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Travel while you’re
Выходные данные типографии
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№ 1Q/2018

young and able

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“E������M��” (И���-А����� 2018)
(№ Лицензии СМИ ЭЛ № ФС 77 - 73014
от 6 июня 2018 г.,
выдано федеральной службой по надзору в
сфере связи, информационных технологий и
массовых коммуникаций)

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Experience is far more valuable
than money will ever be
B���� S�������



Begovaya st. 2/3, Voronezh, Russia, 394077
PRINTING HOUSE: R.Valent (Р.Валент)

This quote h� as been roaming the web and for a long time. Travel and make the world better, travel
and make it more friendly, peaceful and show the world that Russians are really friendly and open-
hearted! Make the prejudice «Russia is the Bear» disappear, cause it’s not true what mass media
often says about Russia. Make ordinary people understand that Russia doesn’t want to fight with the
West, but only struggles for peace, justice and reasonable system of values. We know how to make it
better and will put every effort to show that Russia is a powerful but at the same time friendly and
open-minded country with great potential and capable of great endurance!
while – в то время, как; когда, пока cause (inf) = because – потому что
able – способный Make smb understand – дать кому-то понять
experience – опыт ordinary people – простые люди
far more – намного больше struggle – бороться
more valuable – более ценный justice – справедливость
ever – когда-либо reasonable – разумный, благоразумный
quote/saying – высказывание
listen here value – ценность
roam the web – бродить по интернету put every effort – приложить каждое усилие
peace(ful) – мир(ный) englishmag.ru endurance – выносливость
prejudice – предубеждение,
disappear – исчезнуть
open-hearted – открытый, чистосердечный
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 intended – предназначен
translation – перевод (обычно с одного языка на другой)
word definition – определение слова (часто дается на оригинальном языке)
almost [olmost] почти
P.S. If the word is pronounced like it is written, then the transcription can be omitted. (Если слово про-
износится как пишется, то транскрипция может отcутствовать.) например drop [drop]...

many articles will have links to the EnglishMag site or VK group,

where you will find a lot of useful material.
VK.CC/7YI4VQ (многие статьи будут иметь ссылки на сайт EnglishMag или
группу ВК где найдете много полезного материала)

You see this text and this is a foundation1, «basics of the

сноски будут вынесены в самом низу страниц (как и в
любых книгах) – здесь вы найдете пояснения, советы
или подсказки как запомнить слово: 1 foundation
очень похоже на русское слово фундамент, то есть это Some articles will have
«основа». Другими словами, старайтесь найти синонимы QR-codes: you may scan them
и похожие ассоциации с русским языком. with Yandex Application and
2 basics of the basics – база из баз, т.е. основа основ, watch the video, listen to the
music and much more!
то есть самое необходимое. (Некоторые статьи будут
иметь QR-коды: вы можете
сосканировать их с помо-
щью Яндекс приложения и
посмотреть видео, послушать
музыку и многое другое!) 3
There was a tennis craze in Montreal in the last few
weeks and it shows in our attendance numbers,” stated
Eugène Lapierre, Tournament Director of Rogers Cup
presented by National Bank.


Blog  about Canada, Toronto in general,
and places which you can visit

A trip to Montreal and its
adventures... A trip to the

mountain or «Haste makes 216,097 spectators were on site throughout the tournament at Uniprix Stadium

Night Montreal is
magnificent and full of
magic (photo is made from
You don’t know what the sign «Northbound» is or what they mean
by «Stand back»?
Then, sit back and read real examples from Toronto’s Subway

Check how Toronto lives and what
interesting is waiting for you here
If you want to dive into English speaking world Bloomsbury
International School in London wll make your dream come true

Your music hits and original
music from the best world 42 ENGLISH TEST
Want to know your real level of your English? There is no better
place to check it right.


A Dog’s Purpose is a movie which has a lot of sense and force
you to think about what we are living for

41 PUDDINGTON (2014)
This is a story about a young Peruvian bear
(Puddington) who is fond of marmalade.
After severe earthquake in the darkest Peru he
decides to look for a new home in London…
and the most interesting begins. vk.cc/7DEpKQ
You must be surprised to know some facts about
animals and creatures that live around us on our

beutiful planet full of funny and weird discoveries

Travel the world with Leo Di Caprio and find out
what threatens us and what impact fossil fuels
have on Climate Change WITH NICK
That’s the speech that really will inspire

you to live better! And make a small
comprehension by doing some excercises

All the best speakers are joined together at SKY 2018 FOR TEACHERS
Olympic Sport Complex in Moscow to hold a If you want to improve your English teaching

World Record 20,000 Bussiness Forum skils, this event is for you!


Just sit back and enjoy highly-motivated quotes
of famous people with great photos

There we will write you about ourselves,
what we do and how we work

Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) is extremely huge! I don’t
know if it is possible to see the scale in this photo. And
also check this video about how to travel internationally As promised, I will try to make a blog about
through the best Canadian airport – vk.cc/7hN9ZZ
Canada, Toronto in general, and places I visit.
The first week was quiet, moderate, without
many new places, just getting used to the
usual Canada’s conditions – the weather was
quite unpredictable! It can be absolutely
different in one day
Right now it’s cloudy, but it’s going to
Vaughan |von| is a big city close to Toronto. In other rain with thunder, so my plans to go downtown
words, one of the cities that is part of the GTA¹ (now should be rescheduled for the next week:)
you know what GTA stands for;) and all these cities
are connected with each other.
S��o, see the comments to the photos

See all the weeks Glossary

online here (незнакомые слова и выражения)
vk.cc/81akqL promise |’prɔmis| обещать
try |traɪ| to make |meɪk| sth (something) – стараться
It’s amazing, but American people run a сделать что-то
lot and it’s quite easy to see them running, in general |in ‘ʤen(ə)r(ə)l| в основном
especially in the morning:) visit |vizit| посещать
And one curious fact about «STOP All moderate |ˈmɑdəˌreɪt| умеренный
Way» sign – all cars have to stop before
quiet |ˈkwaɪət| тихий
crossroads and a car, that arrives at the
stop line first, goes first. And it’s a really
quite |kwaɪt| interesting |ˈɪnt(ə)rəstɪŋ| довольно
common sign on all the roads. интересный
getting |’getin| used |juːzd| to – приспосабливаться
condition |kənˈdɪʃ(ə)n| условие
unpredictable |ˌənprəˈdɪktəb(ə)l| непредсказуемый
absolutely |æbsəˈlutli| абсолютно
thunder |ˈθʌndər| шторм
downtown |ˌdaʊnˈtaʊn| центр
(re)scheduled |ˈskɛdʒuld| (пере)запланирован

huge |h’ju:dʒ| огромный

possible |’pɔsəbl| возможно
scale |skeɪl| масштаб
These waterparks you can find in different
areas – it’s funny to be there ))
close |kloʊs| to – рядом с
connected |kə’nektid| with |wið| соединен c
each other |’iːʧ ‘ʌðə| друг с другом
GTA stands for (обозначает) Greater Toronto Area

amazing |əˈmeɪzɪŋ| удивительный

quite easy |kwaɪtˈizi|довольно легко
especially |ɪˈspɛʃəli| особенно
curious |ˈkjʊriəs| любопытный
sign |saɪn| знак
crossroad(s)|ˈkrɔsˌroʊdz| перекресток
stop line |laɪn| стоплиния
Concerning junk I can say that there’s much more
garbage (rubbish) on the streets than before, but
arrive |əˈraɪv| прибывать
it is, all in all, rather clean comparing with other common |‘kɔmən| распростроненный, всеобщий
places... “Got Junk? Call us! We are working in
your neighborhood” By the way, need to call.

Listen to all the
WEEK 2 weeks here
The second week in Canada was even
more exciting! Finally, I visited Toronto’s
downtown, saw Lake Huron and swam in it
These cozy houses really look nice
(we’ve been camping there for 2 days), got a
better understanding of the Canadian prices,
borrowed some books and magazines from
the local library, which is really great, and The weather in Toronto is
rode a bike above a Highway... and even saw really unpredictable! It can be
rainy and sunny five times a day,
a scarecrow:) hope it will be better later! By the
way, CN Toronto Tower is one
Glossary of the most popular sightseeing
even |ˈivən| даже places in Canada. From the left
more exciting |ɪkˈsaɪtɪŋ| week |wik| более you can see Toronto Railway
захватывающая неделя Station building, it’s pretty big
finally |ˈfaɪn(ə)li| наконец-то inside
downtown |ˌdaʊnˈtaʊn| центр города
better understanding |ˌəndərˈstændɪŋ| лучшее
camping |ˈkampɪŋ| кэмпинг (отдых на природе
в палатках)
library |ˈlaɪbr(ə)ri| библеотека
borrow |ˈbɔroʊ| sth (from smb/somewhere) – брать
на время что-то (у кого-то/откуда-то) (e.g.: borrow
books from the library)
ride |raɪd| a bike |baɪk| кататься на велосипеде
highway |ˈhaɪˌweɪ| хайвей (скоростное шоссе)
scarecrow |’skeəkrəu| чучело (досл. «пугать

Lake Huron is enormous and beautiful!

I was really impressed to The water is pretty cold, but it was a pleasure
see such scarecrow! My nieces to swim there. It’s sad that we stayed there for
surprised me! only one night.
Do you like scarecrows or maybe
you’re afraid of them?

Public libraries are really 280 rubles for 1 kilo of apricots – quite a
popular in Canada and that’s lot) it is not the season though;) But, where
great! You can get a lot of books, can you find one lime for 7 rubles?
recent magazines, DVDs, MP3s
and a lot more. that’s really
what’s missing in Russia!
Riding a bike above
a highway was really
Yonge Street, one of the
Hope to explore this area
most crowded streets in
more on a bike later :)


This library is certainly convenient
The third week was really hard, but engaging:
It’s usually crowded, but you can relax there, browse the – I finally refinished the deck on the backyard
Web using their WiFi, and you can even rent DVDs and (believe me, it was really time-consuming, but it
Music CDs and audiobooks
was worth doing). You will find some interesting
details under Do It Yourself section
– had some entertainment activities with my
nieces on Canada Day and watched the firework
from Wonderland (not the best in Toronto, but
– got a tempting offer, but maybe I will talk later
about that; «tennis runs in our blood» is the
motto of one renowned company;
What magazines do you like to read?) What magazines – had a look at really nice sport cars;
are your favourite? Travel? Politics? Hi-tech? Music? – and I was happy to visit a local library one more
Please leave your vote here https://vk.cc/7kVv5M
time (but not too long).

