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Borates in

Wire Drawing

For the making of wire, metal

rods are drawn through dies
of successively decreasing
diameter. Lubricant is
necessary to reduce friction
between the rod and the die.
Because the lubricant,
normally a soap, does not
itself adhere well to the rod, a
lubricant carrier is necessary.
The carrier must form a
tenacious coating on the rod
to which the lubricant will
readily adhere.

Either Neobor® or Borax
Decahydrate can be used to 4. To ensure that the coating wt % are prepared and
produce a lubricant carrier which forms is borax maintained at 88°-93° C (190°
layer which ensures adhesion pentahydrate, the bath - 199.4° F).
of the lubricant used. temperature should be
Aqueous borax solutions of maintained at about 90° C The bath strength is normally
5-30 wt % are typically used. (194° F). The residence monitored with a hydrometer
time should be kept which measures the density of
Benefits sufficiently long to allow the mixture.
• Effective lubricant carriers the rod to heat thoroughly.
• Residual acid neutralizers Acid residues can transfer over
• Corrosion prevention during 5. The borate coating is either from the cleaning process, and
storage air dried or flash baked at build up in the bath eventually
operating temperatures of reducing its effectiveness. The
How borate is applied around 290° C (550° F). bath therefore needs changing
1. The ferrous rods or wire periodically.
coils are cleaned of mill The borax bath
scale and rust by submersion The object of the bath is to Operational advantages
in a dilute bath of sulphuric form a layer of borax of borates
or hydrochloric acid. pentahydrate on the coils or Neobor or Borax Decahydrate
rods. Aqueous borax solutions will offer these additional
2. Next they are dipped into in strengths of around 5-30 benefits:
cold water rinse tanks to
remove acid residue.

3. The rods or wire coils are

then submerged in a hot
bath, the ‘borax bath,’ to
Borax Decahydrate
® ®
acquire a protective coating. Neobor Borax Pentahydrate
• Ease of solubility in hot About the company About the products
water Rio Tinto Borax supplies nearly Borates are naturally-
half the world’s demand for occurring mineral salts,
• Dust free operation
borates from its principal mine essential for plant life and
• Long borate bath life and in California. The company part of a healthy diet for
decreased need for offers an integrated approach people. Borate products have
agitation to mining, refining, and an excellent reputation for
• Compatibility with electric distributing borates, as well as: safety – and a long track-
resistance heat units record of being safe when
• Strategic Inventory
used as directed.
• Easy air drying Placement and long-term
contracts with shippers to
• Compatibility with calcium
ensure supply reliability.
and sodium soaps

• Longer life than achieved • Acknowledged world

with lime leadership in borate
chemistry and technology
• Superior performance on
development that translates
high carbon steel; e.g.
to unparalleled technical
spring steel
support for customers.
• Enhanced phosphate
• Consistent product quality
supported by ISO 9000
• Ease of removal from the registered Quality
rod or wire if desired Management Systems,
statistical process control
and Certificates of Analysis.

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