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SAP Invoice

Approval Workflow
Fast & Easy Approval of Invoices

Comprehensive Portfolio & Profound Expertise

Raiffeisen Informatik has been offering a comprehensive SAP portfolio for 20 years – all in
one solutions from concept drafting and implementation through to hosting and qualified or-
ganizational and technical consulting during SAP implementation projects, customer training
workshops, and support.

The Invoice Approval Workflow is one of the SAP based solutions from the Raiffeisen
Informatik portfolio, optimizing and accelerating all billing processes.

Making Your Processes Faster & More Cost Efficient

Smooth and fast internal processes are an absolute must in times of growing competition.
The approval process for invoices often has improvement potential – heaps of papers are
often sent between departments, any research is time consuming and centralized control
quite difficult.

With electronic handling of the invoice approval process, Raiffeisen Informatik provides you
with an easy, efficient, and effective alternative to the present hardcopy based processes.
When an invoice is to be approved, the workflow is triggered and passes through all stages

archiving sending approval posting

Staff are notified by e-mail and the invoices are quickly and comfortably forwarded electroni-
cally. Waiting times due to internal mailing routes or interim archives are no longer relevant.
Copies become superfluous, the flood of paper is stemmed, and processing times are signif‑
icantly reduced. Documents misplaced or lost become a memory of the past, and electronic
handling simultaneously cuts costs.
Always Keep the Overview
For approval processes it is particularly important to be able to quickly trace the current
status. With the Raiffeisen Informatik Invoice Approval Workflow you always keep the over-
view – you can see which document is currently being processed along with the respective
invoice approval stage all at the touch of a button. Centralized control and easy traceability
are always at your fingertips.

Clarity in All Respects

Invoices are always allocated to certain departments or persons; only certain staff need to
supervise the invoice approval process stages or check the invoices. This has also been
appropriately incorporated in our Invoice Approval Workflow – the invoices to be approved are
presented to users who have been named in advance. The presentation for approval can be
carried out both simultaneously and sequentially.

Your Process Never Comes to a Standstill

Invoice approval processes must naturally consider due dates and any possible discounts,
therefore quick processing has to be ensured. The Raiffeisen Informatik Invoice Approval
Workflow also includes an integrated reminder procedure. The employee responsible for ap-
proval will be automatically informed when this task is overdue. The interval and frequency of
these reminders can be individually determined to address your specific requirements allow-
ing you to avoid any payment reminders from your suppliers and optimally use discounts.

Standardized Archive Interconnectivity

The processed documents are stored in an archive before the actual approval process. The
SAP based Invoice Approval Workflow from Raiffeisen Informatik provides an easy method
of archive interconnectivity – all archive systems with a standardized interface to SAP using
SAP Archive Link can be connected.

Quality & Experience

Multiple SAP certifications confirm that with Raiffeisen Informatik, quality always remains in
focus throughout. We operate SAP systems for around 20,000 users and support over 300
enterprises. Raiffeisen Informatik is a certified and experienced partner, providing high quality
services to ensure the success of your enterprise.
SAP Invoice Release Workflow

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