More comments will appear a bit later, so stay


hard |haː(r)d| трудный
decent [‘diːs(ə)nt] приличный, сносный
refinish |riˈfɪnɪʃ| обновить по-новой
Do you think this climbing rock is high?) deck |dek| терраса, см. «Refinishing the deck»
(раздел Do It Yourself)
time |taɪm| consuming |kənˈsumɪŋ| затратно
по времени
it was worth |wəː(r)θ| – это того стоило
entertainment |ˌentə(r)ˈteɪnmənt| развлечение
tempting [‘temptiŋ] offer — заманчивое пред-
maybe |ˈmeɪbi| может быть
motto |’mɔtəu| слоган
renowned |ri’naund| знаменитый
not too |tu:| long – не слишком долго

These sport cars will really blow your mind

This is was a great and interesting experience to refinish

all the deck by myrself. Please check the video https://
vk.cc/72lz78 and you can try to do it by yourself!

Today I was able to visit downtown for the second
time. What can I say... Eaton Centre where I
had VK live stream (https://vk.cc/7ikKOg) is
huge...I was able have
We also to visit downtown
quite for themalls
big shopping second Yonge Street - the second
time. What can
in Voronezh, butI here
Eaton center,bigger
are much fromand where «Wall street» (but not in New
York)- it’s not only the financial
I have
had VKmorelive stream,
variety. is really
Toronto Eatonbig... We has
Centre had4also centre of Toronto, but also the
quite floors and 3 onmalls
shopping the underground
in Voronezh, (subway)
but here busiest and lively place
they bigger and more interesting. Torontothe
level. You can even feel the vibrations of Eaton
trains with your feet when they pass
Center has 4 main floors and 3 in the underground somewhere
else underlevel.
(subway) the ground.
You can even feel a little bit with Dundas Square, something like
By the
your feetway,
whenif theyoutrains
go shopping
go near to malls likeelse
somewhere Times Square in New York and
Eaton Centre, you need to have at least 3 hours Piccadilly Square in London.
in the underground.  Get into this place and explore this
in advance. I wanted to find good, but not too
By the way, if you go to such big shopping centers,
expensive t-shirts, tennis shorts and some good
sightseeing place more closely with
Google maps -
you need to
sneakers haveshoes)
(sports 4 hours andinitadvance.
took me fullI needed
four to vk.cc/81awDd Eaton Centre is just
nd good, not Iexpensive
Overall, visited onlyt-shirts, tennis
about 7-10 shorts
stores, opposite this building.
think good
how muchsneakerstime(sports
it wouldshoes)
take to and gothat
everyme fulland
store four
to hours, and only
have a look overall I visited
at some
only about
items. 7-10Istores
Finally, ended(just think how
up buying twomuch decenttime
t-shirts, but no shorts and sneakers
it would take to visit every store and just :) I foundto get
really nice tennis
familiar with some items )shorts but the price $80 + tax
(13%) is
Finally, quite expensive
I ended buying two by interesting
Russian standards...
t-shirts and
Interesting, but there were only
no shorts and no sneakers) I found one really3 pairs of tennisnice
shoes shorts
tennis in the but
whole theEaton
price Centre... but a lotisof
$80 + tax(13%) quite
running and basketball shoes. What’s more
expensive by Russian standards ... Interesting,
interesting there were no tennis shoes even in
but there were only 3 pairs of tennis shoes in the
the whole Adidas center.
Really interesting store! Found a really good
shirt there! http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca you may
whole Eaton center... but a lot of running and have a look!
basketball shoes . What’s more interesting there
were no tennis shoes even in the Adidas center Glossary:
was able |’eibl| to visit – смог посетить
huge |(h)judʒ| огромный
for the second time – во второй раз
What can I say... – что я могу сказать
shopping mall |mɔl| (centre) – торговый
Union Railway центр
Station, it’s really low |ˈlou | нижний (уровень) (BrE.)
beautiful. CN Tower in the
feel |fi:l| чувствовать
a little bit – немного
with your feet – своими ногами
By the way – кстати (досл. по пути)
at least – по крайней мере
in advance – наперёд, с запасом
not too expensive – не сильно дорогой
sneakers (sports shoes) – кросовки
overall |ˈoʊvəˌrɔl| всего (в общем)
just think |θɪŋk| только подумай(те)
store |stɔ:(r)| магазин (бутик)
have a look – взглянуть
The atmosphere really inspires to travel!


Sorry for being a little bit late than usual, but
Yummy store – really nice, cozy, but at the same time finally want to share with you some stories of
big! The only thing which wasn’t convenient is that the the last weeks.
foods and items are not separated well into sections. The 5th week was really productive – I was
Yes, and the price here is a bit higher than in other
groceries. an instructor for the tennis academy here in
Toronto and I was happy to visit new places
– cozy Yummy store (originally Russian
store which now sells more European
food), Awenda park at the Georgian Bay, great
historic buildings in the University of Toronto
area, and also had to go to another part of
Greater Toronto Area (now you �already know
what GTA stands for) which took me about
4-5 hours in total with a lot of transits;) Stay
Awenda National Park is tuned;)
situated at the Georgian
Bay, it’s 150 km North
from Toronto, and it is
also Ontario lake which is
really big by itself... Sorry for being a little bit late – извиняюсь, что
немного запоздал
productive week – продуктивная, плодотвор-
ная неделя
cozy store – уютный магазин
originally – изначально
The garden inside of the UofT campus historic – исторически ценный
looks like where Harry Potter movie could *GTA stands for ... – GTA сокращенно от Grand
have been filmed! Toronto Area (включает в себя Торонто и не-
сколько районов и отдельных городов)
had to go to another part of the city – должен
был ехать в другую часть города
took me about 4-5 hours in total – это заняло
около 4-5 часов в общем 
with transits – с пересадками
York Region is a part of GTA (Greater
Toronto Area) and it counts more than 1,13
mln people

One of the oldest UofT buildings, really

beautiful and magnificent!

People here in America usually prefer to live in houses

instead of flats and that is good for them! «One-story
America» as it is called. Check the book about it and
Russian diaspora abroad – vk.cc/7VPQtu

New places, new meetings, and new photos, for
sure!) This time there was a possibility to make
even some footage (videos) – vk.cc/7DKkZf –
VK stream from Toronto’s harbour was my only
second video, that’s why I apologize for the Toronto’s downtown is really picturesque! I found
Spadina street even more interesting and fascinating
shooting’s quality – will be improving it if you than well-known Toronto’s Yonge street.
want to see more videos. And this time, finally, I
uploaded some photos from my DSLR camera,
so please enjoy the photos. With God’s help
photos in August would be really special, but
that’s a secret, that you already can find out on This photo was made when
the next pages. I was showing my friend how to
make HDR photos, that’s always true
Please see the description to the pictures -> that «when you are teaching, you
are always learning» and improving
yourself too;)

for sure – конечно
possibility – возможность
footage – небольшое видео
harbour – пристань
apologize for sth – извиняться за что-то
shooting’s quality – качество съёмки
improve – улучшать
finally – наконец-то
with God’s help – с Божьей помощью
would be – должны быть
special – особенный

picturesque – (от picture) живописный, яркий That was the

fascinating – захватывающий, привлекатель- first sunset seen
ный in Toronto and it was
really lovely!
well-known – известный

In general – в общем
I can’t say – не могу сказать Urban artist at
incomprehensible – непонятный Spadina street. In
vogue – изменчивый, слишком модный general I liked his style!
like some others’ – как у некоторых других It’s urban and creative,
but I can’t say it is
incomprehensible! it’s
not too vogue like some
line = queue [pronounced others’!
like Q]  линия, очередь

As it was mentioned
earlier, there are a lot of
lines in the public places!
People like to stay in a queue
here, but this way they show
Hope to try to get to
also respect to others! This
the subway on bicycle
line is to one popular bar –
next week)
just interesting to read the
reviews on Google before

A1 a trip to Montreal

A trip to the mountain or «Haste makes
It was very interesting how I got to the
Night Montreal is magnificent and full of magic
Mountain Royal in Montreal! Yes, there is a
(photo is made from Mt.Royal) mountain, a big hill, in the city itself!
It was already getting dark when I decided
to go on the mountain. There are different
routes how it’s possible to get to the top
of Mt. (Mountain) Royal and I needed the
shortest route because I wanted to get there
before it was dark. So I asked people how I
can get there and they told me to go straight
and then climb the stairs... Easy, right?
You can see the Mountain There was a serpentine road to the top, it was
Mt. Royal in upper right not straight and I found it too long. When
part of the photo
I was running along this road I saw a steep
short path (or it looked like a path) and I
thought that this path would get me to the
Mt.Royal – mountain, or we can
say a hill, is a large volcanic-related mountain faster. So I followed this steep path
hill or small mountain in the city and I saw a lot of obstacles on the path – rocks,
of Montreal, west of downtown big plants… and finally, the path ended soon.
Montreal, Quebec (Canada), the
city to which it gave its name. But I was quite high at that moment and it
The height is 211 m (692 ft), above was getting dark a lot faster that time and
mean sea level there were a lot of hidden sharp rocks under
the plants. So if I had hurt my leg, nobody
would have come for help because I was at
Montreal is the great city to see and even
a big height and far away from people. But
live there! Its hills and bridges allow you with God’s help, I managed to climb down on
to see the city from above the road – I had really dirty hands, but I was
really happy :)
Then I followed the road, saw the stairs and
finally got to the mountain! I was unable to
make good photos of the sunset, but I was
able to make good night photos with the

Glossary: along the road – вдоль дороги невозможное предложение

getting dark – становится a short path – короткая тропа (3) Conditional)
темнее steep – крутой (подьем) far away from people – далеко
would – прошлое время от will, steep mountain — крутая гора от людей
часто переводится как «бы» follow – следовать with God’s help – с Божьей
would get there – добрался бы hidden [hidn] спрятанный помощью
туда plants – растения «haste makes waste» –
decide – решить if I had hurt my leg, nobody досл. спешка делает трату
route – путь would have come for help – времени; рус. вариант:
possible – возможно если бы я повредил ногу, поспешишь – людей
get to the top – добраться до никто бы не пришел на насмешишь
вершины помощь (условное, уже (un)able – быть (не)способным

