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WESTERN VISAYAS San Joaquin Church photo exhibits, fluvial parades, agro-individual trade fair,

REGION 6 53 km. southwest of Iloilo City; the only church in the and the coronation of queen of Miag-ao.
Philippines sporting bas-relief of historic battle between Tubong-Tubong Festival
AKLAN- Kalibo Christians of Spain and Moors of Morocco in Tetuan in A carousel- type cultural presentation participated in by
ANTIQUE- San Jose de Buenavista 1859. high school students and the councilor’s districts, depicting
CAPIZ- Roxas City Plaza Libertad (Iloilo City) various historical aspects of municipality.
GUIMARAS- Jordan Where the flag of the First Philippine Republic was raised Pintados de Pasi Festival
ILOILO- Iloilo City in triumph after Spain surrendered Iloilo, her last capital in A festival depicting the history of Passi through “pintados”
NEGROS OCCIDENTAL- Bacolod City the islands, to the revolutionaries led by Gen. Martin as a colorful celebration of how Passi got its name.
Delgado on December 25, 1898. Includes parade, and tribes competition, food fest, trade
PROVINCE OF ILOILO Molo District fair, among others.
Iloilo City Called Parian in the old days. It was the Chinese quarters of
Heart of the Philippines La Villa de Arevalo; Athens of the Philippines. Has PROVINCE OF CAPIZ
produced many intellectual and political leaders. Roxas City
*Municipalities: 42 Fort San Pedro Heart of the Philippines
*Barangays: 1,901 Built by the Spaniards in early 1600s; attacked by Dutch,
*Area: 22nd largest British, American, and Japanese troops. *Municipalities: 16
*Date Establish: March 10, 1917 Balantang Memorial Cemetery *Barangays: 473
*Zip Code: 5000 A national shrine located at Balantang, Jaro, Iloilo City. *Area: 30th smallest
The only military cemetery established outside Metro *Date Establish: March 10, 1917
Iloilo is a province of Philippines located on the Western Manila. The bloodiest battle of the guerrilla forces of Col. *Zip Code: 5800
Visayas region. Located on the southeast portion of Panay Macario Peralta, Jr. had occurred in these hallowed grounds
Island, it is bordered by Antique to west and Capiz to the of Balantang and vicinity from Feb. 6 up to the liberation of Capiz is a province of Philippines located in the Western
north. Iloilo City on March 20, 1945. Visayas region. Located at the northern portion of Panay
Memorial Cemetery Museum Island, bordering Aklan & Antique to the west, and Iloilo
Language: Located in Balatang, Jaro, Iloilo City. WW II Vintage to the south.
-Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a firearms, sub machine guns and 81 mortars are displayed.
*History *Festivals -Panay-Hiligaynon
-old name”ilong-ilong” means “noselike” Lapaz, Batchoy (Lapaz, Iloilo) -Aklanon: akeanon,aklan (predominantly spoken in the
-a datu who name Paiburong was given the territory of Originated in District of Lapaz, Iloilo City. It’s a noodle province of aklan)
irong-irong soup with pig’s entrails, liver, and chicharon. -Bukidnon: term Bukisno means “mountain people”.
-1566 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi came to Panay and Dinagyang
established a settlement in Ogtong. (every 4th weekend of January; Iloilo City) A colorful *History:
-he appointed Gonzalo Ronquillo as deputy encomiendero cavalcade in honor of the Holy Child Jesus amidst the
- Capiz became the second Spanish settlement after Cebu
-1700 irong-irong/ilong-ilong shortened by the Spaniards to cracking drumbeats, Iloilo’s version of the world famous
when Captain Diego de Artienda, sent by Legaspi landed in
“ilo-ilo” and become the capital of the province Ati-Atihan Festival.
the town of Pan-ay and proclaimed it the capital of the
Paraw Regatta
province. The capital was then moved to the present
*Attraction A race among swift and colorful native outriggers in the
location of Roxas City.
Miag-ao Church strait between Iloilo City and Guimaras Island.
