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План-конспект урока

Unit 11
Класс:6 «А»
Дата: 30.09.2015
Тема: «All is well that ends well»
1. Практическая: повторить, систематизировать и закрепить лексико-грамматический материал по теме “All is well that ends well”;
2. Развивающая: развивать внимание, память, речь, мышление; активизировать речемыслительную деятельность учащихся, развивать
активное самостоятельное мышление ребенка;
3. Воспитательная: воспитывать интерес к изучению иностранного языка

Оборудование: интерактивная доска, раздаточный материал, карточки (за верные ответы).

Литература: 1. Английский язык: Enterprise 1 Course book / Virginia Evans.

2. Английский язык: Enterprise 1 Workbook / Virginia Evans.
3. Английский язык: Enterprise 1 Grammar / Virginia Evans.

Ход урока:
№ Этап Задачи этапа Содержание Время Педагоги- Примечание
на ческая
каждый модель
1 Начало Введение Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Take your seats, please. Who 2 мин T-Cl
урока учащихся в is absent today? What has happened to him/her? What date is it
атмосферу today? What is the weather like today? Thank you.

2 Основной Совершенствова Let’s start our lesson with a tongue-twister. Look at the blackboard 4 мин T-Cl
этап: ние слухо- and repeat.
произносительны I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I
х навыков, thought I thought
развитие Try to read it as best as you can.
аудитивных Thank you.
умений, Today I’m going to give you small cards for your right answers,
введение новой these cards will help you to get high marks at the end of the lesson,
лексики so try to be active and collect as many cards as you can.

Our topic today is “All is well that ends well”. Your home task
Этап was to revise the material in Unit 11.
включения в We were going to check your knowledge of how to form adverbs,
систему using the correct prepositions, irregular verbs, and all the words
знаний и we used in this Unit.
Our first Section is Grammar. Look at the blackboard. Here you
can see the list of adjectives; your task is to form adverbs. 5 мин T-Cl
Remember about some exceptions.

Your next task is to fill in the appropriate preposition from the list. 4 мин T-Cl
There are some pictures to help you. Please go to the blackboard
and put the prepositions into the correct boxes.

Now let’s check how you know irregular verbs. Look at the 3 мин T-Cl
blackboard. You can see a magic frame here. Why magic?
Because it shows only irregular verbs and doesn’t show regular.
Go to the blackboard and put only irregular verbs into the magic

It’s time to relax. Close your eyes imagine that you are lying on 3 мин T-Cl
the beach near the sea. You can hear the sounds of the sea. The
sun is shining. The birds are singing. And…. It’s time to wake up
and do some exercises. Stand up, please.
Hands up, hands down.
Hands on hips.
Sit down. Stand up.
Hands to the sides.
Bend left, bend right
Red, red, touch your head,
Black, black, touch your back,
Blue, blue, touch your shoe.
Green, green, touch your chin.
Brown, brown, touch the ground.

Well done. Let’s continue our work. Our next section is

Your task is to fill in the gaps with the words we’ve learnt in Unit Individual раздаточный
11. I’ll hand out the sheets of paper with these sentences. And 9. мин work, S-S, материал
after that your neighbour can check your work. Then we’ll turn the
light and see the correct words.

Our last section is Speaking. Look at the blackboard. Here you can S-S, T-Cl
see some words and phrases. Your task is to make sentences with 10 мин
these words. And you’ll get one point only if your sentence is
correct. You can work in pairs. After that you’ll read your
sentences. But if one of you uses a phrase from the blackboard, no
one can use it any more. I’ll take this phrase away. Be very
attentive and listen to each other.

3 Завершение, Дать домашнее It’s time to write down your home task. Make your own story that 5 мин T-Cl
подведение задание, оценить ends well. We all like stories with happy ends.
итогов работу
занятия Do you like our lesson today? Now let’s count your points. How
many cards do you have?

Look at the blackboard. Here you can see your photo and many
smiles. Show your mood. Put the smile you like on your head.
Одновременное оценивание работы на уроке.
Today we have revised the prepositions, irregular verbs, adverbs
and new words that we had learnt in Unit 11.
Thank you for the lesson.

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