It was a great honor to be the journalist and
photographer at a big international event in
Rogers is an official sponsor of the Rogers Cup
Montreal and Toronto – Rogers Cup (Coupe tennis tournament, but at the same time is Canada’s
Rogers in French) – �it was tremendously largest wireless carrier, with 10.274 million subscribers
fascinating to be just in 3 meters away from as of Q4 2016,[3] and revenues of just under $7.3 billion
in 2013. It also consists of cable television, telephone,
such tennis legends as Roger Federer and and Internet connectivity with significant additional
Rafael Nadal. It was also special to have a telecommunications and mass media assets.
small interview �with Aleksandr Zverev, that
day he won only first match coming back from
4 match-points. You can check the recording
here – https://vk.cc/7TfPTt Mikhail Youzhny, semi-
finalist of US Open in earlier
�Montreal is indeed a special city with an times, was showing a good match
unprecedented history and it’s always against Borna Coric, but didn’t have
interesting to discover its beauty. enough luck and speed to win the
match. Good luck next time!
Go to p.18-19 for additional photos and facts

honor [‘ɒnə] = honour (Br.E.) честь
subscriber [səb’skraɪbə] подписчик
tremendously [trɪ’mendəslɪ] чрезвычайно
assets – 1) актив (баланса) 2) средства
in earlier times – в прошлом
newcomer [‘njuːˌkʌmə] новичок
weekdays – будни Our Russian
tennis star, Karen
fascinating [‘fæsɪneɪtɪŋ] обворожительный
Khachanov was playing
indeed [ɪn’diːd] в самом деле doubles with Dominick
unprecedented [ʌn’presɪd(ə)ntɪd] Thiem (Top5)
special [‘speʃ(ə)l] особенный
Young Canadian
Denis Shapovalov was
the newcommer of the
tournament, but he did
win such big stars as Rafael
Nadal, Del Potro and was
stopped only in semis by the
champion, Aleksandr Zverev
There is a perfect
harbour in Montreal and
I think everyone would love
this place from the first time.
Intersting, I was there
during weekdays and not
too many people were there.

This view was very

fascinating and I couldn’t
miss this chance to take a


Be safe and considerate – веди себя безопасно DANGER Do not lean against doors – ОПАСНО Не обло-
и сдержанно качивайтесь на двери
Do not charge or hold doors – не пытайтесь открыть
и не держите двери

Train and
Subway’s Signs
We all love traveling, but sometimes we
see the sign but we can’t understand what
it means! Here are some phrases and signs
you can see abroad:
• Please stand clear at the doors -пожалуй-
ста держитесь подальше от дверей
• Do not lean the doors – не облокачи-
вайтесь на двери
• DO not block the doorway – не загора-
живайте проход
• Do not hold doors – не держите двери
• Be safe and considerate – веди себя без-
опасно и сдержанно
• Mind the gap when exiting – помните
про зазор (между платформой и поез-
дом) когда выходите
• Stand back – держаться подальше 
• Westbound/Eastbound – западное/вос-
точное направление
• Northbound/Southbound – северное/
южное направление.

Stand back – держаться подальше от края platform – платформа (11-10)

Westbound/Eastbound – западное/восточное направление way – путь (5, объединяет две платформы)

В АЭРОПОРТУ Readstaennd
Your passport and ticket please – Ваш
паспорт и билет, пожалуйста
I’ve come to collect my tickets – Я
хотел бы забрать свой билет
I booked on the internet – Я заказал
билет в интернете
Do you have your booking reference? –
У вас есть код бронирования?
Here’s my booking reference – Это мой
код бронирования
Where are you flying to? – Куда вы
Do you have any liquids or sharp
objects in your hand baggage? – В
вашем багаже есть жидкости или
острые предметы? В АЭРОПОРТУ ТАМОЖНЯ,
How many bags are you checking in? (ОБОЗНАЧЕНИЯ) РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ
– Сколько сумок вы сдаете?
Short stay – Краткосрочная парковка You have to fill in this form – Вы
Could I see your hand baggage, please?
Long stay – Долгосрочная парковка должны заполнить эту форму
– Покажите вашу ручную кладь,
Arrivals – Прибытие Please show me how to fill it in –
Departures – Отправление Покажите, пожалуйста, как это заполнять
Do I need to check this in or can I take
International check-in – Международ- Could I see your passport, please? –
it with me?
ная регистрация Пожалуйста, покажите ваш паспорт
– Я должен это сдать или могу взять
International arrivals – Прибытие Here’s my passport – Вот мой паспорт
с собой?
международных рейсов Where have you travelled from? –
There’s an excess baggage charge of
Domestic flights – Местные рейсы Откуда вы прибыли?
£20 – Дополнительная плата за багаж
Toilets – Туалеты What is the purpose of your visit? –
20 фунтов
Information – Информация Какова цель вашей поездки?
Would you like a window or an aisle
Ticket offices – Кассы I’m a tourist – Я турист
seat? – Вы хотите сидеть у окна или
Lockers – Хранилище I am on vacation – Я в отпуске
в проходе?
Payphones – Телефон-автомат I am on a business trip – Я в коман-
СЛУЖБА БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ Restaurant – Ресторан дировке
Are you carrying any liquids? – Check-in – Регистрация This is my first visit – Это мой пер-
У вас есть с собой какие-либо жид- Gates 1-32 – Ворота 1-32 вый приезд
кости? Duty free shopping – Магазины How long will you be staying here? –
Could you take off your... please? – дьюти-фри Как долго вы собираетесь здесь про-
Снимите, пожалуйста... Transfers – Пересадка быть?
coat пальто shoes обувь belt ремень Flight connections – Пересадка Where will you be staying? – Где вы
Could you put any metallic objects into Baggage claim – Выдача багажа будете жить?
the tray, please? – Положите металли- Passport control – Паспортный кон- I plan to stay two weeks – Я собираюсь
ческие предметы на поднос, пожалуй- троль пробыть здесь две недели
ста Please empty your pockets – Осво- Customs – Таможня This is my transit visa – Вот моя тран-
бодите карманы, пожалуйста Taxis – Такси зитная виза
Please take your laptop out of its case – Car hire – Прокат автомобилей Could you open your bag, please? –
Пожалуйста достаньте ноутбук из Departures board – Отправляющи- Откройте вашу сумку, пожалуйста
сумки еся рейсы Do you have anything to declare? –
I’m afraid you can’t take that through – Delayed – Задержка У вас есть что-нибудь, подлежащее
К сожалению, вы не можете взять это Cancelled – Отмена декларации?
с собой Now boarding – Посадка You have to pay duty on these items –
Last call – Последний вызов Вы должны уплатить за это пошлину
Gate closing – Ворота закрываются I only have items for personal use –
What is the flight number? –
Gate closed – Ворота закрыты У меня только предметы личного
Какой номер рейса?
Departed – Вылетел пользования
Which gate do we need? – Какие у нас
Arrivals board – Прибывающие рейсы I have nothing to declare – Мне нечего
Expected 21:35 – Ожидается в 21:35 декларировать
The flight has been delayed – Рейс
Landed 12:48 – Приземлился в 12:48
задерживается ОБОЗНАЧЕНИЯ
The flight has been cancelled – Рейс Customs – Таможня
отменен EU citizens – Граждане ЕС
Could I see your passport and All passports – Все паспорта
boarding card, please? – Покажите Wait behind the yellow line – Ждите
ваш паспорт и посадочный талон, за желтой чертой
пожалуйста Please have your passport ready –
Пожалуйста, приготовьте паспорт

Weird and funny

Weird and funny

The meerkat (Suricata suricatta) belong to the mongoose family (Herpestidae). Meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari
Desert in Botswana, in the Namib Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa. A group of meerkats
is called a «mob», «gang» or «clan». A meerkat clan often contains about 20 meerkats, but some super-families have 50
or more members. To look out for predators, one or more meerkats stand sentry, to warn others of approaching dangers.
When a predator is spotted, the meerkat performing as sentry gives a warning bark or whistle, and other members of
the group will run and hide in one of the many holes they have spread across their territory.

Great wildlife photographer Will Lucas-Burrard back in 2009 started to develop his own devices for getting his camera
close to potentially dangerous wild animals and funny as well :)
go to vimeo.com/201729859
If you like photos, you will love his website www.burrard-lucas.com or Scan QR
with Yandex
Glossary: predator [‘predətə] хищник or other app
meerkat/suricate [ˈmɪəkat] sentry [‘sentrɪ] часовой
– a small southern African warn [wɔː(r)n] предупреждать
mongoose - сурикат approaching [ə’prəuʧɪŋ]
(частично похож на надвигающийся
тушканчика) danger(s) – опасность(-ти)
belong to – принадлежать к be spotted – быть замеченным
genus [ˈdʒɛnəs] род warning bark [‘wɔːnɪŋ bɑː(r)k]
«mob» – толпа предупреждающий крик
«gang»/»clan» – банда/клан whistle свистеть, свисток
average life span – средняя hide [haɪd] прятаться
продолжительность жизни hole [həul] дыра, яма
look out for – внимательно spread [spred] across –
высматривать распространяться

Do you have problems with Irregular Verbs?