40 km. southwest of Iloilo City; built in 1786; declared as Cry of Sta Barbara -1570, the Datu Bankaya’s wife of the Aklan district gave
national landmark in 1973; include in UNESCO’s World (November 17; Sta. Barbara, Iloilo) birth to twin daughters. Twin is "Kapid" in the local dialect,
Heritage List. Salakayan Festival so the Spaniards adopted the name Capiz (Kapid) as
Sta. Barbara Golf Course A dance- drama- type performance on the streets of Miag- inadvertently miscommunicated to them by the natives.
16 km. north of Iloilo City proper; 18 holes; 37 hectares of ao which depicts events of the past. Also include food fair,
golf course which is the oldest in the country; built in 1907.

-When the Spaniards led by Miguel López de Legazpi -Sulod- they speak the dialect with the combination of day cathedrals. Flaked tools and fossilized bones of stone
came to Panay from Cebu in 1569, they found people with Kinaray-a and Hiligaynon they live in a small descrete age man were recovered in some archeological caves.
tattoos, and so they called it Isla de los Pintados. settlements called puru Capiz Shells
Considered as the most versatile of sea shells, which are so
- April 15, 1901, the civic government of Capiz was created -Bukidnon –“Bukid” means “mountain” “non” means
plentiful in the province, called “pi-os” by Capricenos, but
by virtue of Act 115 “connected to people”. They’re not that religious type of
known as Capiz throughout the world.Capiz shell products,
people, no dramatic social and cultural changes and they
- Capiz and Aklan were united under one province until admired for their beauty and translucent quality, are in such
adapted lowlanders way of dressing but they practice their
April 25, 1956, when President Ramon Magsaysay signed great demand abroad that sometimes local exporters can
belief in rituals and ceremonies.
into law Republic Act 1414 separating the two entities. hardly supply the needs of the market. The deft fingers of
-Ati- black race with short body, kinking hair, flat nose, the Capicenos turn these shells into flowers and souvenirs
thick lips, doleful eye items of unsurpassed beauty.
*People and Culture: Cutflower Growing
-mundos- a minority tribe of Indonesian ancestry Farms of various ornamental plants and different varieties
-aswang of heliconia supply a thriving cut-flower business that is
Gods: *Attraction carving a niche in Southern Philippines provinces.
Sinadya sa Halaran Sulod Tribe
-Bulalakaw- bird which looked like peacock and could Literally meaning “Joy in Sharing and Thanksgiving”, it Located in Tapaz, Capiz, it is a cultural minority of
cause illness. fused two major festivals of Capiz-Sinadya and Halaran, Indonesian stock that worships spirits, practice secondary
-Bangutbanwa- who prayed for good harvest and orderly which were previously celebrated separately. Sinadya burial, and hunt with blowguns. The Sulod love personal
universe. marks the fiesta of Roxas City in honor of the Patroness of ornaments. The necklace worn is not only an ornament and
the Capicenos. Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion a status symbol but also an anting-anting or amulet.
- Mangindalon- who interceded for person and prayed for through sharing and thanksgiving, which the province and Mussel Farms
the punishment of enemies. the city are celebrating together. The twin festival is Ten kilometres north of the town of Sapain, Capiz are the
celebrated in a show of unity that speaks of their mussel farms that patiently lie like a silent picture of a
-Soliran and Solian- performed marriage ceremonies.
determined quest for a better life. thousand bamboo stilts arrayed six feet apart. Each bamboo
-Manunubo- good spirit of the sea Birthplace of President Manuel Roxas pole stuck through the sea floor six to seven feet deep
It was here in Capiz that the first president of the yields hundreds of fat dark green mussels neatly arranged
-Kama-Kama- dwarf living in earth mounds, and are lazy
Philippines was born. Located in the city proper, the two- like dark distended leaves sproutly heavily on top of each
and fun loving
storey hardwood and stone house of President Manuel other.
-Tamawu/Taglugar- spirits that can be either friendly or Acuna Roxas is now a historical shrine. Tucad Reef (Pilar)
evil Biggest Bell It is 10 km. from the pilar shoreline: this is a submarine
The Sta. Monica Church in Pa-nay, Capiz houses the islet of seashells and corals topped with thin layers of sand.
