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We are His Temple.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

His Temple does not stand in

Matt 16:18: Jerusalem.
On this rock I will build My church,
and the forces of Hades will not
overpower it.
Q&A: Q. In how many persons
Agabus - (AG uh buhs) Prophet from Jerusalem
does this one God exist? who visited the church at Antioch and told about a
coming famine. Later, he told that the Jews would
A. In three persons (Mt. 3:16, 17; arrest Paul. Acts 11:27-29; 21:10-11
Jn. 5:23; 10:30; 14:9, 10; 15:26; *Taken from Holman Publishing’s Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for

16:13 -15; 1 Jn. 5:20, 2 Jn. 9; Rv.

1:4, 5).

“The world’s lightest mammal - the Bum-

Make paper airplanes. Fly them into a blebee Bat - weighs about as much as two
basket. If you make a basket, you get one m&m’s.”
word. If you can complete the rest with- *Taken from National Geographic Kids Weird But True: 300 outrageous facts.
out looking, you can give prizes out.
At the Summit, we’re striving to climb to new heights with Jesus. These five devotionals are suggestions of activities to do as a family to help your family
to climb closer to Jesus together at home during the week. This tool is intended to help you lead a family worship time. Please go to God in worship as a
family on a regular basis even if you do not use this resource. If your family completes one of the devotionals parents can initial in the boxes below and
the child will receive a buck for every devotional completed.

Devotional One, Read: Read the following verse about the Devotional Two, Pray: Being part of a Church is all about
us being a Temple. building relationships. The only way you can build rela-
tionships is by getting to know others by being with them
Scriptures to consider: 1 Corinthians 3:16; 1 Corinthians
and talking to them. Jesus wants us to have a relationship
6:18-20; 2 Corinthians 6:16; Ephesians 2:19-22
with Him. He wants us to pray. Pray to Jesus that your
relationship with Him will get better every day. Also pray
that you’ll be able to love others in the church the same
way Jesus loves you.

Devotional Three, Mold: Not only is God molding us indi- Devotional Four, Build: Build a scene from Genesis 13:1-
vidually into what He wants us to be but He is molding us 18 using Legos, Duplos, Mega Blocks, or some other kind
together to be a church that is what He wants it to be. of building toy. See if you can use these blocks to get all of
Mold you and two of your friends. Now mold someone the details right. Talk with your parents about how this
that comes to the Summit that you don’t know very well. story might relate to the one we learned on Sunday.
Think of things you can do together to become better
friends and better parts of the church.

Devotional Five, Sing: I love hymns. Hymns are songs Devotional Six, Serve: Loving one another means we
that people might have been singing for hundreds of serve others even when they don’t deserve it. What can
years. One of my favorites is “When we all get to you do to serve someone in the body this week. Think of a
Heaven” With your parent’s help, look up this song on family that might need some help, buy them something
they could use. Think of a friend and ask their whole fam-
the internet or in a hymn book. See if you can find the
ily to go with your whole family and clean up someone’s
story behind the song. Talk about this song and what it
yard. These are just ideas, you can come up with some-
means. A good resource is “www.cyberhymnal.org,” you
thing on your own too.
can listen and read the lyrics and read about the hymn.
See if you can sing the hymn once you’re finished learning
about it.