Or maybe want to learn English in a fun
Then, this video is for you!
This teacher really knows how to
teach Irregular verbs:) (in a rap style)

A2 Sports

Record for attendance or to be one

of 216 thousand spectators
216,097 spectators were on
site throughout the tournament at
Uniprix Stadium
As the tournament comes to a
close, Tennis Canada announced a
world record for attendance at a one-
week tournament. In fact, a total of
216,097 fans were on-site throughout
the tournament to attend matches
between the best players in the world
at Rogers Cup presented by National
“There was a tennis craze in
our city in the last few weeks and it
shows in our attendance numbers,”
stated Eugène Lapierre, Tournament
Director of Rogers Cup presented
by National Bank. “There were
compelling storylines throughout the
tournament and the Montreal crowd
once again demonstrated their love
of tennis. It has been a while since
we experienced such excitement for
our sport.”
The previous record was set here Glossary:
in Montreal in 2011, with a total attendance – присутствие; site [sait] место;
attendance of 213,760 spectators. посещение местонахождение,
Our Russian tennis players, Karen be one of – быть одним из местоположение (сравн.
Khachanov, Daniil Medvedev, Mikhail spectator – наблюдатель, веб-сайт)
Youzhny, had not bad results in Montreal очевидец, свидетель announce – объявлять;
at Rogers Cup 2017, but it was a pity to comes to a close – подходить анонсировать
see them go out earlier than expected! к закрытию previous [‘priːviəs]
throughout – на всем предыдущий
But girls were higher!
протяжении (о времени)


Elena Vesnina and Ekaterina Makarova won the doubles tournament

and became #1 in doubles ranking after this victory

Elina Svitolina (Ukraine) won the

tournament and she really deserved it! Toronto Stadium - Aviva Centre


travel & ecology

1 >>>>
2 >>>>

3 >>>>
«save the planet» with di caprio
our nature is the
most beautiful god's B1
creation and we should
be carefull with it

Available for free at National Geographic channel:




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> by

plenty of time
for most desperate work

From the comments
3 Climate change is real, and it’s scary. Our first
line of defense is an informed public. And while
at a feature film couldn’t possibly encapsulate
G ig
a fa everything there is to know on the subject, Before
cto the Flood serves as a not-insignificant piece
of education that will hopefully spur people to
t he enact their own further research. And maybe, just
rth maybe, it’ll incite some action. vk.cc/7PZKbG
t he From the comments

the performer is passionate about climate
change, and DiCaprio’s “Hollywood actor” status
verything must be done to prevent is put to great use as he frequently plays the
a climate change and it›s not layman opposite the many experts he interviews
simple words. in the documentary.
Climate change is happening.
That’s a fact. The science is T IS EVIDENT THAT BEFORE THE FLOOD
sound, and in July we just had the IS VERY MUCH AN EDUCATIONAL AND
hottest month ever on record. Sea ADVOCACY DOCUMENTARY. IT’S A CLIFFS
levels are rising, ice is melting, and
dangerous weather patterns are becoming more and
more frequent. It’s no coincidence that we’re seeing TO THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, WHAT’S GOING
more news reports of horrible flooding and violent TO HAPPEN TO THE WORLD WE LIVE IN, AND
tornadoes at odd times of the year. So yes, climate WHAT WE CAN DO TO PREVENT THE WORST
change is happening and it’s terrifying. But what POSSIBLE OUTCOME. IN THAT RESPECT,
is there to be done about it? That’s one of the central
questions of the documentary Before the Flood, which
is directed by Oscar-winning The Cove helmer Fisher OF AN INCONVENTIENT TRUTH WITH SOME
with Elon
Musk, the most Stevens and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio HIGH-PROFILE INTERVIEWS
doesn’t simply pop in and out of the documentary at his
enthusiastic convenience—he’s in nearly every scene, speaking with Before the Flood covers most all of the bases. The influence
enterpreneur some of the world’s top scientists and the individuals of corporate money into politics is touched on, and DiCaprio
that have the power to do something about climate travels the globe to see how other countries like China and
1 change, from President Obama to Pope Francis. India are handling climate change, and getting a first-hand
account of the effects of climate change on communities that
could very well be a preview of much worse things to come.
At heart, Before the Flood is a film made for mass We see first-hand how Greenland’s melting ice is causing a
consumption in an effort to inform and spur the public change in color of its terrain, which in turn no longer reflects
into action. In that respect, it’s incredibly effective. the sun but absorbs it, becoming a heat creator instead of
There’s a fantastic blend of cold hard facts from expert reflector. And we see how Miami Beach, Florida is having to
scientists as well as discussions with world leaders and literally raise the elevation of its roads to combat rising ocean
those directly effected by the effects of climate change. waters. See Miami 2017 flood.
Following a worldwide release, the film will be shown on
National Geographic, which is a swell move.
This thing should be seen by as many people as THE DOC MOVIE

Climate change is real, and it’s scary. Our first line of

defense is an informed public. And while a feature film
couldn’t possibly encapsulate everything there is to WHO WANT TO
know on the subject, Before the Flood serves as a not-
insignifi cant piece of education that will hopefully spur
people to enact their own further research. And maybe,
just maybe, it’ll incite some action.
Leonardo was too much
surprised to see North
Pole melting in extremely
fast way
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> will Get Record 100 Million Views

FORUM 2017

L ate 2017 was exciting, fascinat-

ing and inspiring for business
and entrepreneurial Russia –
Moscow hosted such great speakers
as Nick Vujicic (best selling author
of many books, singer, motivational
speaker), Nassim Nikolas Taleb
(outstanding economist, foreteller
of 2007 Economic Crisis), Richard
Branson (founder of “Virgin Group”
corporation, multi-billionaire risk-
taker, philanthropist, and space


explorer), Marshall Goldsmith, Oliver

Stone (film producer, 3 times Oscar
winner , director of “The Putin In-
terviews”), legendary Mike Tyson
(the greatest boxer in the Open Era
and now the founder of “Iron Mike
Production”), and many other well-
known authors, inspiring leaders, with
ideas worth spreading .

F ull list of the speakers you can

see at englishmag.ru/synergy
International relations

Global Speakers
at One Place
Moscow, Synergy Global Forum
28-29 Nov 2017
Late 2017 was exciting, fas- ideas worth spreading. Full list
cinating and inspiring for of the speakers you can see at
business and entrepreneurial synergyglobal.ru (englishmag.
Russia – Moscow hosted such ru/synergy)
great speakers as Nick Vujicic Nick Vujicic was opening the
(best selling author of many event! Even though, “Olympic”
books, singer, motivational sport complex wasn’t filled up
speaker), Nassim Nikolas Taleb at the start, there was no empty
(outstanding economist, fore- seat in the middle of his speech.
teller of 2007 Economic Crisis), More than 19k participants
Richard Branson (founder of took place in the forum (exact
“Virgin Group”² corporation, numbers are not published
multi-billionaire risk-taker, phi- yet, but this event could be in
lanthropist, and space explorer), Guinness Records as the biggest
Oliver Stone (film producer, 3 business forum). Nick Vujicic
times Oscar winner³ , director proved his speaking abilities
of “The Putin Interviews”), leg- regardless his physical abili-
endary Mike Tyson (the great- ties. Not having arms and legs
est boxer in the Open Era and from his birth, he was going to
now the entrepreneur – founder become a speaker in an early
of “Iron Mike Production”), childhood (listen to his story problems and obstacles. He be-
and many other well-known from 10:57 video at englishmag. came stronger as that swan from
authors, leaders, inspirers with com/vujicic). And his will and the tale and his motivational
persistence paid him off. He had speech started to help people
a lot of difficulties and prob- all over the world to overcome
lems at school. He was on the today’s difficulties and be useful
edge of his life - he was close to the world. Not only he makes
to losing his life. When he went great speeches and performs in
to school and people looked at front of the big audience, but
him and teased : “you’re ugly! he helps a lot of poor people
you’re ugly! you’re ugly!” But all over the world through his
this Nick’s story has a lot in charity organization. God
common with the tale “Ugly didn’t give him arms and legs, but
Duckling” by Hans Christian He gave him a clever mind and
Andersen. He was ugly to a big heart to inspire people: “Be
some people, but his desire to thankful for what you have.
live and make the world better Because when you are thankful
helped him to overcome all the for what you have, you use what

International relations
you have. All great people were matter where you are studying, I do know 9,999 times how not
masters of using what they had.” we all start from the beginning. to make a light bulb! [script from
So, even if you have little, fully Take one step at a time, one step the video 07m-10m:03s]
and wisely use what you have and at a time, one step at a time. Mike Tyson said at the press-
you will be a happy and cheerful You don’t know what’s around conference: “Have less trust in
person open for great adventures the corner. I don’t know, I can’t people”. Interestingly, Mike must
and improvements of today’s achieve it with my little foot un- have heard Steve’s Covey Jr. full-
world. til I try. Thomas Edison, he made speech on Trust and how to make
[From Nick’s speech] I wanna ask the light bulb. Do you know how relations and he made such a
you today, what are you thank- many times he tried to make controversial opinion. “There is
ful for? Think of it, for a second. a bulb? 10,000 times. Thomas nothing different between sports
Because an attitude of gratitude Edison changed everything, look and business”, Mike added. Any-
is not outlined when we are in how many bulbs we have! They way, listen to Steve Covey Jr.!
this victimization mode. Every- probably have 100,000 lights in
one is against me. I wish I was this auditorium. How many light
in a different place, I wish I was bulbs are there in the world?
born up different, I wish I had Because that all started with a
more money, stop being a victim vision and a dream... He tried
and see what you do have! And his best with what he did have.
give yourself a chance. I don’t And when someone came up to
wanna14 talk about broken pieces Thomas Edison and said: Hey,
in your life, I wanna talk about how does it feel like failing 9,999
you and where you are right times? You know what he said? I
now and your goal. because, no didn’t fail 9,999 times, but know

1Entrepreneur |ˌəntrəprəˈnər|
2Founder, Virgin Group, an international
corporation that includes over
400 different companies. One of
the world’s most successful and
original entrepreneurs. Knighted at
Buckingham Palace for “services to
3“Midnight Express” is among the
winning Oscar movies
4“Ideas worth spreading” – is TED Talks
slogan, this event wasn’t organized
by TED, but it was even larger than
the biggest TED events (19,000+
participants took part in this event)
5filled up – заполнен
6regardless – не смотря на
7edge – край
8tease |tiːz| дразнить
9desire |dɪˈzʌɪə| сильное желание
10obstacle |ˈɒbstək(ə)l| препятствие
11overcome |ˌoʊvərˈkəm| преодалеть
12charity |ˈtʃarɪti| благотворительная
13thankful |ˈθaŋkfʊl| благодарен,
14 wanna = want to (разг. вариант)

B1 you may

Listen to
https://vk.cc/7Tv5RJk‛s speech
watch or listen to Nic the same
and read the script at