-dwindi- dwarf residing in a mount of earth When the tide is low the whole island emerges, and with it
biggest bell in Southeast Asia. The church’s five-storey
-Lulid- a big head, but a small torso and limbs belfry shelters a huge antique bell surrounded by 8 smaller shells and corals or different colors. From this marine
bells. Shrouded with many enchanting tales. The huge bell garden, the mountains of Masbate can be seen. Tucad Reef
-Agta- a very dark hair person living in the forest is accessible by a pumpboat or on foot during low tides.
holds more fascinating truth. It was cast from 76 sacks of
coins believed to have been contributed by the citizens of Suhot Cave Dumalag
the town. Its mammoth size holds a stagging record- seven Situated in Dumalaga, Capiz and only 300 meters away
*The People: feet in diameter and weights 10.4 tons. from the provincial road. It is actually a series of
-The Capizenos-mixture of Malaya, chinese, and Spanish, Caves interconnected caverns of different sizes. At the cave’s
they are fun-loving, deeply religious and hospitable and Spelunking or simply cave exploration in just one of the arched entrance is a pool of clear, ice-cold water fed by a
they are sociable and lavish in dealing with their friends many caves that can be found in Capiz is a delight to rock spring from within the cave. Further on, however, is a
and visitors. explorers and spelunkers. Getting into these nature-built crack in the rocks where sulphurous water comes out.
dungeons, seeing the wonders that were hidden for Suhot is believed to have a connecting tunnel to the
-The Binukot- their beautiful damsel in early Malays they centuries , creates a grand feeling of fulfilment as one Badiang Cave in Dumarao since both caves are found in the
kept in special rooms inside the house away from the rays views the grandeur of the chambers as big as the present- same mountain only 6km. apart from each other although
of sun

Badiana is on a higher elevation. On the other hand *Festivals -1433,the son of Kalantian II laid down a written code of
entrance to Badiang is hidden by dense jungle. In pre-war Sinadya sa Halaran law known as the Code of Kalantiaw
days, phosphate was said to have an extracted from cave One of Roxas City’s most important annual events is the -April 25,1956 aklan become the independent province
but it was a short-lived effort. Sinadya sa Halaran festival. A fusion of two festival – when Pres. Magsaysay signed into law R.A 1414 separating
Suhoton Caves “Sinadya” (City) and “Halaran” (Province) which literally Aklan from Capiz inagaurated by Cong. Godofredo P.
Located in Jamindan, it has several multi-layered chambers means joy in sharing and thanksgiving. It is celebrated on Ramos, November 8,1956
in its vast interior .inside one chamber is an altar-like December 4-8 to commemorate the religious activities that
formation surrounded by stalagmites that seem like giany embody the true Capiceño spirit. The highlights of the *Attraction
images in silent repose. Some chambers are as big as hotel celebration are the Dancing Parade, “Higantes” , Fluvial Freedom Shrine
ballrooms or cathedrals Parade, Fireworks display, Mutya sa Halaran beauty Located within the town proper of Kalibo. Accessible by
Pan-ay Church pageant, Coronation of the Fiesta Queen, and Agri-Aqua private cars, tricycles and motorcycles. The town’s famous
This awe-inspiring church is a monument to past Spanish Trade Fair. landmarks where fierce battle ensured during World War
grandeur in Pan-ay town. Almost a small fortress, it is Balintawak Festival II. A monument eas built to signify the heroic stand of
about 250ft. long and 80ft. wide with 90-ft. thick walls of Pontevedra. Balintawak is a simple gathering, mostly of Aklanons. Mortar and other fragments of armaments can be
coral blocks. The floor is colored marble that shines in senior citizen of Pontevedra, Capiz who are sentimentally found at the vicinity.
subdue tone in misty light. The central altar is an bound together to an unwritten commitment to preserve a Kalantiaw Shrine
elaborately sculptured retabo of silver and hardwood in simple tradition which began long ago and was only Located in Bataan, east of Kalibo. Seat of government of
florid Baroque style. The lateral altars hae intricately interrupted by WW II. Every December 31 people hold a Rajah Bendahara Kalantiaw III, the third chief of Panay
carved tiers of niches for images of saints. Sta. Monica is Binayle at the town’s public market. Its highlight is the and Historical and Cultural Society. A former school
the patron saint. The church‘s five story belfry shelters a search for Miss Balintawak as Festival Queen. The event is building, converted into a museum, displays antiques, a
huge antique bell surrounded by 8 smaller bells. Shrouded capped by a Rigodon de Honor. The Filipino costume copy of the original manuscript of the code, and historical
with many enchanting tales, the huge bell holds more called Balintawak is the official attire of the womenfolk accounts of great national heroes.
