wells, and also as
strong protection for cables by Telecom Department.