Nick Vujicic how you’re going to overcome
The author of 6 best-sellers trans- some obstacles you don’t know
lated into 30 languages, Bachelor how to overcome some fears and
in Financial accounting and finan- I hope that today with the spirit
cial planning. He is actively surfing of entrepreneurship that you’re
and jumping and skating. inspired to not see challenges just
00:37 as a bad thing but to see challenges
The world champion in hugs. as a good thing at times. We know
Happy spouse and father. He is that as an
typing 43 words a minute. 02:49
He is inspiring people all over the entrepreneur we could say well
world to think over their lives. it’s very difficult to become an
00:50 entrepreneur in Russia. it’s hard
The most well-known motivational in Moscow either there’s a lack
speaker in the world Nick Vujicic of resources or there’s too much
[I know that something more.. competition or there is some other
sure..] [Music] reason why it’s difficult to become
01:11 an entrepreneur.
Moscow. Privet. Dobryi den. 03:09
Spasibo. Ya lubim Vas (in Russian). I don’t word I don’t say that I’m
It is my privilege and honor to be personally an entrepreneur as a
here with you. I understand that primary thing or Korea but I’m
for anyone who does not speak first of all a father. I’m second of all
English you all have a headset. Is a a family man with my husband
that correct? role with my wife Connie. I love thought to myself that I would
01:33 my children and I love my wife always be alone but my parents
We’re good. Can you put your very very much and no matter who taught me some great principles
hand up if you speak English? Can Nick Vujicic is. and values to dream big and to
I see put your hand up you speak 03:38 never give up.
English? Excellent! And put your No matter what good and excellent 04:51
hand up if you have a headset and things I ever take on. Whether it I was convinced that I would
it’s working. Fine. No. Okay. Well. be a speaking career, entrepreneur- never be able to get married and
I’m sorry I don’t speak Russian and ship, projects, first and foremost is even hold my wife’s hand. Well I
they told me that you have head- faith and family and I don’t know don’t need hands to hold my wife’s
sets so I hope that that works out who knows the good news but my hand I just need to be the husband
great. wife is expecting identical twin that holds her heart.
01:54 girls in three weeks time. 05:05
I want to thank global synergy and 04:10 And you don’t need hands to hold
the forum for having me here to- We already have two boys 4 and your wife’s heart. How am I gonna1
day. I really appreciate the children 2 years old Kyoshi and Dejan and hold my kids when they when
who sang that song. Can we thank they’re already taller than me and they’re crying I thought. Well I I
those children who sang that song, I used to be somebody who oh... cannot put my arms around them
please. Thank you. I want to say to- There they are! Yeah! Aren’t they but they put their arms around me.
day that I don’t know who you are beautiful? Klassno! Krasivo! (in 05:19
and I don’t know what challenges Russian). And what I want you to under-
you have but not all challenges are 04:27 stand is that the power of perspec-
bad. I am... I never thought that my tive of challenges is so key. You
02:23 dreams would come true of being know my mum and dad they had
There are times in life where things happy. I never thought that I would a wonderful perspective and really
happen that you don’t understand have peace in my heart. I always amazing foundation of love.

1gonna = going to, inform. (неформ.,

разговорный вариант)
05:34 For you and your life we become Has your dad failed at some-
They love me they told me that victims of what we have... I wish I thing?
everyday: “Nick, you’re beauti- had this and I wish I had that...My 10:30
ful. Nick, don’t worry about what parents said: “Nick, don’t wish for Has your mum failed at some-
anyone else says about you. Nick what you don’t have. God didn’t thing? Have you failed at some-
you can do anything you put your give you arms and legs but he gave thing? Has your spouse failed at
heart to.” I want you to know that you a brain. Use your brain! You something? We all have something
if it wasn’t for a foundation of love have a little foot, do something in our life that we go through our
I wouldn’t be who I am. with your little foot.” ups and downs! If you see my foot
05:54 08:13 ups and downs, ups and downs,
If it wasn’t for a foundation of love I wanna ask you today, what are ups and downs.
I actually wouldn’t be happy. Let you thankful for? Think of it, for 10:45
me ask you two questions today: a second. Because an attitude of And I want you to know that you
who are you and what do you want. gratitude is not outlined when we need to be your biggest encour-
I want to be real with you and tell are in this victimization mode. ager! You can be victimized by
you that achieving goals there’s Everyone is against me. I wish I people who say: oh, that’s your
nothing wrong with achieving was in a different place, I wish I dream and goal, it’s never gonna
goals. was born up different, I wish I had happen!
06:11 more money, stop being a victim 10:57
There’s nothing wrong with mak- and see what you do have! And Guess what happened when I told
ing money but your identity and give yourself a chance. my mum and dad that I wanted
your value has nothing to do with 08:41 to be a speaker? You know what
what you achieve or what people I don’t wanna talk about broken she said: “Whoa. You want to be
think of you or how much you pieces in your life. I wanna talk
have. about you and where you are right
06:24 now and your goal. Because, no
We need to first get rid of that matter where you are studying, we
mentality of disability of victim- all start from the beginning. Take
ization. When we have a challenge one step at a time, one step at a
the first disability we have is “poor time, one step at a time.
me”. I have no arms and legs. 09:01
06:39 You don’t know what’s around
Maybe your situation is differ- the corner. I don’t know, I can’t
ent. Maybe you have an alcoholic achieve it with my little foot until
father. Maybe you have a lack of I try. Thomas Edison, he made the
skills. Maybe you want to start light bulb. Do you know how many
a business but you need money times he tried to make a bulb?
to start a business. Now you can 10,000 times. Thomas Edison
either sit in the corner like I could changed everything, look how
have sat in the corner and said. many bulbs we have!
You know what I have no arms and 09:24
legs. I have no arms and legs. They probably have 100,000 lights
07:04 in this auditorium. How many
But my parents said: “Stop com- light bulbs are there in the world?
plaining about what you don’t have Because that all started with a vi-
and try to change what you can. sion and a dream...
Be thankful for what you have. Be- 09:45
cause if you are thankful for what He tried his best with what he did
you have now you use what you have. And when someone came up
have. Have you ever thought about to Thomas Edison and said: “Hey,
this way? Success is not how much how does it feel like failing 9,999
money you have. times?” You know what he said: “I
07:25 never failed 9,999 times, but know
Success is understanding that I do know 9,999 times how not to
somebody who has success was make a light bulb!”
a master of using what they had 10:00
to the best of their ability. For Isn’t that interesting? Is it okay? Is
instance, if I don’t know how to it okay to fail, Moscow? Is it okay
invest properly 100$ . How do you to fail? Da? If you fail are you a
think I’m gonna be able how to failure? Net! Is it okay to fail? Yes!
invest 1000$ properly. Who do you know who has never
07:52 failed at anything?

B1 a speaker? And said uh-huh
she said what do you want to
ing the vacuum cleaner like this
and go like this… and a week pay
speak about? would be two dollars. If I wanted
11:11 something from the store that cost
I said I don’t know. She said who’s fifteen dollars I’d have to save for
gonna want to hear you speak? I seven weeks or eight weeks! Do
said I don’t know. She said: “Are you know what that taught me? It
they’re gonna pay for you?” I said: taught me patience!
“I don’t know.” She said: “Do you 13:16
have any invitations?” – “No!” It gave me dignity! It helped me
“How you gonna get them?” “I to understand how important it is
don’t know.” She said: “Even if you to save money! To set goals! All of
had something to say and some- those lessons came from my par-
one wanted to hear you speak and ents saying no to that toy! Please, me and tease me at school. It takes
they paid you. How are you gonna don’t be a person that gives every- three seconds to say you’re ugly!
get to this speaking engagement?” thing your children want! You’re ugly! you’re ugly! I walk
Good questions, right? 13:38 away and I’m thinking I’m ugly!
11:44 I’m very generous to my children, I’m ugly! I’m ugly! You are your
now it wasn’t demeaning from my but I also set goals for them and I biggest discourager or encourager?
mum and dad. My mom and dad want you to know that those early Don’t play the victim role.
are very logical. They’re very wise! things that my parents did for me 15:56
My mum and dad always said: helped me to understand you know Second thing, have an attitude of
“Nick, work hard! Life is not gonna what? I have control over maybe gratitude! I want you to think of
be just something that you get not everything, but I’m gonna take something right now! I want you
given things! You got to do some- control over what I can change. to think of actually the top three
thing! Don’t be victimized! That led me to a financial literacy things that you’re thankful for!
12:04 career. think of them! Are you a person
When I went through the shop- 14:06 who’s thankful? Let me tell you,
ping mall and I saw a toy that I In my mind knowledge, expansion I’ve seen more poor people happy
wanted. When I said mom I want of a world of financial indepen- than rich people happy! I’ll say it
that! You know they said no! dence. I went into stock again.
Pay for it yourself! but I have no market investing at age 16. Me and 16:21
money! my brother when my dad was at I’ve seen more poor people happy
12:17 work we traded his money on the than rich people happy! I would
Good! Then figure out how you’re stock market for him. We were like to be rich and happy, but that’s
gonna get money! You see they teenagers! the truth! It’s not about riches that
were not mean to me but they 14:26 give you happiness! But if I told
didn’t want me to be a victim, to At age 19 I bought my first real you right now I want you to think
believe that everything is owed estate investment property and of three things you’re happy for! I
made 50% in one year! I want you don’t think money is there. I think
to know that dreams can come your faith is there. I think your
true, but you need to be faithful family is there and I think maybe
with the little things first and try your friends are there.
to figure out what mental disabili- 16:50
ties do we have when it comes to Let me ask you a question, if you
dreaming big. had 15 seconds to breathe what
14:53 do you think of your life? When
You might think that you will have was the last time you hugged your
people who will put you down. wife? Or took her on a date? Or
And you think that maybe my bought her flowers? Or massaged
mom and dad were not encourag- her stinky feet? When was the last
ers to my dream but guess what? time you had a conversation with
to me! They said to me: “Your They were not the biggest discour- your children?
brother, Nick, takes out the rub- ages either! I was! I was! think of 17:23
bish bin. Your sister is too young. the 3 biggest discourages in your That’s not got to do with a career
You can do something at the house life, who are they? or school or cleaning their room!
and get paid! What do you want to 15:21 You see my dad had three jobs, he
do? And I said: “you know what? It only takes 5 seconds for some- was very very busy and my dad was
12:46 one to discourage you and you a leader of a Protestant Church.
I’ll vacuum the floor!” At six walk away and guess what you do? He did that voluntarily and he
years old I started vacuuming the You repeat it in your mind! When did three jobs plus start a church
floor walking like this and hold- I go to school and people look at and he had a disabled son and two

