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Procedure Defaulters Ledger Code Page

Debt Recovery CP-17 1 of 4

Reference General System Description

1. The computer maintains Sub-Divisional Defaulters Ledger for consumers whose

connections have been permanently removed and payment has not been received.

1.1 A List of such defaulters is prepared by the computer. When adjustment of security
deposits has been made, the computer transfers the outstanding balances from the
batch debtors ledgers to a Sub-Divisional Defaulter Ledger.

1.2 The Revenue Officer obtains the approval of the Executive Engineer to initiate legal
proceedings for recovery where outstanding amount justifies such action.

1.3 The Revenue Office takes the legal action for the recovery of debts as instructed by
the Executive Engineer.
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Procedure Defaulters Ledger - Debt Recovery Code Page

Section Debtors Control

Designation Commercial Assistant Debtors Control CP-17 2 of 4

Reference Instructions

2. At the end of each Billing Cycle call at Commercial Assistant Meter Reading
Control. Check entries in second copies of CP-Form-138 with those in CP-Form-88
each month until final bills in all cases have been prepared. Append initial both in
CP-Form-138 and CP-Form-88 in token of check.

2.1 Receive CP-Form-61 (3 copies) from Commercial Assistant Data Control (CP-

2.2 Pass CP-Form-61 to RO (CP-17/2.4).

The computer has a record of all executed Disconnction Orders (CP-Code-14/3.1)
Security Deposit adjustments are also made by the computer (CP-Code-14/4.3) and
the balance of the permanently disconnected consumers are transferred to the Sub-
Divisional Defaulters Ledger (CP-Code-14/1.8).

2.3 Check that the individual balance shown on CP-Form-116 obtainable from the
Divisional Accountant (CP-Code-14/5.15) have been transferred from the Computer
Batch Debtors Ledger to the Sub-Division Defaulters Ledger, CP-Form-110 (see
CP-Code-14/14.5). Report any omission to the Divisional Accountant for his action
and correction.
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Procedure Defaulters Ledger - Debt Recovery Code Page

Designation Revenue Officer CP-17 3 of 4

Reference Instructions

2.4 Receive CP-Form-61 (2 copies) from the Commercial Assistant Debtors Control

2.5 Sign CP-Form-61 and send two copies to Executive Engineer.

2.6 Receive back one copy of CP-Form-61 from the Executive Engineer (para 3.1).
Take necessary action as instructed by XEN.

2.7 File CP-Form-61 in a file to be maintained, Arrange preparation of Account No.

wise and month-wise detail of arrears (CP-Form-62) for record and reference and
attach with relavant CP-Form-61.
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Procedure Defaulters Ledger - Debt Recovery Code Page

Designation Executive Engineer CP-17 4 of 4

Reference Instructions

3. Receive 2 copies of list of Permanently Disconnected Defauters (CP-Form-61) from

RO (para 2.5). Scrutinize it and visit all the defaulters premises having arrear more
than Rs. 5.000 to ensure that the equipments have been removed and defaulting
premises has not other connection. Record observation in CP-Form-17A (maintained
in the Sub-Division). Investigate the reasons for accumulation of arrear,
take/recommend disciplinary action against officials responsible for accumulations
of arrear.

3.1 Pass on top copy of the list CP-Form-61 to RO/CSO (para 2.6) and 2nd copy to
SDO (CP-Code-04/5.3) on the Thursday of fourth week of the month after recording
specific instructions for recovery in each case and appending his signature.