fascinating truth. It was cast from 76 sacks of coins participating in the affair. Boracay Island
believed to have been contributed by the citizens of the Paradise Island of the Philippines. Located 68 kms. From
town. Its mammoth size holds a staggering record. It is PROVINCE OF AKLAN northwest of Kalibo, Aklan’s capital, 25 minutees ride by
seven feet in diameter and weights 10.4 tons. In fact it is Kalibo pumpboat across a channel from the northwestern tip of
estimated to be the largest in Southeast Asia. Panay. It is famous for its world’s finest and love4liuest
Dumalag Church *Municipalities: 17 palm fringed white sand beaches, azure waters, coral reefgs
It is 200ft. long and 50ft. wide. The walls are 3 feet thick *Barangays: 327 and rare shells. Its area is 967 hectares consisting of 3
and made of yellow sandstone. It has two doors at its side *Area: 18th smallest barangays namely Balabag, Manok-Manok and Yapak.
and one main doorway in front. There are six arched *Date Establish: April 25,1956
window at each side with columns between them reaching *Zip Code: 5600 The widest and longest white beach stretching about 3 ½
to the roof. There are also small buttress at the sides. The kms. From Din-iwid to Sitio Angol is between Balabag and
façade is decorated with small columns. At the front left Aklan is a province of Philippines located in Western Manok- Manok. Water is crystal clear and during fine
side of the church is the 5-story belfry housing 5 bells of Visayas region. Located at the northwest portion of Panay, weather one can see the sea floor. The beach at Manok –
different sizes, all made in 1881. the church’s interior is bordering Antique to the southwest. Iloilo to the south, and Manok is somewhat rocky with occasional patches of white
shaped like a cross. The church was finished in 1872 when Capiz to the east. sand. Ocean floor slopes steeply.
Fr. Andel Abasolo was parish priest of the town.
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Cathedral Language: White pebbles of varying sizes are numerous at Yapak.
One of the oldest in Panay, Island, the church is a silent Aklanon,ilonggo,kinaray-a Here too is the source of Puka shells that can be made into
witness to events that have unfolded in the city ove and the elegant necklaces and bracelets.
past centuries, its imposing view is being complicated by *History: Tulingon Cave
its location which is beside the city plaza fronting the -originally known as Minuro it Akean, is considered the Believe to be one of the longest caves in the Philippines,
Panay River and the old Capiz. oldest province in the country established early 1213 by Tulingon stretches 20 kilometers from Bo. Libertad, Nabas,
settlers from Borneo Aklan to Bo. Patria, Antique. A survey indicates an
-Datu Dinagandan- first ruler enormous deposit of guano. Cave entrance is found in Bo.

Libertad, Nabas, or 55kms. Northwest of kalibo or 15 kms. The island of Panay was then divided into three sakups *Festivals Atraction
From Nabas poblation. (districts). These are Hantik, Aklan, and Irong –Irong. Binirayan Festival
Aklan became the present-day Aklan and Capiz, Irong- A celebration of the famous barter of Panay between the
*Festivals Irong became Iloilo, and Hantik (also called Hamtik or Bornean datus and the indigenous Negritos. It also
Ati- Atihan Festival (Kalibo) Hamtic) became Antique. Hantik was named for the large commemorates the landing of the ten Malay datus in
A Mardi Gras- type of celebration of the feast of Sto.Niňo, red ants found on the island called lantik-lantik. Malandag, Haamtic, Antique, in the middle of the 13th
Kalibo’s patron saint. The festival features the Kalibo The Sakup of Hantik was given to Datu Sumakwel, one of century to set up the first Malayan settlement or barangays
natives, aswell as domestic and foreign tourist the ten datus, and who, according to tradition ; was the in the country. The highlight of the event is the parade of
masquerading as Negritos, imitating aboriginal dances on oldest and wisest of them. The three sakups were later boats from San Jose to Malandag, where the barter is re-
streets around the town plaza. governed as a political unit called the Confederation of enacted.