other children and my mom had a telling you young entrepreneurs
full-time job as a nurse. and older entrepreneurs of Mos-
17:54 cow and the future of Russia, your
He was very very busy, but you integrity matters because who you
know who my dad was to me? Not are and how you do what you do
just my dad he was not just my sets the bar and the foundation of
role model. He was my friend and this nation!
I talked about him in a past tense 20:57
because seven months ago he died That practices of many countries
of cancer and I’ll never forget the are being – now 68 countries and
times he was 62 years old pretty there are many business people
young. who believe that it’s okay to bend
18:26 on different integrity levels. I’ll tell
Many people say, yes! Very young! you right now, the moment you are
But I’ll never forget when I was not integrity as a citizen of Russia,
a kid that he will work so so so I want you to know that you have
hard, but when he was home he stopped the full potential of this
was home! like when I go home I country. It is with integrity that we
am home! if I take my phone to the do everything. We do and that’s
dining table do you know what my life!
wife does? 21:28
18:49 How do I expect my sons to know
She grabs my phone and puts it how to be a good husband who
on a high bookshelf and I cannot cherishes their wife. If I don’t
reach! Because when I am home show them how I cherish their
then I am home! and when I’m mother, how will I expect my sons
with my family. That’s my great- to know what generosity is until
est joy that’s my goal, that’s my they see? Their father donates
passion! his time and money, a million
19:06 dollars, through our nonprofit
Yes, you must sacrifice some fam- organization to setting sex slaves
ily time for seasons. Especially free, orphanages that they can get
when you’re starting a business, medical equipment, wheelchairs,
but don’t let the good and excellent whatever it is.
things in this life distract you from 22:02
the most important things! You got to be real and we must step
19:20 out of that bubble of wanting more
Because today might be your and not being thankful for what
last day, make today count! Make you have. Ask yourself today who
sure that you understand that at are you and what do you want to-
your funeral no one’s going to talk day call your mother or your father 3. Spot the differences between the
about your achievements. They’re if they’re alive or your wife or your script and the real video record-
going to talk about who you are, kids tell them that you love you. ing. (there are some mistakes left
were you kind, were you loving, 22:29 intentionally)
were your gracious, were you Tell them that you love them, in 4. “Beat the teacher” With a
forgiving, were you thoughtful or fact, with the permission of the teacher or with a friend try to ask
self-centered? person sitting next to you, I want questions about the script and who
19:57 you right now, with the permis- will have more correct answers? :)
I want you to know that culture sion of the person sitting next to 5. Highlight interesting gram-
doesn’t have to mend who you are. you, give them a hug or give them mar constructions in the script (it
And yes the business world is dif- a high-five right, now go! We’re may be Passive, Past, Present and
ficult but you don’t have to change gonna do something a little dif- Future Tenses, modal verbs, Ving
the level of integrity in your life, ferent, are you ready? Moscow, are or infinitive without to …)
either. In fact I will tell you I would you ready? 6. Can you see phrasal verbs and
rather be a poor man with peace idioms?
in my soul than a rich man who Working with the script 7. Are you inspired by Nick’s
will never forget the lies he said or 1. Look up through the text (have a speech? In what way can you make
regret or shame or guilt. look) and say what you can re- the world better now?
20:29 member
Can you see a limbless man smil- 2. Collocation hunt (highlight with You can find some examples by the
ing? It’s because it has nothing to the markers or all new words and link englishmag.ru/NickSpeech
do with arms and legs! And I’m collocations (словосочетания)

English Teaching
SkyTeach 2018 и как это было
Самое масштабное событие для учителей английского –
Фестиваль Skyteach прошел 31 марта и 1 апреля
Согласно опросам участники оце-
It was a great two-day conference It was an honor to present and
нивают мероприятие на 4,9 из 5.
for English teachers and for those introduce EnglishMag magazine
Партнер SkyTeach в организации
who are interested in improving project [1] to the wide audience at the
события — самый первый педагоги-
English and highering proficiency SkyTeach Conference on 31 March
ческий вуз России — МПГУ. Москов-
level – all you need is communication 2018! Find out more about this 2 day
ский педагогический университет
and everything was presented at this offline and online festival here!
предоставил возможность повыше-
conference! Creating a new teacher community
ния квалификации для участников,
It was impossible to see everything is just great! Thank you a lot to all who
а также площадки для проведения.
in such short time and we also need participated in this event!
Кроме того, фестиваль поддержали
to watch other local conferences from P.S. Photos from the event: https://
Macmillan, Академия Росатом,
different cities! Meanwhile, check vk.cc/7XjXep and https://vk.cc/7XjXZj
Pearson, Cambridge Assessment English.
Voronezh talks and see videos at
По всей России в организации уча-
ствовало более 50 партнеров и более
150 волонтеров: фотографы, опера-
торы, музыканты, ивент-команда! Европы и даже Южной Америки Поднимали также важные биз-
Затем в регионы транслировали нес-темы: как заработать на жизнь
ПЕРВЫЙ ДЕНЬ: ТРАНСЛЯЦИЯ доклад эксперта интерактивного в онлайне, как развить личный
И ИНТЕРАКТИВ учебника Vimbox Марины Павлу- бренд и многое другое. Участники
Впервые в рамках одного собы- ненко из Skyeng о преподавании задавали вопросы в чате, а выби-
тия прошла трансляция в 5 часовых онлайн. рал вопросы и вел трансляцию Джа-
поясах и 11 регионах докладов спике- После трансляции участники стин Хаммонд [3: на фото справа],
ров из Cambridge Assessment English, перешли к квесту. Квест — 10 мето- преподаватель и видео-блогер из
Pearson, МГУ и Macmillan и со многих дических, психологических и эмоцио- Канады, ведущий канала “Россия
других центров. нальных и практических заданий для глазами иностранца”. Джастин
Мероприятие прошло в 3 этапа: учителей. Нужно было разделиться выбирал самые интересные и каверз-
конференция началась с коучинг- на группы и выполнять эти задания. ные вопросы и задавал их спикерам.
сессии, где ведущие и модераторы Цель заданий — выйти из зоны ком- Для участников, которые купили
совместно с участниками составляли форта, освоить новые навыки и мето- пакет London, программа заканчи-
карту мероприятия [2]. дики, которые потом можно в классе вается только 15 апреля: им нужно
Спикеры говорили о своем опыте повторить со своими учениками. получить задания от методистов
и проблемах, которые сейчас волнуют На площадках после квеста никто МПГУ и пройти небольшой тест.
всех учителей. Как внедрить новые долго не хотел расходиться,общались, Остальные участники ждут записи
технологии в уроки? Как заставить обменивались опытом, делали фото… докладов и сертификаты: об уча-
подростков заниматься? Как не выго- На одной площадке даже отмечали стии в Skyteach и о присвоении часов
реть и не сойти с ума от перегрузки? день рождения участника фестиваля! повышения квалификации по стан-
Что делать с ЕГЭ и как помочь учени- ВТОРОЙ ДЕНЬ: 7 ЧАСОВ дарту ФГОС.
кам подготовиться? О международ- ОНЛАЙН-КОНФЕРЕНЦИИ, МПГУ и Skyteach после фестиваля
ных экзаменах — IELTS и т.д…Стоит КОТОРУЮ МОДЕРИРОВАЛ планируют запустить платформу
ли заканчивать курсы для учителей и ВИДЕОБЛОГЕР ПРЯМО ИЗ непрерывного повышения квали-
получать сертификаты? КАНАДЫ (9 ЧАСОВ РАЗНИЦЫ!) фикации для учителей английского
Затем началась трансляция по всем Второй день конференции про- на базе skyteach.ru. А осенью, как
городам: Наталья Галанина (Макмил- шел в виде 7-часовой онлайн транс- говорят организаторы, планируется
лан), Екатерина Редькина (МГУ), ляции! Участники получили ссылки провести еще одно, 4-е федеральное
Клер Барнс (Кембридж Ассессмент рано утром и подключились. событие от Skyteach!
Инглиш) говорили о языковом Затем подряд прошло 11 докладов Подробнее: http://conference.
барьере, о методиках и о том, что учи- о практике и теории онлайн-препо- skyteach.ru
теля сами боятся пробовать новое и давания: как снимать видео для уро- Не переключайтесь и следите за
доводить до конца, об интерактиве на ков, какие сложности возникают во новостями на сайте skyteach.ru!
занятиях [4]. Трансляцию смотрели время онлайн-урока, как готовиться И смотрите выстпления и события
из всех уголков мира, организаторы к уроку, как использовать коммуни- со SkyTeach Conference 2018 в Воро-
видели подключения из СНГ, США, кативные методики… неже, 31 марта 2018.

English Teaching

Lots of people attended

SkyTeach festival and the
The event was really well highlighted in the social satisfaction rating 4.9/5 is
media with the hashtag #SkyTeach :) deserved
[1] Speech topic: «Learn and teach through
reading English magazines (on the example of

[2] The plan of the festival was set up in

Moscow and everything went smoothly

Tatiana Klishina presented SkyEng platform

and the ease of the platform both for teachers
and students!
Larisa Suslova, the moderator of the
SkyTeach conference, cheerful and really [3] The 1st of April was a real online teaching
helpful person of the festival marathon! All the participants were watching
webinars online for more than 6 hours

[4] Marina Pavlunenko, the expert of Vimbox

platform, told the audience about teaching
online Workshop

Saed Bakez (in the center), English native speaker from Svetlana Zakharova, the
Jordan and now the Russian resident was a real open-mic speaker of the event and
breakthrough – he was really enthusiastic, open-hearted, talked about a very timely
cheerful and was able to make the whole crowd smile and problem «how to earn
cheer :) money teaching English»

Anastasia Rodina was a really perfect

participant of the festival:) SkyEng teacher and
University graduate student, she asked very
important questions and was able to make
speakers give full answers

Special thanks to people who made this event

possible! Виктория Жильцова (moderator)
Наташа Позднякова (the general coordinator)
Marina Timoshenko (Student’s books Supplier)
Mariia Patrikevna (moderator) Вячеслав
Бабочкин (event-manager)
Creating a new teacher community is just great!

