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ENCYCLOPEDIA ‘OF ae ae | Sao | ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AQUARIUM PLANTS Fist Eestion forthe United States and Canada published in 2003 by Barrons Educational Series, Inc Fist published in 2003 by Interpet Publishing Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants © Copyright 2003 by nterpet Publishing. All ight reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in ary form, by photstat, xerography, or any other means, o ince into. any information retrieval system, mechanical, without the written permission of the ight owner. Alting ld be addressed to: Barons Sees, Inc 250 Wireless Boulevard Hauppauge, New York 11788 http://www.barronseduc.com Internationa Standard Book Number 0-7641-5521-0 Lirary of Congress Catalog Card Number 2002101225 987654321 “Above: The arching crinkled eaves of Aponogeton boWvinianus dominate this aquarium display and provide sanctuary for the shoalng fish, Author Peter Hiscock’began keeping fish and ‘aquariums as a child, inspired by his parents, bath accomplished marine biologists. He was appointed manager of a retail ‘outlet at just 17 years of age and went on to complete aquatic studies at Sparsholt College in Hampshire, UK. He entered publishing with contributions to the aquatic press. His main interests include fish behavior and the interaction of fish with their environment, 35 well as aquascaping and the natural habitats cof aquarium species. Publisher's acknowledgment The publishers would lke to than ropica Aquarium Plants as, Hjortshei Denmark for supplying plants for photography.