Buling Buling (Banga) Madia-as also under Datu Sumakwel.
A celebration highlighting the ascension of datu Datu Sumakwel founded the town of Melandong, PROVINCE OF NEGROS OCCIDENTAL
Manduyong as a leader of Madya as and the establishment considered to be the first Malay settlement in the country. Bacolod City
of his seat of government in the 13th century in what is Malandog is now a barangay in the present-day City of Smile
now known as Banga. municipality of Hamtik, which was named after the historic
sakup. *Municipalities: 19
San Jose de Buenavista *Attraction *Area: 7th largest
Camp Autajay *Date Establish: March 10, 1917
*Municipalities: 18 A 10-hectare land located along the beach, where you will *Zip Code: 6100
*Barangays: 590 find a narra and mahogany orchard, nippa sheds, and
*Area: 25th smallest cottages. The place is ideal for camping and swimming. Negros Occidental is a province of the Philippines located
*Date Establish: March 10, 1917 Mt. Madia –As in Western Visayas region. It occupies at the northwestern
*Zip Code: 5700 You will find here rare orchids, wild deer and boar, an- half of Negros Island; Negros Oriental is at the
almost extinct species of cloud rats, a bonsai forest, and a southeastern half. Across the Panay Gulf and the Guimaras
Antique is a province of Philippines located in the Western lagoon. it has 14 waterfalls around its base. Strait to the northwest in the island-province of Guimaras
Visayas region. Located at the Western portion of Panay Danao Lake and the province of Iloilo on Panay Island.
Island, bordering Aklan, Capiz and Iloilo. A 1-hectare lake located in the high mountains of San
Remigio. There is a jungle nearby with monkeys and wild *History
*History chicken, making it an ideal place for hunters. The Negros Island was originally called “Buglas”, but the
The Legend of Maragtas. Historians believe that the Mararison Island Spaniards changed this to Negros because of the dark-
earliestpeople who settled on the island of Panay were An inhabited island with a long stretch of white sand beach skinned Negritos that inhabited the area.
tribal Negritos or Atis. The popular folk legend, Maragtas, and two 100-foot long caves. You will find here the
given an account of the early events in the province. The “pitcher plant”, a rare species of plant shaped like a pitcher. The first capital of the province was Ilogin 1743, and was
legend states that in 1212, ten Malay datus escaped The beach here is not suitable for swimming. later transferred to Himamaylan. Bacolod became the
persecution from Sri- Vishaya, a Hindu- Malay empire that Old Hispano- Filipino province’s capital in 1849. Negros Occidental officially
existed at time in Borneo and Sumatra. These datus, led by A massive white coral building built by the Augustian became a province on March 10, 1917.
Datu Puti, sailed with their families and communities from friars during the Spanish colonial period. It is one of the
Borneo northward and landed on Panay. oldest landmark in Antique *Attraction
There, they met the Negrito chieftain, Marikudo. They EBJ Freedom Park Revolutionary Markers
bought the Island from the chieftain for a golden saduk A park dedicated to slain Gov. Evelio Javier, there is a Bago and Silay Cities and E.B. Magalona, 22 kms. And
(headpiece or helmet), and a golden necklace, among other marker here which marks the spot where the late gov. was 15kms. from Bacolod City, respectively. Commemorate the
gifts. The Negritos then retreated to the mountains, while first shot in February 1986. sports where local revolutionaries fought against Spanish
the Borneans settled in the lowlands. Today the landing is authorities during the Negros revolution of 1898 and the
commemorated every year in Antique in Binirayan festival. American forces later.

Fountain of Justice PROVINCE OF GUIMARAS
Bacolod City. Where the Capitulation of Bacolod was Jordan *Festivals
signed between the Spanish authorities and revolutionary Mango Capital of the Philippines Ang Pagtaltal sa Guimaras
forces. A Lenten presentation staged by the townspeople of Jordan
Mt. Kanlaon *Municipalities: 5 patterned after Oberammergau in South Bavaria, Germany.