A2 Music

Listen to all the songs
[Verse:] [Куплет:]
Mama always said I’ll find my way back Мама всегда говорила, что я найду свой путь назад домой
Back home Так скажи мне, почему я всё ещё потеряна в неопреде-
So tell me why am I still lost in limbo ленности и некуда идти
With nowhere to go [До-Припев:]
[Pre-Chorus:] Бог знает, что я стараюсь, я борюсь, чтобы выбраться
God knows I’m trying, I’m fighting to get out of here отсюда
Oh but sometimes it’s hard not to give into fear О, но иногда трудно не поддаться страху
I build myself up ‘cause I want it so much Я застаивляю себя, потому что я так этого хочу
I need to break free Я должна вырваться на свободу
[Chorus:] [Припев:]
I’m headed for somewhere else Меня направляют куда-то ещё
‘Cause it’s a long way home Поскольку это – длинный путь домой
Courage to carry on Храбрость продолжать
I’ve got to be oh so strong Я должна быть, о, такой сильной
‘Cause it’s a long way home Поскольку это – длинный путь домой
[Verse:] [Куплет:]
Mama always said I’ll find my way back Мама всегда говорила, что я найду свой путь назад домой
Back home Так скажи мне, почему я всё ещё потеряна в неопреде-
So tell me why am I still lost in limbo ленности и некуда идти
With nowhere to go [До-Припев:]
[Pre-Chorus:] [Припев:]
[Припев 2:]
[Chorus 2:] Меня направляют куда-то ещё
I’m headed for somewhere else Я полагаю, время покажет
I’m guessing the time will tell Поскольку это – длинный путь домой
‘Cause it’s a long way home Храбрость продолжать
Courage to carry on Я должна быть, о, такой сильной
And now I got to be oh so strong Поскольку это – длинный путь домой
‘Cause it’s a long way home Меня направляют куда-то ещё
I’m headed for somewhere else Поскольку это – длинный путь домой
But it’s a long way home Храбрость продолжать
Courage to carry on Поскольку это – длинный путь домой
‘Cause it’s a long way home

Music A2


Whenever I’m weary from the battles that Когда я устану с собою войну вести,
rage in my head Ты смыслом бред наполнишь,
You make sense of madness when Не дашь мне с ума сойти.
my sanity hangs by a thread Я сбился с пути, но пока живешь
I lose my way but still you seem ты моей судьбой,
to understand Сегодня и всегда, мой свет,
Now and forever I will be your man. буду я с тобой.

Sometimes I just hold you Утонув в моих объятьях,

Too caught up in me to see Сама не видишь ты,
I’m holding a fortune that heaven Что я обнимаю чудо,
has given to me Сошедшее с высоты.
I’ll try to show you Поверь, я докажу тебе ценой любой:
each and every way I can Сегодня и всегда, мой свет,
Now and forever I will be your man буду я с тобой.

Now I can rest my worries Теперь мои печали остались позади,

and always be sure И я больше не буду один
That I won’t be alone anymore Если бы я знал,
If I’d only known you were there что ты всегда была,
all the time все это время со мной…
All this time все это время со мной…

Until the day the ocean doesn’t Пока не перестанет

touch the sand песок касаться прибой,
Now and forever I will be your man Сегодня и всегда, буду я с тобой,
Now and forever I will be your man Сегодня и всегда, буду я с тобой.


A2 Music

I found a love for me Я нашел свою любовь.
Oh darling, just dive right in and follow my lead Дорогая, погрузись в это чувство и последуй моему примеру

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet Что ж, вот я и нашел девушку, такую прекрасную и нежную

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me О, я и подумать не мог, что ей окажешься ты.
Cause we were just kids when we fell in love Мы были всего лишь детьми, когда влюбились,
Not knowing what it was Не имея представления о том, что представляет это чувство.

I will not give you up this time Уж на этот раз я не отпущу тебя.
But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own А ты, дорогая, подари мне тот медленный поцелуй, ведь
твое сердце – все, что у меня есть,
And in your eyes, you’re holding mine А мое сердце отражается в твоих глазах.

[Chorus] [Припев]
Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms Милая, я танцую в темноте, а ты в моих объятьях,
Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favourite song Мы стоим на траве босиком, слушая нашу любимую песню

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath Когда ты сказала, что выглядишь растрепанной, я тихо
my breath прошептал,
But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight Но ты услышала, что ты, дорогая, сегодня идеальна.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know Итак, я нашел женщину с более сильной натурой, чем у
кого-либо, кого я знал раньше.
She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home Она разделяет мои мечты, и я надеюсь, однажды мы будем
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets жить под одной крышей.Я нашел любовь, теперь я не слом-
люсь под тяжестью своих тайн,
To carry love, to carry children of our own Буду нести любовь, когда у нас родятся дети.

We are still kids, but we’re so in love Да мы и сами все еще дети, но мы так безумно влюблены.

Fighting against all odds Мы легко преодолеваем разногласия,

I know we’ll be alright this time Я знаю, теперь у нас все будет хорошо.
Darling, just hold my hand Дорогая, просто держи меня за руку,

Be my girl, I’ll be your man Будь моей, а я буду с тобой,

I see my future in your eyes Ведь в твоих глазах я вижу свое будущее.
[Chorus] [Припев]
[Chorus] [Припев]

Music A2


First things first Hoping my feelings, they would drown

I’mma (must) say all the words inside my head But they never did, ever lived,
I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been,
oh-ooh ebbing and flowing

The way that things have been, oh-ooh Inhibited, limited

Second thing second
Don’t you tell me what you think that I can be Till it broke up and it rained down
I’m the one at the sail, I’m the master of my sea, oh-ooh It rained down, like...
The master of my sea, oh-ooh
I was broken from a young age
Taking my sulking into the masses Last things last
Write down my poems for the few By the grace of the fire and the flames
That looked at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me You’re the face of the future, the blood
Singing from heart ache from the pain In my veins, oh-ooh
Take up my message from the veins The blood in my veins, oh-ooh
Speaking my lesson from the brain But they never did, ever lived,
Seeing the beauty through the... ebbing and flowing, Inhibited, limited
Till it broke up and it rained down
[Chorus] It rained down, like...
You made me a, you made me a believer, believer [Chorus]
You break me down, you build me up, believer, believer
Pain! Glossary:
I let the bullets fly, oh let them rain Inside [in’said] внутри, в
My luck, my love, my God, they came from… Master – повелитель
Pain! Bullet [‘bulit] пуля
You made me a, you made me a believer, believer Flame [fleim] пламя
Ebb [eb] убывать
Third things third Sulk [sʌlk] дурное настр
Send a prayer to the ones up above drown(ed) [draun] тонуть
All the hate that you’ve heard has turned Inhibit [in’hibit] задерживать, сдерживать,
Your spirit to a dove, oh-ooh
Your spirit up above, oh-ooh
I was choking in the crowd
Living my brain up in the cloud
Falling like ashes to the ground

English Teaching
Works and How it Works
«6th International Exhibition of career and education abroad» was a very interesting event held at Marriott
Hotel on 17-18 March 2018! Although it was snowing hard and it was -10 degrees outside, TravelWorks
| Career and Education abroad had organized really active and interesting talks and presentations! All
presentations were held on a high level!
Great language schools and well-known colleges were presented from
– Canada (St. Lawrence College, Durham College)
– United Kingdom (Bloomsbury School of English, Languages United)
– Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus (LAL Language Centres, Swiss Education Group and The Language
Gallery English to Cyprus)

TravelWorks interview
It was a good opportunity to take a small young specialists and their parents. We
interview from Maksim Kostiuchenko, head organise special educational sessions for
of international relations at TravelWorks and them where they can discover their abilities,
he was able to share some secret stories about get specific skills abroad and then fulfill
the company. themselves in Russia. Of course, they ask lots
Just the first question, TravelWorks what of questions to our speakers to know more
is it? How does this system work? How is it about educational and working experience
organized? in foreign countries.
This company has a unique history, this How often is such exhibition held? The fully-packed Marriott Conference Hall was
organisation was created as not something This event is usually held once a year, but absolutely interested and were satisfied how
everything was organised
that was initially planned and organized. This we are planning to have this event two times
project was started from one basement room a year because we have a big demand now.
in Voronezh State University 17 years ago. Which perspectives can the participants of Yes, a good question about employment
That small department was working with this 2-day exhibition forum ( or event ) find in companies and employers! Where can the
international programmes for students. 17 helpful for them in their studies and their students be offered a job after graduating
years afterwards, we have grown up into a future plans? foreign universities? Are you working with
big international company with offices not The perspectives of the participants, in some companies who are searching for
only in Russia, but in Kazakhstan as well. general, are not limited by anything. If it students with specific education?
At the moment we are cooperating with can be limited, then it is only by their own I want to say, not only in Voronezh,
700 entities (universities, colleges, language will and their imagining of what they want but overall in all countries, if two equal
school) all around the world. Now we have to achieve, so limits of a person can only candidates with the same background have
a lot of inquiries from students who want to be set by the person himself/herself. We different working or studying experiences –
know how to develop their own career and help them by giving the keys which other one graduated college or university abroad
improve their communication skills. participants used to achieve their goals. or just had small apprenticeship abroad
Could you tell us about this 2-day Those keys and skills are really gained by and another without such experience –
exhibition project? How was it evolved and tell the experience of traveling and researching the one with a foreign experience will be
us something about the speakers and what was and then these skills can be used afterwards highly preferable no matter what city we are
interesting in their talks and presentations? to make something a solid reality, whether talking about, Moscow, Voronezh, Lipetsk
The Career and Study exhibition is it’s their own project or even starting a or others…
organised not for the first time. First of all, career in different companies within our Maksim Kostiuchenko, international
it is an exciting opportunity for students, country. relations at TravelWorks

