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Global Crossing Wavelength Service is an unprotected,

bi-directional, point-to-point circuit at speeds of GigE,
2.5Gbps, 10Gbps, 10GigE and 40Gbps. This service is
a SONET/SDH framed signal and is fully compliant with
ITU-T and Telcordia standards. Wavelength transport is
a flexible alternative to dark fiber and traditional
capacity services. It provides bandwidth on demand,
lowers costs, expands market coverage and increases
speed-to-market. This data delivery method also
supports various applications including SONET/SDH, IP
and ATM, while eliminating unnecessary overhead and GLOBAL REACH
functional duplication across the network.
Global Crossing offers connectivity to every major
market around the globe. From shore-to-shore, city-to-
Because limited capital is required, the overall expense city, and building-to-building, Global Crossing’s
associated with owning and operating an optical international network can take your traffic anywhere or
network infrastructure is reduced. By shifting the everywhere.
technology burden to us, you can avoid frequent
upgrades to optical equipment and concentrate efforts • Europe
on growing your core business.
• North America

Global Crossing Ethernet Wavelength Service provides • Trans-Atlantic

Ethernet point-to-point connectivity over a fiber-optic Note: 40Gbps is currently only available on terrestrial
network using DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division routes in North America and Europe.
Multiplexing) technology at GigE or 10 GigE.
Performance and error reporting match that of
traditional SONET/SDH interfaces, while costs using ETHERNET WAVELENGTH SERVICE
Ethernet may be significantly lower. In addition to
potentially dramatic cost savings, most network As defined by the Metro Ethernet Forum, Ethernet
managers are familiar with Ethernet interfaces in the Wavelength Service is an E-Line service that supports
Local Area Network (LAN) environment. This will make fully-managed IP and SONET services for network
for a smooth transition to supporting Ethernet service in providers and enterprises, without having to deploy
your Wide Area Network (WAN). optronics or manage their own dispersed networks.
Ethernet Wavelength Service is available on all
terrestrial and subsea routes wherever standard
Wavelength Service is available and supports LAN PHY
and WAN PHY interfaces.

• Point-to-point, bi-directional, unprotected circuit with Wavelength or Ethernet Wavelength Services are ideal
Wavelength Service speeds at GigE, 2.5Gbps, for large enterprises as well as ISPs, international
10Gbps, 10GigE and 40Gbps carriers, domestic carriers, LECs, and CLECs that
• Route diversity SLA guarantees – ensures that require high speed, low-cost, unprotected, point-to-point
diverse route scenarios remain static capacity. Global Crossing Wavelength or Ethernet
Wavelength Services can be used to complete a
• Propagation Delay SLA guarantees – provides
SONET/SDH ring, gain access to a market where
propagation delay guarantee by route
capacity requirements do not justify a dark fiber
• Global, seamless optical connectivity investment or as a temporary solution while dark fiber
• Ethernet interface delivers significant cost savings routes are planned and constructed.
for customers currently managing their protection
scheme using SONET/SDH, IP, or ATM networking
• Flexible solution that supports diverse business SUPERIOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
Network Operations Centers monitor and manage the
• Competitive cost structure and reduced capital
Global Crossing network and switching systems 24/7 to
provide real-time problem diagnosis and resolution. Our
• Performance-based Service Level Agreements to multi-lingual Customer Care Centers deliver
ensure quality and reliability convenient, one-contact resolution for any network
• Rapid service deployment service issues. Add to this a single service provider with
• Compliant with ITU-T and Telcordia standards intimate knowledge of the industry, and a dedicated
® account team, and you’ll realize that Global Crossing
• Network control via the uCommand online network
provides more than a high-quality network.
management system
• Network maintenance and 24/7 surveillance of all In addition to Ethernet Wavelength Service, Global
equipment Crossing’s Ethernet Services also include:

• Global Crossing EtherSphere for Point-to-Point,
Point-to-Multipoint, and Multipoint-to-Multipoint
• Global Crossing follows the most stringent security
measures in telecommunications today, as required • Global Crossing EtherLine for Point-to-Point
by our Network Security Agreement (NSA) with applications
several U.S. government agencies
• Global Crossing EtherExtend Fixed dedicated
• Our comprehensive, landmark NSA covers physical, Ethernet access services for seamless end-to-
logical, information and personnel security. It is end Ethernet connectivity
overseen by a Security Committee of the board of
directors, and is subject to independent third party
• Corporate culture of security based on “Defense in
Depth” approach
• Enterprise Security Program Plan governs all
aspects of our security

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