One of the mountains found central portion of the island of *Barangays: 98 The final act of the play shows Jesus being taken off and
Negros. It is the highest peak in Central Philippines, the *Area: 5th smallest laid on his mother’s lap. The trip is climaxed by a visit to
most dominant and attractive Feature of which is the active *Date Establish: May 11, 1972 Balaan Bukid (Holly Mountain). It is pilgrimage site for the
summit crater of a volcano. *Zip Code: 5045 Catholics.
Paraw Regatta
*Festivals Guimaras is an Island province of the Philippines located in The Iloilo –Guimaras Paraw Reggatta is open to any sea-
Masskara Festival the Western Visayas region. Located in the Panay Gulf, worthy paraw solely dependent on the wind for its power
Bacolod City; every October; a masquerade ball and between the Island of Panay and Negros, to the northwest is for motion, subject to the specific requirements and
beaming images of smiling masks street dancing and the province of Iloilo and to the southeast is Negros qualifications of each category. Held every 1st Sunday of
stomping to the frenzied beat of Latin sambas; depicts the Occidental. March.
Negrenses happy disposition despite advertise in life. Moutain Bike Festival
Pasalamat Festival *History A multi-event team sports (mountain biking, coastal and
La Carlota City; every 4th Sunday of April; based on the Archaeologists and geologist believe that Guimaras was mountain trekking, a call to rediscover, and adventure).
tradition of giving thanks to the Gods of the elements after once connected to the Panay mainland. As far as historical Guimaras Mountain Bike Association (GUIMBA)
a bountiful harvest by the ancient in “Buglas” documents can attest, Guimaras was known as :Himal-us” sprearheads Governor’s Cup Mountain Bike and Downhill
Characterized by the beating of drums, maracas, congas, during the pre –Spanish period. Guimaras was an integral Competitions. The mission is to promote bicycling as a
bongos and other percussion instruments. part of the Iloilo province established by the Spaniards. sport, environmentalism as a way of life, and Guimaras as
Kali-kalihan Festival an ecotourism destination.
Don Salvador , Negros Occidental; every December; During the Filipino- American War, the U.S. Army Manggahan sa Guimars Festival
celebration of age-old practice showcasing ancient skills in maintained a military reservation, known as Camp An identity festival commemorating the annual
martial arts and beliefs in the forces of nature; walking on Jossman, in Buenavista as headquarters of the American provincehood anniversary every 22nd day of May depicting
live charcoal is one of the highlights. forces in Panay. During this period, General Douglas Mac the cultural heritage of the province with emphasis on the
Pinta Flores Festival Arthur, then a first lieutenant, built the wharf at Buenavista. promotion of Guimaras as “Mango Country”. A weeklong
San Carlos City; every November; coined from the words Guimaras was created as a sub-province of Iloilo by celebration showcasing Guimaras products, cuisine, and
“pinta” and “flores” depicts the tradition of welcoming Republic Act. No. 4667 on June 18, 1966. It became a services. Highlighted with the Search for Miss Guimaras
visitors through dancing as in the “pintados” during the separate through a referendum held on May 11, 1992. and Miss Manggahan.
coming of Spaniards in the Visayas. Flowering instead of
tattoos are painted on the bodies and costumes of the *Attraction
dancer. Nagarao Island Resort
Cadiz Ati-Atihan Jordan. Located at the southern tip of Guimaras surrounded
Cadiz City; every January; festival in honor of sto. Nina, with sandy beach and growing coral cottages, a restaurant
patron of Cadiz City believe to have created miracles and a bar for cold drinks. A fresh water swimming pool.
protecting the city from the invading pirates long time ago. Offers island hopping tours, sailing, excursion and
Sinulog sa Ilog snorkeling in neighboring islands.
Kabankalan, Negros Occidental; every 3rd weekend of Puerto del Mar
January; celebrates the war dance rituals of Datu Manya- Nueva Valencia, a 34-hectare of nature-favored domain,
bog who ruled the valleys in Kabankalan. The entire war has three coves, a picnic center called The Morning Cleat,
dance commemorates the defiance of Manyabog and his beach cottages, convention hall, conference and game hall
heroic stand to fight and defend his tribe. gift shop., recreation and sports complex; offers a variety of
activities for tourists and vacationists such as swimming,
picnicking,snorkelling,sail boating or island touring.