English Teaching
Bloomsbury school –
the best place to go
One of the foreign participants of TravelWorks Expo was
The interview with Bloomsbury school – English language school with big history
Bloomsbury school and situated just in the historic downtown of London. There was
an opportunity to speak with the official administrative, Adam
Adam, how many students study at Bartosik, although he has a high level of administrative skills, he
Bloomsbury International school per month is still very friendly, sociable and open-hearted – everyone who
(e.g. March, June, August) and per year? spoke with him was really excited and inspired to see such a real
Every year Bloomsbury International has
around 2,000 students. In low season(except “Englishman in Voronezh”. And He was not absolutely an alien
July and August) we have from 100 to 120 as alien as Sting sings in his well-known song “An Englishman
students at the time. In July and August in New York” :)
numbers go up to 300-400.
Where do the students usually come Adam kindly answered some of the questions about Bloomsbury
from? school, English students, special discounts and London in general.
70% of our students come from EU states
(Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland) we have
many students from Japan as Bloomsbury
International has strong connections there.
Russian students are at 10%
Could you tell us about the Bloomsbury’s
building? It looks like like a very beautiful
and historic building. And where is it
Meet Adam Bartosik, cheerful and open- The atmosphere at Bloomsbury school is really
The school occupies two multi-storey
hearted person with great communicative friendly and inspiring for making good friends
terraced town houses. While the properties skills from all over the world
have been renovated, they retain many of
their original Georgian features which gives
elegance and style to the school environment. You can buy the course book for £30 or We are independent, family run school.
Many classrooms feature original fire rent for £10 per week if you only arrive for Our price is very competitive as for
places, sash windows, chandeliers and ornate 1-2 weeks. central London location. We have 4 major
mirrors. Our beautiful, historic premises are How far away is the school situated from accreditations (British Council, EAQUALS,
located just two minutes’ walk from Holborn the places where students can live? ISI and Trinity preparation Center). We have
underground station (zone 1) and only a few The closest residences are 20-30 minutes our own Bloomsbury Student Houses for
minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, Covent away, as London is enormous city on average 18+ students. Friendly and attentive student
Garden and the British Museum. it takes anything from 45 minutes to 1 hour support and academic staff.
What is the middle age of the students? to get to the school. Adam Bartosik
Our biggest age group are students 20-29, Can we have special promotional prices Head of Sales and Marketing
however we welcome all students from 16+ to for the sightseeing tours? Bloomsbury International UK Ltd
join our adult courses, and under 16 to join Yes, we work with many tour operators 6 – 7 So uthampton Place, London WC1A 2DB
our summer programmes. who could organize a full day excursion to https://www.bloomsbury-international.com
How much do the educational books cost? Cambridge, Oxford or other destinations for
And can students borrow educational books as little as £39. P.S. By the way, Use Promo phrase
from the library while they are studying at 8. What’s your biggest advantage out of «EnglishMag5» and get 5% off your tuition
Bloomsbury? the other schools?

A lot of sightseeings are waiting for students and

the prices are much cheaper than for ordinary
A lot of people attended TravelWorks Expo and all the guests were really impressed with
ry presenta
Bloomsbury International presentation a
Bloomsb u
r with the elWorks
Get familia mag.ru/Trav
en glish
here –> 39
Movie Time
Dog’s Purpose – there is a
purpose in everything
A Dog’s Purpose has grossed $64.5 million in the United
States and Canada and $131.9 million in other territories for a
worldwide gross of $196.4 million, against a production budget
of $22 million. [OfficeMojo]

advancing in his job failed, Ethan’s father with Hannah before leaving for college.
has become a deadbeat alcoholic, though Sometime afterwards, an aged Bailey
teenage Ethan still tries to respect him – slowly expires at the veterinarian’s office
inviting him to a football game now that having the last goodbye with Ethan.
he has been named starting quarterback. Bailey reincarnates into another dog
Over the summer, Ethan goes to a life, a female German Shepherd police
fair with Bailey and meets Hannah, dog named Ellie, sometime in the late
who he quickly begins dating, with 1970s/early 1980s, while possessing full
Bailey referring to her as «part of the memories and experiences of his past lives.
pack». Ethan and Hannah spend their Ellie is partnered with a widowed officer
summer happy together through their named Carlos from the Chicago Police
senior years are upcoming, but they plan Department, and works hard at «seeking»
to go to the same school; popular Ethan and «finding», now seeing the job as life’s
getting a football scholarship and Hannah purpose. Their close relationship ends after
following him on an academic one. Ellie jumps into a rushing river and saves
In the 1950s, a feral puppy named Later, at a game watched by scouts, a kidnapped girl from drowning, and is
Toby is whisked away to the dog pound Ethan is offered a full 4-year scholarship then fatally shot during a struggle with
and quickly euthanized, wondering if to Michigan State, but that night a the armed kidnapper who was a moment
«fun» truly is life’s purpose. vindictive classmate named Todd throws away from killing an unsuspecting Carlos.
His strong spirit is reborn and a lit firecracker into Ethan’s house as a In late 1990s Bailey is again reborn
reincarnated as a newborn Retriever prank, which unintentionally results in and reincarnated, this time, as a St.
puppy in 1961. Toby leaves his cage at a a house fire. Bailey alerts Ethan, who Bernard-Australian Shepherd mix,
puppy mill and is found by two garbage goes to save his mother. Unable to get sometime during the next decade,
men who plan to sell him for their own out of the door, they head out through only to be taken in by an abusive and
profit. They leave to drink and Toby his mother’s bedroom window upstairs. neglectful urban couple who name him
is spotted locked inside their pick-up Ethan first lowers her with her sheets Waffles. Waffles is eventually dumped in
truck by a young boy named Ethan below, then Bailey – but when trying an abandoned lot and sets off in search
and his mother, who rescue him from to jump himself, Ethan badly fractures of a new life. Walking past a dog park
the brink of death by heatstroke. After his leg, ending his dreams of an athletic and remembering how long it had been
they convince Ethan’s father, the dog is scholarship. Bailey attacks Todd, who is since he played, Waffles meets a dog and
allowed to stay and renamed Bailey. apprehended and arrested by the police her human who hold a familiar scent to
Bailey and Ethan bond quickly, when firecrackers fall out of his pocket. him. He gradually makes his way to the
especially over the summer when Now, Ethan must go to an agricultural country area where he spent summers
the family visits Ethan’s maternal school where he will learn to take over as Bailey without even realizing at first
grandparents’ farm, and Bailey now his grandparents’ farm. Falling into where he is headed. He joyfully reunites
believes Ethan alone is his purpose. depression, self-pity and bitterness, with his old master Ethan, who is now
Years pass and after several attempts at Ethan grudgingly breaks off his romance somewhere in his 50s, living a lonely
life and apparently broken in spirit at
his grandparents’ old farm, which he
now owns and runs. Ethan, of course,
initially has no idea who this wandering
dog really is.
Buddy finally convinces Ethan that
he is his beloved childhood pet by
performing some tricks that were known
only to the two of them long years ago.
The dog in voiceover tells the viewer that
life is about having fun; saving others;
not getting caught in the past or regrets;
finding someone to be with, and living
for today.

Movie Time
Puddington is alive
This is a story about a young Peruvian bear (Puddington) who is fond
of marmalade. After severe earthquake in the darkest Peru he decides
to look for a new home in London… and the most interesting begins.
This film has got many laugh-out-loud funny episodes when Paddington
has dinner at the café, cleans ears with toothbrushes and so on.
It’s good not only for adults but also for children who are taught family
values: kindness, friendliness, good manners at the station (Hi. Good
morning. How do you do? I’m just looking for a home. And I…), respect,
mutual understanding and help.
This highly entertaining all ages family film is worth watching
everybody. By the way, Puddingtons are among us. Be polite to others.

An explorer named Montgomery station in London. He tries to find a him, while her husband Henry (Hugh
Clyde (Tim Downie) documents his home from anybody passing by, but they Bonneville) is less than enthused. Their
trip to Darkest Peru. He comes across all ignore him. He sits alone with some son Jonathan (Samuel Joslin) also likes
a rather intelligent species of bears. birds, sharing his marmalade sandwich, the bear, while his sister Judy (Madeleine
Although he tries to take one in, he when the Brown family walks by. The Harris) is not very interested. They treat
decides to bond with them and learns mother Mary (Sally Hawkins) spots the him to a meal, and Mary decides to
that they can talk and have a great bear and immediately takes a liking to name him Paddington.
appetite for marmalade. Clyde says
he’s learned a lot from the bears, and REVIEWS At the eleventh hour crisis struck the
he wonders if the bears have learned This is an instant classic. The production when Colin Firth left the
anything from him. raw materials, a heart-warming, but production as the voice of Paddington.
Years later, a young bear (voice of lightweight children’s story are not the But sweet are the uses of adversity, and
Ben Whishaw) awakens to find that the obvious stuff of a great film, the hybrid Ben Wishaw stepped in to capture the
marmalade fruits have been produced. real life and cgi high risk. But it works, spirit and essence of the bear perfectly.
He excitedly runs to his Aunt Lucy spectacularly. Translated into over thirty Director Paul King creates a
and Uncle Pastuzo, the same bears languages, and comprising over twenty wonderfully British landscape without
Clyde met. The bears gather the fruits books, the simple adventures of a bear from wallowing in nostalgia too much. Tower
and produce their own supply of darkest Peru have enchanted parents and Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the Natural
marmalade for their sandwiches. That children alike. Hamish McColl has done a History Museum, Red telephone boxes,
night, an earthquake strikes the forest, fabulous job with the screenplay creating a double decker buses and English Bobbies
wrecking the bears home. Lucy and story inspired by events in the books, but are of course on show, but multi-cultural
the little bear hide. When they wake not telling a particular previous story. bustling London is also there.
up the next morning, they discover The ingredients are carefully crafted. Ninety minutes is about right for a
their home is destroyed and Pastuzo Casting is almost perfect. Nicole Kidman family film and not a second is wasted,
is nowhere to be found. All that’s left is wonderful in her baddie. All dads will nor dramatic lull endured. The special
behind is his hat. love the lingering shots of her from the effects are fabulous, particularly a
Lucy takes the little bear to a ship and soles of her vertiginous heels upwards. flood, and the essentials, a hat, duffle
places him on a lifeboat with a supply She flounces and pounces and generally coat and marmalade are all present
of marmalade sending him to find a has the most fun, particularly when and correct.
home of his own. The bear eats all the enhanced by her no-hoper admirer Mr A certainty to be around for many
marmalade until he arrives at a train Curry (Peter Capaldi). Christmases, and years, to come.


–C Here you can check your English

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e are glad to present you our
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has been made to see the first
issue of the magazine and a lot is need-
ed to be done! But we are always im-
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lot of interesting things are waiting for
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For now, you can see our team with the
Vlad Tishchenko
help of whom this magazine has come Editor
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Founder and editor of EnglishMag
Potapova, Anastasia Timoshyk, Bella (first interactive English Magazine
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the design! Pearson certified, National Geo-
graphic instructor. International

Maria Korenevskaya Catherine Puchnina

International relations
Motivation leader
Master’s degree in International Rela- My name is Catherine and I have
tions (Voronezh State University, been teaching English to very
2015) young learners over 6 years. Also,
Constant inspirer and contributor I’ve organized troubleshooting club
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on improving teaching and inter- with distinction from Kursk State
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English professional Devoted contributor
My name is Natalia and I am a My name is Karina. I am 26 years
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